SamRemote: remote Samsung TV

SamRemote: remote Samsung TV

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  • Current Version: 3.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: yohan teixeira
  • Compatibility: Android
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SamRemote: remote Samsung TV App

SamRemote is a virtual remote control that lets you control your Samsung TV . The application is completely free . To use the samsung remote control, you must have your mobile / tablet is on the same wifi network as your TV and you accept the message that appears on your TV. Because the application runs through the wireless network , it is not necessary to be close to the TV . If by mistake you have refused the confirmation message of your TV ( Message for establishing communication ) , it is possible to change your selection by going to : / Menu / Network / AllShare Settings In addition to a careful representation of the remote control , you can use all the functionality of the real remote. Samsung remote control works with the following tv: - Series C (2010) with internet - Series D (2011) with All Share - E Series (2012) with All Share - Series F (2013) with All Share - Series K-L-M-N (2016/2017/2018) DISCLAIMER SamRemote is neither an official Samsung product, nor are we affiliated with the Samsung Electronics company.

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SamRemote: remote Samsung TV app reviews

  • Review 1/5

    By chbcreeps
    Too many ads for sure
  • Poor support 1/5

    By rocco 88
    App works ok when it works but when it doesn’t and I reinstall it they want another $6 to get rid of the ads!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Good App, Bad Ads 1/5

    By Fleshcorruptor
    The app works great, but it’s really frustrating to use since there’s an ad ever 4.7 seconds...
  • Can’t control Samsung Blu-Ray player with this remote app. :( 1/5

    By Musicmansuperman
    I tried for quite some time to get this app to control my Samsung Blu-ray player but could not connect it successfully. Has anyone else been able to do this? If not, I would like to have the $5 I payed for this app refunded.
  • Bad 1/5

    By happyguy431
    Got to a spot where I was supposed to input a pin that was supposed to put up on my tv but that code never appeared on the screen. Downloading this app was a serious waste of time
  • Samsung remote 2/5

    By emp posh
    Not for iPhones
  • I would like to see an Ad free version 2/5

    By ctstyles
    I’d be willing to pay a few bucks for an ad free version. Pairs with tv and works well.
  • Ads ads ads 1/5

    By maybethis314159
    There’s a full screen ad after every button push and you have to scan for your TV every time you use the app...which also means the tv has to be on before you can use it.
  • Ads are out of control 2/5

    By wwww3333
    Should just pay for them to go away but Samsung should give you the app for buying there tv
  • Works, then is coveted by an ad 1/5

    This app connected to my Samsung TV immediately. I was grateful to have some control... that control lasted less than a minute when the entire screen was covered with an advertisement. Finding the difficult to see ‘x’ cleared the ad for several seconds when another took its place. I deleted this app.
  • What a bummer. 1/5

    By alextomato
    I had high hopes for this app since it’s the #1 rated app in the Samsung remote category in the App Store. I connected to the app perfectly and disconnected and then started glitching like crazy on my phone and on my tv. The app kept refreshing connection pins every 2 seconds (not an exaggeration) and therefore I couldn’t use my phone OR the tv. Uninstalled and won’t be using again. Very disappointing. Not worth the free version, and certainly not worth the paid version.
  • I was robbed... 1/5

    By BooBooToo
    I purchased the app ACCIDENTALLY and was charged for it. The app was not working so I deleted it and reinstalled it. Now it doesn't recognize that I own the full version.
  • SamRemote 5/5

    By Add me for GEMS and GOLD
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Arid urena
    Too many ads
  • Obnoxious. 1/5

    By rockler
    Constantly bombarded with obnoxious pop up ads making the app unusable unless you pay the $ for ad free.
  • A lot of ads 3/5

    By andrew luong
    Toooo much ads
  • On the fence 3/5

    By Hook461
    Worked great and even bought the ad-free version but then it started crashing so I had to uninstall and re download but now I have the ads again! Does this mean I have to purchase again?
  • Useless 1/5

    By DT5011
    Every time I touch a new button in the app, I am presented with another ad and my tv asks if I give permission for my smartphone to access the tv. I downloaded this because I saw that a lot of other users had downloaded it. I’m deleting immediately. You’re better off using the original SmartView_Frame app.
  • This remote 5/5

    By djwkskjs
    Works great besides the all the pop ups
  • not working 1/5

    By MaximoG13
    i purchased the app and it was working all of the sudden it does not want to connect to tv i scan the tv and it sees it but will not connect can somebody help me
  • No funciona 1/5

    By titolua
    No funciona
  • Convenient App but Too many ads! 2/5

    By TeachTwentyTwo
    The remote option is super convenient, but why so many ads??? Every other button you push, an ad pops up, with sound, and you can’t exit out the ad until the time is up!! So if you’re scrolling through trying to find what to watch, expect to be stopped by ads every 10 seconds! Fix the ads and this app would be dope!
  • Remote on my I phone 5/5

    By yosef78
    Love it no adds
  • Ads ads ads 1/5

    By Peeejjj
    There are so many pop-up adds that the app barely functions.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By Ton,
    Remote has good features but the comercialización is very annoying.
  • Works great 5/5

    By Niquaandboxcar
    Works great so far. I paid for ad removal because they drove me nuts within the first minute of using the app. What I like most is that I can see the remote buttons in the dark. Also, no worries when the kids lose the remote - which is often.
  • Can’t enter PIN 1/5

    By I fear no gear
    Every time the pop to enter the pin comes up, it leaves before being able to enter. It’s on a constant cycle of requesting a PIN.
  • So convenient 5/5

    By Mayleedog
    My parrot picked off a couple pieces off my original remote so this is awesome!
  • Cannot get it to connect 1/5

    By shockereish
    Cannot connect
  • Remote 4/5

    By maemae sue
    It is cool but takes time with putting in codes!
  • Fantastic! 5/5

    By shadeflower_mlh
    My kids are always losing the remote so this is a lifesaver for us! Works great every time, with never an issue. Yes there are a lot of ads (one pops up about every 6 clicks), but the app only costs $6 - that’s less than half the price of a physical remote, so I think it’s worth it. People always want something for nothing, forgetting that labor costs money. So stop writing bad reviews because you’re too cheap to pay for something!
  • Excellent TV REMOTE APP 5/5

    By Retired_Marine_30_4
    The app works now after the developer updated this app. I have no problem at all with the app now. If yours is not working try deleting the app and reinstalling it and if you purchased the app do a restore purchase and it should be working now as long as you are using a compatible TV as shown in the app description.
  • Useless when not on 2/5

    By perron perron perron
    Is useless when the tv is not on. This app will not turn on your tv
  • Remote app 3/5

    By bykdoc
    Hate the ads interfering 😖
  • Connection 1/5

    By Jamecan candy
    It tells me to type in the passcode that appears on my tv. Yet there is no passcode at all on it.
  • Your update broke your app. 2/5

    By ConorTheMick
    Why do these developers mess with stuff that doesn’t need to be messed with? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You broke it.. now please fix it.
  • No pin number to pair to tv? 1/5

    By heheuehd fucndusnwuwosncnvhf
    The app recognizes my TV but says to type in pin and no pin appears
  • I have two little girls!! 4/5

    By nickname big B
    Love this app never lose it again.
  • No connection 1/5

    By grtugy
    This app will not connect to my 2018 Samsung tv. I have tried to connect manually with no luck. I don’t know why the manual connection uses ip address instead of MAC address.
  • Makes you pay 1/5

    By Spierss
    Every time I hit a button a pop up comes up with advert. So much so it forces you to either look elsewhere or pay. I'm going elsewhere
  • Ads ads ads adds to much time waiting 1/5

    By 1-1-quinn
    10 clicks and you got to wait 5 sec for a add
  • Garbage 1/5

    By jxujdhduufwine
    Used this app for a long time, now it won’t do anything even after watching adds and a big bar at the bottom to make you pay.
  • Trickery 1/5

    By StrongArmMike
    I download this app. Worked great with my tv. I paid for the no advertising and now it will not work on my tv. Very unhappy.
  • Download if you’d like to test your level of patience. 2/5

    By UncreativeID
    The app does its job well.. when it actually works. This app constantly freezes up, and bugs out hardcore; as it connects to the television, the code enter screen just flashes on and off, not letting me enter the connection code. It eventually lets me enter the code, but not before I must endure at least thirty seconds of opening and exiting the app to be able to enter the connection code and connect to the television. Oh, I suppose I should also mention how this app will also freeze up my phone on occasion, causing it to restart. Another small nitpick: when reopening the app while watching something on Netflix, the app takes a very short second to (which is negligible, as it’s a reasonably short delay time of reconnection) reconnect to the television, but immediately after reconnecting, it seems to, by what happens to the television (also tested using the menu screen open on my television) press the back button, which causes it to back me out of the movie or show I am watching at the time, which is just a small inconvenience. I have an iPhone XS if that matters.
  • Hi 3/5

    By JohnStgermain
    The remote is okay but the only thing is that it is not connecting to WiFi and it’s already connected to my phone and tv is on please fix this issue I’ll give it three stars
  • Some features work 1/5

    By Cbyrdie01
    This is crap when it worked fine with the ad version. Pay 5.99 to remove ads now it barely works 😢
  • TV need to be on to work 2/5

    By McbdJ
    I don’t know if anybody else is having the same issue as me, but, I thought the point of having a remote app is so that you won’t have to use the other remote anymore. Apparently it’s not true with this app. After TV has been off for a bit, said remote can’t turn my tv back on. I either have to turn the TV on manually or locate the original remote to turn it on... what exactly is the point of this if I have to locate my original remote in the first place?
  • Advertisements 1/5

    By tahoemandan
    Too many advertisements. Can’t even use this app with the ads popping so much. Seems like every 30 seconds there is a new ad. Ridiculous.
  • Why 1/5

    By Lizy45687

SamRemote: remote Samsung TV app comments

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