SamRemote: remote Samsung TV

SamRemote: remote Samsung TV

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  • Current Version: 3.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: yohan teixeira
  • Compatibility: Android
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SamRemote: remote Samsung TV App

SamRemote is a virtual remote control that lets you control your Samsung TV . The application is completely free . To use the samsung remote control, you must have your mobile / tablet is on the same wifi network as your TV and you accept the message that appears on your TV. Because the application runs through the wireless network , it is not necessary to be close to the TV . If by mistake you have refused the confirmation message of your TV ( Message for establishing communication ) , it is possible to change your selection by going to : / Menu / Network / AllShare Settings In addition to a careful representation of the remote control , you can use all the functionality of the real remote. Samsung remote control works with the following tv: - Series C (2010) with internet - Series D (2011) with All Share - E Series (2012) with All Share - Series F (2013) with All Share - Series K-L-M-N (2016/2017/2018) DISCLAIMER SamRemote is neither an official Samsung product, nor are we affiliated with the Samsung Electronics company.

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SamRemote: remote Samsung TV app reviews

  • Refund 1/5

    By tgxdev
    I paid $5.99 to remove ads. However, the ads still remain after payment.
  • Don’t waste your time. Ads Ads Ads 1/5

    By Moe Almubarak
    It works but the Ads ruined it.
  • Too many ads! Not worth using 1/5

    By jestrada320
    It’s nice until you wanna pause a show and a full on commercial is playing on your phone and you have to wait to pause! If there weren’t any ads it would be perfect.
  • Watch ads more than tv 1/5

    By Bandsbobble
    Serves you an ad every 10 seconds while you are trying to use it, including video ads that prevents you from using the app for several seconds. Would give it 0 stars if possible.
  • Ads on a tv remote?! 3/5

    By psbaker2g
    I can’t even turn of the volume without an ad.
  • Flakey program 1/5

    By TTscarz
    Constantly gets stuck in a loop where it keeps displaying a new pairing code on the TV that can never be entered in the app. I purchased the application and ran on two different devices- both do the same thing so I’m out twice the money.
  • SamRemote 2/5

    By knownasariel
    Has way too many Commercials
  • Ridiculously Frustrating 1/5

    By JA143110
    This app is beyond frustrating. So many ads! I can’t even type in the title to a movie without 3-4 ads popping up!
  • Trash! 1/5

    By Julissa0709
    A bunch of ads it’s ridiculous! I can even click once because an ad pops up
  • Just....ok 2/5

    By Sassynurse1013
    Ads continuously pop up, about every other click. I have to constantly rescan for my tv bc it stops working about every 30 seconds. Won’t power tv on, but will power off? Overall thankful to have something since my original remote died. :(
  • Worst remote app 1/5

    By tjnoakes
    You are constantly bombarded by ads. In the middle of typing a login? ad for Facebook. Trying to change channels? .. an ad for iTunes. Terrible. Also, no keyboard? Common. My remote is far superior.
  • Cheated. 1/5

    By BlippBLap
    I downloaded the app, purchased the Ad-free version, and then bought a new controller and deleted the app. When I lost that remote, I went back to the app, and when I downloaded it, it was back with Ads asking for a “one time payment” to stop the ads. I already paid bro, ONCE. Trying to con people out of their money
  • Very tempermental 4/5

    By conwayconsumer
    Is there any tech support??? It only connects with my TV when it feels like it. Some days it works and other days i just keep trying to connect by pressing scan button and selecting my TV and it doesn’t connect.
  • Does not Work 1/5

    By PgVml
    All controls are inoperable except volume!
  • Useless 1/5

    By SD12345SD
    This is useless. I can’t get past ads to control the TV.
  • Get the other app 1/5

    By Ats Scientist
    Just download Samsung Smart View. No ads so it works better.
  • Froilan 1/5

    By caridad hernandez
    The app can’t turn on the tv only turn off. I payed $5
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By B. Cooley
    Way too many ads
  • Broken with Ads 1/5

    By mwgaut
    Downloaded. Cannot get pass ads after hitting Start A Scan. Useless.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By -ehyo
    I have tried to use this app several times.... i thought my tv is broken because it does not show any pairing codes to be entered. The wifi of this apps and my celphone is the same. This app does not work! Waste of my time!
  • **WARNIG ***WARNING ** 1/5

    Constant ad generator. I never had ads in my other TV apps
  • Out of Control Advertising 1/5

    By dsass004
    I don’t mind a few advertisements; that’s why the creators designed it. They need to make money. However, this app is out of hand. Every few button presses you’re stopped by an advertisement. If they toned it down a bit it would be okay. However, this isn’t even usable. You can’t scroll through options since every few buttons results in an advertisement. A loud part of the movie comes on and you wish to turn the volume down quickly to avoid waking someone up? Too bad.
  • Can’t use 2/5

    By imdeepu
    Video add every time you click a button?
  • the worst 1/5

    By easy save
  • Great App But The Ads Ruin It 1/5

    By slumlord66
    I realize that the purpose of this app is to generate some income for the developers. But spamming people with ads every 2 button pushes does nothing but piss people off. If all it did was hit me with 1 ad when I used it I wouldn’t complain. But the ads are endless thus making this app complete garbage unless you want to spend $6. It’s obvious that the game plan here is to berate you with so many ads that you’ll eventually succumb and buy their ad free version. Well screw you. Uninstalled.
  • Beware of app 1/5

    By Reversaldoctor
    This app installed a profile that adds redalerts emergency email to your emails. Had to do 60 minute AppleCare support call to remove it. Not sure what it stole from my phone. This app comes from Asia so be careful.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Zume121
    I was trying to log into my Netflix on my tv and could not type 2 letters without getting an ad.. Just stupid.
  • Got charged for ad free version I didn’t buy 2/5

    The app is great but some how I was charged for the ad free version that I didn’t want. I’m not sure how that happened without my password being used to purchase it. Seems a little shady.
  • This ap was great, until I paid for it! 1/5

    By Bjamesbond
    I used this app with my Samsung tv and it worked perfect, except the annoying lil ads that popped up ever third button press. So I finally bought the upgrade. Now I can’t even use ap without adds on screen, doesn’t work at all. Paid to find my actual remote.
  • Just not usable 1/5

    By Kyedi_butt
    Can’t enter the tv code cause the keyboard glitches out each second. Plagued with ads. If this is supposed to be a remote. Maybe make it usable where it’s not a struggle to use it for your TV?
  • Ok 2/5

    By RecklessLEGACY
    It was a decent app but these ads are out of control! Ive decided to no longer use this. I'm sure there is something better out there. If not, I'd rather not have one at all than watch all these friggin ads!
  • Would be better if there were other ways to connect 1/5

    By emkayejay
    I don’t like how you have to be connected to the same WiFi. Tv and phone both in order for it to work.
  • Funciona excelente 5/5

    By ebenji
    Funciona excelente
  • Ads 1/5

    By Salvante1
    This app is 80% and 20% remote those ads pop up every seconds
  • ADS 1/5

    By jasrelaine
    There’s literally an ad every 15-30 seconds of use. It’s impossible to use this as a functional remote.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Marissaah512
    Too many adds
  • App is horrible 1/5

    By Like a boss original
    After 10 attempts to connect to my smart tv app couldn’t find it. Wouldn’t even give it a star if it was an option. Tv is a 8 series UHD Samsung.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By Fission
    The Samsung TV's receiver for the regular remote is right the center bottom of the TV where I have a sound bar, which blocks the signal from the remote. This is why it is really important for me to have a remote that works via the internet. This app works great but the amount of ads is simply annoying. Being greedy ruins an otherwise very useful app.
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Rex Nihilo
    I downloaded this and was able to connect the devices, but the remote controls simply do not work.
  • Horrible app absolutely disgusting 1/5

    By NeerjaKukalNK
    Horrible app completely and utterly pathetically stupidly cowardly horrible. An add pop up literally every five seconds. I’m not joking. Whoever made this app please don’t every make another one ever again
  • Works but ads are a KILLER!! 1/5

    By hick604
    Ads are extremely annoying. They will pop up every 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Crap app 1/5

    By turdy sandwich
    Every button push brings up an ad. Piece of crap!!!
  • Needs work! 2/5

    By Salvatore J. Power
    When it works it’s works great, but most times it doesn’t find my TV. Not going to pay for it until it is more reliable! Hurry up developers!
  • Stops working / connecting to TV 1/5

    By useless remote app
    Worked wonderfully in beginning. After few uses it stoped connecting completely. Code screen resets. Also purchased add free remote app and had same issue. I emailed the maker of the app and no reply. Best to purchase physical universal remote or order new remote if you lose original
  • Better use remote than watch advertisements 1/5

    By JrRogerthat
    Are you serious? What can I say.... Can you imagine each time you touch your remote control you got a advertisement?.... After 3 minutes using I already deleted it.
  • It works but not worth of money... 2/5

    By KiranAtmakuri
    One defect is tv doesn turn on to me when its off. Not worth to buy the ad free.
  • Works great but... 2/5

    By willy willay
    Too many ads. It’s almost like I’ve got to watch commercials every 20 seconds. Really not cool when I’m trying to flipping through Netflix or Hulu and have to literally stop every time an ad comes on. TIP: USE ADS THAT DONT INTERFERE WITH THE APPS PURPOSEFUL USE.
  • Commercials only 1/5

    By real consumer 86
    Won’t work on my 3000$ tv but at least I get a random ad every 10 seconds. Stay away does not work. Some idiot just gave this app a 6 star smells like a plant.
  • Ads 1/5

    By MzSteph5
    This app forces you to buy it! After every 5 to 8 clicks here comes an ad the SAME one at a that !! Omg!

SamRemote: remote Samsung TV app comments

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