Samsung Galaxy Fit (Gear Fit)

Samsung Galaxy Fit (Gear Fit)

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  • Current Version: 1.8.19052402
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  • Developer: Samsung Electronics CO.LTD.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Samsung Galaxy Fit (Gear Fit) App

* Galaxy Fit is not Compatible with iPad and iPod touch The Samsung Galaxy Fit application connects Samsung Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 pro and Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fitⓔ to your mobile device. It also manages and monitors Samsung Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 pro and Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fitⓔ features and applications installed through Gear Appstore. Use the Samsung Galaxy Fit application to set up and manage the following features: - Connect to and disconnect from a mobile device - Application download and settings - Find my Gear Install the Samsung Galaxy Fit application on your mobile device, then pair your Samsung Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 pro and Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fitⓔ with a Bluetooth connection and enjoy all of its features. ※ Compatibility - Samsung Galaxy Fit is not Compatible with iPad and iPod touch ※ Settings and features provided by the Samsung Galaxy Fit application are only available when Samsung Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 pro and Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fitⓔ is connected to your mobile device. Features will not work properly without a proper connection between Samsung Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 pro or Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fitⓔ and your mobile device. ※ This application is only for Samsung Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 pro and Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fitⓔ * Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. * If you have any questions about Samsung Galaxy Fit, please contact to the web page below. (

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Samsung Galaxy Fit (Gear Fit) app reviews

  • Not for iPhone users 2/5

    By Nicole Kim
    I bought Galaxy fit e and attempted to connect with my iPhone 8. After so many attempts, I get no notifications from my phone at all. And the tech support is keep telling me the steps with the wearable app when I can’t even get it for iPhone. It’s a bit annoying that it doesn’t connect to Apple health and you have to download Samsung health app. It does count the activities well but definitely not made for iPhone users. I would recommend a different tracker.
  • Needs some things 3/5

    By JosephAW
    Besides what I said before the calendar needs to show the date before scrolling down to events. Also showing all my calendars instead of the ones that are active including US holidays which is off. I'm surprised Apple allows apps access to calendars that are turned off.
  • iPhone connection issue UPDATE 4/5

    By Leigh1201
    I have the new Samsung fit and it will not stay connected to my IPhone XR. It’s been 2 days and I have uninstalled / removed devices / turned off Bluetooth for 10-20 seconds. That stuff doesn’t work. If it wasn’t meant to work with an iPhone then it shouldn’t have been marketed as such. The device itself is great - and when I open the app my device will then connect via Bluetooth. But if I am not on the app Bluetooth drops within about 3 minutes. UPDATE You have to keep the app running in the background for it to maintain Bluetooth connection. And make sure background refresh is on for the app. Seems to have solved my issue!
  • Notifications issue 3/5

    By hazineh
    I seem to have issues getting notifications from my iPhone to the galaxy fit. Few days it works while many other days it doesn’t. The watch is only few days old and the dealer here reinstalled the software on it .. still have the issues. This is annoying .. able to help ?
  • Make some point system wher you can get points by doing things 4/5

    By munirsiltan
    Make it better!!
  • disappointed 13 year old daughter 1/5

    By Joee Sancheez
    So I bought my daughter the Galaxy Fit for her 13th birthday and didn’t work on her iPhone 6s Plus. She was disappointed and I was upset. Thanks Samsung for giving me a worthless birthday gift. Never using Samsung again.
  • Gear fit 1/5

    By itttsmeg
    This needs to support the first version of the gear fit not just the second version because i am unable to connect with the first version
  • Bad 1/5

    By JoeTechVE
    The app loses connectivity with the band all the time
  • Please fix app 1/5

    By itsyaaaaaboiiiii
    Ok so when i go to install the app I see the galaxy fit the first one but when I open the app it’s not there it’s just the fit E and the gear fit 2 plus and the gear fit 2
  • Samsung 1/5

    By rgomosta
    Pls make a suitable app for Samsung galaxy gear2.
  • i have an iphone 6s and it doesn’t pair 1/5

    By Brendaisgamer
    i barley got mine today and it doesn’t pair in the app kinda disappointed but yeah.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Kevin cinco
    Im using samsung gear fit e, this good and accurate when it comes to doing workout, my only suggestion is add more watch face....thank u
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By pulak.hazra
    I am satisfied with these new features like watchface, fota update, widgets etc in galaxy fit.
  • Not receiving text notifications 1/5

    By dismalrapture
    I've been using this app for two weeks now and within the last 24 hours, I stopped receiving text message notifications. I've factory reset the watch a dozen times now. Deleted and re-installed this app. Powered my phone off and on and made sure notifications were authorized. It was working smoothly until now. What gives?
  • Works well on iOS 4/5

    By PodFather
    Would love a dark theme and the ability to set personal stride lengths in the future (have myself listed as 4” taller then I really am to match my stride length which isn’t 2.5’ for a 6’ average man) as well as more watch faces for the new Galaxy Fit. However app works well with the Fit and my prior Gear and Active. Some annoying issues like old watches showing up, daily goals not showing up right away on Fit (just need to change it and then change it back to original goal) but otherwise a decent app.
  • lies 1/5

    By smolly2001
    not supported on ipad mini
  • Not Show Galaxy fit just fit e 1/5

    By Rmo ra
    I have iPhone 6 and buy a galaxy fit but the app just show support for galaxy fit e
  • I can’t connect 1/5

    By meshkesh
    I have iphone 6s and i can’t connect to my galaxy fit but it can connect to galaxy fit e or another
  • Calendar/schedule never updates! 2/5

    By hn99969
    Why won’t my schedule work!!! No point in having a schedule app on this thing if it is never correct and you can’t manually update it. It’s even showing calendar events on calendars that are hidden in my phones calendar app. Functionality fail! Update!!! Now it’s not showing anything. Update update!! Did what developer told me to do to fix the schedule problem and it’s still malfunctioning. Please enable me to have my schedule on my watch!!!
  • Wish I could answer them 4/5

    By LynnJoanne
    When I get a text or message, I wish I could return a short message like my daughter can with her android !
  • Great buy for a great price 5/5

    By salah_pure
    This piece is does what I wanted from a fit band instead of buying one for 10 times the amount this is just does it all , dont have any negative comment about it , one last thing it says on the box its for android only but its not it work on iOS also just get the app and all good .
  • Not supported on iPad? 2/5

    By Stevepvppro
    Hi Samsung, I’ve noticed that I cannot pair my gear fit 2 pro with Gear fit. Can you please try to fix this
  • App won’t connect to device 1/5

    By Nsensing
    I’ll keep this short and sweet. I have a Gear Fit2 Pro. I have to delete and re-install the app every couple of days for the connection with my phone to work. The watch is a HORRIBLE fitness tracker compared to any of the three I’ve had previously. If the app won’t connect and the watch wont work, I could have pulled my Timex out of the closet from 20 years ago and gotten the same result. Samsung created a great design but totally missed the boat on everything else... both related to the watch and the app.
  • Software is buggy AF 1/5

    By Jigfly
    Just bought a new gear fit 2. Got the galaxy fit app installed on my iphone 6s plus and was able to easily pair it via bluetooth but it won’t sync my fitness data. I’ve tried all the fixes I could find, resets, re-pairing etc. Nothing works. When I try to sync it, it tells me my last sync was 10/5/19 so it must be able to travel through time? When I scan for accessories in the samsung health app it comes up as a galaxy watch which it isn’t. FIX THIS!
  • FIXED!!! 5/5

    By isaiaherickochis
    ***UPDATE*** I just downloaded the latest update and everything is fixed!!! Also thanks guys for the amazing customer service! I love my Samsung galaxy fit2 which I just got, it is paired to my iPhone SE. (because I don’t want to spend 400+ on a Apple Watch) and there are a lot of bugs with this app. 1- the weather does not work, even though I have location services turned on it says I do not. 2- it keeps disconnecting from my phone. 3- there are a lot of other minor bugs that aren’t really worth mentioning. Thank you for reading my review and God bless! 😃
  • I like it 4/5

    By kre1986
    I really like the app just wish my alarms would show up on my watch and not just my phone.
  • Seems ok... 4/5

    By 🤩Dom🤩
    This app does not support my device, but the app seems ok compared to other reviews. But, I love the watch!!!
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Ssiped_off
    So many connectivity issues. Yes, as of this post I’ve installed the latest app and firmware. How can this app see the band and then when you launch the Health app it says “no devices connected...” I’ve lost so much workout info , I’m giving up and am moving on.
  • Terrible Terrible 1/5

    By CA Grama T
    Received this watch as a gift and it is HORRIBLE. Sleep only tells how long and dies not break it down as to deep or light or awake. Says to set for water aerobics and cannot use in shallow water because stops working. Only thing good is to tell time. Does record steps. That’s all. A completely a waste of money. DONT BUY!
  • Apple 1/5

    By nikjgdwdbjteeg,hdqgmm
    It doesn’t work for apple devices.
  • App Notification Management 3/5

    By zachsd
    This app worked great when i had my android phone. Just recently I've switched to an iphone and this app still works great with it. However, I noticed I can no longer select (or personalize) which apps I want to receive notifications from when I'm in the Gear Fit app on the iPhone. Seems to be all or none. Also, the app to "Find My Phone" (or device) that use to be listed with the other apps on the GearFit2 is no longer showing up. It was there before. If these can be fixed I'll give 5 stars. All other features appear to work great as well as connection between GearFit2 and iPhone. Thanks!! March 15 update: One more problem I forgot to mention. I cannot receive text messages from my iPhone XR. All other apps I use seem to work fine.
  • Something to Improve 4/5

    By Gibo617
    Like it, but would love it if time and date settings would not be lost when it runs out of battery.
  • Love it, but... 4/5

    By Momof3boystexaa
    I can’t complain really. I have had my watch and app for 2 years while using the Samsung galaxy s7&8. Recently switched to an iPhone and was so happy my watch is compatible. If possible I’d love to have the ability for my phone alarms to also go off on my watch like it used to when I had a Samsung phone AND my favorite feature of find my phone is no longer on my watch. It was the best thing ever and my husband was so happy when I had that, but now it is gone and he has to hear me say “where is my phone” again. It would be great to have that back and for my alarms on my phone to sync with my watch again!!!
  • Wrong! 1/5

    By it just makes sense
    How in the world is this app called Samsung Gear Fit when it does not support the original Samsung Gear Fit watch called “Samsung Gear Fit”? The app needs to support the watch or change its name. Horrible!!!
  • Nice but really lacks features 2/5

    By MeItinglce
    So yes. This app is ok and all, however it just has so many flaws. The firmware for the watch also has flaws. For example, if you lose it, and it’s out of power, YOU CANNOT FIND IT. At least allow it to do what lost phones do: send the last location of it when it was really low on power. At least give it the capability to find send its location and store it in your account when it’s pretty low on power. DON’T TELL ME TO PUSH BUTTONS ON MY WATCH IF I CANNOT FIND IT. It’s just like your war with Apple in competition: you make it the worst on iPhone but make it have literally every feature someone needs on a Samsung. Second: allow pairing using the 4-letter/digit thing. If you somehow lost it right after taking it out, the app on BOTH phones just expect you to have it right next to you. Fix every one of those problems above. No, not one, ALL OF THEM. Should’ve gotten an Apple Watch.
  • Improve pairing with iPhone 2/5

    By AmyWoodMarie
    I absolutely ADORE my GearFit 2 Pro watch, but I recently switched to iPhone SE and am so upset that I’m now unable to use the quick response messages on my watch. I also hate that I can’t control my apps within the Gear Fit app anymore or create widgets for my calendar. PLEASE improve compatibility with iPhone, because I LOVE MY WATCH and don’t want to get an Apple Watch.
  • Cannot reply messages 2/5

    By Carlos nrdr
    I find this app useful but in my old android phone I was able to reply messages and I would really appreciate it if they could implement it on iOS too
  • Useless. 1/5

    By Alh01
    Would give it a zero if I could. Won’t connect to the device. Turned Bluetooth on phone and on device on and off a dozen times. Still no connection. Bluetooth works fine on other devices.
  • Ok heart but poor sleep monitoring. 3/5

    By A. Magadia
    I like the fact that it tracks my vitals, but it is inaccurate 50% of the time. The heart rate monitor is the only thing I can rely upon, although I have not really tested its accuracy with an external with a chest monitor. The sleep mode is what I really got it for, but most of time it records my sleep wrong—shorter when I sleep longer and rates it at poor; and when it is short, rates it at fair. I understand that I wake up in-between sleep, but it fails to record my sleeping sometimes and just marks it as sedentary.
  • Not counting steps 2/5

    By DesY1908
    I wish the GearFit would count steps on the stairmaster machine. I miss out on so many! PLEASE FIX!
  • Notifications 5/5

    By gravy1321
    Only problem with it is that it says it connected to my phone but I don’t receive any notifications
  • Battery/charge 4/5

    By lmherrick
    I must charge this every other day. Is there settings I should change. I am surprised it loses charge so fast Thank you in advance for all your help
  • Doesn’t connect to gear fit 2 pro quickly or at all 1/5

    By DOMINATOR!!!!!!
    This app is 100% useless you can connect the device over Bluetooth but the app doesn’t even recognize it
  • Gear fit 2 pro 5/5

    By Joe louis jr
    Would like to. See more apps like jump rope map my run other then that the app is great thanks guys
  • Gearfit R350 3/5

    By SoulStealer1680
    I have the gearfit R350 that is still in perfect condition and I want to continue to use it but not have to carry around 2 phones. How can I sync it with a more up to date phone. Miss the old app. 😞
  • Won’t sync data 1/5

    By Matchjen6
    I’ve tried to use the customer support feature multiple times now, no response. My watch says it’s connected to the app. The app says it’s connected to the watch. The app shows the correct battery percentage for the watch, so they’re connected. However, none of my health data (steps, HR, etc) will sync. This has been going on for 6 months or more. You responded to my feedback and told me to contact you through the app. I have 3 times (2 of them before posting the original review) and have had no response.
  • So many little problems 3/5

    By petapan13
    Samsung gear app needs an update for sure. The connection is shaky. My gear started to act weird out every time I connect it to my phone. There are so many apps for my gear that I cannot access on the app in my phone. I appreciate them having an app for IPhone but they also should work on it if they have it.
  • App watch faces not downloading 2/5

    By jedhdz
    So I recently downloaded the new version of the gearfit app. Now that I’m trying to download new faces for my watch they are not opening. I click on the face that I want and I get the white circle with blue load line and then it crashes. So I can’t download any faces at all. I have an iPhone 8 and it’s never given me this problem. So for now the app is a zero for me. Hopefully it can be fixed.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By TotoPuff
    I really like how it works with the IPhone so far I have no complaint..

Samsung Galaxy Fit (Gear Fit) app comments

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