Samsung Health

Samsung Health

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 1.14.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Samsung Electronics CO.LTD.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Samsung Health App

* Samsung Health is currently compatible with Samsung Gear S2, Samsung Gear S3, Samsung Gear S4, Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 pro, Gear Sports, Galaxy Fit, Galaxy Fitⓔ and Galaxy Watch Active2 only. Samsung Health provides basic, but mandatory features that help you improve your health. Samsung Health analyses your exercise and activity history, and helps you achieve weight loss and lead a healthy lifestyle. Using several trackers, you can manage your walking, running, cycling, mountain climbing, indoor exercise, and outdoor exercise data, etc., while useful tips and exercise programs developed based on your customized settings help you fulfill the purpose of your exercise. 42 languages, including English, French, and Chinese, are supported; for other language regions, English is supported. The available features may vary depending on the region, service provider, and device model. You can manage data via Samsung account. Samsung Health must only be used for improving physical fitness and health, and cannot be used for diagnosing disorders or conditions, or for curing, relieving, treating, or preventing disorders. Apple Health tracks your step count and can share that data with Samsung Health to provide an accurate step count. User can control permission for this sharing in Apple Health Settings.

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Samsung Health app reviews

  • Bad interface and not user friendly 1/5

    By Shahram.F
    It's not user friendly. In the challenges you can't view the compatitor steps
  • Not compatible with Galaxy Watch 1/5

    By timscottbennett
    I purchased a Galaxy Watch having read that it is compatible with iPhone (although with somewhat reduced functionality.) To discover now that Samsung Health is no longer compatible with the Galaxy Watch is extremely frustrating. It makes no sense to me that the primary health tracking app wouldn’t include the Galaxy Watch. UPDATE In response to the developer’s reply: I do have the Galaxy Watch App installed, but unfortunately the Samsung Health app does not share all information with it. Any workouts tracked on my watch do not transfer to Samsung Health. Nor do steps. The watch connects to the Galaxy Watch app fine, but you can’t use Samsung Health to track your workouts. I’m very frustrated because I like the watch and it’s functionality very much. I just wish that the software supported it in iOS. 2nd UPDATE I response to developer’s reply: I’ve already followed the procedures you lay out to remove, reset, and then reinstall on both my phone and watch. The Galaxy Watch app and the Samsung Health app still do not talk to each other. I see the same issue in many other reviews. It’s frustrating because it makes the watch useless for fitness tracking. I wish the developer would rewrite the app so that Samsung Health would be able to receive the watch information, whether through the Galaxy Watch app or (better yet) directly.
  • It says invalid password even through i changes it 2 times 2/5

    By ideal159
    Cant bind it to my Samsung account
  • Samsung Health 5/5

    By normavic
    Love it! Just wish you had same functions for Apple as you have available for Samsung. I miss weight management and the workout videos.
  • Great app!! 5/5

    By shae702
    Great app!!
  • What happened to the Vitamins and minerals 3/5

    By C Griff
    First, I’ll start off by saying that I LOVE The Samsung Health App! 👏🏽 That’s why I don’t understand why a well made app like this is not performing as it did a month ago. I keep track of everything with this app, my steps, jogging, food diary, my weight and even my blood pressure. This now takes us to the real problem. I keep track of everything I consume with this app, & the basic nutrients are there. The carbohydrates, protein, sodium & fats all show up. The vitamins and minerals do not & all you see are ZEROS for their quantities. Samsung, I want you to go back up to 5 stars in my book! (5⭐️) Can you please fix this problem?
  • Used to work and doesn’t sync now 1/5

    By ST-chicago
    I have Samsung Galaxy Active watch. Been using both app and watch for over 2 years now. Worked okay for the most part but wouldn’t sync sleep data on and off. No biggie I could live with that. Starting a few weeks now the app and watch no longer sync. Did everything that was recommended- unpaired the watch, reset the watch, uninstalled the app, reinstalled. Still the app says no device found to sync. Connects perfectly to the Samsung wearable app just not to the Samsung Health app. Should have stayed with FitBit. What’s the point of a tracker that doesn’t work with it’s app. Or is this Samsung’s way of saying get a newer watch? Sad. My so very old Fitbit never had this problem with its app. Won’t be buying Samsung watches for sure.
  • Bueno 5/5

    By hlmarquez
    Me gusta mucho
  • Work outs 3/5

    By Robc37
    Wish you could select which workouts show on the watch
  • Made the switch from Samsung to iPhone- not the same!! 2/5

    By alyshhka
    I absolutely love the Samsung health app on my Samsung phone. I wear a galaxy active watch and the app connects flawlessly to both my Samsung phone and watch. The Discover tab offered workouts and programs you could join that tracked progress all while programming for you (a digital personal trainer, if you will). So I make the silly switch to iPhone for family reasons, I still wear my galaxy smart watch because it IS compatible with iPhone. I download this app to my iPhone to continue my running program- which I am 4 weeks in the middle of. It is not there! The discover tab on iPhone is just news articles! The functionality is basically useless for iPhone. I refuse to buy an Apple Watch because it is not fitness geared- which is the reason I purchased my galaxy to begin within. I don’t understand why the same features are not available for both versions!
  • Love It! 5/5

    By Quarter25
    Love this App
  • Why 3/5

    By @KING_of_awesome_GOKU
    Why cant i edit settings on treadmill? Why do i do the treadmill and it doesnt count those steps unless i have my phone on me? Why cant i adjust other exercises on here so i get an accurate reading? Fix these and ill five star it...
  • Something Important Is Missing 2/5

    By ..Ken..
    The Android version of this app is spectacular! In fact I love everything Samsung does, it is their marriage to the intrusive Google which drove me to an iPhone. I was excited to see this app in the App Store. It synced right up with my Gear S3 Classic and my Xiaomi weight scale. I was enjoying the app more than anything else I’ve found for iOS until I wanted to check my blood pressure. There is no place in the app to enter my blood pressure! Not by linking it to a bluetooth device or even entering the numbers manually. Seems like an important bit of info to be missing from a health app. Oh well, back to the hunt.
  • Absolutely useless 1/5

    By zuki112
    The app worked sporadically until the last update when it finally refused to synchronize at all with my watch. I have tried everything to get it to work again but to no avail. Is Samsung health actually affiliated at all with Samsung? The galaxy watch app itself has worked flawlessly and it leaves me with this impression that the health app is run by a couple of people in a basement somewhere. I have seen plenty of other people complain about the same issue and yet no update has been issued and it has been over a month. I am kind of forced to have iOS (work phone) and would recommend anyone shopping for a watch with fitness tracking in mind look somewhere else.
  • Worked well with my Samsung not my Iphone 3/5

    By Jjlawz
    Use to work well but on my iPhone even though it’s connected through the Bluetooth and I get all my notifications this app can’t sync with my watch no matter what I’ve tried so far. Which is reinstalling the app, new connection on watch, factory reset, also sometimes I can answer my calls and talk on my watch sometimes it will automatically say check phone and it won’t let me use the watch unless it’s to hang up the call on my phone. ???? Help
  • AFUCKINGMAZING!!!!!! 5/5

    By Rawena Prasad
    I found my new love this app
  • Excellence 5/5

    By Elio_The_Favorite
    I love it.
  • Nice app but need to sync my step count etc with Apple health 5/5

    By Mukesh Kumar Nanda
    This is a very nice App. Keeps my step counts with the map. Counts the steps pretty accurately. But my step count of Samsung health is not getting synced with Apple health. If you can tell me a way to sync my step count, walking and running distances etc from Samsung health with Apple health, it will be very helpful.
  • Below average at best! 3/5

    By Project 5311
    App is trash with so many of the main features or most important ones completely missing which is so confusing. The app works great with your watch and Nothing else. Most of the food in the calorie count is missing or not there. Leaving you to have to add even the simplest of calories. KROGERS CHICKEN!!? No mention seriously!? And because of this you’re forced to add them in yourself. The entire nutrition facts just to keep count! Lean beef? Not added gotta do it yourself. Uho went to a restaurant? NOT THERE! Figure out what you ordered and it’s nutrition facts. Uho you forgot your watch? Or it died? Or simply just didn’t count the steps you did? TOO BAD. You can’t add your steps in! Went to the gym and did workout to add? Nope can’t do that either. What about the app asking you to rate it? NO! Can’t do that either find it in the store and rate it manually! So disappointed with this app. Hate so many of it’s useless features that are basic in so many others. I used this app because of my watch. And now I see all its flaws so disappointed! Verdict is a 4/10!
  • Buen programa 5/5

    By wandaluz
    Muy buen motivador me encanta
  • Great! 5/5

    By YomyD
    Love this app! It is a great way to keep my self motivated
  • Not for the iPhone 1/5

    By LukeS_MM
    Ive switched from Android to Apple. I kept my watch, hoping it would work with my iPhone. The apps look the same, but the watch isnt in constant sync with my iPhone, doesnt ever back itself up, and the Samsung Health app doesn’t even work. It doesnt record the workouts from my watch to my iPhone, and as a result doesnt sync those workouts to my FitnessPal app or the Apple Health app. Honestly it’s a good watch, just needs to fix the sync issues. I might have to switch to an Apple watch if Samsung cant fix these sync issues.
  • Missing Fitbit 1/5

    By Jhfxbufgkltzvnhikveq
    Decided to try out the Samsung Galaxy Active watch versus getting another Fitbit due to more app availability with the Active watch. Have to say the only reason I want to return it is because of this app. Unlike Fitbit, I cannot see calories burned and trying to input your meals for calorie tracking is atrocious. Not being able to scan labels of food makes it painful to try track calories and nutritional intake. The Active watch isn’t supported by any other calorie tracking apps so therefore this is my only option. I will be returning the watch and going back to Fitbit because of these issues. Not very user friendly for iPhone users.
  • Apparently the app needs to be babysat 2/5

    By Lzpoor
    I have using this app through galaxy devices for a while and switched to a iPhone pro max. I go to check my progress and find that it goes non functional if i didn’t check it every other day. I look to find it is not updating my steps and doesnt recognize hikes unless manually initiated.
  • I miss 3/5

    By WOW102938
    I just mist my fit bit!
  • Great app. 5/5

    By cheap greed
    Great way to monitor things that you’re doing for your own health.
  • Sleep tracking not working 4/5

    By Askjerry
    I work at night I can’t seem to add my sleep to this app and it doesn’t access my Heath kit past sleep to see my patterns.
  • Glitchy 2/5

    By mrsLRF
    Always has trouble syncing to my watch, telling me that no devices can be found. It’s really frustrating, and I feel like I lose my daily data all the time because of it. I really wish there was another app to sync the watch to.
  • New phone 2/5

    By gtfghyuh
    I loved my Samsung Health until I had to get a new phone. Even though I logged in with my existing ID and password, all of my challenge steps were lost
  • Does not write data to Apple Health 1/5

    By Crystal310Zhang
    It receives the data from my Samsung watch, but it cannot write fitness data TO Apple Health. Other similar app can easily do this.
  • Good but can’t delete workouts or edit them 3/5

    By boring_dad
    It doesn’t make sense to me why I can’t delete a workout that was added by accident or edit one to correct it. —- I was contacted by Samsung but the steps they gave me to delete only prompted options to for Share, Done, and Cancel.
  • What a joke 2/5

    By davidepedroli
    This app is terrible compared to the Fitbit app. So typical for Samsung to do a ton of things without doing any of them well. I can’t even see the most important thing I use the watch for, which is to track my overall calorie BURN. Also, the option to turn off auto pause DOES NOT WORK Edit for developer: yes, I have seen the instructions for turning off auto pause. I have made the changes in the app. That does nothing to the watch. IT DOES NOT WORK
  • Inaccurate, counterintuitive, and buggy 1/5

    By Ogstine
    I’ve had so much trouble with this that I am switching to a Fitbit.
  • Best app ever!!! 4/5

    By Dar N Red
    I enjoy seeing where my friends are at all on app!!!
  • Needs Barcode Scanner 4/5

    By firefox991
    Love the app I’ve been using it for years. My only complaint is it’s lacking a barcode scanner. Otherwise top notch and I love the interface.
  • Doesnt sync or run in bkgrd..I blame Apple 1/5

    By cincoroles
    This app works great on any Android device with gps and data on....can start a walk and then view the web or youtube and anytime i view this app it shows where i was exactly on the map...unlike on Apple which cant do any multitasking....i come back to this app and rhe map jumps from it knew i last was to where i am now. Amazing that it works fine like it should on any device except iphone. so remind me again how ios is better when in cant even do simple run in the bkgrd like any other device. cant wait to be rid of iphone for a non ios that actually works the way any other high end phone does in this decade.
  • It’s the best 5/5

    By official Samsung reviewer
    I got my Galaxy fit and didn’t know about this app but when I found out, I figured that it’s very helpful. I recommend this app 100% if you have a samsung fitness tracker.
  • With update last week, watch no longer syncs with app 1/5

    By VivaLaRouge
    This app has never had good connectivity with my watch. The Galaxy Watch app will easily be able to see the watch and it would take a manual flicker of the Bluetooth setting on the watch and three retries to connect it to the health app. Since I updated the app this week, Samsung Health has not once been able to sync with my watch. I have : - power cycled the watch - power cycled the phone - deleted and re-downloaded the app I have not factory-reset the watch, because then it would lose all of the data it hasn’t been able to sync. I stupidly thought I could use a Samsung watch with an iPhone, and I am mostly surprised that it is Samsung that is preventing this from working.
  • Does not work at all. Please return IMMEDIATELY 1/5

    By jammy-jenny
    I am disappointed to inform that this app simply did not work. I paired my galaxy active watch to the Galaxy Watch App correctly, but the Health app does not recognize that I have paired it, and does not sync ANY data. Bluetooth AND the galaxy watch app shows that it is correctly connected but the health app refuses to sync. I’ve dug through all the forums and tried all the solutions and nothing has worked. I have redownloaded BOTH apps, reset the watch, turned my phone on and off, turned Bluetooth off, manually disconnected it from Bluetooth,etc. hey Extremely disappointed, and would give this a 0 is possible considering that it will not sync any data. I would highly suggest getting another active watch (my old Fitbit worked marvelously) and return the Samsung watch while you still can. I read all the negative comments and still plowed ahead assuming that mine would work. It did not. Please return the watch and avoid a situation like mine. Just in case you need more convincing, please note that a quick google search will tell you that Samsung is notoriously unresponsive to complaints about the watch. I beg you- don’t be like me and waste money. Return the watch and buy from another vendor.
  • Doesn’t sync data to Apple health 1/5

    By NSDC16
    I have Samsung galaxy active 2 watch and an iPhone X. For some reason, I can see the data being exchanged from Apple health to Samsung health but the other way around is not working (have an Apple Watch too). That makes my Active 2 watch less useful. I would like to see all of my health data in Apple health but since the Samsung health data doesn’t sync TO Apple health, I can’t get all of my workout (when I have active 2 watch ON) in Apple health. Very frustrating. FYI... I have latest iOS version and latest version of Samsung Health app.
  • Upgrade gone bad 1/5

    By zippo912
    After I updated the app, I can no longer open the app. The app kept erroring “internal system error”. I reboot my iPhone. Restarted the app. Updated iOS. Nothing works.
  • Update Did Nothing 1/5

    By iciconnect
    Still can’t get the stupid app to sync to my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. I had no real issue with my Samsung Gear S2. I contacted support and told them I was having issues. They then removed my Samsung account login. 🤣🤣
  • Does not work with iPhones 1/5

    By Daoginator
    Had this over a year. Updated. Deleted and reinstalled. You name it. This is a worthless app. It will NOT synchronize with an iPhone. If you get lucky it works randomly once a week if you force the synch. It never works automatically. It’s main consistency: If you’re depending on this to track your activities, it will never fail to disappoint.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Andrewnorman81
    This a great app to use to count your steps. I had it on my Samsung note 4(rip). Now I use it on my iPhone.
  • No integration with Apple Health app 2/5

    By The ImAd
    Only read to Apple Health app but not write into the app that make aggregation with other Health statistics available in Apple Health app impossible. Other similar health apps integrate well with Apple Health app by read and write to the app.
  • The best 5/5

    By انته لا تحمله فاشل
    The best
  • Totally frustrating no useable with an iPhone 1/5

    By viking64-2020
    This app is garbage on the iPhone it tells me that no wearable device is detected all the time
  • Hi 1/5

    By weirdbut true🏀🏀
    This app is kinda boring cause there is not much to do
  • Broken 1/5

    By Agibson02
    I used this app on my Samsung devices and loved it. After the battery life on the newest Samsung Note turned out to be trash I had to switch to iPhone. Downloaded this app and the measurements for weight won’t switch out of Kg. You can go into settings and it’s defaulted to lbs, switch it back and forth, reset the app, nothing. It stays in kgs. Useless for me.

Samsung Health app comments

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