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Samsung Health

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 1.11.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Samsung Electronics CO.LTD.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Samsung Health App

* Samsung Health is currently compatible with Samsung Gear S2, Samsung Gear S3, Samsung Gear S4, Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 pro, Gear Sports, Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fitⓔ only. Samsung Health provides basic, but mandatory features that help you improve your health. Samsung Health analyses your exercise and activity history, and helps you achieve weight loss and lead a healthy lifestyle. Using several trackers, you can manage your walking, running, cycling, mountain climbing, indoor exercise, and outdoor exercise data, etc., while useful tips and exercise programs developed based on your customized settings help you fulfill the purpose of your exercise. 42 languages, including English, French, and Chinese, are supported; for other language regions, English is supported. The available features may vary depending on the region, service provider, and device model. You can manage data via Samsung account. Samsung Health must only be used for improving physical fitness and health, and cannot be used for diagnosing disorders or conditions, or for curing, relieving, treating, or preventing disorders.

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Samsung Health app reviews

  • Good app 5/5

    By Luisfemey
    I actually downloaded to my I phone when I stop using my galaxy phone, I only wish they had a code bar scanner to be perfect.
  • Samsung Watch 3/5

    By mammomc
    Just doesn’t work well with an iPhone. Has a hard time syncing and step count is way off
  • Second time this week wrong data 1/5

    By IvoO5
    Double the steps data during the very heavy synchro between devices (iphoneSE and galaxyactivewatch) I dont have accurate statistic for my fitness data it deletes my sleeping data...I dont have calories accurately...there is nothing good here. The app seemed simple and useful but it doesn't work. Both devices needed to restart and do the synchro. Developer's do something please.
  • Double steps / can’t count / does not work 1/5

    By Tony Cama
    Things were fine until the app update. Now when I sync it adds the steps from my phone to the steps on my watch. Therefore my steps are counted twice and is inaccurate. I purchased a watch to track my steps and the app can’t do it without messing up the data. At the end of the week I don’t have an accurate count.
  • Samsung health 5/5

    By paloons
    I’ve been using this app and it works a lot for me. The app tells me how many calories I lose in every workout. So great!
  • Unable to log in 1/5

    By GabriellaY77
    Horrible app. Took forever to create an account as apparently the password does not accept special characters. Then unable to log in to the account I just created. Gave up after 5 attempts. Delete.
  • Ok App tough to sync 3/5

    By MY NAME IS JEFF 1324256789
    Have issues with syncing and retrieving data from my iPhone. Requires multiple tries.
  • No padlock 1/5

    By djzxccvvgifid
    On my new apple phone the app did not down load properly because I do not have a padlock button like I did on my Samsung. This is in the cycle section.
  • Difficulty w heart data 3/5

    By JosephAW
    Sometimes you app has fits where it stops receiving heart data. I'll take a heart reading on my FIT and then go to your health app and refresh by pulling down and it shows the last heart reading 8 hrs ago. I've tried rebooting the FIT and even resetting it. Also rebooted iPhone, closed and relaunched both apps, even reinstalling apps. Says it's connected, but nothing. Weird. I know the FIT device is working because it shows the reading or if it's on continuous heart rate shows the current heart rate in FIT. Refreshing health app shows current steps and water but no heart. Weird. Please fix.
  • App 5/5

    By The Girls Dem Sugar
    I went from an android to iPhone and now I don’t hear the voice in the background you know what Miles and when I’m finish
  • Better interface and more responsive than Apple Health 5/5

    By DrDryDC
    Gotten better response between apps and other fitness trackers.
  • The lack of continuity between platforms is a joke 1/5

    By Natz88
    Switched from an android phone to an iPhone and I have to say that it is absolutely ridiculous how none of the data syncs between iOS and Android. I was in the 9th percentile for the September challenge and I seem to have lost all of my steps that I gained with my Android and I have also lost my entire 7 day running total of steps among my friends. Additionally, I reached the step goal for a challenge literally 4 hours before my friend did, and it showed me as having met the step goal but not only did the challenge not end and say that I won, on the contrary, it waited until my friend hit the step goal and then told me I lost. You would think a billion dollar tech company would know how to get their data to synchronize through their official apps no matter what platform you are on without completely losing every ounce of data you accumulated....Fitbit and garmin seem to have this figured out so it really shouldn’t be that hard...
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Sam Resek
    Very good even considers water skiing a workout better than apple
  • Audio guía 5/5

    By DidiTaris
    Me encanta la app de Samsung Health pero no me parece la opción de Audioguia
  • Will not sync. 1/5

    By jchicky1129
    Terrible. I wear my galaxy watch everyday, but the app will not sync. Generally, it takes 3-4 days for the app to update with the stats from my watch. UPDATE: Per your developer response, I was told to open the Samsung Health app directly from the Galaxy Watch app. Well as of the most recent update, that is no longer an option. My health app has not synced in over a week! What a joke.
  • Fine app itself, but drains my watch battery 1/5

    By k.c.PAs
    Got a new iPhone and never reinstalled the S health app as I was busy in grad school and not working out enough to notice. Started working out again and realized I didn’t have the app so I couldn’t transfer my workout data. I downloaded the app after my workout and threw my watch on the charger that night. The next day my watch’s battery was draining like NONE OTHER. Actually could watch my battery number decrease. It went from 100% to 80% in less than 2 hours which was unreal. Usually with everyday use including having Bluetooth on it would drain ~15-20% in a DAY. I uninstalled the S health app and my battery stopped draining. So that stinks. Can’t use the watch with my phone to store my workout data which is the reason I had the app in the first place. Wish there was a setting to turn off continuous updating unless the app is on. If there was one, I couldn’t find it in any of the settings or when I searched google. Please fix.
  • Review 5/5

    By Daddysgirl1935
    I love this app. Very informative
  • New member 2/5

    By Choas81
    I hope this shows a weekly report like Fitbit can you answer that for me?
  • Steps 4/5

    By NYH91
    I use samsung health application in my iphone 7 plus together with an apple watch. Unfortunately the steps shown in your application is much less than apple watch. I deleted the application and reinstalled, I tried every advice I found in google search but nothing has changed. The application ignors the steps in the watch. Please help.
  • Not a good app 2/5

    By Alexjgeo
    Doesn’t track steps correctly. It keeps saying I have 1-300 steps on days where I had over 20,000...
  • The app is not compatible with Galaxy Active. 1/5

    By yukinomiyazawa
    Sadly the app is not compatible with Galaxy Active watch and you don’t even know it until you try to sync your device. I googled the Galaxy Active compatibility and never found that the health app wasn’t compatible with it for iPhone.
  • Repair 2/5

    By munirsiltan
    My previous watch was sent in and got a new one so app is still connected to old watch
  • Where is the Weight Management App for IOS??? 4/5

    By mmadamsmm
    I LOVE this app and my Gear watch BUT I just switched to IOS and there is no Weight Management feature?!? That was my all time favorite thing that I used daily and now it’s gone and I am SO SAD. Please Developers, add that widget for us unfortunate Apple users. I’m begging you T_T I really don’t want to have to switch to some stupid Apple Health app.
  • Can't sync my Galaxy watch active 1/5

    By Calypso259
    App is a dud I can't sync my galaxy watch active to the it at all. I was able to add it to the Galaxy watch all, but I can't see any sport stats like steps or heart rate
  • Average 3/5

    By OmG Its TIFFER(idk)
    Good app with good features... I have an iPhone and still can’t scan labels to add food I eat but overall it’s an alright app.
  • Health app does not update on iPhone 7 1/5

    By Memphis1969
    The health app on the iPhone 7 always says No wearable device detected no matter what I do. Both Bluetooth channels are up and active. The watch Bluetooth is turned on. It worked for a few days then “ No wearable device detected”. And, it always comes down to that. I guess there is a flaw between the two devices/ two systems. They don’t seem to work well together in my opinion.
  • App will not maintain a sync with Galaxy Watch Active 1/5

    By VivaLaRouge
    I have had the Galaxy Watch Active for 4 days now and the Samsung Health app has spent more time not recognising the watch than it has collecting data. A short compendium of things that have gone wrong: - App will not sync again - Watch shows up as synced in the Samsung watch app - I’m an effort to get around this, I have reset the watch several times, losing (luckily only) days of data. - The one time it synced today, it double counted all of my steps - the watch does not show up in the list of methods for collecting steps (only options are “all” or “phone”) This seems to be a frequent problem, according to research on the internet. If there were any other way to collect and store data from the watch, I would do that. I just can’t believe that this app made it through ANY QA process or was approved for release.
  • Kills battery 1/5

    By Piaite
    If you install this product you will have to charge your phone every day, which is rather annoying.
  • سي 1/5

    By نووي3467
    سي جدا لانه لايقبل اضافة ساعة ابل apple watch
  • Apple update will not allow gear to sync 2/5

    By kklein2008
    My apple phone updated last night now my gear s2 will not sync.
  • I am trying to lose weight and it is Hard but I can did if I but my mind to it 5/5

    By angela goetter
    Do I look really good so wouldful
  • No weight management :( 3/5

    By Jasmeet416
    I had samsung health on my note 7 and loved it. I had finally started looking at my weight and health and this app helped me tremendously, but when i transitioned to my iphone i was extremely disappointing to see that the weight management wasn’t an option. I truly hope to see this fixed soon.
  • Buggy and inconvenient 1/5

    By AmyRMK
    I had high hopes for this app to pair with my Samsung active watch, but it was disappointing. After having to download it and uninstall it several times because the sign-in didn’t work, two of the main things I wanted to use it for just didn’t work. First, it double counted my steps between my iPhone and watch, syncing between them so that both my watch and the app shows me taking twice as many steps as I had actually taken when I was carrying both devices. Second, I was hoping to use it to record food/calories, but it doesn’t have a very convenient way of adding new food and then nutrition. Other apps have a handy bar code scanner that makes it very easy. When it already takes discipline to record calories, I appreciate the app I’m using making it as easy as possible. I’ve decided to use My Fitness Pal for all of that instead... unfortunately it seems like the app used to sync with apps like MFP, but it no longer does. I appreciate the visual design of the app and how it lets me look at the data my watch records in more detail, but, particularly since it messes up my steps data, it’s just not worth using it.
  • Since the last update of aug 6th no sync with the s3 watch 2/5

    By JLTTI
    The app was working just fine with my S3 watch but after the aug 6th update Synch stop working at all ( steps workout everything) Please review and update it again!
  • I kept Samsung Health 5/5

    By jakijoe
    When I had to change to an iPhone I missed Samsung Health. So I am really glad the app store will let me get the applications I value.
  • Complex and Unsuccessful App 1/5

    By MurtiX
    It is very hard to understand the actual situation with a short look. Take a guidance by looking Withings’ Health Mate app to understand how an understandable app looks like. Does not “auto” sync with “Samsung Watch” on ios 12.4. I always have to sync manually. So, I cannot trace my steps etc. regularly. Very bad for Samsung. My next watch will be Apple Watch.
  • Wishing for a better iOS interface 2/5

    By JoeJMV
    Love the app but I wish there was a way to turn on the weight management feature. This option seems to be available to Android phones only. Wish that wasn’t the case. The app is slow, and it crashes too often. Doesn’t sync all the time with my Samsung Galaxy Watch Active!
  • Lacks integration with everything 1/5

    By beifyhdidk
    Lacks integration with any other application. Badly laid out. Poorly designed. No web sit to present information in friendly easy to use fashion. Information on screen is not well thought out and does not give you much insight, hard to navigate. Now that I have had it a while it also refuses to sync with my galaxie watch. For a while turning on and off Bluetooth worked to fore it to sync. Then that stopped working so uninstalling and reinstalling worked now even that does not work. The galaxy watch app syncs but not the health app. This is truly a piece of garbage. Do not buy the watch if you have an iPhone. Just don’t do it.
  • Good but not great 3/5

    By Fredm14
    Does a lot well. A little skeptical of step and calorie counter accuracy; I understand this is not a medical instrument that’s calibrated regularly, but it would be helpful to know the +\- number of paces and calories we should expect the watch to be off.
  • Will not update past step counts 1/5

    By expert developer
    The app simply does not work properly. Step data that I have on my gear fit pro to for the past three days will never update. Steps that are recorded while hiking or not reflected in total step counts. Clearly the developers need better quality assurance testing
  • Samsung health 1/5

    By LeoVirella
    Love my samsung gear sport, but now samsung health says no devices connected, galaxy watch app works perfectly, samsung health I have to to turn off Bluetooth on watch and turn it on again for the app to recognize it, every single time, I have an IPhone XR
  • Galaxy active will not sync with this iOS app 1/5

    By Iamknotdot
    I found my way to this iOS Samsung app from my Samsung site. Samsung knows I am using galaxy active watch. Download app but get “no connected devices”. Worked my way through all steps online support including reset to default. Called support. He points out vague deeply buried foot note says watch might not work with iOS. Even though they sell on basis of compatibility. The minimalistic health app that is preloaded invites you to download this full Samsung iOS app but IT DOESN’T WORK !!! So a fitness watch that does not work on the manufacturer’s own app!
  • No longer a good app for me 1/5

    By @jssrz
    I’m not sure what happened. It used to work fine. Now it doesn’t. I keep loosing my data and info on both the GS3 frontier and iPhone 8+. I can’t get nowhere with tech support and take them forever for customer service to reply only to say the issue has been reported. Nice going. Bye S Health.
  • Sync with Samsung Watch Active not working nicely 3/5

    By sara.acosta
    An update should be in the works to fix the syncing problem between Samsung Wearable and the Samsung Health app. I have to forget my watch from my bluetooth devices before it can sync again. Not good.
  • Switched to iPhone but kept this app 5/5

    By ealcsw
    I like this app so much I downloaded it to my iPhone when I switched from a Samsung
  • College project grade app 1/5

    By saikrishna chunchu
    - Shows steps tracked by mobile and gear, there is no way to show only gear tracked steps. - I see more stats on my gear, and there is no way to see all those stats in this app( e.g. calories burnt history) - I need to reconnect gear from Bluetooth to sync Gear data to app.( If I pull down the dashboard without reconnecting Gear, it says devices not found)
  • Terrible on my iPhone 1/5

    By richs080
    Had to remove the app from my iPhone because every time I entered any meal data it was literally deleted within 10 minutes. On my iPhone the app is useless. I ended up installing it on my Android phone and I use it to connect my Samsung watch to it since it will not work on my iPhone.
  • Awesome app getting familiar with it. 4/5

    By samcorine
    Love it
  • Major Bug 4/5

    By RainbowWisdom
    Hello, I almost never write reviews but I have loved using this app for the past few months on Android and on IOS there is a major bug with the tracking of when I bicycle. It usually does not count my miles, the GPS location does not work, and it does not count my elevation or my MPH. However, it is able to time my duration. This is my favorite app to use it is well done with being able to track your weight, food intake, drink intake, etc. and if this issue could be resolved it would be much appreciated.

Samsung Health app comments

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