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Samsung SMART CAMERA App App

The new smartphone app, Samsung SMART CAMERA App. has integrated three existing apps to save time and effort. When using your Samsung SMART CAMERA, please connect it to your Smartphone or tablet through Wi-Fi in advance ,making your experience much convenient. Launch a trio of SMART CAMERA apps through your smartphone; AutoShare, MobileLink, and Remote Viewfinder ? three apps at once, all through a single touch on your phone. AutoShare With AutoShare, SMART CAMERA automatically and simultaneously sends every photo you take to your smartphone and tablets in real time, the instant you take them. It is always handy to have an automatically-saved, extra copy of your photos on your phone as backup, without having to copy or backup each time. Mobile Link Your SMART CAMERA communicates with smartphones and tablets, so you can send photos and videos wirelessly via MobileLink. Select one photo or all, press copy and send ? not as a message link or an attachment file but directly, all while retaining the same high quality image without conversion or compression. It’s so simple, fast, and easy to share! Remote Viewfinder Your smartphone acts as a viewfinder for your SMART CAMERA ?ideal in lining up a shot anywhere. Set up the frame, zoom in or out and preview, tweak camera settings, and press shutter ? all remotely from your phone. Insert yourself into the frame and know exactly how the picture looks, make any adjustments for that perfect shot. Compatible Devices - iOS Version : iOS 4.3 ~ iOS 11.x - Supported devices : iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad - Supported Samsung SMART camera : WB250F, WB200F, WB800F, WB30F, DV150F, ST150F - Does not support higher of iOS 11

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Samsung SMART CAMERA App app reviews

  • Will never connect! 1/5

    By caralhobrow
    If you want to get stressed, download this app! It just doesn’t work.
  • Pésimo 1/5

    By Jeyhdii
    Lleva un año sin tener actualización esta app por lo que no se puede usar
  • This app is not supported on iOS 11 1/5

    By Marcibm
    Why is Samsung not keeping up with updating the app, so the user can still use the app. Such a disappointment. I use this app to control the camera all the time. And download the picture. Please update the app Samsung 😡
  • Connect to iPhone 1/5

    By jennminn73
    Loved this feature and now Samsung isn’t compatible about version iOS 11 - would’ve been nice to know this before purchasing - now I can’t upload photos without having to go to a store. Very unhappy!! Thanks a lot Samsung!!!!!
  • Not compatible 1/5

    By laura provard
    Why would Apple have an app that is not compatible with my Samsung NX300? When I had a Samsung phone it was perfect for transferring pictures to my phone for sharing my sessions with clients via Facebook etc. I have tried this app several times and it just doesn’t work. If you could somehow fix this I would be so grateful. I’m growling increasingly frustrated with Apple. If my whole family didn’t own an iPhone, I would go back to Samsung!
  • Flat out doesn’t work 1/5

    By SupremeRedDalek
    Despite being connected to my camera’s network, as specified by the network ID on the display, this app continues with to tell me I’m not connected. The fact this hasn’t been fixed yet is pretty bad.
  • No Longer Compatible 1/5

    By uncompatible iphone
    I’ve used this camera app for years- and now it no longer works to send photos to my iPhone. They must have upgraded it- and in the process wrecked the compatibility. Disappointing.
  • Very bad support! 1/5

    By iana11111
    This app had issues since beginning. It was always hard to connect my smart camera to iPhone. Couple years this function doesn’t work at all. I bought Samsung camera because of features to control it from my phone through WiFi . Thats why I choose your product all over another. Although I cannot use this function! I’m so disappointed with Samsung.
  • Useless if after iOS 11 1/5

    By ekearse
    Completely useless, I don’t know why a company like Samsung would make something that has no function since this doesn’t work at all.
  • Useless 1/5

    By aifienao
    Won’t connect to WiFi so ignore that feature and this app.
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By Keepittrill24
    Would not connect to my phone at all!
  • not working 1/5

    By abbey sempebwa
    THIS APP NEEDS TO BE FIXED! there are people who still have this camera. get it fixed again please
  • still no update for IOS 13 still disappointed 1/5

    By Kate<~>Eaton
    Used to love it but now it wont work with the new iOS update. Im very disappointed; the remote viewfinder and the easy ability to transfer photos was the reason I got this camera.
  • What’s wrong? 2/5

    By joe 129
    I have had my camera connected to my iPhone for the longest time and now it will not work at all. I can’t get it to connect. I don’t understand why it stopped working. Samsung WB1100F I have tried all that I know to try to get it to work and can not figure it out. I even tried it on my wife’s phone also when it was connected to hers also.
  • failed ISO 8 1/5

    By jameswebster1949
    never worked again and I really liked and used it... WE NEED UPDATE Whats wrong samsung Cant get this app to connect help Got pic I want to put on phone
  • Useless! 1/5

    By I cant believe this sh*t
    Wish I would have knew there wasn’t a update for iOS 12 before I hit “Update all” SMH Now I’m stuck with a out of date “WiFi” camera and doesn’t transfer photos to my phone.
  • Worked great before I update my iPhone system 1/5

    By DB2245
    The app was great before I updated my phone. Hadn’t used the camera in a while so I took it out and took some cute pictures of my dog but now I have to take them off the SIM card and put them on a laptop and send them to myself to get them into my phone which is really dumb. There needs to be an update or new app to use this with as it takes way longer to connect the SIM card to the computer and do it that way than it does to send them through my phone.
  • Why doesn’t this work any more? 1/5

    By Aspugs
    A few years ago, I bought the Samsung NX300 and have loved the wi-fi feature to transfer my photos seamlessly to my iPad or iPhone. Recently I decided to buy the NX Mini that is supposed to have the same feature but the mobile app doesn’t work anymore. I know Samsung has discontinued making cameras but they should at least continue to support this app for their customers who spent a lot of money on them.
  • No longer works after IOS 13 update 1/5

    By PlanckFan
    App was always marginal but now will not connect to either my iPhone or iPad. I own several Samsung products but with this they have lost me as a customer - a feature that was very attractive when I purchased my NX30 is now gone. Suggest staying away from Samsung until this issue is addressed.
  • Won’t connect to camera ☹️😢 1/5

    By Sgrahic
    With all the items Samsung has to offer but they wont make it more accessible. This app doesn’t work, it won’t connect to my NX300 camera. I’m so disappointed and the camera is still expensive but doesn’t work with mobile phone.
  • Not compatible with iPhones 1/5

    By Ds75J
    I get that Samsung and Apple are competitors in the Smart Phone industry, but making your app so it is no longer compatible with iPhones? Pathetic and sad. Makes me want to boycott all Samsung products in the future.
  • Rubbish apps 1/5

    By RMvalues
    Cone the users that bought it and no longer support it, typical samsung tactics no wonder now getting worst in business. Horray shxt
  • Should this update app 1/5

    By mrkyawkyaw
    it's worked ios 13 , so bed this app should this update app doveloper
  • Annoying and frustrating! 1/5

    By juicymarly
    It’s been a few months now and my app still doesn’t detect my camera I’ve deleted the app and downloaded it multiple times I’ve tried everything and anything but I still do not have access to my pictures or videos through this app. Do not recommend!
  • Waste of time for Apple products 1/5

    By Timot00
    Why have an app that doesn’t work still listed in the App Store. This is incompatible with Apple products and a total waste of effort and time. Terrible customer service or involvement
  • This no longer works 1/5

    By Jewel1205
    I don’t understand the issues but this app used to work smooth and uncomplicated but now it will not work and I’ve spent a day on it! Don’t waste your time with Samsung cameras! They are No longer wire-less I guess?????
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Carlosquad
    I can’t transfer my photos anymore.
  • It used to work with Apple - why hasn’t there been an update? 1/5

    By AngeSFO
    Please update this app so I can transfer my photos to my iPad I love my Samsung camera and rave about it. Everyone always asks me about what camera I am using but since iOS 12 upgrade I can’t transfer to my iPad Please update. Thank you
  • Useless since iOS 13 1/5

    By ElBori81
    I’ll keep it short and simple, the app is not compatible with iOS 13. The great this about this camera/app was it’s WiFi connection and being able to transfer pics easily between the camera and phone. Would be great if the creators of this app would get up to date with iPhone users. Very disappointing!
  • No longer works 1/5

    By Aunt Resia
    Until the last IOS upgrade I would have given this app five stars but now it no longer works. What’s the use on having a WiFi camera if you can’t use that capability. I was waiting patiently for the upgrade to the app but I see now that it isn’t going to happen. Very Disappointing because now the app is complete crap.
  • update please 1/5

    By hdetrky
    need IOS 13 update to work!
  • No connection 1/5

    By kcs0424
    When will the IOS update. It’s disappointing to able to use my cámara to transfer pictures to my phone.
  • No Longer Works 1/5

    By Steeze21
    Worked great until they stopped supporting updates for new iOS. Samsung basically bricked the WiFi function of their cameras as every other recent review states. I have an NX300.
  • How am I suppose to get my pics to iPhone? 1/5

    By nagemade
    Why all of the sudden stop updating the app so it doesn’t work with current iOS 13? How am I suppose to use the WiFi function on the camera with my phone then? Stupid
  • No Longer Works with iOS 13–Samsung WB800F now a Useless! 1/5

    By Digiguru777
    Since iOS 13...I can no longer use my trusted WB800F WiFi Camera. I really liked the WiFi connection my Samsung had through this camera app to transfer pictures and videos to iPAD, I EVEN BOUGHT A SECOND WB800 F and gave my first one to my daughter! We travel extensively and there are always hundreds and hundreds of pix and vids to transfer and edit, but now these cameras are useless UNTIL THIS CAMERA APP IS UPDATED. As a Samsung loyalty customer—our TV is also SAMSUNG! —I am now losing hope in Samsung, if they choose to throw their good customers “ under the bus” and drop their support to the WiFi transfer app. PLEASE UPDATE! ——- Here is an EARLIER review I wrote about my WB800 F WiFi camera together with this camera app: Awesome! awesome! Awesome! This is a FANTASTIC camera app. It is loaded with features. Thank you, Samsung for fixing the incompatibility issue with iOS 8. My faith in Samsung has been restored. This app, together with my Samsung WB800F is an engineering feat of technology and so much fun to use. I can't say enough about this feature-loaded camera when paired through this camera app.
  • Ios13 1/5

    By ethanchambers02
    No longer supports iOS 13
  • Poorer WiFi feature 1/5

    By Sanghvi5m
    I can not use WiFi feature after new iOS update So I can not down load any photos out camera Please update this app so we can use WiFi feature
  • Please update this app 1/5

    By lexshor
    I use this app to transfer videos from my camera to my phone. I use my camera a lot and it’s really inconvenient to not have this app compatible with any update over iOS 11. Will you please update this app! I need it!
  • Stopped working w iOS 13 1/5

    By Bittersweet128
    Absurd. Please fix so I can get images off my camera!
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Anand1487
    Not connecting to camera anymore
  • Not compatible with ios 13 1/5

    By PinkGingham
    Doesn't work after updating to ios 13 and apparently there are no plans to update the app. What a disappointment to long time customers. I got my Samsung nx300 in 2014 but I guess that's ancient history and I should just run out and buy a new $700 camera, right? I'm done with Samsung as a brand - the long term support isn't there!
  • Yr killin me Samsung 1/5

    By Lollipop Jesus
    I can detect and connect to my NX30 in WiFi settings, but app refuses to acknowledge the connection. So it’s just useless. Fix. It.
  • Dependable until today 3/5

    By NadonzaJ
    Found it dependable for awhile. Today however it stopped working. Tried finding a fix but it’s been futile. Tried looking for customer support however it’s been equally rough. Freed up storage space and yet nothing.
  • This app quit working with iOS 13.1.2 1/5

    By EBunny22
    You can no longer connect the the Samsung Camera Network. Actually it looks like you’re connected to the Samsung Camera network but when you open the app you get a message that the iPhone isn’t connected to the Samsung network.
  • Update the app for ios please!!! 1/5

    By Nardtard
    Please update your app, it’s useless if I can’t transfer my photos. Please! We’re all begging!
  • Won’t work on iPhone. 1/5

    By WickedTwistedRoberto
  • I am your customer in camera NX300. Stop supporting service makes your product is a garbage . 1/5

    By 胖柴禾牛
    I am very disappointed on your app update service! How could I continue to rust your brand on any your products?!
  • Stupid App Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By noobtuber001
    The app just... doesn’t work if you have Apple. Yet there’s an app for it? Like what’s the point? Literally it’s the most useless app.. 11/10 would not recommend.
  • Samsung’s apps are just as bad as there phones 1/5

    By kayshig
    Titles says it all. The apps are bad just as bad as there phones.

Samsung SMART CAMERA App app comments

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