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Get the smart news writing, award-winning photos and columnists, second-to-none Bay Area news coverage that you expect from the San Francisco Chronicle. San Francisco Chronicle features: • Features from The Chronicle’s team of trusted experts and columnists • Local news from San Francisco and the Bay Area, including updates throughout the day • The daily funnies in a Comics section updated every day • Dazzling photo galleries Subscribing to the San Francisco Chronicle • Downloading the app is free. New users can receive free content on the app for 14 days. • If you would like to subscribe, you can select monthly ($5.99) subscription. When purchasing through iTunes, your account will be charged at confirmation of purchase. Any unused portion of your free period will be forfeited at time of purchase. Your subscription will auto-renew unless you turn this off 24-hours before the subscription runs out. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:

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San Francisco Chronicle app reviews

  • Really bad, but it always has been 1/5

    By AnnoyedLJD
    Try copying a url to an article to LinkedIn or to google docs. If you click the share icon, then copy, then past that into either Linkedin or google docs the only thing that pastes is a picture. No problem, just open the article in a browser and do it that way... except “open in browser” isn’t supported by the app. Hmm maybe if I send it as a text messages and get the url that way. Finally! Talk about a poorly designed app.
  • Used to work 1/5

    By Bman 2027
    This app used to work, but it doesn’t even get past the splash screen anymore. Cancelling my subscription.
  • Just not a well working or designed experience 3/5

    By glev1
    Version 2.3.8 - still crashes daily. If you are listening to music while reading your paper, it will repeatedly stop your music from playing. Navigation with the swipe left and right makes scrolling through an article challenging. Still wish for a larger font. Version 2.2.5 - really pretty much the same. I have written to the support team and they say they are working in it. But this app has really not improved much in the past year. Layout and image placement has improved. But load times and crashes have not. And the app is often unresponsive when you return to it from another app. This app is still inconsistent and crashes daily. While there is some control over font size - still too small for my eyes. The layout is inconsistent and images sometimes do not show up. It seems their support team is as frustrated with their developers as the users are. I truly want to support the chronicle with my subscription but the app really has to work better. Previous - This is how I get my Chronicle every day. The articles are all there and they have fixed many interface issues. But they also introduced a new one - if you get an error due to spotty Internet coverage, the only recourse is to relaunch the app, even when there is Internet access. 1. Slow and annoying reloads when switching apps. If you leave the app and come back, you will get back to where you left off, but only after a tedious reload. FIXED 2. Also slow to switch between articles and even turn pages. The page turn slides the entire interface across the screen just to get to the next page. Most apps I used for reading are much faster than this one. IMPROVED 3. Part of the reason I read the paper digitally is to be able to follow links in articles. Most links are just listed as text so you cannot click on them. Nor can you even copy the text to put in a browser. Major flaw! IMPROVED 4. Seems to take forever to download a new edition (on very fast wifi). Often get message to quit the app as new edition has just been downloaded - annoying. And don't even try to download to read offline. Takes forever. FIXED - but they still have a poor updating process.
  • Datebook not working 2/5

    By olliewallyboo
    Works ok except for the datebook which does not display any
  • Enjoying the Chronicle 4/5

    By Bears 73
    The app is great —- supplying articles that are very informative, well-written & timely.
  • Overhauled app is terrific 5/5

    By Rgaston
    The Chron app used to be very unreliable, but they gave it a tech overhaul a while back and it’s a very smooth positive experience now
  • Sports and wine - and a little news 2/5

    By Nvh9
    Reading the Chron via app, one would think that all that Bay Area people are interested in is Bay Area sports and the wine country, with a smattering of news. Since I don't see the paper version of the Chron, I don't know what's buried, but the app highlights these topics and buries actual news stories. And it highlights the same content for days -- weeks -- on end.
  • Much improved 4/5

    By Shazul2
    Navigation is better. Load times are much faster.
  • Perfect Companion to SF Chronicle 5/5

    By Pleasanton Pal
    I still enjoy my coffee and Chron with breakfast, but the on-line version fills in nicely as a reliable source of local, regional, national and international news when I don’t have access to a physical newspaper.
  • Frustrating. 2/5

    By Feeling ignored
    I pay for a subscription which I can seldom read. The app has never been very reliable, but today I did the “bug fix” update and now it won’t even open. Just gives the skinny thing for a bit and then crashes.
  • Why no zoom on photos??? 4/5

    By Aaron Dyob
    I love the app. And I love the photos by the very talented Chronicle photographers. But, why can’t we be able to zoom in and out on the photos? Seems like an easy thing to program. Please include the zoom function in an upcoming update. Thanks!
  • A work in progress...NOT! 1/5

    By Drctrl
    July 31, 2018 A year later...Improvements have been made. It’s useable now. So belay that NOT, and replace it with NEEDS WORK, The best rarely locks up or crashes now, on iPad. If you’re a rabid local sports fanatic, this is a great read. News, real news, you’re out of luck. You’ll miss a lot, including reporting that’s in the print addition. The worst things: Search engine and editing. It’s still just a big bag with everything just tossed inside. Page layout and organization: A one, and only because I’m Chicken to rate it the way I really feel, a zero on editing and organization. Zero! Here’s one small example...there’s a feature story on the Israeli Wall painting that got the Italian artists ejected and banned for ten years. Reminds me of East Berlin and the Stasi. I read it on the Print Edition via a daily email link. (Long time paid subscriber) Try finding it the online app...where to look? “US & World” or “In Today’s Paper.” Nope. Search? Nope. This is typical. Lousy search and bogus organization by topics. Hire a few get this fixed...or maybe even a professional editor...I’ve heard that a lot of them are unemployed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sticking with the Chron...because it’s all we have...but the app is so bad, it’s embarrassing to locals... Middle of August 2017...the app rarely loads now. It's more dysfunctional than The White House. How can this app, at the epicenter of coding, be so completely dysfunctional? I'll have "the conversation" this morning, with my wife and partner, about terminating a lifelong subscription to the failing San Francisco Chronicle. It's a tough decision that feels a bit like pulling the plug on grandma so she can avoid more suffering before her now inevitable death. Sad. Nothing's changed. Worst newspaper iPhone app...but maybe, just maybe, they can kill this amateurish app and launch the fine replacement they've been working on for the last two years. It keeps getting worse since I last reviewed in October. My hometown the heart of Silicon in a death spiral. It's very sad. 😥 "In Today's Paper" is a mishmash of articles, supposedly on a timeline, but really a sports-forward pile of news articles mixed with "breaking news", that sometimes extends back for days but with no indication of how old and stale some of them are. Background reporting shouldn't be mixed in with breaking news. Advice to SFChron: Study the NYTimes app and copy it. And it still freezes for no apparent reason. (Crashes on iPhone 6 running latest OS upgrade)
  • Much improved 5/5

    By greg cells
    When I started using the app almost 2 years ago, it was an embarrassment. Constant crashing, a refusal to update...almost unusable. While the layout isn’t the most beautiful to look at (the NYT and Wash Post are much nicer), the app just works. Kudos for taking on this previous disaster and fixing it.
  • Need the Chronicle everyday! 5/5

    By noi cant
    I read the SF Caron in digital everyday. Living on Central Coast gives me no paper option but the digital is great
  • Chronicle is the best way to keep up on the Bay Area 5/5

    By Pig mower
    I’m a long time Bay Area native. I’ve read the Chronicle for a long time and it’s quality is the best it’s been since the Herb Caen days. There are so many good writers: Ann Killion, Tom Stienstra, Bruce Jenkins etc. The app makes it easy to find all these great writers.
  • What gives? 1/5

    By nothingbuttrouble
    Have not been able to get on the app since the update. Not the first time this has happened! Tired of the problems!! Maybe it’s time to cancel!!
  • App no longer opens 3/5

    By hg orwell austen jane
    After the most recent update the app doesn't open for me. I love SF chronicle but they need to fix it
  • Newest version DOA 1/5

    By sjsjeidh
    I can’t load this app since the last update, it just spins its little wheel.
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By Eggiers
    The app has not opened on my phone for about a week. It just spins. Don’t like paying for an app that is unusable. Will cancel in a few days it it doesn’t start working.
  • Best for bay area transplant 5/5

    By Acdmolly
    $59.00 a year is a bargain and can keep up with local news. The updates make it easy to use and navigate. App is great, SF Chronicle can save the many editorials and opinion pieces. Just report the news
  • Work in Progress 4/5

    By Live4jazz
    The app is slower than my other news apps. Besides this minor inconvenience, I enjoy the convenience .
  • Better than before. 2/5

    By Daniel SF
    Even after upgrading to version 2.1.3 it is slow, articles do not load, hangs. Same iPad runs NYTimes app without a glitch, so it is not my device capabilities, since a similar app can be written well. Very frustrating and embarrassing for a SF newspaper. Update for 2.3.7: the new update caused app to close when opened, so once I uninstalled and reinstalled, the app works. Once it is working, it has gotten better than a few years ago.
  • Not loading after update? 1/5

    By AZ24
    Latest version is not opening on iPhone 6 with current iOS.
  • A bug 2/5

    By failed after update
    After updating a few days ago, the app doesn’t work. When I tap the icon, the IPad tries to load the app, but it fails and exits back to the main screen.
  • Can’t open ap 2/5

    By swainandsna
    Ever since the last update I have not been able to open up the newspaper ap. Can someone help me?
  • The way I start my day 5/5

    By Tinafrompasadena
    This paper has been my staple most of my adult life. Started when I was 14. Herb Caen had me at hello. Almost 70 and still an avid fan.....Christina Connolly
  • Latest update a complete failure 1/5

    By The sperl
    Since introduction of latest update a few days ago, application will not open. Hangs on splash screen. Come on Chronicle, you can do better than this...well, you certainly can't do worse.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Newsjunky111
    App is buggy as all get out on the ipad. Have to start and restart multiple times to get it to function at all. Been this way for a long time and they have demonstrated no ability to fix the problems.
  • Slow, Buggy, Frustrating 1/5

    By Brent201
    I have to start it 4or 5 times before it will load. It often quits. Now it's asking me to subscribe again. If it's not fixed soon, I'll cancel my subscription. 7/7/18. It was working quite well. Then they “fixed” it. The latest version will not open.
  • Two steps forward, one step back. 1/5

    By syncTony
    I like the layout and when the app mostly works I tend to find articles I miss in the print version. I have a current model & software iPad Pro. I was hoping the bugs causing the app to hang on some sections and articles would be fixed with this release but instead it hangs on start. Hope the next try goes better.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By ebay reader
    I have only been able to load the chron two days in the last three months. Not much better in the previous months either. Just doesn't work I wrote the above several months ago, probably last year. I want local news so I tried again. I bought a subscription. This morning, about 6 am, I tried to read the paper. It's still loading. How can this be, Chronicle? NYTimes works fine. Psryan
  • Inconsistent app functionality 1/5

    By lil cields
    Never seems to work properly. When it does one day, the next day it won’t. Very frustrating
  • Can no longer open the app! 1/5

    By Spiritruth
    It was getting better for a while, but since this last update I can’t even open the app!
  • New version 2.3.7 doesn’t work 4/5

    By jrjumo
    The new version hangs immediately upon opening it. No news, no sections, just a title screen and infinite load. Where is the quality control?
  • Still having freezing problems 2/5

    By trdcarmel
    I’m still getting freezing problems going from page to page.
  • Worst of several newspaper apps 2/5

    By TRodmonster
    This is the worst, the Worst, of several newspaper apps I use (with full paid subscriptions to all). How in the world does the home town newspaper of tech central have such a difficult to use app. It took way too many steps to register for a paid subscription online...and THEN it took a number of additional steps to establish a required separate login for the app—something that is not required by the LA Times, The NY Times or the Washington Post. I’ve had to phone customer support several times, and the are very friendly but not very feels like it’s outsourced, and the have to put me on hold EACH time I ask a question. Local newspapers may be suffering a decline in readership, but the SF Chronicle seems to need to add self-inflicted wounds.
  • Still has issues 3/5

    By davidwick
    The Sections icon in the upper left keeps disappearing. Have to quit the app, restart, then click on a story and hope the Sections option returns
  • Sf 5/5

    By Tazmanwb
    Like the app It serves me well
  • Only works in USA 1/5

    By Fog City Joe
    The app no longer works if your location is outside of the US. Apparently it does no comply with the new international privacy laws. The app is now useless if you are living or traveling abroad (previously a key benefit) and now domestically you must wonder what they are doing that violates international privacy standards.
  • Great content 5/5

    By KristoKN
    Loving the frequent content updates, night/dark mode should be added to the Appearance settings
  • Constant freezes seem improved 2/5

    By EricS317
    (See update below.) The worst app on my iPhone. Extremely slow loading, and almost every use ends in the screen freezing. Slightly better than a couple of years ago, but still horrible. (I have now completely deleted and reloaded the app, as recommended by others, and it is considerably better. However, note that the logon password for the app and the logon password for the website seem to be handled differently and in a confusing way.)
  • App stopped updating 1/5

    By whateverwerks
    Wanhhhh! My app is broken. Won’t update anymore. I tried deleting and reinstalling but no joy.
  • Clunky 2/5

    By OlderandWiser?
    I now read all newspapers online. The convenience compensates for whatever I miss in the newsprint version. The Chronicle app has improved some over the past year or so, but it still crashes about once a week, so I have to reload. There are some glitches that just won’t go away. One example: recently there was a cool story about the most fun restaurants in SF. Try as I might, every time I clicked on the story, the app would freeze. After four or five attempts, each beginning with deleting the app and then going through reloading it continued. I finally gave up. Guess I’ll never know the most fun restaurants :) I also read the NYT, WSJ and once a week the London Times. I never have the issues with those apps that I do with the Chronicle. But I still want to read the Chron, so it’s like walking around with a rock in my shoe. Irritating, but I still do it. Please keep trying to make it better.
  • Still horrible 1/5

    By SF Elle
    I can almost never get this app to function. It’s a serious embarrassment that the Chronicle can seem to find anyone in this town to create a workable app.
  • Just Done About right 5/5

    By GuyMorganJr
    With few flaws, this app makes reading the Chron easy. Especially compared to the Mercury News E reader. Well done, thanks
  • It’s getting better but.... 3/5

    By mpl-sf
    Navigation and search are still clunky. And things on top stories either repeat or don’t show up. But it’s usable and beats having my chronicle stolen off the doorstep every morning! The main complaint I now have is that when clicking through from a link in the morning or breaking news emails, it doesn’t recognize me as a subscriber and then shuts me out (or continues to ask me to sign in over and over and then never takes. At least it could offer to open that link in the ap. To be fair, it took the NYT a long time to program this functionality!
  • Do not use on iPhone or iPad!!! 1/5

    By L Michelfelder
    I just spent an hour trying to access this app on my iPad. I turned off iPad, reinstalled the app and still couldn’t get logged in. I called Chronicle support. They told me I had to activate my account again, which I did and got prompted, “already activated”. Then reset my password, again. Tried logging into the app again and it still won’t work. THEN she tells me just log into the website Bd the app doesn’t work, on iPhone or iPads!! WHAT!?!
  • Freezing 3/5

    By Chookma
    Although I deleted and re-downloaded the app, I continually experience pages freezing. This has yet to be taken care of.
  • Great way to read the Chron 5/5

    By Lois SF
    This app works great for me. I highly recommend it.
  • Easy to navigate, but slow 4/5

    By 1rdrd
    The app is easy to navigate, but often it takes seemingly forever to download content, even with a good connection. I don’t have this issue with similar apps (e.g., The NY Times) so I think this is an issue the developers should be able to address.

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