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Our revamped iOS app features: • Up-to-the-minute breaking news from our award-winning newsroom • Top headlines you can browse or read in full so you’ll always be in-the-know • Get the news you want as it breaks by opting in for push notifications • The latest sports scores, stats and news from around the world are at your fingertips • Easy access to weather, traffic, videos, photo galleries • Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and email Subscription Details: • OPTIONS: Download the app for free and enjoy a limited number of free stories each month. Get unlimited access, 24/7, for just $5.99 a month (first 2 weeks are FREE) by subscribing within the app itself. Otherwise, if you are a Digital or Print subscriber you can log in to the app for full access. • PAYMENT: Payment will be charged to your iTunes account with the confirmation of your purchase and will automatically renew each month unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of your monthly period. • Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase • Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable • PRIVACY POLICY: • TERMS OF SERVICE: • FEEDBACK: Tell us what you think! Our app features are constantly being improved based on your feedback. We welcome you to tell us what you love and what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Contact us at [email protected]

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  • Seems web developer ignored previous feedback 1/5

    By Aldus M
    The Chronicle keeps asking for app feedback but fails to deliver. I and others have been suggesting a search function FOR YEARS like on the NYTimes or the WSJ. In May the developer responded to another reviewer that they “are working on a search function”. Still no searching ability. A new development is now the articles are download painfully slow and there is no “progress” Indicator that anything is happening.
  • Customer service 1/5

    By clancy Kat
    Terrible customer service. Was on the phone for 20 minutes trying to Log into e edition. Not fixed. Arrogant person on the you’re end who seem to not have any patience or understanding. Seriously thinking of canceling. Kathy
  • Terrible Functionality 1/5

    By CandiceNovember1990
    I have had problems with this app since downloading it over a year ago. It constantly shuts down or freezes, it tells me that I’m signed in but limits my access to articles, won’t let me sign out and sign back in again to try to fix it, it’s very hard to search for articles, and is just all around a bad experience.
  • Pay to Play 1/5

    By Darshmiester
    The first thing you see when opening the app is the $5 monthly agreement to read unlimited articles, which I think is nonsense. If you choose to not pay you only get to read 3 articles a month, which is useless for someone who wants to be updated on the daily issues/events occurring in our world. Unless you want to pay $5 a month to read articles, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.

    By Semper Paratus 333
    After many fairly minor annoyances for months navigating the Comical’s e-edition, I reached the breaking point today. Attempting to open today’s SUNDAY edition, yesterday’s SATURDAY edition repeatedly opens. It’s just not worth the aggravation; I’ll be spending $10 a month on the San Jose Mercury instead.
  • No search facility 3/5

    By LEC dancer
    A search function would be very helpful. If a story is not in the days paper, no way to read it on the app.
  • Subscription doesn’t work 2/5

    By Eggiers
    I think this is a pretty good app and I like the newspaper so I am a subscriber. But, subscribing to the app does not get you access to the website which is ridiculous. Even links in articles I read in the app are unusable bc they link out to the website which I can’t access despite paying $60 for an annual subscription. So I’ve cancelled.
  • Hard to read 1/5

    By Frank Critic
    I want to see the whole page.
  • Password issues 1/5

    By happybirder
    I have a subscription and yet need to constantly log back in for every story. Very tedious!
  • Can't Search App 2/5

    By jl_oak
    I don't know of any other media apps that don't have a search feature! This is a major omission, and I hope it's designers care enough to fix this.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Mandorla2527
    Still the worst news app on the internet. It takes forever to download; trying to view photos is a test to your temperament. Any other newspaper is better than this.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Cliff123456
    I have been an app subscriber for 5-6 years. I don’t think I have been able to log on w/o problems more than 6 times. Frustrating
  • Missing features, no search 1/5

    By bodhibliss
    UPDATE #2 Six months later none of these issues have been addressed. Reluctantly canceled my subscription on May 13. UPDATE: two months after I submitted this review, the same problems (missing features, no search function, etc.). Today I have to find these features by searching the Internet (where I end up reading Mick LaSalle’s column on the sites of competing newspapers, even though the SF Chron is his home). I still rate this app one star because there is no lower designation. (Complaints in my original post are detailed below.) Two features that regularly drew me to the previous app were the Ask Mick LaSalle column, and the horoscopes (especially Sunday’s Minerva feature). The latter might sound silly, but checking the horoscope was a fun daily ritual, followed by reading articles of interest. Now that there is no daily horoscope, I’m out of the habit and ease of visiting the Chron app at all (I’m not going to invest the extra time in looking it up and reading the paper on my laptop at work). Similarly the Ask Mick LaSalle column – if I happened to miss it, very easy to enter it in the search field, and then I’d stick around reading other items – but now it’s inaccessible, unless I happen to visit the app the day it’s published. I’m sure your intent wasn’t to shift daily readers to an occasional rare visit, but at least in my case, that’s the result.
  • Come on 1/5

    By Bobw16
    This just gets worse. I have written numerous reviews, correspondes with support, nada. Uninstall, reinstall all to no avail. Still loads molasses slow. Offline usage is a joke. No search function. Nyt and wsj have great apps. Use them as a model We are in the middle of app central! Why can't you make this work?
  • No Way To Search 1/5

    By Bubba from SF
    This app has not improved over the years. Now, I cannot find a way to search for information within the app.
  • Does not connect to my subscription 1/5

    By Panlyon
    App is not working. I’m logged in and the app throws up pay walls even though I pay for a subscription. Please fix!
  • Like seeing the same articles for multiple days? You’ll like this app. 2/5

    By Shredded Thumb
    Very underwhelming. You’ll see the same article repeated in different sections and it will also appear for multiple days. What kind of “daily” newspaper is that? I much prefer the e-edition of the Chron’s cross town rival the San Jose Mercury News. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I like being able to see an entire digital image of each page and then select any article I wish to read. As a sports fan, I think the Chron’s long time sports columnists are tops. Too bad there isn’t a better platform on which they can publish.
  • Getting better! 4/5

    By glev1
    But after using Version 3 I have two issues. Landscape mode on an iPhone 8 or later is unusable. I have complained to customer support for two months with no impact. Also I sure wish it would rerun me to where I was reading if I leave the app. Version 3 - Finally!!! Now it seems like a professionally created app. More to come as I use this much improved version. Version 2.3.10 - more reliable now. Fixed music problem. Not a fan of the interface feel but it is working. Continue my wish for larger fonts like almost ALL other news apps. Version 2.3.8 - still crashes daily. If you are listening to music while reading your paper, it will repeatedly stop your music from playing. Navigation with the swipe left and right makes scrolling through an article challenging. Still wish for a larger font. Version 2.2.5 - really pretty much the same. I have written to the support team and they say they are working in it. But this app has really not improved much in the past year. Layout and image placement has improved. But load times and crashes have not. And the app is often unresponsive when you return to it from another app. This app is still inconsistent and crashes daily. While there is some control over font size - still too small for my eyes. The layout is inconsistent and images sometimes do not show up. It seems their support team is as frustrated with their developers as the users are. I truly want to support the chronicle with my subscription but the app really has to work better. Previous - This is how I get my Chronicle every day. The articles are all there and they have fixed many interface issues. But they also introduced a new one - if you get an error due to spotty Internet coverage, the only recourse is to relaunch the app, even when there is Internet access. 1. Slow and annoying reloads when switching apps. If you leave the app and come back, you will get back to where you left off, but only after a tedious reload. FIXED 2. Also slow to switch between articles and even turn pages. The page turn slides the entire interface across the screen just to get to the next page. Most apps I used for reading are much faster than this one. IMPROVED 3. Part of the reason I read the paper digitally is to be able to follow links in articles. Most links are just listed as text so you cannot click on them. Nor can you even copy the text to put in a browser. Major flaw! IMPROVED 4. Seems to take forever to download a new edition (on very fast wifi). Often get message to quit the app as new edition has just been downloaded - annoying. And don't even try to download to read offline. Takes forever. FIXED - but they still have a poor updating process.
  • Constant problems with access 1/5

    By cagarela
    Whenever I try to read the Chronicle I get a message saying that I have read my last free article for the month even though I am a digital subscriber. If I tap the sign in button it tells me that I am already signed in-or allows me to sign in. In that case I may be able to read one article before I get another message saying that I have read my last free article- and round and round. Quitting this app and my subscription.
  • Jan 2019 update. Rev1 1/5

    By A-Mess
    Hate the new update. No search feature and the crossword puzzles are gone. What were you thinking? Just checked latest update... Still a mess. And just checked the latest update. No improvement and no way to contact The Chron to tell them.
  • Interactive crosswords? 1/5

    By our49ers
  • Can’t sign in = worthless 1/5

    By Señor Católico
    So stupid, fix the sign in! The app is worthless if subscribers can’t sign in.
  • Constantly required to enter subscription details 1/5

    By Sammy Assad
    Every time I want to read a story on my phone, I get asked to link my print subscription. Every. Time. Technical assistance at SF Chron amounts to no more than apologies.
  • No horoscopes 1/5

    By Fraxinella
    No horoscopes, no crosswords and no search. This app is a very poor reflection of the San Francisco Chronicle. You can do better. You should do better.

    By Los Gatos Kitty
    I am a long LONG time Chronicle subscriber. Like-my whole life. So I want to post a good review. However I do not see any improvement in the app. For one thing there is no ability to search. I emailed the developer and got a confusing response which essentially suggested it wasn’t necessary. I have the NYT app and it has a very good search function. This app currently stinks.
  • Fix it or lose 1/5

    By Atveske
    I HAVE REPEATEDLY WRITTEN TO THE CHRONICLE ABOUT ALL OF THE SECTIONS THAT ARE STILL MISSING FROM THE PAPER SINCE THE UPGRADE WITH ZERO INDICATION OF WHEN IF EVER THEY WILL FIX. AFTER DECADES OF ENJOYMENT, AM NEARING A TURNING POINT WHERE THE PROPER RESPONSE IS TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION. Another update and renewed frustration. While there are many positives to the new Chron the negatives are glaring. It does not go unnoticed that the developer has not responded to the complaints from others to the misses. Search? Crossword puzzles? Obituaries structure?
  • Search function??? 1/5

    By none266
    Is there a search function???
  • Latest update lacking 2/5

    By The sperl
    Two major problems: first, there is no search function (or at least it's not easily found). Second, the front page and subsequent pages/sections are populated by old articles. Nothing like opening the Local News section on January 2 to find out about public transportation options for New Years Eve - an article that ran two days prior and is now totally irrelevant. I read the newspaper to find out about NEWS (that's why it's not called an oldspaper). C'mon Chronicle...if you're committed to delivering online news, prove it. If you're not committed, then stop publishing an online edition.
  • Dated Stories Repeated Daily. 1/5

    By LeonJon
    There is very little fresh content in the digital edition. The majority of news articles that are published each new day in the digital edition are rehashed dated stories that sometimes are as dated as 5 days old. Most are dated between 2 to 3 days old. For example, for today’s edition of 12/31/2018, many stories were from the digital edition for 12/29/2018. There are some that are some articles that are dated 12/31/2018, however, my guess is that they compromise about less than 10 percent of the articles in the news paper. I’ve noticed that the reporters that carry the heaviest load, other than Sports, are few and mainly young. I guessing that these reporters are “cutting their teeth” as reporters while working with the Chronicle until they gain enough experience to move on to bigger and better newspapers. One final problem, since the reformatted update was rolled out last month, there is no way to adjust the size of the font.
  • Update is crap 1/5

    By Chookma
    I have written directly to the Chronicle as a print subscriber about the problem others have identified: it will not recognize a subscriber and requires you to go back over and over to link your print subscription, even between articles. Enough already! Fix this app! Your update didn’t solve this problem!
  • New version is TERRIBLE! 2/5

    By Marcus Trucker
    This latest revision is almost unusable because it freezes *and* crashes almost constantly. It's extremely unfortunate because I have been reading the Chron for well over 50 years and now I'm nearing the point of giving up on it because the app is borderline useless. 12/27/19 Update: Now the new version reloads an article *while you are trying to read it* to get the advertisements loaded. It does this repeatedly, making it difficult to read an/any article. Being on slow satellite internet compounds the obnoxiousness of the problem. Although I deeply enjoy the Chronicle I find myself getting my news elsewhere increasingly frequently due to this incessant, unwelcome “feature” (or bug).
  • Less is NOT more 2/5

    By MorningSwimmer
    No search, no crossword, fewer articles. Not at all happy with this format.
  • No search! 1/5

    By Fog City Joe
    I was incredulous when the revision came along and there was no search function. Surely this was a mistake that would be quickly addressed. But noooooo.... Seriously, Chron, we deserve better.
  • Amazing & Simple News App 4/5

    By goodnotgreat73
    I love the Chronicle’s app. It’s layout is simple and clean. Easy to navigate. Only feature missing is the ability to save your favorite articles! Please add that feature to your big board 🙏🏼
  • Too many ads! 1/5

    By anadtoomany
    I have a subscription and I can’t read the e-edition (which has the normal ads in it) without a banner ad across the top from google. Ridiculous.
  • Way better 5/5

    By non-luddite
    Finally good enough to replace energy wasting paper. Pops on a tablet.
  • Unable to log in 1/5

    By Kyle Olivo
    The new app is beautiful, but I’ve been unable to log in since its release. I contacted the Chronicle three weeks ago (with multiple follow ups) and they still haven’t resolved this issue. I exclusively read the Chronicle on my iPhone, and now I’m considering canceling my subscription over the lack of support on this issue. I can forgive the bugs, but can’t forgive the lack of customer support on an open issue.
  • Why? 2/5

    By SquireJoseph
    The app is much improved from prior versions. Thank you for that. Why tho is the news presented only a subset of what’s available in the physical paper? It’d seem for paying members, we’d get the same news.
  • Constant need to link subscription 2/5

    By agderr
    The new app is confusing to navigate. There are constant requests to link the subscription and sometimes to sign in. Reading on the web interface is easier and less buggy. I have given up using the app.
  • No an improvement....! 2/5

    By AcknBck
    Developers, PLEASE read and fix the link to subscription fixture! This app is poorly designed, it consistently reminds me I only have “3 free stories left this month | get access” but I have linked this app to my subscription countless times. It has gotten so irritating that I am tempted to cancel my subscription. The new format is “OK”, but we still are unable to access prior papers and certain stories seem to linger on the Front Page for days. It would be nice to have access to an archive of the prior published papers. On a positive note, the vault is an interesting section, especially the vault photographs.
  • Less New Content 3/5

    By VamootsSM
    Moving my rating to 3 stars. Over last week or so they have more regularly added new content and have reintroduced by lines for lead columnists. Headed in a better direction. From what I can tell the redesigned look and feel of the app (which I like) was accompanied by a significant reduction in the amount of new content loaded each day. The reduction in the amount of new content loaded each day coupled with the removal of several sections/features (featured columnists, games, real estate) has resulted in an app that does not justify the subscription price. I will not be renewing my subscription.
  • Still bad after all these years 1/5

    By golferx
    I never used this app in the past because I had a much better experience just using the mobile website. In my (print) Sunday paper they were touting the “all new” app so thought I would try it out. While the app experience looks much improved, it would only allow me to see 3 articles even after linking my print subscription. When I click on the prompt for me to sign in, it says that my subscription is already linked. You would think that a company in the center of the tech world could get their **** together.
  • Buggy update. 2/5

    By bdrell
    A few suggestions: 1. Don’t present articles as modals. iOS users expect to be able to use the edge swipe gesture to go back to the previous page. You are presenting articles with a cover modal presentation. Your content works best with a navigation controller. 2. Ads popping in make the content shift around a lot. 3. Loading spinners aren’t dismissed when the content finishes loading. The update certainly has potential, and is better than the web views you were using before. But these bugs are really distracting.
  • Finally - a good, working Chronicle app! 4/5

    By DB0130
    The previous app froze and crashed so much that I’d stopped using it altogether. The new one is great! Stable, fast performance, nice layout, very easy to use. Great job! I withheld one star due to lack of a search function - a must-have for a newspaper app. Hopefully that can be added before too long.
  • the worst 5/5

    By Thegze
    We're here near the Silicon Valley, and these guys can't seem to manage a decent website. Frustrating every day. That was my original review. Happy to amend it today. The new site is magnificent You guys should be proud. It's a great piece of work, worthy of Bruce Jenkins, Willie Brown and Carl Nolte, for sure. Thanks.
  • Where is SEARCH? 2/5

    By anonymous_008
    Still searching for search. It’s not there! I used the old app to supplement my paper paper and to share specific stories with friends. Won’t use it again until it’s fixed. Bummer :(
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Atfv
    Please bring back the old version until you figure this out. Old news is not news! No search, no crosswords. Please give me access to the old app until you fix these issues or I will have cancel my subscription.
  • Downgraded 1/5

    By Ingrist
    The new app is unbearable. Font size can’t be adjusted, huge pictures assault the information seeking reader, and the articles have shrunk to minimal content. It feels like the Chronicle wants to compete with Fox News.
  • The update is great! 5/5

    By bendhoward
    So happy to be able to write a positive review of this app finally. The new upgrades make this so much more enjoyable to use.

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