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Get the smart news writing, award-winning photos and columnists, second-to-none Bay Area news coverage that you expect from the San Francisco Chronicle. San Francisco Chronicle features: • Features from The Chronicle’s team of trusted experts and columnists • Local news from San Francisco and the Bay Area, including updates throughout the day • The daily funnies in a Comics section updated every day • Dazzling photo galleries Subscribing to the San Francisco Chronicle • Downloading the app is free. New users can receive free content on the app for 14 days. • If you would like to subscribe, you can select monthly ($5.99) subscription. When purchasing through iTunes, your account will be charged at confirmation of purchase. Any unused portion of your free period will be forfeited at time of purchase. Your subscription will auto-renew unless you turn this off 24-hours before the subscription runs out. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service:


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  • I want to be able to just copy a url 1/5

    By AnnoyedLJD
    When I share an article, I want the ability to just copy a url. Don’t give me a “I thought you might be interested” text and don’t give me a picture. Every single time I have to go and remove that.
  • Good layout, poor performance 4/5

    By djw1203
    Update Current version is working well. App tends to crash. Articles are slow to load even though the issue has been downloaded. Easy to navigate through the paper. I've being using this since it was first available. Ive used on the original iPad up the current version. Very disappointing that they have not done much to improve the performance. The current version is not usable. Difficult to load new days, has always been an issue, and frequently freezes, newer issue.
  • Good paper, very erratic 1/5

    By Grandpa PH
    Articles are good, interesting. But, some times cannot change sections...must close then start over. Also, some sections do not open. March 2018: cannot change sections, useless
  • Much improved 3/5

    By Pcj46
    Much faster loading and navigation. Only annoyance is scrolling - or lack thereof: page wants to "jump" to next screen which is smaller than my device's so I have to "hold" it in place to read first couple lines. Otherwise, much more usable app.
  • Very slow. Worst newspaper app around 1/5

    By DAJ58
    I have this app on several devices it is painfully slow at all times. I have never had these problems with NYT or WSJ apps
  • Crashes at least 3 times before loading 1/5

    By frusrtrated reader
    I am a long time reader. The app is getting worse rather than better. Try emulating the Sacramento Bee app. It works every time. Whatever you did it is fixed. It loads quickly, doesn’t crash and it is easy to navigate. I wish only for more in-depth articles.
  • Chron is in my blood 5/5

    By jcarrolljensen
    I have read the Chron ever since I was 10 years old (1961) and I think this is a great way to read it anywhere anytime. I'm a huge Giants fan and I really enjoy Schulman's coverage. App works good enough for me
  • Excellent content; lousy mechanics 2/5

    By srdougal
    Slowest of any of my news apps. Takes forever to load, hangs up frequently and shuts down for no particular reason. In short, infuriating! The stars are only because of the content. App is zero stars.
  • Chronicle, please start over and try again! 4/5

    By Janet dickly
    Words cannot describe how poorly this ap works. Constant freezes essentially make reading the Chronicle impossible. I have been trying to read just one section and have wasted 30 minutes. When will the Chronicle address the problem? Deleted the App & reinstalled as directed. Much improved, thank you! Able to enjoy rage Chronicle again.
  • App Fail 4/5

    By Blydonlam
    I’m actually surprised this app is allowed in the Apple App Store. It consistently crashes and freezes, and it almost feels like it is getting worst over the past few months. 2/23/18 The current version of the app is much more stable.
  • It freezes up constantly 1/5

    I lile the idea of using this app to read the Chronicle. However whenever I give it a try, it freezes up. I reluctantly go back to reading the web based Chronicle. This poor performance has been going on for several years now. Come on guys. Get it right!
  • Horribly slow 4/5

    By rpschnei
    It takes about 7 minutes to get this app running and view the news stories. Crashes often and buggy as hell. Updated: Deleting app and downloading/installing new version solved all my problems. Rating is now 4 stars instead of 1.
  • Much Improved 4/5

    By Rhopelain
    I want to update and revise an old negative review I wrote. It’s only fair. The folks at the Chronicle have done a lot of work and the app works just fine. I’m glad to have a good source of local news that is easy to use. Old review: I want to read a local newspaper, but the SF Chronicle seems incapable of letting me do that. The site just doesn't work. Pages don't load, stories don't open, the site crashes. Seriously, I am only able to read all three sections I like to read about once a week. This is seriously embarrassing for a newspaper in the capital of the world's tech boom. Get your act together guys! This site stinks.
  • Great! 4/5

    By RonGeorge711
    Once I deleted the app and reinstalled the app, things have been smooth, for my Air2..
  • Good newspaper (sliding a bit) app has improved significantly in 2017 4/5

    By SJShaffer
    The chronicle is a good paper that has been better. Grammar is declining, proof reading seems to be non-existent and outdated articles seem to hang around. The upside is through Bay Area coverage and active investigative journalism. The newer generation of editors need a few more years to fill the shoes of the recently retired staff (Johnson , Nevis) The app seems to be stable after many years of abysmal performance.
  • Awful App in The Heart of Tech Workd 3/5

    By RickSpear
    One would think that a newspaper located in the heart of this country's tech world could build an app that works. Version after version, the Chronicle fails to do so. Articles repeatedly fail to load. The "Front Page" doesn't load. This app is not ready for prime time. The Hearst Corporation should be ashamed. Based on the above review, I received developer feedback to reinstall the app. This seemed to do the trick. My main complaint now is that all of the articles in the print edition don’t always show up in the app.
  • OK... but 3/5

    By DenebQuarlo
    There’s always a but, right? One of the annoying aspects of this application is the decision it makes the refresh the screen. I understand that it’s a new day and everything but I wish it would ask. From this side of the screen what happens is I tried to return to something I was reading in the Chronicle informs me that it’s a new day, brings me back to the front page and then I can’t find the story that I was reading again. Maybe the application can wait until I am leaving the article that I am reading, before it tells me it’s a new day. (By the way: I already knew it was a new day, and could swipe to refresh the screen so why am I being forced to leave the page I am reading?)
  • Revised–Gradual Improvement Over 2 Years/NOT 4/5

    By charliec63
    You can read my original rating below. The current version of the app works well, and has good functionality. Compared to the earlier versions it’s much, much better. In some ways I like it better than The NY Times app, which seems to have been driven towards mediocrity by over ambition and advertising screen real estate. It has been a long haul for the chronicle hopefully the recent progress continues. My original assessment continues: The overall reading format is still clunky, but the apps reliability and usefulness has improved, ie. it doesn't crash as much. The NY Times continues to perform consistently better. Gradually, we'll arrive at a commonly shared format. This one is not quite there yet. C Update: The app has gone in the reverse direction. One might think, that being next to Silicon Valley and being ground zero for web app development around the world, that the Chronicle app might be a show piece, but that's not the case. Using it can be a brutal experience.
  • Still needs work 4/5

    By Jim_Clarke
    This most recent version (from late 2017) seems to be a big improvement. However, I had to delete the older version and re-install the latest version to achieve the stability that the new version offers. There still are some problems with rendering images when more than 10 are included with a story. Frequently see blank/black spaces where an image(s) should be seen. Overall- it’s gotten quite a bit better. Update: Ok, the issue of "hanging on opening" has been resolved with the recent upgrade. However, the app continues to act wonky on the iPad. Note: I have a brand new iPad so this is not a hardware problem. Sometimes when I open the app, it defaults to the last section of the paper (e.g. Sports; Business; etc) and it won't let me go back to the Front Page. I have to close it and re-open. Other times, the navigation menu on the upper left corner of the screen is not present. Again, I have to close and re-open. While the app is better, it clearly doesn't compare to The NY Times iPad app. --------------------------------------------------------- I can't really upgrade the review below. This app still hangs when opening the first article each time I open it. I still have to close the app (eg throw it off the screen) and re-open it for the first article be open. This app is still not as good as the NY Times mobile app. As an update to my previous review (below) the app still almost always freezes on first opening. Requires that I throw the app off the screen (at least once) and then re-open in order to get the first story to actually load. Frustrating that this app still continues to be problematic compared to the NY Times app. The Chron iPad app is still not as fast as the NY Times version in terms of page loading. This current version is better but there a still problems with freezing-up after opening. I still have to close the app; throw it off the screen and re-start to get the first story to actually render on the screen. However, compared to my original review (below) it's definitely an improvement. This app has a number of on-going problems that have yet to be resolved. Pages still don't render correctly on pages with banner ads at the bottom of the page. This requires that the user reset the font size so that text re-renders correctly. Otherwise text appears underneath the banner ad! This is just poor programming. In addition, the app still crashes (although not as often as before.) This app should be as good as the NY Times mobile app - but it isn't.
  • Occasionally can’t scroll 2/5

    By E Hartz
    This app is functional, but occasionally (but on a daily basis) when scrolling down through news stories (and not even particularly fast) it stops and becomes unresponsive for moment, and then scrolls again. iPhone 7
  • Clunky app 1/5

    By Wc reader xyzzy
    It is a very slow and clunky app. Stories are slow to load. Very little is seen in any screen to facilitate selection of larger story. Moving between sections is awkwardly designed. This is the best that can be done in premier high tech region? It has recently been , and I hesitate to use word, "upgraded", since that implies major change. It is not quite as slow and clunky so maybe gets a bit in a 2nd star. But sometimes it is necessary to tweak site in order to get stories to load. Getting current day's edition is a slow process but at least now it works, unlike before. Designers should check out how efficiently other newspaper sites work and aim for that standard. It has again been "upgraded", but still remains incredibly slow. Sometimes news stories will not load without shifting to other sections first. Why can't they get it right
  • Screen Freeze 4/5

    By SFO Reviewer
    The SF Chronicle app is much slower that the NYT and Washington Post apps for iphone. It takes a long time to load and moving around is very slow. The screen freezes sometimes as well. Please fix. Content is great and getting better every day. There is a lot of journalistic talent at the Chron!
  • Does what it needs to 5/5

    By Thurv
    I like how the app works and loads the new day, not better then the Washington post but way better easier then trying to read the actual paper on BART ever morning
  • Quite good 4/5

    By Michael SF
    I use this app five or six days a week to read the Chronicle on the ferry. Generally it works well, and navigation works extremely well in the most recent versions of the app. The only real flaw is that the “download for off-line reading” fails from time to time. The consequence is that when the Internet is unavailable while the ferry is in the middle of the bay, the app sometimes says “content unavailable” even for the text. Clicking the red “Download” bar twice while the Internet connection is still available seems to make it worse. But overall it is quite a good app for reading the newspaper. The only other thing I would criticize is that it has no button that allows one to see exactly which stories are in the printed version of the day’s Chronicle, which people sometimes refer to in discussions with me. The online version contains stories that are older, but also not all the new stories that are in the printed version of the paper, as far as I can tell.
  • Worst Newspaper App 1/5

    By Farmworker1
    Th San Francisco Chronicle app is the worst app newspaper app available. It is slow, prone to freezing, and graphically poorly designed.
  • Long Time User 4/5

    By Pig mower
    The writing staff for the chronicle itself is great! The have a great set of columnist like Ann Killion, Carl Nolte and Willie Brown. They are good enough that I put up with the clunky app. Note the app became slow but I deleted it and reloaded and it works great now.
  • Crashes. Hardly ever works 2/5

    By andrewastern
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Aquabio
    The older version was slow but reflected what you expected from a newspaper...todays news. The current version is faster and graphically nicer but it's not a newspaper app. You can't sort the articles to read todays news. Its a hodgepodge of articles from whenever they decided that are made to look like a news app. The Front Page has a lead article from Halloween 2015 as I'm reading it on 03 January 2016. The whole "issue" is composed of old and new articles that repeat day after day. Glad I still get the physical Chronicle newspaper. I'm not using the app again. Off to read the NY times on my ipad now.
  • Good App 5/5

    By Bolster415
    In the past I have given this App 3 worked intermittently, was constantly freezing, etc. To whoever fixed the bugs: Good job😊
  • The worst 1/5

    By twandiggity
    I continue to sign up and delete the app and the site tells me I am not signed up
  • Low Tech Terrible 1/5

    By Forgetitmyfriends
    Unbelievably disappointing app! Terribly slow to load the app and stories, and crashes constantly. I'm a new subscriber who cancelled his subscription because I could barely use my digital subscription. The paper at the heart of Silicon Valley has what may be the nation’s worst news app. A real shame.
  • SF Chron 4/5

    By C.Ratzlaff
    Update on prior review (about a month ago): After months of not being able to get through even the first section without the page freezing or closing, I have been able to read the entire paper without problems. Neither updates of the app nor recommendations from tech support were helpful until I posted my last review. Finally, a useful fix. The suggestion was to delete and reload the app. The reloaded app works smoothly and, for the first time since June or July I am getting the news I’ve been paying for. The only remaining glitch is that a few stories about half-way down the “Front Page” are usually cropped at the top so that I don’t see the headline and the top of the photo. Relatively small annoyance that doesn’t really impede my reading.
  • Don’t ask for my email, period 1/5

    By Alex Alexzander
    I gave this a one star because I wish to subscribe only through the App Store. I do not wish to setup any account outside of that. And according to you that means it won’t give me full access to the subscription features. I have no intention of sharing any data with you or setting up accounts with you. It should simply work as an App Store purchase in its entirety.
  • The worst digital news app I’ve ever used. 1/5

    By Newsjunkie5
    Just when I thought you were improving this app, today I got yesterday’s headlines & articles under today’s date. When I tried to pull up specific sections or articles, I got blank pages. The app also crashes frequently, sending me back to the New York Times.
  • I always have to sign in 2/5

    By Grafenstine
    Seriously, I am always being asked to resign in on Safari, on Facebook, on Twitter etc... What’s funny is that although the app keeps forgetting that I am a member, they do not forget to charge me the monthly fee which I think is just friggin great. Anyway, the news is top par but if you are expecting to be able to read it whenever you want, it might be easier to just buy an actual newspaper...since The Chronicle can’t ask you to sign into that like a 100 times.
  • Finally Working Well 4/5

    By Oak boy
    The latest version is a Big Improvement on prior versions. You must remove and reinstall the app to get the benefits. The paper loads faster, no longer freezes, and is generally very solid. The shipping table is still a mess, but that’s a minor nit.
  • the worst! 1/5

    By dr fedealius
    In a rural area where we depend upon a satellite service, the Chronicle app is almost useless. Many freezes, often when you click on a link it’s all over, requiring a double click to reboot the app. This is a three year old ipad. The NYT app works fine here; maybe the Chron should lease their technology.
  • Frustrating App with no service from the Newspaper 1/5

    By Leigh_Ann
    System locks you into the paygate—after they take your money. Avoid this app until the SF Chronicle can find some developers who can make the system work for subscribers.
  • Much better with new iPad 4/5

    By rwooty
    Previous problems with very slow or no loading, or loading yesterdays paper, have been fixed. App now loads quickly and responds promptly to switches between sections or loading an article from a particular section. In other words, it now acts like a newspaper app should.
  • Terrible app. New is not better 2/5

    By uhammer28
    Moving up to a two star. The app was almost unusable with 20 minute or more load times for the morning paper. I gave it a 1 star because there was no zero. The App developer contacted me and suggested I delete and reinstall which had no effect. A new iPad did the trick. Not a big jump in iPad but night and day difference in the app. If the app runs well for a while I’ll bump up my rating again.
  • Revised review 3/5

    By baseman88
    After giving this app a 1 star rating, I was contacted by the developer’s customer support who advised me to delete and reinstall the app to address my performance problems. I’m happy to report that this did fix the problem and the app has returned to a quite usable state. If you are also having performance problems that are not network related, I suggest trying this. Hats off to the developer for taking the initiative to contact me with a suggested fix.
  • San Francisco Chronicle 5/5

    By BGErob
    The performance of the latest version is great. I previously had problems with slow content load times. Technical support had me delete and reinstall the App and it fixed the problem. I’m very happy with the performance and content.
  • SF Chron app 3/5

    By bonchein
    Unusable when I first tried it, now getting better.
  • Updating of articles 1/5

    By gumbozilla
    I moved from Bay Area to Texas. Got app to keep up with Bay Area sports. Many times articles stay the same in all sections for up to a week and sometimes even more. Poor attempt to digitize a paper. The real paper I used to get daily was great!
  • Freezes 1/5

    By BruceW20115555
    The key to happiness with this app is to open it two minutes before you want to use it. By then it will be ready. And be patient while it unfreezes.
  • Great News, Lousy App 1/5

    By LMS'80
    I love the way the app emulates the look of the newspaper and I use it daily. However, in the past few months the app functionality has devolved. I cannot forward articles without the attempt to do so causing the app to crash. Also, the headlines of articles I had read used to turn from black to grey, no longer do they do so. I would imagine a growing number of subscribers read the Chronicle via a tablet. I WISH THEY WOULD FIX THE BUGS PROMPTLY!
  • Frustrating, buggy app 1/5

    By Chookma
    This app is ridiculously buggy and the Chron does nothing to insure these bugs are addressed when they are brought to their attention. Therefore, you cannot rely on the app to allow you to read the paper for which you pay.
  • Well, the improvement didn't last. 4/5

    By Rhaspun
    My previous problem is now gone. Now I find that animbedded video is sensitive. The video starts to run when I am trying to scroll down. I can't touch the video without the video starting up. Usually I try to flick it to scroll. But the video starts instead. Too sensitive. -------------- Now it is much much slower in loading the articles. It doesn't matter if I use my cellular connection or my home wifi. It can crash sometimes when trying to download an article. Sometimes it will crash and close upon trying to start it. 07/24. It has been a few weeks and yet nothing has been done about the problems. Users should be given credit or time added to the subscription for such poor performance. I may end up canceling my subscription if this type performance keeps up. 08/01: Finally they have fix the issues of crashing, slow starting and loading. I hope they improve the articles. There are some old articles hanging it there. 08/02: Slow loading is back. I wonder if their server is slow. At least it hasn't crashed yet. Why are other news app so much quicker. They also have photos to load. 08/07: It has crashed a couple of times when trying to start the app. Who ever is doing the programming for this app should be taken out to the woodshed. 08/09: I wonder what goes on overnight. Now this app is worst this morning. Now it freezes for a longer period of time. Several minutes. It has crashed twice. When I use other news that have pictures to download they work fine. 08/20: Inconsistent performance. Sometimes it might load articles fairly quickly. Certainly not as quick as other news apps. It can still crash. As others have noted. When trying to load an article it seems like nothing is happening for a couple of minutes. 10/16: For a while the app was quicker in downloading the news. But it seems to fallen back again to a slow start and download. Even has crashed a few times. I wonder what makes this such a low performing news app. Other apps have photos also. 11/11/17: I downloaded and reinstalled this app after deleting it. Now it is finally working the way it should have. It finally has some snap to it. I will have see if it will last.
  • It’s gotten a whole lot better 4/5

    By Stuartbaker1776
    It’s seems like they worked through bugs and now the Chronicle apps works much better. Straight forward and easy navigation.
  • Repeats articles from week before 1/5

    I keep paying for this paper so that when I go on vacation I could read the paper on my iPad. Besides the occasional crashing I am disappointed that the same article from the previous Sunday shows up in the latest Sunday edition as the latest article for the new week

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