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Sand Balls

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  • Current Version: 1.1.6
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: SayGames LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sand Balls App

Make a path for your balls by moving your finger. Avoid and crash obstacles. Get as many balls to finish as you can.

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  • Game over 1/5

    By elk elf elm wl e
    Weirdest game ever do not like it 👺
  • I love your game 5/5

    By gbing238
    If I was never born I would never kk know this game
  • Ads ads ads 1/5

    By 9147789
    At 680 level no update lots of add an more ads ,
  • Ads 3/5

    By CrazyCrazyGirl27
    This app is very fun, calming, and entertaining. However... STOP IT WITH THE ADS!!!!! After every. Single. Level. There is an ad. I know you have to pay the bills but this is overkill. Please fix this IMMEDIATELY.
  • Boring 2/5

    By chalupa 9
    Am in level 969 more then a million diamond nothing else to do same over and over and over.
  • AWESOME!! 5/5

    By SpyderWebb49
    Very fun and relaxing. I’m just wondering when the rest of the beach area will be available?

    By Nimbus 2001|_{}|_
    So, I really like this game, but it has a really odd cheat: So, there’s bonus levels along the way. You can replay the level that’s AFTER the bonus levels, and it will let you REPLAY THE BONUS LEVELS!!!!(¥€€t!). At first, it was OK to me, but it started to make me feel like I was a cheater.
  • INAPPROPRIATE ADS- parents beware 1/5

    By HarasOJ
    This started out being a fun game until I saw the ads popping up AFTER EVERY LEVEL PASSED.. if I wanted my 12 yo seeing sexually suggestive ads for games this wouldn’t be a big deal... but I DO. This game shouldn’t be marketed for 12+ purely based on the ads that repeatedly show.
  • Bad quality 1/5

    By cartea5
    Balls go through walls, get stuck in the ground, too many ads, I bought no ads and yet I get ads, repetitive levels, just not a game I should have got and not a game anyone should get
  • Ads 2/5

    By ig why not
    So I started playing the game and it was pretty fun ,but then it implied that i should watch this ad to get a reward so I pressed No thanks and it gives me an ad anyways and it happens everytime. Why even ask if i don’t want a ad.
  • Great game, but a couple things 4/5

    By pastelgriffin
    Alright, I’m going to start out by saying that this is a generally amazing app. It’s quite fun and addictive. There are a few things that aren’t as great, though. The first thing that popped out at me was that when you first open the app, any music that you have playing the background gets cut off. This isn’t too bad, it’s just slightly annoying. Another thing that I noticed right off the bat is that there are a lot of adds. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. In fact, some of the adds also cut off music with blaring audios. Again, this isn’t the worst thing that there is. The biggest problem that I have with this app is that when your “daily income” is ready to be collected, they send you about two notifications for every minute that you don’t open the app. This is extremely annoying if you are trying to finish schoolwork or other things. I suggest not allowing this app to send you notifications. Overall, this is an amazing and addictive app, but these things are a little annoying and should be fixed. I definitely suggest getting this game, but don’t waste money on it.
  • Excessive Ads..? 1/5

    By SimpStreams
    What made this development team think putting an ad on the actual screen while you’re trying to connect sections of the level is a good idea? Not to mention an ad after nearly every level. THAT, I totally get. You guys need to get paid and all that, but remove the one taking up the screen while I play.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By mike2361
    So many ads I wanted to delete it instead of buy it.
  • No ads is a lie! 3/5

    By Mrsw227
    This game is really fun, however I paid to have ads removed and there are still ads. Don’t pay the $2.99. Rip off
  • Pointless After A Few Levels 1/5

    By troydt
    While it’s fun at first, it becomes instantly boring and repetitive very quickly. With only 1 upgradable area in Sand City, the motivation to keep playing Balls fades rapidly. There is no point to the game without the incentive to unlock items. I have 65K gems with absolutely nothing to spend them on. There is an additional unlock-able area that I have been waiting weeks for. Yet it’s still labeled as “Coming Soon”. Well, label me “Leaving Now”. And I’m not leaving quietly. Not only will I no longer play this game but I am going to write a review on ALL of the other games I had to endure endless ads for and explain why I am so dissatisfied with this game!
  • Update?? 4/5

    By Dezmarrae
    When will there be an update with more theme park beach stuff??? My girlfriend and I like this game but have been playing for a while and got the first beach all done quickly and now it’s taking so long for new stuff that we are getting bored of it.
  • Diamonds 1/5

    By v if ddf
    It’s a fun game but waiting over 2 weeks for a new section in sand city is crazy. Can’t do anything else with the diamonds.
  • Cool game with so many ads 1/5

    By drlovric
    Nice game with way so many ads. Whatever you click on in the game promotional video will follow, breaking any meaningful game flow.
  • Waste of $2.99 1/5

    By Levcar
    I should have reviewed the reviews. I like the game; it’s fun and relaxing, but because the constant barrage of ads was driving me crazy I wasted 3 bucks. They’re still there. If I try to build in sand city I can’t, because there’s an ad at the bottom of the screen that will not move or click away. I have to watch ads to get rewards. “No ads” mode doesn’t exist. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
  • So many ads and crashes 2/5

    By Gwendelyon
    There are so many ads in this game it’s almost sickening. PS game crashes like crazy too especially if you are watching an ad to gain a new item or boost your gems. 2 stars for a totally addictive game. Not sure the purpose of Sand city though. Feel like they should develop new tracks instead of this off shoot New land where you do nothing but build a beachfront.
  • Extremely full of ads! 3/5

    By jrt1213
    Very addictive game. I’m on level 145. There’s way too many ads for this free game. After every level you beat there’s an add and another one after that before you get your reward diamonds. There’s very little to do for the beach. After the beach and rides are at max you can’t build anything else. I have over 30,000 diamonds because my beach stuff is maxed.
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By BriAWatson96
    With their other games, there’s more ads than gameplay. And it’s really annoying. I played this game for about 15-ish levels until I got sick of the ads. I’m not giving them my money just to be ad free. Helpful tip: DON’T HAVE ADS AFTER ADS OR EVEN ADS AFTER *EVERY* LEVEL!
  • Worst game ever 1/5

    By sueinnh
    I just started playing this game and I’m deleting it immediately! This is the worst game I’ve ever downloaded. I’ve never seen so many interruptions switching to demos of other games they’re trying to sell you. You can’t get out of them! You have to wait for the whole ad to play before you can continue the game. They even have a small ad that appears on the game screen that blocks part of the game and keeps you from playing. You cannot get rid of it either. This is the worst, most frustrating game ever. Don’t believe the good reviews! You can’t even try playing long enough to find out if you like the actual game.
  • Its ok 2/5

    By Biankera
    Its a fun game but the ads are killing me ... im forced to sit through ads after each level.. and i been playing for a while i have alot of diamonds and i wish the game can already let me continue building on the beach it got boring i have 14,000 diamonds and i cant use them.. the game should let you keep building its too slow
  • Inappropriate Ads With Sexual Content! 1/5

    By Kalikron
    This game is ok and not a bad effort for being so derivative. But the ads for other games are downright inappropriate for the age recommended. It advertised a game called “chapters” that was NOT appropriate for our family. Included awfully done intimate images of same sex relationships (badly done\objectifying portrayal), adults intimately bathing together, and more that I would definitely consider adult content...and this was advertised constantly! Using sex to sell games to kids is not ok. I wouldn’t want my 12 year old seeing ads with those types of portrayals or playing any games that include them. I saw 12+ on the age rating and can only assume that’s due to the content in some of the ads. It should be an adult rating if they have adult ads. It’s a shame too because the game itself is not a bad game per se, just advertises content that is (to our family at least) wildly inappropriate and way out of the context of this type of game. Parents and people of social conscience, be forewarned!
  • Way too many ads 3/5

    By 829182847582938493
    This game would be more enjoyable if there wasn’t 1-2 ads after each section. I’m watching more ads than playing the game.
  • For a free game? No complaints! 5/5

    By floppyhump
    Unlike most of these kinds of games, this one actually gets gradually more difficult which I love. It doesn’t get *hard* but it gets harder to get all the balls AND you actually do something with the gems you earn. There are ads but it’s honestly not too many. It’s about 1 after every 2 puzzles. (I know they’re not puzzles idk what else to call them)
  • Sand balls 5/5

    By Hero Brian xex
    Glitchy do no download
  • Ads within ads and ads on levels preventing play! 1/5

    By Putz boy
    So I’m not against ad supported games. They help make fun stuff free. But this is far above and beyond anything tolerable. At multiple points I was forced to watch an ad to continue the game only to be immediately by shoved right back into another ad for something I unlocked in the level. I spent more time stuck in the ads than I did actually getting to play the game! And then there’s “pop up” ads IN THE LEVELS THEMSELVES that block part of the gameplay area. Want to try to get a perfect by digging a certain way? Congratulations, you just were forced to click on an in level ad. Uninstalled this “game” faster than any I ever have before.
  • Game is great but Ads are annoying and invasive 3/5

    By Ksoccerball
    The gameplay is smooth and entertaining, and I would love to add this game to my repertoire of games I play while listening to podcasts, but there are so many ads, and these ads will play with sound even when my phone is on silent. Some ads won’t even let you turn off the sound at all, so this is very frustrating. I understand some ads help free apps function, but these are just plain annoying.
  • Awesome game but..... 4/5

    By Voodoo69$$$$$$
    So, I love the game mechanics and honestly it’s addicting and fun, but there is SO MANY ADS!!! I know that it is a ad based game, but, for example, I was playing a level, and an ad came on, and when it was over, it showed how many gems I got even though I was in the middle of a level! I recommend that you get it if you like a challenge and if you are ok with MILLIONS of ads!! Plz pray for the creators of this game to take away some of the ads!! 🙂🙃🙂 Also, I wish that in the last page of balls that you can get that there was more of those!😇🙂😇
  • 1000000 gems and nothing to buy 3/5

    By ChristymarieT
    Fun simple game that is quite addicting. There are a TON of adds that I’ve been able to tune out. I maxed out the available section of “Sand City” pretty quickly and have been waiting for the next section that’s is “Coming Soon.” My biggest issue with the game is that the levels don’t get progressively harder after the first 50 or so. And with all the adds they should have the $ to update and open the next section of beach. I kept playing just to see what happens... I have OVER A MILLION gems with nothing to buy. On level 750something and some are still so easy my 3year old can do it.
  • Ads Ads Ads! 2/5

    By benlabannie
    Fun to play but WAAAAYYYY too many ads! More than any other games I play. I’m quitting. Byeeee
  • My point of view 2/5

    By hgdchktwfj
    It is a little annoying but it is so much fun I recommend it
  • One of my favorites, needs an update 3/5

    By Jennijenn
    I am addicted to this game!! It’s one of my favorites! It needs a update though, my beach and everything is completed and I having nothing to work toward, I have all my balls too. And close to 29,000 diamonds. When is the new update??
  • Love game, hate inappropriate ads 1/5

    By SCJanh
    I would give 5 stars on the the game, but the ridiculously high number of ads- and especially the sickening Chapters ads- rate a 1. I have no problem with occasional ads, but it takes longer for the ads to play than to actually play the game! The mature content of Chapters ads is not appropriate for a game with so many kids playing.
  • Good but sorta easy 4/5

    By kittylove54
    It is a good game and really addicting but the first levels are easy. If you put your device on airplane mode there are barely any adds. You should totally download it and I hope you enjoy!!!
  • Just OK 3/5

    By Cinderstitch
    The levels repeat over and over. Need new challenges and items to purchase.
  • Sand City needs help 3/5

    By ChristianArmyWrench
    Hey when are you going to add items to Sand City? I’ve purchased everything that’s available and have accrued 60k-plus points. Need something to grow my beachfront empire. Thanks.
  • Worst 1/5

    By Deemeuoi
    It is to easy and you don’t have any fun playing this app so don’t get it
  • Fun but the levels... 3/5

    By seriously? <3
    I love this game. No doubt. I play it almost every night for a while at a time. Ives gotten to nearly 300 levels now and it won’t let me upgrade my beach or anything. I play the same levels over and over again and it’s gets boring. The “coming soon” is what really bugs me. I’ve played an gotten everything yet...I can’t move on in the game. Why not?
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By jamiers99
    Too many ads
  • Fun but don’t bother paying 2/5

    By MsEricaAmerica
    Fun game! Was barraged by ads at the start so I figured since I was enjoying it I would purchase it with “no ads” Buuuuuut tricky tricky....there’s still ads. Lots. They got their 3 bucks and I’m still playing and watching ads so there’s that I guess.
  • Ad after Ad 1/5

    By honymyeea
    Insane how many adds there are this upsets me cause i love this but its constant ads.
  • Repetitive and too many ads. 2/5

    By Rasha is awesum
    First of all, there are way too many ads, I have to play on airplane mode and don’t get to redeem any of the cars. But I’d rather just play the game instead of having to watch an ad every 30 seconds. Secondly, after about level 100, it’s like you’re playing the same levels over and over again. I’m at level 151 now. I feel like there are only variations of about 10-15 different levels. They’re basically all the same.
  • Good game, bad quality 2/5

    By elyse4
    The game is fun but the screen keeps blacking out and freezing, plus the video button doesn’t work.
  • Was to many ads 1/5

    By Pup1024
    Why can’t you all respond to the reviews regarding so many ads? Every time you click on ANYTHING an ad pops up. Ridiculous the amount of wasted time with ads.
  • Sexual ads pop up 1/5

    By popsisoed
    My kids love this game. We are deleting because sexual ads pop up....with links to download their cartoon game where you can choose threesome, kissing etc. raunchy and sick to target innocent kid like games with perversion
  • Ads Overkill 3/5

    By Leasle216
    This game has potential to be fun, but they take “ads” to a whole new level. You end up watching ads more than actually playing the game!! That right there is a huge turnoff for me. Especially since seeing another reviewer state they paid for “no ads” and still get them. No thanks! Takes all the fun out of playing the game.

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