Santorini Board Game

Santorini Board Game

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  • Current Version: 1.98
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Roxley
  • Compatibility: Android
29 Ratings
$ 4.99

Santorini Board Game App

Santorini is a highly accessible pure strategy game where you build your way to victory! How to play: 1) MOVE one of your Workers. You can move up a maximum of one level. 2) BUILD a block with your moved Worker. Build domes on the third level. 3) WIN if your Worker reaches the third level! Features: • Game altering variable player powers completely change how you play, bringing massive replayability. • Beautifully rendered 3D play area • Adventure through the land of Santorini in the single player Odyssey mode • Play with a friend in pass-and-play or online game modes • Already own the boardgame? Use the "Helper" to select gods to play in the physical board game, and log your matches • Dare to challenge the insanely skilled "Godlike" AI level • Watch tutorials on all the god powers! • Fully orchestrated sound track Santorini includes 34 characters selected from the original board game, the Golden Fleece expansion and the Underworld promotional characters, with the option to purchase up to 25 more (either in packs of 5 for $1.99 USD, or all together in the Pantheon pack for a discounted price of $7.99 USD).

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Santorini Board Game app reviews

  • Something happened 3/5

    By RandallPeek
    The most recent update seems to have broken the selection of random god powers. Now, no matter the settings, Charybdis is always selected as the random choice. The game is great, but this one little bug is aggravating.
  • Great fun, great variety 5/5

    By Cargill.13
    Excellent adaptation and even better now that speed fixes are in place. Base game is great alone and having almost 60 fairly balanced characters to choose from gives it excellent variety.
  • Fun game but private matches broken 1/5

    By n33ss
    Fun game that I bought to play with my friend, but unfortunately private matches work 1 out 10 times we try to set up a match. Hopefully the developer will fix this...
  • amazingly good, missing one feature 5/5

    By teleolurian
    santorini the board game is possibly among the 5x5 board is the perfect size and the gods abilities are well crafted. the only flaw i see in this game is the lack of a “random, god only” choice: the random pick might match a god up against a hero (which have single-use powers that don’t balance).
  • One of my favorite board game adaptations 5/5

    By mjacobsca
    When I first played Santorini in person, I was enthralled. It is one of my favorite abstract games ever. It has the right amount of depth, whimsy, and replayability to keep me engaged for long periods of time. However, I always worried that an iOS version wouldn’t do the game justice. It would be too hard to visualize the 3D board and make good decisions. The AI would be too complex with all the various God Powers. So it is with a huge sigh of relief and loud foot stomping that I am sooooo happy to report that these worries were completely unfounded. The game looks amazing. Rotating the game board to get different views is organic and natural. The colors are fabulous. The artwork is spot on from the original. The AI is devious with all god matchups. I am just gushing about this game right now. Sometimes the AI plays a god power and I get whomped. It’s too unfair. That matchup was impossible!!! And then I swap sides and watch the AI toss my unbeatable god power aside like a used toy. The AI knows what it’s doing and does it ruthlessly. I play at the Expert level. I’m too chicken to challenge God level yet. But I love watching the AI execute a god’s power and see different takes on how to gain advantage with it. I can definitely learn from this game. Lastly, I’m happy to report no crashes. At all. A few god powers are missing from the board game, I think. But maybe some just don’t make sense for the handheld version? Regardless of a few missing god powers, I think this game is a winner. It’s perfect for late night game sessions or quiet lunches. Real-time online play is nice, too. Some suggestions as of Aug, 2019: 1) I’d like my previous game settings to persist between sessions. I don’t like having to re-select an AI player every day. 2) Option to be able to study the board after the game is over to see what other moves I could have missed. 3) Ability to step through the game after it’s over, from move 1. 4) Randomize start player, or at least make it an option. 5) Can we have stats? ELO? Community win/loss rates with certain matchups? 6) Here’s a minor suggestion. Please leave the God names on the screen even when their god power instructions are hidden. 7) I don’t need it, but in-game rules would be nice for new players. It’s fairly lame not to have them. Literally take screenshots of the rulebooks and paste them in the game. It’s not hard. A+++
  • Great game 5/5

    By risingshadow11
    Game plays well, there is the occasional stutter but nothing too game breaking. This game is abreast strategy game and the AI does make this game pretty challenging. Would greatly recommend.
  • Fantastic game, Fantastic digital implementation 5/5

    By Cwiles
    I’ve loved Santorini since I picked it up at Gen Con the first year it was released. I was so excited to see that it popped up in the App Store. This app does not disappoint. The graphics are beautiful and the interface is intuitive. Definitely five stars!
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Mickey093
    The AI can be tough even on lowest level. I have the board game so decided to pick this up.
  • No written tutorial/no close captioning on tutorial videos 3/5

    By TheCopac
    Just an FYI for future purchasers, there’s no way in app to read how to play the game. You must watch and listen to a video talk through.
  • Love the app, looking forward to more content. 5/5

    By lawrencelove
    The digital implementation of Santorini is excellent. Everything that I love about the physical board game is represented in the app, plus SO MUCH MORE. The ability to play against the AI takes it to another level. Playing against friends online it great too, I just wish it was easier to share an invitation code. It would be great if there was a button to either A) copy the code to the clipboard or B) automatically populate the code into a text message.
  • ingame tutorial is terrible 3/5

    By hlaspoor
    cant watch lag lag lag!YouTube video?
  • Great Game! REALLY Tough, but fun! 5/5

    By jkeitz
    The “tutorial” is a series of videos, so beware. The gameplay is pretty straightforward, but each god has a twist, so I think it took me 30 games to win one, but even at a 30 to 1 loss rate, the game is still really fun. The sessions are short, which is perfect for mobile. I’ve already purchased all the DLC packs, and the new gods are a blast! This is the ultimate “simple to learn, lifetime to master” game. It is a battery killer, so beware of that. Kinda unavoidable in good premium games.
  • Santorini don’t you be a meanie 5/5

    By iFischer
    Love this game; it is one of my all time favorite board games!!

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