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  • Current Version: 9.110.0
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  • Compatibility: Android
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SAP Concur App

If you use Concur® Travel, Concur® Expense, or Concur® Invoice at work, then download this companion app to your iPhone or iPad to manage your travel and expenses when you’re on the go! With the SAP® Concur® mobile app, you can: • Review and approve expense reports, invoices, and travel requests • Snap a photo of your receipt and instantly add it to your expense report • Book a flight or rail ticket, reserve hotel rooms, or rent a car • Update or add new attendees to meeting invites • Get hotel suggestions based on your preferences • Capture and track mileage automatically • Integrate your itinerary with TripIt to get real-time travel alerts and updates *This is a companion mobile app for existing users of SAP Concur solutions.*

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SAP Concur app reviews

  • Weekly View 2/5

    By PitStopPat
    You need to bring back the weekly view so we can see the Meals totals by day….
  • Don’t work properly. 1/5

    By it doesn't want to post
    The phone app does not load anything. Like it’s not signed in. No where to submit problem just an endless common problem page.
  • Can’t reset my password 1/5

    By I hate SAP/Concur
    Pitiful excuse for an expense report software. Concur was bad enough before SAP acquired Concur but now that SAP put their finger print on it, it’s pathetic. You just changed things to make a change. It’s not better. Total garbage system!
  • App review 1/5

    By Hdoggg007
    To be clear, this review is of their app, not concur writ large. The app is bad. Terrible UI, super slow to load, and missing basic functionality like location determined via GPS, Face ID, even using the right camera for close up pictures of receipts. It picks random states when you select a city (if you’re lucky enough that the city actually doesn’t get cutoff in the UI scroll). Default is Detroit, *IL*. Really?! Same goes for airport codes. Instead of simply looking up an airport code when a user types una three letter code, you have to tell it that you’re putting in a code as opposed to the name. Poor UX. Thats Mickey Mouse. On top of that, they spam all the time for app reviews. I nicely answered the first time and mentioned all of the above but clearly they aren’t doing anything about it. A company with the resources that SAP has can do far better.
  • New update is awful 1/5

    By mattyice1973
    Not sure what happened but I used to be able to send screen shots directly to the app. Now have to save as a pic and upload it which is an extra couple of steps.
  • Worst Ever 1/5

    By Hates Concur
    Takes 15 minutes to fill out a 2 minute report. Won’t accept expenses without comments. Terrible!
  • Saved Photos 1/5

    By jwelsh741
    Saved photos (screenshots) no longer upload on iPad and iPhone running latest iOS, makes the app kinda useless. Deleted and reinstalled app, no luck.
  • Needs more work 3/5

    By jhg bhu
    Signing in is becoming a hassle and for some reason the app does not recognize a P-card which is very much reflected on the website
  • Getting worse, not better 1/5

    By Vendorstate
    The developers for this seem to be making this app worse. Many features that used to work no longer do.
  • Great and convenient, but very clunky 2/5

    By saleen8927
    Overall the app is useful and great for on the fly expenses, but it’s too clunky to use for more than one or two entries at a time. There’s no way to quickly jump between screens (for example, to add more than one expense to a report, you have to move the expense, then click about 4 times to get back to the list of expenses that you can move. Try doing that for 8 or 15 expenses and you’ll really resent it. The same holds true for lots of other functions. If you want to add a receipt image from your photos, you can’t zoom to see the image. I have dozens of receipt pics stored on my phone, and in thumbnail size there’s no way to tell them apart. If you choose to attach a receipt, the name of the vendor and the amount disappear from the screen while you pick, so again it’s very hard to match up what you are looking for and I find myself exiting the attach screen (2 clicks) to re-view the data, then go back the receipt image. Everything, EVERYTHING, takes about 4-5 clicks, and nothing refreshes without exiting and coming back in. The online concur site is easy and quick. This is not. Need to confirm stay dates for a hotel stay? Good luck. It’s nearly impossible to get the right dates. The interface is made to look like hotel-booking apps, but doesn’t work like them at all. Once you choose the dates, it may or may not save your info.
  • AWFUL App 1/5

    By Iloveskeeball
    I have no idea why this app is rated so well. The app constantly errors out. It is so confusing to use and takes a long time to load anything. Such a hassle just to get expenses done and you have to use the computer to actually allocate the expenses. I wish I could use any other expense company
  • Trips gone 1/5

    By Traveler202379
    Just updated and the section to look at my upcoming trips is gone. And booking function is gone. These are the main functions I used now it’s gone. Fantastic. Smh
  • copy expense items 4/5

    By Common Sense Opinions
    Please add the ability to copy individual or multiple expense items within a report or to another report
  • Screenshot/receipt/bug 1/5

    By Noairplaysucks
    Since the new update I can no longer upload screenshots/photos directly into the app. I have to go to the concur app and upload them from within the app. Pre-update I could take a screenshot, hit the SHARE button, choose Concur from the app options and it would upload into the app. Now when you hit share icon the screen flickers/dims for a half second and nothing happens. Please fix.
  • Inconvenient and Never Works 1/5

    By Smurf3
    This app constantly has no connectivity to the main server and never works the way it should. It is one of the worst business grade apps I have ever seen or had to use It consistently crashes or fails to load data when you need it the most. No matter what updates they come out with the app is still clunky and fails to function properly at least once a day and always at the most critical times.
  • Screenshot Upload Fail 4/5

    By JimmyHudg
    Since a recent update, when I screenshot a receipt then click the Box with the arrow (share option) then click the SAP Concur app nothing happens. I can no longer upload from the screenshot.
  • App stopped working 2/5

    By kds8210
    The app works ok some of the time. But it stopped loading receipts from the app to the report. Kind defeats the convenience of having the app when you have wait till you get home to scan receipts by hand, with your printer because Concur app will not move receipts. In fact it makes the app worthless at that point.
  • Too much time to authenticate! 1/5

    By Mkrupnic
    It just keeps spinning and spinning and it never loads. It is very inconvenient. You have to force close then reopen it and then it will work. It also forgets my last location so I need to enter it for each expense. It should default the date of an expense to the upload date of a receipt.
  • Crash 1/5

    By aschramel
    Just updated the app. App won’t allow me to login through my companies SSO. Deleted the app and reloaded. Still not able to sign in
  • Buggy and unreliable 1/5

    By dayrocker2
    The design of this app is not bad. The ability to take a photo of a receipt and have it be immediately recognized as a receipt is great when the app is working. The key word here is “when”. I’ve lost count of the number times the app hung, or I couldn’t log in, even though the password just worked on the web version on my laptop. If like me you are forced to use concur, stick to the web and forget the mobile app. The mobile has no way to reset itself when it’s stuck so you have to frequently delete it and reload it.
  • Slow, clunky, stuck 1/5

    By perrytancredi
    The app is clunky and slow on the best days. It’s currently stuck “authenticating” on the splash screen with no way to exit. I have a higher standard for expense apps than comparing them to using excel, and Concur is just really difficult to use, especially when traveling.
  • App Currently Not Working 1/5

    By C.Spivey
    The app has not been working at all today. It is stuck on the opening page on a death wheel of “authenticating” but never does anything.
  • Makes expense reporting a lot more difficult than it is 1/5

    By wpeledmdiddodkdmx
  • What 1/5

    By jake5656556
    How this has as many stars as it does its crazy. More times then not when I upload a receipt the app crashes. This is the buggiest app I have ever had
  • Getting worse 2/5

    By Kuub55M
    Was a great tool. Now every report seems to add new failures. Cannot save, currently stuck and cannot submit report.
  • Painful 1/5

    By SMGK00
    The concept is great, but both the mobile app and the website are painful both from a user experience and a pace perspective.
  • App issues 2/5

    By Myy Review
    Earlier the expenses were not transferring over and now the receipt upload is not working at all. It states the image is not available. Will there be a fix for this soon?
  • If it worked it would be great 2/5

    By Hammer8282
    Receipt uploads constantly fail, receipt images inexplicably disappear if taken with the app, bookings do not go through and airline tickets are not purchased. If this app worked it would be wonderful. However, it work’s terribly and creates more work trying to resolve all of the glitch errors. Unfortunately, I am required to use this work work, so I’ll just go in hating my life.
  • Headaches 2/5

    By Doctor Terreros
    It is like entering in a roller coster. Nothing is right. Too many options. If a chose the appropriate one expensive I am wrong. I gave up.
  • Pic to save 3/5

    By jccfjkogcc
    Good app but can get glitchy at times. Once you get the system down works great.
  • Not full featured 4/5

    By BM-SMR
    Great app but can’t process cash advances in the app, have to log into the website for that
  • Expense interface 2/5

    By you're kidding right?
    I much preferred the previous SAP Concur expense reporting interface. I cannot find a way to look at all of the pictures of receipts in one place (and match the expenses to them). This was what I used to do and was much easier because you could see the date in the picture and then Match them to the expenses (which were all in order by date). The way it is now I have to search through all of them to find The one I’m looking for.
  • Unable to add attendees. Specifically clients and vendors 1/5

    By agyrrcbjj
    Unable to add attendees like clients and vendors to attendees list.
  • Complete Garbage 1/5

    By Warhymn
    Intuitive user experience? Not even close. This app fights you at every step. Things that should be one click often require several actions and seemingly for no reason.
  • Not intuitive, robs employees of expenses 1/5

    By RK20102
    If you were going to create an app for expenses in a professional setting, you would think it would be intuitive. This is 2023 after all. However, concur seems to lack in that department. It does not automatically adjust the mileage based off the federal reimbursement rate. It did not do it at the mid year point in 2022 when the government raised it four cents a mile to 62.5 cents and it has not done it in 2023 which is 65.5 cents a mile. This adds up significantly depending on how much you drive. If you’re not paying attention, you’d never know. Go elsewhere as an employee
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Batman fan123456
    I dread doing expenses with this app. Absolutely horrible interface and glitches left and right. I regularly eat credit card interest fees to put off doing my expense report. It’s like the people who designed this app has no experience traveling for work and expensing items. I honestly can’t believe this app doesn’t have a lower rating.
  • Useless 1/5

    By artcon
    You cannot delete expenses already turned in and taken care of months ago. Neither can a person get any help to do so. Month after month these stagnant reports sit on your computer in your annoying way. Need someway to communicate with concur to resolve the problem, and they have made sure that isn’t possible. Sent email which has never been answered. Apparently no one really works there.
  • This is a terrible expense app 1/5

    By Busty Rackleford
    It is about as convoluted as can be when it comes to creating a business expense report. It should be a very simple process but the way it is set up makes it much more difficult than it should be. I wish my company would use another app.
  • Keeps asking for permission to use location 1/5

    By Bigmrv07
    Continually asks to use my location with no way to tell it to stop. Rarely do I use this to find things where I am. I use this to find things where I need to go. And please use and respect my privacy choices that are enabled in iOS settings.
  • Was better 2/5

    By SZ11!
    App does ok at capturing expenses but it stopped combing expenses, ie receipt with card expense automatically, and doesn’t allow you to do it manually from the app. You have to do it from the pc.
  • App crashing and/or duplicating trips 1/5

    By Wally Paulnutts
    The app crashes when in open it 50% of the time. When I re open my mileage that I haven’t moved to my report folder will either be gone or trips I have already submitted will be duplicated and causing the same trip to be moved into my folder twice.
  • APP DEVELOPERS - All I receive is ERROR MESSAGES 1/5

    By 019274927
    It’s the end of the year, everyone needs to submit their end of the year expenses and YOUR APP IS DOWN. Error messages, says internal site is down. Great timing. FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY.
  • Worst ever 1/5

    By Emmasue27
    This app is beyond horrible. It crashes all the time and constantly makes duplicates of mileage entries I make. The automatic mileage feature only captures maybe 1/5 of the drives I make so I am losing a lot of money. I had to get a different mileage app just to double check what this app forgot. Updates need to be made asap
  • So frustrating 1/5

    By FlaFerFalll
    Brooooo. How insanely difficult it is to use expenses. My god. Why do I need expense and headers and expenses inside of expenses? I wanted to throw my phone at the wall.
  • Receipt images not showing 3/5

    By expensereport
    Receipt images are not showing after you take a picture of your receipt. Had to log in from the laptop and there it shows. So it’s capturing the images of the receipts but it’s hard for you to know that because it says “Receipt currently not available”. This never happened before but it’s a big problem now. Other little glitches here and there have happened before but this one is the worst. Please fix as soon as you can. Thanks. Other than that the app is great and makes expensing very convenient.
  • This App used to work 1/5

    By 629364RT
    This app used to work well. Now after the update is really awful. It won’t record receipts reliability or add them on the first try. I am missing many expenses and this task is now taking much longer than it should. Please revert to the version that worked and have the developers actually try to use the app to create an expense report.
  • New update doesn’t let me log in 1/5

    By hatethisapp1985
    I tried removing and reinstalling. Tried forgot my password and everything. Nothing works.
  • Started categorizing every meal as “attendees” 1/5

    By throw18573784
    Some update screwed up the app so every meal I upload is shown as “attendees” instead of individual now. Editing it to individual doesn’t even save in the app, I have to do it on the website. I left feedback with no response. Here, have more feedback. Unbreak your lame features.
  • Receipt functions 2/5

    By Moncho_25
    The app lack some common sense options such as a way to remove or delete a receipt that was appended by mistake to a returned expense report. There must be a way to add and there must be a way to remove. It’s common sense! Period!