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  • Current Version: 9.66.0
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  • Compatibility: Android
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SAP Concur App

Business often takes you out of the office and onto the road - so shouldn't your travel and expense solution be able to go with you? With the SAP Concur app, it can. Access the power of SAP Concur on your mobile device and book business travel in the cab, finish expense reports in the airport, and approve invoices on the bus. *This app is a companion to Concur solutions for existing users.* With the SAP Concur app, you can: • Manage the entire travel and expense process on-the-go • Never lose another receipt again when you capture photos of your receipts • Quickly review and approve reports, invoices, travel requests • Add attendees to business meetings or meals • Import data from credit cards • Book a flight / hotel / car quickly and easily from anywhere • See customized hotel suggestions • Itemize hotel charges • Access and manage your itinerary on the road • Integrate your itinerary with the TripIt app • Track and submit car mileage easily • And more Learn more at Must be an existing Concur Small Business edition, Concur Standard edition, Concur Professional edition or Concur Premium edition user.

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SAP Concur app reviews

  • Crap Ap! 1/5

    By JayJen0202
    Crashes more frequently than NASCAR. Mobile isn’t that when the app closes EVERY time you try to open to book a trip. Current rating is clearly cooked. Fix it. AGAIN. J
  • Won’t even let me log into my account 5/5

    By @KaranC96
    Just downloaded the app but I can’t even get past the initial log-in!!!! Tried to log in with both options - my work email or SSO company code - and either way it shows me a white screen and doesn’t proceed anywhere after. Waste of time and energy.
  • App crashes when opening 1/5

    By BGO70
    Each time I open the app it crashes. I have iOS 12.1.4.
  • PDF receipt support 3/5

    By RSConley
    It would be nice if there was support for importing PDF files as receipts. It’s a pain to have to print the take a picture just to import a receipt.
  • Loved it, now not so much 2/5

    By michebmbww
    Love the getting rid of paper promise. Have been meticulously uploading receipts and it shows successful uploads but when it come time to submit expenses, the receipts are all gone.
  • Approval process 5/5

    By PacoTunas
    Very nice and friendly app to manage reporting and tracking. Would like to have also capability for “Approve and Forward”
  • Constantly has issues 2/5

    By ddball12345
    This app would be convenient if it actually WORKED. If I want to add multiple office staff as an attendee, by typing in the number, the option disappears for no reason. You have to click through too many options to complete one task.
  • App crashes and won’t boot 1/5

    By Fix your-problem
    The app no longer works after I did the update it will not boot and will time out! Good job guys..had been holding off on the update and when I finally decided to do it the app no longer works. Too bad I can’t give you zero stars
  • Outside Salesperson 5/5

    By Outside Salesman #1
    This Application is a very efficient means to keep track of your travel and daily expenses. I have not yet had 1 issue while using it. I LOVE it! Thanks to the developers and people behind the scenes!
  • Yuck 1/5

    By appus horribilid
    This is the worst. It is mind bogglingly difficult to use and the phone app won’t accept passwords in use for the app on my pc. It has often refused to upload receipts. It has even loaded other people’s trips on my account, so privacy concerns are not one of their priorities, Fortunately I only have to use it occasionally
  • Simply put - it doesn’t work 1/5

    By ptfirish
    It doesn’t work
  • Suddenly stopped working!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4/5

    By skipoleski
    Was working fine. Then overnight it stopped working on 2/14/19. I have not updated anything on my iPhone recently. No app updates, no iPhone updates, nothing! So can’t blame it on any updates of any sort. I had a report started, several entries. Was working yesterday, today opened report, shows $314.19 total expenses, but on center tab it says “you have no expenses” On right tab for receipts it shows several attached receipts. I created a new report, put in an entry, saved it. But it still says I have no expenses. Even looking at old reports, center tab says you have no expenses. Logged out and back in, same problem. Deleted app, reinstalled, logged in, same problem. Logged in on a computer, did chat help session, they said they were doing a system update, and to go into settings on the iPhone app, and turn off “beta” , and that fixed the problem. Not sure what the beta setting is for and I never made any setting changes ever, just installed and ran.
  • The Update of 05-Februar-2019 is a disaster... 1/5

    By ShahinBaba
    Don’t update to the version of Feb 5th, 2019. I did and since then I don’t see my expenses anymore in the app. It makes it very inconvenient to attach receipts to my expense report. Why do people take something which works and make a crap out of it!
  • It accessed credit card information 1/5

    By NicoleMarieXOXO
    Don’t download this app. When I did, I quickly deleted it after I realized that I would not need it. Now, a week later I get e-mailed about expenses on a credit card account that I did not give the app access to.
  • Crashes on iPhone 6 1/5

    By MixMastaKooz
    I have an iPhone 6 and I haven’t been able to submit my expense reports because it crashes on startup. I’m running the latest iOS (updated last night). But this has been happening for the last month so it’s been crashing with the previous iOS update too. Hope they fix it.
  • SAP Has Ruined It 1/5

    By Dadd10
    I’ve been using Concur for a long time. I used to love it. SAP has managed to ruin it in a remarkably short period of time.
  • Review 5/5

    By take my comment
    What’s up? I’ve used you for 5 years and now you don’t work. I do expenses on Sunday and today I can’t get your app to open.
  • Concur travel and expense 5/5

    By user experience.
    So easy to use. Snap pic of a receipt and your done. Love the mobile app!
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Stickywheel
    The app just became unusable for me. I need to change who I send the reports to. It no longer gives me the option so I have to submit them from a the website now.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By emakeet
    The new update keeps crashing on me! Please fix!!!!!!!
  • Let Us Just Take Receipt Photos Again! Please! 3/5

    By LER777
    I don’t know why Concur decided to categorize every receipt photo as an expense—instead of letting you take photos of receipts for existing expenses, which was great!—because now I’m ending up with duplicate expenses when I just want to take a photo of a receipt and match it to an existing expense. This app used to be a huge help, but now it’s kind of an inconvenience and doesn’t function reliably.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By jobika53
    Easy and smart solution
  • Recent Issues Fixed 5/5

    By Morph Dxb
    Have used this app to book most of my travel for a couple of years with very few issues. Recent update broke a few things, but now fixed. Nice productivity tool if your company uses Concur.
  • Hardly Easier Than Using Paper 1/5

    By Benny98407
    I use this app because my employer makes me use it to book travel and submit expense reports. So I book travel USING CONCUR, so theoretically the app knows just what I have booked and where, how many nights, departure airports etc... When I use Concur to create expense reports it asks me for every single piece of information THAT WAS GENERATED THROUGH CONCUR! I used the app to book the hotel, why does the app need me to tell it how many nights the stay was?! Why do I have to go looking though my email to find and screen grab receipts that were generated through the app? This thing is archaic and unintuitive. I am a tech savvy 40 year old who grew up with computers. Now back to locating receipts for things that I purchased via Concur, then uploading them to Concur.... Sound stupid? It is.
  • Please update 3/5

    By bhoneywell
    Great app, love being able to work with reports on the go. Desperately needs to be updated to work with the newest iPad Pro. Cannot view the entire app.
  • Receipt error 1/5

    By Cessna150J
    Can no longer submit expense reports without receipt even though it says I can ( there is no submit) button after the warning pops up. With this error the app is basically unusable for me and that’s why I gave a one star review.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By kdoyler
    My company is making me use this App/service. I like my company less for making me use this garage. I love my company but seriously thinking of leaving for forcing to use concur.
  • Keeps going down hill 2/5

    By Madison Burris
    The app, itself, is great...when it works. If you enjoy filling out the same forms over and over because the app crashes 70% of the time, then you are in luck! If you sort by most critical reviews, you’ll notice there are tons for very recently. This a is wonderful app for business travelers, or at least it used to be. Seems they don’t keep up with updates which makes the app very difficult and frustrating to use effectively.
  • Expense it 4/5

    By issues with Expense It
    The App has improved tremendously. The Expense it option still has issues. It does not read sometimes and there is no option to cancel the transaction.
  • No customer service 1/5

    By Drac IV
    Been trying to reset my password via emails with no luck . Contact numbers don’t work. Great customer service ...
  • Poor - as expected 1/5

    By Ffirioj
    Lives up to every other experience offered by concur - abysmal.
  • Really bad app! 1/5

    By Marquez827
    Too many details when trying to do hotel fare the receipt itself should count!!!! Specially when on the road 99% of the time and have minimum time to do expenses.
  • App shuts down all the time 1/5

    By Unhappy User1012
    Very unstable app in the mobile version. You are half way through booking and app shuts down... you try again and same thing... SAP should know how to develop user friendly stable mobile version of their products.
  • Useless 1/5

    By David1977blackwell
    Poorly designed. I am able to log into the website fine but the app keeps telling me my password expired. Two password changes and three app reinstalls later.. I give up. I will just use the website I guess.
  • Update broke app 1/5

    By Ken_L_
    As numerous other reviews have stated, the latest update basically broke the app. It crashes every time I try to launch it. Uninstalled and reinstalled; no change. Updated iOS to latest version (12.1.3 on iPhone 7) and no change.
  • Missing settings option 1/5

    By ronrodriguez4
    On load app says I must set PIN in iPhone settings. That option doesn't exist. Absolutely cannot access this app.
  • Not great 2/5

    By Magahlf
    This app is so bad at reading the receipts, gets the amount, type, vendor etc. wrong every time. I can’t chose multiple receipts for multiple expenses and load up at the same time, it thinks it is 1 receipt with multiple pages. There’s no upload history to review what has been uploaded. The ExpenseIt app was much better at reading receipts from pictures...
  • Fix business purpose 1/5

    By yook
    Months later, still the same: After new update the “business purpose” line almost always deletes your entry, making you have to write it out a second time. If you upload a receipt or fill out any part of the expense first it makes you refill out the “business purpose” line twice about 100% of the time. Updating my review to one star as this is still an issue. Whatever doesn’t autopopulate requires you to enter the information twice almost every time. It’s gotten to the point where I will “select all” and copy what I type so that I can just repaste it. Please fix!!!!
  • Doesn’t play well with ios, WHY? 1/5

    By Bad $
    This app isn't compatible with the new iOS 12.1.1 and on the new gen 3 ipad pro 12.9. Concur refuse to admit they have an issue here and does not have any customer service support either. A very difficult company to work with. Concur has stumbled consistently. To this point Concur is hardly compatible with the new the new hardware Apple has released and they offer no apology for it. Most notably the screens on the Gen 3 ipad are most always truncated and make it extremely difficult to fully process reports. Furthermore, the extremely slow and minimally existent support has no clue this even occurring let alone what to do or even interested in engaging to find out the issue. As much as it is a tremendous idea what they do it is carried out by poor leadership that doesn't value their customer base. Buyers beware of the purveyor!
  • Does not work on iPad Pro 12.9 3rd generation 1/5

    By US Governor
    Love the app. Worked great on iPad Pro 2nd generation. Not formatted for iPad Pro 3rd generation. The “+” to add a new expense and the decimal point are not present. Works great on iPhone XR
  • Does not work on iPad Pro 12.9 3rd generation 1/5

    By US Governor
    Love the app. Worked great on iPad Pro 2nd generation. Not formatted for iPad Pro 3rd generation. The “+” to add a new expense and the decimal point are not present. Works great on iPhone XR
  • Solid performance 5/5

    By Woodforest NB User
    Simply having the app available on the same device where the images of receipts have been captured reduces steps needed to submit expense reports, and I can do it without going to in to work. So that’s great. App is functional and fairly simple to use, performing solidly without flair.
  • Doesn’t work with iPad Pro 2/5

    By mikermyers
    It is therefore making my evaluation very easy
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By TorgueCA
    I like the app, but if you need a phone number to get personal help then you are out of luck. I had to cancel my whole trip and rebook to make a minor flight change
  • Doesn’t work well on latest iPad Pros 2/5

    By LN111
    Screens don’t work well, buttons not accessible
  • Where are my receipts? 3/5

    By MicroSurvey
    The app works most of the time, though I wish it was still just Concur without the sap.
  • Receipt crop removed 2/5

    By SparksC78
    Rather disapponted in the removal of the receipt cropping capability since expenseit became integrated into the app.
  • Awful expense report filing functionality 1/5

    By unhappy user 1029384756
    The old ExpenseIt Pro app was great. Then SAP chose to force users to use this piece of trash as of 2019. It doesn’t work. It can’t read receipts. It crashes often and easily. Why? Why? Why? What a dumpster fire of an attempt at streamlining. Get bent, Concur.
  • Unable to upload receipts 1/5

    By Veerakvs
    Hi babe to upload receipts from iPhone Xs. Shows errors

SAP Concur app comments

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