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  • Current Version: 9.73.1
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SAP Concur App

Business often takes you out of the office and onto the road - so shouldn't your travel and expense solution be able to go with you? With the SAP Concur app, it can. Access the power of SAP Concur on your mobile device and book business travel in the cab, finish expense reports in the airport, and approve invoices on the bus. *This app is a companion to Concur solutions for existing users.* With the SAP Concur app, you can: • Manage the entire travel and expense process on-the-go • Never lose another receipt again when you capture photos of your receipts • Quickly review and approve reports, invoices, travel requests • Add attendees to business meetings or meals • Import data from credit cards • Book a flight / hotel / car quickly and easily from anywhere • See customized hotel suggestions • Itemize hotel charges • Access and manage your itinerary on the road • Integrate your itinerary with the TripIt app • Track and submit car mileage easily • And more Learn more at Must be an existing Concur Small Business edition, Concur Standard edition, Concur Professional edition or Concur Premium edition user.

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  • The user interface is very clunky and time consuming 2/5

    By Gjgdsgibcfyhvcddy
    Like many people, I add all my meals/transportation for late nights in a single sitting when I can carve it out. A few easy fixes: 1. Receipt previews should show the entire receipt or have a zoom feature. When you have to manually enter the information from that receipt, it’s a huge pain to have to keep clicking the receipt, memorize date/cost/name then try to enter those fields below. 2. Give an option to select multiple individual expenses and apply specific field text to the client/type/comment fields. For example, I will have upwards of 20-30 late night meal allowances and taxi rides to enter. I would very much like to apply Taxi to all the taxis, add late night ride home to the comments, and the same client to all of them.
  • Very Slow and Buggy 3/5

    By TGarrett
    Decent app and helpful. However, it is very buggy and sometimes takes several minutes, as in more than 5, to load. I’m running it on an iPhone X with the latest iOS and latest version of Concur. Very frustrating when all you need to do is upload some expenses.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By J-Luis79
    I have to give you guys a bad review sorry I updated it and now I can not create an exp report on the exp report name why I don’t no sorry no pacients I’m removing you from my phone making space thanks
  • Cheats on location ask 1/5

    By mv123
    So if you try to toggle the settings for the app to Location access - Never it will keep defaulting to Ask even though it never asks. And btw Concur does not show up under Settings for Privacy and Location which I don’t understand. So the only place to change the privacy setting for the app is under the app itself and you can’t change it to Never. And what is Apple doing about this violation ?
  • Fix this now 1/5

    By Rollerburn
    After the last update the text in the blue tab area is super faint to the point you cannot even see it. Cancel and save are not visible. FIX NOW!
  • Good but needs more 4/5

    By andyvaz92
    I really appreciate this app but why isn’t the required field of “purpose of trip” under the concur drive when you input manually?!?!? Seems silly as I input the purpose into the comments section but then I have to go back put in person after I move it. This is so frustrating!
  • Bad system and low quality app 1/5

    By Scott G 461966
    This is probably the worst app and the worst expense account system I have ever seen. It would be hard to design a system this inefficient if I tried. It’s hard to imagine intelligent people would saddle their company with this system.
  • I hate this app. 1/5

    By Mr Goopers
    Not easy at all. Receipts randomly don’t save. Really just duplicates the work that I already don’t have for expense reports. Needs some serious work. No clue why the ratings are so high. Employees of Concur?
  • Made a terrible part of my job enjoyable 5/5

    By State5027
    This is the type of application that truly makes your life better. Prior to this, I had to submit multi page paper expense reports, taking weeks upon weeks to get reimbursed. Now, if I submit an expense report by Monday the money is in my account by Friday. Everything about this app is excellent. I simply snap pictures of receipts to enter them. Honestly, it is easier for me to do my own expense reports on my phone than it is to have my assistant do them. In the past, on a business trip with multiple people, I would always shy away from paying for the Uber because it was just one more page to my expense report. Now, I don’t even hesitate. On top of that, I love approving expense reports. I immediately get a notification when one of my subordinates submits a report. I can review it on my phone while I’m waiting for a meeting to start. I can drill down into the comments about the individual expenses without having to flip through a huge stack of paper. In the past, I would let expense reports stack up on my desk until they got to the point where I had to deal with them. Now, it doesn’t take longer than five minutes for me to approve a report from the time I receive it. There might be better programs out there for expense reports. However, coming from a paper system, I can’t be happier. This has taken a part of my job that I absolutely despised and turned it into something that is quick and easy. I am saving time, money, and frustration. I can’t recommend concur enough. As a sidenote, I also have access to TripIt as part of my company’s subscription to concur. While I don’t book travel very often, TripIt makes life very easy. This is especially true when I’m going to unfamiliar airports or when my plans change on short notice. The integration between TripIt and concur is excellent. Edit: I almost forgot, adding attendees to business meals is incredibly easy. Concur even warns me when I’m exceeding my daily per diem for food.
  • Onerous login process 2/5

    By numatt04
    This app used to be significantly more convenient because you could open it and immediately start working. Now it requires an onerous SSO login every time it opens. It doesn’t support password auto fill, so you have to type in your full email and password every time. The two-factor auth frequently fails on the first attempt with an unknown error, requiring starting over again. How about Face ID support or an option to stay logged in?
  • Horrible 1/5

    By screwconcuritsucks
    The app is crap. I can’t seem to seamlessly use this thing at all without constant errors. I’m usually forced to use the website on my computer because the app basically stops working. Not only that but after submitting reports I often find that some receipts and documents weren’t saved even though I double and triple checked. Terrible.
  • Do not use if you want to keep employees 1/5

    By Snowpyle
    The company I work for started requiring Concur. Simply put....completely useless. You cannot book anything through the app. Everything requires calling them, which will also charge the company extra....
  • Unfortunately there is nothing less than a one star. 1/5

    By FlyinBryan01
    I’d give this app a -5star rating. I’m not sure if the app programmers actually read these. This latest version is a total dog. If you want double entries in your expense report without being able to get the receipts and wasting your valuable time taking screenshots of the receipts and attaching them to the actual expense doubling your time and effort, then this app is for you. Enjoy wasting your time. Why companies use this pile of excrement is beyond me. It used to work great, now it’s is just terrible and totally unreliable.
  • Like the app 5/5

    By Chiefreigncloud
    I absolutely love the app but one been logged out; I’m able to access my account via the web but the app tells me that they don’t recognize my login information and I’m confused as to why
  • iOS update problems 2/5

    By Joeymuggsagain
    I would normally have rated this 4 stars but every time iOS updates, my login credentials are no longer recognized. The last two updates I was able to uninstall the app and reinstall it. Now with the latest iOS update it does not recognize my credentials even after reinstallation. I am now forced to delete the app altogether.
  • Crash crash crash 1/5

    By Arlo2K
    This is supposed to be a business app but it crashes all of the time. Upload a receipt? Crash. Move to a report? crash. Search for attendees? Not there (but they are). Unfortunately this is what my company uses.
  • Can’t enter multiple expenses 2/5

    By Ticked in FL
    iPhone app will not allow me to put in multiple expenses. I have to completely close the app and re-enter to put in my next expense. Bad bug!
  • Question 1/5

    By nurse?
    Why does it take so long for reimbursement! Up to three weeks is crazy !
  • Great for most functions! 4/5

    By JPCraig82
    This is really nice to have on your phone, but there are few things you can’t do in the one-way rental cars and put multiple flights on the same itenerary.
  • Amazing 1/5

    By Bengineer83
    They made something with a user interface that’s worse than Vista.
  • Broken - Cannot Login 9.73.1 1/5

    By iPhonedale
    Okay, this is no fun. Update for 9.73.1 breaks the ability to login using an iPhone. I tried resetting my PIN 3 times without success only to come here and see others users are experiencing the same problem. Can we get a fix for this blunder like ASAP? FYI the update works on my iPad...
  • Update failed 3/5

    By octoberupdate
    No longer recognizes email or password!
  • Major bugs with IOS 13.1 and IPhone 11 Pro Max 1/5

    By techgeek32
    I can’t search and add an approver in order to submit an expense report. No response from the developer. Fortunately I have a backup Android device and was able to submit several expense reports that were due today for our fiscal year end. Noting but problems with this app on the IOS side. I will keep recommending that our company find another provider. It works about 50% of the time.
  • Small business beware 1/5

    By Happiful
    Absolutely horrendous customer support and service. It took forever to onboard our business because their staff kept cancelling appointments due to personal reasons. We finally canceled our service after only using the it for a couple of weeks and they charged us for the weeks it took for them to actually start our service. They also charged us for the time we waited to speak with someone about canceling the service. You will spend many weeks waiting to speak with someone and be very disappointed when they finally talk to you. Just stay with quickbooks. They have much better customer service.
  • Great to Good 2/5

    By WhyIsANicknameRequiredOMG
    Actually much worse than good...this application used to be easy and intuitive to use, efficient and mostly bug free and now it has “evolved” to be not only infuriating but entirely dysfunctional with surprising new failures with each recent update. Is anyone else using this application? I cannot imagine. And unfortunately the website has become equally useless - I cannot execute the most fundamental activities with all of the “improvements”.
  • Latest update issues 1/5

    By drjdgiteghtcvyr
    The latest update did nothing but make the app freeze up and remains on a blank screen!!!
  • Crashes on startup 1/5

    By The Apple Alchemist
    Wow! Did anyone try using this before releasing? Crashes on startup. I deleted the app and reinstalled. It still crashes. What’s the point of releasing this? I expect this from a lone developer not a legit business.
  • Where is the ‘request’ option 1/5

    By Dudh
    Your new update completely removed the ‘request’ option.
  • Great when it works 2/5

    By Asqcqa
    So sick and tired of it constantly logging me out and never recognizes my password. I try to reset and it just keeps looping. Takes forever to finally get back into it. Will work fine for a few weeks and then for no reason just log out and not recognize me at all.
  • Used to work great 1/5

    By Karlthered
    Newest updates not working. Keep get an error connecting to server. Used to be a solid app. Not sure what happened but right now it’s totally useless.
  • Lacks and intuitive menus 1/5

    By Travis McGee Junkie
    Don’t use it for frequently, asks me to create reports but no next button or feedback re next steps.
  • App keep going offline while working 1/5

    By nick name huh?
    App keep going offline while working making start over on each expense causing more time during expenses
  • Very Difficult / Worst App EVER 1/5

    By Dawgman1982
    The app does not list all cities in each state! That is problematic on several fronts. It also doesn't carry the dates through to the main report and no itemizing. I think the app is cumbersome to use. I'm not a fan particularly. There are others that are better. It also takes forever to download a receipt. Recently changes made that you can’t see the menu in the upper left corner.
  • Wish my company didn’t utilize 1/5

    By JRS06
    With the latest App Store update, most recent iPhone, and full WiFi connection; this expense reporting application for mobile phones has major issues. Want to add an expense to an existing report? You’ll get an error message and have to hit the ‘back’ button. After waiting for a loading screen, you hit submit a second time, get a loading screen again before it will be added. Once added, add the details for the expense(category, type, attendees, itemize, etc.) and they don’t save, followed by another loading screen. These are just a few of the problems. I always make sure to have the latest update of the app and unfortunately my organization continues to use this time wasting expense reporting system when there are other options available. Let the agony continue - it’s been going on for years with Concur.
  • Ios13 broke Concur 1/5

    By CaseyErika
    Ever since ios13 half of uploaded receipts are lost and functionality has been lost when matching expenses. Every expense must immediately be added to a report, as opposed to a batch transfer which was previously an option. App is also very slow, bordering on unresponsive. Needs an update badly
  • There is a bug inputting info into receipt expenses 3/5

    By Olivia Celeste
    Submitting receipts was really easy on my phone until I updated the other day. Now when I create an expense, everything that I input into the fields refuses to save and I have found myself just now trying literally 4 times to input the same information, and even though I hit save every time, it takes me back to the receipt page with none of the info saved. Please fix this bug it is super, super annoying
  • Used to be good 1/5

    Used to be good.. They screwed it up with the latest update. Expenses keep disappearing.. why would the app choose to move expenses to reports??
  • Needs Files Integration 3/5

    By NJKnight
    Seems hard to believe that we’re nearly in the year 2020 but Concur can’t attach receipts stored in Files. Maybe I missed it, but seems impossible to add any receipts that were emailed to you as PDFs. Taking pictures of paper receipts is necessary but not even my majority usage!
  • After entering settings 1/5

    By Boboobobboobobobobbo
    After you click settings menu you have to close app yo get out of it as there is no back button. When booking a flight be aware the seat selection is false and doesn’t actually reserve your seat. Best to book via airline or change seat immediately upon reservation.
  • Total crap 1/5

    By AheadAhead
    Crashes every time I try to view hotel itemizations
  • Constant re install app due to stability issues 1/5

    By Drew_e_f
    I like the app but have to reinstall once a week. The app will get into a state where it constantly crashes when I try to use and the only way to fix is to reinstall. I have an iPhone 8+ SW 12.2. I have done software updates in the past and it has not addressed the issue and is a consistent problem.
  • Crashing 3/5

    By Huskystriker18
    Until recently I’ve had no issue with this app. I can do my expense reports easily, check my flight status as often as needed; no problem! But recently the app keeps crashing soon after I start using it. I was flying back from Toronto this morning and went to check the app to see what terminal and gate my plane was at and couldn’t get it to work!
  • Latest release and iOS 13.1.1 has removed the blue row at bottom for scanning receipts 3/5

    By Mhooks
    For some reason the latest release has removed the bottom blue row for taking pictures of receipts. Please fix.
  • Approval option is not available 1/5

    By VeliaCox
    Working with our TMC to have the approval option live on our app. Help us Concur!!
  • Receipts disappearing 3/5

    By jimmy-a
    Love the app but lately receipts that I take a picture to load, shows as loaded, then later they disappear. I have been throwing my receipts away once I have it loaded, but now am finding myself in a bind because I no longer have my receipts. Please fix!!!
  • App no longer working 1/5

    By daharrell
    Since receiving a new iPhone, the Concur app is no longer working. It tells me my login information is incorrect, even though I can use it to login to the web. Also, it will not send out a password reset link.
  • Bugs 3/5

    By Gr8 6
    Seems to have more bugs than usual lately. When trying to create a new report, after you have entered all the heading information there is no, “next” button or any other way to get of that page. When trying to attach receipts under the “expenses” tab, there is no way to navigate back to the list of available expenses once you have attached an image. Lastly, I’ve had several issues with receipts actually saving once I have taken a picture. I have to redundantly have them stored on my phone as well.
  • PDF Expenseit 5/5

    By MicroSurvey
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for adding the ability to scan PDF’s to Expenseit. This has simplified my life considerably!! THANK YOU!!
  • Update Created Bug 1/5

    By BStick_2001
    I recently updated to IOS 13 and the Concur app update. Since then i have experienced issues in uploading a recipe and coding the expense. The Save button disappears after the receipt is uploaded. The app has to be closed and then restarted in order to code the expense.

SAP Concur app comments

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