Scan, Bag, Go

Scan, Bag, Go

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  • Current Version: 3.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: The Kroger Co.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Scan, Bag, Go App

Scan, Bag, Go puts the shopping experience back into the hands of the customer. Use the Scan, Bag, Go application in your local Kroger-owned store to scan your items as you shop! Curious how it works? Let me tell you about it: 1. Log into the Scan, Bag, Go application using your web digital login which includes email and password. 2. Use Scan, Bag, Go to scan items as you shop and bag the way you like. Don’t stress about shopping anymore, we’ll keep a running total of your order to help you keep on budget! 3. Checkout is fast and easy – just look for the Scan, Bag, Go Logo in your store’s Self-Checkout area. Scan the Scan, Bag, Go barcode on the register, pay, and be on your way! 4. If you want to use your smartphone to pay…go ahead and do it! Click ‘Pay Now’ anytime you are ready to pay. Log into your Digital Wallet, select the card to use, and be on your way from anywhere in our store! Watch a video here: To use the Scan, Bag, Go application, you'll need to sign up for a web digital login. If you have the Kroger (or other Kroger-owned banner) Application downloaded already, it’s the same login you use for that. Soon, you’ll be able to go directly from the Kroger application to your Scan, Bag, Go application to begin your shopping trip! Scan, Bag, Go is currently available at select Kroger owned stores. Please check out the ‘Store Locator’ feature for current participating Scan, Bag, Go locations or go to for more information. Banner stores supported include: Baker’s, Dillons, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, King Soopers, Kroger, Owens, Payless, QFC, Ralphs, and Smith’s

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Scan, Bag, Go app reviews

  • Great app, terrible reliability 1/5

    By GS Dearborn
    There’s nothing better than scanning a cart full of groceries and flying through checkout. But too often that cart that you carefully scanned is wasted because the app crashes and loses you cart... then you’re stuck going through the ridiculously long lines anyways. Kroger needs to figure out whether they want this to work or not! Kroger gives you a nice app and then fails miserably to support it!
  • Won’t sync up 1/5

    By pchtwll123454321
    Couldn’t get my app to sync in the store. Went to customer service and they couldn’t help either. Sad you took out all Your scanners. That is the main reason I continue to go to Kroger’s for the scan bag and go convenience. I will to other stores for the same Or LOWER prices.
  • Works, except when it doesn’t 2/5

    By ArbysMom
    My store put the scanners nowhere near the grocery section so either I walk the length of the store or I use this app. It works well IF I delete it and reinstall it every three weeks. I shop about twice a week so about every 5-6 times I use it. It’s rare to get through an entire session without getting Item Not Found because it misreads the bar code. Luckily the employees at self checkout know me and understand what happens. I prefer using it because I can control it easier than the scanner and this way nobody else has to touch my purchases. Since the pandemic that matters to me. It also allows me to bag my own groceries the way I want. But the two stars is because the store needs IT help or better WiFi, or both.
  • Kroger needs IT help 1/5

    By Michael F. Taylor
    I always try, emphasis on try, to use this app when I shop. I am successful maybe 50% of the time at best. The processing time is incredibly slow, and often times out. This leads me to believe that Kroger either skimps on bandwidth or infrastructure. Then again, I question whether the programmers of the self checkout software have actually ever shopped for groceries.
  • Hit or miss if it will work 1/5

    By Crysdbre
    The last time I used it I got all the way to checkout and then it gave me an error And I had to scan everything at the register anyway. Waste of time. Get a lot of item not recognized when I scan an item and then when I try again it adds that item twice. Also doesn’t work for early morning shopping.
  • Rarely works 1/5

    By Kaarix2
    Rarely works and seems to lose your shopping trip about half the time.
  • Helps if it works.... 2/5

    By bstrong71
    This app would be great if it worked consistently. Only works well about half the time at Kroger. Disappointing
  • Not before 9 am 1/5

    By jvmccloud
    This needs to work before 9 am. It should be available at all times especially since the store doesn’t have enough registers open and won’t bag our items.
  • Never works anymore 1/5

    By BulldogThunder
    I used this all the time. Now it says it’s unavailable when you log in. Guess I’ll be shopping more at Meijer
  • Sore stars 1/5

    By Austii_
    I’ve given this app 4 tries. And every. Single. Time. I go to check out. It wipes out my entire $300 order. This app has got to be fixed Bc it is u acceptable to the users to do this each time !!! Extremely frustrating. !!!!!
  • Awful experience 1/5

    By fuxfuxfux
    I don’t understand how this app is still available to download. It seems like no one at Kroger really cares enough to fix it. The reviews and ratings speak for themselves. Today was the first time we used it, since our store migrated away from the handheld scanners. The scanners were great: convenient, reliable, and fast. The app is full of bugs. In one case, I was scanning an item and received an error. I scanned again, and again got an error. When I scanned it the 3rd time, the item appeared in my basket 3 times (so it DID add it the first two times). You cannot scan bakery items in it. A pretzel is code 2365 - easy to scan in the store, but not so much on the app. What’s really sad is that there was a good solution, and someone - in their infinite wisdom - decided to change it into this piece of garbage. I am now forced to stand in line and shop - which removes this one advantage that my store had over Publix.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By Nella Darb
    Somethings it would scan items. Somethings it wouldn’t scan and some items that were on sale would not come up on sale. Once I was through and went up to check out it lost everything in my cart. I ended up having to check out the old fashion way. It was a waste of my time. If it worked properly I could see it being a great app.
  • Worst of all the grocery store apps 1/5

    By Tchortie
    This app is worthless compared to other stores of similar and larger size apps for scanning. Constantly gives errors of not scanning, when you get an error employees at checkout employees have zero training so they are no help. When I have to try and use it makes me appreciate Meijer, Giant Eagle, and Sam’s Club even more!
  • Doesn’t recognize it’s own store! 1/5

    By Trucker4Life0485
    I go to Newport ky quite often which is listed. And I sign in when I get in the store and it don’t recognize the location. Yet when I go to the list of enabled stores, it’s listed as enabled. I’ve used this app in the past and used it successfully. But now it is just nonfunctional.
  • Klunky and not user friendly 1/5

    By Mundstermom
    I have tried to use this app twice now and it is extremely klunky and not user friendly at all! I use other scan and go shopping apps and love the convenience but this is not convenient at all. The purpose is to scan your items, pay for them on the app and walk out of the store with your groceries. Each time I have used it, I was forced to go through the self check out, stand in a LONG line and use the register to pay for my items. What is the point in that!!
  • Great concept but... 2/5

    By Fbd206
    It’s a great concept but very buggy. Crashes a lot or can’t scan item. Would be nice if you could log in a see your account with out having to be at the store.
  • mixed feelings 3/5

    By seahawk_12s
    this app could be great but when you scan something and it doesn’t find the item, you are required to go to self checkout to resolve it which defeats the purpose of being able to pay through the app. they probably do it that way so you don’t walk out of the store with an item that didn't scan. in reality, the person at the self checkout just types in their code and never checks anything anyways. the problem items almost always scan again on the second try so its a real pain with a simple fix
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Less Than Impressed Shopper
    I'm confused as to how a grocery giant such as Kroger would use this as their scanning app. I have tried this twice now and can't even get past the set-up! Kroger has locations within about 5 miles of each other throughout the entire city of Indianapolis, yet, in the "location" drop down within the app, it shows only 1 store about 40 minutes from me. That's after their "location detection" failed to locate me at all! I would love to use this feature to speed up my trips to the store, however, this app is not ready yet.
  • Works ok. 3/5

    By Harleyjt
    Used for the first time today. Once o figured it out it worked ok. Next time I’ll take some bags with me and nag as I go. Also will try to figure out how to pay through the app rather than the checkout. 3 issues I noted all dealing with signing into the app. First I see no option for Touch ID to sign. Second when entering ones password there is no option to show the password being typed in. Thirdly, a box asks if I want to sign on using my Kroger credentials. When answered yes, it simply loads the regular Kroger app and lets me use Touch ID to sign in. But once signed in to the Kroger app it does not redirect to the SBG app but rather stays on the Kroger app and I see no way to get back to the SBG app.
  • Crashed Twice, Erased Session 2/5

    Spent 90 minutes scanning all my items into this app. Went to self checkout and scanned the kiosk barcode. The app said “scanning...” and took almost a minute. Gave me an error message saying something about technical error and then it erased my entire session. I had to re-scan all my items. This is the second week in a row that this has happened. Used to work great. Not sure why m wasting my time with this app.
  • Works almost never 1/5

    By BillyThaNinja
    Always fails to transfer my scanned items to the self check out. I do everything as prompted. Press scan bag and go on the self check out, scan the checkout barcode, then I get an error code and my cart gets erased. The Kroger employees never have any idea how to resolve. Given it several chances. Worked 1/10 times.
  • Wasted opportunity 1/5

    By More Tritone
    Can no longer log in. Wasted opportunity. Your YouTube reference is not a link. Made me laugh. Suggest you pull the app from the AppStore.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By cammymomma
    Downloaded this app on my Apple XS Max and it refuses to let me sign in. I tried resetting password 3 times and still won’t let me log in. I recommend not wasting your time with this app. They obviously have issues they are unwilling to fix.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Mariah31
    I just used this app for the 1st time with my Lotus Trolley bags. It was a great, very satisfying shopping trip!
  • We use it all of the time!!! 5/5

    By Dave Lucente
    Love using this app!
  • So far so bad 1/5

    By Love music?
    I downloaded this app today because the scan bag go scanners at my local grocery haven’t been working recently. So I downloaded this before leaving for the grocery. Got to the store and the app couldn’t connect. It stated it “couldn’t find my store” despite the fact I was standing in it. Waste of time
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Carter37912
    I want this app to work at Kroger for me really badly. It never works and always says “Error please try again later”. I even tried getting a new Kroger card and signing up with a different email. Same results. Very disappointed and I will be uninstalling. Hopefully something better will become available.
  • App is great until it’s not 3/5

    By Kokomo85
    This app was a great time saver for me. However if something scans incorrectly it makes you check out with a checker at the front. The whole point of using the app is to bypass that part. To get around this I found that you can cancel your order and start over if you’re not too far into your shopping trip. Well it mis-scanned multiple times leading to multiple cancelled orders, and I was locked out. To unlock it said to check in with a manager. So I ask a manager and she said “we don’t do that anymore.” Which she either lied or is ignorant to it. Either way there is a problem. This led to hours on the phone resulting in them telling me to try the manager again who thinks they don’t use the app anymore. Employees are not trained or in some cases unaware it exists making it difficult to resolve any issues.
  • Shopping List Not Integrated 1/5

    By :$3!!:&!/?
    I love the idea of this app, why fill your shopping cart, only to empty it out onto a conveyor belt, and then put it all back in your cart again; when you can just scan, bag, and go. The concept seems simple and efficient. Unfortunately the execution is terrible. I’m unable to view my Kroger shopping list within this app, so I have to switch back and forth between the 2 apps for every. single. item. on. my. list. It’s too cumbersome to even bother.
  • Stopped Working. No Help To Be Found 1/5

    By Perpetually Restarting
    This was a wonderful app until it suddenly stopped working. The error message instructed me to contact Kroger management. The issue is that the store management have never heard of the app. They referred me to the Kroger help line. After bouncing around automated attendants for an hour I finally got a human on the line that had never heard of the app. I was then passed around some more until I found another attendant that said “Wow! This sounds like a great app. I wish I had known about it”. The attendant put me on hold for 10 minutes to later give me instructions to go to the app menu to enter in a code to fix the issues. The menu options given do not existing the app!!They were to call me back with additional assistance but after two weeks no call. Do not waste your time downloading this app or shopping with Kroger. Do what I did and shop elsewhere. Apparently the app is designed to frustrate customers so they take their business to another chain.
  • Slow, slow and slow! 1/5

    By Jilli-Boo
    It’s faster to go through a regular checkout process. Until they beef up their network, I won’t use again.
  • Not working anymore 2/5

    By salona
    This app was such a time saver for me when I shopped at Kroger but has not worked for the last 3 weeks. It either says there is an error or it won’t update the items I scan. I tried resetting my password but it didn’t work. I hope you fix the bugs. Meijer’s scan app consistently works well.
  • I’m the Cart Pusher 4/5

    By Evanbcox
    With my wife and I go to the grocery store I’m the one pushing my car and she’s the one grabbing things from the shelf. This app lets me scan everything as she places it in the cart so that when we get to the self check out there’s no battling the scales and other issues.I really love when technology is integrated to make things quicker. However, logging in as a real pain. If you could integrate this with the Kroger app so that I could automatically sign in through it that would be great. It asked me if I would like to use my Kroger login, but all it does is take me to the Kroger app. Maybe you need to optimize it for the latest iOS to work. Currently there are too many barriers to make opening it up worth the effort. Open app...use Kroger opens Kroger app....I have to reopen the app...use password doesn’t recognize face for password app cause masks in stores...type in password from the app selects store. And now I’m stressed haha! Once you fix that issue of login with the Kroger app I will be super happy.
  • Scan scream and ditch 1/5

    By Ealkma
    Nothing would scan despite having a high quality iPhone camera. Data does transfer back and forth with the handheld device nicely. Though I feel like if the app worked, you wouldn’t need this feature much. I found this out because I had to switch over to the handheld device since the app wouldn't scan anything. Then the handheld device died and there were zero left to use. I switched back to the app for payment. Seriously, a nightmare. This has such potential- PLEASE FIX!
  • Mixed 3/5

    By 3momgna
    I appreciate being able to scan as I go, bag how I prefer (baggers STILL don’t know how to pack a reusable shopping bag) and pay through the much faster express lanes. However, it would be so much better if the shopping list on the Kroger app was integrated into this app. Going between the two is frustrating.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Rvn1966
    Why bother having an app that doesn’t work and has no support? I keep getting a message that says see manager for technical support and store management has no idea what’s going on with this app.
  • Very slow and very glitchy... 1/5

    By TheDustMite
    I used this app for the first time and it’s performance was so terrible that my grocery trip took much longer than normal. After scanning an item it took a significant amount of time for the system to find it and add to my online cart. When it came time to weigh produce, that process was even slower and the app crashed once. Luckily, it was able to recover my order once reopened. After moving on from weighing produce, the app started giving an error message on every item I scanned and would not continue building my order. I had to continue adding items to my physical shopping cart with the intent to check those items out separately at the front of the store. Once I was ready to pay for the items that successfully scanned into the app, I received an error message that said my order was ‘empty’ when there was clearly 20+ items waiting to be purchased. In the end, I ended up giving up on the app and at the store’s self-checkout rescanning my entire order.
  • Won’t work, no customer service 1/5

    By Gldndgs
    The app would not work for me and Kroger has no technical support
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Adillon.39
    I, along with other iSO users, have tried to use the app in our local Kroger store but it will not work. At all! The app says it is compatible with our iPhone but still nothing. Would like to be able to use this app.
  • Went to hell 1/5

    By ChrisDeluca
    Went from “The best app ever” to “doesn’t work at all” and no apparent effort to fix. Don’t bother with this pile of crap.
  • When it works... 3/5

    By Nowar99
    When it works, it’s pretty good. The big problem is that if it doesn’t recognize an item the first time you try to scan it, you have to deal with someone at self-checkout who is managing 10 customers at once. This is true even if you the rescan the item and the app finds it (which almost always happens). A simple fix would be to provide an automatic option to rescan the item when there is an error and it doesn’t find it the first time around so that there is not something for the self checkout people to fix.... Would be a great app if the law problems were fixed. Please fix this problem and I’d up this to 5 stars.
  • We are experiencing technical difficulties 1/5

    By YouTuber2015
    The app was working great until late March-April. For some reason my store removed all the scanners months prior, maybe around Christmas time, and I was forced to use the mobile app if I wanted to use SBG. That’s fine. It came in handy when I was shopping in bulk at the beginning of March and was able to just select the quantity of an item vs the multiple scans. But then one day it just stopped working. I thought it was a bug but then a week later same thing. I thought it needed an update but nope the latest update didn’t fix it. Tried a family member’s phone, same thing. Tried other stores, same thing. Tried another account, kept happening. ‘We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try to use this feature again in a few moments’. It seems to be at all the stores around me in the Phoenix area. Very sad to see this feature removed. The only options now are to wait in line to be served or sit at self checkout trying to ring up all your items while customers, nor employees are able to maintain social distancing. Great work Kroger.
  • App crashed @ checkout lost cart 8/3/20 1/5

    By virtualpizza11
    The app crashed at self check out after scanning the self checkout register and the my entire cart was lost.
  • Impossible to Use 1/5

    By TbG153
    I have been trying to use this app almost weekly for the past month, and it refuses to log me in. I have reset my password several times, but this does nothing. Great idea but the app is completely useless.
  • Honest review 2/5

    By darthvicki
    Started using my phone for this instead of the Kroger hand held scanners. It works great MOST of the time. Sometimes the app closes for no reason and if you start a new session you can transfer your order to the new session. Great, problem solved. But when it doesn’t work you’re screwed and have to go through the checkout line. Today it couldn’t retrieve my order total so I could pay. Restarting app didn’t fix it. So I ended up wasting a great deal of time and had to get in line anyway. Very frustrating.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By Art Tchr
    I have been using the app for the last several months but the last two times I’ve tried it won’t connect to my Kroger account to use. It’s very frustrating. If it is made by the Kroger company, integrate this feature as part of the Kroger app. Find a work around for the “item not found”. It causes hold ups at the check out line.
  • Completely skip the checkout line. 5/5

    By cmwalsh
    It has about a 2 minute learning curve with the most difficult part being produced (it’s still easy). Scan the items as you go and bag them. When you are done as long as you have you credit card saved in the system you can pay straight from the app and leave without waiting (show the self checkout person as you leave). I recently moved and choose a King Soopers further away because it has Scan Bag Go.
  • I can only conclude that Kroger is no longer supporting this app. NOTHING about it works! 1/5

    By nrvcarol
    The app takes forever to update after each item is scanned. I had to weigh each item of produce 3 or 4 times before it would update my order. The app kept crashing, 5 TIMES! Each time I had to relaunch it & transfer my shopping session. Then it would not allow me to submit payment, so I had to pay using the self service kiosk. I’ve finally concluded that I can no longer use the app, which is a shame, given the potential for it to make it easier to social distance.
  • Useless 1/5

    By jim 6543
    Not sure why this app exists. I’ve never been able to get it to work. I’ve only seen one person using this app one time out of all the times I’ve been in Kroger.