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  • Current Version: 3.1
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Scan, Bag, Go App

Scan, Bag, Go puts the shopping experience back into the hands of the customer. Use the Scan, Bag, Go application in your local Kroger-owned store to scan your items as you shop! Curious how it works? Let me tell you about it: 1. Log into the Scan, Bag, Go application using your web digital login which includes email and password. 2. Use Scan, Bag, Go to scan items as you shop and bag the way you like. Don’t stress about shopping anymore, we’ll keep a running total of your order to help you keep on budget! 3. Checkout is fast and easy – just look for the Scan, Bag, Go Logo in your store’s Self-Checkout area. Scan the Scan, Bag, Go barcode on the register, pay, and be on your way! 4. If you want to use your smartphone to pay…go ahead and do it! Click ‘Pay Now’ anytime you are ready to pay. Log into your Digital Wallet, select the card to use, and be on your way from anywhere in our store! Watch a video here: To use the Scan, Bag, Go application, you'll need to sign up for a web digital login. If you have the Kroger (or other Kroger-owned banner) Application downloaded already, it’s the same login you use for that. Soon, you’ll be able to go directly from the Kroger application to your Scan, Bag, Go application to begin your shopping trip! Scan, Bag, Go is currently available at select Kroger owned stores. Please check out the ‘Store Locator’ feature for current participating Scan, Bag, Go locations or go to for more information. Banner stores supported include: Baker’s, Dillons, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, King Soopers, Kroger, Owens, Payless, QFC, Ralphs, and Smith’s

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  • Love Scan Bag Go, but not the app 1/5

    By robynnealane
    I am a devout Scan Bag Go user. When I go to a Fry’s location without the option of Scan Bag Go, I am very disappointed. I refuse to do my weekly shopping trip without it even though it’s sometimes more convenient to go to a different location. Which is why I am so disappointed with my app experience. I was looking forward to being able to see a list of what I had scanned and paying through Kroger Pay more efficiently. I got logged in just fine and scanned all of my produce. I weighed my first produce item successfully and then my app crashed. I restarted, logged back in, it asked me if I wanted to resume my order, and then I got an error that told me to try again in a few minutes. After a few tries, I decided to go back to the tried-and-true scanner. Not a big deal - my phone can be spazzy so I’m not surprised that it gave me some issues. The real problem, though, came when I tried to switch to a scanner. When I put in my phone number, it retrieved the order I had started on my phone. It immediately showed a message about having scanned a produce scale and asking me to follow the directions on the screen or press Back. There was no screen with directions and pressing the back button just made the screen flash and then display the same message. Every other button on the scanner did the same thing. I switched back and forth between the scanner and the app multiple times and kept getting the same error messages on each device. My luck with Fry’s employees interacting with Scan Bag Go hasn’t been great, so I decided it was a better use of time just to gather my items and go through self checkout - which was undesirable, but better than trying to fumble through troubleshooting with someone who probably knew the system less well than I did. I completely understand if the app is buggy, especially on my phone, and was ready to try it and be underwhelmed. In that case, I would have moved on a kept using the scanners provided in store. But the fact that a glitchy app made it impossible for me to use Scan Bag Go at all during my trip was highly disappointing.
  • Got to the end and couldn’t check out 1/5

    By dFe_
    Got to the end and couldn’t check out. My Ralph’s store got rid of all their scan, bag, and go scanners but still offered the app. Logged in and scanned all my items no problem. Got to check out and was asked to login again. The keyboard covered the login button so I’m literally stuck and had to manually scan everything at check out. What a b****
  • Didn’t work 1/5

    By Masterfulspade
    The scanner doesn’t work, even after trying multiple times
  • Great App 1/5

    By East5871
    But totally dependent on the technical aptitude of the local Kroger which is generally woeful. Allow the app to work with cellular data and quit trying to force people to login to a dead Kroger network.
  • It’s Okay needs a lot of work 1/5

    By howmanynicknamesrtaken
    So, I’ve only use this app a couple of times. I wasn’t super impressed with it. So I stop using it. I recently attempted to use it again however I have changed banks and needed to update my payment methods. I have found absolutely no way in this app to change payment methods. So I guess I will not be using this app since there is no way for me to change my payment card method. There is also no way in the app to search for help for something such as how do I edit my personal information. Basic basic basic app functionality.
  • Crashed at checkout 1/5

    By RyanConifer
    Scanned and packed all my bags while I shopped just to have the app crash and lose my whole order on my first attempt at using the app :( I’ll stick to the handheld scanners for now
  • Still Gotta Go To Check Out Half the Time 3/5

    By AndrewMoss
    Great improvements recently, it’s getting there. Big issue now is that if the scanner miss-reads the barcode, you HAVE to go to the self checkout—but it’s not self checkout, so you gotta wait for an attendant. There should be an option to rescan if the item was not found.
  • Pitiful 1/5

    By Berniemtndog5
    This app has NEVER worked. I’ve tried multiple occasions at different stores and it always tells me they are having technical difficulties. Y’all need to get it together because I bet it cost a lot of money to have these scanners that no one can use. Zero stars.
  • Can never login. 1/5

    By DLB313
    Not sure if others have had the same issue but the Kroger in Royal Oak, Mi I have yet been able to successfully login. I verified my login (it says I’m logged) and I keep getting the error message that it’s some kind of network issue. I see a lot of people stop and pick up scanners try and figure it out then put it back and shop without it. Judging how busy Kroger gets on the weekends and all of the scanners are still at the station during peak hours, something isn’t working properly.
  • Terrible UX 1/5

    By Don Charlton
    First of all, sign in with Google doesn’t even work. Second, you can’t use email addresses that have a +, which is a perfectly valid email address. My excitement at streamlining my shopping process was immediately snuffed out by a very poor user experience, and now I’m stuck walking around with the scanner in my hand until I get to the front of the store.
  • Don’t use! Use handheld scanner instead. 1/5

    By WaffleMan6966
    We do produce at the end, had a full cart, app crashed when trying to weigh produce and couldn’t retrieve our shopping trip, had to go recheck everything again at self checkout
  • A Good Alternative to Your Normal Shopping Experience 4/5

    By Long John 1964
    I have been using Scan, Bag, Go (SBG) in my local market for several months, and I love it. It was first introduced to me when the store set up kiosks with their own scanners. Except for one shopping trip during which the scanner stopped working and I had to re-scan everything at the self-checkout line, it worked perfectly. It was easy to understand, though I had to have someone help me through the scan-and-weigh process for produce the first time I tried it, which is not intuitive. Many of their carts were outfitted with cradles for their scanners, which made them largely hands-free while not actively using them to scan. This changed yesterday when I walked into my local market and found the scanners had been locked up, and a sign on the kiosk with instructions on how to download and use the app. I looked at some of the reviews, and was not overly optimistic about it. However, it was either the SBG app or waiting in line after shopping and having someone bag my groceries who doesn’t know how. (I can’t tell you how many loaves of bread were destroyed after baggers buried them under the canned goods.) So I downloaded and installed SBG, set up and signed into my new account, and put the app through its paces. In my opinion, the bad reviews for SBG were probably largely unfounded. The SBG app was easier to use than the store-provided scanner, and since I keep my grocery list on my phone already, it was a simple matter to switch between SBG and Notes on the fly, which was seamless. SBG lost no data, and I did not have to sign in again when I switched back to it. The bar code on one item I purchased returned an “Item Not Found” error, but the bar code on the shelf tag gave the desired result, so I was able to get around that problem. (I had to move my iPhone around a few times to get the tiny shelf tag bar code to register.) It took 3 to 5 seconds to scan each item (the time it takes to send the data through your cell or wi-fi to the SBG server, process, and send data back to your device), which was much longer than the store scanners (0.5 to 2 seconds). My phone’s touch screen made navigation much easier than it was on the scanner, which had only buttons, and no touch screen. The app requires access to your GPS location (to identify the store where you are shopping) and camera (to scan the UPC bar codes). It will also require you to register your payment method if you wish to pay your bill directly on your phone, but you can use a self-checkout register to pay your bill instead. After trying out the SBG app, I don’t think I will ever go back to using the scanners again. While the app introduces a few inconveniences, the benefits over the scanners outweigh the difficulties, in my opinion. If you like this method of shopping, you will enjoy SBG.
  • No fuel points or purchase history 3/5

    By JB21386
    I love the app and the concept, it seriously changes everything about shopping at Kroger for me. However, I have this strange issue with the app where even though I select “login with Kroger credentials” of the Kroger app none of my purchases or fuel points ever show up the the Kroger app. I gave feedback in the Kroger app and customer service did contact me, but they were unable to figure anything out. Really disappointing I can’t use the app with this issue.
  • Fred Meyer + Continue with Google doesnt work 1/5

    By Brenner
    Tried to make an account, clicked on Fred Meyer, and the “continue with google” button doesn’t work. No thanks
  • Love this app 5/5

    By wiecheby
    This app keeps getting better and better! It makes my shopping so easy. I just wish more stores had it.
  • Getting better 5/5

    By kroger sbg user
    Getting better over time. Nice to have everything bagged the way I want and then only need to pay before I’m done.
  • No hyperbole: worst app of all time 1/5

    By Jason Pruitt
    EDIT: Just tried the update. App is unbelievably worse than my original review, which follows: Wow. I mean, wow. I know Kroger isn’t exactly a Silicon Valley company, but this app is the high water mark on abysmal offerings from companies trying to go high tech to compete. You can’t pre-configure the app to set it up without being on a Kroger WiFi network. So find a cozy corner of the grocery store to sit down with phone in hand like a dork to figure out how to get it up and running. Then, once you’ve gone through all the fun of configuring you get to scan. It’s slow and sad compared to every other app that does UPC scanning. Then, if you get to a self-checkout, the screen prompts you to scan a UPC. How does the user accomplish this? In the app, it’s simultaneously prompting the user to pay. You click that, at which point you are EXITED FROM THE APP TO THE KROGER WEBPAGE. Unreal. Then you are prompted to type in your card information (better go find that cozy corner in Kroger again to pull out your credit card and type out 24 digits, plus expiration, plus verification code, plus your name. I mean ... sure, they could have implemented Apple Pay on the app and this would have taken me 2 seconds with the card already stored in my iPhone and watch, BUT THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY AND CONVENIENT FOR THE USER, WOULDN’T IT? I would love to have been a fly on the wall during the meetings at Kroger’s corporate meeting room to have seen how these dinosaurs concocted the idea and execution of this app.
  • Works OK in Las Vegas 4/5

    By HammockChillin
    A bit of a pain to set up, but worked alright for me. Was still better than dealing with the lines :)
  • Great app 4/5

    By Brdldy5544
    I love Scan, Bag, Go! That is till the last update. Now, it can’t seem to find that I’m in a store that supports the app! I’m reloading it. Fingers crossed.
  • Legit trash 1/5

    By FckUbtchs
    Kroger just needs to get apple pay
  • When It Works, It’s Decent 2/5

    By Unforgivnn
    As many others have stated, just trying to get logged in to scan items is like boxing with the app. Says my password is incorrect when I know it’s not. Authenticating from the King Soopers app (my local Kroger store brand), nothing happens 80% of the time. That lucky 1 in 5 is when Scan Bag Go will decide to listen to the authentication and log me in. Once logged in, scanning groceries works great. However......I no longer have an option to pay from the app! Ever! No pay button. It vanished. The employees at my local King Soopers are totally stumped. They don’t know why it’s gone. So have extreme challenges logging in. Once I do get logged in, I cannot pay, which makes the app pointless as the handheld scanners are easier to use as you don’t have to battle using them initially. And prior, when I could pay, ApplePay is not an option (as others have said). I cannot use Face ID or Touch ID to login. And when I could pay, I had to log on a second time in order to pay. I love the idea of this app, but right now, not only is it not saving me time, it’s making shopping even harder and more difficult than not using anything at all and shopping the “old fashioned” way. Sure hope this app gets fixed as I’d love to use it and I’ll gladly change my rating if and when that happens.
  • Why do I have to log in to an unsecured site each time? 1/5

    By AngelFan324
    First of all, I’ve tried this app a few times and each and every time I get the same message: it’s not available at the moment, try again later...UGH! Second, and even more bothersome, you have to log into an unsecured site each time you “attempt” to use the app. The creator is not allowing this shopper to feel safe at all and for that reason I will no longer attempt to use it. We, as potential hacking victims should be able to log in with a fingerprint recognition or just by opening the app that we already took the time from our day to download. Third, if everyone ends up shopping this was it could take jobs from those who need them. Our economy doesn’t need that.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By 88elise
    Was very excited when I found the app but it never located to my store and I was unable to use.
  • App Needs Work 1/5

    By Musicluvinmofo
    I enjoy using Scan, Bag, Go in store with the handheld. Unable to get past log in/create account. Will not connect with Ralphs app and unable to create account due to already having account. Endless loop. Will update review when this gets worked out.
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By rgrcalumpong
    Scanners in store work just fine. Can’t even get past the login page. I already have a Kroger account. I sign into it successfully, hit done, then nothing happens?
  • Why? 1/5

    By taylorml1
    This is awful. Thank you for Kroger for charging me premium prices and making me check out my own Groceries. I guess I must need to feel lucky that you are still open because you are big enough to call the shots and make your customers feel like they must conform to your business style. I own a business and we are thriving because we operate to make our customers Happy! I see too that you are short staffed because people have quit working for you. Hmmmm, I guess you treat them the same way as you treat your customers. Can’t wait for another grocery chain to give you some competition the old fashioned way... pleasing one customer at a time. That way you will die a slooow painful death.
  • 1 star bc zero isn’t an option 1/5

    By catyp93
    I downloaded this after I left my debit card at work and found out Apple Pay isn’t supported. Couldn’t even log in. Utter crap.
  • Terrible Concept 1/5

    By This Space for Rent
    The App requires you to connect to the Grocery stores own WiFi. Which in the case of our local store is slow and sporadic, if it works at all. More often than not it doesn’t. Just dump this garbage and accept Apple Pay already. Edit: tried again after the latest update. It still never connects at my local store. Likely why I never see anyone using it these days. All the scanners firmly in place on the board. Nobody walking around scanning.
  • Joe 3/5

    By penroy1
    App needs to provide code for gas points
  • Mobile Payments 1/5

    By amjice
    Really doesn’t make sense Apple Pay isn’t enabled. It is more convenient, secure, and quick. Yes I have a credit card but why have to save it on yet another server in which I have no idea of its security. Yes I can get issued a new credit card. Yes I can manually update expiration dates for each and every account that requires me to save a credit card. With Apple Pay, my credit card number is tokenized and can’t be stolen and the banks that issue my card can update the expiration dates dynamically in my smartphone. So, why DO I have to save my credit card number on Ralphs’ or a third-party’s server?
  • Kroger shopper 5/5

    By #2 customer
    This app. Is amazing and saves me so much time. I have already had a wallet with Kroger because I use clicklist so I paid for my groceries without ever having to wait in line. I went up to the employee at self checkout showed them my number they verified and I left. It was easy as that. It was wonderful I got to scan and weigh my produce as I shopped and I got to keep up with my total and download digital coupons and check the ad all while using one device. It was wonderful!!!
  • could be better 2/5

    By tlchis86
    i love the idea but don’t get along well with the app. i use the one for Sams club & absolutely love it!! Sams club keeps your credit card on file. Not like Dillions where you have to go thru a self check out to complete your transaction.
  • Never works 1/5

    By Sarebear2346557
    Won’t let me login. Gives errors every time. Tried changing passwords making new accounts deleting and redownloading the app. Nothing changes I continue to get the error try again later message every time
  • Get with it already! 2/5

    By Deltakilofoxtrot3
    Missing touch ID for login and pay. Can't get a receipt/ have to be in the store to even access the app... which kinda makes sense but if I'm not getting receipts, what's the deal here? Had to add my debit card, which is ALREADY in my apple wallet. Don't know how to link to that or what? Other than that, it's nice to skip the checkout lines and bag my own groceries while I'm shopping (because some checkers always get wrong or are so slow).
  • Scan bag and go on IOS 1/5

    By Budinski52
    Occasionally app has trouble scanning codes but it could be the package too. I was down an isle where no liquor was sold no was I even near any liquor, and before I left the isle I was in there was a purchase for a bottle of vodka. How I caught it was it was warning me I had to be 18 or older. Where did it come from if I didn’t scan it. I do save a lot of time using it. Think about it. I’m not doing double duty of loading, unloading and loading again. It’s all bagged and ready to go. Make sure at check out that the help stationed there has a scanner to process your order. Don’t scan the check out station until help is ready. January 11/19 it wouldn’t let me check out. I had quite a hi of groceries and scanned barcode at check out and iIT DID NOTHING! I had to go through regular checkout and this happened two weeks in a row. I deleted the app and will reinstall it but not sure if I’m going to use it again. Probably have to use their scanners. Well an update came in today and I sure hope it works better than last. I may end up using their hand held scanner if this update doesn’t work. Update wasn’t any better so I finally deleted this app and am using in store hand held scanners instead.
  • Stick with the handheld devices in the store for now. 2/5

    By ChrisJ1927
    I’ve used the Scan, Bag, Go service a few times before. It’s great for quick runs to the grocery store, but doesn’t really save time if you’re doing a week’s worth of shopping. Yesterday, I used the iOS app for our weekly grocery shopping. With just two items left to scan, the app crashed and I wasn’t able to log back in. I’d noticed the app started to slow down and take a long time to update. So I’m not surprised that it crashed. A service that was created to make grocery shopping convenient actually made it inconvenient. I ended up having to unbag all of my groceries to go through the checkout line. For now, I’ll stick with the handheld devices in the store.
  • Total garbage 1/5

    By BKKGeorgr
    Not working. Deleted. Kroger, are you testing your app before releasing? Utter garbage. Good bye
  • Won’t let you login 1/5

    By LocalGuru
    It wants you to login using your grocery store account. Even if you hit “authorize” it fails. Never been able to use this
  • What a waste! 1/5

    By BookWorm418
    I love kroger but I HATE this app. It’s such a great idea and I was so excited but the app is too glitchy to function! I cant even get logged into. Made it in once and can’t get back in. Tried authorizing it to use my kroger account and that failed, and tried creating an account and that failed. Why would a company release such a half baked app! Just horrible. Deleting immediately.
  • App won’t open. Says try later 1/5

    By Vegan love life
    Waste of time.
  • Still has bugs 1/5

    By SKovach1909
    Never wants to connect to my shopper account at Kroger. Still haven’t gotten to actually USE the app.
  • Still not sure 3/5

    By phillyphil51
    At first everything was great, I used the app seamlessly and when the weather was bad I zoomed through the store, paid and was out the door, then I began having connectivity issues, and haven’t had anyone who could give me a straight answer, so I quit using the app and started using the hand held device Kroger’s provides, but a lot of times they’re either not available because demand, or the whole kiosk is closed, so I’m not sure, I’d prefer the app if I could get it to work, but need help, please, it’s a great idea, would prefer if the app and the Kroger’s App worked together, but who will help me get the app to work??? Is there a IT person trained on Scan n go available in the!!
  • Unusable 1/5

    By 2516979
    I went through the process of creating an account but cannot log in to use the app. I can log in under the wed browser generated by “Create Account” but can’t log in using the same credentials in the main screen.
  • Can’t Login - FIXED 4/5

    By AppleAddict2010
    Updated 3/6/2019 No problems at all once you connect to the in-store wi-fi. Every item scanned and showed up in the app. Here are my suggestions and most of them are with the whole process not the app itself. The plastic bags are very hard to get apart but seem stronger than regular plastic bags, bring your own if you have some. Somehow show there are coupons applied to products or there are in-store specials. If you add Apple Pay and figure out how to add paper coupons and show the true total it would be a 5 star experience. Only wait time I had was waiting for someone to scan my paper coupons maybe 30 seconds and the 30 seconds it took for the credit card processing. ———————————————————— Might be great if you could actually login & see how it works. Either fix the app or actually have more 3 lanes open when the lines are back into the aisles. There are plenty of other places to shop.
  • Don’t work 1/5

    By jtlong1
    I was ready all set up to use them when I get to the store. Says profile fail and Kroger Wi-Fi does not connect
  • Cool concept, bad execution? 1/5

    By Karen Masedo
    I downloaded the app about 2 to 3 days ago and made an account for Ralphs and I tried to log in so that I could begin shopping and I have gotten the same error everytime I try to log in. ”Unable to get profile. Try again later.” I tried I forgot my password. Didn't work. I also tried to make a new account by my ralphs card is already associated with the original account and so I cannot use my card. If I could get some help, I would appreciate it.
  • iPhone app didn’t work after update 1/5

    By mklamb4
    My store is just rolling this out. I’m very excited. Had one successful shopping session on 3/4 and then today 3/5 there was an update. Lo and behold, error message when trying to start my shopping session. Would love to troubleshoot with someone as I still have high hopes. Please let me know who to call to troubleshoot next time it fails.
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By Detroit Burbs
    Wasted time signing up for this - however the application never let me log in. Not worth the time, no support or suggestions how to fix the issue. Terrible interface and useless error messages.
  • Can’t create account unless in store 1/5

    By PastorJamesDavis
    We got the advertising card for this in our bag. As we left the store and drove home I tried creating an account and it says you can’t unless you are on the store WiFi. This is not user friendly.

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