Schlotzsky's Rewards Program

Schlotzsky's Rewards Program

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.13
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Schlotzsky's
  • Compatibility: Android
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Schlotzsky's Rewards Program App

Do you love Schlotzsky’s®? Get rewarded by downloading Schlotzsky’s FREE app and join the Lotz4Me™ Guest Rewards Program! Earn $7 off after your 7th visit with Schlotzsky’s, find the closest restaurant, learn about exclusive insider news & offers, social media sharing and referral bonuses, and much more! Schlotzsky’s new mobile guest rewards program, Lotz4Me, allows guests to connect anywhere, anytime AND earn rewards. When you are out and about, satisfy your Schlotzsky’s craving by finding the nearest Schlotzsky’s through the Locations tab. Check out the Schlotzsky’s Menu tab so you don’t miss out on your favorite menu items. Keep up to date with the News & Offers tab for limited time only specials. Features: Schlotzsky’s Lotz4Me™ Guest Rewards App • Get a virtual punch each time you visit and spend at least $6. (must utilize receipt) • Earn $7 off after your 7th visit! • Login and join with Facebook to earn 1 free virtual punch Find a Schlotzsky’s® • Map view - Uses your smartphone’s GPS to find the closest Schlotzsky’s. • List View - Provides a list of Schlotzsky’s locations by mileage. • Edit location - Search by current location, zip code or city. Exclusive ‘Insider’ News and Special Offers • Special push notifications and emails offers periodically • Learn about upcoming menu offerings Social Media Sharing & Referral Bonuses • Share your happiness with your friends through Facebook • Suggest the app to your Facebook friends and earn bonus referral punches when they sign up and make a purchase. • Share ideas and give feedback.


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Schlotzsky's Rewards Program app reviews

  • Would be nice if they reminded you 3/5

    By CarloInTX
    They other day I noticed I had gone way beyond 7 purchases. I thought “I had better use that soon.” Now, a little over a week later, it is gone. It would have been nice to get a reminder in the app or an email. Lord knows I get enough other promotional emails from Schlotzsky’s. [update: just magically showed up and it expires today. So it is just slow app keeping me from seeing the reward. But still would like to have reminders.]
  • Pretty annoying at times 2/5

    By MichaelB-one
    This app is tied to a great restaurant which is why I gave it a 2-Star rating instead of a 1-Star rating. The app asks me to select which store I want to visit but I first need to put in my zip code every time. The app uses location services, it would not be that hard to use locations to automatically pull up a list of the closest restaurants. The game inside the app is incredibly cheesy. It needs to go. The buttons are often confusing. Hitting “back” may send you all the way back and restart your order or it might take you back to the previous screen. Who knows... it’s hard to follow. This app just needs a little cleaning up and it would be a great app.
  • Doesn’t work well 1/5

    By Melan8
    App won’t find my location and shows no locations near me. However there is 2 locations with in 10 miles.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By DPD1947
    I enjoy the food. It is always fresh and yummy. The ap works well and I'm excited about specials and info.*****
  • Doesn’t work like it used to 1/5

    By denneyk
    In the past I simply scanned the bar code on the receipt and I would earn a bite instantly. The last 2 times I visited it tells me to take a picture of the entire receipt showing the total and the date (their receipts are long). I did but it never gave me the bites.
  • Gift Cards??? 2/5

    By Swsimpsoniii
    The app needs to be able to accept Schlotzsky’s gift cards as payment. I can only use credit cards for payment.
  • Rewards doesn’t work 1/5

    By anjSOSA
    There isn’t even a scanner on the app so why bother saying on the receipt to make sure to scan it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I entered the numbers under the barcode & attempted to “scan” my rewards today and it says the promo code is invalid. It hasn’t even been 72 hours yet like the receipt says I have.
  • App error 2/5

    By Hi68349076
    I’ve used this app for a while, but for the past few months it’s been unable to open without saying “Error: Cannot connect to server”. It’s really disappointing and frustrating as I’ve been missing out on rewards the past few months I’ve been going.
  • Don’t Waste Your Time 1/5

    By kmr1332
    I thought this app would be super convenient because I could order prior to leaving work, designate when I will be passing my usual Schlotzsky’s (Lindale, TX location), & be able to make it to my next event on time. Instead, I waited another 20 minutes just for my meal there in the store. So much for convenience! I realize this is a new location and they are working out all of their kinks, but this has happened on multiple occasions & I am fed up with it. To me, it’s not worth it.
  • Good food. Absolutely the worst app!!! 1/5

    By MSJSandman
    I love Schlotzsky’s and was glad to see they had an app. The problem is, it’s the worst app I’ve ever downloaded. It never connects with the restaurant and I’ve actually not done business with them because of this. Plus, the rewards program is the worst I’ve seen. The good news is that I’ve discovered Popeye’s Chicken from all this! Popeyes has great food, great service, and they are always polite and respectful. Thanx Schlotzsky’s for helping me discover a way better eating experience!
  • Better to order in person 2/5

    By Schient
    There needs to be a setup for online pick. I’ve used this app 3 times and all three times have no been great. It’s a two star because you get your food but the rest is bad. First time I ordered the app said it was going to be a 45 minute wait. So okay that’s cool. I got there and asked for my food a few minutes after and waited another 45 minutes. Not the apps fault but they where not notified of the other items I ordered and payed for. Second time food was not ready again but only waited 3 minutes extra that time no big deal but still not all my order was listed I payed for on there side. This was a different place. Today I got there a few minutes after it was ready and I have to wait 15 minutes because they did not have an online pickup line and again they did not get my whole order. Needless to say they have to get the app so it works for the customer and have everything setup in a way so when can walk in and walk out.
  • App is broken 1/5

    By Sam.Houston
    Downloaded the app, went to check the menu at Schlotzsky’s and it said my browser is out of date-this is inside the app. How lame. The app developers and the web developers aren’t talking to each other. So I deleted this app. What a waste of time.
  • Doesn’t Scan! 1/5

    By Gadget007
    No scan feature working as others have experienced. Didn’t ask for permission to access camera during install, doesn’t show up under camera in settings. Support only tells me what IOS version I need and how to give camera permission. Just not there. Not worth effort or time, Panera Bread app works and has good food. Sorry Schlotzsky’s your developer’s support and app stinks. Same app was developed for Moe’s and McAllisters don’t work either. Maybe not upgraded to latest IOS version. Erased app!
  • This app doesnt work 1/5

    By Oklahomaoboe
    Whatever schlotskys paid for it, it was a waste of money. Get your money back schlotskys and find another vendor who can actually write apps.
  • Rick 5/5

    By Revrick
    Always great! Thanks
  • Log In issues 3/5

    By NCmtnman64
    Love the rewards but can’t log in at my local Store. Finally discovered that I could use my LTE internet but a real bummer.
  • Great Rewards 5/5

    By xxTexasDudexx
    I enjoy getting the app notifications when new deals come up at schlotzsky’s. it saves me money with the bites we can collect. After you collect enough bites you can get a free sandwich
  • I can’t even scan a receipt. 1/5

    By nanakjk
    I asked to just get a punch card because the last three times I have purchased food I have not been able to scan my receipt.
  • Rewards don't show up in online ordering offers section 3/5

    By Ide
    I can't apply rewards to online orders using the instructions in the app. If a reward isn't applicable to online orders, notice should be given to the user instead of there just being a blank screen once a store is chosen in the offers section, if that's even what's happening and it's not a bug.
  • Love Schlotzsky's! 5/5

    By MoochFuzz
    It's one of my favorite sandwich shops, the food is great and I love earning free food with the app.
  • Usually great, not working now 2/5

    By HunterB88
    Usually I have no problems with this app and earning punches and getting reward. Yesterday I earned a punch and it looked like I had 2 more to get my 7th. But when I got home I had an email saying I had earned all 7 punches, so I opened my app to find 0 punches on that screen and no reward to be found anywhere.
  • STILL Can't Apply $7 Credit to Order 2/5

    By Qwest in NC
    I like the ordering feature but I can't apply my $7 credit to my order... still. Pop-up says it’s possible, but the option is not there when I follow directions.
  • Rewards Program = JOKE! 2/5

    By tarannbrown
    Yesterday, I attempted to scan my receipt for 11/03 and received an error. I just got an email back today stating my 7th punch could not be validated due to being more than 3 days old?!! How do you figure after 1 day? Then noticed in the app that I only had 5 earns?! Not only was my 7th punch inaccurately disqualified, but my 6th one as well? They reflected my earn for my 6th purchase reflected for the earn that was disqualified for my 7th one? So you disqualify 7th earn for a day old receipt, yet remove the 6th earn that's not even for the same date or associated disputed disqualification..seriously?!
  • Bad 1/5

    By sonydog123
    Rewards dont transfer to new device even if you login using the same Facebook account as before. Stupid
  • Love Schlotzsky's 5/5

    By Chief Tool
    I love Schlotzsky's ❤️
  • So slow - rarely works 2/5

    By Meherrman
    This app is one of the worst I've seen. They layout is pretty, and easy to navigate, BUT it is so slow you might as well just go to the store or order online (although their website is pretty slow too). You can't use your rewards within the app or when you order online either, which is totally stupid. I almost always just have to scan my receipt to get the credit so the app is almost useless.
  • Free sandwich reward not appearing 1/5

    By yagihimesama
    I've waited for 2 days and my reward isn't showing up in the app!
  • App needs help 4/5

    By Nunoweaver
    Every time I upgrade my phone, it wipes out all my past visit points. Fix your software so that doesn't happen! We eat at Schlotzsky every Sunday and occasionally during the week. 10-17. System has been working much better lately. Haven't had any problems in the past 6 months and we still go every weekend.
  • No scan function 1/5

    By 소소한 재미로
    I have installed n also bought sandwiches here but I can’t accrued my visit cuz no scan function n even i contact customer service, no reply .... not sure they will ever give rewards for purchasing
  • App shuts off after opening 1/5

    By Lilred127
    I have never had any issues but all day today every time I open the app, it closes. I’ve deleted app and reinstalled but it still crashes after opening. Please fix this!
  • Can’t order online 1/5

    By TheGreatBlueBoobiedTit
    Absolutely refuses to let me put in my credit card information or complete an online order at all, which is the one and only reason I got it and completely defeats the purpose of this app. My reward also disappeared after I clicked off of it by accident. Terrible. I just want my food.
  • Special deals don’t become viewed 1/5

    By E.G.S.
    Can’t stand the little red alert on the icon every time there’s a special deal. If I don’t want the deal I don’t want to see it every time. Made me delete the app from my phone
  • Good Food! 4/5

    By Bologna Hornblower
    Very good food and service in Belton! I did refer a friend and didn't get the three bites, boo hoo! Don't know what went wrong
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Darkninjaman
    Works ok
  • Rece Receipts no longer scan on the app. 1/5

    By scdaze03
    Receipts no longer scan on the app and the company could care less. I have contacted corporate,Social media and the local store with help.
  • I use this app 4/5

    By MaggieFlanagan
    Found it a little hard to negotiate at first but I have the hang of it now. As long as I remember to scan in 3 days it's a great benefit. I wish they gave you a little longer to scan. Bottom line earning a $7 reward is better than most rewards programs and I definitely take advantage of the perk. Plus I love their sandwiches!
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Gohigatreeyall
    Will not buy a new phone just to run iOS8 to be able to update app. Not how you treat loyal customers.
  • Dumb pic 2/5

    By Kilgore lady
    This may seem silly, but I went to share the app on my fb page and try to get some referrals from it, but the pic that posts when I share it is some girl and seems to have nothing to do with Schlotzsky's or my referral code. She is probably someone famous, but I have no clue about famous people. If I am advertising Schlotzsky's via fb then it should be a graphic about Schlotzsky's . They just opened one in my town and now is the best time to promote it, but because of the nonsensical pic, I took it off my page.
  • Really enjoy the food 5/5

    By Popcorn player 13
    I go here once a week or more for lunch. Never disappointed.
  • Easy to use! 5/5

    By holplake
    This app is so easy to use compared to other food establishment apps. Love it!
  • Jbp1957 4/5

    By jbp1957
    Great food and fast service
  • Won't connect gets old!! 1/5

    By Boss #3
    Keep getting an error won't connect. No updates are available.
  • Best sandwich hands down!! 5/5

    By LLB1990
    Love it!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Lex1575
    Great easy to use!
  • I must have missed something... 1/5

    By Livlifenoregrets
    In the the description of the last update it states... "We have added new games and sweepstakes. Please update to enjoy!" My app is definitely updated yet not only are there no new games in my app anywhere it appears that the whole Games section along with the little dice tab along the bottom is now gone! So I guess when you say there's new games we're meant to infer that in fact you've taken the games away? SMH
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By LaNetts itunes
    The app is great if it worked. I continue to get notices that it can not connect to the server when I try to access the app. The reward notices I receive through email are great but I can't ever use the rewards through the app.
  • Never jack after spend 4-500 now it won't update 1/5

    By gluten free and ripped iff
    Waste of time
  • Nothing more an useless gimmick 1/5

    By 99magred
    This app is junk. It never seems seems to want to work. Every time I get an offer and to use at our location, the app is not available. So far since downloading app, we haven't successfully used for a single discount or free sandwich. It so frustrating. In fact we are so tired of the no service message at our location, we have stopped using Schlotzsky's.
  • Love Schlotzsky's! 5/5

    By Eurobk
    Always reliable, I frequent one of the last ones left in the Las Vegas valley on W Charleston. We need more locales as the product continues to evolve with pizza and awesome new sandwiches!
  • Really bad mapping. 2/5

    By Docmoore
    Just installed the app. Tried to find the locations near me. All four are mapped incorrectly. I will update later with functionality, this is a pretty lame start….

Schlotzsky's Rewards Program app comments


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