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Schoology App

Get the award-winning app that extends Schoology’s powerful learning management solution to your iOS device. Manage your classroom, create and submit assignments, participate in interactive discussions, perform assessments, collaborate with your peers, and much more! With Schoology’s iOS mobile app, you can have rich and engaging academic experiences anytime, anywhere.

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  • Poorly Optimized 1/5

    By f Judy vcdnvgh
    Poorly Optimized For Mobile. Just Use A Computer.
  • Worst app I’ve ever been forced to use 1/5

    By Demonica1313
    My kids’ school forces me to use this app otherwise I would never touch it. Every time I try to open just about anything on my phone or iPad, I get a message that I need to download the app to do that. WHILE I AM USING THE APP. Get your act together.
  • Impossible to use. 1/5

    By KAngel0822
    I’m on an iPhone 8. The app does not allow me to scroll through courses; it’s stuck at the top of the page no matter what. It also defaults to me, not my son, so I have to change the profile every time I log in. I won’t be able to easily review course material without finding a desktop computer.
  • Schoology is so frustrating and bad 1/5

    By GhostAjay
    It is so bad when we put are username in it dosent even work.It Is the worst app ever,it just gives me headaches
  • This app has big gay 1/5

    By borgus fliopenstapker
    Schoology is confusing and hard to navigate 1/10 would not recommend
  • Question For Support 1/5

    By Suzy76kroert
    I just downloaded this app today, and it’s as awful as many here have said—hard to navigate, hard to read, etc. (And it’s not the teachers’ fault.) Which made me wonder, with all the terrible reviews over such an extended period of time, why hasn’t the app gotten any better? In the meantime, I’ll probably delete the app and stick to the website.
  • Content can not be displayed please download app?!? 1/5

    By Moguy1973
    This app has many problems. First, when trying to view “My Children” courses you can’t scroll down to all courses. It only shows a couple. Second, if you try to open any documents in the courses tab it says “Content cannot be displayed. This tool is not available for mobile browsers. To access this view, please use the Schoology App”. Um I’m using the app to try to view this. It’s almost like the app is opening a web browser when I click on the “My children” section instead of using the app. This really needs to be fixed as this is how our teacher communicates with the class’ parents.
  • I can’t find my school! 2/5

    By Cookie_Moon
    Alright I didn’t have high expectations on this but, I though I would find my school A LOT EASIER. So when I tried typing my school in I wrote my schools name just to find many other of my schools names. I wasn’t really impressed because it happens but, I couldn’t find any with my state or country! I saw one that said Texas. I LIVED NOWHERE NEAR TEXAS!! I tried putting in my zip code to find every other school (near mine) but my school. I couldn’t find it at all! Please make it so I can find my school and login. Thank you for reading.
  • Fuc rhs 1/5

    By fggtrrfggrd
    Skoool stoooopid
  • terrible app - cannot print files from phone 1/5

    By Elocinstole
    the app actually says download app in the display screen while i am ON the app 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Inefficient 1/5

    By Ali Gator.
    Hard to find grades for classes, and assignments are automatically put as a 0 if the teacher does not grade it by the assigned deadline. There is no useful dashboard with the essentials that a student needs to see upon launch, not just what courses their in.
  • DROP OUT 1/5

    By nibber 4451
    This keeps reminding me of school on the weekend everyone should drop out no cap🚫🧢
  • Absolutely terrible user experience 1/5

    By Gun tuna
    You have to work to get a real time snapshot of grades and or assignments. Try to look at an assignment in the app and you are told you need the app to see the material. I am forced to use this app as my school uses it. I need to be able to look at all the grades and every assignment from every period on one easy to use page. Please make the experience easier to use. Please stop wasting parents time. Thanks
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By $KFC
    Can’t get in using my user id and password that I use for the website even after selecting my school.
  • Where are the grades! 1/5

    By Mal3fgjk
    This app is so difficult to navigate and the full website isn’t much better! I can’t even find my child’s grades on the app at all. I’ve tried for several hours and have given up. It shouldn’t be this hard! PowerSchool learning was so much more user friendly.
  • No information 1/5

    By NadineRyan
    My sons school uses this app. It is one of the most frustrating apps I’ve ever had to use. I cannot get to grades or classes or homework or the calendar. So basically nothing except for the general posts on the first page. I hate that we’re forced to use this or I wouldn’t have it at all.
  • Worse of the worse 1/5

    By Speechless in DE
    Can not believe schools are using such a P.O.S. app. No scroll option, can view anything on the mobile site, it directs you to the app. I load the app, sign in and lo & behold, no scroll under courses. Basically you can only see the 1st course listed. If you take your fingers and zoom out you can see all the courses but the minute you let go- it zooms right back in and you can only click on the 1st course listed. I then clicked on the word courses listed above the course listings. Well this somehow linked back to the mobile site within the app which did give me the option to see all courses, however, if I click on anything within the course- notes, answer sheets, assignments, grades- it comes back with another error stating to use the Mobile App which if your keeping up reading this review I’m in the app getting the error to ya the app. Yeah. This app is crap!!!! I’m going to my district to complain. And will everyday until it’s removed. It’s probably the most unhelpful and useless app I’ve seen in a while.
  • :( 1/5

    By begoneth0t
  • Awesome 5/5

    By jeff 100tjousand
    Works very well I don’t know why you guys hate it
  • Th app is completely useless 1/5

    By smcahill
    I can only view the first 2 courses for my daughter. I can’t scroll up or down, but if I zoom out I can see the other courses are there. Unfortunately, when I let go to try and click into a course I can’t. I can only use schoology through a browser which makes the app a complete waste.
  • ye 1/5

    By 8 Bit boy
    I was eating peanut butter
  • Not for families with multiple kids. Not able to switch children views 2/5

    By Cbcollier
    I gave three kids and the app does not allow you to switch views for all the kids. On desktop the drop down to switch kid views is on the top right. It’s the same place on the app which is completely out of the view of the screen. I’ve tried everything and it just doesn’t work.
  • I hate school 1/5

    By TheDanTMan
    It has school in the name so therefore I hate this app and all of its features

    By Az=ar
    We have been FORCED by school to use this app and it is WAY TOO COMPLICATED. It freezes, it would not open some or all doc and it just changes screen spontaneously! Plus, every time I need to see my son’s classes I have to basically exit out and go back to the first page and start over again. Or it would just be stuck on one class and would not go back. If I tap on wanting to send message and try to make the screen bigger to see what I am typing it takes me back to the first page and I have to start all over again. It’s not AT ALL user friendly and it’s very frustrating to try and work this app.
  • This app is not good 1/5

    By isthisonetaken79
    It’s almost like they spent 95% of their effort making a Schoology website and then just copied and pasted the code to make the app. It’s like having a crappy mobile website. What’s even worse is that the website is not great to begin with.
  • Bad up update 1/5

    By 123321;:43:;54
    Switching between students is now terrible and the screen sizing is such that nothing can be viewed. The screen can not be resized or scrolled. Remains unusable.
  • What the heck 1/5

    Yo I can’t log in to Schoology
  • Worthless app 1/5

    By Voovray 668
    How can this be an “award winning” app? I can see only two of my child’s courses because that’s all that fits on the screen. All of the other courses after the letter “B” don’t appear. Logic would dictate that you should be able to scroll down to see the rest of the courses but it doesn’t scroll. What you see is what you get. I have to log into my laptop to get the information I need which renders this app useless.
  • Stuck 2/5

    By sheee⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️⛄️💧
    Even if I typed the correct username or password It still says invalid password or username
  • Bad 1/5

    I am just a kid who uses Schoology so... Yeah
  • Schoology works well 5/5

    By Ella the awesome monkey (:
    Schoology has bad reviews but it’s honestly great. I’m a new middle school student and the transition from elementary to middle school has been much easier thanks to schoology.
  • Not a good interface, crashes 2/5

    After using it for a few years on my school device, I’d say that the interface is very clunky and could definitely be improved. It takes too much time to find assignments and grades. Quite often, at least a few times a day, the app will crash for no reason. It happens completely at random; it’s very annoying. It hasn’t happened to me (yet), but it would be terrible if this happened during a test.
  • Doesn’t Work At All 1/5

    By serenagar
    It won’t let me log in to my account.
  • Doesn’t Work At All 1/5

    By serenagar
    It won’t let me log in to my account.
  • Gucci 4/5

    By ClarenceThePig
    I am a student and I think this app is pretty good, because, it helps me see what’s due and when we’re testing. My parents can also know what’s happening by checking to. I really liked it in elementary because we had all the sources to things we learned on Schoology and we got to work on computers. Overall I probably should be doing my homework but I got distracted, but this app deserves a thumbs up from me ;p
  • Schoology app is terrible 1/5

    By review girl 11
    This is one of the worst mobile apps I’ve ever encountered. It’s difficult to get started - wants me to change my email. When I try to log in w my phone number it says it’s in use. So disappointed our school went to this. It took a month for parents to have access and the handbook they sent out is ridiculous and not user friendly. The docs on the app do not download. The running homework log on the side makes it easy for things to be lost. So disappointed and frustrated with this sub par app.
  • Ok 4/5

    By Gyhgxf
    Doesn't always work
  • Schedule 1/5

    By Spider-boy122
    I updated it and now I can’t find my schedule you should bring it back
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By fatimuhhh
    Terrible app can’t even log in it keeps saying it’s wrong but I know for a fact it isn’t wrong
  • Don’t like school 4/5

    By a 13 yr old kid
    Don’t like school. But app ok
  • Love Schoology, app leaves much to be desired 3/5

    By LizLa1980
    Schoology is great on the website, but on the app I can’t open any of my daughter’s classes to check her grades because you can’t scroll down on the classes page. Please fix!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Thought Spot
    New School Year. Same crappy app. Barely usable. All comments below still relevant. The overall Schoology platform is not well constructed, is overly complicated and ultimately misses it mark on meaningful helping to improve education through better communication, collaboration and tracking of progress for students, teachers and parents. Parent email digest is a great ideas but all it send is a set of links and none of the links actually work. Hence that is worthless. Courses get auto set up which seems nice, but once you realize that only about 1 or 2 of the 12 listed are actually being used the yer is about half over. And then you can’t remove those other courses not being used. This no way to streamline. Most assignment and test information seems to be rather limited giving only a high level score or letter grade for it. This no idea where to help my children further at home. App is simply an interface to access the website vs. actually being a designed experience for mobile. Zero benefit of having the app as most of the information hat gets posted you wouldn’t be able to see or use anyway. All parties would be better off using good old fashion paper, or even a make shift set of files on a Google Drive along with a messaging board over the convoluted Schoology system. It is clear that this was a design process that was very enamored with what they thought they COULD do, focusing on adding more and more features that they never stopped to really think about what they SHOULD do. Or to even think about the user experience, if it is this difficult to use as a parent I am distraught to think about the experience the students have to deal with, and certainly the teachers. School districts need to ditch this platform.
  • I love schoology 5/5

    By sauce splat
    I honestly think that schoology is a good app it is very helpful the teachers at my school like it all of them use it so I give schoology a 5 star rating just for being a very helpful app to use
  • its okay 3/5

    By ¡!hOnEsT rEvEiWs!¡
    not friendly to mobile users, but it does help get some school work done, small bugs, glitches do happen more often than would be okay with. please fix :)

    By cathedral catholic
    Not a great system in the first place, a lot worse on the app, but forced to use it for school. Now percentages are gone and you are left not knowing your exact grade which is a big problem when you need to know exact percentages for certain grades, scores, etc.
  • Absolute garbage 1/5

    By Colin Mahoney
    I do half of my classes online on Schoology. Usually I use my computer but I am on a trip right now and relying on my Ipad to work. I can’t even sign into the app. Definitely wouldn’t recommend. If I could give negative stars I would..
  • Not available for iPhones! 1/5

    By ahdsmdnf
    It’s so annoying as a student to not be able to use the app that posts your homework. The worst part is that it used to be available on iPhones and not anymore. -An frustrated student
  • White screen 1/5

    By everettCA
    This does not work on iPhone, but it does on pc
  • Yes Yes Yes 5/5

    By Mc. Yeeterson
    I’m a student and LOVE THIS APP. That’s all I have to say

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