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Schoology App

Get the award-winning app that extends Schoology’s powerful learning management solution to your iOS device. Manage your classroom, create and submit assignments, participate in interactive discussions, perform assessments, collaborate with your peers, and much more! With Schoology’s iOS mobile app, you can have rich and engaging academic experiences anytime, anywhere.

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  • Good app but I wish they would change one thing 3/5

    By reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeęėēêèéët
    I am a seventh grader and I love the concept of the app I love the idea that it holds all my important documents in one place and I can ask questions to my peers via Schoology so they can answer my questions and my teachers have access to questions. Hers the thing it sends me notifications after the due time has passed if it sent me notifications prior to the due date perhaps the day before just a reminder the due date is coming up it would make the app so much better.
  • Bad system, Terrible bug 1/5

    By Irrelevant Male
    The system itself is not great, but there’s this horrible bug when using the app where if you make even the tiniest swipe to the right, the “side menu” pulls up and there’s no possible way to swipe it away, remove it, or get back to where you were. It makes you have to go all the way back home and click through the courses and assignments, losing all progress on what you were working on. This has even happened when I was taking a QUIZ, which made me lose my one “attempt” and cause lots of wasted time trying to fix it.
  • google classroom is so much better 2/5

    By HLM 17
    this app is so much worse than google classroom lol
  • Good app 4/5

    By jsahlidbkhlvkbfwlvk
    I am a student in high school and our whole district uses this app. It is helpful to have all the papers in one place and to be able to speak to your teachers 24/7. I have been reading the bad reviews and they all sound like problems with the student or teacher, not with the app. Schoology can sometimes be confusing, but most of the time it is good.
  • Broken system 1/5

    By Lonely Ape on a Blue Dot
    I think the brokenness of this app can be quite another great example of the brokenness of our education system. I've wasted 12% of my life here so far. 12% I can't get back. I actually wake myself up in the morning to go to a place that tears me down and makes me overwhelmingly unhappy. Seeing this app on my phone every day just reminds me of all that pain all over again. Here's a toast to you creators, a toast to helping make a broken system even worse! Thank you!
  • This makes me think of school 1/5

    By h wdge fbdynyneh
    I don’t like school
  • Still grading button 4/5

    By zombieman8921
    Great app but It needs a still grading so it can let the students know that the teacher is grading the assignment
  • Go back to google classroom 1/5

    By iMav fan
    With this you can’t turn in more than one thing. For example, a document and a spreadsheet, it will only show one for whoever you’re turning the submission into. Where as in google classroom you can turn in as many things as you want
  • This is Bad 1/5

    By Ebby G.
    I can’t access a pdf file that my teacher posted. I tried online and it said i need the app so I downloaded it. The app is horrible. It is slow and won’t let you click on the tabs. It has a terrible notification system, Absolutely terrible. Please fix the app. It is not that I want it I have to have it for school so please fix this monstrosity. Thanks.

    By Professor. Michaels
    This app is poorly designed and does not work.
  • Works just fine 5/5

    By eloidu
    I am able to review my grades and see what grades I'm missing!
  • Stability issues 1/5

    By CykanDragon
    Some files that are posted in a comment or post will either not open at all, or crash the app. Although it does not happen every time, I have had this experience with multiple teachers who post important files as an update. This seems to happen mostly with pictures and PDF files. Please fix.
  • A suggestion 4/5

    By Lol101234
    Honestly I don’t care to have much of an opinion about Schoology, my school has been using it for maybe 5 years, so I don’t mind it. However, what’s been bugging me particularly about the app is that while in browser you can insert a link, in the app you can’t. And I’m not talking about the ability to just paste a link into the comment, because duh, but the special feature that embeds the link in. I really need that for school because it’s required for a weekly assignment for my English class, and it stinks that I am forced to use a computer for something that I should be able to do on the app. Please implement this feature into the app.
  • Eh 3/5

    By Gabriella Nick name unknown
    Schoology is ok I mean I got the app for school and I put in my school name and I tried to log in I put the right information and it says it’s wrong. I have tried it a million times and it’s wrong every time. And I always use this information at school and it works
  • Okay 2/5

    By BlossomFireyFlower
    This app is okay for use; Poorly designed for app purposes, though. It logs me out and gets very annoying and when I check my grades for school it freezes. Good idea, bad execution.
  • iPad Problem 4/5

    By JordynAGaty
    I have a problem on my iPad where my videos and pictures won’t show up and I keep getting bad grades because I can’t turn in any videos into Schoology cause it says my gallery only has like 8 photos.
  • Schoology 1/5

    By Missnut1982
    Trying to do my homework and it flips to the other page this happens to me 65 time before I finish my 365 quiz it’s awful
  • Annoying 1/5

    By dymerro
    Why every time I click a button it sends me back doing it like 10 TIMES. 😡
  • Bad 1/5

    By Angry 7th Grader
    Trash trash trash (repeat previous 400 times)
  • AMAZING 5/5

    By SydandRoxie
    my school district stated using Schoology last year and as a student I really like it. It had daily notifications that show me my homework and any upcoming tests that my teachers put in. My principal also uses it to make important announcements that students, parents and teachers need to know. I’ve found that it has made school so much easier in the fact that all my history lessons are on there and I can easily go back and re read them. It’s also useful if I forget a very important assignment because I can easily printout a copy. (All these things have to be put on by teachers) overall it’s a very good app and is very easy to navigate
  • Losers 1/5

    Schoology is Impossible to log into and when you do you can’t do anything on it
  • Good app 5/5

    By abigail gordon
    It a great app to check my grades assignments etc
  • Can’t Login 3/5

    By MoonGirl1st
    I downloaded the app and logged in my school and when I put in my username and password it continues to tell me that I can’t login. My username and password aren't wrong since I am able to login through my computer. When I login with the other option it won’t allow me to log on either.
  • Terrible design 1/5

    By Sigkapoli
    Too many clicks to get to info. Also, when I click on content it tells me that it can’t be opened on mobile browser & I need to download app—WHICH I’M USING. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Don’t listen to the bad reviews 5/5

    By AnonomousIsFake
    This app is designed for educational use by teachers and students. As a student of HighSchool, I use this daily, to see my assignments and stay up to date on what we are learning. Others who left a bad review on this app clearly do not understand the use of it.
  • Good but needs some improvements 3/5

    By stardust_savant
    The app overall is pretty decent. However, it would be nice if it had the option to show badges and play a sound for notifications.
  • What happened!?!? 1/5

    By nerdallaround
    Before the new update, this was a five-star app. Now I can’t login, but it doesn’t say anything about new login settings. WHAT THE FREAKING HECK!!!!!!??????
  • Several Issues with the App 1/5

    By To WB games
    Ever since the recent update, the app has become quite frustrating. Whenever I’m in the app, whether it be a document, a PDF, or any page, and I tap the sides of the screen or press and hold the screen, the Courses tab pops up and I am essentially exited out of that page. If I load a document or PDF that takes a long time to load, like a PDF of a textbook, I would have to reload the PDF again, which would again take a long time. In addition, the screen is unable to turn horizontally. These issues have become rather irksome, and need to be fixed.
  • Too much school 1/5

    By sad high schooler
    Real bad times. It’s to much school and nOtHiNg WoRkS tHe WaY iT sHoUlD.
  • Reset Passwords 2/5

    By Ads,ads,and more ads
    Schoology is known to repeatedly reset my password with no notification of the reset. It needs to be fixed and fast.
  • It’s aight 1/5

    By Rennio Spaghettio
    It’s okay but I do not like it since it can be difficult to turn in things.
  • Nice. Needs one improvement. 4/5

    By FriedPancakes
    This is a great app, and it only has one problem. I’m not sure if this is an issue for anybody else, but on the mobile app, I’m not able to comment on anything. This is a major problem; if this could be fixed, the app would be nearly perfect.
  • Did not help 1/5

    By Why Iready?
    I did not enjoy this app Poorly made Not recomended
  • Schoology needs an update! 1/5

    By highSchoolStudent1234
    The Schoology app no long works on iOS devices. I’m frustrated that I’m no longer able to connect with my grades and assignments on the go. This issue has been prevalent for a long time now and I’m deeply disappointed that it has not been resolved. I would honestly discourage schools from using the Schoology platform for this reason alone. Schoology needs to make changes and fix this problem. Until then, I am thoroughly dissatisfied with the platform.
  • It’s nice but... 2/5

    By Grace1234567890987654321
    I like having a way to see my grades through an app on my phone, but there’s a lot of issues with this particular app. For example, I can’t see the number grade for any of my assignments. It just tells me the letter grade which, yes, is helpful, but a 90% A and a 100% A are two very different grades. Another flaw with the app is that I can’t see my attendance. This isn’t a big deal except for the fact that it’s on the actual website and not the app, so I have to go through a few extra steps to see my attendance. It’s not a detrimental problem, just an annoying inconvenience, like the majority of the app.
  • Couldn’t log in. 1/5

    By Br_onze
    I tried logging in, but it wouldn’t let me. I even tried logging in the Schoology website. But it says “Cannot open the page because the network connection was lost”. But apparently, I have my WiFi on and it’s working perfectly fine. So I tried telling my friends if they can get in the website, but they also couldn’t. Please fix this!
  • Horrible designed 1/5

    By Carbucktheawesome
    Not user friendly at all, also not to mention our school system forces us to use this instead of google classroom and I say I can’t stand Schoology
  • This app makes me hate my job 1/5

    By APL Queen
    Our district uses this and it is completely not user friendly on the computer and the app is even worse. It can’t do half of what Google classroom can do. Kids submit work and schoology changes formats on a whim. It’s a horrible waste of our already limited time and money.
  • I cant login 1/5

    By Ohana_Lax41
    I can’t login
  • Much better on website 1/5

    By A hate this app
    It’s a lot smoother and easier to control on the website so I don’t use the app. I just have it just because.
  • Sad 1/5

    By slaveofallahmashallah
  • Bad 5/5

    By zciwokfelhsoj
    I don’t like this app I don’t like school
  • It is Criminal 1/5

    By mateosquared
    There app is so bad it is criminal. There is no search function everything is hidden in some sort of secretive in-house code and the support is non-existent. It concerns me that this is even an option. It is less of a surprise why our kids and administrators have such a hard time communicating with parents.
  • Could be much much better 1/5

    By Ian Ncl
    I gave it a two star and take it back, terrible interface and hard to work with in general.
  • Doesn’t work on iPad 1/5

    By Willowgurl9x9
    When I go to my class assignments the hyperlinks do not work. I deleted the app and will use the web browser.
  • Viewing problems. 1/5

    By Mollehgigfhoyd
    Most images, links, documents, or powerpoints and such aren’t able to be viewed. It always cuts off by another image, or doesn’t fit in the phones frame.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Thought Spot
    The overall Schoology platform is not well constructed, is overly complicated and ultimately misses it mark on meaningful helping to improve education through better communication, collaboration and tracking of progress for students, teachers and parents. Parent email digest is a great ideas but all it send is a set of links and none of the links actually work. Hence that is worthless. Courses get auto set up which seems nice, but once you realize that only about 1 or 2 of the 12 listed are actually being used the yer is about half over. And then you can’t remove those other courses not being used. This no way to streamline. Most assignment and test information seems to be rather limited giving only a high level score or letter grade for it. This no idea where to help my children further at home. App is simply an interface to access the website vs. actually being a designed experience for mobile. Zero benefit of having the app as most of the information hat gets posted you wouldn’t be able to see or use anyway. All parties would be better off using good old fashion paper, or even a make shift set of files on a Google Drive along with a messaging board over the convoluted Schoology system. It is clear that this was a design process that was very enamored with what they thought they COULD do, focusing on adding more and more features that they never stopped to really think about what they SHOULD do. Or to even think about the user experience, if it is this difficult to use as a parent I am distraught to think about the experience the students have to deal with, and certainly the teachers. School districts need to ditch this platform.
  • Publishing 1/5

    By Jmjtjmjt
    Why can’t I publish and unpublish my materials from the app? Previously this wasn’t an issue. There are many times I need to use this feature and now I have to open Schoology through my web browser in order to do it. This questions why I have the App downloaded on my phone when I have to run through the web browser to complete all of my required tasks anyway.
  • Schoology is amazing! 5/5

    By XxSecondLivexX
    I use Schoology a lot! It is great!

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