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  • Current Version: 2.1.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Schwan's Home Service, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Schwan's Home Delivery App

Get high-quality frozen foods delivered to your door. Earn rewards for shopping on our app. With Schwan’s, you’ll have everything you need to make a quality meal in minutes. Features: • Shop hundreds of high-quality, premium frozen meals, meats and seafood, sides, snacks and apps, ice cream, desserts and more. • Easily manage orders and deliveries from your phone or tablet – whenever, wherever. • Convenient delivery reminder notices. • Save money with exclusive online-only deals and coupons. • Earn Schwan’s Rewards™ points and save money at checkout. • Browse hundreds of easy mealtime recipes that go from freezer to table in minutes. About Us: Schwan’s™ Home Delivery is the original frozen food delivery company. For nearly 70 years, we have been doing the hard work so you can spend more time enjoying meals with your family and less time preparing them. No contracts. No subscriptions. Just high-quality food fast. That’s Homemade Easy. Discover all Schwan’s has to offer today. Don’t have an account on Create one now in the app!

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Schwan's Home Delivery app reviews

  • App does appear to be useless! 1/5

    By ❤️products
    I’ve tried for several days to access the app & place an order. I can’t even view products let alone get to an order form. Trying to connect by phone, also, no help! When I dialed and finally connected, I was told my wait time would be 19 minutes!! So sad - where are you now when we desperately need home delivery?
  • Lousy!!! 3/5

    By Jkaldrich101
    This is the worst version of the Schwan’s app I have seen ever! 2.1.11 is not useable with voiceover! It appears that the developer has been in the bar too long! It is too graphic! Maybe the cookies are the problem! Doesn’t work on PC either! Lousy! Jim
  • Crazy bad app 1/5

    By adamless
    I think they gave a 1st grade class a project and went live with the results! Horrible, unclear, incomplete and simply plain bad!
  • Please Fix App!! 1/5

    By FinnishFanny
    Your last update no longer looks usable on my iPhone 6s. I’ll show my delivery guy tomorrow to make sure word gets back. THIS IS HOW I ORDER & now it’s unusable e.g. nav buttons, backgrounds, images are all gone.
  • App is useless!! 1/5

    By gascap0901
    We just started using Schwan’s and thought it would be great to use the app, as we could add things to the cart throughout the week. Were we mistaken! The app slowly loads first with text. Then the some of the graphics load. We still do do not see any item images only the descriptions and price. For as much as we pay for your products, you would think you could afford a decent app. Maybe we should take our business elsewhere?!
  • Ratings 5/5

    By Poparoach157
    It all good I never had a problem with the products your the best
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By hoffsetm
    I can’t even do anything on this app without errors or it just runs until it times out. Unable to put in coupon codes so forced to just order on my delivery dates from my salesman and Miss out on the coupons and him not having the items I want. This is beyond frustrating.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By QuirkyCarter
    Constantly loading, barely works. I’ll just go to the grocery store instead.
  • Nothing works 1/5

    By Henrylec
    I tried to order on the app and the app just keeps loading and loading the website isnt any better. I tried other apps and websites to see if maybe it was my phone but they work fine its just schwans
  • What happened?!? 1/5

    By SoonerAnnie
    Oh! My! Goodness!!! Since the last update, this app is an epic fail where VoiceOver is concerned! In years past, I had difficulty using the app but the last time I tried it...maybe a year or two ago...I could manage with it pretty well. Have been using it for a while, but now I couldn’t do so even if my life depended on it! It might be better for the sighted, but most definitely not. For. The. Blind! Please take a step back and see what has happened!
  • Love Schwan’s 5/5

    By Imaklutz
    Have been customer for years. Have awesome driver. Food has always been excellent. Love their ice cream.
  • Unable to update address via app! 1/5

    By Trademark111
    It’s 2020 and cannot update my new address in wants to make me fill out new customer page then tells me I already have an account...I gave up! So much for giving them another try...
  • Discontinue items 4/5

    By gerry5914
    I have been customer for a few years, but hate it when my favorites are no longer available. Like: lemonade frozen yogurt, lemon pepper chicken, and the pork egg rolls changed supplier. I still get them but not quite as good.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Olan7ww
    I just received my first order and I couldn’t be happier. I had no trouble with the app, the delivery arrived on the specified date and the food was packaged in a styrofoam container with dry ice keeping it frozen. I’ll definitely be ordering often.
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By Larry Lewis
    I have only been getting from Schwan’s for about two years. The delivery here is about like what the others say,they will give you a time maybe they show up more then likely they do not. But the big thing is the billing department billed me twice the bank sent one of them back,then Schwan said it was sent back for lack of funds and charged me $25.00. Had to fight with them for a month to get them to return it to me. They can pull it out of the bank but have to send a check to get it back and you have to prove they made the mistake. Schwans called my bank and they didn’t even believe the bank, you know how it goes, we don’t make mistakes. They née now stars.
  • Poor service 1/5

    By The Duke 32
    A few weeks ago the driver never showed up yet somehow charged food to the house. (Luckily not our cc, just the house to make it look like he was here.) He doesn’t show up again this past Tuesday 10/29. So I order online & set delivery for today, 11/2. It doesn’t show up so I call to see where it is and Eric at customer service said the driver never did his route today and it can’t get it here till 11/6. Must be nice to decide you just don’t want to do your job some days. I had them cancel the order and the stop at my house every 2 weeks. I will NEVER order Schwan’s again‬.
  • I HATE THIS APP! 1/5

    By Jones, Alice N.
    I placed an order, the app said they got it. But I didn’t receive an email confirmation. So I called and was told they had no record of the order. I started having problems logging in and was told to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. Guess what? There’s no way to uninstall it! I read some other reviews where the reviewer was told to go to settings, then safari, then privacy and security and turn off the “block all cookies”. Mine was already off! I’ve been a steady customer since the seventies but now I can’t even place an order unless I call it in. The points I used on the missing order are lost. The order came to $90.91 but now they say they don’t have it. Another thing, I used to be able to see my pending orders. Not anymore. Unless they fix this mess of an app, they’ve lost a long-standing customer of forty plus years.
  • Would love to buy some food 2/5

    By MBBarnesAL
    The app is full of bugs. I keep getting the spinning circle and In each case I load up the cart and get to the point I want to pay, it locks up and says cannot process my request at this time. If Schann’s wants to make a sale, start with an app that actually allows me to complete payment.
  • App and website need work 1/5

    By DazedStarGazer
    I love schwans food. But my schedule requires me to order online. The company has pushed for years for us to ORDER ONLINE. Yet this site and app rarely remembers my login. Though it always says it will. They offer sales but times like right now, I can’t get the order to go through. I can’t even get my cart to open. It’s hard to order with these time sensitive deals when the clock is ticking and I can’t get into the cart.
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By Fr3shz1lla
    The app is terrible. Never works and my phone is updated constantly. Can’t even order anything on the website. So forget ordering shwans. I’ll go grocery shopping since I can’t save my 15$ for ordering online.
  • Click bait 2/5

    By Travis Kennedy
    App is well built but their marketing is questionable. Their emails always entice you with huge deals. But when you click on them there’s 1or 2 fairly good deals and the rest save $1 off their high prices. Today they sent an email that said save (up to) 15% off your order.... click on it, then it’s really 5% off your order. Unless you drop $100. Then it’s 15%. Stick to the grocery store ads and save way more money. Schwan’s quality is awesome! Too bad they try to rip you off so much with click bait marketing.
  • Review 1/5

    By okjip
    I love my delivery guy. I like your products but I hate your web page. It is difficult to find and use the rewards points I’ve ordered. You waste my time and I think you make it difficult to try and keep me from using my points.
  • App 1/5

    By Bestinblueppht
    This app is terrible. No option to set up a new account. When I did chat help I was referred to the web site to report my complaint. I’m deleting ASAP from my phone
  • Schwan’s catalog 5/5

    By ChrisyinaJoy32
    I recently joined WW and I wish the catalog also included the points associated with the food item! It would be nice to just look and plan meals based on the point would make my purchases so much better! Please consider this as it may help countless people and increase sales!! Thank you! Christina
  • Long time customer 5/5

    By Lilbits7
    I have been a long time customer of your company and have always been pleased with your products but unfortunately I can no longer able to keep up with the prices...So at this order it will have to be my last.. Thank you for your products and your courteous delivery people... Mrs C Long
  • Terrible App 2/5

    By Katie08420
    The food is great, been a customer for over 30 years. My issue is that they force you to order through the app to get the rewards points but the app is absolutely awful when I can even get it to load. They really need to get this app together if they expect customers to use it at all.
  • They lied to me 1/5

    By Becca.A
    I REALLY do not appreciate being lied to by your drivers. They told me I have points on my account TWICE. So I go ahead and decide to download the app, so that I can use my points, only to be told by their support that I don’t have any points because I ordered off their truck. I have spent a-lot of money ordering from them over the last several months. So their support offers me $2.59 in points?! THAT IS RIDICULOUS when I was told I had over $50 in points by their drivers!!! I will never order from them again.
  • Love schwans, App is BROKEN 1/5

    By Shendarella
    I have downloaded deleted downloaded again App still doesn’t work.
  • Easy to order! 5/5

    By happymonkey00
    Love schwan foods. The fruit is the best I’ve ever had in a frozen product.
  • Needs fingerprint option 2/5

    By Mattsal23
    Having to sign in every single time is aggravating, it will not autofill the saved username.
  • Great food! 5/5

    By Quiltercarol
    I have been a Schwan’s customer for several years and this the food is high quality. I love the single meals for a delicious quick dinner when I have been out all day. My delivery driver Mark is courteous and friendly and always gets my order right. I have introduced many of my friends to Schwan’s by bringing scones to teas and appetizers to parties. Keep up the good work!
  • Does anyone even test this app? 1/5

    By Mealunes
    The styling is all jacked up. None of the top level menus work and the app is pretty well unusable.
  • Schwans 1/5

    By daviddoss
    Their food is actually pretty good. I have been a customer for years. I am so sick and tired of their delivery service that I have had about enough. I have been given three different delivery times in the last two weeks and no one has showed up for any of them. This isn’t the first time either. Last month was the same thing. Reschedule after rescheduling. No one ever shows until maybe two weeks later when you are already scheduled for. About six months ago we missed delivery for two months. But when you call the answering service never has an answer as to why. You find out next time a driver shows up. I used to order a decent amount. But stopped when service got so terrible. If I felt someone cared, it might be different. You can never receive a straight answer though or god forbid some kind of complimentary compensation
  • Yuck 1/5

    By disapponited to say the least
    Poor quality. Soggy cones and thawed and refrozen ice cream. Sandwiches have soggy cookies and thawed and refrozen ice cream. Boxes packed in we’re all soggy and collapsed. Calling for refund as soon as office opens.
  • Chicken strips 5/5

    By Kill cancer
    Living in a small town, these are so good. Better than what we get from our drive in or restaurant.
  • Schwan’s food is fantastic. The ap not so much 3/5

    By Kat0107
    Let me say this first. I enjoy Schwan’s food The delivery guys are above and beyond fantastic The ap is what is getting the low rate The ap needs some serious work. 1. It does not remember your login information, a fingerprint is would be great 2. The ap will not let me change my delivery date. It gives you the option but it doesn’t register. My delivery guy showed up on a week that I was on vacation because the change that I put in never actually changed 3. I have loved most of Schwan’s food but there are a few that I didn’t care for. It would be great to be able to rate the items or put personal notes on items so that I can remember not to order the ones I didn’t like. 4. It would be nice to be able to send an email to our delivery person. The only way to get ahold of Schwan’s is to call or live chat which is normally closed. To be able to send an email would be very helpful. There are meant times that I am looking at my account when it is not office hours Again. I am enjoying Schwan’s food and customer service. The ap is getting low reviews
  • Sign in 1/5

    By voodoo121
    Can we please get a fingerprint sign in? Or maybe a “remember me” box that actually remembers me? I hate having to sign in every time I try to use the app. Honestly the app is pointless, I might as well just go the website every time I need to do anything.
  • Delivery date is always a lie to the customer 2/5

    By Keeta Rae
    I have ordered several times to be delivered to my mother and father-in-law our of state. Every single time I am given a delivery date it is wrong. The last time I attempted to order delivery for my husband and I while we were out of state. I was given a delivery date of Friday the 24th of May. The website said I could add until 11pm on Thursday. I knew this was not possible unless there was a Schwans delivery person that came to Little America on Friday. I called their customer service. I was told it was going to be there on Friday the 24th. I knew this was not possible. I explained I needed to know. I ordered 6 days worth of meals and didn’t want them to show up right before we left. I didn’t want to throw away $100 worth of food (plus shipping). I was assured it would be there. I asked him to please verify. I was put on hold and disconnected. I called back got another person. Explained it all. She went and found the order and verified it would be delivered Friday. I asked how that was possible. Fortunately she considered the obvious and dug further. Finally, on her end, it showed differently. It showed ACTUAL delivery date of Tuesday, May 28th. 4 days LATER!! This blatantly false information is infuriating! Every single time I am lied to about the actual delivery date. This is intentional and it needs to stop! Be honest. If you aren’t going to get it there for a week at least be honest! Our delivery man at home is hard working and we spend a lot of money with him. I love the nostalgia of having personal home service and am willing to pay more for that convenience but your products are not worth being lied to. I can spend 1/3 as much and buy from Walmart. They even have home delivery now. You are blowing it with your deception.
  • I-Phone for ordering 5/5

    By talk0013
    I use my i-Phone every two weeks and have run into no problems ordering or receiving deliveries based on my phone orders! Thank you for the convenience! Linda Gamble
  • Michelle P 5/5

    By Muttae72
    LOVE the food, LOVE using my iPhone, LOVE the convenience! Thank you Schwanns!!!!!
  • delivery 1/5

    By Randal Brown
    It would be nice the first order you could have it delivered to your house ,it was dropped off at 12 Glendale Cove not 16 Glendale Cove.I guess I have to meet him somewhere to get my order. I would of thought they had a navigation system.
  • It’s fine, but a a simple thing would make it a lot better... 4/5

    By Storywriter89
    The app is and work pretty well over all, but things that would make it better is either have it remember the log in, at least an option for it or, fingerprint log-in. For something like a quick update to an order I have to put in my log in info again. Which over all isn’t a big deal, but it is just extra steps to something I feel it doesn’t need to me.
  • Not impressed with ap, we’ll see 3/5

    By Sargentmudbug
    Got the ap, made an order, got pushed back 2 weeks, day before delivery, got pushed back another week, cancelled service and they showed up a couple of weeks later. Going to give them another chance.
  • The app won't even open. 1/5

    By Midnightlouise
    App crashes the second I click on it to open. Used to be so convenient to order. This update is disappointing.
  • Deserves Negative Stars 1/5

    By PixelProDesign
    Worthless app that will not let you create a new account. Time to fire your overseas back end development team and replace them with domestic developers that know what they are doing. The company must be losing a lot of money on new customers. The website is also unusable and there is no way to create a new account or order. Time to fire some people.
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By Tanyal325
    Can’t search for any items and can’t go to check out. Have to go online to ordered instead of using my app. Very frustrating!!
  • Trouble with my app on iPad! 1/5

    By nanak47
    Will not work! I updated both my iPad and the app! Was working fine until yesterday! Help! Could not order!
  • Bad update!!! 1/5

    By cbmickey
    Ever since the last update I can’t do ANYTHING on the app!!! Sooo frustrating! May not order again if I can’t get on the app.
  • Last update makes app useless 2/5

    By MichaelOak
    The last update has made this app useless. Once you sign in, the entire app is unresponsive. Clicking on anything might pop up a menu but you can’t click on any items or categories or your cart or change delivery dates. Someone messed up on this one.

Schwan's Home Delivery app comments

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