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The Scientific American Tablet Edition includes all the editorial content from the print edition plus interactive features and video. Available through Scientific American Active subscribers to the Scientific American print edition who purchased their subscriptions at the publisher’s suggested price of $34.99 in the United States/$49 in Canada/$59 International are granted access to the Tablet Edition. Other subscribers may upgrade their subscriptions. Please contact customer service for more information. Access to the Tablet Edition for iPad is included with all Scientific American Digital Subscription Plans. If you have questions about your Scientific American Subscription Plan, Tablet Edition entitlement or if you would like to upgrade your current subscription to include the Tablet Edition for iPad, please contact customer service or visit our Terms of Use. Scientific American Customer Service: Email: [email protected] Phone: 800-333-1199 Available through iTunes A 12-issue, annual subscription to the Tablet Edition for iPad is available through iTunes for $34.99 and is renewed automatically at the end of the subscription term, until cancelled. Individual issues are $6.99 each. Payment for all purchases will be charged to your iTunes account. For more information, please visit iTunes Terms and Conditions: Founded in 1845, Scientific American is the longest continuously published magazine in the US and the home of the most exciting authors presenting the most dynamic ideas in science today. As the leading popular source and authority on science, technology, and innovation, Scientific American’s award-winning scientist-authored content engages, educates and inspires current and future generations of curious citizens and public and private sector leaders.

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Scientific American app reviews

  • App keeps kicking me out 4/5

    By Bmacd757
    I am done with this nonsense
  • Often fails to download or authorize to read the magazine 1/5

    By night21
    Just failed again, after many attempts
  • Poor App for Subscriber 1/5

    By jrjpharrison
  • constant problems 2/5

    By Hyroscope Progway
    I subscribed through Jan 2021 but cannot download issues for the last three months. only option is to buy the current issue which I already paid for. won’t renew and wish I had not subscribed.
  • Love it so resourceful 5/5

    By Preacherman2000
    S so
  • Worse Again 1/5

    By S in Austin
    Review September 2019. Password lost again. Cannnot restore. These guys are true incompetent morons. They are able to charge my credit card but not actually able to deliver what I paid for. They seem to have fixed the disappearing password problem. After a week or two and several tries I eas able to get back in. The interface still seems less smooth than it could be. Even Newer Review Restore does not work. They should change the name to “Incompetent American” New review: They supposedly made it better. Not really. It worked for a few months and then lost my subscription. It still won’t hold the password and won’t restore. Some of the issues I can read and others want me to subscribe. The way you view the content when it does work is strange and irritating. They will not respond to requests for help. They have my $99 and I have an app that does not work. I do at least get the paper version. Old review: Irritating and unusable. If it was free it would be a waste of time. Get the paper version. Hard to believe how bad it is.
  • Always great 5/5

    By Scan-hound
    Always great
  • Good content, terrible app 2/5

    By DavidIra
    Over the decades this magazine has gradually dumbed down its content and become a lot glitzier. 30 years ago the articles were written by the researchers. They were long and often impenetrable. Today many articles are written by journalists and the ones by researchers have clearly been heavily edited. Some are excellent while others are very superficial. Still it’s far and away the best general circulation science magazine in America. As for the app, I have the same subscription problem as everybody else. People have been complaining about this for years. But Scientific American seems uninterested in trying to do anything about it.
  • It’s an ok app. I wish it were better 3/5

    By kaybeeh
    The main problem I have with the app is that it arbitrarily and often removes all my downloads regardless of available space. Believe me, I have lots of space, but is is frustrating that I have to keep on downloading all the magazines over and over again. I also have to constantly re-login. I have the largest tablets cause I like to keep my books magazines etc. ZINIO, Kindle, they work like a charm. Please fix this ASAP. Otherwise the app could be fine.
  • Figures Are Empty 4/5

    By Tedtoal
    This is a nice app that works pretty well, except that most of the figures are just empty boxes on my iPhone!
  • Interface is dreadful 2/5

    By lisaks2019
    Love this magazine so much. But the app is rather dreadful. They should check out The New Yorkers app
  • Great Magazine 5/5

    By Proto Loco
    I have been subscribing Scientific American for the last 52 years. I read ever, recently some articles have been slanted to the left of the political spectrum. I would the magazine to publish various points of view. Seas have been rising for centuries and 250 million years ago the Georgia Coast was at Macon GA. Why can the magazine publish articles which describes those events, instead of blaming CO2 from fossil fuels as the culprit.
  • Beware Insubscribing 1/5

    By Tomás C
    They make you call in during business hours to cancel your subscription. Super inconvenient.
  • This app blows 2/5

    By Jhub91
    The magazine is full of good content, and that’s what you get with a mag subscription. It’s also what you get with the app- the magazines you’ve already gotten in the mail. What you don’t get in the app is all the other published material on the Scientific American website. For that- you have to go to the website on your phone, and sign in. So, if you have to go to the website and sign in anyway, isn’t it redundant to even have the app? The answer is yes. Isn’t it also redundant to have an app that ONLY shows you what’s in the magazines you’ve already received? The answer is, once again, yes. A good app should negate the need for users to go to a different app- their browser- and log in to your website. And just think of all that valuable user data you’re leaving on the table by making them go to Chrome instead of your app! Abominable. Back to the drawing board dudes. Or if you outsourced, time to get a new development agency.
  • Good enough if you can get it to recognize you as a subscriber 5/5

    By Ocean Renter
    I LOVE SciAm, so I’m stoked I can read on iPad. One minor issue is every time I open the app it doesn't recognize that I am a digital subscriber and asks me to pay for the issue. Workaround is to sign out and then in again.
  • App is terrible 1/5

    By catsueaig
    The app itself is terrible. You’re better off reading the content from a better app like the ones from apple or google.
  • Scam alert 1/5

    By Chris2468642
    I was offered four years of digital content if I subscribed. Once I did I was told no such offer exists. I even sent them a copy of the offer I responded to and they have yet to rectify the situation.
  • Confusing. Hard to use. Easy to make a mistake and get carved for issue you paid for already 1/5

    By not ok 123
    Confusing. Hard to use. easy to make a mistake and get charged for it an issue you’ve already paid for.
  • Great content, frustrating app 2/5

    By jdawgnickname
    I always enjoy the content of SA, and I liked the features of being able to download issues for offline use. I had about 60 hours of flying ahead so I said, hey why not subscribe and download some backlogs. So I downloaded 8 or so issues, ready to kill some time. I get on the plane and get on the app and my issues are gone.. I’m told they were automatically deleted to save space. I check my storage, had 9 or so GB of space left. Feel like a chump that wasted his money big time.
  • Secure login needs improvement 4/5

    By Mark8591
    Too often when launching the app you are forced to log in. This should not be so difficult. If a banking app allows for seamless touch ID, a magazine app should be just as easy.
  • User interface needs little basic attention 3/5

    By DrGeorgeB
    I would like to be able to dynamically increase/decrease font size. Also, be able to change font style to non-serif. Sometimes the typeset is hard to read. Adjust the lightness/darkness of the background and tone to adjust contrast, especially with a mind to the environment I’m reading in. All for now. Nice little app.
  • No. Zoom. Feature 1/5

    By m. armenta
    This. App is not any good. As there is no zoom. Feature Last year you could download your copy to acrobat And any column could be expanded. We need to go back to the old way.
  • Problem buying subscription 1/5

    By Eclectic Listener
    If I’ve done everything I know to make an app purchase, including up dating my payment method and all my other app purchases open, then I just wasted 20 minutes of my life trying to subscribe to a ‘scientific’ magazine. Fix it!
  • App is quirky 4/5

    By profmiket
    Below is a review I wrote about 2 years ago. I still have problems with the app not retaining my subscription information. -— Seems like both the website and the iPad app have had problems for a couple of years that have not been addressed. I got an e-mail verifying my renewal today that contained a link to my subscription. Using that link, I got a page that said, "We have moved," and gave another link to get to the magazine. Since SciAm just sent me that link, why haven't they updated it to take me to the address that they've move to? Additionally, on the iPad app, I have to re-registered my subscription if I have accessed it for a few weeks. After I do that, I have access to the digital issues, but I don't understand why I have to keep re-registering. This annoying problem has been true for previous versions of the iPad app. Despite these problems, I think the SciAm content is great and it has kept me as a long-term subscriber.
  • Scientific American 4/5

    By Rich von B
    Searching for articles in back issues isn’t possible
  • Great just like the magazine 5/5

    By Billy Ray
    Nuff said.
  • Poor access 2/5

    By Papabell2
    App does a poor navigation job on phone! Also bought a special report and had to download as pdf, could not get it to load into my SA app.
  • Frustration 1/5

    By SSM!13
    Frustrating. Keeps losing my subscription information and asks me to pay again for downloads. Sciam was not able to help. Magazine is fine but app is not good.
  • Great magazine; app has quirks 3/5

    By Ken in Ann Arbor
    Just about every time I use the app on the iPad I need to re-login and that takes a few tries due to the quirky login page. Other subscription apps like NYT, WSJ, and Washington Post work well. Maybe it’s time for an updated Scientific American app, please.
  • Scientific American app 4/5

    By tom big historian
    Really handy. But it’s a bit easier to navigate in iBooks. Page lay out in a row at bottom. Would be god to have book mark and underlining capability.
  • Fix this app! 1/5

    By xt33na
    It doesn’t work! Signs me out everytine, deletes my downloaded issues, deletes my scrapbook. Very, very frustrating!
  • Incredible 5/5

    By Ugyguyfrgfirgviuefi
    I am always amazed at the wealth of knowledge this magazine has to offer and their app lives up to that same quality. If you’re on the fence about buying a subscription, do it. It’s got information on just about everything from dark matter to weight loss (which at times can seem like a dark matter). Anyway, I commonly read these magazines and this app only makes my addiction portable and easy! Thank you Scientific American!
  • The Best of Science 5/5

    By Phil695
    Timely information on the latest advances in all fields of science written for the non-specialist. A real delight, required reading for anyone who wishes to be informed about our world.
  • Digital sometimes 3/5

    By Homer Jebus Simpson
    I still read the printed copies but when ever I am on the go I like to jump into the digital app, but sometimes (actually every month when a new issue becomes available) I have to log out of the app and log back in so it will recognize me as a subscriber so I can download the latest issue. This app would have received a five star review if I only have to log in once and whenever a new issue comes out, hit the download button and start reading but it’s pretty troubling to see the cover price offered to you every time for a magazine you know you already paid for and was promised free digital downloads with said subscription. Also this app should be available for Amazon Fire users, I use an iPad now but when I had a fire it was disappointing to have a digital subscription with my service but no access to it.
  • Great Science for all 5/5

    By Komboholmes
    No matter how great you think your education is, SA brings you back to reality with each issue. The last one with the article on life is awesome. I still have a problem getting around and 90 does not help. I have been trying to get the issue published on my birth month February 1928. Thanks for helping us stay up to date. Paul
  • Look here for facts 5/5

    By JohnnySchad
    When you read this magazine, you come to a place where fact and assertion are not interchangeable. In science, the status of “fact” is earned, then earned again and again. In a world of fake news, Flat Earthers, denial, and open antagonism towards learning and the learned, what a refreshing refuge. The topics are widely varied, so if you read an issue, you will learn something.
  • Deleting issues 1/5

    By Asometimesdoer
    Some crazy software issue causes the app to delete downloaded issues. It claims I am low on memory, but my iPhone has over 7 GB left. I’d like to keep the downloads for when I’m in a low signal area or when my battery is low.
  • Intelligent writers, intelligent articles... 5/5

    By eternal sophomore
    Not just the headlines of science but also the laboratories and long-term thinking that will pay off in ten years. Incredible graphics that speak to the lessons of the articles. Each issue leaves me wanting more, just in time for the next issue.
  • Loses login information constantly 2/5

    By ral123184
    App is fine for reading, but constantly loses login information, and will not sync subscriptions with SciAm username/password without uninstalling and reinstalling app. This happens with every iOS update, and sometimes at random. Very frustrating!
  • Fine magazine but App not so much 5/5

    By Dr Pe
    I am really tired of having to sign in so frequently to Scientific American App. This App should remember me!
  • T-cells and beyond 5/5

    By Rich Staley
    Immunological medicine
  • SA Review May 2018 5/5

    By Capt SteveB
    This is my go to magazine for all things current in general scientific thinking. While I don't always agree with the editors opinions entirely they are well written and balanced, presenting facts for consideration. Content articles are well chosen with appropriate and relevant topics. In today's environment of fake news and misinformation, cultural and group bias, it is very refreshing to read articles and opinions based on truth and facts determined by observation. SA not only stipulates ones curiosity, it promotes logical fact based thinking.
  • Good, not good 1/5

    By eholby
    Great magazine, terrible digital support. Always wants me to pay or subscribe even though I have the subscription. Now I must add a nickname to post this. All names taken. Who designed this?
  • Needs attention 4/5

    By LgWhy77777
    I have to log out and log back in for every new issue. Waste of my time!
  • I enjoy but! 3/5

    By Edward682
    I truly enjoy the scientific articles in SA and have gift subscriptions for our son and a grandson. Having said that I am upset every time I read the liberal political driven articles. My son and I just agree that we skip them. If you must do so than at least be fair and present opposing conservative points of view. After all is not that what the Scientific process is all about?
  • Great content but not the app 1/5

    By ZakZQ
    Love the content in general. However the app is problematic: recurrent problem over several iOS and different iPhones, I have to delete the app every month for my account to recognize my subscription. “Restore subscription” never works. Otherwise love the content and will keep the subscription despite the monthly hassle! Update: Looks like above issue was fixed. Also, the app stays at the exact page where I left it when I come back to the app after closing it (used to take me to the home page). 5 stars! Thanks
  • Terrible 5/5

    By *#*#!!
    The SA app will not allow me to read the April issue at all. I have had several issues in the past and I have complained but to no avail. I do have the latest IOS version on my IPad.
  • Stop deleting my issues 1/5

    By Rescued Human
    How many times do I have to tell you to NEVER delete an issue. It is totally inappropriate to remove something from my device without even asking me. Stop. Stop. Stop.
  • A marginal app 1/5

    By GribbleFlotz
    The app lets me download and read each issue of Scientific American, which is its core purpose. But each month when a new issue comes out it tells me that I need to buy it before I can download it. Then after I log out and then log back into the very same account it’s willing to let me download the next issue in my subscription. Why can’t it just let me get the issue without the extra work? Or even better, automatically download it.

Scientific American app comments

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