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  • Current Version: 1.07
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Score! Match App

The Road to GLORY awaits! From the award winning makers of Score! Hero & Dream League Soccer comes the real-time multiplayer soccer experience you have all been waiting for! Dribble, pass, tackle and shoot your way to the top with Score! Match! Play YOUR way! Recruit your friends, customise your team, choose your tactics and hone your skills. Download and play today for FREE! ************************************** FEATURES • Real-time fast-paced 1 on 1 matches against players from all over the world! • Addictive, easy and fun Score! engine gameplay • Advance through multiple arenas on your way to the top • Earn packages to unlock new player types, formations, boot designs and much much more! • Upgrade players to reach their full potential and showcase their skills on the pitch! • Stunning 3D graphics, intelligent AI, and hundreds of unique animations • Recruit Facebook friends to join your team! Match, Score, WIN! ************************************** Please note: This game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money. To disable In App Purchases, go to Settings/General/Restriction. This game requires an internet connection, and contains third party advertising. ************************************** VISIT US: LIKE US: FOLLOW US: WATCH US:


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  • Friends 4/5

    By big guy with bigger penis
    I love the game just let us be able to play with our friends by putting in there username or connect to Facebook to play
  • Awesome game. Missing some stuff. 3/5

    By iStoneRice
    I literally love this game. I love how it plays. The commentary. It’s perfect. There is just a few things it is missing. Like first instead of whoever makes it to 2 goals have it where you have to win by 2 goals with the some extended time, then if that doesn’t happen then penalties. I say also the players act really stupid sometimes. When I have the ball the someone intercepted it and it’s loose. My player obviously can run and get it but as soon as the other player gets to a certain place my player slows down and let’s them get it. Then maybe add a daily wheel or something where you have a chance of getting better stuff. Like uniforms or anything. Some incentive for me to get on everyday. Add maybe tournaments with some longer game times or something. I would love that. But I definitely think you add some stuff on here and this is a for sure Editors Choice game.
  • Pay to Play 3/5

    By larsj5
    The gameplay really isn’t that bad, and while the players don’t always react the way you think they should, it’s still very good overall. However, the fact that you need “bux” to play is ridiculous. In some of the higher stadiums you can lose all of your bux if you lose three consecutive games, and then it costs so much to play a game. Bux should only be used for upgrading your players, and playing the games should only affect your stars.
  • Tackle speed 4/5

    By taxkle
    The tackle speed should be kept fast. Keeps the game more fun and better defense available
  • New slide tackle speed is ridiculous 1/5

    By LiarLiar021
    Too fast. Can’t believe you made it permanent!
  • New defence system 4/5

    By Fenasi Kerim 2
    New Fast system is great. Game is more dynamic now. There should be a deactivate defence button too.
  • Good idea but game is grabbing for money already. 2/5

    By DJs816
    I haven’t even made it out of the first area and my team has lost all brain cells. They fall over on defense for no reason and foul every time they try to tackle. My offenses newest hobby from no where is getting the ball and dribbling into the defense or kicking back towards the goal with 10 seconds left.
  • Tougher Tackles 5/5

    By Ale0317
    Great game, tougher tackles is a bad idea.
  • 1.07 feedback, less fun 2/5

    By Kevin V
    I like the potential of this game, but am at 2 stars for now. The faster tackling has resulted in fouls all the time and almost all the games I've played have come down to penalty kicks and shootouts. Boring. Maybe drain the tackle button when you're in possession and don't start the recharge until possession changes so that it's not just a game of smash the tackle button and you give the offense some time to set up. I do like the effort to make defense more than just a watching game, but the tackle button may not be the best answer to that. Maybe some interaction during the action pauses to influence the AI prediction of where the opponent is going to play the ball towards.
  • Getting there 3/5

    By Kobe /Messi
    Should add playing with friends option
  • Update Ruined it 2/5

    By S8G_Jarhead
    Latest update ruined the game there is literally no strategy needed anymore the tackle replenishment is to quick and it’s just turned the game into an OT/Penalty kick showdown game...I loved this game unless the update is reversed I’m deleting!!!!
  • Horrific game 2/5

    By thehunter:•
    I’ve played this game for hours, and now, I can confidently say that this is not a good game. First of all, the AI is very bad. Anyone who has played for 10 minutes will realize that. Secondly, I feel that I am always being matched with bot-players. After observing what my opponent does, it is pretty obvious that it is a bot, which is very unfair, and most likely the reason I have been losing games.
  • Yes! 5/5

    By Dhom98
    Great game
  • Terrible update 1/5

    By InformedPerson
    If you guys want to save your dying game I would change the tackle recharge back to 15 sec. This new update allows for bad players to just click the tackle button every 2 seconds without thinking. I used to enjoy this game but now I won’t be playing until the update is gone.
  • Awesome game, hate the new update 4/5

    By Fyyjfddth
    He game is very well designed! He new update with the increased availability of the slide tackle has made the game very annoying, and not what it should be. Please don’t keep that slide tackle update and it will be a 5 Star game!
  • Omg 2/5

    By addulleydul
    So bad y am I giving 2 stars in beging good but now full of hacker lose every gave and so much fu#% hacker do not bye Tho it will make u go nuts
  • Amazing, but room for improvement 5/5

    This game is incredible and while there is room for improvement, anyone who played Score Hero will know that the physics will be fine-tuned and that while the AI makes dumb decisions, it is your pass that dictates its response. While that may seem false because they go on long runs, it definitely is true, and as you improve at the game you will be able to pass balls which dictate strong responses. The current event with quicker tackles is bad because the tackle button required some thinking to use well, and if your opponent missed the tackle you could capitalize in the short time afterwards. But ultimately, this game is great and I believe that any shortcomings will be fixed in the upcoming updates.
  • Tackle Event is Stupid 2/5

    By Robtop is horrible
    Sorry, this may sound harsh but it’s the truth. I only rate this 2 stars because this terrible tackle event is going on. Just before I wrote this, I was playing against some person online. I only got up to 2 kicks before I lost the ball because my opponent was tackling like crazy. The shot is also overpowered. If you doubt this, I have an example. It was the end, of the same match, and may opponent just stole the ball, tackling again. They were ON THEIR OWN HALF AND SCORED! I’m a soccer player myself, so I know how hard it is to do that. In addition, as I watched the slow motion vids after the match, the ball went through my keeper. I will change my rating and review once this event is done. Thank you for your time.
  • . 5/5

    By ẲΒ๑ƑẲΪ́ṦẲℓ
    Very Very good
  • Great game but needs tweaking 4/5

    By Nor49cal
    Don’t like the new update, it says tougher tackles but it’s quite the opposite. The tackles are now more frequent which I absolutely hate! The success rate of the tackles seem about the same also. Every time I pass the ball it gets taken away from me shortly after, of course I do the same to the other guy. I would like to see the tackles happen less frequent. Also I dropped about $20 to upgrade my guys but I don’t see very much of an advantage. My guys are mostly around lvl 5, even when I play 1’s and 2’s I see them out perform my players. Please fix, then 5 star.
  • Tickle time 4/5

    By Nemo-1986
    Reduce the tickle period so we can enjoy the game ,make it fast
  • read it 1/5

    By Hossein alone
    Hi please remove tackle tougher thanks
  • S 5/5

    By الشميري .
  • Cool Game 4/5

    By AxelLeschhorn
    Its like score hero, very addicting.
  • Good 5/5

    By Youssef987654
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Blackhawks 765
    Don’t bother unless you feel like smashing your phone to bits while choking yourself with a ferret. If soccer was actually played like this bowling would be a more popular sport.
  • Love it 4/5

    By Retox21
    I’m not a huge soccer fan, but something about this game is captivating. I did want to say to the developers that I am not a big fan of the increased tackle speed you’re trying this weekend.
  • Tougher tackles destroyed game 1/5

    By Cris_P18
    It used to be a decent game. If you managed to avoid the tackle you knew you had a chance to build an attack. Now with tackles flying from left and right it's like a crazy shoot. What used to be at least a little bit of skill is now total luck. Done playing if it's not adjusted to get some flow back into the game. Also, what's the point of leveling up players when there is really no noticeable difference in performance. This game needs a few tweaks in the right direction to be fun. This tweak was two steps back
  • Good idea bad execution 2/5

    graphics and play style are good, the idea with the prizes are good, BUT game play is terrible. The passing is off, no telling how far you pass is going or if it going to be played properly, that said how in the world is it that i have a team full of level 4 and 3 players yet I get beat cleanly by a team of lvl. 1 with just one lvl 3... FN ridiculous. It’s seems no matter the lvl. of the player they don’t respond accordingly, how does a lvl. 4 defender get beat by a lvl. 1 or 2 and just stand there as they trot by into perfect position. The AI is absolutely terrible fun in he beginning but once u get into it u realize how frustrating it is.
  • Good Game 5/5

    By IPotatoPickle
    I don’t know why people are saying this is a horrible app because this is a very good game love this game.So, get this app, but if you don’t know to then that is ok you don’t have to get it if you want.
  • Has great potential but needs Improvement, a lot 3/5

    By theunknown12
    Ok I really like this recent update about the tackling because it’s more fast paced which I like it. But now I feel people can score way to easily now, and instead of having a 2 golden goal match maybe you should take that off and have a regular match but keep the same time and maybe could add extra time and obviously penalties when it’s tied. And my second issue is the players, they need to be more smart because it really bothers me that they play so stupid, for example when they defend they literally just look like they gave up and stop defending. Another example which really made me mad was when the striker had the ball he was literally wide open and decided to take the ball close to the corner of the goalie box to the corner side and I had no angle to shoot from and had no option to even pass because there was no other teammate around for that. Last this game can get boring and maybe you guys could add tournaments which you can get bigger prices.
  • So glad I found this game! Some opinions: 5/5

    By oceanwaav
    The game play is great, the new recharge speed on the tackle is a bit too fast but way better then before (makes for a challenging match), also and most importantly I think the spreads on buying into a game and aren't good enough, you have to buy in half of what you win; doesn't make me want to play as much... Even if it was 100bucks more I think that's a little more incentive to play more often and also place more bets at kickoff. Otherwise I love it! OH and one more thing, on the newest update everytime I launch the app it asks me to connect to facebook, redirects to FB then back to the app...
  • Score match 5/5

    By Rodríguez José
    Tiene una gran creatividad y esta muy padre, un que se la copia futbolera de Clash Royale
  • Fantastic game 5/5

    By DBarnsNY
    Really nice approach to a complex mobile game. There have been several turn-based football games over the years but this is definitely the best from a gameplay perspective.

    By Kris ;
    I am writing this review because it asks for feedback on shortened tackle update. It makes the game so much harder
  • The new update 4/5

    By Daydaycomcast
    Hey, I wanted to give you guys a review on the update. I don’t think reducing the time of the tackle is good because I have played a few people with this new update and they have been using it repeatedly. The update before the new one is better because that way you can get the full soccer experience. With the new update penalties have increased which can be both good and bad because you can have a final shot depending on the penalty but it’s bad because not many people (including myself) enjoy doing penalty kicks throughout the game. I hope you guys read this cause this is urgent and I think it should be fixed.
  • BAD 2/5

    By corykensin
    It's a very bad game when you use your tackle your defenders are useless -it depends on your luck and the kick-off bid is a bad idea sometimes the player doesn't go for the ball
  • Fix doesn’t help 1/5

    By sanka95
    Now that the tackling recharges faster, all the players are just committing fouls!
  • Playing with friends 4/5

    By OJFight
    This is a fantastic game and I️ really enjoy playing this but I️ would play it so much more and have a much better time if there was a feature that allowed you to play with ur Facebook friends. I’ve seen this done in other games and I️ know it is possible to do.
  • Very intuitive and fun football game 5/5

    By JonoX
    Highly recommended. I’ve been playing for about a week and I love this game. You really have to consider your player’s behaviors when putting them in formations. Put a pass happy CM in a striker spot and they will look to dish even if they are open to score. I also really enjoy the use of the touch screen to thread passes or shots. It can be a little sensitive on goal shooting since the game is being played at an isometric angle, but it’s thrilling to make that perfect pass or shot. I am really liking the current event with reduced tackle cooldowns as it makes the game even more nail biting than it already is. There was nothing worse than watching your defender get beaten while the tackle was on cooldown. Recommendation: a lower to the pitch striker camera angle so making some corner shots could be smoother. And a practice match mode so you can try new team compositions without having to put your hard earned bux on the line.
  • Addictive 4/5

    By twit1977
    I love this game , i just want to play against my friends.
  • Mutliplayer 5/5

    By adamdhi
    Do something so that we can play with friends
  • It’s ok...minimally addictive & fun...but, 3/5

    By Purple Mumble Grumble
    Of course it’s free to play, but you’ll only advance if you pay money for Gems. Plus the game brings you down to earth when you start playing’re tackling goes to pot, your defense won’t run back, and your goalie misses easy shots when earlier he was laying out to stop near impossible shots. Plus the endless tie games that go to penalty after only 2 mins is frustrating!
  • Too many flaws and inconsistencies to actually enjoy 1/5

    By jarust91
    Game was fun, but this limited tackling update might be the worst idea ever formulated. It makes it nearly impossible to retain possession. Additionally, it seems like player levels have nothing to do with the ability of the player. Level 5 players getting beat on the ball by Level 2 players doesn’t make sense at all.
  • Tackle time reduction is frustrating 3/5

    By Broncho2
    I really loved the game before the reduction in tackle time. I think the time either needs to go back to normal, or the players’ decision to pass needs to come faster. The current set up is so frustrating that I’ll probably stop playing if it doesn’t change.

    By IseekThetruth
    The devs completely ruined this once fun game by making tackles retardedly easier. Where once u had strategy and real feel of football now it’s just rapid fire tackles. Devs destroyed this game. U cannot make tackling easier. YOU RUINED YOUR GAME
  • Look 4/5

    By Manuelx99
    The timer for the tackle did take long, but that meant u had to choose in the right moment to do it simple as that. So now everyone is just non stop tackling and the most thing you are gonna score this weekend is penalty’s because they just go for a foul or something. Please but something to penalize if they hit u but u still have the ball because is annoying. Before today’s update I was having a ton of fun. Apart from that the game is great
  • Great start! Score Hero players have a head start 👍🏽👍🏽 3/5

    By GardenFaithful
    3 stars because their is room for improvement and this developer will improve this game. I feel a lot of the poor reviews are from people that never played Score Hero. This game is an awesome step up from Hero. I’m sure they will improve the shooting ability. In Hero you had more ability to bend your shots. In regards to players making poor decisions in certain situations, it’s really about the pass you made prior to that dictates the AIs response. Hero players know full well that you can place a ball in the right spot and the player will respond. Also, take heed to your players movements with the white dotted marks. If you pass towards their movements you’ll be in a better shape.
  • It’s annoying 3/5

    By CrazyFarmer0501
    You should let the tacklin charge for like 4 seconds because I’ve lost many times because my team wouldn’t play defense
  • Super Fun Game 4/5

    By Italian_Baller
    Overall the game is great and super fun, but I would like to have the option to play online against Facebook friends. If you guys can make that happen that would be amazing.

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