Scribblenauts Unlimited

Scribblenauts Unlimited

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  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.20
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • Developer: Warner Bros.
  • Compatibility: Android
1,794 Ratings
$ 4.99

Scribblenauts Unlimited App

The award-winning, best-selling puzzle game franchise Scribblenauts is back!  Imagine Anything.  Explore Everything. Welcome to an adventure into a wide-open world, where the most powerful tool is still your imagination. Help Maxwell solve robust puzzles across dozens of seamless, free-roaming levels by summoning any object you can think of. Or you can apply adjectives to existing objects and magically transform their properties! Then learn the back-story about Maxwell's parents, 41 siblings (including his twin sister Lily), and how he got his magical notepad.   Features • All-New Unbound World: Explore an open universe with unlimited hours of fun using every level as your playground. • Object Library: Store previously summoned objects and your own creations in Maxwell's Magic Backpack for easy access and future use. • Mobile optimized controls: Pinch-to-zoom and two-finger pan around enormous playgrounds.  Interact and modify any object on screen. • Exclusive, new characters: Enjoy a time mashup with Hipster Lincoln or Robo-Einstein, become a Corporate Werewolf, or rule from above as Queen of the Skies!


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Scribblenauts Unlimited app reviews

  • Ehhhh 1/5

    By ArticPaws101
    I had so much fun on the first two days I got it but then it got very boring and old it’s just the same thing over and over and over.
  • Love it but one problem 4/5

    By Jjm711
    Why is it that you can’t make your own things like on other versions
  • Good game, but bad port. 3/5

    By Cabe999
    I think more effort should be put into fixing the problems that come with porting this game from PC. For one, the game runs really slow, even on an IphoneX. The keyboard is not as responsive as the Iphone keyboard is and it's way bigger than it really needs to be.
  • Awesome but add one thing 5/5

    By kiki is my doggi
    Great game but plz add the OBJECT EDITOR
  • Where is the object editor!!!! 2/5

    By Unganda Knuckles bruddah
    it is great and all but where is the object editor!!!! I can’t find it anywhere. Please add it in a update please.
  • More levels please! 4/5

    By Hufflegirl22
    This game is really fun. I love how it encourages people to use creativity and a little bit of logic as well. The game is amazing and all but it really needs more levels added. I also wish you didn’t have to pay for more sets of characters. It feels like a rip-off considering the game is “ unlimited” because this makes you believe you can access all the characters. The game also needs more words added. Another complaint I have is Maxwell only had one sister who you can’t use. This is annoying because as a lady I would like to be able to play as a girl ( and not have to purchase it). If you could include all of this (which I know is a lot of things) the game would be 5 stars.
  • I like but… 4/5

    By Bob2078
    I almost lost my money and make it more cheaper please
  • This won’t delete 1/5

    By Bcq123
    I downloaded it and deleted it but a version of it still remains a month later
  • How??? 1/5

    By Tiger-0bdd
    How can I refund this terrible game
  • This is pretty ungodly good 4/5

    By iPad 3.16.12
    I thought this was the one was the one on fgteev but it said "did you mean..."that was bad.
  • I like it 4/5

    By Funkyfudgevanripple
    It’s nice yah that’s it PIE PIE PIE PIE PIE PIE he he
  • 👁❤️📒✏️ 5/5

    By #puppygirl
    This is the best game in da universe! I played it ages 7-9 and i'll play it forever! I play scribblenauts remix too they are both amazing 😉
  • "Unlimited"really?? 2/5

    By XxBoomkidxX
    I try and put simple words like bird or snake.but I'll keep coming up with words that I don't even understand!? "Unlimited"that's a big joke! Just make the game different it's not hard to make simple words even though you five pages of words I don't even look like that!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Messed up items
    I thought when I bought this game I would be able to create my own stuff but apparently not. This is a waste of good money. WB Games, if you want me to play your game then add the creation thing already!
  • Impossible game 1/5

    By Truth28
    I tried rain to grow the sprout like it told me to but it kept turning into a giant beast and scared the people so I watched the video and they didn’t even have to go through that I don’t think it works for me.
  • It’s pretty good. 4/5

    By One reason I hate this
    It’s a pretty cool game, at least I think so. My only wish is for them to add the object editor.
  • Loving it! 4/5

    By Hrjehejeje
    I love this game, there is just one thing. I wish it had the object editor.
  • Awesome! But could be better 4/5

    By StellaIsMehName
    This game is great! I having all these feature right at my fingertips but there is a few things that I think could definitely help improve the app. Alright, so it takes a while before you finish the game but I was wondering if you could update it because after finishing there is not much to do. I would really enjoy if you added a second part or something. Also another thing, I think it would be really cool if you could add more characters because there’s only a limited selection.
  • I want a refund 1/5

    By Gamer_Cam101
    Wow, it says create anything and it won’t let me WASTE OF MY MONEY please give me a refund
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By baby heehee
    you guys are amazing and awesome keep up the good work
  • Sonic 5/5

    By dudeboyeyti
    It’s so cool (love the black holes)
  • Needs update 4/5

    By Avid bbavdchs 45
    It needs to be updated for the iPhone X. I love this game but I needs to be fixed
  • It’s awesome but not unlimited 4/5

    By DJ cool 0825
    You should make it so we can make our own custom objects with like an object editor if you did it would be a 5 star game
  • Amazing 4/5

    By Mikeytherevoew
    It is amazing but I am sad that you can’t get items that aren’t from the game like on pc you can get things from the steam website that is sad that iOS users can’t do that too.
  • Warner bros plz read 4/5

    By oreothedino
    So I was watching some scribblenauts videos and they made custom objects I thought that made the game cooler but then I got it on my iPad and I could not make custom objects. Can you plz try to make this into this version of the game, thanks. :)
  • We need object editor 3/5

    By cheesytoastl
    I love the game but we need a object editor
  • SooooooooOOOoooOoOoO awesome that... 5/5

    By Crazydufos_911
    Anyone that’s hates it are JERKS!!!!!
  • 💩😑💩😑💩 2/5

    By Peacocklover619
    I should've read that last review before I downloaded the darn game. it's quite similar to the other one but the only difference to me is the price. I don't really enjoy it as much as the last game of Scribblenauts. I wish I could have a refund....
  • Awesome 5/5

    By SnowKillerSpringTrap
    put Scribblenauts unmasked on App Store I have seen play throughs of it on YouTube and I wanna play it myself so please put it on app store
  • Good game but there is a small problem... 3/5

    By Parmore_I_love
    The game doesn’t have the object editor. I like the Scribblenauts series but it would be more fun creating unique creatures. Than just adding adjectives.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By The Super Cool Vlogger
    Scribblenauts is a GREAT game!!! Its fun and you get to be creative and weird! But If i could change one thing about the game, i would add some sister avatars that resemble Lilly, because lots of girls play this game to and i think they should be able to play as a girl
  • PLZ ADD 4/5

    By Where's my water (free)
    Sorry for shouting... But I had this game on my Nintendo Wii U and had the editor, and I was surprised and a little overjoyed when I found out that there was an app version of this game. So could you guys reimplement it back into that game? If it’ll cost money if you add it or if any reason you can’t, I’ll understand. I really loved this game and especially the editor. Plz put it back
  • Object editer add it😤 1/5

    By Parkourgamer
    It not like Scribblenauts unlimited it's more like Scribblenauts limited PE
  • Trash 1/5

    By Epicdude1256fx
    This game is trash. Do not waste 5 dollars. This is just like the free one. All that’s different is the graphics. Otherwise u can’t create ur own things like for example if u watched the youtubers with like Golden Freddy, Cuphead, Batmobile, Deadpool, there is nothing u can create like this. All it is, is, small maps, the story mode, magical backpack, notepad, and different avatars. GIVE ME A REFUND!!
  • To Wubby’s IPOD 5/5

    By Grasshopper100
    To be honest, it wouldn’t make any sence to add those things into Scribblenauts unlimited. How would you be able to incorporate those things? Also they could just make a Scribblenauts game related to those things. What’s your point?
  • Great but 4/5

    By The true enderman
    We need the editor
  • Great, but I’d like to be able to eat food. 5/5

    By toastybacon
    Sometimes I wish I could eat the food, like a “consume” option. The only food I can eat is angel food cake. And I can only eat once. So could you maybe add an eating option for all food? Just like all the other people with the hungry adjective. Thanks, I enjoy this game. ✏️
  • Batman or object editor 5/5

    By My name superfashkid
    Can u pls add batman clothes. To wear? Pls? Or object editor pls add one of them pls
  • Love Scribblenauts, please improve! 5/5

    By Jockoboco
    We love this app and have fun with it, however we would like to ask that you upgrade it so you can create your own objects just like the video game version. If that would be possible, it would be great!
  • The best game 5/5

    By Andy John Gaming
    this game is amazing and I like that you can write a word and it will just appear
  • Omg amazing!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇😍😍😍👍👍 5/5

    By Meowcopter
    I love this game amazing I love it
  • Great Game (Just One Problem) 3/5

    By KreeperKid55244
    The story is great. It's inspirational, and it's entertaining. Just one thing: the editor. That's what got Scribblenauts Unlimited so famous. The mobile version just seems like a way for you guys just to earn a quick buck. Five dollars. It's not a reasonable price. I think it should've been about 2.99 USD. You see, if you make something that's worth the money, it'll be more of a success. Thank you for your time.
  • Game sounds awesome😝!! 5/5

    By Chickenbannana
    This game is so great 👍🏻 I have been waiting all my life to play this game because when I heard you could make anything,I was like 😻.But this game sounds awesome and I hope you enjoy it too.
  • It won’t download? 1/5

    By Efaith0131
    I bought this game, and it took out the credits, but the app won’t download... it’s been all day and it hasn’t moved past a tiny sliver...
  • Too short 3/5

    By ScoopsSL
    Scribblenauts Unlimited was a really great game but it was way too short. Wasn’t worth the five dollars, though would be worth it if it was longer. The game was fun though.
  • I ❤️ Scribblenauts 5/5

    By Braden Bingham
    I am asking you nicely to put editing object on this game, because when I played Scribblenauts Unlimited on my laptop, please improve putting editing objects on this game, just like the pc or Wii U version:)
  • I like it but😄 5/5

    By Supergod5000
    You really need to add the object editor
  • Love it but… 5/5

    By Pmcolwell
    I really love the game but I think you should add character edit mode
  • Boring 1/5

    By jay138783
    Sirsly I have seen YouTube videos I saw there was a object customizer when I went on to the game it was not there update the game or I will give it a 0 rating
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Ali ivory
    I honestly think this game is awesome! But, I wish you could put Wonder Woman, or the justice league, I wish there were more hints. I still Love it!

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