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Scribd - Reading Subscription

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Scribd - Reading Subscription App

Scribd gives you access to an unlimited* number of the best books, audiobooks, magazines, documents, and more. We make it easy for you to stay informed, discover new passions, and feed your curiosity. No matter what you’re looking for, Scribd is the only reading app you need. Explore trending topics, get personalized recommendations, or check out collections hand-picked by business leaders, tastemakers, and our editors. Membership includes monthly access to an unlimited number of the best books, audiobooks, documents, and magazines. FEATURES • Access an unlimited number of the best books and audiobooks, including award winners and bestsellers in every genre. • Access to articles from Bloomberg Businessweek, Time Magazine, People Magazine, Foreign Policy, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, ELLE, ESPN, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Health, New York Magazine, and more. • Access to select articles from The Associated Press, NPR, the Financial Times, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and more. • Unlimited access to the world’s largest document library, which includes official government reports, academic dissertations, detailed scientific studies, and more. • Unlimited access to a selection of books and audiobooks, hand-chosen by our editors. • Download titles to enjoy at any time, even without an internet connection. • Sync across all of your devices. • Our membership is a monthly subscription that starts at $8.99 which automatically renews unless the subscription is canceled at least 24 hours prior to the next billing date. Our privacy policy can be found at Our terms of use can be found at

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Scribd - Reading Subscription app reviews

  • Perfection❤️🙏🏾 5/5

    By Khanazie
    This app is amazing!!! I needed some way to look at art books since I couldn’t afford to buy any ( like most students ) and the free trial alone gave me so many documents and books to look at. Some other reviews complain about the audiobooks having a limit, but as far as my experience, where I used everything other than audiobooks ( reference books, regular books to read, documents and textbooks ) it was perfect. Highly recommend for anyone who needs books but can’t really buy them
  • ☹️💔 try hibooks, it’s unlimited audio for real! 1/5

    By ktb224
    Update 10/2018- Canceled my subscription and found another app HIBOOKS it’s the same price $9 per month and you actually get unlimited access to good ones! So far this month, I’ve listened to 8. They were all relatively new and several are current best sellers. Regardless of what Scribd says, you can NOT listed to an unlimited number of audiobooks. You can listen to maybe two before they all become unavailable until your next billing cycle. I canceled my subscription and because this other app is so great, I also reduced my monthly audible subscription! Update again: No, the article does not shed any light as to why I was allowed to listen to two books and now can not listen to anything until the next billing cycle. I can honestly say at first I was not angry, but after this as a response, I definitely am. Not sure who thought this would clear things up because it doesn’t actually say anything... You might notice that some books and audiobooks in your saved titles list are not immediately available. We recently fixed a bug that may have affected titles you’d saved on Scribd. Don’t worry, you’ll still get a chance to read these books! These limits are temporary. Our goal was to make the bug fix as least disruptive as possible so that you wouldn’t notice much of a difference in your Scribd experience. We’ve heard your feedback that we did not accomplish this goal. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope we can provide clarity for you on why this fix needed to be made. The reason we include an asterisk next to unlimited* is because we must occasionally and temporarily limit the available library on Scribd to pay publishers and authors fairly for their work in a way that’s sustainable. The bug that will be fixed bypassed the restrictions that appeared elsewhere in our service when a book or audiobook was added to your saved titles list. Please know that we are constantly working with our publishing partners to reach agreements that will allow us to make as much content as possible available to our members while we continue to fairly compensate authors. Update: I would complain about poor customer service, but since my inquiries have been ignored I guess maybe nonexistent would be more accurate. I am so sad because this seemed so promising. This subscription is not unlimited. I listened to 2 books. Neither book was a best seller and both had been released before 2010. Now I’m CUT OFF until the next billing cycle?! First, I’ve read the TOS several times while waiting for a response from customer service. It seems intentionally vague regarding “unlimited” use. I’ve listened to 2 books and now all of a sudden nothing is available for a month? How can you advertise unlimited and then consider 2 books excessive use? I found this in the fine print... “For a small percentage of Scribd users who consume an unusual volume of materials, not every book or audiobook in the library will be immediately available. Scribd reserves and shall have the right in its sole discretion to add, modify, withdraw or delay at any time any particular Scribd Commercial Content from access by you for any reason including, without limitation, based on the costs generated to Scribd by such content or the nature of your use of the website. Scribd makes no guarantee as to the availability of specific titles or the timing of their availability.” There is NO WAY that listening to 2 non-new release/non-bestseller books equals, “consuming an unusual volume of materials.” Could someone please define what Scribd means by ‘unusual volume’? I’m also wondering what they consider a ‘small percentage.’ When I read that, I think single digits, but with so many reviews complaining of this I am wondering what you really mean. Please someone clarify! I like the app and I really can’t bring myself to believe that Scribd would intentionally mislead customers by advertising unlimited listening but the whole time be thinking we’ll stop them after 2 books because anything more than 1 is just an unusual volume for a person. I hope it’s some kind of mistake. I did add lots of tags to titles, but tagging something surely wouldn’t count against your unlimited reading limit? I tagged books as want-to-read, already read, maybe want to read, don’t want to read, new series, etc. but I did not download or listen to those books and some I have no intention to. I tagged over 50 books, maybe excessive, but if tagging limits what you can read tell us or don’t give us the option to create them! I can’t imagine any reason why I would be cut off after 2 books. If there is a limit, be upfront about it. When I saw unlimited I thought, this is great, I can go outside of my comfort zone and take a change and listen to book knowing that if after a few chapters if it isn’t for me, then I’m not out anything but a little time. I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed, especially since I have contacted customer service a few times with zero response. I see some reviews getting a response, hopefully that will be thbe case for me. For now, I will stick with the app Libby (Overdrive)-free audiobooks from the library. It’s pretty great except sometimes you have to put a book on hold, especially new releases because the library only have so many digital copies to lend, but they do let you see where you are in line so that’s cool. They don’t claim to let you listen to an unlimited number of books per month either, your limit is 35.
  • So many to choose from! 5/5

    By Rschmeidler
    I am so grateful for this app vs. Audible! It is easier to use from ANY of my devices. There is a tremendous selection of not only audible books but print, mags, etc. and more affordable to boot!
  • Love it best thing EVER❤️❤️❤️ 5/5

    By sorry to bother you
    I love this app it is just what a book nerd like me needs that an I make minimum wage and it's not that expensive so yay!!! ☺️
  • Great selection but availability issues 1/5

    By slimp862000
    I have been listening to about a dozen different authors over the past 3-4 years I’ve been subscribed here. Originally I was extremely happy with the unlimited plan they had. When they switched to the credit based plan I wasn’t so happy but I re-listened some of the ones I’ve already heard. When they swapped back I was happy to hear it but now I’m extremely unhappy because their “unlimited books and audiobooks” has limits. I am in the middle of a series, just finished one book and ready to start the next and see the “available on xx/xx/2018” at the top of my selection. Ok that’s less than a week away I will wait. The next month 2 weeks past my payment it happens again but it over 3 weeks till it’s available. Now this month I just made my payment last week and am getting that message again. I have contacted support and get the runaround about availability and access but that’s not my problem I pay my money for UNLIMITED and expect it.
  • “Soon available” 3/5

    By Fgcddhbdcbm
    For the most part, I really love this app. I work at a bookstore and I still recommend it to people. The last couple weeks, though, have gotten frustrating. For example, I had a book downloaded and about to be read this morning- and now it’s an “available soon” book? It seems completely random. I understand that with contracts and stuff, some books aren’t available right away, but why take away one that WAS available and tell me I can’t read it until next month?
  • Limited choice 1/5

    By Alfjrovg
    I also loved this APP at first but now find that most of the books I want to listen to are not available until next month. It certainly does seem like there are limits to the number of recent/new books you can listen to monthly, despite their claims otherwise. When I called, the customer service rep pretty much said “ I’m sorry, that’s how it works.” I guess I’m more used to Audible and their fantastic customer service. I’m going to give it another month in the hopes this will change if enough people complain about the false advertising of unlimited listening. On a side note, I also find the reverse/ forward functions to be very slow and irritating to use but am hopeful that a bug fix in a future update will improve these functions.
  • Books suddenly become unavailable! 2/5

    By 7 month user zxy
    I originally thought this was a great app with unlimited access for a flat fee. But you line up your reading list and get excited about your next book and then it’s suddenly unavailable for a month! Not easy for anyone in a book club when the book needs to be read by a certain date. So I have to buy it to get access through another service. I was going to recommend this to my friends after first signing up but then this happened. Also beware because many books I chose ended up being abridged versions which, as an avid reader, I have no interest in.
  • Urdu and Islamic literature 5/5

    By ovais maqbool
    Most of the books are available and wonderful to read, thumbs up for scribd
  • Soooo much better than Audible or any other book subscription service 5/5

    By Yaoying
    I don’t like to take the time to write review for apps until now. Scribd is a great service. I would like to recommend to anyone, which I have already done to all my friends. It offer great selection and a lot of new audiobooks are almost available as soon as it comes out, which is fantastic! There are a few books that are missing, but it is OK. It offers other alternatives that are able to satisfy your interest to some extent. I learned a lot by listening to the audiobooks, it definitely improved my understanding of the economics and helped my career so much that no other book service has been able to match. Right now I am listening to Bob Woodward’s “Fear” the week after it was initially released. Hopefully, my cheerful spirit can be maintained after the book.
  • Sooo disappointing. 1/5

    By DMApple
    The app itself works fine, but the actual service is terrible. It’s supposed to be unlimited, but after listening to one audiobook they throttled my usage and all of the other 10 books I wanted to listen to were unavailable for the next 3 weeks. Contacted support and got an unhelpful response. Figured I’d give it one more month, on the day that the audiobooks were to become available to me, none of them were. I again contacted support asking for a refund, which they would not grant so I have since cancelled my subscription. It’s true what they say, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. So disappointed in this service.
  • Selection of audio books so sparse. 1/5

    By Castsajen
    Everything that I want to read unfortunately it seems like I have to wait a month to be able to read. Or use my eyes for work, so I truly am in audible book kind of listener) so this is very disappointing. Some of these books are old, I don’t understand why I have to wait. If you guys can get this fixed I would be very loyal subscriber but I don’t see a point in staying right now. I also trying to download the book they do offer and they freeze.
  • Great unlimited use!!!!! WELL NOT REALLY 2/5

    By Túmadreesstupido
    I guess that is how I got sucked in, the unlimited factor. The whole “read as much as you want “. I have only listened to 2 books and now the ones I have saved are “unavailable for 1 month”. How is it even legal or ETHICAL to advertise a lie????
  • Deceptive 1/5

    By Kiki'sMomma
    All of a sudden today a book I was in the middle of reading, as well as almost every other on my saved list had become "unavailable" until October 3rd, which is conveniently when my subscription renews. They were all available when I saved them. Seems like a common problem. Won't be renewing since the "unlimited" is not as advertised 😡😡😡
  • Not bad 3/5

    By GammaGyrl
    Three stars for the false claim of unlimited. Checked website to learn about about unlimited, had to scroll to the bottom of page to see there are restrictions then, go to user agreement page to see your access (I.e. being able to actually listen/read) is restricted if you “consume an usual volume”. That IS NOT UNLIMITED The price is a great selling point, but do a better job managing expectations. IT IS NOT ‘Read Without Limits’ it SHOULD say ‘Read With (a) Few Limits’
  • Scribd is worth it’s weight in gold 5/5

    By Evilmaria667
    If you love to read, no even if you just like to read then you need Scribd. The monthly fee is less than Amazon’s reading thing but with Amazon you’re super limited as to what’s out there. With Scribd there’s every book including #1 best sellers. I have yet to find a book they don’t have that’s not included with your subscription. I’ve only been a member for 3 months and I’ve read 6 books and I’m on my 7th. No limit to how many you can read at a time if you like to read more than 1 book at a time. I have nothing bad to say. This is the perfect app or you can get it online without downloading the app but the app is neater for someone who’s unorganized like me. I wish I signed up way before I signed up for Amazon’s because I would have save so much money and had read a lot more books by now. I love Scribd.
  • Not unlimited books like they say 3/5

    By Aschleiger
    I really like this app but like the reviews I’ve read the audio books really don’t seem to be unlimited. I’m wanting to listen to a certain authors series in order written. I can’t because I only gave a few available this month and have to wait till next month for the rest. This is frustrating. It’s really about the only thing I don’t like about the app.
  • NOT “unlimited” 1/5

    By Jess_Tracy
    I was loving Scrib’d until this month when after listening to only two audiobooks, every single book in my saved books became unavailable until my next billing date. I’m fine with limits, if it’s two audiobooks a month for $8.99 that’s still cheaper than audible and I would be fine with it, but be honest with your customers and say that up front. If I had known I was limited to two audiobooks I would have probably have been more selective and prioritized what I read. I am also frustrated because other audiobooks on the app are available, just none of the 50 or so books I had saved, all the books I actually want to read. I feel like the save feature is just a sneaky way to limit your use, by making the books you actually want to read unavailable but still try to say you are unlimited because these other books are available. Super shady in my opinion! Seriously considering cancelling because of these shady, dishonest practices.
  • LOVED IT !! 📚 5/5

    By shanialy09
    I subscribed to their membership which was okay but I cancelled my subscription months ago and they have charged me for around 6 months. I contacted them a few weeks ago and complained about it and all they said was "It looks like you purchased a subscription with us using an alternate email address and may have forgotten about it." something I heard they tell most people. They're just scammers and they will keep stealing people's money until someone decides to sue them.
  • There are limits 2/5

    By dsmitchell18
    I paid for the monthly subscription to listen to audiobooks with no limits. After listening to just one book, I'm unable to listen to anymore until the new month begins. It says “not available until ...” i also feel i was mislead into buying what I thought was a subscription with no limits.
  • Disappointed :( 2/5

    By Carriek913
    I was so excited when I discovered this app! I love to read and would read constantly if I could. However, there are times when you can’t sit and read a book. This is when audiobooks are especially wonderful! This app seemed like the perfect answer! Then, all of a sudden, most of the books I had saved aren’t available until the next month.... I listen to more than like 2 books a month. That is why I subscribed to an app that said “unlimited” audiobooks! But, alas, this is not actually true. I’m probably going to cancel my subscription. Sad day.
  • Wow.... 1/5

    By Empress Jai
    So once upon a time I would have given this a 5 star rating easily but seriously?!?!? I have NO audios available!! My pay day just passed and you took every single audio I’ve ever saved away? I WANT MY MONEY BACK! This is false advertising. Unlimited reading?! That’s a lie!! I only got to download one book before you took every single audio away from me! If I wanted to pay for each and every audio, I’d just do audible. If you need to charge more for your service then do that! Because this is ridiculous. I have referred so many people to you in the past that I am so angry that you are failing to provide what you promise. I run an online book club with 2500 members. I know a lot of them have downloaded this app because the books we read are usually on here. But I am done with you!! I want my money back. I want it back for months of lies.
  • So are we allowed to lie on the App Store now? 1/5

    By Yeahiknow3
    I’ve listened to 1 and a half audiobooks so far this month. The backlog of audiobooks I have saved have become marked with “available on Oct 1st”. Now I’m not surprised that an $8 a month service would limit the number of audiobooks you can listen to. I really don’t care either way. However, I am unhappy that Scribd is not upfront about their actual policies, and especially that they’re able to so blatantly lie all over the App Store and elsewhere. It’s unscrupulous, and these AstroTurfed ratings testify to fact that this is one nasty company. Stay away.
  • Farewell! 1/5

    By HutshbdhNykisnjdgnhsjngakcmop
    Update: 9/10/18 I wrote this review two years ago when scribd changed from unlimited to a credit system. It was not worth it to me, especially with the vast selection of audiobooks my library offers through Overdrive. I have received numerous invitations to rejoin, including the one several months ago that the company has gone back to unlimited. I thought I’d give it another chance. It all worked fine for a couple of months and I honestly didn’t mind the throttling of certain books since there was still plenty for me to choose from. I have saved over 150 titles of audiobooks that I want to listen to eventually, so it was never an issue. Until this last billing cycle after which NONE of my saved books are available until the end of September. Not a one!!! In addition, every title I search for that I haven’t already saved is unavailable as well. To clarify, I have listened to zero audiobooks since the last billing cycle, yet I cannot access anything that interests me. I am not interested in scribd “suggested for you” free offerings, nor am I interested in paying a monthly subscription for a service that tries to dictate completely what I have access to. I don’t think I would have a problem with any of it if the developers were honest and transparent with their subscribers regarding how many audiobooks they can listen to during any given billing period without the BS about superusers and having to pay their publishers. If listening to two or three books a month is considered being a super user, then this company should seriously consider redefining the term “unlimited”. As many other subscribers, I have reached out to scribd via email (no customer service phone line or chat option is available), only to receive patronizing, general responses such as the above mentioned. No one has bothered to answer my specific question why I am not even able to access ONE book that I am interested in this billing cycle. I am not even talking two or three. Absolutely horrible service and unethical bait practices from Scribd. Shameful! ——————————————————- There isn't very much to add that other members haven't already expressed. Changing the audiobook plan to one book/month is extremely disappointing. Imagine your Netflix subscription changing from unlimited streaming to one movie per month after which you pay for each additional movie you want to see. This is kind of the same concept. You pay a flat monthly subscription to be able to listen to one audiobook. Then, you pay additional $9 for each audiobook you listen to during that month. And you don't even get to own the books! Preposterous! My son and I enjoyed being able to listen to our own books at night when we went to bed. This as well will no longer be possible. Like many others have already said, I was not only a loyal customer for over a year, but I also recommended the site to so many people that some were starting to think I was paid to do so... I was also willing to put up with all the bugs and my progress not syncing between devices. I am beyond disappointed. Starting my free kindle unlimited month today and saying my goodbyes! Edit: I just checked the unlimited selection. It is laughable!!! 90% of the books are for toddlers. Didn't expect that from scribd! There is nothing worth listening to on the "thousands of free books rotating each month" list! Ugh!
  • Is Scribd turning into Moviepass? 1/5

    By CPW221
    This is not what I signed up for. I have been completely obsessed with Scribd since I joined 4 months ago. I joined because it was supposed to be UNLIMITED. That is no longer true. I have at least 20 audiobooks saved that now can’t be accessed until my next monthly renewal date of 9/15. There is virtually NOTHING new or bestselling available on audiobooks, again until my monthly renewal. When I emailed support, I was told basically too bad, we have to make our publishers happy. I not listen to one audiobook and read one-two books at a time. Now I’m being throttled. If I only wanted older and unpopular titles, I would have stayed with kindle unlimited. Very disappointed, and not what I paid for. Sound familiar, anyone who signed up for Moviepass?
  • Bugs 2/5

    By AnnDYo
    Got buggy after the latest update. Old titles reappear. I have to keep cleaning up my Saved and Downloaded list.
  • Not unlimited. 1/5

    By Aes1979
    States that the paying membership is unlimited and after listening to just 2 audiobooks I can no longer access half of the titles I want until my next month of membership. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 not worth the money if I’m only going to get listen to two books a month. I listen to one book in a few days. I’ll be checking other services and probably cancelling this one unless this issue is resolved quickly.
  • It’s getting worse.... and it’s not unlimited 1/5

    By Los0990
    It’s a lie, it’s not unlimited. Also all my saved books were moved to not ready until my subscription renews. So yeah I’m paying for “unlimited” but I’m not getting it. I knew it was too good to be true. The annoying thing is when you submit a ticket all they give you a bunch of legal bs about how they have to remove some books from unlimited bc of the publisher. Funny how my wife who also has it and has a separate account has the book I want but mine says not available. It’s getting frustrating for sure. The latest in this lie of an app is that at the end of the month you get a wonderful email saying x amount of books are available.... and they are not. My wife had 20 books available and when she jumped on the app only two we actually available and the rest are now available soon for the next month!!! So you will wait a whole month then nope still not ready. That’s my whole issue with Scribd they are false advertising with unlimited and don’t tell to what your limit is. I’m fine with limited I understand it but at least informed your customer what those limits actually are. If they said you get 5-7 books hell I’ll take that over who knows you might get that book you been waiting all month long for....
  • Far more limited than I thought 1/5

    By Popeaussies
    I knew when I signed up it wouldn't be unlimited without exception however after the last update it only let me download 2 books before telling me the others in my queue wouldn’t not be available until the next month. I would not have paid for the yearly package if I knew I would be throttled more and more each month. I will not be renewing at the end of the year nor can I recommend this app unless the “unlimited” feature turns into a minimum of 8 books per month. Especially since half the selections offered here are available at the library. I do hope a following update will correct some of this as I have enjoyed the app aside from this and the occasional glitching. I will anxiously await the next updates and go from there.
  • Limits on NYT/WSJ News 3/5

    By Vagabum
    I love the clean layout and ad free experience. I like to read a lot of news. The curated articles are nice. But that is all the catalog you can access from NYT/WSJ without buying additional subscriptions to those sources ditectly. If I bought those subscriptions I would have far less use for scribd. I am ok with a large cap of total articles read, but not on limited article access (and definitely not both). Give me a full access subscription bundle and I am willing to pay $100 a year. I will never buy multiple subscriptions. Also annoying is that sharing an article from a source like NYT shares only a short (cut off) Scribd domain article and not the original article. So friends are even less likely to read the full article than if the article was shared from from the source's own Facebook page (with so many free reads per user). There are share workarounds from the source but it adds some hassle. I think this is not the experience I had hoped so I have cancelled my Scribd subscription. The first company that does a full access bundle under $100/year will get my money.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By Angelica🖤:3
    I wish the app had all books and also i want the app to allow the audiobooks and the book to hear & read
  • Unlimited LIE 1/5

    By Munnkey2
    I listen to about one to two audiobooks a month. Last month, I curiously received messages above that I could not download books until my billing date. I contacted Scribd bc they have a clause that they limit “superusers.” I was assured by customer service that all was good and this was a “publisher issue” and I could get my books when due. On my billing date, I got an email saying I could download my 5 audiobooks! Before I downloaded my audiobook, I downloaded two children’s audiobooks (2 hours worth) for my son and I to listen to in the car. When I then tried download my adult book, WOW!! Magic! NO LONGER AVAILABLE! Until my next billing date!!! Gee two kids audiobooks (no other ebooks I have read this cycle) and I GET CUT OFF. 5 books I can understand...but this was 2 kids books. Unlimited is a lie. And I don’t want to hear about publisher junk. Just be honest and say you get two audiobooks a month. I preferred the point system to this lie.
  • App functionality is horrible! 1/5

    By Whydoyouneedanamebitch
    So many errors and takes forever to load things. How hard is it to make a basic functional app when so many others achieve this feat every day. All it’s for is reading or listening to books, what’s the deal?!
  • Not really unlimited! 1/5

    By jess22488422
    When I saw the unlimited word I was sold! For me, I listen to books at work/during workouts. But now it says the books I am interested in listening to are unavailable until next month. I’m really upset about this an considering going to another company.
  • Good service 3/5

    By kellye93
    I’m disappointed in the update. It has audiobooks I’ve had in my tbr pile for a while saying just added and now I am unable to download the audiobooks. I like the idea of the service and unlimited audiobooks and price. However, I wish the service would be consistent with some series. If you have 1-3 of the books but not the first it kind of defeats the purpose. Also the search/filter service needs to be better filtered for easy browsing. A new release section would be nice too or updated new additions to the site would be helpful.

    By roXstar77
    Why the monthly charge? I tried it, I cancelled, and I keep getting billed. As I mentioned I tried it, and I just didn’t think it was for me. I cancelled within time and I’m still getting billed. I need this corrected. I will be posting this on all social media apps if I don’t get reimbursed-I feel as tho I am being charged for cancelling.
  • Not Unlimited 1/5

    By IKayMA
    They say it’s unlimited reading, but within days of paying for my first month, my ENTIRE group of ten “Saved” books (the ones that enticed me to join) was made unavailable until 9/22, which - not coincidentally - is my next billing date. Whatever it is that’s going on with licensing, etc. should be made perfectly clear Friday the start, and the books (i.e. product) you offer shouldn’t be changed immediately after purchase. Audible is more expensive, but at least you get what you pay for.
  • Poor customer service 1/5

    By katiemc80
    I was a big fan of Scribd until this month. Certain books were listed available and suddenly disappeared without warning. The system is unreliable. I requested a cancellation and refund, and they only canceled but did not refund the month but completely canceled my service. So I’m paying for the month w/o usage.
  • Love!!! 5/5

    By MsKLeVy12
    Love love love!!!! Being an extremely busy person and loving to read doesn’t go well with each other. These audiobooks make it a lot easier for me to listen while working.
  • LOVE 4/5

    By edushelby
    This app is amazing for the price! I LOVE that it’s truly unlimited, so wonderful! My only hope for this app is that it will have a sleep timer soon! I’ve lost my spot one too many times listening at night /falling asleep.
  • Throttling? Yes, you do. 1/5

    By Iphonehd
    I’ve had this service for several months now. I suddenly have a list of OVER 70 titles, some of which I already started listening to that now can’t be accessed for at least another week. Why? Why are books that I have already started listening to on this app “not available until...” list? Surely you can understand why claims of throttling are thrown against Scribd. I can see, maybe, a few books with wait times (for whatever reason...and those reasons ARE NOT CLEARLY STATED) but I cannot understand how you can claim no throttling when you have OVER 70 books that are suddenly unavailable but were available a few weeks, days or hours ago. Furthermore how can you possibly claim no throttling when I can no longer listen to books I have ALREADY some as early as this weekend, until an arbitrary date rolls around and then I have access to books I previously had access to? Are you kidding me? I was actually started to think Scribd was not that bad, but you guys are finally showing what your business model actually is. About 20+ books I literally saved this weekend with plans to start then this week, now they are not available until some arbitrary date. New flash—this is throttling content and you guys are dishonest. 70+ books that are now not available but were last week or this past weekend. UNBELIEVABLE. For example, I saved the NEW book, (that you advertised as recently added) “Indianapolis”. I even started it YESTERDAY and TODAY it is suddenly unavailable until whatever date you selected. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Fraud.
  • SERIOUSLY??? 1/5

    By LCLMomma1392
    This was my favorite app! Is there a new owner!? You subscribe and after you save 1 or 2 audiobooks all the rest SUDDENLY become unnavailable for another 30 days!! Its not unlimited! And the worst part is I thought it was a glitch and i deleted, redownloaded, even did it online and I just wasted 3 hours of my day! 3 HOURS TODAY AND 4 HOURS YESTERDAY FOR 2 BOOKS!?????
  • Why can’t I listen to the audiobook I saved months ago 1/5

    By Kyanalopezxxx
    Books I saved when I joined in July are saying wait till the 28th when my month payment is the 24th. Starting to get annoyed
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Amari91
    Just started using it and finished my first book. Really solid app and good library. I had been using audible before but I found this app to be more user friendly and a better price. Definitely worth the $8.99.
  • Not a good experience 1/5

    By Abie Babie
    I tried using this to download music for practicing. Only trouble is scribd won’t let you print anything. Unless you do a screen shot of each and every page you’d like to print. Their so-called PDFs won’t open in adobe like all other PDFs in the universe. So this is completely worthless if you need to print sheet music or just prefer to read from a page rather than a screen. Their help desk was totally uninterested in actually helping.
  • No search icon in iPad Pro 1/5

    By ecastro33
    iPad Pro doesn’t show search icon. Click on search at the bottom shows categories to explore but no search text box. Bug?
  • Bad User Experience 1/5

    By solargrrl
    If I am reading an article that links to one of your docs, and it asks me to view inside the app itself for what I would hope would be a better experience - I would think it would open that doc. Instead, I get a main screen and a search that is useless to get me to what I want to read. Mobile first isn’t just a fun little buzz phrase. I can’t even figure out how to unsubscribe to this non service.
  • Availability Date 1/5

    By PierreRoll
    I like this app a lot. I’m starting to get a little peeved. There were several titles labeled with an “this title will be available on 8/1/2018” So I saved them, and now they all say “this title will be available on 9/1/2018” will these titles ever be available or will the date keep changing? I’m finding it hard to justify staying if that’s the case. There is a large number of books doing this, and if they were available I’d be a lot happier. Otherwise, the app is good. I just. I feel like I’m paying the fee for nothing. I found one series in audio, but ever since, I can’t find anything that’s available. All the books that were supposed to be available on 8/01 are still not available and now say 9/01. I might be done with this app. EDIT: I would like a feature to track the progress of an audiobook. The progress isn’t very user friendly.
  • Totally misleading - 1 book per month 1/5

    By Bshanz
    Read the other reviews. It’s not unlimited, it’s one book per month. Totally misleading your customers. It’s unfortunate, because if it were truly unlimited, this would be an amazing app.
  • One star until you tell the truth 1/5

    By mj m
    They aren’t unlimited. Not at all. If you are a heavy audiobook user, you too will experience the bait and switch that is Scribd. To make matters worse, I woke up this morning to find my entire active queue unavailable for a month! Now I will pay for a month for a service I can’t use because the available books are NOT GOOD. I’ve about had it.

Scribd - Reading Subscription app comments

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