Sea of Conquest: Pirate War

Sea of Conquest: Pirate War

By FunPlus International AG

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  • Release Date 2024-01-03
  • Current Version 1.1.202
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Welcome to SEA OF CONQUEST! In SEA OF CONQUEST, you're living a seafaring adventure. From the heart of the Devil's Seas, a pirate's paradise teeming with magic, treasure, and adventure, you'll set sail into the unknown. As the esteemed Captain, you'll experience the thrill of navigating uncharted waters, the satisfaction of building your cabin, the camaraderie of assembling your fleet, and the pride of customizing your Flagship. Engage in the heroic duels of pirates, where strategic maneuvering and maritime confrontation create thrilling tension. EXHILARATING EXPERIENCES: GLOBAL ADVENTURE: DISCOVER PORTS & CHALLENGES The world is your oyster, and countless ports are the pearls within. With your Storm Horn, brave the Devil’s Sea, sail to the world's end and elevate your Adventure Level. Experience stunning scenes, tackle unknown challenges, and heed the call for new episodes! CRAFT YOUR FLAGSHIP: BECOME PIRATE ROYALTY Your flagship is a reflection of your unique style and strategy - from the flag that waves in the wind to the powerful armaments you choose to equip, and even the design of the Figurehead. With your tailored flagship, you'll stand fearless against any raids or monsters, paving your way to becoming the ultimate king of the pirates! Don't forget to participate in the weekly Pirate Revel event, where fulfilling large orders of food and drinks can earn you bountiful rewards! GATHER YOUR CREW: START YOUR ADVENTURE Ahoy, ready to step into the boots of a legendary pirate captain? The sea is teeming with noble pirates eager to join your crew! With a motley crew at your side, you'll set sail on grand adventures across the seven seas. The thrill of the hunt awaits as you search for precious treasures hidden in the ocean's depths. Will it be gold, pearls, rare materials, or perhaps a mysterious drifting bottle that you uncover? HERO TRIALS & ROGUE'S RUMBLE: BOOST YOUR POWER As a daring Captain, you're drawn into the exhilarating Hero Trials. Each level-up ignites a surge of adrenaline, as you masterfully assemble your Hero team and tactically command your assaults. The Rogue's Rumble awaits, a fiery forge of heroism and hard-fought triumphs. This is more than a battle, it's a heart-throbbing test of your bravery and strategic prowess! CHARGE INTO THE BATTLE: CAPTAIN, YOUR CHALLENGE AWAITS! As a fearless Captain, you'll experience the adrenaline rush of intense sea battles against rival pirates, the formidable navy, and unpredictable sea monsters. The thrill of conquest awaits as you seize ports, sentry towers, and passes. With new alliance championship matches on the horizon, the excitement never ends! Rise to the challenge in the cyclical Showdown o'Gangs event, where alliances compete for glory and rewards! ANSWER THE SEA CALL: JOIN THE PIRATE'S TREASURE QUEST! Feel the thrill of the treasure hunt! As a pirate, the sea is your playground, and hidden treasures are your ultimate prize. Imagine commanding your crew, battling sea creatures, and rival pirates, all in the pursuit of hidden riches. Decipher cryptic maps and uncover the secrets of the sea. The ultimate treasure hunt awaits. Are you ready to answer the call? Reputation, glory, and wealth lie beyond the unknown, just waiting for you to hoist the black sails and become the best pirate! Come and see what the Devil's Sea has in store for you! Need assistance, matey? Feel free to contact us via the in-game Customer Service or send us an email at: [email protected] For more fun, join the pirates' gangs! Discord: Facebook: Twitter: Official Website: Terms and Conditions: Privacy Policy: