Seamless: Local Food Delivery

Seamless: Local Food Delivery

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  • Current Version: 7.33
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Seamless North America, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
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Seamless: Local Food Delivery App

Order food for delivery or pickup from a huge selection of restaurants near you. Dine with Seamless and get local menus, fast, easy online ordering service and the best places in New York, where and when you want it. With no hidden fees and exclusive deals from nearby spots and exclusive restaurant partners like Taco Bell, it’s no wonder Seamless is how New York eats. Top 5 reasons to download Seamless: 1. Explore the local food scene with Seamless — all 5 boroughs, no hidden fees 2. Discover exclusive food delivery deals you'll only find on the Seamless app. For a limited time, get your Taco Bell favorites delivered free with orders of $12+! (Terms apply.) 3. Reorder favorite meals faster with Express Reorder 4. Track your order with real-time delivery updates 5. Preorder your next meal up to four days in advance Easily search by cuisine or dish & view ratings of Seamless restaurants from other New Yorkers for no nonsense, honest reviews Never be without your favorite eats again. Seamless has a huge selection of delicious restaurants that deliver wherever you are — Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, or wherever you’re hungry. Got a go-to sushi order that’s never let you down? Tap "Express Reorder" to quickly bring a previously ordered meal straight to checkout. Craving Taco Bell? Just type “Taco Bell” into the search bar and a listing of the nearest local Thai spots will pop up. All you’ve got to do is pick your place, choose your noodles, and place your order. That’s a three-tap pad thai — it doesn’t get much easier than that. Seamless has numerous ways to pay — Apple Pay, Amex Express Checkout, PayPal, Seamless eGift Card or a good old-fashioned credit card. Whatever is fastest for you works great for us. Searching for the tastiest tamales in the Bronx, spiciest hot pot in Queens or the freshest pasta in Brooklyn? Download Seamless and see how New York eats. Free delivery terms: Must be a first-time Seamless diner; offer limited to one use per diner. Order must be $15.00, before tax, tip and fees. Discount is capped at $5.00 off your order. Valid for Delivery orders only.

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Seamless: Local Food Delivery app reviews

  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By _jessica84
    Contacted customer support after food was late by 10 min. Asked for their assistance in contacting the delivery personnel since you can’t do that on the app. They were not clear if they did that, but offered NO help regarding when the food would arrive. After it was 30 min past time and no food, I asked for a refund, even if the food arrived because this lateness is unacceptable. I was told I could only have a refund if I cancelled the order. So it seems that Seamless doesn’t care if your food is late- why bother having it delivered on time if there are no consequences? After 45 min the food was not here still and so I cancelled the order. This is not the first time this has happened and I will be switching to other food delivery apps.
  • A Little Tedious 4/5

    By Jeremy Kanter
    Two small things that other food ordering apps do better than Seamless. 1. Automatically detect where I am when I open the app. If I’ve put in my home and work addresses, it seems like the app could automatically pick the one I’m closest to. 2. Sorting by distance by default when you choose pickup. I can’t be the only one who finds it annoying to have to manually do this every time I choose pickup. Overall the service is great! But the app definitely has room for improvement.
  • Very expensive 1/5

    By !!!$$&&&
    I get you have to charge a fee for delivery but this is extremely expensive. And the food rarely get delivered on time and hot. Horrible app
  • Terrible app-Switched to DoorDash 1/5

    By Jaki's Strength
    Maybe this works fine in NYC, but it’s garbage anywhere else so why bother having this app on your iPhone you plan on traveling? Customer service is obviously outsourced to India, and they could care less if you are unhappy with your order. Deleted!
  • Open businesses should be prioritized 3/5

    By Space_Goth
    It would be great if there could be a filter option to see restaurants that are actually open. There are a ton of restaurants in my area and when I select them 70% of them are closed and I find it hard to find one that’s even open to order food from. Or at least make a setting for open restaurants to appear first on the feed.
  • Worst Customer Service 1/5

    By T-Lutty
    Since downloading this app, I’ve had nothing but issues. From the lack of flexibility of the customer service team to the inability to fix any issues this is a crack squad of savvy motivated personnel. They care less about retaining customers than pushing promo codes that don’t work. Wish there was someone at this company that can fix issues with customers orders, promo codes etc vs sending them to Uber Eats or Doordash. I’ll be very happy to uninstall this app.
  • AVOID 1/5

    By ammmmmmmelia
    Somethings very wrong with their system. Delivery is very unpredictable - something would go wrong more than half of the time. Food is nowhere to be seen. Everytime customer service tells you ETA is less than ten minutes but then an hour passes and food is still nowhere to be seen. Delivery people often have a huge attitude as if they hate their jobs. I often see them yelling at people when they pick up orders from a store. After wasting two hours of my time waiting for nothing and have that money inaccessible for several days, I’m not using this app ever again.
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By EliseTeek
    It’s over an hour past my delivery time and still no order and no update regarding it. I called the restaurant and they said my order had been picked up already. NEVER USE THIS APP. I would really like the money back from my order.... I’ve never had such a bad experience with any food delivery app before.
  • FIVE STARS! 5/5

    By exponentialgoethe
    My impossible burger was absolutely fantastic. Highly, highly recommend! Thank you Bareburger people.
  • Cancellation Fees and lies about $10 credits 1/5

    By Little Ro <3
    Customer service has been awful today. Tried to cancel an order immediately upon placing it and was charged a late cancellation fee, after being told by the rep that the order could be corrected and executed minutes before. Was “given” a $10 credit, which did not cover the initial meal, which didn’t even show up when I went to replace the order. Unacceptable as a frequent seamless user. Very questionable if you’ll receive my service ever again.
  • Do not use these app 1/5

    By cuddlespanda90
    It freezes all the time. And I have tried to do my first time order discount and it always claims I have already ordered from them when I have never used the app prior to these. I even tried to use a second email and still got the same thing. It is all show and false advertising. Your better off spending your money somewhere else that actually cares about the customer!
  • First experience 5/5

    By laneyjendr
    I used seamless for the first time while staying in New York. The food was delivered 15-20 minutes earlier than what the tracking said. The food was delivered to my hotel room on the 8th floor as requested.
  • stop telling me restaurants are closed!! 1/5

    By tietietietietietie
    the worst update! ill be in the middle of ordering and then the restaurant says it’s closed. you can no longer sort by name?? what a waste of time!
  • Bait-and-Switch or Bug with Promos 1/5

    By _CLL_
    I had never used Seamless before and registered an account. When I attempted to put it my first order, the current first order promo wouldn’t apply because it is “only valid for first orders.” Annoying bug. I’ll be sticking with services that have their technology together.
  • Convenient and easy 5/5

    By Osocaramel
    I love ordering from Seamless. The delivery is convenient and the prices are reasonable. The prices are not up-charged and it is easy to understand.
  • First order Promo code denied??? 1/5

    By kitten_tamer100
    So I order using seamless and used a promo for 10$ off the first order. As I finished placing my order, I got a message saying that seamless cancelled my order and that promo code was not used. So I try again later with a different restaurant and for some reason it would not let me use the promo code. It didnt expire at all and I didn’t get the chance to use it originally. I called to try to get this fix. Unfortunately the service like this app was utterly “USELESS” which is what they should change their name to. A complete waste of time and not worth it. Why offer promos if you cheat your customers by canceling their orders and denying reuse of the code.
  • Allow to filter out low price options 4/5

    By Eli Lovelace
    Filtering out high price restaurants is already a feature, I find the opposite also useful on some occasions.
  • No seafood in Boca Raton 2/5

    By PRB jr
    Maybe in NYC this app works but in Boca Raton dont waste your time. Fiddled with it for 20 min, never again
  • Awful Customer Service 1/5

    By nothappy229
    No phone number to call, terrible customer service and no real resolution
  • Lazy? Seamless is for you. 4/5

    By Fm11218
    5 stars would equal me watching a little dot the map moving closer and closer in my direction to appease my lazy need for others to act on my behalf. Honest.
  • Service had become awful 1/5

    By Andres_Angel
    1/3 times the food doesn't come.
  • No coupons 1/5

    By alexis ikyg
    Where are the coupons for customers?
  • A penny for your thoughts but I added My two Cents 5/5

    By itkeepssayingnametaken
    I love this app for ordering food. I wish there was a way to narrow down restaurants by the types of payment they accept but other than that is perfect. Also if you guys could add more coupons and deals for people who order often would be fun. Thanks! Great service.
  • Stop hiding the delivery fees 1/5

    By Smart Reviewer two
    really annoying you're hiding delivery fees now.. cmon dawg
  • No opening times for restaurant 5/5

    By sidlives1
    Makes it easy to order, but it doesn’t give enough detail on the restaurant such as opening times. It just doesn’t display the restaurant if it is not open. Would prefer to see everything and be informed that you can’t order now.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Svestka82
    Terrible and unreliable customer service. We waited 90 minutes to be told our food was getting cold at the restaurant because no drivers were available by seamless. Ultimately, when we contacted Seamless, they offered for us to either wait or cancel our order with no refund. We deleted this app, are very disappointed and will use other apps in the future.
  • Love the service new app is horribly slow 1/5

    By c5154
    New app is not ready, slow, jerky...needs work for iOS devices
  • Hidden Fees 3/5

    By JJ9718
    Put the restaurant’s fees up front. Hate having to find out at checkout there are additional fees. Also call it what you want, delivery vs service fee, but it’s still a fee. Who cares. I still have to pay it. I prefer to know if it’s a seamless driver vs the restaurant doing the delivery. Because with no parking in my neighborhood my food just sits waiting to get picked up plus the driver won’t come to my door because he’s double parked.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By FourtyK4040
    I ordered papa johns pizza from seemless and I’m upset! My pizza was 11.99$ for a 10” pie.. ended up paying about 10 dollars in taxes and fees and what topped it off .. my pizza was so small 🤦🏾‍♂️👎😞🚶🏾 for 22$ f#@$ seemless
  • No food delivered! 1/5

    By Really Hungry!!!
    Placed my first order with them and food never showed up. I called them and they called the restaurant but couldn’t get any details about my order. They ended up just cancelling my order and provided a refund but didn’t give me any food or compensation for it ☹️
  • Delivery is always late 1/5

    By Disgruntled0567
    If you like your food to show up an hour late every time you order, then this is the app for you.
  • No credit card 5/5

    By rivhkidd
    Just pay wit cash
  • Use instead 1/5

    By ericwmccowan
    Tries to hide delivery fees. Does a terrible job of showing when a restaurant is closing. Tried to give the app a second chance but not worth it.
  • Stick with Slice or Grubhub 1/5

    By Heags19
    Disappointing on a lot of levels. Especially that they overcharged me. 1st time will be my last time using this app.
  • False advertising 1/5

    By Nina_T96
    Offers promo codes that do not work
  • Delivery Fees 3/5

    By A guy has no nickname
    They use to have the delivery fees on the restaurant homepage but they changed it. Now you choose your items and get hit with the $5 delivery fee sometimes right before you submit the final order.
  • Good Experience 5/5

    By 080997
    Good service and fresh food. Definitely come back again.
  • Love 5/5

    By SarahK763
    Ordered the nachos just now cuz they were absolutely amazing last time so let’s go round 2
  • Health Rating 5/5

    By RandomNickNameAttempt36
    Would love to see the health rating grade (A, B, etc) in the UI
  • Promo code didn't work for first time user 1/5

    By Duh_Monster
    Did not give me the 12 dollars off my first order with this app
  • Downgrade 1/5

    Their customer service used to be good but I guess they decided to cut back on those they won’t redeliver if they get your order wrong (ordered a salad, got a box of fries) unless your item is above $20 before tip and tax...absurd. I guess the great customer service was just a facade for the early stages of the app...
  • Susano’s is my GO TO 5/5

    By DTPolk
    I will always order from them without a question. Pizza, pasta, apps. Susano’s. Don’t be stupid, order susano’s.
  • Desi Galli 1/5

    By DJ hanseL
    Seamless is a joke, they lie about delivery times and when confronted about waiting 90 minutes for a promised 25 minute delivery time they do nothing for you to help
  • False and misleading - deliveries don’t get made 1/5

    By Online Reviewer 2014
    This app is so misleading. The delivery estimates are WAAAAAY Off. And the app makes it appear as if it is the restaurant’s issue but each time I’ve followed up I’ve learned in fact the restaurant has promptly prepared the food but this company doesn’t assign the order for delivery for whatever reason. The company buries its contact info...and of course wait times to speak to anyone (which may be necessary to get the order assigned for delivery!) can be long too. I’ve been on the phone for 20 minutes and still won’t be using this app again. And if you’d like to spare yourself some trouble you won’t use it either.
  • Yum 5/5

    By Mooges
    Food. To me. Good. 🤙🏼
  • Never works out for me no matter when or how I sign up 1/5

    By prinanana
    I tried signing up as myself and got abused by a delivery guy who was personally delivering from his pizzeria that he worked at (because years ago everyone still personally delivered even for these delivery apps) and he tried to force himself into my house. Luckily I didn’t let him get in. He called “stub hub” before I got a chance to to lie and complain about me and I got kicked off both services of stub hub and seamless. Today I can’t get accepted for a coupon on seamless and neither can my niece. Seriously a messed up app!
  • Crashes constantly 2/5

    By tangoTHEmango33
    You’ll be in the middle of an order, switch over to another app for something, switch back and Seamless will have crashed and you have to start over from scratch. No other app does this. Very frustrating.
  • Wimps Restaurant 1/5

    Very disrespectful everytime I have ordered from here there has been a problem everyone is rude espically the manager is disrespectful you guys need to take them off the app!!
  • delivery fees 2/5

    By dumpygrl
    doesn't say whether there is a delivery fee until checkout. when did this change? horrible idea! feels like a sneaky way to get people to pay for delivery unknowingly. shame on you seamless!!

Seamless: Local Food Delivery app comments

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