Seated: Rewards for Dining Out

Seated: Rewards for Dining Out

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Seated: Rewards for Dining Out App

As featured by Yahoo, Refinery 29, Insider, Delish, and more! Discover new restaurants and dishes near you. We curate the best picks in your neighborhood and city, leaving the tasty part to you. Browse, book & earn $10-$50 in rewards every time. Start exploring today!


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Seated: Rewards for Dining Out app reviews

  • Rewards! 5/5

    By Antonomy519
    Love getting the rewards!
  • Limited areas 1/5

    By Mishawaka B
    It’s only available in limited cities and they will not disclose the cities to you unless you install and create an account. Then their customer support has no way to delete an account from within the app and their chat option says the message is received but no one ever responds!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By roryruns
    Just met other users in the Boston area. We all love the app and how user friendly it is. Love it!
  • Trash app 1/5

    By JoShmo1000
    Made me wait over an hour to finally let me know that there isn't availability at the restaurant... Don't bother with this garbage
  • Must have for foodies! 5/5

    By Harukayo
    If you are a foodie or even looking for a new place to eat, this is my fav go-to app. I really like how the gift card rewards are set up, so any time I get the opportunity to book through Seated I do. And if you are as indecisive as I am with my food choices, you could always browse through the in-app restaurant lists and filter by location, restaurant type, recommendations, etc to find the best places to eat. As a frequent user, the thing that really keeps me coming back is the concept of being able to earn serious rewards just by booking meals. Pro tip I pay for all of my skincare products on amazon with literally a meal on Seated. It’s crazy lol. I’m pretty sure the concept is to help the restaurant industry by introducing new customers etc via the marketing partnership with Lyft, Amazon, Starbucks. Lyft is cool because it makes it essentially free to get around in the city. I’m not really a Starbucks person, but would imagine for people who are into that, you literally pay for your coffee fix for a week with one reservation. Otherwise, the app is super easy to use. All you have to do is take a picture of the receipt to verify the minimum spend- which is super easy and intuitive. Always love when they add new restaurants too! Also if you have questions or are unsure about something, Seated’s customer service is exceptionally helpful and are very quick too. Anytime I’ve had any questions about rewards, promotions, referrals, etc they have been able to help me out. Also they are helpful with any questions/ overall experience using the app and dining out at the restaurants.
  • What Happened to Philly? 5/5

    By ncfan4life
    Love the app! It’s an amazing way to try a bunch of new places in places I live like Boston/DC/Philly. Recently, Philly has disappeared from the city list. Are there plans to bring it back?
  • No Philly Restaurants 1/5

    By Moon Face 5
    I joined because the APP advertised Philadelphia being on the list of cities but it is not.
  • Limited 2/5

    By cyadams
    Unless you live in a big city like New York or Los Angeles it’s a waste of space. The closest restaurant to me is over 200 miles...
  • AMAZING! 5/5

    By marisabelhm
    I’ve been super pleased using Seated thus far – I really love it. Grabbing dinner with friends or deciding where to eat used to be such a hassle. I’ve been a long time user now, and I can guarantee that you will discover restaurants that will become your new favorites. Not only that, getting rewards for every time you go out only makes it harder to not book continuously. It’s honestly addicting. I’ve introduced the app to many friends and family members and they’ve become frequent users as well. I’m so happy that the app continuously improves with every update; less bugs, more promo codes, and a bunch of new restaurants. The process is simple and rarely disappoints. Simply choose a restaurant, book your reservation, snap a pic of the receipt and submit, and BOOM you get your reward. Honestly, go check it out you wont regret it.

    By Akaldfiviwoc
    This is by far my favorite app to use whenever I decide to go out with friends or family. I downloaded the app about six months ago, and I’ve gone out over ten times and earned more than $250 in gift card rewards! That’s incredible! You also get extra rewards if you refer your friends! This app is a game changer for any foodies who already love discovering new restaurants in their cities. Seated has some of the best restaurants on the app and you will never run out of options. There’s really no reason not to use this app, especially for those who already dine out often. Super convenient. It also seems like they’re always updating the app to make it more user friendly for its customers. You can now upload your restaurant receipt and as long as you meet the minimum requirement on the app, you’ll get your rewards pretty quickly. The customer support team has also been great in helping me out with restaurant suggestions and the few times I needed assistance. I’d really love to see if they would look into adding different gift card reward options in the future, that would be cool. Overall, I love this app and look forward to doing more eating and racking up rewards!
  • Amazing idea - I LOVE Seated 5/5

    By scott boston
    Seated is incredible. There are so many good options out there to dine with family and friends and get a bunch of gift cards for doing what you normally do anyway! I have sent 25 friends here so far as well. Download and don’t turn back!
  • for foodies 5/5

    By Gaite xo
  • Great App 5/5

    By Po32
    Amazing app with really intuitive UI . Search by keywords or map. Lot of good restaurant and bar list. The rewards are insane. Use referral code PAVAN4 For some starter credits.
  • normally don’t leave reviews 5/5

    By Funarts
    i had an amazing dinner and earned $20. i never leave reviews but this app is so easy to use it is truly amazing and the code actually worked . i was skeptical but it’s actually super cool i’m so glad i got it.
  • Not what it claims to be! 1/5

    By PDXLib95
    It’s not fun to make a reservation, have it cancelled 35 minutes before (and after I have already traveled to the restaurant), then finding out they do have a table for our group and have no idea what Seated is!?! I found it odd that you sent me a text asking me not to mention Seated at the restaurant.
  • Basically 50% back every time you eat 5/5

    By 247foodie
    No brainer for people who eat out a lot! You get up to half the cost of the meal back in rewards. Winner winner I’m hungry 😋
  • Need Facebook? [updated review] 5/5

    By DBmushroom
    Thank you so much for adding the feature to sign up by phone number!!! I downloaded the app and CANNOT wait to use it. Already checking out all the restaurants I want to try out and will be making reservations really soon!!! —-------------------------------------- My friend told me about this app and it sounds wonderful. She sent me an invite and I downloaded but I can ONLY sign up if I have a Facebook account. Believe it or not, we're not all on the Facebook wagon! Would be great if there was an option to just sign up without going through Facebook. Such a shame- was really excited to try this out.
  • Pointless crap now 1/5

    By MizzezB
    Used to be good, 15$ reward for every reservation & no minimum purchase. It’s gone to crap now, *SEVEN* dollar rewards?? Garbage.
  • Never get a real reservation 1/5

    By jyomama
    I thought this app would be great - I usually go out to eat at odd times due to my work schedule. The first time I made a “reservation” with this app, it rescheduled the time I selected 10 minutes before my reservation, to an hour later. I finally decided to try it again, and this time got a text saying my reservation would be treated as a “walk-in.” What is the point of a reservation app if you can’t actually reserve a specific time. It’s like flying standby for restaurants.
  • No takeout option 3/5

    By Rogahen
    This thing desperately needs a takeout option!
  • Great app 5/5

    By John1993b
    Great app, rewards me for what I’d do anyways (eating out). Amazing restaurant selection and frequent new additions.
  • Vegan Yum! 4/5

    By Preciouz29
    The place is gorgeous, the food delicious, but the service doesn’t match up to everything else. Don’t expect attentive service and you’ll be fine.
  • More restaurants please! 4/5

    By chicago-resident
    There were some really cool restaurants such as Avec and Blackbird in Chicago but for some reasons they are no longer there :(
  • Too many app errors 2/5

    By J.L. Stark
    I think the app is great from a concept standpoint. However, I continually get errors when trying to load nearby restaurants or submit a review of a restaurant.
  • Good Burger 5/5

    By SchaffDaddy
    Good hamburgers, a little over-priced and the menu seemed to be a little too much for burgers and fries but i enjoyed my experience nonetheless!
  • Trash 1/5

    By CarouselLane
    Seated is garbage and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying!
  • Best dining app! 5/5

    By Skier4lyfe12
    I love this app so much!! This is the best way to discover all the greatest restaurants in Boston and earn rewards just for trying the restaurants out. I don’t even know how they pull this off, but it really adds up when you earn $15-$25 per reservation and it’s really helped get my Uber an Amazon spending get under control! Having someone make the reservation for you and not have to worry about anything in the restaurant is ideal. Every place I’ve tried so far has blow me away so I know that Seated only goes after top tier restaurants. This app is great for dates or if you just want to grab a meal with some friends. It seems like they’re always adding new venues so that’s awesome as well. This app has given me the opportunity to try all the restaurants I’ve always wanted to try but without breaking the bank! It almost seems too good to be true but I am so thankful that I discovered this app and I hope you guys keep up the good work!!
  • UNREAL 5/5

    By Sabsabsab111
    I love the new version of the app, now you don’t have to link your bank account so you can simply upload a picture of the receipt, which I love because it made me feel unsafe putting out there my bank information! In my city it’s pretty hard to discover new restaurants. I was used to going to the "same old" and it got very monotonous going out for dinner/lunch with friends. Thanks to Seated, I've been able to discover SO many restaurants that I was not even aware of before. I’ve discovered many places that I’ve had to go back multiple times because they were that good. As they've increased the party sizes now I can book for larger parties and try out new places with more than 3 friends. The rewards have also gotten even bigger and better, I cant even begin to describe the amount of rewards I’ve accumulated that have come in SO handy. The app also works great for my Diner’s Club, we simply go to the app platform and look at restaurants that are willing to take reservations for large parties and it makes the entire process much simpler because Seated takes care of getting us our reservation. Whenever I’ve had any issues with the app I reach out to the support team and they are pretty quick at getting back to me and also help me with any issue I had. I love that Seated is much more than an app, its an experience that I don’t get tired of repeating over and over again!
  • This App Actually Works! 4/5

    By Weze1
    When I first got referred to Seated by my friend a few months ago, it seemed too good to be true. Now, a couple months and 10+ successful meals later, I am happy to say that it has surpassed my original expectations. Not only are the rewards great, but I have been pleasantly surprised by the restaurants themselves and how many awesome places I have discovered. They have so many great NYC options and I am always eager to try another great one. I've discovered a few of my alltime favorites with the app. Also since they put in minimum spends the rewards have gotten so high!! I go out once a week or two and I've gotten well past $100 in Amazon credit in a couple months. It really seems to good to be true, but, as a regular user, I am pleased to report that it is in fact true! They also just introduced larger party sizes, so I was able to make a reservation for 8 for my birthday and got a $50+ reward! Happy birthday to me 😊 Keep up the good work Seated! Excited to keep using and hopefully get up to $1000 of Amazon credit 💪
  • Easy to Discover New Eats 5/5

    By Scott fielding
    Downloaded the app a few months ago and have been using it with my girlfriend to try new restaurants. We love that we can basically cover our ride there and back and we’ve always found the restaurants to be great!
  • Last update is awesome! 5/5

    By John19832
    I am glad that they listen to their customers. The last update is awesome as you can verify the spend by taking a picture of a receipt. No need to link a card anymore which makes it much easier to use. It’s very convenient and easy to use. They also been adding many new restaurants so there are many choices. Their customer support are very friendly. They reply quickly and are super nice. They try their best to help you and make sure you are happy :) good to see such amazing customer service. I have been a seated used for a while. Using the rewards, I no longer pay for my Uber! It allows me to try new places which is quite awesome as I got bored from the same places I used to go to. The search and filter have been very helpful in narrowing down what I want and the cuisines I like. The only reason I give it 4 stars is I wish if they can add more recommendations. I hope they add this feature soon. Keep up the good work! This app is awesome especially after the new update. Glad you listened to the feedback and quickly released the feature we all wanted! Happy eating! I hope you discover new places and enjoy using this app the same way I do. So far I made over $300 in rewards!!! I am trying to hit $1000 🙌🙌 The rewards quickly add up especially if you go to places with higher rewards. Keep them coming!!
  • 💸💸 5/5

    By Perotta7
    Whenever I'm going out to dinner with friends, The first thing I do is check seated! When I first started using the app it seemed like they didn’t have many weekend options, but recently they’ve added plenty of dinner and brunch options on the weekends, so that’s why I’m upgrading my rating from 4 stars to 5! Also while I usually only book parties of 2 or 3, I noticed now they give you the option to book parties of 1, all the way up to 8. Haven’t used it, but good to know I now have that option.
  • DO NOT USE 1/5

    By sunny from nyc
    Most of the restaurants do not honor the credits. If you must make a resv, call the place to ask first. According to the place I went to, apparently the app works by listing a bunch of restaurants without even consulting them so a lot of then dont even know what the app is for. Surprise! I just deleted this app.
  • Love the concept 5/5

    By Maximus231231
    The app works as advertised. I’m not sure why people are so bitter in reviews. They advertise $15-$40 in rewards and that’s what you get. I got $60 for one my reservations actually. Yes there’s a minimum spend, but there has to be to make sure people spend enough money. How does that make sense that you could order a water and walk out with a $30 Amazon credit? If you like dining out and discovering new restaurants in your city, then get this app right now. I’ve earned like $250 so far and it’s great. Use my promo code KATIE74 for an extra $10 on your first time out
  • Add more cities 5/5

    By Good couponer
    Wow this service is very cool suggestion please let me use seated app in the Kansas City Missouri and Kansas City Kansas areas it would be cool if this service came to these areas.
  • Can’t search by restaurant name? 1/5

    By musicalclue
    I don’t like that I can’t search by name.
  • Simply The Best! 5/5

    By hmo_lonardo
    Who doesn't like eating? And who doesn't like incentives?!? Seated allows users to dine with more than just a check to look forward to at the end of the meal! Being a user for Uber, Starbucks & Amazon this is an amazing opportunity to discovery the new, and still know the comfort of my old Starbucks order will be rewarded to me after my dining experience. Seated has accommodated more reservations for me than any platform I have used thus or since and allows you to make reservations at times that both help restaurant volume And that gives you the feel of a city by city restaurant guide. As a frequent traveler for work, I have eaten my way through nothing less than 3 Star restaurants in over 13 cities including LA and Providence RI and have been delighted with my discoveries. I can almost always find a restaurant with an availability that accommodate my crazy hours and seemingly rewards the restaurant, in return. I recommend Seated to all my Foodies and Service Industry veterans who love Great Food and Bonuses!
  • This app is lit! 5/5

    By Nedearries
    I have been using seated for the past year and cannot stop suggesting it to friends and family! It’s a great way to find new amazing places to eat and the best part is you get rewarded for it! There are plenty of restaurant options with unique cuisines and ambiance. The rewards are pretty awesome too making it even easier to step out of your comfort zone and try something new! Even if your friends don’t end up liking it you and they each receive a discount code just for signing up And giving it a shot! I’m looking forward to my dinner and reward tonight and am excited to watch the app continue to change!
  • Unreal App 5/5

    By Larry platt<3
    Seated has completely changed the way I go about eating. Before discovering this app I was constantly eating meals at home or in my school's dining hall. I can now eat out at my favorite restaurants without having to worry about money, because my Uber is free or I'm getting Amazon or Starbucks credit. Would recommend this to anyone that loves eating out and getting rewarded. The min spends are very fair as most are around an avg. entree price.
  • Seated is a must have app!! 5/5

    By Tallav
    I’ve been using Seated ever since it first came out and it has never disappointed me. I love the rewards and the restaurant options are phenomenal. I can’t think of a single complaint that I have for this app! I really appreciate the minimum spend option. I like the fact that you spend a certain amount in order to get a huge reward. It really pays off in the end! I get to try new restaurants, that I know will be delicious, AND get rewarded for going out. Its a no brainer. Every update gets better and and better. Keep crushing it Seated!!
  • Must have Facebook. 1/5

    By DominickD
    No thanks
  • Purchase minimums + fake reservation times 1/5

    By KPthewiz
    This app used to be better until it implemented the "minimum purchase" rules for each restaurant. I'm one person, and even with an app, entree and drink I sometimes don't reach $75 at a restaurant. The purchase minimums defeat the purpose of the app. Also the reservation times are never accurate. If you book a time, there's a 50% chance you'll get a text from the app like 10 minutes before reservation time saying "we're sorry, there are no reservations available at the time you selected" even though the app (a) listed the time available, and (b) approved the reservation booking. I'd give the app 1 star but the gift card reward did work once (but that was before the purchase minimums were implemented). There is also some serious false advertising after the update: The rewards on the app say ~$20 reward except not a single restaurant provides a $20 reward, or $19, $18, $ get the idea. The highest reward is $15. No restaurant yields $20 and certainly nothing over $20 (hence the false advertising of the ~$X). So go in knowing you will need to spend $60-80 bucks in restaurants (not nice restaurants either) in order to get a $5-$15 reward. App legal team needs to review the false advertising issue.
  • Didn’t make reservation. 1/5

    By eeerrrsss111
    You had one job... They confirmed the reservation but never made it. I only found out when I called to change the table from outdoor to indoor. Did not apologize. Total amateur hour.
  • Used to love not anymore 1/5

    By frazierje
    I used to love this app. I thought it was great to visit restaurants that I previously may not have. Additionally, it was helpful when visiting new cities. However, I don’t like the update which requires you to link your card to their account. I’m not fond of the idea of you seeing my card activity. Also why are you no longer in New Orleans!? So sad.
  • Minimum spend is extremely high 2/5

    By Chicagoan - foodlover
    I've been using Seated a lot previously, but after the recent updates, it doesn't make sense for me to use this app anymore. There is no way I would spend minimum $50 before tax and tips in any restaurant for a lunch of 2. The older version with lower rewards and no minimum fare worked best for me. In addition, I won't share my personal bank account with anyone else. So Seated is not my app for restaurants reservation anymore unless the aforementioned issues are corrected.
  • Stipulations 3/5

    By Micronix
    The minimum spend is annoying. I end up sitting at the dinner table with a calculator to ensure the meal isn’t under. Sometimes I end up ordering useless extras just to make it. Some of the locations now only allow a single booking. Having to link the card is annoying. Every week using this app gets more difficult.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By gartel.g
    I was a HUGE fan of Seated and used it nearly every time I went out to eat (only exceptions being if I wanted to eat somewhere that wasn’t on the app). Unfortunately, they decided to take New Orleans off their list of cities, leaving me in the lurch. If you live in a more important place than I do, go ahead and download Seated... just hope they don’t decide to take it away from you a few months later!
  • Flawed app and design 1/5

    By MR0179496
    This app makes you sign in through Facebook. I don't have Facebook account. Do developers consider these things when developing an app?
  • Reservations not real-time 1/5

    By Froggy789!
    App is not synced up well with restaurant availabilities, so you may have the reservation canceled on you anytime after Seated says that you are “confirmed”.
  • App requires highly personal info 2/5

    By vericurious
    That you’re often warned about with anti fraud warnings. During to sign up process, you are required to enter the username and password of the banking institution that your credit card is associated with. Inquired the legitimacy of this requirement and have yet to receive a response. No one should be privy to the username and password of your banking information!

Seated: Rewards for Dining Out app comments


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