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SeatGuru App

Find low airfares, pick your ideal seat on the plane, and get real-time flight status alerts with the SeatGuru® app. We have rolled out redesigned seat maps with improved seat and amenity information. The updated seat maps also have a new photos section with seat and cabin pictures from our SeatGuru community. And now you can easily submit your own seat reviews and photos right from your phone! All from the ultimate source of advice on airplane seats, in-flight amenities and airline related information. Whether you're at the airport or on the go, SeatGuru is the must-have travel companion for anyone who flies. The SeatGuru app lets you access over 1,100 seat maps from approximately 140 airlines. It features advice and insights drawn from tens of thousands of passenger reviews, so you can always find the best possible seat for your flight. The SeatGuru app is indispensable for anyone who flies. Here's why: 1. Airplane Seat Maps - Search the Web’s widest selection of airline seat maps to help you find the best seat on your flight. 2. An improved Flight Search Engine - Powered by TripAdvisor Flights, shop a wide selection of airlines and online travel agents and find the right flight and the lowest fares for your travel needs. 3. Real-Time Flight Status Alerts - Check the status of your flight, so you can stay informed of any delays or cancellations. 4. Review Seat and Cabin Photos - Know what to expect by seeing seat photos before you fly. Browse through available pictures of seats and cabins from other SeatGuru flyers on the Seat Map page. 5. Submit Seat Photos & Reviews - Share your insights with other flyers. Add your own seat photos and reviews to SeatGuru from your phone, so other travelers can also have a great flight. SeatGuru is available for download in the Apple App Store and is powered by TripAdvisor®, the world’s largest travel site. and the SeatGuru app give travelers the information they need to make better and more informed travel decisions by providing comprehensive, extensive, and trusted seat recommendations and airline advice.

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SeatGuru app reviews

  • Yikes 2/5

    By EvanNeil
    this app is a mess and barely functions. Laggy. Buggy. Can’t submit comments (which is basically the whole point of the app). Just installed it, now I’ll happily delete it.
  • Can’t click on seat 1/5

    By Ry8nC
    It says you can touch a seat to find out more info on why it is a good or bad seat but it does nothing when you touch them. Information is useful but I would like more info on why a seat is good or bad like on the website (which works on a desktop computer when you hover over a seat).
  • Used to be great. 1/5

    By Lonzobabygirl
    Used to be a great app. Now it’s just another app to buy tickets. And another ploy to get into your Facebook page. Going to get rid of it z
  • Useless 1/5

    By Abeerm
    I used to love the site, but on iphone when point to a seat I dont see the extra information. I downloaded the app and same thing.
  • Seat maps never correct 1/5

    By Wurtis1
    Seat guru has lost its edge. Now the planes shown never seem to match the actual equipment flying. Very sad.
  • TripAdvisor destroyed a formally great app 1/5

    By illuminantD
    This app used to to be elegant simple and easy to use with correct information. Now it is none of these things. You go to the app and you want UA836 can you just type that in? No you can not, you must select United first or it will error. It’s as if the developers have never flown or know how flight numbers work. Then it tells you you have a 3 class airplane when it’s only a two class flight. Can you select the other UA 777-200 configs? No you can not. It does not even tell you it’s a 777-200 much less which UA config it is. Nor does it have any of the information it once had about the seats. It’s really sad a once nice useful app is now just annoying.
  • App is terrible! 1/5

    By G-Maann
    I thought this app would be better than accessing the website portal. I was wrong! This app takes you to the website portal, and so I have the same problems as before. It says tap seat for info and I am still unable to get any info when tapping on a seat. Also, the aircraft configuration are incorrect more often than not these days, and it is NOT because of aircraft substitutions! I guess the best I can do is just stick with the airlines website and hope I pick a good seat.
  • Where are comments? 1/5

    By DaylilyFan
    What’s the point of a “submit comment” button if I can’t see other comments? That’s the primary reason I go to site on desktop. And why the 300 character limit? I deleted the app.
  • Crash king! 1/5

    By Dragocm
    Excited to find the app for a good web based travel tool. Not sure but I bet acquisition by Traveladvisor probably destroyed it. Crashed constantly and deleted it.
  • Becoming Useless 1/5

    By Just Cuz too
    Too many recent flights where they had the wrong configuration. We used to live SeatGuru, but it has really declined.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Vegas Flygambler
    Used to work fine. But latest Apple operating system upgrade now the current version crashes every time.
  • Still buggy 1/5

    By NotAUser
    Seats and flight info do not load.

    By Dusty Wren
    I have deleted and downloaded the app a few times. It Still continues to crash Every Single Time. Come on, what happened to a great app?!? You def let it slip away
  • Useless 1/5

    By Nickipedia27
    Can only submit review if you have a Facebook account. Horrible UX, possibly designed by a high school CS class.
  • Seat maps don’t work 1/5

    By kberry619
    Hopefully you don’t download this app actually seeking any information. While you might be able to get a seat map to load you’ll be unable to get any information regarding WHY any given seat is good or bad. Don’t waste your time here.
  • First 2 flights had the wrong plane 1/5

    By Jonezng4moore
    Terrible app. Totally unreliable for accuracy of plane. The first two flights I had check for flights had the wrong plane type and seating maps for my already booked tickets, which left me panicking had picked the wrong seats and call to reconfirm with British Airways and they said Flight Guru was very poor and causes a lot of confusion. Don’t waist your time with this app.
  • Someone’s Asleep at the Wheel 2/5

    By TravelCurious
    What once was a helpful app to gauge seating configuration on any number of carriers, along with seat reviews and photos, has effectively gone dormant. As carriers have I boarded new aircraft, SeatGuru fails to update even basic info. I think we’re done here.
  • Would Rate This Zero Stars 1/5

    By DC Chip
    Wow!!!..what a major disappointment!!! Used this app for years as my go to airline seat map. Click on highlighted seats and it gives you a review for a different seat and row. Very clumsy operating. What happened to this app???
  • Not Correct Plane info 1/5

    By Desirexan54
    My last 3 flights in 2 weeks the information on SeatGuru does not match the actual flight seat information as per aircraft. Hopefully you will correct the problem. My flight tomorrow UA880 for 9/17 does not even come close.
  • Why is it a bad seat? 2/5

    By Frogman470
    Without being able to see the reason a particular seat is considered bad/good/mixed, this app and site are pretty useless.
  • Nope... 1/5

    By Skid_ro
    Used to be useful - not anymore. Was my go to app when selecting seats, particularly for overseas flights. Useless now.
  • Seat Map Not complete 3/5

    By irritatedmore
    They dont show all the seats in a section, say business class. Frustrating bc you dont know if there is a restroom or galley by your seat bc they are missing half the seats.
  • Cannot get seat detail 1/5

    By Mike99919192393
    Click in bad seats to see why they are bad. No way to get to the detail. Useless. Same behavior as the web site.
  • Use the website instead 2/5

    By 107532ffhhhb
    The app makes it harder to get to the information you want, so just use the website. Would like the app if it were possible, for example, to tap seats and see the text describing the reason for a particular rating.
  • A once great app has fallen 1/5

    By phoeg1
    The latest version of this app reminds me of a once-great U.S. retailer whose stores are dismal, dreary, and largely useless. I recently needed to use Seat Guru, and both the website and app no longer give information on the particular seat (no pop up with comments or other information); I can’t even *see* multiple versions of aircraft, let alone have to figure out which one mine is! Oh, well. I guess the adage “you get what you pay for” holds true. I’m sure there will eventually be a subscription version that brings back all the good features for just $24.99 per year. 🙄
  • Useless 1/5

    By Ricothedog
    It stopped working about 6 months ago. Apparently I'm not the only one with this problem.
  • Seat Map search unavailable 1/5

    By MiG2107
    Its main functionality doesn’t work.
  • Used to be good app 1/5

    By rneedels
    Like other reviews, I agree that most American Airlines flights is a pain to decipher with the app due to several options. Worse off... the touch any seat for details now doesn’t work with most recent update... please fix. The app and the online doesn’t provide seat info when tapping seat. Why print ‘tap any seat for more information’ if it does nothing... WORHTLESS APP NOW. Who in development screwed up? Please fix!! Thx
  • Once Great.... 1/5

    By andifinu
    Agree with earlier comment. Accuracy used to be much greater. Its way too generic now and often not in synch with airline equipment on a given route. I too also told folks to use this site. Not so much anymore. I really miss what it used to provide me.
  • Start over after crashing 2/5

    By vonlost1
    After this app crashes (too often) you have to start over, entering all data from scratch.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By parlevoo
    Did this company close? Get bought by Microsoft? The app went from great to useless. The data went from reliable to unreliable.
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By iDMs1
    Doesn’t return any results
  • Seat configurations 1/5

    By Disappointed Fequent flyer
    They are just plain wrong. The never match the airlines seat configuration so at this point the app is worthless.
  • Can’t delete or edit review 3/5

    By Stuart Olivera
    I made a typo and tried to edit my review, but it ended up just posting a second copy of the same review. Offered no way to delete the duplicate review. App is otherwise ok for looking up flights, but not well built for writing reviews.
  • Delete and dont look back - thanks Tripadvisor for totaly ruining a great app! 1/5

    By thetruthiswhsatitis
    For the frequent and/or business traveler of which I am both this app used to be the greatest! It would give you all the really cool tips were the galley was, where the bathrooms were, information on power ports and the best seats...this app is a total waste of time I'm not sure when it happened or how it happened but it's useless now! does not even come up with correct flight information and often can't even find the flight when the correct information is entered!! Another sad example of an app being ruined by a corporate purchase - delete and get rid of it and hope for the best for another great app like this one USED TO BE.
  • Can’t see user comments 1/5

    By Zabars
    Can’t see user comments on the mobile website, or even on the desktop version if loaded to my phone. Figured the app might work but nope, no comments here either. How hard can this be?? App is useless until this is added.
  • Apps most basic function doesn’t work 1/5

    By Jonb19518
    You know, where you click on a seat and get info. Doesn’t work. On here or the website. But since this is just an app wrapped version of the website, not a surprise.
  • So disappointing- wrong seat maps 1/5

    By Prettylittleliarfan
    What happened to Seat Guru? You have one job- accurate seat map information so we know which seat to select or avoid. Both the app and the mobile site have wrong seat maps for the airlines and no ability to access specific seat information. It says click on seat for info but nothing happens. But since the actual plane seat layout doesn’t match the airline map, it’s useless anyway. This is zero stars.
  • Very little information 1/5

    By tgyosh
    You can see why a seat is good or not so good but not why. The full website is much better. Sometimes plane layouts are not accurate. These are of course the primary reasons I use Seat Guru. The app is nearly useless.
  • Once great - now crap 1/5

    By joelob
    Trip Advisor - if you no longer want to make the effort to maintain this and keep it working then remove this current crap from the App Store. Shame on you- i otherwise respect trip advisor. But this team has totally failed.
  • Once great; now relatively useless - don’t waste your time 2/5

    By ABC3aaa
    I used to love this app - and relied on it to find the best seats. In the last few years, the app has become unhelpful and rather a waste of time. For about half the flights I take (domestic US on American Airlines), Seatguru comes back with “there are three versions of this plane” - each with a different seat layout. It’s left to the user to waste time solving a puzzle every time (which plane is mine?) before getting any guidance on selecting a seat. There is no help from Seatguru on which equipment is in use for my flight. Worst, when I do get a single seat map for a flight, the layout is often just plain wrong - for example, showing exit rows at 15 & 16, when American is showing 17 & 18 for the same flight number and date (and of course, American is always correct and tracks with the real airplane when I get on it). So one cannot even trust Seatguru’s info. It’s a bummer; it is a great concept for an app and there don’t seem to be many (any?) viable alternatives.
  • Complete trash 1/5

    By picopug
    What happened? Terrible now
  • Inaccurate plane layout 1/5

    By 1st and last time rimowa owner
    Used to be fantastic (2012-2017). Since 2017 I’ve been noticing more frequent incorrect plane layouts and after 2018 I have not once gotten a correct plane layout for any of my United flights (I fly out of SFO usually to IAD, DCA, HNL, HKG, LAX). Your team needs look up the seating for the major airlines and update your seating maps using some live API or some sort of periodic/automated updating... the app is beautifully designed but without correct content it’s not useable.
  • Why is it now so terrible? 1/5

    By emilygmonroy
    This used to be my go-to. Now it doesn’t work at all. There’s absolutely no information give for my flights. Can’t click the seats for more info, no pictures. If you’re not going to suppose the app, can you at least put a banner in place so people know it’s a useless app?
  • Nothing happens... 2/5

    By KG3113
    Nothing happens when I select a seat for more info. It’s just a picture of the seating... terrible functionality!
  • USED TO BE a great app 1/5

    By G F Handel
    This used to be a great app. Then all of a sudden there is a lot of wrong information and missing plane models. Even the ones they had before have vanished and now show the wrong seating. It’s almost like this app was deliberately destroyed!!
  • Flights and plane layouts do not match 1/5

    By thegatornation
    Imagine my surprise when I go to look up seat 32E and find out SeatGuru thinks my flight only has 30 rows. Either this app is broken or I am in some kind of VIP section in the back of the plane. Don’t waste your time with the app.
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By Markolw
    Won’t work on either my iPad or phone. The app has basically stopped working at all on my iPad. I try to enter Malaysia airlines, I hit the search button and nothing happens. I can’t get past that. Yes, it was spelled correctly. On my phone running Android Pie, I can submit a search for Malaysia airlines 714 and it just times out. Says page not found. So on both my phone and iPad, the app is worthless.
  • Deleted, useless 1/5

    By chrisd7
    Terrible, doesn’t meet the expectations! But what’s the worst is that they still use Facebook as login... believe it or not, some of us don’t want to be part of FB.

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