Seconds Interval Timer HIIT

Seconds Interval Timer HIIT

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  • Current Version: 3.7.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Runloop Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Seconds Interval Timer HIIT App

LOOK NO FURTHER, you have just found the most advanced interval training timer on the App Store. Seconds has been downloaded over 4 million times, and has over 13,000 5-star reviews. Other interval timers don't even come close when it comes to quality, features and ease of use. BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD:- Seconds is a paid app that you can trial for free. Non-paying users may only use the timers they create one time. If you do not mind the inconvenience of recreating your timers each time you need them, you can use the app for free for as long as you want. Alternatively, by upgrading you can use your timers as often as you like, and you will also be supporting the continued development of the app. SECONDS AT A GLANCE:- • Apple Watch • Large clear display • Templates for HIIT, Tabata, Circuit Training and more • Custom timers to create any intervals imaginable • Bluetooth heart rate sensor support • Speaks your interval names in your language • Loud or soothing alerts • Coordinate music with intervals • Universal app, works on all devices • External display and AirPlay Mirroring support • Runs in the background • Supports iOS 8 and above MORE INFORMATION:- • APPLE WATCH Seconds comes with an Apple Watch app that allows you to use your saved interval timers (upgrade required) on your Apple Watch without your iPhone present. It also comes with a Quick Timer editor allowing you to easily and quickly create one-off timers while you are on the go. • LARGE CLEAR DISPLAY AND COLOUR CODING The timing screen has a large time display that can easily be read from a distance. It works in portrait or landscape. The current interval and next interval are displayed so you can see also what's up now and next. The entire background uses the current interval colour so you don't even need to read the name. • TEMPLATES MAKE IT EASY TO PROGRAM Seconds comes with templates for HIIT, Tabata and Circuit Training making it very easy to quickly create a timer for your workouts. If you require more advanced options, Seconds doesn't let you down. You can create completely custom timers one interval at a time, or even combine timers together to create compound timers. • HEART RATE SENSORS Seconds supports Bluetooth heart rate sensors and allows you to configure the display to show your current heart rate and estimated calories burned during your training session. • TEXT TO SPEECH AND ALERTS The text to speech option will read out your interval names as you get to them, or even give you some advance warning. Alternatively, you can choose from the built in alerts. These ranges from simple beeps, to MMA air horns and boxing bells, to bells and gongs for more relaxing timers. • MUSIC INTEGRATION Seconds allows you to match the intensity of your music to the intensity of your workout. For each interval, you can select a song, album, artist, genre, playlist, podcasts or audiobooks. If this is not to your taste you can simply play another music source in the background. • SHARE YOUR TIMERS WITH FRIENDS Share the timers you’ve created or completed with your friends on your Twitter, Facebook or Weibo. They will then be able to import your timer into their app. • EXPORT TIMERS Transfer all your timers to another device of yours or a friends easily via Email or AirDrop. • EXTERNAL DISPLAY Use AirPlay Mirroring to display your timers on a big screen. Perfect for personal trainers and fitness class instructors. Enable Privacy Mode so your personal or client timers are not displayed as you navigate the app. • SAMPLE TIMERS Want a timer for the 7 minute workout, or Tabata. Seconds comes with these preinstalled as well as samples of the other timer types. • APPLE HEALTH Apple Health data is used to calculate calorie expenditure. Workouts can be sent to Apple Health.


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Seconds Interval Timer HIIT app reviews

  • works most of the time 3/5

    By mel staggs
    sometimes my music just stops, then will pick back up after a few intervals. it’s not my settings because the same workout will also play perfectly sometimes. it would also be nice to share your timers with other seconds users
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Vanguard88
    This app is practically useless.
  • Made me pay to use timer, and still doesn’t work. 1/5

    By Jess Morfa
    Aimee shows on screen and just never starts. What a waste of $8
  • App was great until it stopped working on I watch 3/5

    By Tomlinew
    This app was awesome but since the recent update it no longer opens on my series 1 iwatch. Please fix
  • One time use then you have to upgrade. 1/5

    By cierralinden11
    It let me know that I would have to upgrade after one use after I had already created my workout....
  • 5 stars 5/5

    By PicCreater
    Perfect easy to make customized workout timer. Great for HIIT or any workout. I love all the options and that it takes less than 30 seconds to have my timers ready to go for the whole workout. I use while listening through headphones with a podcast or music going at the same time and it works perfect. Highly recommend.
  • Good format, awful paywall 1/5

    By holdenma020
    I downloaded this app simply to put a timer schedule for cycle workouts. I built the routine very easily, only to find that I could only use that routine once unless I pad for the app. Once. I found another app that does the same thing for free and even lets you use the same routine more than once!!
  • I love this app 5/5

    By KatinChina
    I use this app for everything from interval running to Tabata resistance training and gym workouts. I really love this app. You can design any kind of workout that you want and make it very specific to what ever your goal is. It’s very customizable and has so many features I don’t even understand all of them. I especially love that it syncs between my iPad and my iPhone and that I can use it on my Apple Watch. I really love it and I use it regularly!
  • Apple Watch Fail 5/5

    By thefredelement
    Can not be used with Apple Watch also tracking a workout so therefore it’s useless. Wish I never bought premium!
  • Watch integration is poor 1/5

    By ary1
    Even after upgrading to the pro version, the app won’t run in the background on the apple watch, and stops every time the watch face turns off. It also doesn’t track heart rate on the apple watch. Otherwise, its a pretty clean, intuitive timer.
  • Motivating and Fun 5/5

    By micmch
    This makes interval training so enjoyable! Enough built in optons to keep it interesting but I also love customizing different workouts using my favorite playlists for intensity, moderate, warm up and cool down. I find it very effective and fun, so much that I can’t wait to work out.
  • Not Honestly Free 1/5

    By Dapope101011
    Only free to download not use. It will only allow you to use a timer once before it is no longer aloud to be used w/o paying US$8. Just a scam to get you to download then nickel and dime you. NOT FREE AS ADVERTISED!!!
  • Perfect for what I need! 5/5

    By JojoHansen
    Use this at the firehouse to keep our workouts on track. Love the app!
  • Not user friendly 3/5

    By mjm630
    I typically am pretty savvy when it comes to figuring out apps. But I find this one confusing. I don’t like that you can’t easily delete sets/interval. I don’t like that you can’t create multiples of the same timer for an exercise- like 10 30 second exercises. They all have to be inputted by hand or copied individually. Sometimes the exercise will have a checkmark in the circle and I have no idea what that means. This app is a great concept but it’s not user-friendly.
  • Extremely versatile timer app 5/5

    This app is a useful timer for students, athletes, and musicians. This app can track beats per minute for violin and heart rate. Users can also be used as a study session creator app.
  • Killer app, but the watch app cannot be turned off 4/5

    By Marzism
    I wish I could give this app 5 stars, but the watch app cannot be turned off, and thusly drains your battery in about 5 mins.
  • Quality feel 4/5

    By R-dot.
    After my first try, I’m pretty happy with this app. The minimal but colorful designs and the animated transitions between the different timers give it a feeling of high quality. Editing workouts is a little repetitive, but that’s true of every interval training app I’ve tried. I’d like the timing of the voice cues to be a little earlier - if it said the name of the next exercise, then “3...2...1...” that would be more useful than 3...2...1... and then the name of the exercise, which doesn’t give you time to set your starting position. On a similar note, an option for a slight delay when you’re doing an exercise split between left and right sides would help with exercises like side planks, where changing sides takes time. I appreciate that the app can be downloaded free and tried once before asking you to spring for the paid version.
  • Have to pay 1/5

    By pumpkinvw
    You get to use a timer once then you have to buy.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By emh650
    This app is the best! I initially gave it 2 stars after the last big update bec. I had issues but Runloop promptly responded to my email and fixed my issues.
  • Best custom timer out there! 5/5

    By Fire Power Fitness, LLC
    I love being able to create and manage my own workouts from this app! It’s perfect for when I’m doing my own HIIT or circuit training AND for when I teach HIIT classes! You can also pair a heart rate monitoring device with the app too! It’s pretty cool and super user friendly.
  • Use only once 2/5

    By young HIIT
    I downloaded it because I wanted to do more H.I.I.T and so I thought it looked good. I downloaded it and I wanted to put my circuit or routines in it. And then one it doesn’t really have a rest, it’s also a bit confusing to me, and you can only use it once. Usually with free apps you can use it more than once, and there pro is way over. That is why I’m going to get the Intervel Timer Pro because it does cost money but it’s doesn’t cost as much as this and it works better. I have 2 Star because of how it looks, it looks nicely it just doesn’t work that well. I do not recommend this at all.
  • So useful 5/5

    By This is great🙅💏💑👯👫🙋
    This is great for at hike work outs so worth the 7 dollars
  • Maybe I need to buy the premium version? 1/5

    By puzzler1263268384
    Unless I was doing something wrong, anytime my watch face went to sleep, it could NOT keep track of the time. It also didn’t beep or make any noise if the face went to sleep. Again, maybe I’m doing something wrong but this completely defeats the purpose of workout interval timer if I need to constantly look at the watch.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Jabe 1
    Says it’s free but you can’t use a timer you create more than once without paying $8.
  • Love this 5/5

    By connorb79
    So easy to figure out. UI is perfect for me. Keeps me accountable and on track with my workouts. Love that I can sync with playlists.
  • Just bought the app 1/5

    By Virgil89
    Just bought the app made several of my workout , organized them into folders and everything just to find out that everything has disappeared! Great start
  • Already purchased 1/5

    By lovemyworkouts
    I purchased this app and had all my timers set up. I had to get a new phone and when I downloaded apps from iCloud this one said I had to purchase upgrade AGAIN
  • Free to use once 1/5

    By Turkish beginner
    This is the worst bait and switch I’ve seen. The free trial is for one use - that’s it. Then, you’re supposed pay to pay $7.99, which is a bit much for an average app with a tedious setup.
  • Bad app. Forces to upgrade to get basic features 1/5

    By Ysivasai
    Very bad. Forces upgrade to see the timer on watch.
  • Best tool to have !!! 5/5

    By 1Abdul-Qawi
    I'm able to create my own workouts and it tells me what to do next. Awesome
  • Too difficult to test 1/5

    By Paige1972
    Skip this app
  • Can’t trust this timer.. 2/5

    By kkgbear
    I upgraded to pro and feel like I threw my class under the bus. Taught Tabata to a big group last night and could tell the timing was way off. 20 seconds of work 10 seconds to rest 8 cycles it’s not that hard to time keep but if it’s off it’s obvious and it ruins the experience. I feel scammed and let down by this app and really disappointed. Had high hopes as it paired easily with my Apple Watch and the set up was easy for lots of different interval training classes I teach. I was going to give it another try but I had to uninstall my watch to pair with a new phone and they want to to pay AGAIN to upgrade to pro! 😩
  • Amazing app , I’m an extreme athlete 5/5

    By Tennesse finest
    Best app ever for working out and u need sound to stay focus and move to different exercise. Just amazing. Just pay for the pro version it’s amazing
  • Customizable 5/5

    By Guamers
    You can adjust the timers for ANY workout. Great app.
  • Great Timed Workout App with Music 5/5

    By Chumpdaddy
    I like this app because I have control over setting up my own workout schedule. I timed the way I want it and I can set it up to play workout type albums from my Music This app also gave me the ability to set up voice over music to announce the next exercise. I wish it would register my heart rate from my apple watch though.
  • Won’t stay active on Watch 1/5

    By Jason Znoy
    I Purchased the app because I like the interval training however when using with the watch doesn’t stay active so the timer stops which makes this app basically useless.
  • Changed 1/5

    By hannahcsmart
    I purchased this app because it let me create timers for specific workouts. I just opened it today to find out that I can no longer reuse timers unless I upgrade and pay 7.99 more. This was a feature that always existed before so you don’t have to take 5 mins reprogramming every time. Now I’ll never use it.
  • This app is amazing! 5/5

    By T. Brooks
    Are use it for my classes, I also use it for my personal work outs definitely makes things seamless.
  • Garbage app 1/5

    By Memememememeemem
    There’s better ones out there
  • 5 Star App 5/5

    By Sundown
    This app is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s extremely easy to set up and use. Everything you need is in front of you, laid out clearly and logically.
  • Kind of waste of time 2/5

    By Shskdlsbsbskd
    Looked cool once I completed my first setup I didn’t see the save button I did what I thought was save it and it cleared the entire setup vanished
  • Useless after the update 2/5

    By ttkmgc
    Clunky and inefficient to begin with, now pretty much useless since the update. They're pushing hard to get you to upgrade to Pro, but I'd rather delete this app and find something else.
  • Killer app. Just added desired feature 5/5

    By Heffpeff
    Incredible app for workouts. I’m so happy they just added a count up timer.
  • Does not perform as advertised 1/5

    By jordy587
    The app does not write or read any data from the health app even when permission is granted and does not read heart rate from Apple Watch. The timer is fine but I only paid for it because it was supposed to work with the Apple Watch and it does not.
  • Great app. Needs a couple more features. 4/5

    By athomp2978
    I really like the customization and simplicity of the app. Two features I would really like: Add ability to see what time the timer will end (clock time, not remaining time). Add today widget to start a timer. I use the timer for my morning routine and would like to start it quickly when I get it out of bed.
  • One hit wonder 1/5

    By Blimey this is crazy
    Only one time use unless you pay for upgrade...should not be listed under free apps as it’s not free at all.
  • Great workout timer 5/5

    By Vsalvia
    This timer has everything you could possibly want or need in a workout timer. It comes with several preconfigured timers that are actually useful and if needed you can edit them to fit your needs. And of course you can easily create your own. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking for a great workout timer.
  • Can’t control volume anymore 3/5

    By gaga1M
    This used to be a five star app for me but after one update I can no longer set the volume of this program separately from the music I’m playing. Consequently I frequently miss cues because I can’t hear them through the music.
  • Too Complicated 1/5

    By Cyndimacfuller
    I couldn't figure out how to add my own workouts in.
  • Perfect 5/5

    By Darrin Petedaman
    I type up workouts and am able to save them with the much worth it upgrade app. Update: I love how you can download other workouts, I have looked up trx, crossfit, stretching, rowing, assault Bike workouts with great success from the website.

Seconds Interval Timer HIIT app comments


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