Secure Browser & File Manager

Secure Browser & File Manager

  • Category: Utilities
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.16
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Mirmay Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Secure Browser & File Manager App

Secure Browser & File Manager is a simple, easy-to-use app that lets you visit your favorite sites securely and privately. Enjoy fast browsing with the full-featured multi-tab browser. Store personal files to watch whenever you want and protect your privacy by locking all files with a passcode or your Touch ID. Stream videos and images from you iPhone or iPad to Chromecast and Airplay devices* to watch your favorite media on your television. ・Protect content with passcode or Touch ID ・Fast, full-featured multi-tab browser ・Photo and video streaming ・Download Photos from your Camera Roll ・Optimized for iPhone 6 Plus ・Share your personal files by iMessage ・VPN service powered by RocketVPN * Image streaming not compatible with Airplay


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Secure Browser & File Manager app reviews

  • Videos aren’t downloaded some times 5/5

    By jaydon$888
    Some videos say that there done but when I try to watch them there only 2 seconds that and they don’t evens paly and some WiFi’s that I connect to dont let me use the app
  • Update issue 3/5

    By yungbuhl
    Since the last update it won’t let me connect to my tv any more
  • Won’t download. Period. 1/5

    By Queenrikismith
    That’s it. It just sits in the cloud.
  • Great 5/5

    By Korbin_P
    Not really any problems besides sometimes if I have my beats connected it won't show pictures
  • From what and from who 5/5

    By Lucifer T. Jones
    How do we know your product projects access to our mobile device and out communications including intellectual property are safe and secure? Is it just a bio print firewall or does it encrypt data?
  • Suggestions 4/5

    By Dannyboy*
    - Import page can be merged with files page in the form of an import button - Be able to close all tabs including the only tab - Be able to turn off “ding” sound when a video is done downloading. Still sings when notification sounds turned off - Fake key-code that opens up an empty app
  • This app trick me into buying the premium version 1/5

    By Haitian master
    If you activate finger prints access this app will automatically buy the premium version as soon you try to open it this is not good
  • Great but... 4/5

    By Newer try it
    I wish they would make it easier to download photos, Because it is much more difficult now
  • Lost sound 5/5

    By GrandtheftMasterM
    Lost all sound
  • Great 4/5

    By rob_zeng
    It’s a fantastic app, it’s just that every time I download a video online from this app, the quality gets lower than before, and that kind of annoys me. Please fix that!
  • Absolute garbage, fam. 1/5

    By Roof Psycho
    I only used this cause I wanted to download one video from a site that suggested I use this. This thing is riddled with more pop ups than a children's book and ads. And even then when copying the video to camera roll the quality decreased . I feel safer already uninstalling this piece of crap.
  • Junk from a shady “developer” 1/5

    Perfect testament to how well Tim Cook can “run Apple.” Allowing crap like this on the “App Store” is just proof that Cook & his entourage are deliberately trashing Apple by the millisecond. And thinking we are expected to tolerate it. We see your mess, Timmy; but your days are numbered. That said — this is the shadyware “browser” that is “the recommended choice” of “downloaders” on every other porn site there is. And there’s nothing I love more than being shoved into the crApp Store to buy this AWESOME porn “downloader” — without my permission! It’s the 2018 A.D.; why is iOS allowed to execute crap code? Even better: I downloaded this joke just for laughs; and 3 seconds into my first “launch,” it attempts to self-upgrade at my expense. No go, mirmay. The solution to crap like this — and everything Trainwreck Timmy has done to thumb his nose at Steve Jobs? (Hint: the answer is #2!) 1) Complain to Apple and pray someone *might* help you — or at least not screw you inside-out even further (at breakneck speeds!), Or 2) Make sure the DOJ gets our undivided attention. And Trump and every other high-functioning person who will end this 1-star sh*t parade in a microsecond
  • Why have I received a receipt saving I’ve been charged?? 1/5

    By Wikisz
    I have never used this app. Why then did I get an email from Apple yesterday saying it is a receipt for a premium in-app purchase!? IF I already have or if will be charged this is fraudulent and thievery. I have never let alone used this app so how could I have been charged for an in-app purchase !? All users beware Previous review : It crashes constantly...why is this so hard to fix ? Very frustrating app to use ..
  • F*** THIS APP! 1/5

    By Warren Fulp
    I had a pop-up that was unlike any other - it was the purchase confirmation pop up when downloading anything that cost money and since it happened so fast, my thumb was on the home button already and it took $4.99 immediately. Absolute bull. I didn't click on anything and was not on any sketchy site. Couldn't do a thing about it. Even if you don't have the funds, it will still accept it, putting you in the negatives and risking overdraft fees. This app cost me in total $40.
  • very good its best software for vpn 5/5

    By HMHMha1331
  • Broken 1/5

    By volreeed
    This app will not send or receive data. I’m writing this review as it is just dead.
  • Loading website 4/5

    By Jose Paredes
    The app is great but pages won’t load
  • What’s with the song? 3/5

    By MrPopeye14
    Since the last update the has been this random adult movie style music playing in the background for no apparent reason, and it keeps looping. Even when i force restart the app it plays as soon as i start up the app.
  • Needs more improvement 1/5

    By David Churchill
    Glitches and crashes when I try to switch to mb size order from date order. Also updates make it worse
  • We all know what this app is used for. 5/5

    By DaddyDonald
    We know. 👌🏻
  • Another useless app 1/5

    By Jlinsk
    Try to save a video but all I get are tons and tons of ads. Will not do much of anything else.
  • Good idea - needs patching 2/5

    By VilePirate
    This app is great for capturing video. However, the app gets stuck on my 10.5 iPad Pro when switching between the browser and my downloads. You have to restart the app and then lose all progress on downloads.
  • Ughh!!! 3/5

    By Arkitek18
    Can’t hear nothing, my volume is stretched to the limit! COMPLETE SILENCE ON MY IPAD AIR!!!
  • Needs some work 4/5

    By It's ok but needs some touches
    This app has really good potential but the only flaw I see so far is that some videos when downloaded get cropped. If the videos were not cropped, watching them in landscape cropped the video. Please fix
  • Constantly locks up 3/5

    By jdog43
    Once a download begins, app locks up if I go back to browser. And where do the files go? Very frustrating but download is fast
  • Truth be told 5/5

    By Mr.vdv8
    PornHub brought me here lol
  • Download 4/5

    By Zorro555
    How do i download video’s? I want to download a few youtube videos so i can watch them on a trip i am going on so i can watch them with little to no signal
  • The only problem 3/5

    By skylar hickman
    This app works great but the only problem I have is I paid for premium to take off the ads and to stop it from auto open the App Store but it still goes to App Store and even if I close the App Store app and re open this one it sends me straight back. I’m jawing iPhone 6😶
  • Forced 4:3 Aspect Ratio 1/5

    By johnvonahlen
    Awful video rendering. 16:9 videos only playback at 4:3 aspect ratio, which means the left and right sides are cutoff. There's no setting in the app that lets you adjust playback size ratio. This is a video app, so include some video control!
  • Outstanding 5/5

    By WEGOTA1031
    Love it !
  • Okay 3/5

    By Ninja_GAmeR!!!⚔🔪🗡🔫
    This app is great for porn!
  • Good 5/5

    By Bribri213
  • Crashes 1/5

    By A Very BMF
    Crashes after update
  • Could Become An Awesome App... 2/5

    By VinceSB
    You’ve built something great with all the bells and whistles, though it’s unreliable. Downloads regularly fail, especially when they are near complete. If you’re in the middle of a download and leave the app temporarily (even with background refresh enabled), then return, it shows it’s still downloading. Right when it reaches 100%, it fails.
  • It’s working to some degrees only... 2/5

    By Jackin' Bears
    I kind of like the concept but it’s full of crap to annoy user and make it very nonproductive. Overall it’s very counterintuitive. Function keys are not available all the time. I have to close it and reopen it a few times sometimes just to find the function keys popping back up again. I understand that the maker has to make money with the ad. But it renders the app not usable at the least.
  • Lost access to downloaded files 1/5

    By twillia1969
    Installed the latest update and have now lost access to all my previously downloaded files. Running on an iPhone X with iOS11 and the application no longer works as did previously.
  • iPhone X support 1/5

    By LBirdy12
    When will this app be available to work on the iPhone X?
  • Constantly crashes! 1/5

    By Why Garth is not on ITUNES
    I have tried using this app several times. I use this app to store and play all my family vacation videos, that was until the app crashes 2 seconds into the video.
  • Does Not Work — Do Not Buy 1/5

    By km_okeefe
    Does not work at all... frequently freezes... web downloads fail... and I am talking about the full version.
  • Total Waste of time & Money 1/5

    By MiamiCounsel
    Yes - it's a secure browser with a password and you can usually download things- but that's all. No instructions, no support, no sorting of videos, you cannot move files in your network, by wifi or any other way. Nothing seems to ever change - look at the description of the updates - always the same uninformative PR statement. Ads and pop ups all the time.
  • Good 3/5

    By Free app master
    Y'all know this thing crashes a lot.
  • Use to be a great 1/5

    By gwyne3000
    I used to love this app it was perfect for all my downloads and some pictures but now it’s does not work on my iPad mini 4 or my iPhone X it starts to download and then it always fails at 90% I need a new app
  • :/!!, 5/5

    By anxbsnn
    not good enoghe
  • Please fix App 3/5

    By Cherrios12
    This was good until the update ,make a new a update please
  • Love it but it crashes a lot 4/5

    By DJDorkyDuck
    I'm having a lot of issues with the app crashing when I'm viewing my files
  • Crashes 3/5

    By Danielw17
    I’m tired of it crashing. It would be a useful app if it didn’t crash when I go look at my documents and other files.
  • Not worth it right now 1/5

    By deadapp
    So not worth the 5 bucks right now. Most videos don’t work, no sound at all. Normal iOS browser works fine but that is not the point. Seems the last update broke a lot of stuff for most users. Maybe another update will fix it all. Only time will tell.
  • Just a way to download porn 5/5

    By The guy who demands sim cash for ripping me off!
  • Complete Garbage 1/5

    By JerryWWop
    Not only is every page and screen on the app POLLUTED with forced advertising, but the app cannot seem to complete at least one download, as the app advertises. Also, there are abusive “dead ends”, like clicking “close ad window” forces you to another pop up that asks you to purchase. If you decline, then the app just closes. Utterly abusive and manipulative code.
  • Cannot download anything larger than 80 MB 1/5

    By msqrd.
    First test download worked so I paid for the upgrade to get rid of ads. Mistake. Downloading is painfully slow. Seems to fail on downloads at about 90 MB or 10 minutes. Sent 2 e-mails to developer. I did not even get an acknowledgment. Received the bill from I-tunes this morning rubbing salt into the wound. I like the look & feel of the app. If they could only get it work.

Secure Browser & File Manager app comments


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