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Securus Mobile App

The Securus Video Visitation is now the Securus Mobile! This free app’s capabilities have been significantly enhanced and include the following: - Create a Securus Online account - Change password and 4 digit passcode - Setup security questions - Enroll in Video Visitation, schedule and visit an inmate remotely from anywhere in the world where you have Wi-Fi or cellular data service at all Securus sites that offer Video Visitation. - Access and view your upcoming scheduled video visits. - Sync details of upcoming visits with your calendar. - Receive notifications for upcoming visits. - Test Wi-Fi/cellular connection to determine quality of video visit. - *For best results and to reduce echo, use a headset or earbuds with microphone. - Enroll and add funds to AdvanceConnect, your prepaid calling account. - See Available Funds. - Add or change phone numbers who can receive calls. - View call details and transaction summary. - Block or unblock calls. - Enroll in AutoPay or TextPay. - Update or change credit/debit card information. - Add funds to an Inmate Debit calling account- now easier to find on the app. - eMessaging - send messages and receive replies, send digital greeting cards and photos to your incarcerated loved one! - Sign up, purchase ‘stamps’ and send eMessages and photos - Pay for inmate reply eMessage - eCards – choose from dozens of categories and attach these digital greeting cards to your message* - Snap n’ Send™ - Snap a selfie or choose from your photo gallery to quickly send a photo to your loved one* - Multiple attachments – now send up to 5 eCards and photos to your message to tell the whole story* - Bug fixes and improvements *If allowed by facility It’s never been easier to stay in touch! For questions or comments, email us at [email protected]

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Securus Mobile app reviews

  • Disappointing. 1/5

    By jsjohnson0115
    This app plays with your emotions and steals your money. It asks me to schedule all my appointments in Central Time (I’m in Eastern Standard Time Zone). After scheduling video visits to see my inmate, factoring in the time zone difference, it schedules the visit. Then when I go to log in for my chat, at the specified time, it won’t allow me to go into the video, telling me I have to wait longer. Then after I wait, I go to log in again and my scheduled visit is no longer there, and the website says that I missed the visit. This has happened three times in a row now and when I call customer service they have no idea what I’m talking about. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, FIND ANOTHER WAY TO CONTACT YOUR LOVED ONE. All this app will do is take your money, and give you no solutions.
  • Ridiculous 1/5

    By Asha121110
    This is ridiculous. For two days now I have tried to have a video visit scheduled ahead of time at 9pm. It changed to an hour later but won’t let me join the visit. Never ever can get a hold of costumer service since they have “high call volume” spoke to a supervisor once and she said it would be fixed the next morning. It’s still not fixed!
  • Honest Review 1/5

    By Screwed Over Individual
    The app works. It allows you to communicate with incarcerated friends and family. It profits off your pain and suffering with its immoral and unnecessary interjection of itself in to the already corrupt Prison Industrial Complex. I hope the best for you and whoever you have to use this app to contact, unless you work for Securus, JPay, a For Profit Prison, or any lobbyist/government official pandering to these companies.
  • WTH 2/5

    By ?$;$:$:$:"-&::$:$/@/$:$:
    Keeps on logging out When I want to check phone logs Why is this happening?
  • Missing RI 3/5

    By Manivone57
    Went to look for inmate to fund the debit account and the state of Rhode Island is missing in search
  • Securus app messing up 3/5

    By aarianb
    I uninstalled it rebooted my phone I did a lot reset my phone this is the only app that’s not working I can’t connect to the network off it it says it did not act like this a hour ago I was using it now all of a sudden I can’t log in anymore.
  • Is this a joke 1/5

    By Brirose11g
    I’ve been trying for over a month now to create an account! And it won’t let me, i have tried on my phone and my computer! As soon as it comes to the security questions page it says validation failed. I put in the answer to the questions how in the world is it wrong! They’re my answers! This is ridiculous. I’m so frustrated. I don’t even know what to do.
  • Expensive 1/5

    By lady cowgirl 77
    It’s sad how expensive these calls are. Really taking advantage of families. Especially those with children. $16.00 for a 15 minute phone call is just crazy and sad. Hope this changes some day.
  • State of CT 1/5

    By relle l
    There is no option for connecticut thats really disappointing
  • App crashing 1/5

    By wonderwoman2415
    I’ve had nothing but problems with this app either it takes me 10 times to input my husbands name in the inmate locator for the video visitation because each time it says they can’t locate him or tonight it says no data could be found and the app crashes . We have to sign up a day ahead so when there is problems with the app it makes it difficult . It is now a week later and it’s still doing the same thing not to mention the two video visits.2 I had that were worthless . First one no audio period second one either he couldn’t hear or I Couldnt hear him . I have the latest version a IPhone 8 Plus 12.2 iOS wore headphones with mic NOTHING HELPED AND I ONLY GOT 3.66 CREDIT FOR THE 10.00 IVE WASTED
  • Ughh 3/5

    By MexiLola
    It’s a good decent app just needs more better quality service. Everytime i try to click on the call summary it just logs me out thts stupid it never used to do that before.
  • EDITED:::Upgrade from Website 3/5

    By Djdannybhhhhh
    The app doesn’t work any more. Let’s me pick a date and time but when I click to confirm it says Invalid Time Slot. Doesn’t matter what date or time I try to schedule. I’m hopeful the developer will see this and tell me what I’m doing wrong! ORIGINAL REVIEW: I only use the app to schedule on-site visits. Though initially frustrated that I couldn’t schedule online any longer, I got the app, applied, and then waited for approval from my local jail. Once I got approved, I found the interface with this easier than the website. And I can do it on the go. As an added perk, I’m not sure why, but with the app I can now schedule visits the next day, whereas I had to schedule a few days or even a week out with the website. So works great for me. Hoping it does for others as well.
  • Can’t find my state 1/5

    By madperuvian
    Why is there no option for ct ???
  • Much more affordable 5/5

    By Stephanie5021
    I was nervous about this at first but after it was all set up it has been great. So much more affordable than the alternative. I’ve only used the texting/message portion but his worked great.
  • Good 5/5

    By RachelElba
    I haven’t had a bad experience with this app. I think it’s great!
  • No Bluetooth / iPhone audio, no Macs 1/5

    By 1TrickPony86
    My iPhone 7 running the latest iOS doesn’t have working audio over Bluetooth in the app Additionally, it doesn’t work on MacOS.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By bethlou07
    Unable to set up video meetings- doesn’t pull up state info for me to proceed. Please fix
  • Skeptic here proved wrong 5/5

    By Tabs nicole
    I never write reviews ever, but seeing so many poor reviews I hope I help someone reading. I have an iPhone 8 and this app has been wonderful to me. I’ve been able to schedule video visits and as long as you have headphones, and a good connection you should be fine. It crashed once during the visit but I had multiple things on my WiFi connection and once I disconnected everything else it worked fine. The sound quality COULD be better. My only complaint is the deputy got him there 20 minutes late, so I paid for a 30 minute visit and only got 10 minutes. Was on hold for 30 minutes and it’s a super long process to get a refund but at the end of the day it still was a lot cheaper than a phone call. I’ve scheduled 3 more visits and will update through out the week! Three day update: Every visit has been amazing! We really enjoy this! I scheduled one everyday for the next week and we’re both excited. Like I said before as long as you have a great connection, and if using a phone an updated version of iOS, you should be good! I really hope I help someone reading. My only complaint is the time should start once the inmate and visitor actually connect! The process of getting a refund/credit is way too complicated.
  • Don’t waste your money or your heart!! 1/5

    By Sheridavis
    This service is completely a scam!!! They are more than happy to take your money. You have MANY MANY options available to give them money. But their products DO NOT WORK!! They are making money off of your emotions!!! You will never actually get to visit with your loved one !!! Please do not fall into this trap!! I am so confident that this company has unethical practices that I am filing a Better Business Bureau complaint. BEWARE!! Total waste of your money and emotions!! Do create more sadness for yourself by getting your hopes up for this resource!!
  • New user 1/5

    By julieeefreaksz
    I’m trying to sign up for a new account and it’s not letting me been trying for a few days and no luck I was pretty excited to be using this app to AT LEAST video chat with my husband but no luck what a bummer . Such a good idea of an app and it’s giving me these problems 😭😭😭
  • Wasted time 2/5

    By wedgegostate
    First visit 15 min late to start by facilities but cuts off on time. Second visit never shows up or starts but you bet it cuts off on time. Chat customer service is no service. Says go to web then faq and get a form thnx chat. No form oh and faq says any agent can do it but chat said I needed a refund form now I find out any agent can do it. What time waster. Good news I just call credit card company and dispute the charges because they do answer the phone
  • Need some help PLEASE!!! 1/5

    By Doug Ross
    I’m not able to get through all the blocks and actually talk to someone. I need help getting set up, PLEASE!!
  • Needs work. Database does not update when you create an account. 1/5

    By blessed&Happy
    I read other reviews on this app that confirm what I am about to say... I created an account attempted to login, account cannot be found. I even received an email from Securus opened I allowed it access to my camera, calendar and microphone, excepted terms and conditions. The App thanked me and welcomed me. I went back to the login. It still couldn’t find me, it popped up an error that said my information was invalid. Impressive.
  • No voice connection 1/5

    By Theglowingfairy
    First instructions on iPhone it worked. Then I can no longer voice connect we cannot hear each other. I tried 3 head set but does not work. Same headset I always use and it works. Please help
  • Junk 1/5

    By JT822001
    If the CO doesn’t get the inmate to the video spot, you pay for 20 mins and get whatever time they get them there. Cut my visit short to 13 mins. It should start from when the inmate is in the visit. Choppy and hard to hear. Junk!
  • you need JAVA or some sort of flash player. 4/5

    By 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 😝
    for this app to work decent enough you need java or some sort of flash player. These don't come native to iOS nor are they compatible with Safari or Chrome on mobile. Get a browser like firefox or dolphin browser and get the app through the app store on-line. if that don't work for you then 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Terrible Experience 1/5

    By No Kitty
    No sound, poor video quality. Driving to the facility and paying for parking in Seattle would have been less frustrating and I would have been able to have a discussion with my brother.
  • Video Visits 2/5

    By Tigre_540
    Barely ever connects. It will let me select the icon to join then the app crashes!
  • Crashing 1/5

    By casshope99
    I had a visit set up on my iPhone and couldn’t even join because every time I hit the join button it crashed. So I had to go grab my mothers phone last minute to join.
  • Apple 1/5

    By Alexandria96!
    So my only issue is the fact that this app is not compatible with IOS at all
  • Country cowgirl 2/5

    By jetpack3
    When I first installed it on my iPhone , it worked pretty good. Then it started always asking for my password which would be wrong almost every time & the answers to my questions changed. Called them the other day and they were supposed to reset my password. And how come u have to give them so much personal information. . I have been waiting weeks to hear something back as far as having s home video visitation, before I install this crazy app on my phone. And now when I open it up from home screen it says update now or update later no matter which one u pick it just goes to the sign in page and before you can do anything, it jumps back to the home screen. Or s quick flash & tell u to open in store but it don’t . Will ask all the same questions. But won’t do nothing. In the fine print it’s says by installing or is signing in to this app u agree for them to share ur information with third party marketing group. No way not me. I also set up. A commissary account , an inmate debit account, and a phone account, and it’s been a month and a week now and he hasn’t been able to get through to me. It’s too much to have to do and remember. Especially for what little it does and a lot it don’t do . All of everything these days is a scam or fraud. The government, the Antichrist, the devil. Be ware
  • No sirve esta aplicación 1/5

    By hdjdjdhdhdh
    Amigos esta aplicación no sirve estuve esperando una hora para que mi familiar se metiera a la llamada. Ellos son unos rateros no gasten su tiempo es la aplicación mas inútil que está en esta plataforma.
  • Bad app a customer support 1/5

    By Miguel D.
    Cannot Make the app work properly on my iPhone or iPad. What a waste of time. Luckily I didn’t give any card information otherwise I will be paying for a product that didn’t work.
  • Video visit 1/5

    By Tyf01
    My video visit will not launch!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Video Visit 1/5

    By DA BEARS !!!!!YA YA
    Since 2 weeks ago we both can’t hear each other , never been like that before until I upgraded the new version on I Phone
  • Scam 1/5

    By Wilson345
    I set up my Securus account Nov. 19th. My friend, an inmate at a correctional facility in Mass. has called me every day since and not a single call has gone through to me. I have had 12 chats with securus reps and my friend has done what he can and nothing has gotten resolved. This is unacceptable. I have written to the AG in Massachusetts and they are going to look into it for me. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
  • Don’t waste your time ! 1/5

    By sweetthang davis
    App is trash ! You pay all your money to see your loved one and sometimes your app blinks off and cuts off and statics and Securus takes you through too much to get credit back to your account or to refund your money ! When I called a guy told me my iPhone 8 Plus wasn’t compatible with the app ! But why have a app that’s not compatible with one of the most high tech phones there is a iPhone
  • Bad video connection with inmate 2/5

    By CIRCLE JERKS 2018
    Hey i never used this video ordeal until this week. I waited days to be cleared and then days to get my visit. Inmate got there late so I got 5 mins instead of 15 and I couldn’t hear him at all with earphones. Although that is what they say you should do to ensure maximum potential of this app. Idk what went wrong. I have no other choice but to go this route. This was a visit with Marion County inmate. Hope the glitch gets fixed for us all.
  • I hope it’s worth it 1/5

    By NewJersey973
    Are you serious? About to download the newest update I won’t bother
  • BS APP 1/5

    By Lillypooh21
    You must have to pay for this app now because every time I try to download it it wants me to put in my billing information.... I thought it was free but apparently not
  • Disappointed!! 2/5

    By estrella demar
    That supposed is unlimited video visitations, but is not truth let us done only three ,no more!!! :(
  • Missing Okaloosa County FL 2/5

    By Mattoner48212
    The app doesn’t have all of the facilities. Hope they fix that soon
  • Latest update 1/5

    By Hkcristina
    Inmate could hear at first using earphones but after latest update, inmate could barely hear and if earphones unplugged and plugged back in, inmate could no longer hear my end. So sad :(
  • Emessage 5/5

    By SummieH90
    I have the iPhone XR and on every iPhone I’ve owned it says Emessaging coming soon , even though Securus offers the program. I have the latest version , now on Android it shows everything ..... would keep the app and continue to use it if the app has all features , please fix
  • muuuuch better 4/5

    By happy cat 9999
    just downloaded the latest. lots more features.
  • Bad For iPhones better for Android 1/5

    By NichCOLE33
    I liked the app before I got an iPhone & tried to continue to use it. Videos won’t come through & they will not refund the money. The app is difficult to deal with on an iPhone then on my Android. It was way easier on my Android to miniver & get things done on this app but is totally opposite when downloaded on an iPhone. If I could show pictures I would. I had some things go wrong with it on my Android but for the most part it was better & I was able to fund my phone account for calls & get my video visits
  • Scam SAVE YOUR MONEY 1/5

    By M&MQtie
    This company is a scam, they take your money and won’t help you or fix any of the issues you come across all the time with, this app, the website over the phone. Their customer service is from hell. They don’t care about you or your problems. You pay for the service then it won’t work and they won’t refund your money. You basically cannot do anything with this app, you can’t schedule a visit, you can’t run speed test and if you get lucky and do manage to make a video call you can’t see the other person, the screen is just black. SAVE YOUR MONEY avoid this company like the plague.
  • Works for me 5/5

    By sincerlymelb
    Honestly I wasn’t going to download the app but I’m happy I did. I used video visits three times and it worked well. I suggest using earphones and check the connection using their speed check. Also I believe it’s the jail that they are in because I haven’t had any problems yet. It’s great to see them and don’t have to go into the prison.
  • Needs a LOT of work 1/5

    By aiyanabest
    I downloaded this app to be able to speak with a loved one after seeing this advertisement everywhere and being told about it directly. I paid the 7.99$ and of didn’t connect the entire time except once for 5 minutes at the VERY end and we couldn’t hear each other. I would recommend using regular ear phones (not Bluetooth because mine wouldn’t work) and my phone had to be on WiFi for it to connect. It’s sad to see how many reviews are being made where people lose their hard earned money to s company that’s doing nothing to actually connect us to our families/friends. I emailed and called multiple times before I received a credit for another visit so I hope it works this time. If not, I will never use this service and I will be telling others to do the same.

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