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Securus Mobile

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  • Current Version: 2.8.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Securus Technologies, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Securus Mobile App

The Securus Mobile app now requires iOS 10.0 or higher. Please update to the latest version. The app provides the following features to easily setup and manage our incarcerated connection services: • Create a Securus Online account (required for app and website access) • Change password and 4 digit passcode • Setup security questions for easy password reset Video Connect℠ • Enroll in Video Connect, schedule and visit an incarcerated individual remotely from anywhere in the world where you have Wi-Fi or cellular data service at all Securus sites that offer Video Connect. • Access and view your upcoming scheduled video sessions • Sync details of upcoming video sessions with your calendar • Receive notifications for upcoming video sessions • Manage photos for identification, view transaction history and manage credit/debit cards • Test Wi-Fi/cellular connection to determine quality of Video Connect *For best results and to reduce echo, use a headset or ear buds with microphone for Video Connect Prepaid Calling Account Management for You AdvanceConnect – fund this account to receive calls to the phone numbers you choose from your incarcerated loved one. You can: • Enroll and add funds to AdvanceConnect account to always be ready for a call • See available funds • Add or change phone numbers that can receive calls • View call details and transaction summary • View the last call attempt to a number • Block or unblock calls • Enroll in AutoPay or TextPay • Update or change credit/debit card information Prepaid Calling, Tablet Media, Video Visitation and eMessaging for Inmate Account Inmate Debit – deposit funds to this account for your incarcerated loved one and they can use the funds to: • Call any number they choose • Purchase music, games and movies for their tablet • Schedule and pay for a Video Connect • Purchase stamps to send eMessages and eCards Feature availability varies by facilities eMessaging™ • Sign up, purchase ‘stamps’ • Send and receive messages • Send and receive eCards - digital greeting cards to encourage and uplift • Attach photos to messages • Snap n’ Send™ - Snap a selfie or choose from your gallery to send a photo to your loved one • Multiple attachments – now attach up to 5 eCards and photos to your message • Transfer stamps to your loved one or prepay for them to reply • Send a 30 second VideoGram Feature availability varies by facilities

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Securus Mobile app reviews

  • Horrific 1/5

    By mamavero02
    This company and the app are absolutely ridiculous. No one to call, no one answers emails because no one cares if we can communicate with our loved ones!!! You add the person to you profile send some emails to each other and all of the sudden the person is gone. So you go to add them again and it tells you that this person is already added to your profile. The only thing this company does a great job and works perfectly fine if when it comes to taking your money for stamps and videos. Absolutely 0 stars does this company deserves but it makes me give at least 1 star to post my reciew. The facility my loved one is located was using the j pay company. What a great company they were they had customer service and answered all forms they had (phone, email or live chats) securus is a joke !!!
  • ? 3/5

    By sarah2$
    Why is emessages not working ?

    By Harvick girl
    I absolutely love the idea. I enjoy being able to talk to my family but I never get all the emails they send. Sometimes I get emails the next day but I am missing 5 that still haven’t come. We number our emails because of the issues so I know how many I am missing. Please fix your app! Update on emessaging 1-20-21 App is super slow. Missing emails constantly. Pics through emessaging and snap n send feature do not go through, neither do videos. I spend HUNDREDS of dollars a month to use this service and nothing works properly. Customer service leaves you on hold for over an hour each time just to get their standard response of “We’re sorry for the inconvenience but there’s nothing we can do, the inmate will need to put in a support ticket on their end” which he does and nothing gets addressed. Being incarcerated doesn’t mean you or your family should be taken advantage of! This company preys on families that miss their loved ones, steals their money and gives them bare bones in “customer service” if you can even call it that. Fix your app or start refunding people their money back!
  • Third party pass due fees? 1/5

    By lalajo2020
    Why am I all of a sudden being charged an extra 40 cents for “third party pass due fees” when I add my usual funds to my inmate calling account with y’all? Why is this happening? It was never there before so why am I being forced this extra fee when there’s no way possible to have “ pass due fees” when you only get what you put in as far as funds? Secures doesn’t give you any credit or overdraft you funds if we don’t have the money to pre pay or fund the phone account for calls so how and why am I being charged this fee? And what is a “third party” this is wrong and I need to know why I’m being charged this when it’s never made me do this before?!!?
  • Servicio al cliente es pésimo 1/5

    By bhhyggy
    Llamé para crear mis cuatro dígitos de contraseña y me demoré tres horas y nunca me contestaron en diferentes días a diferente horario muy pésimo
  • Can’t purchase 1/5

    By aestheticvamp66
    I’m trying to purchase stamps but it telling me that payment failed and something went wrong.
  • new iPhone, new Mac, 400mbps internet speed 1/5

    By bnoskoviak
    Tried the iOS app. Didn’t work. It maintained a video connection, but we had no audio - so we stared at each other for 30 mins. It was better than nothing. During the call I tried joining from the web site instead, to see if that fixed the audio. It did not. Instead it installed some third party tool to my machine that did nothing but auto open to an image of the Securus logo. If you quit the app it would auto open again to the logo. Never been more disappointed with a company that makes SO MUCH money of the grief and hope of customers.
  • Doesnt Work! 1/5

    By Disney003!
    This App Just Doesnt Work Anymore. I Have An iPhone 11 With AT&T Service And Verizon Fios At Home So I KNOW For Sure My Internet Connection Is NOT The Problem. The App Constantly Give An “Network Error, Please Try Again Later” When I Try To Update Any Of My Information. I Even Updating My Card Information On My Laptop But It Gives Absolutely NO Options For “Select Card Type”.....What Makes It Even Worse Are BOTH Phone Numbers Securus Provides Are To The Same Automated System. I Honestly Hope NYS Dept Of Corrections Breaches The Contract They Have With Securus Because Securus Is AWFUL When It Comes To Customer Service. I Ended Up Having To DELETE The App Since I’ve Been Unable To Use It, Update Any Info Or Talk To An Actual Customer Service Rep Since JULY 2019!!
  • Extremely poor connection 1/5

    By poorchouce
    Are use the video feature two times. The first video call went fairly smooth. The one I tried being on tonight was a disaster. Neither one of us could hear a complete sentence from the other and had to give up trying after a few minutes. I don’t think I’ll be using that app again. It’s better just to go with the phone calls. Very disappointing and I hope I have no trouble getting a refund.I have good Wi-Fi, I was home alone so there was no other background noise and I was using iPhone ear buds. I believe the problem was with the jail phone.
  • Notifications 3/5

    By DMO2424
    It’s a pretty good app buuut I hate how it doesn’t let me know when I have a message. It doesn’t notify me when I get it. I have to physically log in and check myself. Or I’d end up getting a notification sent to my email address. That should be fixed.
  • Issues 3/5

    By Dshadoe
    App keeps having password issues. Otherwise ok
  • Security and trust issues with Securus 1/5

    By Called8274
    It has taken too much time and stress to read the fine print and have a tab on the side for those W certain disabilities This Securus name should help me feel secure using it.
  • If I could only give this app 0 stars... 1/5

    By tbrownphoto
    This app and company are both garbage. Their recent “update” to the app just before Christmas has led to video visits not connecting. Their refund/credit process and policy are just as awful. I have an idea, Securus! Why don’t you take some of the money that you’re bilking out of people and put it towards making a halfway decent app rather than lining your own pockets by charging us all for a crummy service that works part of the time. Get a clue and figure our how to offer something that actually works.
  • Didn’t work for me 1/5

    By Traylea_1968
    It would not let me look up inmate by name giving error “ no spaces between name” and then could not find offender with the ID. Deleted off my phone, it’s a useless app.
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By K5522N
    I tried to do a video call on Christmas and it didn’t work. I am extremely upset and disappointed. If you are going to offer this service, it should work. It is heartbreaking to think you will see your loved one and it doesn’t work.
  • Very Disappointed 1/5

    I would leave zero stars if I could. I sent a total of 20 pictures to an incarcerated family member distributed between 4 separate emails because only five attachments are allowed at a time. Family member in Kingman Arizona did not get any of my emails or pictures. Also sent two 30 second videos of nature using their videogram option and nothing has gone through. I wasted about 40 stamps ! I feel as if it could have been an issue possibly resolved over the phone except the customer service is terrible ! No one picks up and I was on hold for over an hour. And to think we waited months for such below average service ! Incarcerated does not equate worthless customer service ! Especially if family on the outside are spending their hard earned money. Please please please fix these issues and value customers!
  • App needs an update for early iPhones 1/5

    By b b504
    Cannot get past the upload photos tab for nothing in the world because of a constant network error no matter the time of day it still has the same message being said over and over again please fix
  • Very concerning 1/5

    By deeannaaa1
    When I first downloaded this app I was full of joy and excitement for being able to be more connected with my love one. I’m grateful for those great time it worked good with no issues. Now it’s just a headache its constantly down and it’s been wasting my stamps and I don’t get a refund on those lost stamps due to the connection always being down. This issue needs to be fix and honestly I don’t see it coming it’s not their money they losing.
  • Crappy!!!!! 1/5

    By boettcherelaine
    My video visit did not go through successfully. I downloaded the app on my iPhone, gave the permissions to my microphone and camera etc. When the call was connected, I could see him the microphone and camera were crossed through. Then the call would freeze and drop on his end. I asked to join 5 times with the same results. My privacy selection also allowed the permission. I don’t have these issues with Google Meet when we get our free weekly Covid visit. I won’t waste anymore money on this. The officers there say it’s a known issue and they allowed us to have extra time on the google visit.
  • It doesn’t save messages 2/5

    By pattiecake85
    I was in the middle of writing a message, I received a phone call, when I got back to message thinking I could continue, I attempt to send it and then all of a sudden it prompts me to sign back in. So I sign back in, the message is gone, not even saved in draft. There’s not even a save button! I also hate that I always have to log in every single time. Give more options please.
  • Horrible!!!! 1/5

    By Woah22c7
    Fix the dang app!!! It’s constantly not working every other day! It’s as if your company is doing this to us on purpose!!!
  • Okay 3/5

    By Caddie a
    Really good app other than the video calling not working . i have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times still no luck. Besides that great app
  • Securus failure 1/5

    By uneek78
    I’ve been trying for weeks to use the e-messaging andIt keeps saying technical error try again later for weeks I have not been able to contact my love one or anything I try to send the money and then when you went to their farm account very unhappy with securest they should’ve just left it alone JPAY was fine.Angry and disappointed in Phoenix
  • Disappointed and STILL Disappointed 2/5

    By Oaksgram
    This app has replaced JPay which is the messaging system I use to communicate with my incarcerated person (son). I have been using it for about a month now. Here are my issues: 1) a draft message cannot be saved, 2) the app times out too soon and does not save an already written message, 3) have been trying to set up video meetings and am not receiving any confirmation of being approved, 4) messages sent to tech support or Help get no response. I am hoping just these few issues get addressed. iMessage is such an important tool not only for the incarcerated but for the parent! Please fix! Thank you! 12-10-2020 update: 1) I was able to save a draft using the above recommended procedure. 2) I haven’t had the issue of app timing out HOWEVER I’ve tended to write shorter messages. 3) FINALLy got the video meeting request form completed by calling the Securus Help Desk who directed me to go to their website, submit my app & photos. Hang up here was the facility location NOT listed so the Help Desk opened my account & finished the request. Am currently waiting for the facility’s approval. 4) NEVER received a response from tech support on previous requests. ONLY received a response by writing a poor review to this app. This app & company has a LONG way to go before I’d give it a higher rating! Never should have rolled this out until it was perfected.
  • Can’t even set up an account 1/5

    By Ohlivia714
    I was so excited to get this app and get to video chat because my boyfriend is in the justice center in Cincinnati but only for five days before he goes into an impatient treatment programWhich has no visits no video calls and very limited phone calls. I was really excited to get to see him before he’s taken there but now it won’t even let me set up the app that lets me go through the whole process and then says there’s an error processing my account and gives me the 3741111 number to call so I tried online next and they gave me the exact same error message with the phone number. The phone call was very long but I got a call and had to disconnect so I’m going to try again and try to set it up through the phone but I would’ve just much rather had it done through the Internet or this app. I’m extremely disappointed and let down why even have the thing if it doesn’t work. Seems to be the general consensus with everyone else’s reviews which doesn’t make me feel any better knowing that all of us are going through this. it’s very sad because we’re all struggling to get through these incarcerations during Covid without visits on top of everything being messed up in the judicial system anyway. Fix your app or just take it down it’s really hurtful..
  • Fix this dang app ! 1/5

    By Sumzzz:)
    I cannot do anything with this stupid app, I’ve been trying to get a call from my friend who is incarcerated, but every time I put his name it says he isn’t found, then it will say network error, after I call the facility that he is in to confirm, he is in the facility it’s logs me out , or lags. I haven’t been able to reach him in several days because this app it’s just terrible!! Now it will let me do everything I need to do until the end where it says choose a facility and it doesn’t even have any listed, and I cannot type it in. Pls someone help, or fix the dang app, I’ve left reviews , I’ve called , I’ve done everything I can possibly do and it still will not work .😒
  • Poor service 2/5

    By LaDii Favors
    App is always under some sort of maintenance without notice. And if the app is messed up so is the web version.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By lovesandlight
    Makes me cry
  • “No Appointments Available” 1/5

    By It's not worth it.
    I have been trying to schedule a remote visit for over a year with no luck. Finally was able to select a date and time last week but since the inmate was in quarantine, I did not make the appointment. Fast forward a week later and it’s back to the same crap. “No appointments available. There are no time slots available, please select another date.” I know it works because other inmates are getting video calls. This is ridiculous.
  • This is the worst online video scheduling system 1/5

    By they2
    The moment the day opens everything is gone. It gives you no time to even input the appointment details and to actually look for a time because it gives an error that all appointments are gone. 15 seconds after the day opened?!? This has been two weeks in a row now. Ever day I have lost countless amount of sleep staying up trying to get an appointment. My account is approved and I should be able to schedule SOMETHING within 15 seconds or less of schedules opening! It’s completely ridiculous. Securus biometrics also messed up my boyfriends voice recognition and he can’t call me either!!!!! This whole company is a mess! WORST EXPERIENCE EVER
  • One Hour, 28 Minutes on Hold 2/5

    By gigling in pink
    Today was my first scheduled video conference with an incarcerated individual. At the scheduled time, the video conference did not connect and showed, “pending.” I called the help line (“available 24/7”) to find out what the issue was. I was on hold for one hour and 28 minutes to be told that the incarcerated individual did not connect from the other end - no further information available, e.g., Was the incarcerated individual notified? Did the individual choose not to connect? Was there a technical issue that prevented connection? The customer service representative did credit my $7.95 + tax to my account. Giving two stars as this was my first experience and I received a credit, but 1 hr, 28 min is unacceptable.
  • n/a 1/5

    By stephanie7332
    this app has not been working for me at all , i’ve been tryna add an inmate for almost already 3 weeks . and all it tells me is ‘ error. try again later ‘ i already emailed you guys and the problem still is not fixed . i already tried deleting the app and re installing it .
  • Trash 1/5

    By jada lala
    I can not add anyone to my inbound calls it keep saying network error so annoying
  • App not working 1/5

    By cali_love_420
    The mobile app was working perfectly fine earlier today and now for the past two hours it keeps saying no network when it's clearly connected to my phone network please tell me what's going on I had a video visit with my bf that I missed cuz it wouldn't let me login so now I'm out $10.95 and my bf is mad
  • System is always crashing 2/5

    By Q Marsh
    I got kicked out and haven’t been able to get back in just annoying especially being that I basically pay for the service.
  • Securus 1/5

    By Deavom
    Why Is This App Always Messing Up I Can’t Even Get Into The App I I’m Keep Clicking & It’s Exiting Me Out Like This Is Ridiculous I Spend All This Money For Stamps & Media Just For This Bs To Be Tripping
  • Keeps closing on me 1/5

    By LennaElaine
    Stupid app keeps closing on me
  • Use the website 1/5

    By S7yx
    The whole service is poor. Add a poorly made app on top of that and it’s worse. If you need to use their service, just use the website. At least it has the chance of being a little bit better experience. App deleted.

    By Rocks_Wife
    This gives me an error every time I try and buy stamps to send an email to an inmate.
  • Account Blocked 1/5

    By i don'r want to use a nickname
    I have been trying to add funds to my account for over a month and still have not been able to through the site or app. It keeps saying network error. It is impossible to speak to an actual person due to COVID, which makes this an even bigger issue because I can not speak to my love one. It’s aggravating and frustrating. I’ve gone to western union and couldn’t do it there either. I was told my account was blocked by Securus. I’ve given feedback, reported the errors and sent several emails and still no response. I’ve uninstalled the app and reinstalled. Supposedly there was an update last month but nothing the app has changed. This is trash.
  • Poor function, not good service 1/5

    By Msmichelle27
    I have downloaded this app as I was told it is the newest email way to communicate with an incarcerated person, however I have reported three times now that when I go to select the person I receive the message that you are having technical difficulties. For how long???
  • Is not working 1/5

    By 12!)6?,
    I’ve downloaded this app recently and is not working Keeps giving me an error message and I’m not able to sign up for e-message But it will let me put money for an inmate?? That’s not right if I can’t comunícate
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By shawna242
    Still waiting on a response from your team no email stating why the visit was never connected no refund or credit this is ridiculous, I work hard for my money and you guys are not cheap between video calls and day-to-day regular calls it’s very expensive and to sit waiting for a video visit and for it to never happen come on your technical staff is useless they always have excuses if they answer the phone sad and disappointing especially with the video service it’s slow static is always in the phone and for all that money that we’re paying to speak to our loved ones you guys should really update your system and give your technical staff training and customer service skills!
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By JrInterpreter
    I install the app and just before I get to the main window to sign in a screen pops up and says I have ‘no network. Unable to access your data, please check your network settings.’ When I select ‘ok’ then it crashes. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, same thing. Turned off and on my phone, same thing. I’ve tried downloading it via my phone data only or WiFi only, same crash. I’m unable to simply sign in.
  • Terrible customer service. Stole my money 1/5

    By emjaybeel
    They can’t manage audio calls!! I doubt if video service will be any better!!
  • Time out 1/5

    By adamsashley712
    App works good expect if I’m writing a email and I put my phone down for a second and come back to it it’s still there and let’s me keep writing and when I go to send it I get kicked out of the app and the email I just wrote is gone when I go back in and it drives me crazy having to write it all over again
  • 1 star 1/5

    By Rudy Guillen
    This app is slow and it’s always crashing
  • I use this app everyday 2/5

    By Dont Download they Steal
    But it always ways Network Error please try again. N today i can’t use the app or the website! Please fix. It happens we’re ever I am at. On wifi and not on wifi
  • Why 3 ? 3/5

    By deserayy
    Well since I started using Securus vs Jpay I have to continuously check if I have a new message! The only notification that I get is an email in my email that also doesnt have notifications!!! I have yet to use my video visit because im worried I wont be alerted when I should. Fix the notifications please!

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