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Securus Mobile

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  • Current Version: 2.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Securus Technologies, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Securus Mobile App

The Securus Mobile app now requires iOS 10.0 or higher. Please update to the latest version. The app provides the following features to easily setup and manage our incarcerated connection services: • Create a Securus Online account (required for app and website access) • Change password and 4 digit passcode • Setup security questions for easy password reset Video Connect® • Enroll in Video Connect, schedule a video session with an incarcerated individual remotely from anywhere in the world where you have Wi-Fi or cellular data service at all Securus sites that offer Video Connect. • Access and view your upcoming scheduled video sessions • Sync details of upcoming video sessions with your calendar • Receive notifications for upcoming video sessions • Manage photos for identification, view transaction history and manage credit/debit cards • Test Wi-Fi/cellular connection to determine quality of Video Connect *For best results and to reduce echo, use a headset or ear buds with microphone for Video Connect Prepaid Calling Account Management for You AdvanceConnect – fund this account to receive calls to the phone numbers you choose from your contact. You can: • Enroll and add funds to AdvanceConnect account to always be ready for a call • Select a call subscription package (where available) • See available funds • Add or change phone numbers that can receive calls • View call details and transaction summary • View the last call attempt to a number • Block or unblock calls • Enroll in AutoPay or TextPay • Update or change credit/debit card information Securus Debit – deposit funds to this account for your contact to use for: • Calling any number they choose • Purchase music, games and movies for their tablet • Schedule and pay for a Video Connect session • Purchase stamps to send eMessages and eCards Feature availability varies by facilities eMessaging™ • Sign up, purchase ‘stamps’ • Send and receive messages • Send and receive eCards - digital greeting cards to encourage and uplift • Attach photos to messages • Snap n’ Send™ - Snap a selfie or choose from your gallery to send a photo to your contact • Multiple attachments – attach up to 5 eCards and photos to your message • Transfer stamps to your contact or prepay for them to reply • Send a 30 second VideoGram Feature availability varies by facilities

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Securus Mobile app reviews

  • This app is frustrating and annoying 2/5

    By adbsjaowlwns
    Why is it when i send a message it wont send ill have to send multiple messages for my loved one to het it you know constantly buying stamps it adds up and when they dont get the message its another stamp used up when they dont get it fix your app update it do something reimburse for all them used up stamps that my loved one aint receive
  • Very bad 1/5

    By MarieMàrie83
    I decided to put money on my phone for my friend through the mobile app, when I created the account info Securus mobile automatically took $45.99 from my bank card . I’ve tried calling Securus but you get left on hold for 3 hours then out of nowhere the call hangs up I haven’t been able to get my money back since April 26, 2021
  • Network issue 2/5

    By lkp0216
    I can’t log in to see my message from my brother. It says can’t connect to network please fix this problem so I can talk to my brother thank you
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Jsu I
    Are used to have an account with securest and I guess they shut it down for you automatically or some thing if you don’t use it and now I have a loved one incarcerated and he’s trying to call and he cannot get through and lo and behold I can’t get through to securest and I can’t activate my account and I can’t add a credit card on the phone when he calls because the stupid recording doesn’t hear me typing it in or something this whole thing of securest is a joke and they should be prosecuted for doing this to people because it is a crime to keep somebody incarcerated and have it so they can’t use the phone and pretty much that’s all this up does is frustrate everybody and keep your loved ones locked away with no contact with the outside world
  • This is literally the worst thing ever! 1/5

    By AKCooper2213
    I’ve had nothing but problems from this I wish they would just stop using it! Literally messes up every other day . “SERVER IS ALWAYS DOWN!!” Missed my PAID visits several times with no way to get intouch for a refund . Waited on hold forever and then they hang up.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By zahnaya2015
    I swear this app is so terrible it never works I still need my stamps back from the last problem it had now it won’t even let me log
  • Connection issues 1/5

    By mrs parkerrrrrrrrrrr
    I been trying to load the securus app for the past hour and it keeps exiting out and when I try to go on google and sign in that way it keeps saying the page cannot be found is securus experiencing technical problems right now ?
  • Issues 1/5

    By chris2xs
    This App always has issues never fixes problem unable to contact loved ones
  • Trash app 1/5

    By knaps2
    Unable to even log into the app, it keep saying can’t find the Securus network
  • Hmmm 2/5

    By malika moore
    Hmmmm. I give it 2 stars. It's a great way to communicate to my loved one. However. There are always issues. Pretty much everyday. I have an iPhone 11 and this is ridiculous how many times there are issues. They really need to fix it. It is so annoying. And then there is no other way to communicate to my loved one.
  • Constantly crashes or won’t open 1/5

    By Hoochbobbles
    Constantly crashes or won’t open. Restarting doesn’t work. Deleting app and reinstalling does nothing. Outgoing and incoming messages delayed for weeks. Total garbage!
  • Fix your app 1/5

    By rettwhizzer
    How frustrating to try and stay connected with a loved be but the company profiting of my need to stay connected can’t be bothered to keep their app properly functional. Fix it!
  • not working 1/5

    By Kwright1121
    “No Network: Unable to access your data, please check your network settings.” It told me that with my data working fine, checked data settings for phone and app. Tried while connected to WiFi on phone and tablet and received the same message. Ended up losing my video visit.
  • Keeps freezing up 1/5

    By LJSH13
    It’s so frustrating to have this keep freezing up 😩
  • This is the worst 1/5

    By ihatevenmousecashappalways
    Don’t waste your time as badly as you want to talk to your loved ones you hardly ever can. Why launch an app with so many technical issues... oh I know why to steal money from vulnerable families!
  • The App wouldn’t open 1/5

    By DOM Portfolio
    The application would not open and it would constantly crash before I could even make an account.
  • NO! 1/5

    By LadyRazeHell
    Not happy at all! I set up an account to talk to my brother. Video calls were denied for no apparent reason. Sent a text and pic and is still pending. Also sent him half the stamps I purchased. If I can’t talk to him even though text message I’ll be highly disappointed
  • Horrendous 1/5

    By Freje
    It’s as corrupt as our justice system.
  • Not good 1/5

    By nickname5785325789
    Honestly this app crashes every other 2 days. We spend too much money on here for the app to be this bad. You won’t receive messages till hours later sometimes even a whole day. Very delayed. Sometimes it will charge you for a sent message and not appear in your sent messages so you resend it thinking it didn’t send and charge you again. Needs major fixing.
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By LawyerJD
    There are constant problems with attorney access - professionals, you cannot and should not rely upon this problem prone app.
  • 😢 1/5

    By Omi9412
    I can’t get into the app. I’ve uninstalled it several times and still nothing.

    By Ms.Breezy2021
    first... Every time my loved one tries to call me it doesn’t come up on my phone at all! and when I look to see why it doesn’t help me at all.. and now it’s not logging me in! I tried on multiple devices! and it’s not working :( the only good thing about it is the messages! it comes a little late but it still works but now the whole app isn’t working :(
  • Honestly the worst app I’ve ever encountered 1/5

    By klm1233445
    There’s many things wrong with this app but let’s just start by saying most of the time it doesn’t even let you log in. It says can not access network as if my phone is the problem. Haha. Second, even when you can log in, the app does not send notifications when receiving messages like it says it will. I have to constantly check to see if I got a message. Do better please!
  • Beyond upset! 1/5

    By Rideordiechick8433
    There is non stop technical errors, network errors etc. especially start every Tuesday leading up to free reply Wednesday. Can never get through to any kind of customer support. When you can always try to blame the prisons. I find it hard that their is millions of apps in the world and this one in particular can’t figure it out to get all these “errors” fixed. We pay thousands to be able to contact our loved ones. Granted thankful we can here and there! Don’t get me wrong. Please fix these non stop problems. Our loved ones and ourselves need one another for our mental health’s. How would you feel not being able to talk to you loved one?
  • Use Notes !! 4/5

    By dropskeez
    it’s a good app but if you’re on the app for a certain amount of time it will log you out and delete everything if you haven’t saved the draft so i suggest you use the notes app to write whatever you want to then copy and paste it to the app
  • Worst customer service ever 1/5

    By Harvick girl
    App never works properly. Get errors daily, multiple times a day. Have tried calling customer service every day, multiple times a day for a week they never answer!
  • I’d rate Zero if possible 1/5

    By bullshiznritz
    This app makes SO much money off of people who already going through hard and difficult times, no matter how you want to judge it. These are real people, with real families, real kids, and real souls. Securus’s fees and services are astronomical and half of my experience has been nothing but “we’re sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.” I say that to say this, with all of the money you make off of hurt people, why is this app always having technical issues?! This is an ongoing thing that seriously perplexes me. What do you do with all of this money???
  • Securus 1/5

    By TraciPooh26
    Horrible everyday it's some type of technical issue. I wouldn't recommend anyone to use this app .Lots of money and stamps being wasted just for messages to not be sent on time and being delayed .
  • Does not work half the time! 1/5

    By DarinH76
    How does this app have so many problems as long as it has been out? Yes it is great to be able to talk to our loved ones, but this app constantly has system errors and some days does not work at all. Please get the bugs out of it.
  • Not usable on iPad nor iPhone 1/5

    By storybook478
    As an attorney I have been trying to do video visits through Securus however the visits are only able to be conducted on my laptop and not my iPad and iPhone as advertised
  • Messaging 3/5

    By bobaa0709
    The messaging was send but it not showing up in the send box.
  • Video visit 1/5

    By Me and mr mack
    I don’t know what the problem is but I have been trying to get a video visit with my grandson for almost 2 weeks now and it just keeps saying y’all are having problems at this time but it’s still the same thing nobody has repelled to my messages or E- mails NOTHING I have been getting a visit with him for a while now every week and that’s what helps me make it through the week if I don’t hear something from y’all soon I am going to have to go with somebody else that we’ll help me and let me know what to do or what’s going on I am waiting
  • Worst every 1/5

    By Kaden2009
    They never will approve you to do video visits even though you been approved from the prison.
  • When it works it is ok. 2/5

    By Serving2Masters
    The jail I work with has used Securus for several years now. When I am actually able to connect on the app, the sound quality is better than on my computer. Often I am not able to connect to a visit on the app, whether on WiFi or my unlimited data plan. But it’s not just the app. I had a full slate of visits scheduled today. I was logged in on my phone, and could not connect to a single visit. After trying and failing on each visit on my phone, I logged on to my computer, where I connected with each visit, but the inmate never showed, and I was marked as missing every visit in my past session log. Very frustrating to mark out a day for visits and be able to connect on none of them.
  • Won’t let me schedule a Video Session 2/5

    By TheSweetesttt
    I wish they would fix the bug to schedule a video visit with my husband. It was working fine up until around 2 days ago it won’t let me pick a day, that and it says there are no time slots available so I can’t schedule a session.
  • refund status needs attention,,other thn wrks great 4/5

    By joeeeuyy
    wrks gr8 jus work on the refund status 💯
  • Support 2/5

    By stevend90
    Wish the app would tell you when it was delivered and if the inmate read the message or not and when inmates send messages it would show them if we read or not and when it was delivered
  • Good but now it’s horrible 1/5

    By KatelynFlower
    I was using the app for about a month and a half and then I got blocked because apparently the birthday I put in did not match my photo id, well there is not one place in the entire app where there is a spot for a birthday. I cannot change it because it doesn’t exist, I have been blocked from messaging my loved one for over a month now and customer service is “offline”? I don’t know what to do because there is nothing I can do, I would really like to be messaging my loved one because it is cheaper then the calls every day. Please help me get unblocked. It’s been over 2 months and there is no one to help me, ever, I am still blocked from emessaing. I just need help immediately to be unblocked, I have done nothing wrong and I cannot fix anything. But there is probably no one seeing this that can actually help me because customer service is still offline. Still no help and nothing has changed. I am very angry with this app. There is no one to help me at anytime. There is no reason I should still be blocked. Very unprofessional and unacceptable to have a broken app and no technical help to help people. I will probably never even get my money back and that makes me super angry too. And once again there is no one to read this review so my problem will most likely never get solved. Great, for an app trying to help people you sure do a bad job at it.
  • Unable to access data please check network settings. 2/5

    By Alcala1122
    CRASH ... I already uninstalled the app and reinstalled it so it can’t be that. What gives?
  • Frustrated 2/5

    By fghjdhkkh
    I have emailed the contact listed in the website letting them know that my video visit was unable to connect.. and I have never gotten any refunds back either..
  • App keeps crashing 1/5

    By JrInterpreter
    Based on others reviews I feel this app isn’t optimized for anything later than iPhone 7. I have access to several iOS devices (iPhone 7, iPads) and it all works on these older devices except the only updated device, my iPhone 11. I want the app on the phone I use now, that I carry with me, but every time I get passed the push notifications, it crashes when I get to “network error”. I’ve tried WiFi only, taking out my sim, turning WiFi off so it’s data only, but it still crashes before I can even sign in. Very disappointing. Only way for me to access the features is by logging onto my iPad.
  • Always error responses 1/5

    By Ninjakitten13
    I have to use this app to visit with my loved one and for that I am truly grateful I have the opportunity but this app totally blows. The fact that there is no option to get help by phone And the whole Covid excuse is ridiculous since most of IT support people work from home anyways..They have managed to successfully charge my credit card for numerous sessions but I can’t schedule them because of constant errors from the app. I have emailed with no response. And now my sessions with my loved ones are delayed because of how crappy this app is.
  • Won’t let me remote visit 1/5

    By Josh13music
    I really wish they’d fix the bug for remote visits doesn’t allow you to set the date I tried uninstalling and installing same issues
  • Poor connectivity 1/5

    By china0218
    Never hear clear audio.There is always static or poor connection. The screen always seem to buffer, whether you are connected to wifi or not
  • Horrible 1/5

    By kristarose94
    The app doesn’t load. I’ve lost out on 2 visits already because it won’t load and can’t get that money back. Especially if it keeps messing up. This app needs to be fixed.
  • It was a fun idea 2/5

    By dgjhdtg B jkj
    I really loved this. I was hesitant when we had to stop using the jpay app and use this. And for months I never had any issues. Now I can barely send or read my incoming messages. It always says network unavailable or we are experiencing technical difficulties please try again later. I never ever had this problem. This just adds on unnecessary frustrations. Can you guys do something about this. I understand technical issues happen but every day? For hours and hours?
  • . 1/5

    By hiswife1215
    Worst app/ company ever! There’s always issues!! My emails aren’t sending in a timely response. I’m over the issues every other day!!
  • No customer service 1/5

    By Frankster sp12
    Before you send money make sure it’s the right inmate cause they can’t refund, how convenient is that and they didn’t give me any options basically said I’m screwed! Don’t use them go to the facility better
  • Unclear 2/5

    By ufffgvxyjjb
    Things are kind of hard to set up , i have no idea if my friend knew of our video visit and i had no way of knowing if she had what she needed on her side . No one answered the customer service phone i was waiting over an hour , i still have no idea what is going on on her side ???? I know it works ive seen it before but getting set up is a bit frustrating

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