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  • Current Version: 2.7.1
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Securus Mobile App

The Securus Mobile app now requires iOS 9.0 or higher. Please update to the latest version. The app provides the following features to easily setup and manage our incarcerated connection services: • Create a Securus Online account (required for app and website access) • Change password and 4 digit passcode • Setup security questions for easy password reset Video Connect℠ • Enroll in Video Connect, schedule and visit an incarcerated individual remotely from anywhere in the world where you have Wi-Fi or cellular data service at all Securus sites that offer Video Connect. • Access and view your upcoming scheduled video sessions • Sync details of upcoming video sessions with your calendar • Receive notifications for upcoming video sessions • Manage photos for identification, view transaction history and manage credit/debit cards • Test Wi-Fi/cellular connection to determine quality of Video Connect *For best results and to reduce echo, use a headset or ear buds with microphone for Video Connect Prepaid Calling Account Management for You AdvanceConnect – fund this account to receive calls to the phone numbers you choose from your incarcerated loved one. You can: • Enroll and add funds to AdvanceConnect account to always be ready for a call • See available funds • Add or change phone numbers that can receive calls • View call details and transaction summary • View the last call attempt to a number • Block or unblock calls • Enroll in AutoPay or TextPay • Update or change credit/debit card information Prepaid Calling, Tablet Media, Video Visitation and eMessaging for Inmate Account Inmate Debit – deposit funds to this account for your incarcerated loved one and they can use the funds to: • Call any number they choose • Purchase music, games and movies for their tablet • Schedule and pay for a Video Connect • Purchase stamps to send eMessages and eCards Feature availability varies by facilities eMessaging™ • Sign up, purchase ‘stamps’ • Send and receive messages • Send and receive eCards - digital greeting cards to encourage and uplift • Attach photos to messages • Snap n’ Send™ - Snap a selfie or choose from your gallery to send a photo to your loved one • Multiple attachments – now attach up to 5 eCards and photos to your message • Transfer stamps to your loved one or prepay for them to reply • Send a 30 second VideoGram Feature availability varies by facilities

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Securus Mobile app reviews

  • Can’t even add money 1/5

    By willygrahams
    I downloaded this app as my girlfriend was having a weekend stay. I couldn’t even add funds to her account or mine. No way to get a hold of a real person when calling customer service. So far this app is a joke!
  • One bug that I can’t stand 4/5

    By timryerson
    So this app is the way better than the Connect Network app. You can add money and look at if an inmate tried to call you and add numbers a lot more easily and it’s so much less expensive! Global Tel Link is a complete scam, but my boyfriend is in jail so I wanna talk to him so I guess I’ll have to live with their outrageous fees for now. This app is great though. There’s on bug that really annoys me so much. When I open the app it stops whatever music I’m playing and then when I close the app it’s starts playing again for what reason I don’t know. That’s the only thing about it. That’s why the rating is only four stars
  • Fix the email 1/5

    By Emily Rae 86
    When I first got the app everything worked fine now I can’t send an email for the life of me. I go to push send and the part that ask if your sure you want to send the email just flashes and goes away I can’t look at the cards anymore or save a draft. I’ve tried on the app and on a computer and I’ve also tried on my iPad. I’ve reported the bug I’ve emailed both Securus and Jpay with no response. I have to write my message as a not on my phone screenshot it so it’s a picture and send my messages as pictures it’s really annoying.
  • This is a trash a** company 1/5

    By Sherry931
    On top of Securus charging extra fees for each and every transaction this app glitches on the daily! They empty out inmates accounts and leave them with a zero balance monthly... the inmates then have to put in a request to attempt to get their balance replaced but it is not guaranteed! The systems also crashes frequently and the inmates are not able to call out, do visits, or send messages. Their system has “blocked” almost an entire facility of inmates stating that they can not locate the inmate at that facility although they are in fact.. at that facility. This means their loved ones can not send them messages, pictures, or videos vice versa... luckily I have 2 accounts and if I put an inmates number into my other account it locates them and unblocks their account... which is something I figured out on my own with no assist from securus which has allowed me to unblock close to 15 inmates accounts to be able to communicate with their love ones. I wish there was so way to go around having to use this company at all but thank to suppression (which is absolutely what the f it is) I have no choice if I want to continue to communicate with my incarcerated loved one!
  • Great idea, wish it worked better 3/5

    By Harvick girl
    Emessaging is the only service I have used. If you plan on messaging your loved one SELECT ALL and COPY especially if your message is long. It will log you out and you will lose everything! You can log back in and PASTE your copied letter. I learned the hard way so I hope this helps someone.
  • Slow just slow 1/5

    By aks1987$
    I’ve been trying for close to an hour to send my boyfriend a email and it’s not going through at all!! Also I sent a video last week and he has yet to still receive it. That’s a waste of stamps and money
  • I can’t send a video 1/5

    By chanel615
    I can’t send a video to my love one it keeps saying we’re having technical difficulties it’s been saying that for a month when are y’all gonna fix this
  • Frustrating 1/5

    By Good k guess
    Had my visitation scheduled for today, the app worked fine until 30 mins before. It didn’t let me login and said it didn’t find my account. I spent 25 mins on the phone waiting for someone to answer just to tell me their server is down. How convenient! And then I see others have the same “server down” explanation given to them. What is going on?
  • HATE 1/5

    By Mercedez23b
    I hate this stupid app and everything about Securus it crashes and then acts as if it doesn’t recognize your login EVEN WHEN YOUVE BEEN USING IT
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Buma2
    I schedule visits without any problems! I love it because it’s a fast n easy way to see my family😍
  • Can’t Even Login 1/5

    By Gibbrett
    After the ease of the JPay app, one would assume the app by the parent company would be better—you would be wrong! Everything about this app is worse! JPay—if you want to respond to an inmate, you can do it right from their last message. Securus-you have to wait while it loads a list of names, choose yours, and wait again while it loads the compose screen. JPay—you want to send pictures—click 5 pics—uploads quick! Securus—wait while it loads your options...pick one pic...wait while it loads that one, and click to add another one—wait while it loads your picture at a time!! 9 times out of ten—you get a network or server error... For an app that charges more—it should be way better than the one it takes the place of—but this app is garbage!!!
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By mightymeesh85
    I really never write reviews but with less than 24 hours with this app I’m frustrated beyond belief. It doesn’t alert me when I get an email (I checked notifications, they’re on) it takes usually four or five times to actually get the email to send. It’s so ungodly slow that often my phone will time out trying to process the request. The whole idea is to give our loved ones and ourselves greater access to each other and this app does not fulfill that.
  • Nobody seems to care 1/5

    By brandy🦋
    I have been trying to set up a visitation for 6 days every day and there is a glitch that is preventing me from making the final step complete but every time I call I am told a ticket is in and it will be handled promptly. I have not seen my loved one in 8 months now and with the CVOID they are even restricted from the phone. Every agent I speak with is unable to help at all and I wait on hold for 3-4 hours and am dismissed with no help!
  • Connecticut not in list for Inmate Debit 1/5

    By snd fjwksnfkwjfn
    I’m trying to put money on an inmate’s prepaid debit and CT is not even an option.... this inmate is in Bridgeport correctional sooo how am I supposed to fix this?
  • Great but too many issues 2/5

    By kskdkficofoekejahs
    This is a great app because I can stay in contact with my brother but there’s nothing but issues with this app. Half the time I can’t log in. Then when I do I get nothing but “login expired” “network issue” before I can even click on anything. I have 4G and good WiFi but when the app actually decides work, rarely, and I try to send a message it just keeps buffering and nothing happens. Then the same errors pop up all over again. I hardly get a response from technical support too. This app would be great but too many issues and now I can hardly talk to my brother. Shame.
  • Could be better 1/5

    By Barbie frm Hhp
    I’ve been using Securus for a bit and all of a sudden today I had a visit with my boyfriend and Securus kept crashing and telling me it couldn’t retrieve my info. I couldn’t even be in my visit. I even restarted my phone and deleted and redownloaded the app. Plus the sound could be better.
  • Works ok when it works... 1/5

    By ToBIGWillie
    It works just ok when it works. The video visit audio is garbled most of the time almost as if you can hear someone else’s conversation in the background. It’s almost like when you’re tuning your car radio to a station and another station is bleeding thru. Frequency issues maybe? I don’t know, but it oftentimes extremely difficult to understand the conversation. A new problem has popped up as well. Haven’t been able to utilize this app on occasion for over a week now. I try to open the app on iOS and it stalls on the title screen and won’t open to the sign-in screen. I’ll wait 5 minutes, try again, and it’ll open (sometimes), but I get an error popup that says unable to retrieve account details when I try to open my scheduled video visits. I also get this popup sometimes on the phone call section. Hopefully they’ll get this ironed out soon.
  • Consistently disappointing 2/5

    By emso25
    The premise of having web visits with loved ones is great; however wish in this day & age when we can connect easily on Zoom and Teams, that we could just as easily have a modern web meet option for inmates. The audio quality is very poor; headphones are a must, but you still get choppy conversations; or it freezes up. And when the system is down, please communicate that to your user base. Extremely frustrating. Also budget in 30-60+ minutes to get through to customer service.

  • Dissatisfied with the app 1/5

    By Groupon client
    I installed the app last week when I learned they email was now available but haven’t been able to reply back to my loved one. It keeps saying there is a network error. I’ve reported this over tech support in the app and even spoke to someone today and still no resolution. Also tried reinstalling the app. Not sure where the issue lies or how to get it resolved at this point.
  • Eh. Started great. Now not the best. 1/5

    By brazyb981
    No customer support help. And app is too slow and laggy for a video visit. Definitely needs an update and we should be able to see when an inmate reads a message or if they don’t even open it. Left clueless. Other than that the app is ok I guess. Just needs better sound and video quality in jail system.
  • Horrible website 1/5

    By grandpa jer
    I can’t make an appointment for a video visit you people have screwed this up beyond understanding ,,
  • This say error 1/5

    By Big P Nuts
    I have a visit less then 9 mins and now this app acts up smh
  • How do you add money 5/5

    By FREEA1
    How do I add money on the account so inmates can contact you. I’ve tried multiple times and keep getting an error message regarding the amount I’m putting for example 20.00$ still getting error message. Please help!!
  • No video sessions 1/5

    By nellieyellie
    I have scheduled over 4 video sessions and only was able to complete one. It always says waiting on inmate and the inmate only sees a blank screen. When I call to report the issue I’m told I’ve missed the session when clearly I’ve been sitting here waiting to connect. No matter what format iOS, android, windows it’s the same thing. Waste of money and time!!
  • Hate it 1/5

    App is messed up. I paid for a video visit and won’t be able to do the session bc the app and site won’t work. And I bought 10 stamps today and now it’s saying I have 0. I want my money back for everything 🙄
  • Take my money but doesn’t work 1/5

    By aa12156789053
    I just spent all my money on this app but I can’t send messages no more it continues to tell me my wifi isn’t connecting but still In yet you guys take my money PLEASE FIX THIS NOW
  • I’m not understanding why 1/5

    By kosmoooooooo
    I’m not understanding why I can’t send any messages for 3 days now. All it will do is load then stop loading then load and stop loading. I can’t even back out and save the draft. Why?
  • Messages are not working!!! Please fix this! Thanks 2/5

    By KimberlyRose1021
    Messages down please fix this! Has been two days and I can’t message my boyfriend please help fix this.
  • Can’t create account 1/5

    By keyy77
    It’s probably a good app but every time I try to create an account it says my number already exist but I’ve never used this. I contacted customer support 3 days ago and still no answer.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By AliBMom
    This app is terrible it’s not allowing me to respond to my loved one they keep reaching out to me emessaging and I’m trying to replay but it’s not allowing me to now it looks like that I’m ignoring them and it’s NOT OK this is the time love ones need somebody the most and this app sending mix signal but not allowing me to compose a message to respond to them smh this app quick to take Money for stamps but not giving hard time to message loved ones back smfh
  • /: 3/5

    By sarahhbaby21
    When I started using this app it worked perfectly but for a week now it isn’t letting me e-message an inmate. It keep loading. Please fix this.
  • Good 2/5

    By bbbbbb2220009
    Very good app but when I try to message my inmate back it doesn’t send and it just keeps me on my message I try to send but never sends..?
  • Problem 2/5

    By Nanappr
    When I received a call the phone hangs up it takes 3 calls back to connect. I should get a refund.Please fix
  • Greedy company 1/5

    By loulou0713
    It don't make no sense how greedy this company is charged me 6.75 for a call but as soon as the automated system said the charge was successful the phone hung up but they still took my money for a 15 call I never got to have. Then you can't get in touch with them at all by there support number/email or online. A 15 min call is 3.20 plus a 3.00 fee smh and I live like 15 steps from the actual jail he is at. But my calls from my sister in a whole other county 35 mins away and is only 1.25 and no connection fee through icsoultions plus icsoultions have been giving their customers 1 free call and 1 free video visit a week. It's so SAD this company is robbing people's pockets and can't even provide their customers with anything like that even when the jail it services is not offering in person visits at all since March.
  • Terrible app, worse customer service 1/5

    By Cool-Breezy
    This app is terrible. Securus cancelled all my scheduled visits that I paid $2.50 each for them they raised the price to $5.00 and made re-schedule all the calls at the higher price. This seems like a pretty clear bait and switch tactic to me. The customer service line take forever to get through. You have to go through all kinds of automated messages and they deliberately make it difficult to talk to a real person. And then when you do get a real person they just make up whatever they want. I’ve never got the same answer twice except that it is not their fault and refuse to help. I even had the facility step in and they won’t even work with the facility.
  • Sound 1/5

    By miss niyah
    The connection was good but the only problem was he couldn’t hear me n I could hear him. I had a microphone headset and all I even took it off from my phone n still he couldn’t hear me. So I was wondering was it a problem on his end or was it my end.
  • STEALING 1/5

    By jessylopez
    These people always stealing money . They have they tricky ways of trying to give excuses of not having to return your money back . It’s always different excuses . Some customers service says and does one thing and the other switch up . They are no help . They want you to go and do the most in order to get a video chat refund . I been in a situation where my video chat accounts was cancel and i had my money return for credit of other video chats that has nothing to do of the day that my video chat was cancel . Usually if you book video chat for the next day and it has nothing to do with the day your video chat got cancel they always cancel and put it as credit . I book so much videos and did not get not one refun back . This is all the time they never give money back or at least credit they will steal your money on this app and make you do so much for nothing ! Ya can keep the money this app and employees need it Anyways enjoy .
  • Missed calls 1/5

    By SamikoEvans
    I would only see missed calls, annoying when they only get an hour out and I spend 30+ on hold trying to figure out why I can’t receive the calls all of a sudden!!!
  • Never works right 1/5

    By annoyedNYgirl
    This app is great to connect with ur incarcerated loved ones when it works!! This new update never works.. I get weird error messages constantly.. when I call support u wait on hold for an extended period of time and they never have an answer.. today I was told they’re doing an update to the app and the direct website was fine.. went to the site from my laptop.. same issues.. very annoying!!
  • Great but now Trashed 2/5

    By MysticalGLee
    Firstly am glad that this app was created to stay in contact with loved ones but this past month or so its been a nightmare..Whether I use the App or the main site. At first it was great didn’t have no issues with my calls my visits but then the issue started and it came directly from Securus Technology monitor service provided by Securus Technology hasn’t not been taking this seriously like your IT department needs better workers that can actually fix an issue on hand instead of making it worst just like with this App you place an update to fix bugs etc but it hasn’t at all and I use my hard earn money that your company is so quick to take from my account and yet can’t fix all the issues on hand I had lost so many video visits phone calls etc because of you not me everything in my end is working perfectly great..This isn’t a cheap cost so I don’t understand why you can’t get it together and please don’t give a poor excuse because as a business company if you can’t handle such problems then you shouldn’t be in this field of work. Yes I do understand that at times things happen but at the same time it’s ridiculous of how much and how many times the same things are happening constantly that just mean you don’t care bout nothing but money and sadly that the wrong way to go bout it business wise if this continues I will be placing a review in the BBB knows as the Better Business Bureau website.
  • Not a bad site to use 3/5

    By Lucy&David20
    I’ve used Securus off and on over the past 9+ years there not as bad as people say they are. Yes they do have some issues but nothing that can’t be fixed. The prices are actually not that bad could be cheaper with this covid going on right now and no visitation anywhere and I for sure know it’s hard not to see or talk to the ones you love and care about while there locked up.
  • Appreciate this app 2/5

    By Aleida.Lee
    Because it’s a way to stay connected with my husband as well as for my kids to see their daddy. The unfortunate part is that secures has always given us glitches cut our 20 minutes short, I schedule at least 2 visits everyday have been for a year. Securus app use to refund the non working videos, but now they have made it impossible to get refunds for non working video chats or glitches. This is all we have so that’s why they get 2 stars, at least it’s available to keep in touch with loved ones.
  • Video chat 5/5

    By OSheila70
    This is an awesome service. Thank you so much!
  • Nice 5/5

    By Dios tiene la Solucion
  • Deposit records 5/5

    By gingerbaby6
    I want to see a record of the amount that I have been depositing. How can I get a record of deposits?
  • Good 5/5

    By jreed27
    Great app so far no problems
  • Can’t get ahold of anyone 1/5

    By Booga23244
    You can never get ahold of anyone and they never answer your emails.
  • Blocked status 1/5

    By denanski
    Just set up account and paid money on it but it says my status is blocked! I called my cell phone company and there wasn’t an issue with my service so what is the problem? Called the customer service line about 6 times and waited forever each time to no prevail. This is ridiculous!!!

Securus Mobile app comments

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