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SelfishBabe App

DOWNLOAD SELFISHBABE TODAY to receive Real, Relatable, Self-Love Ish Straight To Your Phone. SELFISHBABE gets straight to the point, sending you a daily #SelfishAffirmation and self-love talk via our #SelfishTruth. #SELFISHBABE is a personal development and lifestyle brand for women who are learning to selfishly and authentically love themselves created by OlanikeeOsi, a spiritual woman loving herself, in turn, helping millions. Add her on Instagram @OlanikeeOsi Here are what other babes around the world are saying: ”SELFISHBABE is a motivational speaker in my pocket.”⁣ ”This App told me I’m motherf*ckin worthy. I love it.”⁣ ”Struggling with anxiety & depression, this app has made my days easier.”⁣ DOWNLOAD THE APP BOO!! It'll change your life for real. Add SELFISHBABE on Instagram @SelfishBabes and check out our podcast: SelfishTalk in the SELFISHBABE App @SelfishtalkPodcast

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SelfishBabe app reviews

  • Wonderful App (IG: lov3_2_dance) 5/5

    By Mizz Me-Me
    This App has given me so much hope and with each day & each affirmation, I know I’m manifesting greatness. This app will make you into a believer if you are not one already. If you need the extra push or motivation for pursuing your dreams/goals, then please download this app. You won’t regret it. - @lov3_2_dance (IG account)
  • Uplift isn’t even the word! 5/5

    By Topgirlintheworld
    I am in love with this app. Not only does to link me to podcasts and ebooks, but the daily affirmations always seem to have a positive impact on me. Instagram handle: @quin.c_
  • Review on SelfishBabe :) 5/5

    By itsjewellbabe
    This lovely app never disappoints me. Just when I need some encouragement *bloop* a Notification pops up on my phone & I immediately feel like a BO$$ lol !!! I love how it switches tones one day you might get “ Stay True To Yourself & Remain Humble.” & the next day you get “Level Up & Let Them Know Wassup, Show Them Who You Are.” (Came up with these phrases as an example lol) I love the balance that it gives one , from “Remain humble” to “I’m not the one to play with sis” lol. It’s absolutely random but on time.. keep it up !!
  • @beauty_is_myskintone 5/5

    By evadiva1011
    I love the morning and midday inspiration. There has been day when I felt like yuh were taking directly to me. Thank you @beauty_is_myskintone
  • Such a positive app! 5/5

    By Pink Trillionaire
    It’s a blessing when a Chosen One obeys God, & fulfills their purpose in life, especially when it comes to serving & helping others in such a divine way! The most amazing thing to me about this app is how it reminds you (& at the RIGHT time) how incredible you are (as WOMEN) & it’s so uplifting! Thank you for creating this app to help women on a much more spiritual note; instilling confidence, glorification, & a memo on who tf we are & where we’re going! Keep it coming! I pray the women behind this app is blessed beyond every aspect of their life regarding their heart’s desires! ~IG: @d_toxify
  • Amazing Grace 5/5

    By Taejahhh
    This app has really saved my life and made my days brighter especially when I was going through my depression and help me build my confidence and be a better me. I’m slowly but surely learning to appreciate myself and love myself the way I should! I will recommend this to so many female who need an uplifting message their everyday life! Thank you! Ig:@fatianaaa__
  • SELFISH & I LOVE IT!!! 5/5

    By Teasharebel
    This app is nothing short of inspiring and uplifting!!! Daily POSITIVE affirmations!! Live podcasts!! I absolutely love it!!!!! I downloaded this app the day after I got out of a 4 year relationship with a very controlling person. Spent most of the relationship doing what he wanted.....thanks to this app I feel soooo free!! I’m a Selfish Babe & I absolutely loveeeee it!!!! Thank you guys so much!!! Ig: @teasha_huxtable
  • Unexpected support in a REAL way ✨ 5/5

    By DoctoraK13
    Everything about this app speaks REAL. In a time where self-care and self-love has become a trend it’s hard to find that one that you feel is in alignment with who you are and where you’re trying to go. The #SelfishAffirmation, #SelfTruth and little reminders always come through when I least expect it! And consistently reminds me that all that I seek I already have within me! Thank yo for being that unexpected support that speaks to me in a REAL way ✨💛 - @kayy_d
  • BOMB AF 5/5

    By Vivid Imaqery
    I absolutely love this app. It gives me a little morning inspiration and the quotes are sooo relatable ! My Ig is : @vividimaqery (yes that’s a Q not a G)
  • Recovery in action 5/5

    By @dessiwessi
    I was really hurt and down about stuff these past couple months and your app has taught me to be resilient and see the good in all and most importantly be A SELFISH BABE!
  • 🔮🧿✨ 5/5

    By CaskerCasker
    This app was recommended to me by a friend for the daily affirmations but after browsing through it I’m loving the blog and tips on spirituality too! #Selfish babe is exactly what I need right now - @amoreeb
  • 😊👸🏾 5/5

    By BbHime
    Selfishbabe is a wonderful app and the daily notifications it sends makes you feel so good and strong about yourself!
  • Great!!!! 5/5

    By Siderika
    I’ve loved this app ever since I downloaded it it’s been wonderful... definitely helps with uplifting you when you’re feeling down. @lightskin_beauty25 on IG.... thanks so much for this app I believe every woman should have it
  • Positive! 5/5

    By neshlove❤️
    I love the positivity this app gives. There are times that I be feeling down and this pops right up on my screen and I’m back to smiling again I even share it with others. @princessnesha23
  • Selfish babe review $1000 contest 5/5

    Selfish babe is such an amazzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg appppppppp and a musssssssssssssssssst download it will keep you confident and GLOWING at all timessssssssssss. I know from experience! It’s okay to be selfish 😉 Ig @iiceaurora
  • I love this app😍 5/5

    By mollymayham
    SelfishBabe app give me the motivation to get through the day. I really be needing the wisdom and quotes to help my mood when I feel like nothing. @keepthatshytgee
  • I love this app! Self love in my pocket! 5/5

    By divine femme
    I love it. I swear every reminder literally goes w what’s going on that day and it sets me straight ✨💕 get this app so you can be reminded of your power & to stay in alignment ✨🙌🏾 instagram @divinexfemme 💗👑 thanks for all you do for us queen!!!!
  • Inspirational!!! 5/5

    By Necki Neck
    I wake up to selfishbabe quotes every morning and read them every night and I can truly say I appreciate them. I also share them with a good friend who is going through self esteem issues like myself. I appreciate this app so much! It’s saving and changing a lot of females lives. Keep doing what you do. Thanks, Kimberly @fine_and_peachy_kimmy

    By bellaE12719
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS APP Y’ALL! It gives you your daily dose of uplifting and encouragement DAILY! I feel like spiritual I’m in tuned with it because I can be battling something and the daily notifications will hit on point. IG: Elbelbella_
  • Love 5/5

    By Nieceywrites
    I love this app! It’s very encouraging and I receive notifications at the right moment every time! @nieceywrites
  • The best app for women ( and not 😉 ) 5/5

    By Mianvo18
    I downloaded and I don’t regretted. When I downloaded for the first time this app, I thought that it would be another “girly” app but I was wrong. I love and hate this app, why hate? Well, because the first time I downloaded, I wasn’t on “my days” I was more curious, I thought not for that moment but for the moment that I will need, do you get me? So when I had “those days” it really changed my mood, if I was crying and pop one of their notification, it made me smile, if I was depressed, it make my mood change to good even a little bit, and even when I was just stressed, it popped up a notification and that made me to forget why I’m stressed, but when I’m normal ( I mean without depression or stress or whatever) I hate it lol because I think it is annoying 😅😅 however I love it, it’s like having that friend that annoys and fighting sometimes but at the end, you know that you love her. I recommend because soon or later, you will need it, at least download.
  • My molestor and dusties have been removed form my Spirit 5/5

    By Wheatbread81
    The Vaginal steam made me cry, but those tears were the demons that were leaving my body! 👁 can’t think you enough, 👁 feel like a new person and 👁 am ready for my next mission in life! My subconscious thanks you! @Wheatbread81 🧞‍♀️😘
  • Great app 5/5

    By Kelly4short
    Wondering app Very encouraging and on time.When I was going through my tough times it was like I was reading my mind.I could look down on my phone and it’s alway something encouraging pertaining to what I was going through. @chosen110
  • My Selfish Babe Experience❤️ 5/5

    By tracealexis
    I love this app so much! I keep my notifications on to help me get through my day and it’s actually amazing. I love everything about it, the quotes that come to my screen are just everything thing that I needed and more. I love this app and I would love for every female to use it. It gives you the motivation that you need when you’re feeling down. EVERYONE DOWNLOAD💗 Instagram: tracealexis ☺️☺️
  • I love love love this app 5/5

    By TruStorii
    There is so much beauty behind this app. The affirmations that are just there for you when need them the most. Not to mention the PODCASTS! Oh my god!! They bring everything you think you know and want to believe to light! Thank you soooo much for just being here when we, WOMEN, need encouragement, motivation and strength at our darkest moments. @MissRecee on IG
  • I love this app! 5/5

    By Memphislanalove
    The affirmations are always right on time. They are like small reminders to keep my thoughts in check. @gottalovekeya
  • Empowering Thy Self 5/5

    By @Poeticjiggy
    This is a phenomenal app! Love, Respect, Worth, Wisdom! This app is great for transforming the mind and really becoming more aware and in tune with yourself. I love the daily reminders as well as the audio sessions. You will also love the creator’s energy and vibe. Get going on your affirmations today, girl! ❤️💛💚
  • Favorite notification of the day 5/5

    By Justspottedthel
    I’m in love with this app. The only app whose notifications don’t annoy me lol SelfishBabe always helps me keep my head up and I’ve learned a lot about my self since I’ve downloaded it and I like the wallpapers... If: @justspottedtheunicorn
  • Best app to learn how to love your self 5/5

    By Seducya
    I am so happy I found this app. I have learned so much about myself and how to love me first. I recommend this for anyone who is on a journey to put themselves first and discover how freaking amazing women are!! @tfuller78 - Instagram
  • Giveaway 5/5

    By @Naudeeya
    SelfishBabe is truly necessary. Some days I do not feel like myself or I’m just down and this app sends me the sweetest most encouraging messages. This app always helps me stay motivated. Everybody should download it.... PERIODT. My instagram is @Naudeeya 💕
  • I'm so in Love with this app 5/5

    By Andre'a T. Robinson
    I started following #SelfishBabe a year ago and I absolutely love it. It gets be through my hardest and my best times. I the affirmations that come to my phone daily is everything I ever needed. Thank you so much for creating this. @andreatrobinson
  • this app gives me a reason to smile @phina.theflowergirl 5/5

    By seraphina777
    i feel so motivated by this app and my dream is to get my blog together so i can write for you one day ig: @ Phina.theflowergirl
  • 100% absolutely recommend!! 5/5

    By QBjubilee
    The creators behind this app must be such beautiful spirited people, i work all day 5 days a week i never have time to read the Bible and get right with myself but this has showed me it’s doesn’t only have to be about religion, It’s about self love 🥰 self confidence and self support ! They even have little videos for like morning inspiration 😍😩 Hands down everytime i get a notification i give a real life “mhm girl you right” head nod following a snap! I always see the PERFECT message at times i just need a little guidance & always the perfect times a day it’s almost scary, when my grandma passed away i remember getting beautiful messages every day right while i cried, it really helped me through situations, even friendships & my relationship! I’m very private but also didn’t have anyone to talk to , but this app and the quotes make me feel everything more than alone , it helped me realize i have to be strong for myself and continue to push through, it’s life and I’m just getting started, man i love this app ❤️ perfect for us Black Queenssss (And other Queens) lol 😘 S/N: 8:30 Pm Friday April 19th and i swear to y’all i just got such an inspirational notification as i am writing this! i have the chills 😩 download this today you won’t regret it omg I’m shoooook Instagram @pisces_up please keep doing y’all thing forreal 💘
  • 5 Stars 5/5

    By SuzanMohamed
    IG : @SuzzyMaike I love this app soo much, Everyday I receive Quotes/Messages that Inspires me and get me going and achieve my goals plus it reminds me how I’m so important in this world and I matter 💕🙌🏾
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Keeya768
    kiah.kiahh I loveeee love this app soooo much you have motivational texts thats get sent to you everyday, live podcast!, building my self-esteem was very hard for meee very hard. I sometimes have my insecurities but this app makes me feel like being a #SelfishBabe that these girls are my sisters. Im all here for the love and support ✨ and the uplifting one another i love it!
  • A New Years Resolution I can happily survive! 5/5

    By WolfLife1
    This app is honestly my new best friend!!! Other than myself... as this app has taught me. Iv been in such an on and off love story with myself but honestly this app has kept me on my shhhh-. Anyways you need to download it, period. No reason not to, even just the daily notifications keep me positive and inspired on my hardest days!!! Do it, nothing is stopping you but you. Insta - ur_bay 😘😘😘
  • My fave app 5/5

    By Msz_franklinz
    Is such a good app that sends you positive affirmations through out the day and is usually when you needed most. You read blogs about other people’s stories and helps your self-esteem while you’re at it. Even though the apps name is “SelfishBabe” is anything but because it shows you a new perspective at life without putting yourself last but also not being selfish. Totally recommend ❤️
  • Just What I Need 🖤 5/5

    By @kymikouture
    This app is amazing and the affirmations are RIGHT ON TIME!! I’ve been struggling with depression for awhile especially after I had my son but I can honestly say with prayer and the help of this app, I’ve found ways to shift my depression and turn that negative energy into positivity. I am now the owner of a luxury swimwear & lingerie line @kymikouture & have truly become a #SelfishBabe ✨ “You may stumble & fall but you pick yourself back up & that is what makes you beautiful” ❤️
  • Positive Energy 5/5

    By 202Mercedes
    Anytime you get an alert from this app it’s guaranteed to redirect your day in the best way possible! I’m 22 and this app helps me and friends redirect rebellious decisions everyday. 🥰🤗
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By ohrhsjgtkbtd
    This app is perfect for me! Whenever I’m feeling down or stressed SelfishBabe always comes through with those positive affirmations at the right time!! @treasurenani__
  • Empowerment 5/5

    By Von'Rae
    I love this app! Everyday I get encouraging words sent to my phone to remind me who tf I am. I listen to the podcast on my way to work and I get to hear other women’s stories. Women go through a lot and this app is giving me that little nudge to do things for my business. It’s all about encouragement and becoming a better YOU. I love it. Download this app! You won’t regret it.
  • Needed this! 5/5

    By ShayTea89
    After loosing myself in a long relationship and breaking up after 8 years, this app was exactly what I needed. It reminded me daily that I was good enough and hat I was capable of doing anything! Trust me when I say you NEED this app! @teainkd on ig.
  • The app you didn't know you needed! 5/5

    By @evrydayswonderful
    I love the SelfishBabe app! Positive affirmations, encouragement, and motivation rolled up into a quick simple message to start your day. Idk how she does it but she's always on time with her word! Exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. A great pick me up. The app has great tools to start your selfcare journey and be the confident babe you always wanted to be. @evrydayswonderful
  • Love the app 5/5

    By bcole&zyan
    I love the selfish babe app. My favorite part is the notification a of affirmations & messages. The other day a message came through to my phone & it was just what I needed. I love the getting on my shot 5 day challenge. And I really like that it’s multiple messages throughout the day. As women we be needing them reminders multiple times a day. Thank you for the help sista. @theeb_cole
  • Giveaway 5/5

    By Queerius
    I’ve had this app on my phone for a year now and I can honestly say that it’s the best. I chose to download this app after seeing so many Instagram video done on it. And,I like how it’s not the typical advice or positive quotes but it includes “language” that use on the regular which makes me feel it when I say them out loud. So I’m trusting the universe that I will win this giveaway being I’ve entered giveaways and never won any. Crossing my fingers 🤞🏾ig:@aqua_rose1
  • LOVE IT!!! 5/5

    By Underprivileged-no-count-hood
    this app makes me feel so much better about myself! i love it and as someone with low self esteem, i recommend it 💕 @haylee.josephine
  • Pocket-Sized Best Friend 5/5

    By seraphemme_
    I downloaded this app based on a recommendation from Tatianna Tarot on Instagram. I absolutely adore the timely affirmations and the accompanying resources on the app. It’s like me best friend lives in my pocket. IG @seraphemme_
  • Thank you 5/5

    By demalic
    This app is so good for building self [email protected]
  • Lil_leggz0001 5/5

    By lil_leggz0001
    Awesome app I over love the inspirational text! @Lil_Leggz0001

SelfishBabe app comments

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