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SelfishBabe App

SelfishBabe is a community where we teach women seeking a change in their lives how to authentically + selfishly love themselves again through providing our #SelfishTruth notifications, Babe Motivation Videos Audio Affirmations and our full in app AcadeME where women knowledgable about a self-love topic can share what they know to women globally. Our best feature is our motivational messages and affirmations you get throughout your day. This is why you need to become a #selfishbabe aka a woman who selfishly and authentically loves herself. No more are the days where you have to pay thousands of dollars to grow in your personal development, or remember to login to your membership as our #SelfishBabe App allows you to do this all at your fingertips. You can start by ​​​​​​​downloading the Selfish Babe App Now!

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SelfishBabe app reviews


    By Ymrkcsikvdwujcsr
    This app is amazingggg! Daily affirmations just to lift your spirit, encourage you to keep pushing, remind you of your worth throughout the day. It’s just this amazing motivation app and I think everybody needs to download.

    By isisssssssss
    This app is great for self confidence boosters they know exactly what you’re going through & know every phrase to help you . 💓💓
  • Every female should have this app!! 5/5

    By Oohlala24
    This app has literally helped advance my life in such a beautiful way! The positive affirmations are better than any motivational quotes that I can google because it feels so personalized. I have even encouraged friends to have this app as well. The messages always seem to be right 👏🏾 on 👏🏾 time 👏🏾. I love it! Thank you ladies for this much needed app. ♥️🙌🏾 Instagram: @oohlala24
  • #SelfishBabeReview 5/5

    By Muah_naj
    This app and podcast definitely get me through. Especially after having to cut ties with an ex, the daily #SelfishAffirmations helped me realize the decision I made was right. Nothing but uplifting. Encouraging our sisters. Ebooks. This app has it all. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ❤️ @mzdanielz
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Dd5595
    This selfish babes app has helped me so much. From the daily notifications of affirmations to the podcasts, this app is one of the best I’ve tried. Love to see women empowering other women and that’s exactly what Selfish Babe does. And not only does it empower others, it teaches you to empower your own self. IG: dorrrrr__
  • Entering to win the $100 5/5

    By Britt11p
    First I want to just say this app is so amazing and awesome It has helped me very much I read every quote you guys send me every day and podcast this app has helped me to come a better me #selfishbabe #@ fabulosityfiece
  • Feeling myself 💋 4/5

    By Kaylah goes hard
    The app is filled with 100% accuracy. I absolutely adore the set up. 🤩 It’s easy to manage and inspirational to women around the world. Some days the daily messages really come in handy! From the selfish-truth to the selfish-affirmations I couldn’t feel any better after opening that app. But there does happen to be one thing I would rather they changed. The community chat is on Facebook. 😩 I love the steps they go through to ensure a positive experience. But I don’t have a Facebook. Nor do I ever plan on getting one. Soooooo I’m missing out on some uplifting encouragement. Get the app. There is literally no excuse not too.
  • Power of letting go 5/5

    By gem.of.muokwugo
    Podcast #3 changed my life. I used to pride myself as a person who didn't hold grudges. After listening to this podcast I realized how I relived the same traumas over and over. Played them in my mind over and over. Not realizing I held myself back from receiving more blessings in my life. I'm a better person because I took the time to be honest with myself. I'm glad this series of podcasts exist. So much powerful information on how to better one's self. Love one's self. Daalu Olanikee Osi 💕 (Ig: gem.of.muokwugo)
  • Get the App & Get Inspired!! 5/5

    By Alonjasmuzic
    The Selfish Babe App has helped me in so many ways! The daily affirmations have helped more than I can say. During a very hard time in my life over the past summer, I felt myself very distant from those around me. I was having an internal battle between reaching out for help and holding my mental health alone. The Selfish Babe app was able to give me the daily encouragement I so desperately needed. Now, months later I am in a great place, and happy to share my story and let others know how uplifting this app is. A FREE app that gives you this much content??? What are you waiting for?! IG: tumnblaq 🖤
  • 🌟🌟🌟 5/5

    By JBella7
    This amazing app constantly inspires Me and reminds Me of the truth of who I am —the Me that I’ve missed, the Me that I love. #selfishbabe Thank you❤️ Jessica ig: spinderella_af
  • Inspiration and Uplifting 5/5

    By kidomonique
    I absolutely love this app ! I love getting my pop up quotes through out the day. I get so excited when reading it because it literally is always on point. It hits home with a lot of things I have going on personally and it’s exactly what I need ! Keep it up @kidomonique 😬
  • Best way to start off my day 5/5

    By Jbermudez81
    Waking up to positive affirmations each day has definitely helped keep me grounded and focused. This app is amazing and the messages are relatable & resonate with me throughout the day. IG: Lovelyladyj81
  • Long time coming 5/5

    By missinked_
    I absolutely love this app. I’ve been going through a lot of changes and trying to connect with my inner self. To really love her, through the ups and downs, on the slim days and with a few extra pounds. So many women have gone to long trying to fit into this little box that were told as little girls is the only or best way to be. I’m so grateful for this app to help me a long on my journey. From the powerful and inner-fire-kindling affirmations to the comical-smile-enduceing finger snap self love reminders. I am amazing and perfect at every stage. And the universe always has my back! F**kin preach!! 🙏🏻💃🏼 #missinked_
  • Love this App!! 5/5

    By RoyalBritt
    I am so thankful I for being referred to this app. The notifications always come at the exact times when I’m in need of the message. I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe it’s synchronicity that the right I’m notified of the needed messages for me at the needed times. I look forward to my notifications everyday. This is the most motivating, inspiring, & uplifting app that I’ve ever downloaded! I would highly recommend this app to every woman! @royal_blueloyaltyxoxo
  • Means so much to me 5/5

    By Starora15
    I genuinely love this app to the podcast and the notifications. They even have this motivation corner with funny cute videos! I specifically really like the notifications and yes they do read me 😂but it come in a time where I really need it. The quotes are relatable and it seem like it more of a friend texting you and checking in cheering you on. They also have a podcast which I really enjoy bc I love my black girls 😜 and topics that I feel are rarely talk about. (podcast ep 21 hit me hard). You won’t regret getting this app and it’s free 🤸🏽‍♀️ goodluck everyone! ig starlynnejohnson
  • Daily Affirmations 4/5

    By BespokeCurry
    It’s my go to for the best daily affirmations. They are great little pick me ups or reminders that help you make it thru the good and the bad days. @bespokecurry IG
  • Life Changer, #newmewhodis 5/5

    By alexous121
    Honestly, I can't explain how much I love having selfishbabe in my life. This is one of the best apps every! Very positive, empowering, a huge confidence booster and knowledgeable. This app reassures the woman my mom raised me to be, the messages are comforting and super funny! I appreciate waking up in the morning to a quote that I can sit &comprehend with my coffee. Or in the middle of my work day! I always talk to my mom about the quotes like oooh mommy did you read that lol !😭😭😊 I applaud the creation of this app! -missalexousj❤️

    By fash4ward95
    I live for this app. Whenever I need some positive and encouraging words I go to this app. The times I feel like giving up or quitting, I go to this app and reminds me that I can be/ do whatever. Why?? Because IM THAT B*TCH PERIOD 💅🏾. I would suggest all women download and his app, if you don’t then “ Babygirl what is you doing!!”
  • Thank you!! 5/5

    By K. V268
    I recently had a baby and despite outward appearances I had been really experiencing some self esteem issues. I was searching for something that would help my spirits be lifted on the daily and wanted it to be a source I could relate to. Lord knows how I stumbled upon such an amazing app but I’m glad that I did. The podcast topics are super relatable, the daily affirmations feel like that homegirl who knows you’re struggling and wants to brighten your day and I love how the opening page reiterates self love every-time you open it. Who knew one positive affirmation a day would make such a great impact? Thx again! @kouryv
  • 🙌🏼💛 5/5

    By kitlyn18
    It’s a pretty decent app. It gives these cute little motivational/inspirational quote notifications. @kaitreynolds19
  • Awesome ‼️ 5/5

    By blufaceday
    I’m really glad I decided to download this app It has been a blessing to my life each day I have something positive to look forward too and keep pushing I know greatness is within me thanks SelfishBabe 💋
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By MrsAllen14
    This app gives me nothing but life!!! I love the daily self affirmations ❤️ my friend put me on to this app and I SOOOOOO appreciate it! IG @kreatedbykia
  • Be Selfish, ALWAYS! 5/5

    By Chelseycdb
    I absolutely LOVE this app! I am always eager to read when I get the notifications twice each day. This app has a lot to offer aside from the #SelfishTruths with a podcast, Facebook group and don’t forget about the screensavers! I recommended this app to friends and they love it as well. Great app! @iamchelss_b
  • #selfishbabereview 5/5

    By Lulapandora
    @san_da_reen O.M.G best app to have manifested into my life ever!! In those moments of self doubt, when there may or may not be someone to boost you up (sometimes even that someone truly doesn’t know how to boost your confidence), SelfishBabe has got your back. Let me tell you I thank the universe every day when I wake up for the podcast, the app, the affirmations, ALWAYS the right words EXACTLY when I need them! I am extremely grateful for all #selfishbabe has provided to my life, saved my life (literally)! Thank you thank you thank you!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! DOWNLOAD THE APP, SELFISH BABE!
  • Saucy Self Care! 💕 5/5

    By SeraBellum8402
    I love this app so much! It definitely keeps my morale high. 1. Affirmations that always come through right on time (like it reads my mind or something)! 2. Babe motivation videos for when I need that extra boost. 3. And the SelfishTalk podcast for when I’m relaxing or doing my hair & want a little girl talk in my life (I’m forever yelling out “Yaaassss!”). This app is just taking the negative connotation out of the fact that it’s okay to be selfish. You have to fill your own cup so you can pour into the lives of others. 💗 Do yourself a favor & download it! NOW! Then, follow me on IG @b0hemian_b0mbshell 💞
  • Love Love 5/5

    By tawlwhit
    I love the notifications I receive from SelfishBabe. They are always positive and [email protected]_sweet_727
  • Living this app unselfishly 5/5

    By Meme8591
    Wake up, pray, READ SELFISH BABE AFFIRMATION, and meditate. Selfish babe is like the Angel on your shoulder pushing you forward and reminding you to keep going you are more than you could ever dream of and I am glad someone develop this app. The universe and this app will definitely keep you moving to your best direction. I've referred all of my clients to download it. #spoken_nailz
  • Favorite app💗 5/5

    By Reenastyy
    I really love this app I am so happy I found it 💕 very empowering and uplifting for my women who are going through everyday struggles. The motivational quotes always come on time when I need them and I can relate everytime! The podcasts are great as well IG: arethaa_
  • Love it!!!!! 5/5

    By @thatbrainchildkris
    Love this app! There are always cool articles and even fun challenges that you can participate in. The best part about this app is that are the affirmations you automatically receive everyday. Especially when I’m having a bad day, the right affirmation always seems to pop up.
  • This app is wonderful! 5/5

    By Cherrybby
    Sometimes it’s hard to keep your affirmations in mind. Sometimes it’s even harder to come up with ones that are truly authentic to us. Selfish babe sends genuine reminders that let me remember who I really am and make me feel good, at any moment in the day! Why use basic alarms and begin your day looking at posts that make your mind feel “blah?” If much rather start my rising with some powerful statements, and that’s exactly what Selfish Babe gives me! Podcasts and more to only accelerate the awesome! IG: Lovely.ladybug1
  • SelfishBabe 5/5

    By 1queen.2princes.royalty
    I absolutely love this app and the inspiration it gives daily. I love having the quotes come through on my phone encouraging me to push forward and staying positive!!!
  • Love it!! ❤️🥰 5/5

    By whoisBeth
    I love the selfish babe app it’s motivational & it helps me get through my day knowing I can conquer anything as a woman! ❤️ Instagram: @_whoisBeth
  • Contest 5/5

    By tracealexis
    Instagram: tracealexis ❤️
  • Uplifting 4/5

    By Keesha❤️
    Can always count on this app to send positive uplifting notifications throughout my day. 9 times out of 10 it’s EXACTLY what I need to hear. IG: @mschanel_s
  • Great app 5/5

    By Loyal_linda
    This has been thee best app ever #instagramloyallinda #$100
  • Self love 5/5

    By Lipssosoft
    I love the motivation from this app. The quotes be on point . If I’m having a bad day i can count on this app to make things better . _lipssosoft
  • Review 5/5

    By Lai Smith
    OMG this app is so amazing, and I am very glad I’ve downloaded this. It’s always so uplifting getting a motivational and loving quote randomly throughout the day, I love it! IG: __callmelai
  • My Daily Pick me up 5/5

    By Paigey0_o
    This app makes me continue to strive to continue my journey in this life when the going gets tough. Best believe me I have had some really low days. With trying to juggle life as a student-athlete in college while studying medicine; it can get very stressful at times. Every time I see a notification from this app on my phone, I can count on it to be my motivation to keep going. Follow my ig for a glimpse of my life as a “Selfish Babe” @ yapaigey. 😊
  • @theonlybkaye 5/5

    By @theonlybkaye
    I’ve had this app for about 3 months now and it has helped me cope, heal and manifest for so many things. THANK YOU to the creators behind this app. Thank you for keeping it 100 REAL and thank you for being a shiny light in my life that I really need.
  • Spiritually Motivating for Women 5/5

    By Sabrina Gathers
    I love waking up to a daily reminder to take care of MYSELF too! I am a young married mother, expecting my second child and sometimes I spend so much time focusing on my husband, my daughter and taking care of my body for my unborn child; I forget to relax and take care of MYSELF! This app reminds me not once but twice a day to not sweat the small things, allow time for my self and motivates me to do better for my family! I couldn’t thank Selfish Babe enough for always keeping me motivated, at peace and stress-free from small things that would probably get to me! IG: @brixgee
  • Advice I needed to hear 5/5

    By envieelee_
    This app has seriously given me some of the best advice that I have ever been given from one woman of color to another ! Thank you for this amazing app !
  • Starts my day of strong! 5/5

    By Samara1593
    I really enjoy this app. Each day it sends 2 notifications. I look forward to waking up to words that affirm my place in this world and ending the day on a high note with more affirmations. I’ve recommended this app to the various women in my life and look forward to its continued use. Instagram- samara1593

    By lexiamador
    This app is AMAZING. Everyday I get a motivational “quote”. Very empowering for women. I’ve told a lot of people about this app! I la la love it! @__iamalexus
  • This app is my home girl! 5/5

    By Dee527
    Okay, so I downloaded this app because I was looking into different affirmation apps to keep myself motivated through the day. I absolutely LOVE it. From the “Babe Motivation” to the screensavers and the cute items in the shop, I have 0 complaints. I’ve shared the app & several of my daily affirmations with close friends. 10/10 would recommend, Bih!
  • love app 5/5

    By Kami.c
    Love this app, messages come in right when I need it. @iamkami.c
  • @lacresha_mason Review 5/5

    By lacresha_
    I love this app!! Every morning I wake up to a message that just encourages me and boosts my confidence! Thank you to the founder!!
  • Love this app 5/5

    By March4thcutie25
    When I first saw this app on someone’s Snapchat, I was very intrigued to use it. So when the new year came, I downloaded this app for more motivation and I love it! SelfishBabe’s podcasts are also worth to listen to. My IG name is @Cussattagirl!
  • I LOVE IT (win $100 tonight) 5/5

    By coco fray
    this app has been my bff thru thick and thin and has never left my side. this app showed me how i should treat myself and i got into that habit. i love it and if you need to work on yourself this is the PROPER was to do it. amoig: prettybrownnthangg
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Gekera
    I’ve been battling with depression for a long time and SelfishBabe help me understand how IMPORTANT I am ! And I deserve every great thing god blessed me with.. I love their positive energy on this app! 🥰🥰 @Keraa.0

SelfishBabe app comments

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