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Sell Textbooks and sell books with Sell Back Your Book for iPhone. Sell Back Your Book allows you to get instant price quotes for over 1,000,000 books from your iPhone by scanning the barcode of the book or entering the ISBN. We provide free shipping on all orders! The process: 1. Scan or enter ISBN's into App (If we are buying the item it will be added to the cart). 2. Review Cart and decide if you want to remove any items. 3. Hit Complete Sale on Cart Page. 4. Check out and print your free shipping label out from your computer. We send payment via Check or Paypal once books are received. Sell Back Your Book has purchased millions of items from over hundreds of thousands of customers and we are an accredited business with the BBB. If you have any questions feel free to call customer service (630) 800-1491 or email us at [email protected]

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  • Great service, app has a few issues 4/5

    By meechie2
    Something happened to this app, there are a few changes that were not for the better. I’ve found that the scanner works great (almost too good, as frequently it scans my book, adds it to my cart, then scans it AGAIN and says “this book is already in your cart” before I can move the phone away from the book). But now I can no longer see the total $ amount of all the books in my cart- kind of important, since there is a $7.50 minimum for sell-back. Another change I dislike is the ability to swipe-and-remove a book as soon as I’ve scanned it. Instead I have to leave the Scanner, go into the Cart, and remove from there. Why change what worked? Also, I too have experienced the anguish of being logged in and having a full cart, then getting the “please log in” error message when I try to Complete Sale. One other bug is scanning a book, being told it is worth “$0.48”, then later the app not wanting that book after all. “$0.48” seems to be the kiss of death- beware if your book has that value! It might not be true. I still use this app/service very frequently, but would be happier if some of the bugs were fixed.
  • Don’t use 1/5

    By Tallmidget57
    Please go sell them else where. This app is absolutely scamming you. There is no way your book is only worth 14 cents. Go to your local thrift shop or find a Second and Charles.
  • App is buggy 2/5

    By JackH27895
    They do pay you the agreed upon price for the books, but half the time the scanner doesn’t pick up the barcodes and you have to type in the ISBN number. Also, it’s difficult to complete a sale because there’s a bug that says you are not signed in when you are, so you have to keep trying it to get it to go though. Honestly, it’s the best sellback books app, but it’s got a lot of issues.
  • Can’t Register 1/5

    By HBnewuser
    I can’t register… get an Error message every single time. Can anyone help?
  • Don’t waste your time even downloading this app 1/5

    By Atriplett05
    I spent a good amount of time scanning each book in, granted it was a fairly easy process just time consuming, and the most they wanted to give me for a book was $.19. I know your probably thinking they were not good books but there was a lot of Nora Roberts and Kristen Hannah, which are both huge selling authors. I guess I’ll just do a little more work and go to my local book store to sell my books
  • App and website are a joke! Not worth the aggravation. 1/5

    By your app is ctap
    What a joke!! App won’t accept my PayPal account. I kept getting an error code stating that my PayPal cannot be verified….which is really odd and suspect since I used PayPal to make a purchase this morning and my PayPal account has been active for over 10 years. Thanks to all the horrible reviews that I have just read about them I am definitely deleting my account and NEVER using them to sell any of my books. Don’t waste your time and energy - it’s not worth it!
  • iOS 15.4.1 3/5

    By charlie eagle
    This update changes the layout of the results of scanning. It puts the result on the side of screen and you can’t see the results. Can you fix please. We love using this app.
  • Quite a letdown 1/5

    By adkr123
    Have seven or eight books that I bought second hand and each had a piece of paper hyping this company. Downloaded this app and scanned each ISBN and lo and behold, there was only one that they would buy back ($.18). Some people may fare better but I certainly think it’s a joke.
  • Get 10$ for 100 books 1/5

    By bored turtle of middletown
    Tried to sell roughly 170$ worth of hardback books in good condition and got about 5 and a half dollars back
  • Scam 1/5

    By Kathy1923
    Takes like three weeks for your books to get there using their label. I think they put them on the back of a snail. Then they claim payment is issued but you never get it. Better off donating your books.
  • The Consumer Protection Bureau Needs to Investigate this Company ASAP 1/5

    By Ceirsten
    I could write a book, that I would proceed to not sell on SellBackYourBook, on how unethical and scammy this company is. No matter HOW badly you want to declutter quickly, variations of this company exist all over the web, so PLEASE take it from me and stay as FAR away from this company as humanly possible. They are wholly illegitimate and someone NEEDS to investigate what percentage of their profits comes from *stolen* goods, in a scheme whereby they quote you for an item, receive it, claim it is unusable and thus cannot release a payment, and yet they resell it anyway! $0 to you, 100% profit for them, and the cherry on the proverbial cake is that no matter WHAT you do, you will NEVER receive these items back, no matter how much you plead, even IF you PAY them to ship them back to you! It’s amazing that this company still stands- I do wish I could turn back time to before I mistakenly sent them a beautiful hardback edition of a beloved book, pristine and practically brand new, only to have it held hostage under the premise that it is unsellable, as well as my money hostage that I sent them for “shipping fees” to receive this book back. Did I get the book back at least? I did not- they proceeded to change their narrative and claim that they never received the book in the first place. I am usually disappointed but not surprised with unethical or illegal behavior , or just surprised but not disappointed- but this is one of those rare circumstances where I can be both.
  • App is awful 1/5

    By LindsayLouV
    I am pleased with the number and variety of my items they are willing to buy, but the app is infuriating. There is no way to edit your cart (delete items I don’t wish to sell because they don’t all fit in the box, confirm that my items are not duplicates after having to scan everything all over again). I literally cannot use this app to sell anything to them right now, and my box is all ready to be shipped.
  • Rip off 1/5

    By LibbyLoveGreen
    They offered me $3.75 for a brand new totally unused lab manual which costs over 100 new. It’s still in the shrink wrap. Don’t use this it’s a waste of time might as well go to the bookstore I’d prob get more money and that’s just sad.
  • Bounced Check 1/5

    By gwfquvqfqu
    They sent me a check that was unreadable by my mobile deposit. So I went to the bank to cash it. Today I got charge $20 from my bank because THEIR check bounced!! Unbelievable! I had used them before, but never will again.
  • Missing books or shady business ? 1/5

    By Ericaa bnntt
    I couldn’t afford the FedEx shipping option they offered, so I dropped my package off at the nearest USPS. It’s a cheaper and more convenient method. That was back in January and apparently they still haven’t received them. The tracking number that was given to me doesn’t work as well. So either my books are stuck in limbo somewhere or they have them and haven’t paid me. I contacted customer service but I’m still waiting on a response.
  • App works well 5/5

    By Gu9ille
    The app is fine. Overall, I had a decent experience. I was able to scan and ship about $21 worth of books. They paid the shipping. The whole thing took maybe 2 or 3 weeks. The biggest downside is that they didn’t want to buy most of the books I scanned. But since I was going to donate all of them anyway, at least this app was able to get me $21. I would definitely use it again. I’m already working on my next shipment to them.
  • I’m satisfied 5/5

    By britsburg
    It didn’t really take that long in my eyes to get paid. I did take my time waiting to send the books because I was really pregnant and it was heavy but overall my experience was wonderful and I made $120 selling books I was about to throw on the curb. Now I can get some Christmas gifts with it!
  • Great App 5/5

    By Re5880
    Easy to scan, and they buy more books compared to other book reselling companies
  • It Cracked Up 1/5

    By LadyCPR
    Took a day and a half to go through my books to find a box I could finally send. Spent two days trying to create an account with no ability for customer contact. Went in today and now my cart is empty and still cannot create an account. So over this app.
  • Never works. I’ve been trying for two weeks. 1/5

    By TroyJenL
    When I get to the PayPal or check option I get two different errors and cannot complete registration.
  • App won’t accept password! 1/5

    By Rokoroo
    Can’t log in to this app as it doesn’t accept my password and continuously says the password field is required.
  • Great Service but...! 4/5

    By Ayeshah_Rose_Ifran
    I used this app already. Scanning my books is easy to do and deleting the books I don’t want to sell is easy as well. It does take them a while for processing but they do pay as agreed. The only thing I would like is if they are little more fair in prices offered. Some books are worth more than just a few cents. Regardless, it is up to the person selling their books if they want to sell it at the price they are offering or not. I recommend this app. My only suggestion is double checking your book value before selling them. They may be worth your time to try to sell them on your own. Side Note: Keep a copy of your shipping label. I was unable to locate it in my orders or in any email received when trying to track it. Good thing I had saved a copy on my computer. Due to COVID 19, my package was delayed an extra 2 weeks since it was lost a bit in transit. Eventually, it was delivered and I was paid via PayPal.
  • Horrible Can’t scam code bar and create and account 1/5

    By Le Docteur No
    Bad. On all my book I tried to scan code bar or the in the isbn and it rolled me ‘something went wrong’. I even tried to switch to WiFi or 4g but nothing happened. When I tried to create an account, the next button to validate all my info did not work!!!
  • Feels like a scam 1/5

    By Mjf2000
    Offered $0.12 for the norton reader.. 2019 edition. This book is $30 retail. They guaranteed to pay the highest amount but my college is offering more. I just thought that they should not claim to offer a fair amount if it’s less than a quarter.
  • Getting paid takes about 2 weeks at the earliest!! 3/5

    By Gin na juice
    It takes 2-10 days for them to receive the items, then it takes another 2-4 days for the “inspection” and then another day for the payment to be process to your account. So it’s not a fast or reliable way to get some extra money. It takes WEEKS not days to get paid.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By VaneG🇨🇴
    I have use them two times and I’ve never had an issue tbh be aware of the conditions of your books before you send they do take about 1 week to review once the receive them but they follow throu on their quote
  • Good experience 5/5

    By Ex_fm
    Swipe to the left and you can delete the book. Easy to use.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By appjunky€
    I would give this app a 0 if that was an option
  • So frustrating 1/5

    By HatsuneMiku<3
    I’ve tried to scan books three times, and always towards the end it deletes my entire cart and starts over. I’m just going to use the website now, but it’s incredibly frustrating.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By issadummkopf
    A previous review was right, this app isn’t worth selling back your books the earnings are miniscule.
  • Don’t fall for it. SCAMMING PEOPLE 1/5

    By Whakaaaaaamakulit
    They paying books $0.11, $0.12, $.13 only and they want you to ship it to them for free. Bunch of scammers.. shipping fee cost more than what they pay
  • Beware: Don’t waste your time! 1/5

    By Brenticcus
    I was really positive about the experience until my books arrived at the inspection step of the process. On my first shipment I had a total of $31 in books, they determined that the 2 highest valued books ($8.28 & $5.83) were “not acceptable” due to a mildew scent/residue which I don’t really believe; and the 3rd ($3.92) was 1 book of a 3 book collection which wasn’t clear when I scanned the book’s code. So my $31.37 got reduced by $18.03 to result in a check for $13.34. If you want to have the books that didn’t meet quality standards shipped back to you, you have to pay $3.99 per book. So you basically have to forfeit the full profit to be able to prove them wrong. Similar issues occurred with the other two shipments I made issues with a broken spine of a book and a bent corner. Not Surprised that it was the most valued books of those shipments. All the $0.18 books that had ware and tear were accepted with no issues. After all was said and done, the 3 shipments I sent generated just about $25 in total payments and truly wasn’t worth the time, energy and effort spent to collect up the books, find a box for them and packing tape I had to buy to tape up the boxes. I would rather have just donated them to a local library’s book sale. Good Luck!
  • Doesn’t work on... 1/5

    By FrancesJBN
    Doesn’t work on my iPhone SE. Stuck on “Let’s Start” screen.
  • Great App! (11/15/2018) 5/5

    By CallieMarsh
    This app was super easy and effective to get rid of my nursing school textbooks. I received $118 total for them, which I believed was a fair amount. You are sent an email to print out a free shipping label to mail in, which was nice not having to pay for any shipping fees. It did not take long at all to receive an email back that my books had been received and that my payment was on its way! I noticed a lot of old reviews on this app saying they experienced multiple glitches, and I experienced none. Highly recommend!
  • Not Impressed 1/5

    By girlksa
    After several attempts to receive the mailing label, I gave up with no mailing label ever received. As soon as I signed up for this app, I was inundated with emails from other companies — perhaps they sold my information. Not impressed with this company.
  • Needs a delete option. 3/5

    By Higlandia
    When checking prices there is no means to delete an item if I decide I don’t want to sell.
  • Half Baked, Rushed, Unprofessional 1/5

    By Cravehart
    I was hopeful for this re-design when I got the email notification but it falls flat on its face. First, only the introductory screens fill the larger iPhone X display (I’m even being forgiving of the misspellings like ‘not “metting” strangers’). Then the core of the app, once passed the introductory screens, isn’t optimized for the iPhone X or larger displays at all. It’s such a half baked effort to make the app compatible with new versions of iOS while still dragging their knuckles when it comes to actually updating the UI. It’s rushed, sloppy and unprofessional. It isn’t even a real effort. My recommendation: take your chances with “metting” strangers who might actually pay you a fraction of what your books are worth.
  • Update 1/5

    By MichelleK256
    Please update app for the latest update of iOS
  • Worked well, also figured out solution to signup issue 4/5

    By Ltdaly5151
    To avoid the reported signup problem (which also happened to me), a create my account on their website, and then signed into the app. After that, everything ran smoothly.
  • Checkout Issues!!! 2/5

    By ferdiemag
    The app is allowing me to scan my books but when I go to checkout, its says that they're are no books in my cart!!! Please fix this If everyone has this problem this business will fail!!!
  • Poorly made app. 1/5

    By Cool guy 9006
    The prices they give aren't even that good in the first place and the app looks like it was made in 2008.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Scott4Bud
    Really. How hard is it to get your app to work? Can't put the state into the registration page. Have to sell them local.
  • Still not fixed 1/5

    By Mjuliah
    Still can't add state when you register.
  • Still not fixed. 1/5

    By Fhxvvifdd
    Issue with state still not fixed. Doesn't work.
  • Useless 1/5

    By $&che&$
    Would be a great app if you could actually use it. Wasted time scanning all my books and when filling out the form to register it won't allow me to choose a state. Cannot complete the registration process without choosing a state! I read another reviewer had this problem a month ago. So at least a month has gone by and the developers have done nothing to fix it.
  • Can't add proper address 2/5

    By Apbrant
    After scanning books into the app, I create a new account and I cannot add the state. The app will not allow me to change to any states.
  • So Far Pretty Cool 4/5

    By Yamamotoz
    I have so many book laying around the house from previous school years. This app lets me scan each book ISBN bar code and if they will buy it back let's me put it in my cart and check out to PayPal. You need to go to a computer to print labels but all free shipping and very well explained instructions. It's a great tool. I'll update my review after the whole process is REALLY complete as I have not shipped the books off yet.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By shooting X's 3
    Very easy to use. Love it getting rid of all those homeschooling books. Easy shipping quick payments.
  • Rip off. 1/5

    By Jakkuren
    Do not recommend -sold them a book for 70 and they tried to keep it without paying saying it was an instructors addition (which it was not)