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The official SEPTA app brings our entire transit network directly to you with near real-time updates on all of our vehicles. You’ll have access to schedule information, real-time updates approximately every 30 seconds, System Status alerts, and multiple ways to connect with SEPTA customer service. We’ve enhanced some of our most popular features for a seamless app experience including: Next to Arrive: Indicating which train or bus will arrive at your starting location and when. Delay information: Updating every 30 seconds on trains, buses, and trolleys. Favorites: Located in one consolidated location presented immediately upon opening the app. System Status: Advisories, alerts, and detours integrated throughout the application for all transit modes for quick access to any changes on your regular routes. Fares: Find the right fare option to suit your travel needs and find more information on SEPTA Key. Connect with SEPTA: Through Facebook, Twitter, Live Chat, Phone, or by submitting a comment.


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SEPTA app reviews

  • USELESS 1/5

    By User08621
    Don’t bother with this App, it’s worse than useless.
  • Buy tickets???? 1/5

    By GartNyc
    Crazy that you can’t purchase tickets on line.
  • Still glitchy 3/5

    By Aspido
    Regional Rail favorites and next to arrive options freeze up and won’t update unless you close and reopen. On Lansdale Doylestown where there is midday bussing, nothing at all shows on schedule.
  • Key card on phone 2/5

    By sadae_nadine
    Add the ability to add to the key card. Or have the key card connected to the app just like Apple Pay. We can scan from the phone.
  • Is This A Joke? 1/5

    By FangPi Master
    I simply wanted to see a Regional Rail Schedule. Enter required info (Line and Stations) and NOTHING HAPPENS. Letting SEPTA play w apps is like giving sharp objects to small children.
  • New update 1/5

    By imnotcompletelysatisfied
    Why!!!!!!!! what was so bad about the old layout? With this crap you have to click to see the favorites, they sometimes repeat a schedule with the wrong time on next to arrive and it’s made me late on several occasions. Go back to the old one!
  • Cannot save full schedule 1/5

    By ehvare
    The only service I need is to quickly view my FULL bus schedule, just like the old fashioned paper schedules. There is a multi-step process to view the schedule - I want to select my bus route schedule number and view the FULL schedule. I also want to save the FULL schedule not your wonderful point to point info. If you use SEPTA often and at different times, the point to point FAVORITES folder is useless unless you can also quickly open the full schedule for your bus routes.
  • Not accurate 2/5

    By JVean
    The app doesn’t correctly show the location of buses, and doesn’t indicate when a bus is running early. Too many times the map shows the bus on the way to my stop, and “on time”, then when no bus arrives, suddenly the map shows the bus much further down the street past my stop.
  • What happened???? 1/5

    By Kelzzzzz
    Trans view doesn’t work.
  • Update was a step back 1/5

    By Conscript
    This was a very useful app before the update. Now it gives the wrong times on regional rail.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By l.paper
    Often quite handy, but the fact that it can be significantly inaccurate, eg incorrectly reporting a delay (hence, my free time on platform to write this review as I wait for next train) is severely undermining of its usefulness.
  • Newest update ruined it 1/5

    By ZachManno
    There is a major bug that requires you to quit the app and open it again every time you want to see an updated schedule. If you close out of a view and try to go back in you get an "unable to show results" message.
  • New update is terrible 2/5

    By Jammin Gal
    New design is useless for me. Next to arrive trains now only show 1 option. It used to show all the next trains based on my stops so I could tell how long until the next train. So now it forces you to go to the “schedules” tab. It requires you to first enter a “line” before it allows you to enter the stations. Since there are 2 lines (Trenton and Warminster) that run my route, this is ridiculous. Another user suggested Google transit. I will give that a try.
  • -______________________________- 2/5

    By Soupy6ft
    It keeps saying there’s no trips at all when i check the BSL schedule and its PISSING ME OFF CUZ I NEED THAT. ITS A TRAIN. WHY IS THAT THE ONE THATS MESSED UP. Gzis its always something with yall
  • Septa app 4/5

    By T. Mc K
    I can’t get the app to work! When I went to “more” and pressed the options nothing happened!
  • New transit view horrible to read 1/5

    By A215!
    The newest version of this app changed the real time transit view for buses. It is now hard to get to and even harder to read. Please change it back!
  • Good ideas but shows no shows 2/5

    By Cat's Meow
    The concept of this app is nice but it shows busses that doesn’t show up! It says a bus is going to arrive 5 minutes late and that’s great to know but sometimes it says that for buses that don’t every show up. I liked the previous version better. I’ve wasted so many hours of my life waiting for SEPTA buses that don’t show up :( Please fix this! I want to use public transportation. It’s better for our environment however this is testing my patience.
  • HUGE improvement but... 3/5

    By ChristinaGR95
    I use this app almost exclusively for the bus and L. It’s great that everything really is real time BUT the app does not show if buses are running early! This is a huge issue for me because my commute bus is used by many high school students and the times vary A LOT depending on whether school is in. The app shows “on time” even if the bus has gone by early. I know this for a fact because I have seen the bus go by early while walking to the bus stop. Please fix this. It makes it very difficult to schedule afterwork appointments. For the L, the app works pretty well. Sometimes it will run late without showing it on the app.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By jujenso
    I am using an IPhone 7 and just recently updated the Septa App and I am sorry I did. The Septa App is so difficult to navigate. It's better to use a paper bus schedule because you can see the whole day at a glance. With this new app you constantly have to look up your bus schedule to see the times for a couple of hours. If you save this route in your Favorites, it only gives you 3 times the bus is suppose to arrive. But if you want to see the next available time you have to go back to look up the route, find your stop and your destination, then you can see more times. I wouldn't want to do this in the poring rain. They should of left the App alone.
  • Nice idea, but ... 3/5

    By RedWhiteBlueNinja
    Updates should be available here without needing to head over to Twitter. Late trains should not fall off the schedule until they arrive so passengers can make more informed transit decisions.
  • Overall a great experience 4/5

    By Andybirdy1
    Compared to the first app, this one is ONE THOUSAND times better. The real time feature is very accurate. The change I appreciate most is that you can still see Regional Rail trains after their scheduled time if they’re late. Before if it passed the time you couldn’t see the train anymore, therefore you couldn’t see how delayed it was. Given that SEPTA is a public service, I’m very impressed with the changes they’ve made. 10/10 would recommend for any SEPTA riders

    By Mickalenia
    The app is STILL showing times for 2017! Get on the ball SEPTA!!
  • How to make a bad app worse 1/5

    By Scout88
    SEPTA achieved the impossible by making a previously semi functional app, unfunctional. Well done, a tech first! The train view gives the schedule of upcoming trains when it feels like it. Half the time it freezes. The bus schedule is equally incomprehensible. If you want to give them feedback, you have to fill out a two screen treatise that is utterly user hostile! Skip this app. Standing waiting for your bus or train is much more reliable and less frustrating.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Hung n Blk
    The app went from ok to bad GPS of the units on the line your traveling no more and arrival times are not correct it always pushing later and later. And it you go by the schedule your dumber than a chicken!!!!
  • Better than previous version 3/5

    By Ven28
    This app is a huge improvement from the previous version of the app but why the hell does this app take 300 mb?
  • Terribble 1/5

    By PitkowsPit
    Go back to the previous version. This app is not intuitive, poor design, time consuming to get route times, and difficult to navigate.
  • Finally! 5/5

    By robfuzz
    The interface is much cleaner and more useful. Thanks!
  • Awful App not accurate at all.. 1/5

    By Skim toe
    I’d rather stand in the middle of the street to see if my bus is coming than to depend on this app.
  • Buggy 1/5

    By mdan m
    Nice interface. Next-to-Arrive is full of bugs. If you change starting station, destination resets. It doesn't list correct trains if you need to transfer - just repeats same train over and over. Pull up list of trains often hangs and hangs the whole app. Bus schedule only searches for tiny fraction of the stops on any particular route and not capable to search by address. At this point Google Maps and Transit are functioning much better.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Robrogan
    It’s 2017 and you can’t buy tickets on the app (or online at all)? Honestly there isn’t much here that you don’t get from google maps.
  • Can’t save favorites 1/5

    By Fhjubjgdghjk
    Looks nice but not useful. Can’t save favorites.
  • Favs need to be fixed 1/5

    By Radditz68
    Favorites do not save schedule only as “next to arrive” if someone wants to check full schedule they are forced to put in all information each time.
  • Needs work 2/5

    By Langerated
    Yesterday my regional rail line was suspended, the app was next to useless in informing me of this, and also of when service had resumed. The information was buried in the app. That stuff should be front and center. Jeff Knueppel are you listening???
  • Maybe It's Got Pictures, but . . . 1/5

    By Love You Too, Sidney
    Pretty opening pictures, but harder to navigate and MUCH harder to read. The bright, contrasting colors of the old app made the texts pop right out. Here, everything is fine, slim fonts on a white background. Pass me my glasses. And when a Schedule is saved to Favorites, it defaults to Next-to-Arrive (with a helpful note that- if you want to see later trains, see SCHEDULES!) If you'd like to save several favorites on the same line (say, with different destination stops,) the headings look like this: WAR: Warminster to .......>more WAR: Warminster to .......>more so that you have to tap on each one to identify which stop it represents. Please! Not sure why this needed to be updated like this; it worked very well before Re-rating 12/11 my train is 25 min late. For 25 min this app has been showing me that it's RIGHT HERE!
  • Bring the prior version back 1/5

    By JestGames
    The new version looks prettier, but it is much less user friendly, especially when you’re trying to quickly find a schedule or the next train to arrive. Even if you punch in your favorites, that information doesn’t transfer to either the “schedule” section or the “next to arrive” section. Also, the “favorites” section is sometimes slow to load.
  • Too much data 3/5

    By Hzsrider
    Works great! Easy to use! Takes up a lot of space on my phone. Can you make it so we don't have to store so much data? I'd be glad to choose my favorite lines to download and have the app fetch the rest on demand.
  • Everyday Rider 2/5

    By Everday Rider
    It’s apparent that whoever created the app doesn’t use it. It would be better if the real-time map feature was added to the old app in addition to perfecting the older app. I used the older app practically everyday; this app has proven to be time consuming and not worth the additional................... time it takes to get what I need! It’s a shame!!! Ridiculous!
  • Not functional 1/5

    By Julay?
    This is prettier, but the old app was way more functional. Favorites needs to be fixed, along with a lot more. As someone who uses this on a daily basis to commute it's very inconvenient
  • Where is the ability to see the entire schedule for favs? 2/5

    By Eelcramit
    The app looks fancy but took away the ability to see the entire schedule for the favs. This makes no sense. I can only see next available? What if I need to plan my trip out? Please put this back.
  • Beta version 1/5

    By stephaefa
    I had the original, the somehow got the beta version? I want to switch back. Seeing my friends' screens in comparison to my own, info in the new version isn't present as accurately. Not all of the ride times are shown.
  • Better but only shows point to point 3/5

    By drpuma
    I am a frequent SEPTA user for my daily commute. The updates to the app are definitely prettier. I like that favorites are easy to access and real-time. However, as someone who lives in the city I often want to compare arrival or departure times at the different stations. It’s frustrating that the new app ONLY shows point-to-point. There is no way to view a whole timetable. So, if I want to compare when a train arrives at Jefferson and Suburban, I have to look them both up individually. There is no way to see them side by side. This was possible in the old app, and is not an improvement.
  • please feel fix the schedule problems 2/5

    By mbp5643
    Lots of good ideas here, and fantastic that real time is really real time pretty much everywhere, but so frustrating that the schedule times when you save things to Favorites are wrong!! BSL times are correct when you search the schedule, but wrong in Favorites (Ellsworth Federal to City Hall times are 3 or 4 minutes off). This makes me doubt the other schedules and doubt the app. The schedule part of the app is clunky and sometimes the searching doesn’t work, so I’m stuck with having saved my favorite routes. You can’t reorganize Favorites. So you have to think about the least important route and do that first and then work up to most important, and redo it if you add a route (because the Favorites tiles are so large that you have to scroll down to see them...I really liked the simple and easy single lines that appeared in the old app). Why doesn’t the map view show my location? It’s really hard to orient yourself when looking at a bus location on a zoomed in map.
  • Stinks 1/5

    By Tinker-Belle
    I loved the old Septa app. I just tried this new one and my starting station, Elkins Park, isn’t listed. Will use the paper schedule instead.
  • Note to SEPTA riders take trains both ways 1/5

    By ajk1y
    Reverse trip buried...huh? Might look better but usability is a huge step backwards One example is reverse trip as currently positioned is not helpful ...have to set up two favorites outbound / inbound Another is Favorites take up too much real estate on screen As a user that departs from multiple different stations it’s not easy to navigate (or pick favorites) between different stops Can tell designers are not heavy train riders
  • Huge mess 1/5

    By Hrbmus
    It now takes 7 gestures to see a live tracking of a bus instead of 3, and the map is smaller by almost half. The accuracy is not improved, and the mess of trying to reach a simple schedule remains. Cluttered and complicated interface that does not at all recognize what it’s like to use in real life. Worst app I have.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By Vindisi
    The new apps live status is a huge step backwards from the old version. I would be better off walking to my destination because it is never accurate. Developer team needs to stop worrying about how it looks and get the basics rights
  • Arrival Times Unavilable... 2/5

    By BatmanArkhamSaga
    I honestly liked the older version of the app better. Now, every time I check for arrival times, I always the get "Arrival Times are Unavailable. Please check the schedules" message. Then, I have to refresh and try it all over again. It's frustrating, especially since I have to take the train to class every day. It would be nice to know how late a train is just by checking once.
  • Poor update 1/5

    By Sea Birth
    Prettier. Much less useful. +++++ Revision of this review (below). It now crashes as soon as I start it. Worse than useless. +++++ I do like this app, but the latest version has implemented a gray background that makes the tiny light green letters almost impossible to read, the ones that tell you if the train is on time or how late. Otherwise my problem is not w the app but with SEPTA when the trains are late and they are not telling the truth about them.
  • “Update” needs a lot of work 1/5

    By SEPTA commuter
    Sure it looks nice, but it seems like the designers focused more on the look and not the functionality. I can’t see any information on the regional rail train statuses. None of my favorites save in the next to arrive section, but even when I go and search them again, it doesn’t show any information on the train status. Thought maybe it was a bug, and submitted some feedback in the comments section of the app, but in typical SEPTA customer service fashion, probably going to do nothing with it. The old app may not have looked pretty but at least it worked!
  • Looks nice but is a big piece of garbage 1/5

    By Darth Zak
    Full of bugs and performance is horrible as it makes calls to get data it should cache locally. Given the poor speed and bugs, app is nearly unusable. This is a good case why not to update your apps automatically. Fire your QA team and testers.

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