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Serve App

HOW IT WORKS: • Quickly view your Available Balance without logging in to your account • View your transaction history • View information about your transactions by clicking on an individual transaction FEATURES: • Locate MoneyPass® ATMs • Set money aside with Reserve • Send money to your Subaccounts and see their transaction history ADD MONEY: • Add checks with your mobile phone • Add money to your Account from your bank account or debit card • Find cash reload locations near you on the go MANAGE MONEY: • Access your Direct Deposit information • Pay Bills TRUSTED BENEFITS: • Add offers to your Account and start saving on dining, shopping and more What is American Express Serve? Serve is a Full Service Prepaid Debit Account from American Express with no credit check, no minimum balance, and no hidden fees. You can use your American Express Serve Card in stores, online and at ATMs worldwide. With an Account, you can direct deposit your paycheck, government benefits and tax refund, pay bills and have access to 24/7 customer service. Visit us at for more information, including our Fee Chart.

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Serve app reviews

  • Horrible card 1/5

    By Byrf06
    No matter your use of this card. The service is terrible. Nothing but mistruths. If there was less than a star I’d give it that.
  • Can’t add money from check! 1/5

    By gsyijxnw
    Can’t even add money from checks on iPhone anymore. Only android!
  • Trash do NOT use 1/5

    I’ve had this app for a few years as long as you have direct deposit it’s not horrible but if the company you work for doesn’t do direct deposit or you would rather not use direct deposit then they charge $20-$30 to deposit a check with mobile phone! Rip off!!! Also it costs $3-$5 to access funds through atm
  • If I could give it no stars I would 1/5

    By RJaye80
    The app is always saying network unavailable. It NEVER works.
  • Worst banks ever 1/5

    By diabetoneedsinsulino
    If you want a debit card choose anything else besides American Express. They dont care about there customers or even common respect. If you get screwed over they wont help or even pretend to help. Also no one on the support team speaks english so thats also a struggle. So if you actually care about your money dont choose anything with american express.
  • Crooked thieves! Do not use 1/5

    By DCJ_SF
    I’ve been using Serve for 5+years. In December, my card was compromised and fraudulent charges hit my account totaling over $150.00. The charges were made at stores I have no history of shopping at in cities I do not visit or live in: Cigarettes and More (don’t smoke) M&M Liquors (ha!) & Pet Food Express (no pets) geez, wonder what low life made these charges? Serve makes you jump through hoops, giving a verbal and written statement (one of the questions I got from the rep was “why are you contesting this charge”) haha seriously? After taking all the proper steps, my dispute was declined and if I wanted to review the documents I have to write a physical letter to some PO Box. Reviewing the documents doesn’t even give me the opportunity to dispute their dispute. I’ll take the loss but Serve has lost my business. I will make it a point to make sure nobody uses this joke of a service and get cheated out of my hard earned money. American Express should be ashamed and I hope whoever used bought crap with my money dies of lunch cancer.
  • The worst 2/5

    By Bankerrrrrrrrr
    This card is the worst. It constantly gets declined in random frequent places that I visit, when hooked up to Apple Pay. The fraud protection that it offers if complete baloney. Shame on Amex for rolling this out.
  • Used to be good 1/5

    By shsiejakd
    Usually don’t have any problems with this app but the last month I haven’t even been able to open it because it keeps on crashing.
  • Easy for a SubAccount, Hard for a normal Account 2/5

    By TheExDid
    I’ve tried the app on both accounts and it is much easier on the subaccount as it only has basic features available and they work fine, however features like sending and requesting money, paying bills, and transferring money are glitchy and the app crashes during operations, and you are left not knowing wether the operation went through. And sometimes the app just crashes on its own.
  • Transfer Issue 3/5

    By Caso Mula
    For The Past Week I’ve been trying to Transfer money From my Card to My Amex Serve account. Every time I Tranfer funds I Get an error message stating: “Due to technical Difficulties We’re not able to process your request. Try again later”. I also had a situation the week prior. Where I transferred Funds to My Amex Card. It takes the money from my Card then I get the same error Message. I then Sign out of the app Sign back in and the money that was taken is not even in my account. Idk what’s going on but this needs to get fixed ASAP
  • Terrible. 1/5

    By WhoAmI2876
    It’s an obstacle course of fees. The app can’t keep touch id in use. Their phone support line hangs up on me. No chat or email support. Only call or send a letter.
  • Nope. 👎🏽 1/5

    By ztmontgomery
    This app frustrates me like no other!! Technical difficulties GALORE that prevent me from transferring funds, ordering a lost card, etc. I’m very surprised that it is as subpar as it is.
  • Different changes 1/5

    By Msdreaboo28
    Can you guy make it where we are able to use our card with cash app? We would also like to be able to lock our card as well.
  • Update please 2/5

    By eatdickbabyboi
    I can’t transfer money on my iPhone XR I won’t work for nothing this is something apple and y’all company needs to get together and fix please I don’t have no problem transferring money from my LG phone this is a real issue
  • All the everything is good!!! 4/5

    By 👌🛶
    ...As long as u don’t lose your access to the registered email. My only issue is integration with temporary cards and the reordering there of.
  • Wow what a complete inconvenience 2/5

    By michelledanielle1935
    Ok so I’m trying to transfer or send money from my serve account to my boyfriends account and when it gets to the pin section it gives me an error message saying can’t complete transaction try again later There’s no update needed What gives!!
  • Won’t even open 1/5

    By So crushed
    The app crashes every time I try to open it. The app is garbage just like the service.
  • Unable to Login 1/5

    By O.D.I3astard
    Unable to login since last update. I can pass the login screen but am prompted to answer a security question that isn’t displayed. Frustrating
  • Almost perfect 4/5

    By chargerace300
    I’ve been using my AmEx Serve now for about 4 years and have never had any issues. I use it almost daily and I load my card daily with the app. If for some reason I am not able to use the app to load, I can simply just walk in to my nearest 7-Eleven and reload my card at the counter. I love having full control. I feel comfortable handing over my card at restaurants without fear of anyone recording my card digits due to only keeping funds active when I need it. FYI I use an iPhone 8 with the latest update.
  • Horrible Customer Service 1/5

    By wsmc90
    Charged $500.00 to my debit but did not add it to my pre paid Amex..Refused to help me and was even rude..
  • AmndaDo 1/5

    By AmndaDo
    Absolutely awful customer service. I have been using this app for almost a year and they still charge $10-$15 to cash a check. I tired to get it straightened out but Amex said they have no control it’s Indigo, called indigo and u can’t get a rep! Won’t be using this again for taxes! Will be switching to another card.
  • Terrible Security 1/5

    By RobW35
    The new version won’t let me paste my password from a secure password manager. It also resets everything when I switch apps to try to remember the next few characters of my password. It’s like they want me to have a weak password. Is a paste function for passwords too much battery to ask?
  • Customer Service 1/5

    By Marissa Williams1
    There is no option to deposit checks on my apps dashboard. The only way to get a representative at Amex Serve is to select the option for a lost or stolen card.
  • no customer service 1/5

    By Mellow__
    ive been calling since december 25 2018 and is now january 6 2019. i input my social and account number they ask for and appearantly is incorrect. i cant talk to a human about this, its useless! i called customer service and no my last and only option is to get a pen and paper and mail them the old fashion way instead of email. American express has nothing to do with this department either because immediately get transferred to american serve. i cant cancel this account without getting my money which i cant do without customer service because it says my capital one routing number is incorrect or not existing same as my social!
  • 🔍 = CRASH 2/5

    By rashidwali
    Using the search function to look up transactions no longer works. It’s been like this for months now. Any time we want to search for specific transactions, the application immediately crashes. So much for “bug fixes”...
  • Girl Nick 1/5

    By Girl nick
    The worst prepaid card.
  • Locks you out even with the right security word 2/5

    By Girl in th dark
    This app is occasionally trash, sometimes you can login your account and sometimes you can’t, right after a maintenance the next morning I tired logging in like I always do typing in my security word. But it’s somehow saying that isn’t correct it’s complete trash. I’m gonna delete the app and try again I doubt that would work though.
  • Horrible SHAM - Unreliable and Deceitful 1/5

    By kapeeesh
    Originally used Serve to accept my Tax refunds. At first they seemed legit and from the outside they look to be a reliable company. I soon found that if you actually do anything more than just simply load cash at an atm, they will assume you are suspicious or that you are doing something fraudulent. Forget about depositing checks or sending and receiving money digitally. Serve is a joke - they do quite the opposite. Should call themselves Disservice I do not recommend using this App or this Fake Company.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By gijoe0414
    My serve app won’t open anymore on my iPhone XR
  • Pay Bills screen shows error 1/5

    By gopackgo90
    Ever since I added a 9th payee, going to the Pay Bills screen results in an error. I guess it’s back to the mobile website.
  • Tired of them. 1/5

    By Miss Maranda
    Once again...(as usual) technical difficulties when trying to send money.
  • Worst 1/5

    By ........//@/
    In my opinion cash app is the simplest app to use ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE OWED MONEY. I HATE THIS CARD.
  • Nice App but needs work 3/5

    By jjzone44
    The app always works fine for transferring money to the card. Never had an issue with it until tonight. The app asked me for the answer to my security question, but it failed to ask me a question. How can I possibly provide an answer to a question that was not posed?
  • If you absolutely have to.... 2/5

    By kjcoles25
    I got the serve card because I was hoping to avoid problems with other cards/issues. However, this card has proven to be a lot more problematic than useful. If there is any other way, PLEASE try that first. I have encountered NOTHING but problems, from Day 1.....
  • Network unavailable 2/5

    By Pms part 2
    Can we get this fixed so I can use the app , please thank you
  • Doesn’t work 2/5

    By Neahjae
    Everytime I click my app it blacks out and kicks me off. I need to check my balance & it’s pretty inconvenient.
  • What an utter disappointment 1/5

    By Anvibbard
    I used to work for American Express, and when I did, we had a strong emphasis on customer service. They hold their charge card holders in such high regard, and they pushed the Serve card to their employees very hard. I will say, when everything is good with the account, the card is spectacular. The app is very easy to use and the card itself is really good. But once something goes wrong, all hell breaks loose. I had a few fraudulent charges on my account, and boooooy let me tell you. First, it’s so hard to get an American based employee now. They will NEVER let you speak with a manager, and will do the bare bones minimum for you. These fraud charges were nearly a year ago and I STILL have not had them resolved. They wouldn’t even close my account when I requested it. If it’s your only option, then go ahead and go for it, it technically does what it’s supposed to do. But if you can get ANY other card, do that. I recommend Chime, have not had any issues and they will take care of you if something comes up.
  • Horrible. 1/5

    By Davey D M
    Don’t use Amex Serve, it’s either not American Express or their service is not worth the time. Horrible service, don’t use, I’m very tech savvy, it’s not the tech it’s Amex. You’ll be sorry if you do use them.
  • Constantly crashing 1/5

    By Chen'A
    This app is sorry. Can’t even use it. It crashes constantly and immediately after selecting any options. Back to desktop.
  • The most horrible prepaid company and customer service I ever dealt with 1/5

    By Rhonda Carmichael
    My American Express Serve account was compromised and I waited patiently for the Amex Serve fraud team to resolve the issue . They failed big time and protected the fraudulent merchant instead of my account. The company that appeared in the statement is no where to be found on google. So how could they have done their due diligence. Now I’ve waited over 10 business days for a replacement card in which I have not received to get the small amount of funds on it to be able to get food and gas and have no received it missing days from work and having to get food from the state due to Amex Serve’s fraud team failed to return my provisional credit. They could. Not provide me any proof of my signature on any document that I authorized the transaction or who obtained access to my account. Amex serve is the WORST company pertaining to customer service and fraud protection . The representatives are in located in other countries doing horrible service by constantly hanging up on you and constantly transferring you to other departments and refuse to allow you to speak to a supervisor . Now I’m having to go through the courts the theft of my funds by Amex Serve and allowing a fraudulent merchant to keep. And I look forward to seeing them in court and sharing my bad experience with the masses on every social media account.
  • Can’t Transfer to subaccount 1/5

    By Chelle & Family
    Can’t slide down to transfer.
  • Transfer money issue 1/5

    By CHagans71
    I have been a member of American Express Serve for years. I use the app as a way of transferring money between sub accounts and savings account. I never had an issue until I upgraded my phone to the XS Max and yes, Apple confirmed its due to the security features of the phone. I do not always have access to a computer in order to transfer money around. I rely on this app. These reviews probably go ignored but o hope this issue gets resolved quickly.
  • Worst App ever!!! BE AWARE!!! Do Not download!! 1/5

    By Create Nickname12345
    Poor customer service, poor customer interface!! When trying to use the app and calling customer service after 45 minutes on hold I was told to go to a computer and try to transfer funds online instead of using the app because the app does not work properly for that purpose. If I was near a computer I WOULD NOT NEED THE APP!! Cancelled right away and will be using a Visa card or any other card than this Serve Card.
  • Nopeeeee 1/5

    By merisalea5643
    I thought signing up for this card was a great idea! When I got it in the mail the activation went smoothly. Then I downloaded this app. It told me to activate it again when it was already activated so I filled out the info again, this time it locked me out of my account and told me to call a number so I did. Not one option they had about unlocking a account so I called a few different numbers related to this and they just transferred me to the same main menu as the first one. Beyond stressful and now I won’t be using this card or anything. It’s going in the trash. Do not recommend!
  • Transfer main to reserve 2/5

    By csgoldy
    So here the scoop, transferring money with iPhone XS max phone with software 12.2 is the problem. I have iOS 12.2 on my iPad it transfers no problem. I totally agree that calling customer service at serve is somewhat impossible. I could only wish it was like Amex Plat customer service is the best. The people that work in customer service are like from an unknown planet. They sound like foreigners from another country. It is upsetting when there is know one that can help you. You can’t just call and press “0” for a rep and someone picks up because that feature doesn’t work. It is a total disaster at serve headquarters. The developer that developed this app needs to get things changed around. I am personally looking for a different solution if things don’t change. I just ordered bluebird today. But this has to be an easy fix. I had a conversation with Apple today and they believe it is a security issue with XS Max. I have iPhone X and iPad and it works perfectly fine transferring money from main to reserve or anything else
  • Money transfer 2/5

    By This one1
    Money transfer has been giving me a technical error for the last 3 days saying try again later... Exactly how many days is later, because it’s still not working?...
  • Lousy Company 1/5

    By Aviator5
    As others have stated, there are issues with transferring money. In my case it’s not the app, but AMEX. Trying to add money to my account took 3 phone calls and a 3 way call with my bank to set up. After all that, I get “Due to technical difficulties unable to process your transaction at this time.” I was told by their tech rep that only google chrome works. I’m not downloading google chrome to add money. Same message occurs on the app.
  • Having trouble switching money using the app 1/5

    By BigJay93
    Having trouble transferring funds with the app I used to be able to complete that task on my 8plus but since getting the XS Max it just wont do it I have to login to the website to do so please help
  • At Least They Tried. 2/5

    By K_Lyte
    Ok, so I use this app almost every day. I love Serve! I was happy to see that they are finally going with an iPhone X compatible redesign. However, it’s not there yet. App works fine for the most part, so still usable. Just looks a little bad on iPhone X, Xs & XsMAX. 2 stars for the effort. 5 stars once it’s perfected! I can’t find anywhere to contact support to let them know the layout is janky. Also I can’t transfer money out of a reserve unless I go to the actual website. App always gives an error.

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