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Serve App

WHAT IS SERVE? Serve is a financial Account with no credit check, no minimum balance, and no hidden fees. With a suite of options to choose from, Serve allows you to handle your money with ease. Our Accounts give you tools to help you budget, flexibility to spend online or in stores, and many conveniences including easy access. Visit us at for more information HOW THE SERVE MOBILE APP WORKS: • Easily manage your Serve Account on the go, wherever you are! • Log into easily access your Available Balance and view the details of all your active and completed transactions MONEY IN: • View your Direct Deposit information • Easily add money directly on your mobile device using Mobile Check Capture • Request money from other Serve Cardholders MONEY OUT: • Send money to other Serve Cardholders • Use your Serve card to make purchases online or in-store BRANDS YOU CAN TRUST • Our partners American Express® and Visa® bring the reliability you need and the value you deserve • We work hard to keep your information and money safe and secure • Our 24/7 Customer Service representatives are there for you, day or night

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Serve app reviews

  • Difficult 2/5

    By eyesofabluesky
    They sure don’t make the process easy if you want to transfer money into a “non” serve account.
  • I need my card, or I’m calling the IRS 1/5

    By ShenanigansXoXo
    My tax refund went to this serve card which was forced upon me by It’s been weeks and I have never received the card, so I literally have money that I have no access to sitting in the serve bank account. Don’t ever use or Serve, worst services ever. No customer support, either. It rings n rings n then hangs up on you. I’m calling the IRS on these people.
  • Unusable app 1/5

    I downloaded this app because it has a feature of slide for balance. Seamed easier than to log on to my account via website but even though I downloaded it and logged on that was the last time I was able to see my account, now when I open the app it just says unknown error!
  • What is it with you? 1/5

    By Connogordo
    Things work great, for years…you update and it’s been nothing but trouble since and every time it gets a new update something else happens. This used to be my favorite thing about this card-the app was accessible, clear, responsive…now it’s nothing but a failure
  • Credit card is compromised and can’t use it 1/5

    By hebrew54
    Someone else is using my credit card ending in 8939 this is the only American Express serve I have
  • Tax refund scammers 1/5

    By xavier pa
    Just another company scamming Americans out of tax refunds. Should be illegal.
  • Face recognition 2/5

    By Frustrated1001xs
    Facial recognition has stopped working. Don’t see in the profile or settings the option any more. Have it been stopped?
  • If only it worked! 3/5

    By OomandarinoO
    I love the idea of this app, but literally I haven’t been able to access my account through the app for 2 WEEKS! That’s too much time to have to wait for something as important as a bank to show up for you. All other two star reviews, one star reviews touch on the rest. Just be better?
  • No free fees at Money pass atms! 1/5

    By sreele
    I’ve went out of my way multiple times to withdraw money from Money Pass ATMs. To no avail. I always checked my account balance (thru the serve site on my phone of course - NEVER THRU THE ATM) right away to see what fees I’d been charged. Same out of network and atm machine fee as usual. Usually adding up to around $5 per transaction. This is egregious false advertising, it’s the reason I got this card to begin with and suggested it to my husband. I didn’t realize how misled I was till I tried to prove that we could in fact withdraw our rent and electric (neither take American Express) each month we just had to go to it money pass network ATM and I in the past I had used Walmart. I tried Walmart same VZ then I looked up money Pass ATMs on Google and tried four different ones, none of which were free.By this point after spending hundreds of dollars on fees,I’m going to finally do something about it switched to a different company maybe actually get a chickening account,But I’m still curious are there any ATMs that can actually be used with American Express serve fee free? (FYI if any reading this don’t know - don’t fall for the scam being perpetrated by most every atm around: that balance inquiry option presented on the very first screen after scanning your card is not the friendly favor they want you to think it is)
  • The absolute worst card rendering the app useless 1/5

    By luckyguy2525
    Terrible company, bank, or whatever they call themselves. Use another prepaid, or an actual debit instead. Don’t use
  • App has been down for a week 1/5

    By MrClean11
    This use to be a good app but now all I get is a message that the app is offline while they work to restore the high level of service I expect. Well that makes no sense. Yes I can text for a balance or log into the computer but the app offline is a deal breaker. I will withdraw and spend the balance then shut it down for good. Don’t waste your time and money with American Express Serve.
  • DONT USE! They scam you!!!! 1/5

    By WizzerdJ
    I have several hundred dollars that they won’t give me because I can’t reach anyone on the phone! The computer system is never available & I press 0 for a rep and it hangs up.
  • Run!!!! Don’t get sucked into their lies 1/5

    By luisfeflores
    Please do your research on alternative banking services, American Express Serve is appealing for its name, but they self serving for them and not you!!! Think of Aspiration or Go Bank or many other companies that would be better than Amex Serve!!!
  • Trying to send money 3/5

    By crazypibe1
    Trying to send money to Walmart and it keeps saying oops and it making me mad because I need the money to pay bills and to send to wife they need to fix that asap
  • 😡 1/5

    By butterfly girl86
    Would be helpful if the app wasn't always down. Makes it hard to check balance in emergency situations. Also should fix how fraud situations are handled.
  • Trash service 1/5

    By coffee mocha latte
    Worst service ever, I will be throwing this card in the trash
  • This app never works 1/5

    By 01BabyGIRL16
    I keep having trouble using this app it want allow me to send money
  • Don’t 1/5

    By Chell does a nickname matter
    At this point I feel they are holding my money hostage and getting through to a call is impossible. I tried three times now to transfer funds externally and waited 5 days to find out it went back into the acct no explanation even within the limits. If you want money you have get it from the atm with a low limit or be charged to get your own money from Walmart. I won’t be going through them again ever
  • DON’T Use Online in 1st 3 hrs After In-Person Purchase! 1/5

    By ladymlee
    Purchased Serve card in Family Dollar. Took home, followed all directions to register online. I read all of the fine print. Paperwork that came with card said you can shop right away. Online said my card was ready to use. So I entered card info into my iPad and tried to make in app purchase 1.5 hours after I bought Serve card. Transaction declined. Repeatedly. Called customer service, held 45 mins, and was told that I used card too early and to wait 3hrs. from purchase time to use. So, I waited30 mins. and called back. Held for 1 hour and got hung up on. Called back, held 45 mins., transferred to security department and held another 25 mins. Because I did not make 1st purchase in-store and also did not wait 3 hours, my card was tagged as having suspicious and fraudulent activity. But 4 out of 5 of the reps I talked to did not know what was happening and wasted my time. Whatever you do, if you buy Serve card in person, PLEASE learn from me. Buy something little in-store with the card (which if I understood correctly verifies it using zip code), register your card online, and wait 3 hours to use online or in any other store! One star for misleading information about immediate use; for NOWHERE saying wait3 hours; for no directions about internet restrictions and use directions; and for sorry customer service with ridiculous wait times and unknowledgeable reps. I just hope the fees, etc. are as advertised. I’ll let you know.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Andy Sanchez
    Customer service is absolutely. Money goes missing or my money is locked And they cant help at all. They keep you on hold or transfer you all over the place. Then Sheena “the supervisor” acts like she can’t hear you and HANGS UP on you. You money is not safe with this and just trying to get any info on your problem is useless. Over $200 stuck on this card and they can tell me why I can’t use an ATM to take it out or why it’s even locked. They app wont let me freeze or unfreeze my card. Waste of time and money using this. Please don’t use this app or this card. Save yourself the hassle and money loss
  • Extremely Useless and poor customer service!! 1/5

    By anajashadai
    My issue is with customer service I have had to order two cards from serve. Why because the agent didn’t put my apartment number on there when I ordered my permanent card.I’m still waiting to see if my card will arrive this is my second time having to wait 7-10 business days for a new card. They are useless and don’t try to help resolve any issue I will never file my taxes again through Jackson Hewitt!! Now that I know this is what you have to deal with to get your money.I’m pretty sure if I’m having this problem other people are as well never again!!
  • Serve App 5/5

    By nick25988
    Loving the new Serve app and card which I received in the mail. There are so many places you can load cash for free and seems like basically everywhere takes Amex these days. And you can load it into Apple Pay.
  • Awesome way to manage money with Serve! 5/5

    By Ana1284
    I got the serve card and I love it! Navigation of app is very easy and great performance. Able to add money using barcode and through direct deposit. You don’t have to go to other websites to pay your bills as Serve can do for you. I am very very satisfied and I am sure you will too!!!
  • Easy to manage my money 5/5

    By laurenxashh
    Really have enjoyed this app as a tool to manage my money. Super clean and easy to use!
  • The worst card service EVER 1/5

    By Nakita Caston
    I hate this card it’s always having technical problems. But the absolute reason why I warn anybody don’t ever use the transfer feature they take jus about a week to transfer the money it’s been five days and they still have not put my money in my account. Money that I desperately need for food and bills and now I’m jus begging and struggling. This is the worst. I wish I never used this card.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By Kenya M
    I love using to app to quickly send money after checking my account. Plus the early direct deposit makes life so much easier!
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By amcal
    I was having a little trouble at first with the app and understanding the features. I called customer service and they were so helpful to get me up and running! Now that I know how to use the app I feel so much more at ease with the convenience of what’s at my fingertips!
  • Having the control is great! 5/5

    By Pezlo1972
    I enjoy using the Serve Cash Back card. I use it primarily to set money aside using the goals feature. The app works great for me to quickly see my balance and transfer money from goals to my main account in case of an emergency. The card and the app make feel like I have control over my money.
  • Great way to manage your money! 5/5

    By Second and 26
    It’s better than a bank! More convenient to use and fewer fees than other products.
  • Get my paycheck 2 days early! 5/5

    By KenDevivo
    I get my paycheck deposited 2 days early on my Serve card and save on not getting charged a monthly fee. I love that I can make bill payments and can cash physical checks right from the app!
  • Easier than my traditional bank 5/5

    By 4441 ct
    The mobile app is so much easier to use. I love the simplicity. Screens look like they were designed for today’s consumers.
  • Great features 5/5

    By Lighttlover
    Like that I can easily deposit checks on my phone and track balance and spending
  • Love Remote check deposit and subaccount features 5/5

    By kfnichols710
    I am easily able to add money to my account by using remote check capture or loading cash from a local retailer. I also have a car for my Mom and I am able to easily send her money if she needs it.
  • Easy to use app 5/5

    By doeodogie
    Super simple interface and easy to understand and use the app.
  • Direct Deposit is so fast 5/5

    By gjfhfhjgfhhu
    I love using this card to direct deposit my paycheck and it shows up two days faster than the direct deposit to my bank account. It is also so fun to be able to create and name a Goal to put money aside but be able to transfer it back to my main account for an emergency.
  • Can’t use mobile deposit 1/5

    By Moonrocks233
    I have been with serve for more than 4 years. I used it for my direct deposit. Recently I got a new job and instead direct deposit the company sent me a paycheck. I tried to do mobile deposit on the app and when I click the mobile deposit option it gives me error with a message “we are sorry we are having technical difficulties please try again later” this has been happening for 4 days. Then I called a customer service and the customer service told it was Ingo that handle the check processing so they transferred me to Ingo and then after speaking to Ingo they told me it was the serve app that was having the problem and they cannot do anything on that. I got back again to serve customer serve and they are again telling me that it was Ingo. So frustrating! I even deleted the app and reinstalled it and yet I am still having the same problem.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By AppleisAids
    The app is always broken and never works customer support is non existent do not use
  • Have to keep retrying 1/5

    By divawg
    I’m the last month it’s always something wrong with this app. I have to keep trying to log in and when trying to check balances or transfer money.
  • Where is card service I have a experience in my life 1/5

    By mnjjhhhhhh
    Whatever you do do not be bothered with this company people steal money off your car then to try to get in touch with someone to help you it’s almost impossible I have someone still over 100 and dollars off my card and they told me I had 10 days to send in the paperwork in order to get the thing going process but I haven’t received the paperwork I called back to find out what happened they kept me online for over two hours and I got tired and hung up
  • Miss the "Old" American Express Serve 1/5

    By MrsARuns44 Flowers
    I have been a faithful American Express Serve card customer for many years. With that being said, this new app upgrade is BEYOND FRUSTRATING!! Customer Service is even worse now than it was before, and before is was pretty mediocre! My notifications only work sometimes. I've had a pending charge/transaction on hold now for almost 30days. So that's $150 that is mine but I can't even use til the transaction/hold completes. Customer service is no help either! 😬😤😠🤦🏽‍♀️ If it wasn't for the Early Access Direct Deposit I would have been GONE a LOOONNGG TIME AGO!!! Get it together Serve!
  • DO NOT GET SERVE!! 1/5

    I have been a loyal customer for two years with serve. I have had deposits and direct deposits for them. On December 8th I added 500$ to my card for my children’s Christmas. Serve took my money and never posted it to my account. I call everyday and the customer service representatives talk to me like crap. They will not allow me to talk to the people that’s “investigating my case” because they are not talking calls. Please do not trust this company. I have emailed receipts of proof of my transaction and still I have not received my money!!! DONT GET SERVE!
  • A joke 1/5

    By C421B
    No customer support no replacement card no email contact no chat no online- account blocked. Can’t use card can’t talk to anyone How is this legal?
  • This app is terrible! 1/5

    By havbj
    I’d say 95% of the time when I open this app, it shows an error message stating that the system is down. I have no idea why and when I call customer support, they also have no idea why. It’s a lost cause.
  • Save your time and money! 1/5

    By sayshashae
    Took 7 hours 5 calls to customer service (2 of those with management) and still don’t have the card activated! Most definitely not reliable!
  • Site rarely work 1/5

    By concerned cardholder
    There is NO WAY THAT ITS ALWAYS NOT WORKING this site should not be going out this much! Please this fix this ASAP
  • Risk vs Benefit 2/5

    By olearyl3
    This card is amazing to use for direct deposits, especially if you want your deposit early! That is the positive! The negatives are much longer. It is a “prepaid card” therefore many places do not accept it as a form of payment because it isn’t debit or credit. Although your paycheck goes on there and there’s a touring and account number, it’s still considered prepaid. You can not connect it to PLAID. American Express can be connected but not Serve. They should really fix this glitch as a lot of things use app to securely link your bank account. And this being my main account for deposits, it is important that the companies accessing my account see my payroll deposits. It is impossible to contact customer service. There is no chat feature, no email, only a phone number. When you call, it takes forever to get connected. The customer service is foreign and hard to understand. A lot of the times, they can’t help you with what you need either! There is no “pending deposit” notification. I can never tell if my deposit actually went to my account until it’s available, which is annoying. This is NOT accepted in Canada. Like…anywhere! I found that out when I went to get a hotel and they refused the card. I went to the ATM and it refused the card as well. I was then stuck in Canada without money! All of this needs attention and fixing from American Express if they’re going to continue to have their name and logo representing this card.
  • NOT working 1/5

    By facts🗣🗣
    Has not worked for a awhile I tried to open up the app numerous of times and it has the ‘ oops message(s)’ every time please fix this or give an option for an updated one!
  • App issues 2/5

    By GeeHB
    I recently have had issues with my app. I have an iPhone 11 and can’t view my account at all. If I use my iPad it fine. Well, for starters, I can’t carry my iPad all over the place. I need the app on my phone to work. HELP!
  • App ok but company is terrible 1/5

    By peeeved!
    The App works ok with very limited options which is indicative of this company not interested in serving its customers