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  • Current Version: 6.1.0
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Serve App

WHAT IS SERVE? Serve is a financial Account with no credit check, no minimum balance, and no hidden fees. With a suite of options to choose from, Serve allows you to handle your money with ease. Our Accounts give you tools to help you budget, flexibility to spend online or in stores, and many conveniences including easy access. Visit us at for more information HOW THE SERVE MOBILE APP WORKS: • Easily manage your Serve Account on the go, wherever you are! • Log into easily access your Available Balance and view the details of all your active and completed transactions MONEY IN: • View your Direct Deposit information • Easily add money directly on your mobile device using Mobile Check Capture • Request money from other Serve Cardholders MONEY OUT: • Send money to other Serve Cardholders • Use your Serve card to make purchases online or in-store BRANDS YOU CAN TRUST • Our partners American Express® and Visa® bring the reliability you need and the value you deserve • We work hard to keep your information and money safe and secure • Our 24/7 Customer Service representatives are there for you, day or night

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  • Can’t sign in anymore 1/5

    By kday:)
    I don’t know what’s happening but they need to update this app. I can’t sign in did all the troubleshooting and still nothing. Really?
  • Does the app still work 1/5

    By Ansgar1100
    I had the app for years. Love it but every since the upgrade and the new change I can’t even login.
  • The runaround / APP Not Working 1/5

    By 614Naughtyboy
    This app is JUNK. I called 6 times an they asked me to delete the app an start over. Then they asked me to turn my phone off an reboot it. Then they asked me to go in my settings an manually change my time zone to something different. Last thing they ask me to screenshot the error message an e-mail it to them. After they open a case they closed the case the next day with No Help on fixing the problem. IF I CAN GIVE A NEGATIVE 5 STAR I Will…….
  • Cannot login 1/5

    By Fetcjid
    Ever since the app updated to the new format no matter the time of day, it won’t let me login and gives me an error message. I now have to use their regular website to login to even check my balance. It’s super inconvenient and annoying. The old app let you at least do a quick balance check without logging. This app is the worst and I hate it
  • Was 5 Stars.. But now. 2/5

    By BlackAngel Playah
    I liked the app when I first downloaded it, but the new update kinda sucked. Aaaaaand now the app doesn’t even work at all. 😒 The website works, but the app is just taking up space. Love Serve though. Amex is great. 😃 But this app is now a fail.
  • App login fail 1/5

    By I am sofa king we todd did
    Hello, I cannot login to app, receiving error message to try back later. Please fix
  • Fix the app! 1/5

    By dalprin
    It’s been weeks since the app stopped working and nothing has been done. Please get the issue resolved.
  • New App doesn’t work! 1/5

    By Saritarae77
    I can’t even login with the App, I have to use Safari! Hope it gets fixed or I will no longer use the card.
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By Jackpot2020
    Do not waste your time with this company you will lose your money and no one will Help you over the phone
  • Miss the old app 1/5

    By JahmeZZ
    I can no longer login to serve on the new app. Every time I try to login, I get this error: Oops! Something went wrong. Please check again later. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it. I even tried on another iPhone. Same message.This error only pertains to the app. I can login into the website without any issues.
  • Update unusable 6 week’s. Unacceptable 1/5

    By BJHipp
    I’ve been a serve card user managed through iOS apps for 9 years. Until this update, app worked as expected with only minor outages. The most recent update has kept me from logging in via iOS app completely. The “oops something went wrong message” follows every login attempt from 3 different iOS devices (including iPad os). I’ve tried all the usual fixes, uninstall/reinstall, network changes, OS updates etc. Nothing. After 6 weeks of widespread outages for many, many users, no acknowledgement or messages from American Express as you’d expect from a large financial institution. Luckily I've successfully used a work around: logging in through web browsers. The controls through web login is terrible but usable with lots of patients. Unacceptable American Express! Unfortunately this situation has me looking for a replacement service.
  • New Update Too Buggy. 1/5

    By cg2002sr
    New update totally broke the app. The last one worked perfectly for years. Now it won't even let me log in.
  • Isn’t working 2/5

    By onlyhis
    I can log in from the website but the mobile app and my text alerts aren’t working and I couldn’t begin to tell you why
  • App hasn’t worked in about a month 1/5

    By CharlirteSmtms
    Literally does not work. Can’t log into the app at all. Have to go to the website to check balance, and struggle to get into my account there also. If they don’t fix it soon, I’m shutting this account down and taking my business elsewhere.
  • App 3/5

    By Skulllcaandy
    Fix the app please keeps telling me something went wrong. Can’t login
  • App not working. 3/5

    By Bobychon62
    The Serve application hasn’t been working for the past three weeks now on my iPHONE 12Max Pro with iOS 14.6. Same issue with iPhone 11.
  • Worst experience possible 1/5

    By Eâglê
    I put my money in to make an online purchase because it says you don't need to register it but it wouldn’t let me make the purchase without registry i tried to register it and they wouldn’t accept my registration or my account and then the customer service is horrible some lady hung up on me while i was asking her questions and I'm stuck with monthly fees because i cant take out my money and I cant reload the card I am really considering suing this company for my money this is the absolute worst experience I've had
  • The app 2/5

    By serve app
    For some unknown reason the app stop working a week ago I thought I put in the wrong password but it worked online Called customer service which was a weasel of time. Up till this point the app was great and would recommend it to everyone, but now now. And another point the mew app doesn’t have a log off on the mobile app
  • Serve stinks 1/5

    By Stevethebeave123
    No website Support! Many errors on App to reset password Always saying “whoops call back later” No live assistance!!!!
  • App Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Steelers family 14
    The App won’t work! Why even have it if a person can’t get it to open up after logging in?!?!?
  • Error “something went wrong. Please check back later “ 1/5

    By I am redeemed!
    Been doing that for a month. No issues logging in from PC, only the app.
  • Serve iOS app has not worked in over a week!!!… 1/5

    By Aarcher626
    Serve iOS app has not worked in over a week!!! Moving to Credit Karma savings/debit card. Shouldn’t take a week to fix whatever the issue is…
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By cyn2545
    I’ve used this app for over a year and just recently it completely stopped working. I can’t log in or anything. A complete let down.
  • App is useless 1/5

    By Ms. Damien
    I don't know what happened but now you cannot log in from the app.
  • Terrible thief’s 1/5

    By kelleymacca1969
    They stole my money don’t get with these people.
  • What happened?! 2/5

    By jimmy DeApplese
    The app used to be good now I HAVE to go to my computer to access my account, it doesn’t work anymore and I’ve used it since 2017
  • “All New” Serve App doesn’t work 1/5

    By Bringbackcassettes
    Even with the correct credentials it won’t log you in. Constantly sends an error message saying, “Opps! Something went wrong please try again later!” At least the website allows a login to go through. What’s the point of having a “New” app if your can’t use it?
  • Can’t log in 1/5

    By RedHood53
    I’ve reset my password 3 times and can’t log in to the app. I can log into the website very easily but the App version is crap.!!!
  • Terrible after new app 2/5

    By skynet9
    I had no issues with the app …. But after the install of new app it doesn’t work!!! I have to log in through the browser… what’s the point of the app if I have to do that!!!
  • App Stopped Working 1/5

    By Aymles
    I have been a Serve customer for years. Love the card. Prefer to use cash over credit. Loved the app before. Recently they upgraded. Worked great for a few months then I couldn’t log in. I thought it was me. Right? Stupid user? No. I can log in from my PC just fine. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app. I’ve restarted my phone. Everything. Still can’t log in. Serve doesn’t have any tech support so now I have no app. So really - don’t bother. You can use it from your desktop. Which is still great. But you can’t check your balance on the run or transfer funds when you need it. I feel like I’ve gone backwards 10 years. Definitely will be getting a different solution.
  • The app has not been working for two weeks 1/5

    By h05162931
    If I could rate this 0 I would why have an app if I can’t log in ??? I have to log in through my browser for everything horrible app horrible people managing
  • Amex serve 1/5

    By DWB23
    Please fix this new app. It does not work correctly. Just says oops something is wrong.
  • Use to be a great app 1/5

    By StevieBStevie
    The functionality of this app used to be exactly what I needed, now it’s unstable, dysfunctional, annoying, difficult to navigate, slow, and almost useless.
  • No longer works 1/5

    By JamesArcher42
    This app is completely unusable. Has not worked in over a month.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By sihid
    After update it had become the worst frustrating app I have ever used. Hard time logging in and when I finally get in, it logs me out!!!! Ugggghhhh
  • Haven’t been able to login for 3 weeks since the update. 1/5

    By JoelLaCo
    Come in Amex. Do better. This is ridiculous
  • What would be nice 1/5

    By PR!NCE7up
    Is if I could actually log in to the app. It’s been about a month now and I just get an error. The website login works fine but hat defeats the purpose of the app. Between the outages and maintenance of this card that can sometimes make the card useless (check online for yourself this card will straight up decline during an outage that can last up to 5-8 hours or more at times) I’m already in the middle of switching companies. Been with serve for over 4 years now and this is the worst it’s ever been.
  • The new app is garbage 1/5

    By podedion
    Tried to log into the “Updated App” kept getting error messages. Even changed my password. Still couldn’t log into the app. I finally had to log in through a web browser on my phone. Contacted customer support that was no help. Advised to do exactly what I did. Questioned if there was an issue with the app. Told me no problems with the app but with the internet connection.. What ??? How can there not be a problem with the App if after all the reviews about how bad this new app is. AMEX fix your app. Reflects badly on American Express.

    By GameDrop
    UPDATED REVIEW - for the last few days, the app will now not log in at ALL. Just an “OOPS’ message. Logging in via the website works, so it’s obviously an app issue. PREVIOUS REVIEW: NEW APP IS TERRIBLE. Just opened the “all-new Serve mobile app with enhancements to provide a better experience and improved performance”. I have no idea what app they’re referring to, but it’s not the one that got installed. Yes, it’s a new app, in that it’s a new design again. Things are moved around - not for ease of use, just to have a new design, as with most redesigns. Whereas before your balance was a big display on the main page, now it is just another data point. I suppose they want it to be easier to overlook, but users don’t. Of course, it didn’t retain my login details, even though I use “Biometric Login” (seriously?). Once I logged in (slowly), I was barraged (slowly) by question after question of things they wanted me to set up that they already knew my settings for - or would have if this thing bothered to retain anything from the last app version; though I suppose this gave them all new options to annoy you for all these things again. And these questions didn’t even have “No” as an option, just “Remind Me Later”. Great. I mentioned slowly a few times because this app *is* slow. I don’t know what platform they see their “improved performance” on, but I’m on an iPhone SE 2G - a current phone and still not a slouch (hexa-core A13 Bionic) along with 1 gigabit Internet, and if I don’t see major games lag, I shouldn’t see the login screen for this app lag. It would have been nice to see some actual enhancements like Shortcuts integration and especially Widgets support - swiping to my widgets to get a QR code to do a quick deposit would be a great addition. And it would have been *really* nice to have had Virtual Card Numbers added (temporary number, expiration date, CVV code, # of recurring charges, restricted (to) merchant(s), charge $ limit, and so on - even if they were a premium feature. It would be something worth paying as you went for to have that functionality when you really want it. But as it is, this was a major downgrade of something that was already marginal.
  • Cannot log into app for WEEKS 1/5

    By Coastalwave
    For this garbage we pay $5.95 a month?! Not anymore, I’m switching to the free Cash App even though I despise Jack Dorsey!!! It has a free physical card associated with your account, by the way. The new Serve app is horrible. Every time I try to log in it gives the singularly unhelpful response ‘oops, something went wrong, try again later.’ I could log in on the app two weeks ago. There is no problem with my account as I can log in just fine on Safari. IT’S THE BLASTED APP!!! How on earth does Amex, one of the most respected credit-card companies on the planet, allow such colossal incompetence for so long? If I could I’d give it -5 stars.
  • Can't Even Log In 1/5

    By aarondanielsimons
    Since the new update, I cannot log into the app and therefore can't check my balance or deposit money or anything. Useless. Every time I try to log in, I get a message saying that "an unknown error occurred." I've reset my password, and I can still log in online, but the app is broken. Pointless!
  • No longer able to log in 1/5

    By Sandflycat1
    I can no longer log in on the mobile app. Website login is fine. I see from others that I am not alone. This is very inconvenient! I never had a problem with the previous version.
  • This is so bad! 1/5

    By MsHappyPants
    For a financial/ banking app, this has been the worst. I have been unable to use the app for a few weeks. I think it’s a sign that they no longer want me using their product. I am going to redeem my cash back then close my account. Way too much hassle and frustration when there are many others offering who also offer cash back options.
  • I don’t recommend 1/5

    By star seed 12
    This card isn’t accepted many places. Also they charge monthly fees and I had a negative balance on my card. The Serve app is horrible keeps saying they are experiencing technical difficulties. And the numbers rub easily off the card. Overall the worst card I have ever used. Next year I’ll have my taxes deposited to my bank account instead.
  • Get it right Amex 1/5

    By azn4mcali
    I have used this app for almost 2 years and now it’s giving me problems just like everyone is saying. Every time I put my password which I know is correct cause I can log in on the web sight …on the app it gives me the same saying that everyone is getting. Come on American Express get it right doesn’t anyone read these reviews by their customers??? We are saying the same things for the last few weeks FIX YOUR APP for your customers. The point of having an app is for the convenient for your customers! I get my pay check direct deposited into serve but if they can’t get their app fixed it’s fine I guess I will take my financial payments deposited into pay pal atleast their app is working lol
  • Not logging in 1/5

    By TheGoodDoctor17
    I can check balance in account using a browser, but trying to login from app keeps saying 'try again later'. Several days now. So cant deposit checks - whats the point if having an app then?
  • New version not working at all 1/5

    By t.lettman
    I can’t even give them a star maybe a month ago yes but now this new version they did u can’t even log on to ur account about to cancel it
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By littletonbrowns
    I have this app on iphone and it never works. Tonight it says “Oops! Something went wrong. It works fine on my android. Get it together and fix this issue you represent American Express; this is embarrassing
  • Updated to new version June 2021 - it works 5/5

    By LJ Elevias
    After reading the newest reviews, I got concerned about updating to the new version, but it works fine on my iphone 8 plus with ios 13.4.1 (not the latest ios) I had to re enter my login info after upgrade, however, it remembered my bank info and was able to load my card. I use it mainly for subscription services in case something funky goes on with a sudden up-charge on monthly package. 😊