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NOTE: To take advantage of the fully native capabilities on your iOS device, you must be connected to a ServiceNow Geneva instance or newer. Change the way people work in the enterprise with the new ServiceNow app for iOS. Stop relying on antiquated, disparate technologies and deliver a modern service experience to everyone in your organization. ServiceNow for iOS includes: • Incident Management: Take action immediately and securely, with a mobile-first experience designed for you and your team. • Connect & Presence: Stop killing productivity with email and collaborate directly with the people that matter, when it matters the most. • Get The Full Picture: With activity streams and push notifications, get the context you need and know exactly what’s going on the moment it happens. • Decisions at a Glance: With Apple Watch you can get instant notifications and realtime updates without ever taking your iOS device out of your pocket. • Workflows On-The-Go: Access your enterprise Service Catalog or make approvals on the way to your next meeting, directly from your iOS device. • Performance Analytics: Mobile integration empowers users with actionable information and dashboards directly from your iOS device.


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  • A Series of Reviews: Currently very disappointing 1/5

    By Bill.Collins
    I really like this app and the improvements over the previous app. The favorites loading as the home screen is helpful. I can't wait to put more power behind it. We will roll out Service Portal in 2016. I would like to see my current domain on screen somewhere. /MyServiceDesk Added 5.4.2017: please add "Toggle Domain Scope" Added 5.25.2017: Please add "iOS 10.3 will let apps change their Home screen icon at any time, no update required" Added 11.25.2017: Disappointing lack of improvement. In November a whole version number was used. Yet, I see nothing different, no flaws corrected. • Let’s face it: Domain Separation just does not work on iOS. I have PRBs opened months ago which have been declined resolution, e.g., dependent choice fields do not work in child domains. How could SNC be taken seriously for Field Service Management without Domain support. • Selected map icons reload the entire browser inside the browser. This is OOB. • Map icon callouts do not resize. • item.dialog_title (although documented) does nothing. [sarcasm] Why would we want maps or a field service app to work on a mobile device?! Added 04.18.2018: This app is now a big disappointment. Sorry SNC. My guess is you are planning to replace with a new app by the company you acquired. Unfortunately, our daily work doesn’t coincide with your promotion cycle and the next big user conference. The quantity of reviews reflect the usage.
  • iPhone X support!!! 2/5

    By OurSuperLives
    When is it coming? It has been months of waiting!!! Thanks
  • What’s the point 1/5

    By md86bd
    You can’t even submit an incident so what’s the point?
  • Overhaul needed 2/5

    By RollTide2010
    iOS 11 has been out, but no updates to the ServiceNow software to support the whole screen. Also, the UI is just not very user friendly. Trying to update a ticket is like act of Congress. If the user reply’s back you have to search through a bunch of useless threads to find what they said. Why can’t we access everything from the mobile app like the web app (e.g., Logging time). Please help us by fixing the app. Thanks!
  • iPhone X Support Needed! 1/5

    By Libertyforall
    iPhone X Support Needed!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Edtechie2012
    The app doesn't allow one to create an incident. It used to but no longer works. Please fix
  • Does not recognize my credentials 2/5

    By Red Claw
    Often times when I launch the app it will present me with the Service-Now instance list instead of the list of cases I have. When I select the instance it takes me to a login page. When I try to enter my credentials I get a "Verification Failed" error. I can click on the "Use external login" and it does take me to my sites login portal, but trying to use that gives me the error: "User not Authenticated: Required to provide Auth information"
  • Powerful App 5/5

    By 1212043
    From the technician standpoint ServiceNow App is great. Key is to create favorites on the website to make navigating the app much easier. Once you get the hang of it I can do almost everything from the site on the app.
  • Appears to not work on sites that use SAML 1/5

    By Kevin W. Mullet
    It would be awesome if this app worked on instances that use SAML. As is, this app is a shameful monument to inadequate release requirements.
  • Stopped working after last update. 2/5

    By oBCYD14n
    This was a great little tool for viewing tickets in the field until it just stopped working with the last update. Now it’s worthless.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By DikoObraZ
    This app is trash like ServiceNow as a whole.
  • Lacks functionality 1/5

    By JerryM24
    I'm hoping this was a beta release because this app is as useful as a poop flavored lollipop.
  • Not Mobile Friendly! 1/5

    By Rafael FL
    This is basically a Web app to view your tickets. You have to pinch to zoom on pretty much everything so it is a horrible experience if you are on the go and want to quickly open and edit tickets. To make this app usable you need to have the ability to open and edit tickets with your thumb only. I manage our organization's Airwatch MDM and have this app deployed to our corporate mobile devices but our techs refuse to use it because of the reasons mentioned above. Please update and fix.
  • Never let's me log in and always tells me my credentials are wrong. Useless. 1/5

    By William Schmitt
    Never let's me log in and always tells me my credentials are wrong. Useless.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Indybuzz
    It's next to impossible to find/display attachments and you can't close tickets because fields mandatory to be entered in order to close are not listed on the page. Absolutely worthless as a mobile app at this point.
  • Doesn't support federated authentication 1/5

    By Mattron5000
    Doesn't support federated authentication
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Pbinpcb
    Very bad attempt at an app for people who support much superior applications. No way to search for individual tickets, continually getting logged in and out, bare bones main menu with no guidance on how to find what you're looking for, no feature parity with the web app, can't see full tickets, the list goes on and on. Deleting the app so I can at least see my tickets in a browser until they get their act together.
  • Room for improvement, but solid if you make the effort. 4/5

    By rubik76
    The app is a solid platform. Like anything else of this sort though, it's only as good as the skill and time spent configuring it for an organization's needs. Color themes, logos, menus, and more can all be changed. Time just has to be put into delivering a good user experience. As an engineer/admin, I'd like to see more focus given to helping us flesh out the basic OOB package. Maybe a guided setup? As the web interface becomes more responsive, I'm interested to see what the future of this dedicated mobile app will be, although push notifications alone will keep it on my devices.
  • Needs some more work 3/5

    By filmless
    I'm trying to use the app more as I'm a mobile user. The app is not easy to setup. One of the biggest issues I have is that I can not see the protected fields. This hinders me to resolve the incidents. I always need to launch the full browser to see this information. Is this configurable? Thanks
  • Pinnacle of incompetence 2/5

    By Narayan Ambatipudi
    First: This is not a free app for users. Companies are charged for using service now. Looks like no budget is spent on designing the ui and no care is taken for positive user experience. Menus and options are way off and they chose a dull color scheme to make app more stupid. They also have issues in data binding (I see codes instead of values) and it's slow. I am using it just because our company is using Service now.
  • Huge improvement 5/5

    By Michael00
    This app is a tremendous improvement over the previous effort. Gives me just what I need to administer SN over iOS
  • Useless 1/5

    By srsmits
    Better off using a web browser. This "App" provides 0 functionality or features.
  • Good app 4/5

    By chaboidburr
    The app works great with my instance. Responsive and easy to use.
  • Helpful for incidents 3/5

    By You’re a Squirrel
    I use the app to look at incidents mainly. Both assigned to myself and the group. I would like to be able to look at requests but the app appears to scramble all of those tickets as if they were encrypted making them unreadable.
  • Solid app 5/5

    By G0t3M
    Solid app. Obviously not going to be as powerful as using the platform in a browser but good for on the go.
  • Missing a critical component 2/5

    By Jwkrock
    How do you have a service desk app that does not show the full incident description? All you can see is the incident title and short description, but not the full description. Needs to be fixed. Also, you can not enter close notes in the app. Unusable as is.
  • Great Update 5/5

    By KayakPaul
    The latest version is absolutely superb! I actually prefer the UI on my iPad now over the web interface on my PC.
  • No iOS 10 1/5

    By Shlomojones
  • No IOS 10 support Still as of 10/2/16 1/5

    By Ranger203
    I just installed it for the first time and found a splash screen comes up saying "Need IOS browser 6+" to work. But i'm on iOS 10 so I assume it lacks support yet. last update was June 2016, so hopefully a patch comes out soon. 1 star until then. I submitted a screenshot to support.
  • Needs to be updated to work with IOS 10 1/5

    By jackt923
    Needs to be updated to work with IOS 10
  • Does not fully support iOS 10 browsers 1/5

    By JohnA_IA
    I downloaded this app because I wanted an easier option to respond to tickets while away. The app does not seem to support the Safari browser very well at all. They should update this ASAP.
  • Limited Options for Opening New Tickets 2/5

    By Paul Ysebaert
    I like that you can mirror your bookmarks from the Desktop site. Even then, it's clunky. And if you are trying to open a new ticket from a user's desk, it's almost impossible. Still needs more features added.
  • Buggy loads into webview of desktop version 1/5

    By qitupx
    Loads into what looks exactly like the desktop version for some reason
  • Assigned To list is blank 3/5

    By M34Doors
    When there is a new Incident and in the Assigned To field, it doesn't put up any people, and I search for the user name and it said, 'No Result' can this be fixed soon???? Other than that, the app looks good and it shows all my Favorites!
  • The App looks great, but... 3/5

    By CoreyDav
    Your support documents all deal with modifying the Mobile site UI and not the native iOS Application. Also my company has re-branded the application, so we need the ability to re-brand this app before we deploy it to our users. (icon, label, and banner in the app) It is waaay better than the Mobile UI, but needs some bells and whistles. Still pretty immature.
  • Great concept 1/5

    By Cmdr Follow
    Poor UI. Home screen is blank. Why? Pressing menu icon doesn't slide the home screen completely out of the way and scrolling control is stuck to the partially visible home screen instead of the menu. Maddening.
  • Unusable 1/5

    By Celebrith
    The app apparently just shows the unusable website. The website works fine from an iPad, but you can't enter and data on the iPhone (on either the app or the website). You can read an incident if you click through from the relevant email, but you can't see some information, and trying to search from the main page doesn't work. No reason to keep the app installed - it's THAT BAD.
  • Absolutely terrible app 1/5

    By HallurH
    Marginally useful, but essentially an absolute garbage app. Apple Watch can't synchronize to the main app on the phone, for instance. Basura!!
  • Not a universal app 1/5

    By NetMage
    One star for not supporting iPad as listed (it is an iPhone app) and being very broken in lots of other ways. Obviously untested.
  • No quality control 2/5

    By NetMage
    Given 2 stars because it can be made to work, but hard to believe it was released with any testing done. Does sections twice on home screen and settings, can't turn off sections and turning off duplicate sections not saved, word animations that are broken, external login shows tiny and can't zoom properly, details to asking for instance url on every start
  • Not fully baked 2/5

    By MangumB
    Weird layout issues in iOS9 on my iphone6. Also categories show up twice even if I turn them off in the settings page. Would love for this to work but looks like I'll need to wait for an update.

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