Session - Private Messenger

Session - Private Messenger

  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: The Loki Project
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Session - Private Messenger App

Session is a new breed of private messenger, built on a unique network of user-operated servers spread all over the world. With no central servers, Session can’t leak or sell your data. And with Session’s private routing protocols, your messages are completely anonymous. No one ever knows who you’re talking to, what you’re saying, or even your IP address. • Fully anonymous account creation: No phone number or email needed to create a Session ID • Decentralised server network: No data breaches, no central point of failure • No metadata logging: Session doesn't store, track, or log your messaging metadata • IP address protection: Device IP addresses are never exposed to the person you're talking to or the servers holding your data • Closed groups: Private, end-to-end encrypted group chats for up to 100 people • Secure attachments: Share voice snippets, photos, and files with Session's secure encryption and privacy protections • Free and open-source: Don’t take our word for it — check Session's code yourself Session is free as in free speech, free as in free beer, and free of ads and trackers. Session is built and maintained by the OPTF, Australia’s first privacy tech not-for-profit organisation. Take back your online privacy today — download Session. Want to build from source, report a bug, or just take a look at our code? Check out Session on GitHub:

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Session - Private Messenger app reviews

  • Nice 5/5

    By Mori HP
    your app very help for us in iran revolution 2022 🇮🇷
  • Suggest 3/5

    By zj sh
    It is a good application. But I have some suggestions for improvement: 1- The call is delayed and the notification of the call is very late 2- The details of the sent message cannot be seen 3- Sending the image is delayed
  • Amazing 4/5

    By Ronin2529
    Thats very good and secure !! Special for the country with limited access to internet!!!! And filtration
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By shernoti
    Please add more feature such as deleting message for everyone on android phone, clearly all group chat message, ability to ad proxy layer, change path. Thanks for all. Also increase the file size more that 6 mb
  • Tips for developers to have better app 5/5

    By berad kzm
    We are using this in Iran while the government trying to shutdown communication this app is great to help us. Its helpful to have mesh technology and connect nearby devices together to help sending messages. There should be a way for me to create a deeplink and share it with my friend to make adding new contact easier by only clicking on the link insteade of copy and paste my sessionID. It would be greate to have inside proxy configuration to set if they block session app requests then we can set reconfiguration on the app. theres more features I can suggest to you but I think these are more important thank you
  • Add horizontal view for iPad 5/5

    By vandh olme
    Add horizontal view for iPad plz.
  • Love the idea but. 4/5

    By Jacky Smith 777
    Hello there. I set disappearing messages for different time and they just don’t work. App is not deleting messages. That’s is so frustrating. Also notifications aren’t working correctly when I call to someone. They are not notified about the call. The most frustrating is disappearing messages. Could you please advice what should I do with that?
  • Excellent app! But still some bugs. 5/5

    By Gary Yearn
    I have known this app for many years and keep being fascinated by its cool UI and reliable encryption. I also invited my sister to download the app. However, this app has some flickers when my sister uses it. The app does not push any notifications when it is opened in background while notifications can be received normally when the phone is locked. Also, the “ delete old open group messages “ function can not be off. Once I tried to shut it down, the app crashed and closed automatically.
  • App crashes everyday 1/5

    By Crskub007
    Can’t get in due to optimizing database. This app has been not so wonderful.
  • Great, but notifications need a fix 5/5

    By SomeoneThatTriedThisApp
    Notifications dont appear. My notifications are on and all but it still isnt sending me any notifications. other than that this app is pretty good
  • Crashes when trying to open 3/5

    By Hascandem
    The app when it was working was nice but I'd really appreciate the same features that signal has like interactive messages and themes. I'm trying to get my friends to switch over to private messages but this app is so bare bones with its interactivity and looks that it comes off as unimpressive. I really hope the crashing is fixed soon.
  • Number one 5/5

    By Ramyar.N
    This app is the most powerful thing which you could find on App Store if you care about your privacy and so on . Thanks to session’s team.
  • Great! 5/5

    By b-norris
    Probably the best privacy oriented messenger I have used. Got a lot of friends and family using it now and people have been enjoying it. With larger file sizes in the pipeline it should be an ez go to. iPad support hopefully coming soon
  • Love the app 5/5

    By goldieglox
    This app is wonderful!!
  • Screenshot 3/5

    By Lazzzz01
    Nice app just that you guys are missing that people can take screenshots of your chat… so it’s not that private… please add that feature that when someone tries to record or take a screenshot it’s all blackout.
  • Needs work 2/5

    Please improve the voice call of the app, comparing to Whatsup and Signal it’s really really bad and needs work.. for text message 5 stars For voice call 2 starts
  • So far it’s pretty reliable. 5/5

    By xp13usr
    Using session instead of signal and wire and so far it’s more reliable than both. Only downside is very low file transfer file size limit of 6mb! Read it will be unlimited p2p soon, so looking forward to it.
  • The future is onion routed!! 5/5

    By ChillaManilla
    Thanks for the onion routed calls. This is revolutionary. Now anyone with a hot spot can make onion routed international calls
  • add landscape support. 5/5

    By iPhone 12 Pro Max user
    iPad fullscreen support is a good thing, but landscape mode will be even better. Please add
  • nothing earns my like over electronics, 5/5

    By Erik Andrews 77941
    session earns my like over electronics. only thing, sending videos could use fix on iphone se
  • Please add screen rotation on iPad 4/5

    By crorrc
    This is crucial for user experience on iPad, thanks.
  • Pushing Notification unstable 3/5

    By Alex from Guangzhou China
    My friends unable to receive any notification when I have sent some messages to them until they clicked into the App.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By b-norris
    Got all my friends and family to switch over and it works aweome. Even tried the beta with voice and video calls and was perfect. Cant wait to see how the team progresses with Session, Oxen, and my favorite product of theirs LokiNet. Keep it up!
  • Screenshot 5/5

    By FranckTattoo1324
    excellent I would like it to notify when someone takes a screen of the chat
  • Insecure app 1/5

    By kxkxkx120400
    Scammers use this app to get money because their I.P. can't be traced.
  • Notifications not working 1/5

    By Luci lou
    Ever since 1.11.22 update my notifications will not appear. So I’m not aware of any new messages until I log into app Very annoying
  • iPad support please 2/5

    By V. H. Hess
    I’m surprise this wasn’t done yet. It works great on desktop, so if they can just push that over to the iPad, it’ll be perfect. Especially for those of us that use iPad as our primary machine now! The privacy features of this app is really good however, I will change my rating after iPad support comes.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Oceanaiyy
  • Good but 3/5

    By perompe
    It just has a weird bug that shows notification even though there’s no message. My messaging app of choice. I like the simplicity.
  • Private messaging as it should be 4/5

    By Jeff J.2
    I applaud the level of security and I am very excited about Session, but it still has some rough edges. I have no doubt that this will become THE messaging app for the masses. Session has singlehandedly convinced me to get involved in Lokinet.
  • Overall Good 4/5

    By CletusGlory
    Session overall does a great job at providing a secure messaging tool. The one item it is missing is the ability to revoke a device. If a computer or device is stolen it is possible for someone to gain access. If there were a way to revoke a device from another device with the session on it, this concern could be alleviated.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Eren_Yeager9
    I’m trying my best to get all my friends on this! It’s hard but not impossible! Don’t give up on this app
  • This app is super dope 5/5

    By shepydoodle
    But can it help me find the derivative of sine using calculus
  • Works like you’d want! 5/5

    By Nintron711
    Doesn’t have tons of a fancy features like stickers or calling (but those are coming in the future!!!), however, what it does have is incredible privacy without any effort on the user. It works like you’d expect SMS to, and doesn’t just go down for hours like some other messengers ;)
  • Needs iPadOS support 1/5

    By OccultistWarlock
    Neat concept, but can’t be taken seriously yet with the lack of features and support for common devices.
  • No ipad support?! 1/5

    By P Abhishek Khanna
    This app doesn’t have most basic features
  • Questions 5/5

    By bphipps88
    Can you make calls on this?
  • great 5/5

    By creative_fartist
    Please get away from Giphy, that is the only problem with this app. I am baffled by this decision. Your app was standing on its own before putting on these kid gloves.
  • New Messages Take long to show up 4/5

    By reese470411
    Session is stuck on a permanent unread message state. I get the notification of a new message but shows no message. Rebooting doesnt load new messages. It forever shows an unread message. No timestamps doesnt help either. great concept but extremely glitchy.
  • Absolutely Sublime 5/5

    By burn_it_down
    Overall 5/5 stars on this app. Pros: (+)Privacy and security are baked into the interface (+)Sending long voice messages (+)Sending extended video messages (+)No phone number Cons: (-) app does crash from time to time (-) messages can be slow to load from other devices (-) there’s no log out feature Overall fantastic app, would def recommend
  • Doesn’t even get the basics right. 1/5

    By Judge J
    Is this App a high school project? Certainly seems like it… The App seemed promising and then something changed a few weeks ago, perhaps a super buggy update??? Not only for my use, but those I’m chatting with as well. Some problems: 1) very difficult to start multi-user chat groups; some individuals do not get notifications or access to the chat even though they have been absolutely correctly added to the chat group; 2) when attempting to post links natively from websites and other Apps through Session, all that shows in the Session chat is a file icon, which has zero functionality. Performing the same action on WhatsApp, Skype or Signal works flawlessly. 3) When I send a message TO someone, a notification comes up that I RECEIVED a message? This Session App definitely is not ready for prime time.
  • Overall great! 4/5

    By beesleyrc
    Love the fact session doesn’t require a phone number. I also love the fact I don’t have to create a password, I just have to backup my seed phrase. Overall amazing messenger, only draw backs are some bugs. 1. I keep getting notifications from the app while I’m already in the app. 2. I get notifications from text messages I send.
  • Love the concept but still buggy 5/5

    By Ekulaj
    This almost has everything I want. Still with this latest update I’m having a bug where the message doesn’t populate. Or the person I’m talking to isn’t getting my messages. I know there is a lot of tech going on here but if this can’t support a normal back and forth conversation I won’t be able to use this much longer. The frustration will be too much. I’m still gonna give you a 5 star review because I’m confident you’ll figure it out. Just please make it soon. Now things on my wishlist, 1. A loading or progress meter for downloading photos or audio messages. 2. In the “all media” section make a tab for Audio. So it’s easier to find. 3. Time stamps in the chat would be nice next to the message or when you swipe left to reply to a message.
  • Can’t see group chat created by others 3/5

    By Zaklye
    hi there! Just tried it today and appreciate the privacy policy. Just met one big bug: I can’t see the group chat which I was invited to, and several friends who use iphone and ipad also met this problem. However, interestingly, I can see the group chat which I created. Wish to see this bug solved. I use it in China. Thanks! Btw, I will definitely give five stars once this bug solved.
  • Call 5/5

    By Josef🌈
    When will it have (video call )?
  • There is a problem in the group chat. 4/5

    By Kiran Zhang
    For some reason, when you create a group and start a group chat, only some people can read the group message. Some people can't read and send messages. It seems that it has not been added to the group, But in fact, they are already in the group.
  • Works great 4/5

    By parade72
    Update from the previous review, after some recent updates everyone now works fine. A bit difficult to get the phone from sending voice messages prematurely, but that’s an issue on other apps too.
  • Messaging as it should be 5/5

    By Penthasilia
    Private, encrypted, simple. I love that it doesn’t use a phone number so work or light social contacts aren’t seeing your status at all. Too many apps gathering too much data. Truly hope that this takes the place of telegram and others that love to back door in less privacy. Amazing app, amazing concept and can’t wait to see more from the team.
  • Great, easy to use messenger app.... 4/5

    By cheapazz
    Really appreciate the developers made a simple, secure messaging app that doesn’t exploit data mining. I have high hopes they won’t lose sight of this, and avoid becoming like Signal, with annoying FB / WhatsApp gimmicks. Will revise this app to a more deserved 5 star rating if the developers make it more landscape oriented instead of solely being portrait.
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