Sezzle | The way forward

Sezzle | The way forward

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  • Current Version: 3.2.6
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Sezzle
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sezzle | The way forward App

Become financially empowered and enjoy stress-free shopping with the Sezzle app! Sezzle is a digital payment platform that enables everyone to take control of their financial future, spend responsibly, and shop conveniently. When you shop with Sezzle, your purchases are split into 4 payments at 0% interest over 6 weeks. And there's no impact on your credit! GET STARTED NOW Download and sign up - Experience flexible, hassle-free shopping in the Sezzle app! Shop our extensive store directory - The Sezzle app is your one-stop shop to discover over 47,000 brands that offer the latest trends in fashion, home goods, beauty, and more! From name brands you know and love to small businesses, there's always something new to discover. Split your payments - Sezzle gives you the purchasing power you deserve, so you can buy what you want now and pay later. Split your purchases into 4 payments at 0% interest over 6 weeks. Take control of your purchases - Easily manage existing orders, reschedule future payments, change your payment methods, and get notifications ahead of your next payment in the app. Favorite the stores you love - Add the brands you love to your 'Favorites' by tapping the heart icon on the store tile. This will create a new category so you can easily shop your favorites in the future. Access exclusive offers - Find the latest and greatest deals from top brands in the Sezzle app. We know the value of a good deal, so we're always sharing new offers and ways to save at your favorite stores. Connect with us - Let's stay in touch! Follow us on Instagram for the latest Sezzle updates, deals, giveaways, and shopping guides you'll love.

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  • bait and switch 4/5

    By ss619710
    Was recently updated to include sezzle premium which is just sezzle locking their most popular supported merchants behind a $10 a month paywall. At that point, just apply for a credit card. Sezzle and other BNPL apps helped me build my credit. So I was able to finally get a credit card, but I wont be using sezzle anymore due to their recent practices.
  • Credit damaging 1/5

    By That'sMs.BlissToYou
    Sezzle boasts soft credit checks that don’t effect your credit. That is true. What they don’t tell you is they will report your high balance ( as a loan), then wait months and Months To update your account to the bureaus. The result is it looking like you have had a high balance on your “loan” without paying it down. Sezzle reporting to credit bureaus months and months between will stop me from EVERY using this again. ETA- contacted by developer to tell me opting in is optional. Funny enough, when I contacted Sezzle about this weeks ago they apologized they did not have an answer to solve the issue and promised to escalate it to “the right team”. Nothing optional about it.
  • I do not want to subscribe. 5/5

    By elimicky
    I don’t
  • From generous to greed 1/5

    By TheHonestTruth1
    First review here on the AppStore and I’m honored that it’s for Sezzle. This app, company, was great. It stood for making stores and shopping accessible to those who could not afford to pay large sums up front. As someone who used the app as a student and throughout the pandemic, it helped a lot. Now not to so much. Stores you may want to purchase from are now locked behind a monthly/yearly subscription service and are the same stores you were ONCE able to buy from before this despicable and vile company decided to lock them all behind the aforementioned subscription service being marketed as “Sezzle Premium” which only operates and succeeds in alienating those who used the service to help make big purchases smaller. As for the excuse Sezzle is dishing out to its current and/or former customers is that it “allows users to purchase gift cards and grants our great users access to purchase from bigger name brands.” Ok so that’s a load of junk. Look at other services such as Afterpay, Affirm, and Klarna. They allow the same exact things as Sezzle “Premium” without the subscription service. All in all, it’s a cash grab for the company. One that will sucker people in and that is greed at its best… and worst. The app was once really great! Now, it’s a hunk of code designed to target ads to stores and products blocked by a paywall so that it’s consumers will enrich the company and its corporate suits.
  • Great until there’s a problem 1/5

    By Apaller89
    It’s been 3 month & I have yet to receive a refund for something that was returned back to the Sezzle card yet I paid off the excess with no word on how to fix a glitch In there own system.
  • App no longer works 1/5

    By RBHisbadandyoushouldfeelbad
    I now get a message on my iPhone xs max saying sorry this app is not able to run on this device. And before the reply asks me update I already did and am on most recent version from 2 days ago.
  • App Has Limited Functionality 3/5

    By vladthebeerman
    I’m not rating the service (which I love). I’m rating the app itself. The mobile website has more features than the app including the ability to see past (completed) orders. I deleted the app and made a shortcut on the home screen to the mobile site instead.
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By Marvlevy
    Big fan
  • Greedy 1/5

    By Edgar's 1
    They want to charge you 10 dollars just to shop at stores that should already be included for free. All the other apps that are like this don’t charge you for this.
  • Terrible customer service 1/5

    By durxiut
    I have had this app about a year now. Straight to the point, all is well until it isn’t with Sezzle. I pay all my purchases. However, some things have changed including how many times you can purchase at a merchant, 35 minimum purchase amount, and if you change repayment dates. I utilized the app without any issues until the change. I called due to a recent decline, I was not allowed to purchase again because of my frequent amounts at one store. Despite paying all the time. I called and worked with one of the rudest customer reps. Where do you find your associates because that is not professional business practice to put down the customer when asking questions. Straighten up Sezzle! I received a developer response in regards to the merchant orders howeverI am more concerned with the level of customer service I received and the arrogance that was placed behind it.Again thank you for addressing the merchant issue buy developer did not touch on the customer service.
  • Premium is a goddamn joke 1/5

    By cidiidjdrn
    They now want to charge you $9.99 monthly to shop at “premium” stores that used to just be included! The greed of this company knows no bounds.
  • No loyalty! 1/5

    By Just copy and paste
    I was a long time user of sezzle, with $1000s worth of purchases. Lost my job due to Covid and couldn’t make payments for maybe 2 or 3 months. Got a new job, paid off my orders, just for sezzle to tell me I could never use their services again. Was good while I had it, they just have no value in their customers.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By koribaby17
    I got the app when I signed in it told me that I had to add a debit or credit card to my file in order to activate my Sezzle virtual card. Once I did that it would take me back to the virtual screen and desplay a twirling loading logo. The logo never left, the screen never loaded so I reloaded the app and tried again everytime I did it the virtual Sezzle card never activated I even removed my debit card and added it back twice . This app was just a waste of my time personally .
  • Sezzle Services!!! 5/5

    By Taysteesetcnblingz- Sonji
    I love Sezzle.. it’s a great opportunity to buy some of the things that I usually couldn’t afford all at once! I’m grateful!
  • Service is good. App is stupid 1/5

    By Steb0ne
    Been using this for a while and it's been decent up until now. Version 3.2.5 no longer runs on my phone.. Because I'm guessing all of a sudden it's detecting my phone was previously jailbroken even though it's no longer jailbroken. Now I can't use this on iPhone anymore.
  • Wonderful 5/5

  • This app is terrible, they’ll approve you but not let you use the credit 1/5

    By Derek1588
    I would give it zero if I could, they’ll approve you and give you credit but they won’t let you use it an then say it’s out of their control!? Makes no sense!!! I’ve tried making multiple purchases thru the app an have been denied. Why do y’all approve someone then don’t let them use the credit that y’all approved me of. AFTERPAY, another buy now pay later app has been very generous and giving an in return I’ve spent almost $2000 on items an I’ve made early an on time payments every time. Y’all gotta get your priorities straight. Either let ppl use their credit, or just don’t approve them for any credit. Don’t give use the run around!!!
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By CatJoanne
    They now charge a monthly subscription lol on top of service fees. Use Zip/(Quadpay) instead
  • Unable to use the app 1/5

    By AlfredoMaxx100
    Trying to launch the app just brings me to a white screen saying its not able to run on my device, I have an Iphone 12 pro.
  • Review 1/5

    By Mecherre
    Customer service/Bot have not been able to help me with my concerns. I could not pay my bill on time due to phone issues, I accept responsibility for that. However I normally pay in advance and never late yet they still reduced my available spending limit. After I pay these last two accounts out. I’m going to hold off using Sezzle until my concerns can be properly addressed.
  • Great company 5/5

    By Horsewoman59
    I am pleased with the service I get from this company. They are very understanding with a one time rescheduling payment. I was a little short this month and I was given to option to make a payment 2 days late. Fantastic service great people
  • This app is TRASH 1/5

    By Meag0918
    I attempted to use the virtual card for only 25% of my available limit. The card wouldn’t work. It kept saying I’m over limit. I have no purchases whatsoever. My full credit limit is AVAILABLE. What a waste of time.
  • Sezzle premium 1/5

    By hubbasmoke
    Sezzle premium is a joke. I absolutely loved this app before they stuck main stores under a paywall. KLARNA it is now. Disappointed.
  • Changes 3/5

    By Deekthageek
    I really liked Sezzle and once they started getting better brands I liked them even more. I liked that unlike other apps of their kind they gave you more chances to be sure to pay on time….like if you needed an extra week. Recently I noticed that they have moved into premium accounts for $9.99 a month. Without that you don’t have access to their more known brands. This, I’m not a fan of. Subscriptions aren’t always the way to go. Hopefully Afterpay doesn’t take this route as well or I’ll be dropping both. Hope this is a trial and it goes back to free full access.
  • Best app 5/5

    By Coyotecutty
    All I can say is thank you for the assistance of payments and helping my credit rise.
  • Early Payment 1/5

    By chick1158
    Your assistant kept telling me to go to Dashboard and I had no idea what they were talking about, but today I went to my order and was able to make my second payment, You will find out ,I am very reliable, You made it very hard explaining how to make early payment, your need to make it simple for people that don't use internet
  • Payment 5/5

    By adickmeyer
    User friendly
  • Sezzle 5/5

    By dijahfati
    I find it to be a great app to help with making payments on items you May purchase, It’s truly new to me but I find it very helpful!
  • Not worth the hassle 1/5

    By rlybrah
    Stick with your credit cards, waste of your time and money. Poor poor service
  • Why fix something that isn’t broken? 1/5

    By Yessis423
    I used to love Sezzle but recently the main reasons I loved it have changed. I used to be able to reschedule payments two weeks out (until my next pay period) and it would allow me to reschedule all future payments as well. Now it will only allow me to reschedule one payment a max of 13 days out and which for me falls within the same pay period so it makes no sense and the next payment is due the very next day. Also, we used to be able to make purchases even if we had rescheduled payments (who h as a single parent living paycheck to paycheck came super helpful in case of emergencies) and now you can’t. It will decline your purchase. I made a mistake of rescheduling a payment that wasn’t due for another 2 days and because I rescheduled it, now I can’t use sezzle even though the original due date wasn’t even due. Customer service is horrible. You can be on hold for hours on the phone waiting to speak to someone and their twitter team is even worse just giving generic answers. Honestly sezzle was great before and didn’t need any of these new changes.
  • Poor customer service. 2/5

    By Who_I-Is
    I've tried to call a number of times to to change my number since I'm unable to log in cause my number changed, but I tells me in order to do so that I have to call. Yeah, good luck if you ever have to call customer service. I never get an answer. And they don't return messages. I've also emailed a few times about changing my number and keep getting the same response. Saying to change it to go on line. But when doing it online it says to call. No help at all.
  • Wtfff 1/5

    By jadealmond
    So my limit was $250. My order was $214. Should be able to order right? Nope! Talked to customer service and wow they were so helpful. She just kept telling me my order is above my limit. Not sure how $214 is over $250 but okay?? Then she tries to tell me to read the small print for my order. I did and that related to literally nothing at all. But i downloaded zip pay and had no problem at all. Interesting.
  • Late Fee 1/5

    By Say no to hidden fees
    I lost my debit card it and was impossible to figure out how to update my card. The $10 fee is stupid. Will never use Sezzle again.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By thisnigaagsloppy
    I never received my merchandise, and it’s been months now I AM STILL arguing with Sezzle to put my payments on hold or at least have the item re shipped but their customer service is the worst I’ve ever seen….
  • Don’t do Sezzle Up!!!! 1/5

    By chadgarrison15
    The worst payment system ever! So before I somehow got conned into the Sezzle up program, Sezzle was absolute amazing. Normal Sezzle I could place 2.0-30 orders, pay them on time and watch my available limit Sky rocket. Since joining Sezzle you, I can’t purchase more then $50 and my credit limit is at $1300. My limit was at $1400 last week but it went down cause I made a payment on time lol. Go figure. Customer service is straight trash. Last two times I’ve called I’ve got the same guy “Tooper” who runs you around in a circle and is no help, and just want to email you the resolution. After checking emails, their wasn’t even a email from them, not a resolution. My credit score is better then 3/4 of America, yet, I can only place 2 orders at a time. Makes no sense. Sezzle needs to figure there stuff out. Cause they are going down hill. Affirm is my go too. Zip((Quadpay) is great too. Afterpay is excellent. I’d put Sezzle at the bottom. You don’t even speak with anyone you can understand. I have yet to talk to a customer service rep that speaks fluent English so you’re always asking them to repeat themselves. Just do yourself a favor and use the 3 other pay in 4 programs I listed. Not to mention Sezzle tried to steal my money. My due date was today, May 22, 2022 and k go to pay it around 2 pm pst, and they tried charging g me a $10 fee. For what???! Paying on time like I always do? Is that why my limit went from $1800 to $1400 to $1300. Foh with that B.S. Sezzle is trashhhhhhhh
  • Interest free and discovering stores that you never knew existed?? That Part!! 5/5

    By Chicago504
    Of course we all love interest-free payments dividing our totals up over 4 - interest-free payments is even more exciting however the most exciting part about Sezzle for me is discovering new stores or even old stores that I never even knew existed from my state to your state to all over the country…. I LOVE THIS!!
  • I mean it takes time 2/5

    By Sexxyjessy518_
    Sezzle has helped my credit a bunch and for that I’m grateful for, I give that five stars! Why I give two starts though overall is because I’ve invested a lot of money through this app and you get very little to no stores that you’d be familiar with. It’s took 5-6 months to get “exclusive access” to brands I know. Well I had put in a large order and couldn’t order from the hottest brands in time before they took my privileges away. It’s not fair you have to have a time limit to have access before you only have target. I’ve faithfully shopped through sezzle I deserve more as a customer. Fix it.
  • Sezzle rocks!! 5/5

    By Kevrosr1
    I love Sezzle but they need to get gamestop back please.
  • Stop deleting my review 1/5

    By trureviewsonapps
    Once Again. This app is false advertising. Did 2 orders through them. Made all payments on time with new payment methods up to date. SezzleUp which is the new account they gave me $300 limit. Tried to place multiple orders at $150, would decline every time. Switched over to their customer service team. USELESS AUTOMATED RESPONSES. Even their app review responses are automated. User beware.
  • Minimum purchase 3/5

    By LB delivers
    It’s a good app but they recently put a 35 minimum purchase which is annoying! It definitely keeps me from using it as much. I would use it multiple times a month but now not so much! At least I’m saving money now
  • Not Ready For Prime Time 1/5

    By TXFeedBackThatsHonest
    I tried using this service at Bass Pro shops. It was easy enough to set up my account during checkout and to provide them my credit card information which would be used for payments however my transaction was declined. I have excellent credit and no revolving debt. I tried once more before contacting Support and was declined again. According to Support it would take 2 to 4 weeks for them to respond back to me regarding a technical issue with my account. Great idea but the company is not ready to execute. I will provide the information and feedback to bass pro shops as well because it is a waste of time and is blemishing their name. They should not offer something that does not work.
  • I am not being allowed to use my Sezzle virtual credit now. 1/5

    By Doris Hernandez Raygoza
    I have never been late with a payment, I’ve been using Sezzle at Bass Pro for a very long time, and have placed about 11 orders, and only have one Oder left to pay off. I find that you have changed your system with Bass Pro in the way you do things now. You lowered my credit from $1,950 to $899.99? Now my Sezzle credit is at 1,333.32. Not only did that surprised me, but now I am denied to place an order? I am not allowed to use my present credit? I have never defaulted. I’ve been a good customer. I already went to my accounts, at Bass Pro, and Sezzle, and rewrote my personal information to see if that would correct the problem? Nothing I can do correct the problem to allow me to use my credit. Can you please correct this problem? I’ve read somewhere that I am not the only one having this problem. You are going to lose your good customers.
  • 🖤 5/5

    By terence601M
  • Sezzle is the best 5/5

    By abbadi.2019
    Thank you for everything Sezzle :-)
  • I love Sezzle! 5/5

    By KellyBrgn
    They make things so easy!
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By mcolins90
    They changed their policy randomly one day to go from $10 min to $35 min and started declining everything under $35. Use Klarna!!! Klarna the competitor does not have a $35 minimum and better to use! Also the sezzle support is not great. DO NOT USE!
  • Not clear on declined orders 1/5

    By MOSHFDJ123
    The main reason I stopped using this is because my orders would get declined every time, it’s like I can’t order off here anymore. Payments were always on time for the 2 orders I had in the past . All information was correct , funds were obviously in there .. connected my bank , even tried another card. Tried for help and nothing.
  • 🎉 5/5

    By jorgito.333
    I love
  • Unresponsive App 1/5

    By ronkebaby_
    Ever since I’ve downloaded this app on my phone, it’s been a disappointment. I can’t seem to log on to my account. I’ve tried deleting the app on my phone and re-downloading it. Each time it’s the same blank screen that pops up when I enter my log in details.
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