Sezzle | The way forward

Sezzle | The way forward

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  • Current Version: 3.3.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Sezzle
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sezzle | The way forward App

Become financially empowered and enjoy stress-free shopping with the Sezzle app! Sezzle is a digital payment platform that enables everyone to take control of their financial future, spend responsibly, and shop conveniently. When you shop with Sezzle, your purchases are split into 4 payments at 0% interest over 6 weeks. And there's no impact on your credit! GET STARTED NOW Download and sign up - Experience flexible, hassle-free shopping in the Sezzle app! Shop our extensive store directory - The Sezzle app is your one-stop shop to discover over 47,000 brands that offer the latest trends in fashion, home goods, beauty, and more! From name brands you know and love to small businesses, there's always something new to discover. Split your payments - Sezzle gives you the purchasing power you deserve, so you can buy what you want now and pay later. Split your purchases into 4 payments at 0% interest over 6 weeks. Take control of your purchases - Easily manage existing orders, reschedule future payments, change your payment methods, and get notifications ahead of your next payment in the app. Favorite the stores you love - Add the brands you love to your 'Favorites' by tapping the heart icon on the store tile. This will create a new category so you can easily shop your favorites in the future. Access exclusive offers - Find the latest and greatest deals from top brands in the Sezzle app. We know the value of a good deal, so we're always sharing new offers and ways to save at your favorite stores. Connect with us - Let's stay in touch! Follow us on Instagram for the latest Sezzle updates, deals, giveaways, and shopping guides you'll love.

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  • Useless 1/5

    By Toyalynne
    I went from a 1200.00 to 50.00 because I was paying my payments in advance never been late. What company penalize you for that it doesn’t make any sense. On top of that they expect me to pay 9.99/month for premium to use certain stores so in reality I only have a 40.00 limit because 9.99 will be coming out of my pocket every month I just went ahead and closed my account I’m sticking to Afterpay from now on.
  • Not good app at all. 1/5

    By @fromsaturns
    Doesn’t matter how good your credit is or how cheap is what you’re buying, it always decline anything you’re trying to buy, a waste of time doing a lot of steps just to get decline.
  • APP IS TERRIBLE/unusable 1/5

    By Guslr1500
    Hardly anything actually works when you click it and searching for items brings up nothing. Seriously unusable
  • Pray you don’t have problems with your order! 1/5

    By 2126650
    These guys have given me the run around. I never received my order. It’s been months they haven’t disputed the order or anything. They keep threatening to contact credit company and report me since I’m not paying for something I never got. I followed all steps they asked, contacted merchant like 7 times, called Sezzle support like 5 times.. yet still nothing done. Customer support has no idea what to even tell me when I call anymore. Pathetic. Update: they sent a response to this rating, saying go contact the merchant.. apparently they didn’t read my initial review where it said I tried contacting the merchant around 7 times.. but that review got my case disputed and closed with a refund in 2 days after posting it. If only they did their job the correct way from the beginning i wouldn’t have had to have posted a negative review about them.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Manup123
    Used the app for a while now when I try to use it says based on previous activity with a account with similar information we are unable to extend you service! Customer service is no help I’ve used it for a year with no problems now this randomly? Come on man!
  • Reports to credit agencies 1/5

    By Marvlevy
    UPDATE: Apparently I opted in to credit reporting which I don’t recall doing, so beware that too. I’ve been trying to message the company to opt out and the system is down. Doesn’t look good. Oh, AnD ThAnKs FoR ThE GrEAt AdViCe. Hahahahaha Beware of lowered credit scores. This extended pay app reports to credit agencies. Affirm, Afterpay, klarna do not! I will not use Sezzle again. Ever. Problem not with payments not being paid, comes up as a new account which decreases ages of accounts which will in turn lower credit score.
  • More Stores Needed 3/5

    By Agape guy
    I really appreciate the fact that Sezzle supports a lot of small businesses on their platform. I also like that you’ve added a credit building option for customers like me who have less than perfect credit. The biggest flaw is that the only store I’d shop at is Target and I’m not really a target customer. I use Klarna, Zip and Afterpay as well. With Klarna I can shop at Amazon or Walmart or really at just about any retailer I want to. I’d like to see this as an option and I’d probably use the Sezzle app and service more. I’m so limited as to where I can shop it’s almost not worth having. I’d like to spend my money where I want to spend my money and not be limited as to what I can shop for. Again, I’ve never been a fan of target so I don’t shop there often. Most of the other stores are geared toward women and the few stores that do sell men’s clothing are not stores I would shop at. If there were more choices it would be a better app.
  • Late fee charge 1/5

    By Kkhgoxcc
    Today is the due and my card was hacked and the payment didn’t go through and they already charged a late fee
  • Trying to get extra money 1/5

    By MrsHendo85
    I use to love using this app and it was such a convenience but now almost every store has been switched over to premium store and Sezzle wants you to pay a premium fee to use stores such as Walmart and CVS of $9.99 monthly or $89.99 yearly. Even with paying the premium fee, you still have a limit of orders you can place, even though you haven’t went over your spending limit. It’s ridiculous to pay a fee to shop at chipotle. Stick with Afterpay or Klarna if you can.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By ChrissieA79
    Have been using Sezzle for a few years with no problems. This week, they suddenly dropped my limit by $300, and took away the virtual card option. I have no late payments and often pay off early. Received canned responses from support, saying it’s all automated, they can’t do anything blah blah. Even the responses to bad reviews on here are canned, and don’t address complaints. Not happy right before Xmas. Will pay off my remaining and stick to Zilch/Afterpay. Update- I think if you connected your bank account using Plaid, they are basing your limit on your bank balance. The fine print on Plaid says you allow them to share this info. So if you are sick of the yo-yoing of your limit, add your bank account manually.
  • Payment 3/5

    By Ms.Range
    I don’t like that a late fee was on my account the day the payment is due.
  • Affordable now 4/5

    By RonaFino
    Your service is great, breaking down the payments in increments of 4 makes enjoying the fruits of one’s labor a dream come true!!! Hats off to SEZZLE!!!! Thank You, R. L. Levine,,,,,,there once was a time when you were accessible by phone to speak with people…. I would like to talk with someone about rescheduling a payment… Thank You,,, Sincerely, Mr. Ronald Louis Levine (914)-582-8317 I reside in New York
  • They report lies to the credit reports when paying premium!!! 1/5

    By ShanelleA26
    I've been with Sezzle since it first came about and I used to enjoy their services. You could have multiple orders open, and be approved for higher limits over time. However once Sezzle Up and Sezzle Premium came out, they charge you a fee to give you more shopping options ( only to find out it was the same options I used to have before for free) and credit reporting. I used to love the credit reporting until I started paying off my orders early. Believe what everyone is saying. When you pay off early, it lowers, not raises your limit. This is a fact. And the customer support for Sezzle premium cannot explain why to you. They also report a higher credit limit line to the credit agencies than what you actually have on the app. When I called about this I was told they send the updates monthly but none of the monthly updates match your account . I asked them to immediately update my reports and send me a copy and still have yet to receive it. Check your credit reports and make sure you dispute their reporting! Also STOP believing the developers response ! They are LYING when they say paying off early does not affect your account and only missed payments do! I promise! Try paying off multiple orders early and see if what everyone's been saying isn't true ! Everyone can't all be lying about the same issue ! If you notice it's mainly the premium members who are willing to pay more for extra services and who's been long-standing loyal customers having the same issue! At some point they need to hold themselves accountable and stop blaming customers ! I'll be closing my account and sticking with Zip pay that I can use ANYWHERE!
  • Horrible all around 1/5

    By jk22456
    I was late a payment but have fully paid off my item, they will not allow me make purchases again. Can’t even talk to a live person. Said I can’t use sezzle again! Horrible!
  • Excellent service 5/5

    By Talbott20
    Great way to spread payments over 4 biweekly payments. Been using Sezzle for a couple years never any issues.
  • It has its pros and cons 3/5

    By Mari5231
    I been using sezzle for over a year and a half, I have a love and hate relationship with it. I use to recommend it to everyone but with all the changes they have made, I stopped. There are alot of cons to this service. Like paying premium for you to be able to shop at a lot of well known stores when it use to be free. They also change the rescheduling, they use to give you 3 reschedules per order and the payment also moved all the other payments but now when you reschedule it lands on the next payment. It’s only beneficial if you are rescheduling the last payment. On top of that they changed it to, if you reschedule a payment then you aren’t allowed to use the app again until you pay it off. There are other apps you can use like Zip Afterpay and Klarna that offer almost all the same stores as sezzle for free. And you can still buy things even if you reschedule something. The only benefit that I can think of is that it builds your credit if you are a sezzle up member.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Asassin 1331
    Paid for the premium service to have access to more shops. But when you pay for premium they don’t tell you that you have a $50 per purchase limit on the premium Sony site. Nothing is really less than 50. Not worth the time or the premium service. Furthermore when I tried to get a refund sir a service you can’t use. They said it will be reviewed and I would get a response via email ! Horrible customer service. Do not waste your money.
  • This app is awful now. 2/5

    By April:)123456
    I went from being a huge loyal customer since 2020 loving the app and everything about it to now absolutely hating it. I have used this app for over 2years now, I was able to purchase without issues, reschedule payments weeks out if need be, use my debit card without any problems. Now I cant use my debit card to pay on an existing order with out being charged a fee, if I reschedule a payment it will basically put my payment I reschedule on top of the next order payment and it never use to be that way. It use to push all your payment dates out with that reschedule. Also if your card declines even if you have money in your account(due to not liking cash app cards or certain bank cards) it freezes your whole order. That meaning they wont allow a rescheduled payment for not just that order but your other orders also it makes you pay everything owed on that whole specific order or you wont be able to use the app, again it never use to be this way. The customer service through the app basically copies and pastes whats in the fact sheets. Which is super frustrating and you get no where talking to them. Sezzle is great but don’t expect actual help if something messes up on your account.
  • Non existent customer support and bugged app 1/5

    By Paupersphere
    I downloaded this app as a suggested payment method from a musical instrument shop. It asks me to add my bank account. I add it and the app logs out immediately. I tried it twice with the same issue. I don’t know if it’s a scam trying to get my banking information or what. I contacted my bank to inform them of the possibility of fraud just in case. I log back into the app, go to the customer support section. Click live chat and it does nothing. You can click it a thousand times, it’s a dead selection. It’s unusable, acts suspicious with banking information, and no support. That’s my review. 0 stars wasn’t an option.
  • from the top to a step to disgrace. Afterpay is more better. 1/5

    By The Judge209
    Hello, I want to give you my honest review about this app, I was using this application for almost a year and at the beginning it was very good I had too many purchases spending more than 2000 dlls for the good payment system and fast approval and to close the year with a flourish I couldn't buy Christmas gifts with this application for 3 weeks because the system had a glitch that caused an overdue that never existed and remained forever. When consulting with agents and the technical service team, no one had a solution to my problem until the day of today the problem prevails and i already decided to use a better payment app
  • Paying back early hurts your spending limit! 1/5

    By MarTayChew
    ***The day after I got a response to this review— the very NEXT day— my virtual card was revoked. Suddenly I am no longer “approved” for the card. No one can tell me why either. It has been weeks and I’m not able to regain access to the card. If that doesn’t tell you something. Changed review to 1 star. ****After months of no longer having access to the card/spending limit, I’ve finally just closed my account. Beware leaving honest reviews! **Response from developer: I’ve never missed, been late, or had a failed payment. The representative looked at my account and the only thing they could find was that I made some payments early which made it so the order was technically “rescheduled”. I stand by my review, if you don’t want your limit to suddenly drop, don’t pay anything in advance! I never leave reviews but I just found this out and felt like I needed to warn those who are like me and prefer to pay things off in advance. DON’T DO THAT WITH SEZZLE. I’ve only been using Sezzle for a couple months and my spending limit had suddenly dropped. I thought it was weird because I’ve never missed or been late on a payment, in fact I had paid off multiple payments in advance/ahead of schedule. After over a month of trying to figure out what happened to my spending limit, I finally got off the phone with someone who told me exactly what it was… I paid multiple orders off early and that lowered my spending limit. I was told paying orders ahead of their due dates counts as rescheduling which hurts your limit. BONKERS RIGHT? You’d think if anything that paying Sezzle back sooner would INCREASE my limit. I’m paying $9.99 a month for Premium and I haven’t even been able to use the app since my limit suddenly got chopped in half. Bummed but I’ve learned my lesson. So for those who are thinking about it, DO NOT PAY YOUR ORDERS BEFORE THEY ARE SCHEDULED!
  • Spending limit reset 2/5

    By Putsky2071997
    The app crashed one day and my spending limit went to 0. Never made a late payment. Don’t be surprised if your spending limit resets
  • Shopper 4/5

    By Cordova Ling
    They hardly have any of the most common stores It’s complicated to use in store
  • Payments not actually processed on time 1/5

    By Keres Nation
    Your sezzle spend will decrease even if you pay on the day off payment due date. A due date is a due date and should be repeated until that day is over! Beware!Customer isn’t always right in this app! They tend to come up with excuses and make you feel like you’ve something wrong.
  • Scammers 1/5

    By Mr dont like to be scammed
    Be careful because I was scammed and sezzle support say they couldn’t do anything to help me. To whom it may concern be careful we work to hard for our money.
  • Good 5/5

    By brokranp
  • Great!!!! 5/5

    By rjpisa
    Easy to use excellent app and build your credit score at the same time Yes!
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Lisa G. Ellis
    This app is very user-friendly. It is very helpful when you cannot pay the price in full at the time of purchase. They’re very generous and helpful. I would say I love this app.
  • Store options 1/5

    By xKurtx1
    The store options on Sezzle are no where around
  • Merchant order did not process 1/5

    By lala3023123566
    I placed an order with crate and barrel and I never received a confirmation email from the merchant. I contacted sezzle support and I was told to contact merchant and they did not see an order for me. Merchant sent an email stating no orders are showing for me - I forwarded that to sezzle customer service and didn’t receive a response until I completed a “how was your experience” in a negative review. I received a response that said gift cards are nonrefundable and can’t be edited contact merchant. This is a response to my issue. I will not pay for something I never received. I’m not asking for a refund but simply to make the card available so I can try to make a successful purchase with the merchant. This is not way to treat customers. You can’t just take my money and not assist me.
  • Payment 5/5

    By Glassiane
    Very ease to change a payment date . I appreciate it
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By Vane-19
    I use Afterpay (that gave me a big spending amount from the beginning) but wanted to give this a try because of a specific merchant. Not only did they approve me for $50 only but they never let me use it. Every time i tried it would decline and I’ll get an email saying that it couldn’t get approve because i need to ‘demonstrate positive repayment behavior’ which how am i going to do if im never able to use it……..Don’t waste your time
  • Used to be good but no longer 2/5

    By Midwestmirical
    Are used to love this app I use the majority for my target shopping it’sHard to get in touch with someone when it come to Customer Sevice are you sizzle travel someone book my hotel stay for a different date and I was out of $150 for that and never was refunded and also I went into the store and was getting declined and decline and they it was a technical glitch and they were investigated a month later and no one still have investigated it someone told me that each merchant now have a limit so despite you have a spending limit for a certain amount each merchant have a limit in the merchant that I normally use have the lowest limit which I’m not understanding why and waiting on hold for 15 to 30 minutes for Customer Sevice or waiting in the chat for 20 minutes it’s not helping
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Erica860
    I went into the Target store to use my virtual card. The transaction was declined when I checked my email Sezzle stated. I need a purchase history to purchase items. My question is how do I get a positive purchase history if I can’t purchase anything? I was approved for a certain amount for the target store. When I tried to purchase my items, it was well below the spending power that I was approved for. So I’m confused on why would it tell me I need a positive purchase history I can’t get a positive purchase history if I can’t purchase anything off the app or in the store. I have tried to use us app 3 times same message! I will be deleting the app! Every time I try and speak with an agent live or send a email no one ever contacts me ever! I might as well delete the app. How can you have a app but you can’t speak to an agent? 12/29/22 Updated response someone responded to my review but clearly didn’t READ what I said! Once again I HAVE NEVERRRRR made a purchase! When I try I get declined and it tells me on the EMAIL I NEED A POSITIVE PURCHASE HISTORY! How can I get a purchase history if I can’t purchase anything cause I get declined! My purchase was of $35 dollars my limit is way more than that I never went over! I get declined every time I use the app! Again I have NEVERRRR purchased anything off this app so I owe nothing but got approved for a certain amount! The email says I need a purchase historyyyyy but get declined! I HAVE NEVER PURCHASED OFF THE APP SO PLEASE DONT RESPOND AND SAY I HAVE TO PAY OFF WHAT I OWE! Please read what my review said before you respond please
  • Worse app 1/5

    By hernandezqueen19
    Use to love this app but they do too much I missed one payment and they charged me a 10$ fee never missed no payments or anything mind you I only owed them 5.88 left for a 8.88 purchase now I’m literally paying nearly 18$ which I think is unfair and they don’t even be lifting ur limit at all don’t even give the option to pay what you want to pay they choose smh very disappointed and contacting them is worse they customer support people have a whole attitude
  • Great product gone sour 1/5

    By LatinGuy007
    I was an early adopter when Sezzle first came out. It was such a great product with no hiccups whatsoever. I do understand and do not disagree with product evolution. However. Its now become disheartening to what Sezzle has evolved into. As a 3 year loyal customer with no missed payments, I am now restricted to 2 open orders with any merchant. At one point I was able to have 10 open active orders. I am a premium paying member and appreciate the credit reporting feature but today received an alert about my Sezzle credit line being suspended. Prior to this, never received any information that my Sezzle privileges were being revoked. I did contact customer and was unable to obtain any clarity and was told my Sezzle was active. Now Sezzle is reporting inaccurate information regarding my account so I have to contact the credit bureau. What once was a great product is certainly souring. I don’t know if the failed merger with Zip may have influenced some decision making at the top. But let it be known, both Apple and Walmart are due to offer their own products in 2023 which will add 2 more competitors to the playing field and I will have no hesitation in heavily using a competitor who will not restrict me to only 2 open orders at a time.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By kay4111997
    I have had issues since opening my account with Sezzle. The first issue ruined Christmas. After paying for my very first order to be completely paid out, I was unable to use Sezzle again for well over a week even though the charges had already come out of my checking acct. Now, I have just one order with the first and only due order missing out of my acct and showing PAID, however when trying to unlock my spending power it shows I owe on that order and it will not allow me to use my spending power. I am NOT paying anymore money to be able to access my spending power. I am just about done with Sezzle. This is RIDICULOUS. When a company takes your money and doesn’t follow through it’s called FRAUD.
  • Loved at First 1/5

    By biggaTigga2
    I loved Sezzle. I was able to increase my limit to 1,000+. I made early payments and was penalized. My payments would be due Payment 1 - Paid Payment 2 - Overdue Payment 3 - Paid Payment 4 - Due next month. I would be penalized and every-time I spoke with someone I was told I made the wrong payment and to free up my spending ability I needed to pay all money owed. I had a $1200 limit, paid everything and once I did my limit was $200. I then made a $50 purchase. A couple of days later my limit said “$54 limit, pay off your order to increase to $100”. I’m super irritated with them. They don’t care that I paid early just that I skipped one, so they say, and they don’t correct it.
  • Unethical - Bait & Switch Operation 1/5

    By J Bizzle 480
    For $9.99/month, Sezzle will charge you for a premium service which reports payment and balance history to credit. Currently they’re reporting inaccurate information. They’re reporting a specific dollar amount as being my credit line, and then they’re reporting my current balance. The problem is, the difference between those two sums is not equal to my available line because sezzle has restricted my ability to access use of those funds. They say I have too many outstanding orders. I have two, each of which have a single payment remains. I either have an available line, or I do not. Hopefully I get some answers from the CFPB after I open a case. The app showed I was able to spend, so I made two early payments to increase my buying power, and then my ability to access any funding was restricted. Just in time for Christmas. Thanks Sezzle. So much for getting $60 to stretch into $240 at Target - a premium brand for which I pay a monthly subscription, yet am not able to access. Thanks, Sezzle. Maybe next time you guys can use a little Vaseline before screwing me.
  • It’s ok. 3/5

    By sarah a ja
    I like that I could use it for target purchases and that was easy and nice however I don’t like that there is no other box stores you can use it for. Like Walmart, tj maxx, or mall stores.
  • Don’t pay off early 1/5

    By gmills2018
    I like the program, but my limit was reduced because I paid amounts due early. Contacted customer service and was told not to pay early. What kind of crap is that? Use ZIP instead. As soon as you pay zip, it is reflected in your balance. With sezzle it takes 4 business days for the “system” to reinstate your card after they shut you out with 2 purchases max
  • Dislike the app 1/5

    By courteous k
  • Don’t expect to have customer service 1/5

    By I need help ugh
    I used to love it until they switched to this premium program. You have certain amount you can spend but they seem to make up the rules as they go and no one can answer simple questions why. Or give you a clear cut list of rules and what the process is. Can’t reach anyone and the chat is worthless. Just a bunch of. “I don’t know”. Pay off all orders and try that even though I haven’t even used a quarter of what my limit is. 🤷🏼‍♀️. Takes forever to have payments credited.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Tommys85
    App is wonderful and it’s nice to have an option to make payments for products and receive them in a proper time
  • This company steals your money! Beware! 1/5

    By 2btru
    They trick you with things like membership subscriptions you dont even know your are signing up for and then refuse to refund or give it back. Apple needs to shut them down. I know several people who have loss hundreds from their accounts due to using this app and being mislead to click on the wrong thing and then having money disappear from their bank accounts in minutes, me included! No customer service to speak of! Don’t support this non-American corporation designed to take your money and then walk away without even a live person to talk to! I have reported them to both Apple App Store and Google play store and I’m getting an attorney to file a class action lawsuit. So to the developers of this app and to the company that controls it; you have selected the wrong person to steal from… and until you do the right thing and refund my money- I’m going to make sure every person I talk to learns what utter thieves and tricksters you really are! Let the war begin, criminals!
  • Pay on Time! 1/5

    By Tswizzy24
    When Covid hit I lost my job and so I fell behind on my payments, but then I kept getting told that when I paid it off that I would be able to use it again. Holidays are hard this year due to inflation.,but they don’t care. If you don’t pay on time they literally WILL NOT let you use it again. They tell you and advertise all over the internet how you pay an account re activation fee and you’ll be able to use it. Lies. Lies lies. I used to really love this app, but disappointed that I can’t use it from where I lost my job and got sick awhile back.
  • Sezzle 5/5

    By Bella_1965
    I LOVE SEZZLE ♥️ u rock!!
  • Terrible Update 1/5

    By Hiiiiiiiii1
    I’m so frustrated with the recent change that restricts us to 2 orders, despite the amount available to you. It’s absolutely ridiculous to pay monthly for a premium membership, and not even be able to use the service. I truly hope Sezzle reconsiders this, otherwise I will no longer be a customer.
  • Customer support is absolute garbage 1/5

    By WPerry207
    I used sezzle for about 4 months now and have made a few thousand dollars in purchases. Two issues have come up, one being items not being shipped. The other, was macys not accepting the sezzle card at purchase. Card was denied by the merchant and a push notification sent, telling me the merchant card was not accepted. I tried a second time with the same response. Afterwards I saw two chargers were pending to my checking account. I called the merchant and they have no order place. Macys customer service even tried to put the card through manually, same result. Rejected by the merchant. so after back and forth, sezzle told me it was the merchants issue. That it would be corrected in a few days. Here we are, 4 days later. No answer, no update, no follow up. Money still missing, nothing being shipped. Macys even tried to help again but a day after the transaction happened, Sezzle had removed the “card information “ from the app. Because my transactions are now limited. And the card information is blocked. So therefore, they can not track the purchase. 0 accountability , 0 follow up. So much for premium customer service for paying premium members. With so many options out there, this one seems very customer unfriendly and the few interactions I had with the “premium customer support” had been absolute garbage without any satisfactory results. Any issues I have written to them about or called about, have not been followed up with. When I received a survey, I filled it out. Addressing these issues, with no follow up. Whatsoever… This has been the pattern for the past few months and I will most likely discontinue my usage of this app, if things continue this way. Its very hard to trust a company who acts in this manner. *The developer response was another cookie cutter automated message, blaming the merchant. Over 30 days with this issue and nothing besides automated responses, that have absolutely nothing to do with the issue or question. Literally 0 customer support!*
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