Sezzle | The way forward

Sezzle | The way forward

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  • Current Version: 3.2.16
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Sezzle
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sezzle | The way forward App

Become financially empowered and enjoy stress-free shopping with the Sezzle app! Sezzle is a digital payment platform that enables everyone to take control of their financial future, spend responsibly, and shop conveniently. When you shop with Sezzle, your purchases are split into 4 payments at 0% interest over 6 weeks. And there's no impact on your credit! GET STARTED NOW Download and sign up - Experience flexible, hassle-free shopping in the Sezzle app! Shop our extensive store directory - The Sezzle app is your one-stop shop to discover over 47,000 brands that offer the latest trends in fashion, home goods, beauty, and more! From name brands you know and love to small businesses, there's always something new to discover. Split your payments - Sezzle gives you the purchasing power you deserve, so you can buy what you want now and pay later. Split your purchases into 4 payments at 0% interest over 6 weeks. Take control of your purchases - Easily manage existing orders, reschedule future payments, change your payment methods, and get notifications ahead of your next payment in the app. Favorite the stores you love - Add the brands you love to your 'Favorites' by tapping the heart icon on the store tile. This will create a new category so you can easily shop your favorites in the future. Access exclusive offers - Find the latest and greatest deals from top brands in the Sezzle app. We know the value of a good deal, so we're always sharing new offers and ways to save at your favorite stores. Connect with us - Let's stay in touch! Follow us on Instagram for the latest Sezzle updates, deals, giveaways, and shopping guides you'll love.

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Sezzle | The way forward app reviews

  • Customer service is trash 1/5

    I have gotten a new phone number which I have tried to change so I can log into the app. Several times I tried to verify my identity all times failed nothing has changed besides my phone number. I have tried to call countless times no one picks up and I have even emailed you all and I have gotten no response. It’s pitiful and poor customer service.
  • Used to be better 1/5

    By esb3912
    Half the stores in the app don’t even accept Sezzle and they remove all well known stores so it’s pointless
  • What’s good is good and what’s bad is bad 3/5

    By Kenzieness11
    Makes shopping super convenient and saved us for the two weeks we were out of work. We were able to buy groceries and gas and stay afloat thanks to Sezzle. A couple issues with the app: 1. If you get a refund it doesn’t mark the order as paid. It will count that order against your total. Example: ordered from Walmart. Got refund. Walmart allows me one open order. The order isn’t marked as paid despite $0 balance so I cannot use the store. Every refund that makes a $0 balance on a purchase does this. 2. If you try to pay something off early and your card is declined it will tell you that you missed the due date and freeze your entire account until it’s paid despite it not being due yet. I tried to make a payment with a gift card two weeks early. The balance wasn’t enough and it stopped me from using Sezzle for anything until I paid it even though it was not overdue. Very frustrating. 3. Not a big deal but your available balance won’t update unless you close the app after making a payment. I understand this one because of processing time but it’s annoying. 4. Not a bug but I wish there was a way to see a stores order limit before making a purchase. I didn’t know what my Target limit was and had an in store purchase denied which was embarrassing. Letting you know how many orders the store will allow you at a time would be super helpful.

    By jjk_01
    I ordered from Nordstrom and it says successful. But I kept paying the product I ordered but NEVER RECEIVED IT!!!! BE CAREFUL!!
  • Ruined my credit somehow. Please be careful. 1/5

    By Mikepikerules
    Just a warning, I used Sezzle for years and love the app. All of a sudden this year they reported to the credit bureaus that I have had a loan financed with them for two years and that I had been one monthly payment back to pay it off. If you use Sezzle you know they advertise to not affect your credit score, that they are not a line of credit and that you have four payments to make per charge, not one monthly fee. Not only did I have this imaginary loan, it was $2000 and my monthly installments were also $2000 each, and I made 16 of them successfully. I ignored it until out of nowhere my credit dropped over 60 points one day and it was because Sezzle reported I had missed one of these imaginary loan payments. I’m still having to dispute this and explain to the credit bureaus what “pay in four” apps are and that none of the info adds up, Sezzle refused to help me with this, it has been a massive headache. Please be careful.
  • Poor company and service 1/5

    By mrsSdH
    I used to like sezzle but I will not longer be using it after my final payment. I can’t even use my account half the time despite having plenty of credit available. When I have been able to do orders they take payments whenever they feel like it or show that I have a late payment even when it doesn’t. And don’t bother trying to get help with your issues. The customer service is almost nonexistent and when they do reply to you they go around in circles and make stuff up as they go. I have chat transcripts that are comical. Now they want to charge a monthly fee to use the service at stores you can shop at for free through other companies. That’s just sad. It’s no longer worth the hassle. In response to Sezzle’s comment on my review: I am aware of what Sezzle is. I said nothing about interest rates. I said nothing about late fees. I said my account will show a payment is late even when it is not. And you are now charging people monthly fees just to use your service at “premium companies” that are available free with other companies that are far easier to work with. Maybe instead of trolling through reviews you should work on your direct customer service and fix your system.
  • Unfair Spending Limit Practice 2/5

    By Chonston Williams
    1. If you pay for premium, access to a higher Spending Limit should be a perk. 2. 6 months of on-time payments should allow for an immediate higher spending limit. Following 6 months of on-time payments and paying for premium, my spending limit is still 550…
  • Payment arrangement 1/5

    By DT2time
    I was charged $10 for a late fee on the day my payment was set to automatically pull talked to my bank and it never was a transaction attempt from Sezzle
  • It’s sezzle. 5/5

    By Calandresh
    It has the payment plan purchasing method.
  • Glitchy 1/5

    By Imssfl
    My pin isn’t working so I clicked forgot my pin. For weeks I’ve tried to get Sezzle to text or call my phone for a code to reset it. It hasn’t worked no call or text comes. I can’t use the app if it won’t let me reset my pin ( which I have never changed since the day I registered ). So I don’t understand why it’s not accepting it.
  • Scammed Me 1/5

    By bzmznshs64738
    They sold me a gift card that didn’t work and then refused to give me my money back. I filed a complaint against them with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Customer service 2/5

    By somedaysugar
    Your customer service this morning was not at all helpful. I tried to explain I could not pay my payment. It would not let me click the pay button now it’s working but this morning they were very very unhelpful.
  • Worst customer service! 1/5

    By Punktured
    I went to shop with at instacart and Sezzle required a subscription to their premium. I paid the 9.99 and then it denied me from making a purchase. I contacted chat and was told they would not refund me the 9.99 for their useless premium service. So basically they just take 9.99 from you without you getting anything in return and there’s nothing you can do about it.
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By awdickerson
    I will be removing this app. Terrible customer service.
  • Convenient 5/5

    By vlc hvac
    Does what it says when it say’s. You get your stuff. I couldn’t be happier
  • What a great app! 5/5

    By Rose Sterling
    So helpful
  • Tiered rewards program was a shady change. 2/5

    By Its That End User Again
    I had a LONG history with sezzle, with no late payments. Then they re-hauled the app. My entire history was reset, and my spending limit capped to minimum. Furthermore they introduced a “reward” system that was based on the amount a user spends. But the worst was “locking” the availability of major retailers to those who were in the top tier of the program! So here I am, capped limit, unable to spend exorbitant amounts of money in order to “unlock” the stores I USED to shop at. Disgusted, I closed my account and deleted the app. All my efforts to retain an account in good standing WASTED. Your rewards program is a thinly veiled attempt to force users to spend more money for a dangling carrot they’ll never get, Sezzle. Shady.
  • Big help 5/5

    By Miel's Mama
    Thank u sezzle I can buy what ever I want as long as I pay it on right time.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By jejewhj27474774
    Horrible interface with iPhone
  • Forced monthly payments 1/5

    By massillon09
    Use to be my favorite app but these guys are forcing you to pay to use the majority of the stores. I have Klarna and a few other ones and I actually have more credit with Klarna. And now Apple will be doing their own pay in 4 so the is only the beginning of the end for this company.
  • Love the app but I can’t shop from the app 5/5

    By taisha the G
    Everything it’s perfect but sometimes when I trie to shop it didn’t let me because of the address, it’s not the same as registered and the same app doesn’t let me search for products and buy it. I have to buy from other apps
  • Poor Customer Support, High Fees, Hard to Use 2/5

    By Dop33y1
    This app is great until you have an issue like a return. It takes so long to get everything back. They charge a $10 fee to be able to access the good stores like Amazon or Nike. You’re only allowed to do 2 transactions with the good stores at a time so you are limited. Also this causes a disaster with Amazon purchases. Since Amazon splits up the charges once something ships guess what? You can only have one purchase at a time from Amazon. So your 2.99 item will get paid for and then the remainder of the charge will stop the order or charge another card. Support is useless. I had one lady straight out tell me that I was crazy because the app did not work on Amazon. I had their supervisor call me the next day to apologize. But this lady was so adamant that there were no Amazon purchases allowed that she said she would call support to get it removed as I was the only one who saw it on my app. I’m telling you, Klarna, Afterpay and Zip are so much better this one is trash!
  • Love Zelle 5/5

    By F3spirit4ever
    Have been using Zelle for a couple of years now and absolutely love it. I love when I they report my on time payments to the credit bureaus. They don’t reduce your payment if you are a little late. I went from having awesome credit to $50 on Afterpay just because I forgot to transfer money from my savings to checking to cover for payment at Afterpay. We are talking “a day late” with payments. I love Zelle. Definitely recommend it if you want to buy something you can’t afford. 4 payments in Easy payments every two weeks.
  • Just another rip off! 1/5

    By Lucky65truckin
    You have to pay to use the App on the more popular stores. It use to be a good App and now it’s just another file in my trash bin!
  • Sooo?? 1/5

    So I made a down payment on what I wanted to buy and the money went through to yall but when I look on the order it’s says everything is pending and something about waiting on merchant and nothing about my package being on the way. So what’s goin on?
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By ms.castro707
    Fast and easy to use. Breakdown to help understand payments and alerts and reminders when payments are due.
  • FREEDOM! 5/5

    By timurturk
    I finally have the opportunity to buy a gift for a forgotten celebration (I’m a guy ok!) after rent, bills,food,ect has been all paid away, with just enough left to get me through the month along with having some tucked away in case of emergency. This thank you is the most heart felt one I’ve given today. You have no idea HOW MANY ways you have improved my overall financial life. (Now if I can just figure out how to stop the notifications) Jk!
  • Love it 5/5

    By Alcjsoxnsls
    I have used this app for a while now and I absolutely love it!!! I recommend it to everyone. It’s so easy to use and the amount of stores available is amazing
  • Frustrating! 1/5

    By MaryAnneSR
    First, it's difficult to find anywhere this is accepted. I got it with a couple other BNPL apps and only this one was useless. The technical support is not responsive at all. There is no account help or customer service. Deleted out of frustration and it not serving any kind of purpose.
  • Favorite 5/5

    By Goodgirlkymm
    The store Ms you guys have are great!! Never had any issues with payment or anything
  • Amazing ! Brilliant! 5/5

    By Poopoobearbear
    Amazing app it lets me save money and enjoy spending money at the same time
  • Here’s a tip saving you money!!!!!! 2/5

    By 05TLGuy
    If you don’t want to pay for the premium version to unlock the stores you want just download “ KLARNA” it’s the same thing but you don’t have to pay for premium to get the stores you want to buy of thank me later Sezzle was my go to till they added the premium so I switched to KLARNA instead
  • Bad customer service when need assistance 1/5

    By nsnaaj
    Lilith the agent is not helpful . I stayed to her my issue and she only did what she wanted . I requested a supervisor and she refused
  • Mr. 5/5

    By JDiesel250
    Sezzle is awesome! I am thankful and grateful for it because it allowed me to pay 4 smaller payments than all of it at once! Thanks!
  • The late fees are ridiculous 1/5

    By lr6536
    These people charge so much in fees, my payment went from 10 to 60 in two weeks after I missed a payment because I forgot to change my card. Ridiculous.
  • Great Service but… 2/5

    By Borichillin625
    I would love to give the app 5 stars, but I cannot shop within the app because the page never refreshes at all. I tried deleting and reinstalling the app and still the same problem. A little help here Sezzle?
  • Amazing 5/5

    By thsisparta
    It’s great to have Sizzle to buy things if you are waiting for a check to come through. Managed to get a last minute birthday gift thanks to sizzle
  • Alleycat 1/5

    By Mrs Alleycat
    Every since I did the upgrade I had not worked I sign I. At it is a blank s teen I can use the website. Please gix
  • H 1/5

    By Arely2828
    Horrible you update so constantly is annoying
  • Customer 2/5

    By Shay1234!
    Sezzle is the only app that charges fees for “premium” stores. When I first use this app it did not charge but now in order to use at all stores you must pay a fee. Disappointing. 😒
  • Love Sezzle! 5/5

    By HopefulOldLady
    So easy to get what I need!
  • Target 5/5

    By Help on Every Aisle
    I absolutely love that y’all offer Sezzle for Target now!!! I am obsessed!!!
  • Awful Service 1/5

    By AlyssaMarie♥
    My first order with Sezzle was on September 28, 2019. I’ve used the service to purchase items online and in Target Stores. I’ve never had an issue with Sezzle until today, and I’ve always made my payments on time. Today I paid off a TV from Target. As soon as I paid it off, I bought a computer on Amazon for $1200. Sezzle immediately texted me to advise that my card had been closed. My computer was supposed to arrive tomorrow and support is a joke. I had to pay a $9 subscription fee to shop with Amazon, to then have Sezzle cancel my card. I’ve been with them for years and they have no reason to do this. They gave me no indication that there was an issue, either. It wasn’t until AFTER I had made my purchase that they cancelled the card. I used to recommend this service to friends and family. I liked it less once they started the subscription service, but I HATE it now for ruining a time-sensitive $1200 transaction and making my item arrive late. Will be closing my account and using Klarna/afterpay once this has been resolved. I’ve already opened support tickets and have been given unacceptable ETAs.
  • Good until it isn’t… 1/5

    By Jenoohmy
    This app seems like a good option for quad pay, and it’s actually okay until something goes wrong. They have absolutely no way for one to contact customer service in real time. The main mode of communication with customer service is an automated messaging system that gives generic responses. There isn’t even an option for online chat, as no one ever logs on to respond to chat requests. This means if there is an issue with your payment, or if the virtual card keeps failing, you are basically screwed. I wouldn’t suggest using this app that often. You will regret it if issues come up.
  • You’ve Been Warned 1/5

    By Tjscbt0202
    I am so angry with Sezzle right now. If you’re a current customer, do not enroll in they’re Sezzle Up program!!! Total nightmare!!! Account paid since May and they are still reporting negative information to the credit bureaus!!! Customer service is a joke. You’ll probably always get a response, eventually, from “Spike” and if course, excuse is they’re behind updating to the credit bureaus etc!!!! You have been warned!! I would try Afterpay, Klarna or Zip(use to be Quadpay)!!!
  • Overdraft 1/5

    By 24 hour notice
    Sezzle sent me a message right at 830 saying payment was not made!!! Did not give me no type of warning before at all !!! That’s very unfair that the message I get is saying to avoid late fees make payment but when I check you guys already charged late fees !!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Hikr-Me
    Loved being able to stretch out payments for small purchases. Thanks Sezzle!
  • Such a Blessing 5/5

    By Samiam1964
    Convenient, ease of ise
  • Fee 4/5

    By unhappy236789
    My bank account had to be closed and then re-issued a new card. I got the new card and updated my bank information the same day my payment was due. Sezzle has charged me an extra 20$ which I should not have been. Totally disappointed and unsatisfactory!!!
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