Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3

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  • Current Version: 1.9.4
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Nekki Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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Shadow Fight 3 App

An epic Fighting/RPG series returns! Master the shadows and challenge your foes! Step into the world of shadows at the time of changes. Reveal all its dark secrets and become the greatest warrior this land has ever seen. In this RPG-fighting game you will take on a role of a hero whose destiny isn't determined yet. How do you see the future? It's your call! Choose from three different fighting styles, experiment, combine your gear, learn some fresh new moves and explore a massive world full of adventures! Enjoy the beauty of a real fight which has been made possible due to modern technologies and smooth animations. CREATE YOUR OWN FIGHTING STYLE Shadow Fight 3 offers you 3 unique fighting styles to choose from. Collect new moves, perks, weapons, gear and combine them in the way YOU like it. Be fast and graceful, strong and shattering, enigmatic and deadly. Raise a character that will represent your distinctive playing technique and personality. AT THE EDGE OF TECHNOLOGY Shadow Fight 3 brings the fighting genre to a whole new technological level. Colorful graphics, smooth animations, realistic physics and effects create a picture of a living and breathing world you've never seen before! DEEP AND IMMERSIVE STORYLINE Shadow Fight 3 is a story-driven game. You'll find yourself in a dangerous world that is on the threshold of a great war with you in the middle. Three powerful factions are tearing these lands apart and plotting against each other. Which side would you choose? You decide! MANAGE YOUR GEAR COLLECTION. There's large amount of weapons and armor in Shadow Fight 3. If you've ever dreamed of having a rare collection of war goods, now's your time! The world of shadows has got splendid rewards for the most adventurous ones! Collect epic gear, combine and upgrade it, equip it with new lethal moves and perks. Fight your enemy with style! It is all limited by your imagination only. Shadow Fight 3 in a nutshell: - Smooth animations and lifelike physics - Spectacular SHADOW-based fighting mechanics - Lots of gear and weapons to collect - Gorgeous visuals - Three unique factions and fighting styles - Hundreds of perks and supermoves - Character creation tool - Diverse fighting modes


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Shadow Fight 3 app reviews

  • Trash 1/5

    By kik238
    All about money and gear,just another greedy pay2win game.
  • Awesome but 5/5

    By Flasho Pokemon fan+hand made
    The game is awesome I like the duel but I would like you to add playing against your friends from close of far please work on that
  • Horrible balance 2/5

    By WhiteoutTheGoodolddragon
    So I bought something for 5 dollars, the dynasty pack. It said error but still took my money away! Also the heralds. They can’t be freaking best by the dynasty or legion. Everyone’s using it that it ain’t fun. Also you can’t even use the weapon you want because it’s random. I have so many low leve epics that I can’t get again. Also chapter four; even when I used my best armor, and upgrade it till the levels easy, 1 critical takes out half my health, while the enemy continues to do it again and kill me without a fight. Balance your game!
  • Unfair 5/5

    It always gives me unfair opponents that are never at where I’m at in the game in multiplayer.
  • Your all stupid idiots 1/5

    By Water..
    Your all stupid idiots wasting your time making dumb stupid games to gets kids distracted from things that are important this game particularly.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By heienfbevqlrbs
    I thought playing this new shadow fight 3 would solve up the for the shadow fight 2 I so longed played and finished, and when I just got the game there was just a complete lack in what shadow fight 2 was, your dead if you get trapped, the combat is way to slow, and you don’t even get like a cool story just some people fighting, and no point but to fight whatsoever, the combat is annoying and just hard to understand fully and I don’t even know how to actually start upgrading, Believe me this is an amazing game but it’s not as good or even come close Shadow fight 2
  • Nana 5/5

    By jjjjiwjshxvfgjskwoskdjd
    Hey it’s awesome
  • Pay To Win 1/5

    By Vindela334-32
    This game is pay to win garbage, at some point an enemy is going to be so hard to beat that ultimately you have to pay money to upgrade your gear. The only way to upgrade is through the story mode, the difficulty gets harder and harder, and you will not win your fights. Your forced to upgrade through paying with gems or coins. This game is not fun. (DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME)
  • Fun game but can’t be completed without money 1/5

    By a7PBqjkL
    Okay the game is fun, and I have had my fair share of playing the shadow fights. This one in particular is different. I expected there to be shadows again, one of the main reasons I played. You had a good story line and everything, but when I played this all it did was throw offers for gems in my face saying, “BUY! BUY! BUY!”. I wasn’t even drawn into the story at all. Why are the packs so expensive and why are the gems so expensive? You literally have a 400 percent increase from the epic pack to the legendary pack. That is outrageous people. And to buy gems none the less the packs is ridiculous too. Why make it impossible to level up anything without having to spend money? Make the highest gem pack like 10 bucks and that’d be fine. But for a hundred dollars for literally 3 chances on a legendary, because let’s face it. The only reason we buy the gem packs is to get chances at the legendary packs. If I payed $100 I better have as many chances on that s*** as I’d like. All you want though is money. All you care about. The amount of money spent to gem ratio is ridiculous, the amount of gem to pack ratio is ridiculous. I recommend people who are playing this to just stop playing. The game gets impossible to do anything the further you progress. To the point in which it’s like saying in order to do this mission you need to have the best gear and In order to do that you gotta buy like 20 legendary packs, at 2000 gems when gems cost a $100 for 3 chances at it. Ridiculous. But I bet like any other developer they are just gonna stick a middle finger in my face and carry on with their lives.
  • Why it’s bad 2/5

    By gg😑😡
    The game only allows you to level up on story quests and you only get the stuff you need to defeat an impossible level by beating the impossible level
  • Awesome 3/5

    By LoyalGod
    Good game just a bit too slow.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Vynce Tran
    Invisible people puh lease not real and impossible unfair matches yes! Me 100 power against 250? Make the game better it’s so trash
  • Worth While 4/5

    By wordkitchen
    Pretty good game, in my opinion Shadow Fight 2 is a more interesting game, in story and gameplay aspects. This game has times when you’ll be on the ground for the entire game and you won’t be able to get a single hit in. Also, if you have played the previous game then you know the characters are all just silhouettes, in this game they are not. Some people may like this better but I don’t. The graphics are pretty good for a phone game, and the weapon/armor variety is decent. I have one request for game developers. PLEASE ADD SILHOUETTE MODE AS AN OPTION IN SETTING. Thank you and that’s all.
  • 遊戲平衡 1/5

    By 哈關
  • bad 5/5

    By mohammad zolfaghari
    i update the game and there's no new event!!! whyyyy nekki whyyy
  • Useless chests and shadow energy 3/5

    By ShoobDoobWoobHoob
    The chests in this game are helpful at the start yes, but further into the campaign the chests become useless, and shadow points, don’t even get me started! You never have enough to upgrade your gear to even have a chance of fighting the bosses, and if you do you got lucky with your buys of card packs! I’m the second area of the campaign I got to Ido and couldn’t get past them. My gear was terrible, and I didn’t have nearly enough skill to beat him on impossible difficulty! I’ve beaten bosses on insane difficulty before but impossible is just well, impossible! And I can’t even use chests anymore unless they are epics or legendaries because any other card from any other chest is useless.
  • Ruined Potential 2/5

    By iphone6s_owner
    Gameplay is addicting and the graphics are beautiful. Mechanics could be refined as they feel clunky. The real tragedy is how disproportionately difficult the developers made the progression if you try to play the game without spending real money. It just pathetic when your encouraged to "visit the store and buy some card packs" if you try to do a story mission that's rated "insane" or "impossible" in difficulty. I'd feel a little better if there weren't any adds or the "gems" part of the game economy (with an entire area of the game menu devoted to "earning gems" by participating in more advertising BS. It's just sad. I really wanted to enjoy the game. But there's so little game to enjoy if you don't pay up (and pay up ALOT) just to access a lottery-style level progression system that would make the devs at EA weep. I really wanted to like this game.
  • Some challenges can be almost to challenging 4/5

    By Turtlenuggee
    I generally like the game. However one side mission allows the opponent to have fast regeneration the entire time. Basically, when you get knocked over they basically fully heal making it impossible to win.
  • SICK! 5/5

    By Styxx2017
    It’s awesome
  • Needs a little improvement 4/5

    By heinz_NMR
    Game is generally good cool and adventurous and kinda “make your choices” It’s good to make our own character And pick favorite stuffs But only problem is it’s hard to gain shadow energy in high dans”5-6-7”and makes it difficult “kinda impossible” to upgrade our special stuffs. If only you could add some ability to the game to players be able to receive a few shadow energy “maybe 1-2-3” after every victory in duels, it would be much better. I promise it won’t make you bankrupt lol. And where’s “Lion’s gaze”? I can’t find it in legion’s legendary items...
  • Very hard to level up and very time consuming 3/5

    By deanpast
    This was a fun series’s I loved shadow fight 2 but 3 has taken a change for the worst I mean it is just impossible to level up without using real money I mean it took weeks i say weeks just to get to level 4 the story fight just impossible and forces you to fight online just to get crappy items in chest that hours to open this never happened in sf2 and i am upset need to bring out shadow fight 4 make ot nothing like sf3 and make it just like sf2
  • I can't fight 3/5

    By TylerGaming567
    When I am fighting, sometimes I can't even fight at all when the other attacker is hitting me
  • Fun, Annoying, Game chooses when you win 2/5

    By Noogah
    This game is fun, I have to admit. Good graphics and responsive controls. But the robots litterly get a combo 37373 without a cinch. Guys, don't get tricked by the duels and think it's multiplayer. Don't feel bad, I fell for it for a few days too. But you can see when you pause the game, the bots pause with you. The "Multiplayer" is a bunch of rubbish. This is a Pay to Win game, Shadow Fight 2 is way better than this, so stick to that game. You can litterly crack your phone in rage in this game guys. Shadow Fight 3 is better off shutdown
  • Good but not good 3/5

    By MilliganFam
    I'm sure you've been in countless situations in a battle where you are about defeat somebody at low hp and so are you. It goes into that slow motion mode where one is about to win and you move slower than the other person . Therefore you just lost a match because the game developers won't fix this.
  • Potential Wasted 2/5

    By filAm96
    This game has great graphics. In a lot of places this game has a decent story and interesting challenges. But in the two areas that I feel are the worst are somehow able to ruin the gameplay almost entirely. 1. Power progression- it’s ridiculously slow. By the fourth mission in the first chapter you either have to pay money, wait a really long time, or play it ALOT and hope that sheer repetition will make you lucky if you wanna win. Not all that impressed and almost ruined the game for me right there. 2. The grappling mechanic is poorly thought out. A button would be so much more useful then some awkward two thumb combination that is near impossible. And grappling is a pretty important part of the game. Overall, the game has lots of potential. But these two things really ruined it for me. If they fix that. Great!
  • It’s Alright 2/5

    By JustAc3
    The gameplay is kind of meh, and the story is not very good and not well put together... It’s a little fun, but I think I’m just going to stick to the great Shadow Fight 2
  • Money hungry 2/5

    By Blackmamba2543525272
    The game is good but you can tell the developers got greedy: the game runs on a card opening system but the issue comes with the progression there is no grind it's straight up have better gear or lose due to your opponents damage being increased. The difficulty is only there to show how much the damage modification will be for the AI and in duels mode it's pay to win the higher the gear the easier to win the matches the games core loop is nonexistent due to Lack of any real sense of progression so do not buy unless you want to spend $
  • Customizing Characters Again 5/5

    By Andlfyer
    Hey Nekki! I have a suggestion. But first I wanna say your game is amazing! Challenging and Fun! Unique style. Ok, enough rating, let’s get on with the point. So, I’ve noticed that you can’t change characters once you make one in the start of a user lately. I wanted to change my character, but I could not. What I’m saying is, I want an option in the next update to customize your character again! And I’m not meaning weapons, armor and all. I mean how my characters LOOK. We could change them anytime if that happens. This is a request for the next update, changing characters anytime (A price is optional).
  • To long of a wait 1/5

    By Rick6790
    You have to wait hours just to be able to play and get items. Items that may or may not even help you
  • Pay wall 1/5

    By Bullet blazer927
    Fun until they lock you behind a pay wall where you can’t progress by normal means so the only way is to buy your way through it don’t play this game besides the pay wall the controls are unresponsive and clunky and needs to be more like its predecessor

    By sonic the ultamint
    I would just like to say that this game is amazing, awesome, and whatever word next. Great graphics,great story, great gameplay!its just that id like more chaps cause olny4chaps

    By Blistainc
    LOVE IT😍😍😍
  • Don’t waste your time 1/5

    By XxMrDJAYxX
    Fun at first then it forces you to waste money. Developers must be a bit desperate I guess. Trash.
  • Bad game 1/5

    By Tooroplau
    The game has too many bugs and cheaters. It is impossible to play once you reached a higher level. Full of cheaters. Also usually the character doesn’t follow the control
  • Money talks 1/5

    By J racer 18
    Super fun game. Great graphics to but if you don’t want to pay to get better they leave you stuck at the level. Save yourself the disappointment. I mean the even only allow you to earn so many coins a day so you can’t level up unless you wait or pay.
  • P2W BS 1/5

    By Jaydakin
    This [email protected]$ing game is so paw to win I was playing the campaign and the guy hit me 10 time in a row without giving me a chance so you better give me 1948483939 coins in game or you won’t live to see another day🤬🤬🤬🤬🔪🔪🔪🔪☠️☠️☠️☠️😁 this game makes me sick🤢🤮
  • Friends 4/5

    By angel5133
    Would definitely be cool if you could add friends and play against each other. Or invite others to play against you definitely would be cool but really cool game
  • Good game but... 4/5

    By Jeeps3701
    I would like to use all the gear I’ve collected therefore it would be nice to choose which items to upgrade or be able to interchange upgrade points otherwise you wind up with a lot of useless gear that’s only good for training. Still all in all it’s a good game.
  • Crappy 2/5

    By CoolXMaonoCoolManX
    I say that because itu is impossible to beat can you decrease it to normal difficulty he doesn’t even have a mask on thats why. Thanks
  • Fun game but very frustrating 1/5

    By Asdf517475
    The game is great with all the graphics and animations but there are times it gets very frustrating. I understand this is a free game and you have to try to get the people who play this to buy the coins and gems for better armor and weapons but don’t go so far to make that the only way to defeat the boss. It took me days to defeat one of the bosses and its now almost impossible to defeat the latest one. Also, I understand that the level is impossible. Getting prompted every time i repeat the round to finish side missions when there aren't any is just stupid. There should also be the option to just restart the game or given the option to restart the game when you lose.
  • This game is sooo asome 5/5

    By Noah d king
    Lol love this
  • Keep fighting 5/5

    By Taber_z
    This game honestly, is my favorite game ever. It is the most fun thing I’ve ever played I spend money on it all the time, it’s amazing I dont know what to say anymore because this game is straight up AMAZING
  • I love it 5/5

    By acoustic.henry
    This is the only game the I like to play.
  • Awesome game! 5/5

    By Stinky weasel Teets
    Best fighting game on the mobile platform, without a doubt!
  • I out 1/5

    By FadiOP
    The game is to hard
  • Good game 5/5

    By slmnjh am
    Good game and good graphics. Need little bit of work with the weApons
  • Very bad game 5/5

    By m.msoty
    This game is designed just to let you feel poor!!!! So so bad game!! I do not prefer any one to try it!
  • Cool 5/5

    By Frjfjdjfbrhfjfnr
    Great game
  • Server connection 5/5

    By sudaraa
    Please help, every time I try to join the game it says ‘’server takes response take longer than expected, please wait...” can anyone help, anyways it was fun
  • Not Truly Free or Fun 3/5

    By OmniarchGamer
    The gameplay is fun, but the storyline is basic, and you are going to HAVE to pay money or grind for days in order to get anywhere. The special events only benefit players who pay, and the story missions soon go from fun to hard until you find better loot. Unfortunately, that better loot is only gained from opening multiple packs (using scarce in-game money), or by playing PvP. In PvP you WILL hit a wall because it’s based off of who has better loot.

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