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  • Current Version: 2.2.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Shadow Launch Technology Limited
  • Compatibility: Android
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4,513 Ratings
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Shadowrocket App

Rule based proxy utility client for iPhone/iPad. - Capture all HTTP/HTTPS/TCP traffic from any applications on your device, and redirect to the proxy server. - Record and display HTTP, HTTPS, DNS requests from your iOS devices. - Configure rules using domain match, domain suffix, domain keyword, CIDR IP range, and/or GeoIP lookup. - Measure traffic usage and network speed on WiFi, cellular, direct and proxy connections. - Import rule files from URL or iCloud Drive. - Block ads by domain, user agent rules. - Local DNS Mapping. - Work on cellular networks. - Decrypt HTTPS traffic. - Perform URL rewrite. - Fully IPv6 supports. - Script filter supports. - Multi-level forward proxy. - Support kcptun, cloak, gost, v2ray plugins. - Support DNS over HTTTPS, DNS over TLS, DNS over QUIC.

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Shadowrocket app reviews

  • 用不了 1/5

    By 惠113168
  • 能把代理分组的入口放出来吗? 4/5

    By JOJOShaun
  • Delete 5/5

    By abbottdong
  • Hope to keep improving 4/5

    By Quantum wow
    It is more convenient to use, but some functions are not powerful enough. I hope to add the setting function of load balancing!
  • 买了却不能在已购里直接下载 而是要在商店里搜索才能看到并下载? 1/5

    By Judahsama
    买了却不能在已购里直接下载 而是要在商店里搜索才能看到并下载?
  • 小火箭支持的协议是最全面的了 5/5

    By 马蹄图
  • 能基于选定app使用吗 5/5

    By tttesttestttest
  • Awesome 5/5

    By raju12472
    Very easy to use and helpful
  • 希望小火箭永不倒闭 5/5

    By almfkcn
  • 更新和下载不了 1/5

    By Frankshaw888
  • Easy to settle and work on M1 Pro Mac 5/5

    By Thorpe.Lau
    Glad to see this app working on M1 Pro Mac just like iPhone and iPad without any additional settings.
  • mac根本下载不了 5/5

    By 66666666suqwdfvuwqd
  • 小火箭yyds 5/5

    By The Deleted Account
  • Can't open IMDB link 3/5

    By 尼采5635小时
    Could you reapir it?
  • bug on ios10.3 5/5

    By rooyale
    So I encounter the same bug like the version before last.I get trapped in the loop can't start and config the VPN profile failed.
  • Good tools 5/5

    By Terry_cn
    Very good
  • fighting 5/5

    By 还是觉得姐姐大姐大姐
    The new version is really getting easier and easier to use.
  • 翻过来的相信我,不专业别动 1/5

    By hyniopis
  • 更新后版本,代理速度上不来,后台运行耗电有点高 3/5

    By 有待进一步改进不足
  • 狗逼客服拖着时间含糊其辞不解决问题 1/5

    By 性冷淡的加里奥
  • Awesome 5/5

    By micro toolchain
    Stable, silent and maintained well by developer.
  • 好用 4/5

    By 怂猫侠
    我的pc上快用,iphone13 pro max的shadowrocket 突然不好使了。还没有提示和日志来解决问题。 然后重新安装又好了…..
  • mac m1版本不能下载 5/5

    By zjwangmin
    之前可以下载 现在不能更新 默认规则配置微信图片很慢很慢 关掉配置可以正确正常显示
  • 流媒体检测 5/5

    By gyugeyikvg
  • 手机也可以愉快的访问谷歌了 5/5

    By 科学上网yyds
  • Feature rich personal shadowsocks + v2ray plugin app 5/5

    By SurfingPenyu
    I’m primarily using Shadowrocket app to connect to my personal Shadowsocks VPS. I find the app excellent in performance, it has very comprehensive features satisfying most users and very good UI/UX. But what really impresses me most is the outstanding support from the developer. I had initially problems configuring the app to connect to my Shadowsocks server. I believe most of the issues are due to my lack of familiarity with the Shadowsocks + v2ray plugin protocol. But the developer has shown great patience in walking me through the settings in the app to finally establish connection. The performant app and wonderful developer support earned my solid recommendation.
  • Nice 5/5

    By 你妈比你都牛逼阑炊释

    By 股情市行价报
    You really think you can steal the Apple ID by binding YOUR phone number to its two factor??? You re just creating disturbance.
  • 没法用了啊 1/5

    By Drake926
  • 请问怎么添加节点呢 4/5

    By gracejoy365
  • 更新后怎么用不了了 4/5

    By akxhsianx
  • 买完转区它就不在你已购项目之中了 5/5

    By MTR2333
  • 20220331顺利 5/5

    By 温柔你我会
  • 什么时候能更新下iOS的小组件 5/5

    By 摸摸小狗头
  • 无语 4/5

    By 🌑🐖🐏
    今天 用不了?
  • speed slower than old vision 1/5

    since i updated, it’s speed only half as fast
  • 一直验证身份 1/5

    By 剧透细胞再生资源
  • battery usage 1/5

    By iMrSirandmore
    fix battery usage
  • yyds 5/5

    By mcyjc2006
  • Need a new shadowRocket for Apple silicon Mac 4/5

    By zoukai3412085
    Hope you can develop a new shadowRocket software for Macs that use Apple silicon processors, in order to adapt to the computer's usage habits, including the display of the status bar, because there is currently no similar software that supports Apple silicon processors natively.
  • BEST proxy app! 5/5

    By Aestival Nostalgia
    and not expensive
  • Always start up fail 1/5

    By Ilikeappleapp
    Always startup fail since updated on March 21. It should be fixed quickly.
  • Widget Gone, Need it back! 2/5

    By satomijunko
    Great APP but the widget disappears after the latest update. Please repair it as soon as possible. It’s really inconvenient.
  • macOS12.3 can not install 3/5

    By 松树下发呆
    can not update,neither install.
  • Last update 2/5

    By G-York
    Where the widget?
  • Useful tool 5/5

    By daveloow2022
    It is a useful tool for me
  • Hyvä 5/5

    By leekingzhu
    Good Job!
  • 如果无法更新 5/5

    By strawberry for baozi
    如果您无法在 Mac M1 上下载或更新 Shadowrocket ,可以尝试清空Mac App Store 缓存。 打开 终端 (Terminal) 执行: rm -rf /Users/$(whoami)/Library/Caches/ rm -rf /Users/$(whoami)/Library/Caches/
  • Compatible problem with macos 12.2 5/5

    By 斗牛士88
    Cannot install it in macos 12.2.1