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Shahid - ﺷﺎﻫﺪ

  • Category: Entertainment
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  • Current Version: 7.33.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: MBC Group
  • Compatibility: Android
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Welcome to Shahid, your premium platform for a wide variety of the best Arabic Originals, exclusive series & movie premieres, live TV, Sports and more. Discover something new every week Subscribe to any of Shahid’s packages and enjoy unlimited access to a world of entertainment for you and your family: Shahid Originals Enjoy the world’s best Arabic original productions exclusively Live sports in HD Watch the Roshn Saudi League matches and other sports in HD Live Events Enjoy events like Riyadh Season, Jeddah Season, upcoming live concerts and plays Ad-free Non-stop entertainment with no ad-interruptions Live TV All your favorite channels live in Full HD Series and movie premieres Stay one step ahead and watch new shows and movies first Exclusive previews Watch amazing series & movies ahead of TV and cinemas Safe kids content Exclusive content for your kids to enjoy on secure and dedicated profiles Multiple profiles Assign each family member a unique profile Download and watch offline Download your favorite content and watch it on the go Unlimited devices Log into the same account on all your devices and watch different shows simultaneously on up to 3 devices Worldwide access Keep watching content regardless of where you are in the world Privacy Policy Terms of use

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  • افشل تطبيق كله اعلانات ولازم اشتراك 1/5

    By Meassen
    افشل تطبيق كله اعلانات ولازم اشتراك
  • حراميه 1/5

    By تقنقنبننببن
    تجددون الاشتراك وانا مقفل التجديد التلقائي
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By Jouri k
    Good price and very good quality of images and movies
  • Beware impossible to cancel 1/5

    By dUnit1980
    App is ok but the business is shady. Basically once you subscribe. There is no way to cancel. The app acts like you can but then says you have to go online. Then you go online and it says you need to call. You try to call the phone goes nowhere. The. You email support and no one gets back to you. Either a scam or incompetence (more likely) just realize you are stuck unless you cancel you credit card.
  • Terrible and Annoying App interface 2/5

    By mmA518
    This is not a review of the rich media content of Shahid but the terrible app design and functions. Apparently Shahid app designers never heard of human-centered design or if they have, they all got together and decided it’s fun to ignore human design principles and enjoy annoying their subscribers. To summarize, here in the US, I’m subscribed thru Sling. Fine. But here where the problem is: at random, you will be switched off and turned into a non-subscriber account. You will need to go to your app, logoff and log in again with the Sling partner account. And then you will have to re-link your Apple TV thru the stupid QR code on screen. Emailing Shahid customer service about this annoying problem, here is a direct quote: “ Regarding the logout and logging in, unfortunately, yes in the meantime with Sling users only.” Seriously Shahid? You have to turn off your subscribers and force to login again so you can be assured of a valid subscription? Have you heard of Netflix, for example?
  • not good 1/5

    By ali fentoh
    the new update is not working]\
  • Alot of glitches, and malfunctions 2/5

    By Abalkhyour
    Not the to mention the daily glitches, but also i planned to watch the Barcelona vs real madrid supercopa de espana final on the SSC channel through shahid, and it decides to malfunction and not work on ANY device, from my tv to my ipad and iphone. there goes the first half of the game before i decide to stream it from somewhere else. Definitely don’t recommend to rely on for important sports game, despite me having the “sports” vip package
  • App is not working 1/5

    By zfyfxghxdy
    Today all of a sudden the app is not working it is stuck on the loading screen. I deleted and downloaded the app five times and still not working please fix this now
  • The app needs frequent logins 1/5

    By Informing series
    It would looks like it is logged in but nothing works and it needs logout then login again very frequent even on the home tv which is very annoying
  • l get to watch Cristiano & discovered good shows 5/5

    By momof3gorgeousgirls
    I’m in/from the USA and had never watched an Arabic show/movie until subscribing to this service. So I originally subscribed to this app to watch Cristiano Ronaldo play on his new team because this was the only way to watch him from the U.S. I figured I’d check out some of the Arabic shows/movies to get my monies worth. I don’t watch a lot of non-english language shows/movies because I have to read the screen. I so wish the U.S.A made it more important to learn other languages around the country like other countries do. Anyways, I digress. I started watching this show called Stiletto and I am hooked. Now I want to watch other shows and movies. I am so happy I learned of this new app.
  • سيئ 1/5

    By abdallh7200
    شيئ برنامج غير مجاني وجودة الفديوات ليست 4K
  • Ho 1/5

    By azmahuonezuo
    The worst app I ever used Don’t even think about subscribing on it cuz there’s noway to unsubscribe
  • Nothing for free to watch 1/5

    By mohamad k
    All it’s about is charging you a big fee to watch. At least it can be some free but none are free waste of time and download all this money they make and they want more
  • Clunky 2/5

    By bluejayz
    This app on the Apple TV is very clunky. It keeps signing us out and then signing in is a struggle. Sometimes it works and sometimes it takes several tries before it will sign us in.
  • اسطوووره 5/5

    By cxcxdrdd
  • مرحبا 2/5

    By dkfkckckc
    Hello, medium category program. We demand to watch movies for free without paying the balance
  • Deletes your downloads 1/5

    By SueMGD
    This app is horrible with so many glitches . Most annoying is when it deletes all your downloads before you watch them once you connect to WiFi ..
  • تجربه سيئه 2/5

    By Yousef23455
    دائما تتغير اللغة من تلقاء نفسه وتوجد الكثير من المشاكل التقنية الآخرى
  • Canceled my subscription for no reason 1/5

    By theDudeDude1234
    I have a 1 year VIP subscription with them and suddenly it is asking me to subscribe again. When i called them they said you have no subscription with us. However, on itunes i have a 1 year subscription with them. They have been wasting my time and my money. The worst
  • Can’t watch on iPad with a keyboard case anymore. Great job guys. 1/5

    By Aniphone5suser
    Every app update screws something up. Recently it made it so all of the status bar icons still show up when watching in full screen which is very annoying. The most recent update made it so you can only watch Shahid VIP on iPad in landscape mode if you rotate the device clockwise (camera bump on the bottom right). This is the opposite orientation of ALL of the iPad keyboard cases, so whatever you’re watching will be upside down unless you take the iPad off the keyboard case, shake it, and put it back. And as soon as you interact with the iPad, the screen flips upside down again. The app forces you to update the the very latest app version as soon as there is an update. So when the update has a serious glitch that makes the app unusable, you’re screwed. You can’t just stay on the previous version. They clearly don’t bother testing the app for five minutes before forcing everyone to update.
  • الأفلام الرائعة بفلوس 1/5

    By فظل S1
    ليش الأفلام الحلوة بفلوس
  • Usual bad & unsatisfying MBC service 1/5

    By (:MonMon:)
    1- I paid for VIP membership so I can watch whatever I want Ads-free!! This is not what we got. 2- you constantly changing the live channels order, and I can’t even reorder them based on whatever I want! So I have to go through a long list of stupid channels first. 3- Glitches and hanging is the only constant and stable feature you’re offering the users so far.
  • Bad 1/5

    By lyliajaz
    The app is so retardant
  • اسواء تطبيق 1/5

    By gdvvjshzvevd
    أسواء تطبيق راح يمر عليك بحياتك .. سنوات من الاشتراك وكل سنة يتغير سعر الاشتراك وتتغير نوعية الاشتراك .. المشكلة انك تبي تشترك في باقة اعلى ويرفضون حتى ينتهي اشتراك السنة .. عجيب
  • They scam me 1/5

    By right number wrong time
    Worst app ever I purchased 8.99 just to say purchased by another account I want my refund
  • ابليكيشان عقيم 1/5

    By love this app so well made!
    بصراحه فعلا عقيم ومتعرفش تحط حاجه فاليست تضيع ولو خرجت وانت متابع حلقه عشان افتح تاني اللقيه مش مسيف لحد فين وصلت واضطر اقلب وادور لحد م اوصل للجزء اللي كنت فيه علي عمس نتفليكس بصراحه ابليكيشان تحفه وسهل التعامل معاه بس للاسف بنضطر نشترك عشان المسلسلات العربي ياريت يتعمله ابديت ويحلوا مشاكله
  • Rotate an issue with IPad 1/5

    By Shahid VIP Member
    Please fix that rotation an issue in IPad. Thanks
  • فشل رغم الموسوعه الكبيره من الاعمال 1/5

    By mohamed drabel
    برنامج فاشل الاخطاء كتيرة منها انك ما تقدر تختار الجوده التي تريدها واخطاء اخوا كتير افضل المشاهده على ايجي بست مع الاعلانات ولا المشاهده من برنامج الملئ بالاخطاء
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By ben883
    عندكم مشكلة في تقنية و كل ما اشوف فيلم او مسلسل لازم الشاشة تتقلب و مش قادر اتفرج في اي شي ،يا شركة متحيلة
  • Issue on the app 2/5

    By MafdPaules
    When I'm watching the app then opening another application the go back to shahid the movie keeps going on only voice and open the home page .
  • في مشكله للابدية الجديد 1/5

    By f2sha
    الشاشه تقلب حتى مع تشغيل وضع القفل
  • Poor 1/5

    By MK Maro
    Poor App, I can’t access with my sling account anymore
  • Worst app in the world 1/5

    By أبو اسيد المهاجر
    I have it through sling when I login using shahid partners nothing happens.
  • مشكلة في البرنامج 1/5

    By mm dh
    ما اقدر اسوي تسجيل دخول حساب جديد ايش المشكلة؟
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By hebbieeee
    The app is consistently down. I have to log out then back in every other day for it to recognize that I’m a subscriber. And for the past 36-48 hours it’s been completely down and giving errors for log in. Worst app ever!!
  • good 5/5

    By eng.aab
    shahid such a great app
  • ليبيا 1/5

    By رهف سليمان
    ليش مافي مسلسلات بدون اشتراك في عالم ماعندهم كيفيت اشتراك
  • الرجاء الاهتمام باكمال الحلقات بالمسلسلات التركيه مو معقوله نتابع واخر شي نوقف بالنص 2/5

    By Emooo.......
    وعندي التلفزيون لمن افتح مسلسل تركي يتدبلج باللهجه المغربيه ولا يقبل التعديل وسبق ان قدمت بلاغ ولا فائده
  • رجاءًا خلو شاهد مجاني بدون باقات لان مايفتح 1/5

    By ١.٥:؟&٨؟٤٧٩٩٢٢٢٦٨ma
    خلو بدون باقات
  • Doesn’t work with Apple AirPlay 2/5

    By Mohammad Qudeisat
    How could you screw up a native Apple feature so bad? Tried it with my iPhone and iPad but didn’t work. Other apps are able to use AirPlay. Please fix it
  • Good app but be careful of over charges 1/5

    By ASK007
    I accepted the offer of 3 months for $4.45. 33% of the cost… However Apple billed me in full. And of course their customer service don’t care to reply. Be careful
  • Slow buggy app!!!! 1/5

    By Laith Al Obaidy
    The slowest app on earth!
  • Does not work with Chromecast anymore 2/5

    By User_ny
    It used to work fine until the new Shahid’s update was installed few days ago. My Chromecast works fine with YouTube and other apps videos but stopped working with Shahid app on my iPhone. I know it’s an application issue on Shahid because I made sure my phone got the latest updates and I reset my Chromecast already which works fine with other apps including YouTube.
  • Low Service 2/5

    By Sultan dk
    They always have technical problems!
  • Great content Poor App 3/5

    By smagharious
    The content is great, however it is a pain every time I try to cast on tv thru Chromecast. This app has two major issues: - you succeed to connect the app, select the content and it won’t respond, as if there is nothing to click on. To fix I have to completely close the app, reconnect and reselect the content I want to play. - you passed the first issue, congrats! sometimes another issue shows up: now It gives you a new error message displaying on TV « retrieving data, wait for few minutes … » at this moment you better wait fir next day to actually play anything from this app. Stop trying. This is when dinner gets cold or almost bedtime and you decide to cancel subscription and turn to YouTube or some other app that is actually working. So much disappointment.
  • Not working. 1/5

    By Ali_I994
    Airplay stopped working on all devices. Roku and all other. Can’t get it to stream on tv’s.
  • التطبيق سيئ عند مشاركة الشاشة 1/5

    By sara890
    داااائما في مشكلة مع الكاستنج ( مشاركة الشاشة)
  • فاشل 1/5

    By ابـو سـعـد
    محتوى غربي لكن بوجه عربي ، مواد منافية لجميع العادات والتقاليد والاعراق العربية .
  • Very poor app and does not live up to MBC 1/5

    By AQ570
    The application is very poor on the mobile version. The one on TV is a little bit better. Some series you can find on the TV version you cannot find always on the mobile app yet it’s sometimes show Very poorly developed application needs a lot of work to live up to the standards of MBC