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Shake Shack App

The Shack App is a mobile ordering app, available at select Shacks. You can now order Shake Shack via your mobile phone when you want it. You don’t have to wait in line to place your order, and your order will be ready at or near the time you select. The app was created so that your food is freshly prepared. We’ll let you know as soon as your order is ready…just look out for the notification! FEATURES - Order ahead and select any available time to schedule your order pickup. Your order will be made fresh-to- order, and we’ll notify you as soon as it’s ready. - Find Shacks via a location finder. - Pick from your favorite orders. - Keep track of food allergies and access nutritional information. - See the latest Shake Shack events and promos. - Connect to all Shake Shack social media channels in one place. - View the live Shack Cam at the O.G. Shack in New York City’s Madison Square Park. We love feedback. It only makes us better and we want to hear about it! Have an FAQ? Head to About Us in the top left corner menu on the app. Scroll down until you see FAQ. Still need an answer or need help with something more? Head here If email is easier, then drop us a line at [email protected] with all the needed details including your name, contact info and order number so that we can follow up with you.


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Shake Shack app reviews

  • Buggy 1/5

    By gsapiens7
    Love the idea, app is very convenient when it works, but many times it just crashes. Also has too many steps just to make a simple order. Keep working on it.
  • Orders don’t go through 1/5

    By esbbbbb
    Every time I try to submit an order it just says “ruh roh” & never goes through. So frustrating & time wasting.
  • Seems like a lot of design for an app that doesn't work 2/5

    By Cobra Kai
    Great UX....very sleek and intuitive....tried about 4 different payment forms and attempts and got weird buggy "didn't work" error messages. It like the old Seinfeld bit. Apps good at BUILDING the order....but - just didn't work for pacing or paying for the order....which is kind of the lore important part.
  • Frustrating.. 1/5

    By KFB315
    This app worked the first time I used it. Since then, every time I attempt to submit my order I receive a “Ruh Roh there was trouble processing your order” message. EVERY TIME. This app is useless to me bc it never places my order. I have recently attempted on 7 separate occasions to place orders to no avail. Of course this isn’t a reflection on shake shakes great good, just it’s crappy app.
  • Faulty allergen listing 1/5

    By M.Kav
    Fish and shellfish are two of the eight most severe food allergies and therefore are legally required to be disclosed when listing allergens. Your app fails to include these in the allergy alert page. Yet, based upon information provided by staff, there is a concern with cross-contamination with fish and shellfish for the ShackSauce and other foods including certain kinds of shakes.
  • To go order 💯 5/5

    By Cteerail
    Love the app! Very user friendly and “to the point”! My food was ready quite promptly. :))
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By 90069whatsup
    Chaos at pick up counter and rude man to deal with!! Won’t be returning.
  • Great eats! 5/5

    By Crystal Richard
    The Shake Shack is amazing! So glad they finally here in the Carolinas!
  • 1 happy customer 5/5

    By Zach Chilton
    Food is spectacular service is phenomenal! Just want to say thanks!!!
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By bw013
    Very convenient when you work near a Shake Shack and want to pop in and pick up food without waiting in a long line. However I have noticed that sometimes you get a notification several minutes before your food is actually ready. (This is likely not an app issue, but an employee issue.) Plus you can only choose pickup times that are spaced 15 minutes apart, so if you barely miss the window on one, waiting in line might actually be faster than choosing the next available slot. Also, it would be nice if they added Apple Pay.
  • Waited an hour 1/5

    By Jamie Lonie
    I arrived 25 minutes after my order assuming the food would be near ready. I arrive to be told the system may be “too busy” to have made the order yet (despite having selected ASAP). After several people who arrive into the restaurant after me had received their food from ordering at the counter, I asked for an update. I was told they couldn’t find the order and I had to wait even longer. Waiting this long defeats the purpose of me ordering via an app at a fast food place.
  • Card Reader is bad 2/5

    By dhdicjsns
    I always have to type in my card number manually. Deal breaker
  • You will wait forever even if you order ahead 1/5

    By bad&boujie
    Ordered food around 7:30pm for a 9:30 pick up, Came 9:30pm on the dot food still wasn’t ready. I don’t see what the purpose of ordering ahead if you still have to wait just as long as someone who ordered in store. I understand it’s still new but they need more man power because this is or customer service!!!
  • never able to process my order 2/5

    By tellmeifthisisused
    friends are using the app smoothly, but not for me. I tried reinstall, tried giving every privacy permission to the app, tried order for later time than wanted, tried different cards, etc. Never got to process the order at last 🙄🙄
  • Fast food?? 1/5

    By CharBai
    Completely confused staff.
  • Please update locations 4/5

    By kenr96
    Can’t use app until they update the N.C. location which opened today. Thanks
  • Shake Shack 4/5

    By D. Hill
    This isn’t your usual fast food application where you simply get a list of locations and a look at the menu. This app separates itself for three reasons. One is the ability to read the company’s blog which fills you in on the latest news and promotions surrounding the chain. This is great for those who are devotees of Shake Shack or even for those who are new to the chain and want to find out more. The second which is more of a gimmick but is still unique is the ability to view video from the Shake Cam at its original location in the city. The third is being tailor made for ordering on the go so those who don’t want to wait in line in store can grab their order and go. The app besides having the basics of a location finder has a more stylish food menu interface allowing you to browse items by the category with appetizing photos to go along with it. Users can also connect to all of the chain’s social accounts from the app. If you are a regular of Shake Shack this app is a must download.
  • What’s Going On? 1/5

    By Baconate
    I used the app once and everything went through fine. Then on my second order, the app didn’t work. I tried everything: used my iPhone, used my android, deleted and re-downloaded on both devices, created a new account, used a different card. Nothing worked. If I can’t order ahead, I can’t go to Shake Shack.
  • Seperate online Orders from Store 2/5

    By Waffennmnj
    Have to fight for the attention of employee who is bombarded with stores orders. separate online from store , so when online ppl are at pick up there not fighting for the attention of the pick up server. Otherwise, you lose time trying to wave the server down like a taxi cab
  • 😔 1/5

    By Lilv's
    15 minutes after scheduled pick up time
  • Gift cards 1/5

    How do you build an app that doesn’t accept gift cards for payment?!
  • Bad UI/UX 2/5

    By dpmccabe
    Shake Shack surely has the the money to hire a UX developer, and this app needs the work. Unintuitive menus, overlapping and inaccessible buttons, mystery meat navigation...the list goes on. I'll still use it because I've never had any issues with the food pickup, but I hate having to go through this app.
  • Over cooked 4/5

    Busy during lunch time, smokes all over the store. And my burger was over cooked, and the bun as well.. in black... please improve the quality
  • Never works 1/5

    By Kate z
    I’m on an iPhone 7 with the latest OS and it won’t load the order screen after I select a location. This problem has been persistent for a few months.

    By 
    1. ORDER NEVER GOES THRUE. 2. The timer to order is not working either is soon as you ready to order app says I have to pick other time cause my time ran out but I still have 4:00 min on timer 3. And if order did go THRUE your food not going to be ready in 15 min, it will be much faster to stay in the line I was so frustrated that I deleted the app
  • Great App 5/5

    By funkmonk302
    At first I had a lot of trouble with this app but lately it works great. The developers even responded to my rating so that gives them a 5! I definitely recommend for anyone in NYC looking to avoid the lines.
  • Awesome food. UI a work in progress. 4/5

    By Tswann01
    Also, need a location north of Perimeter mall.
  • Food is tasty but overpriced 3/5

    By bezevyk
    Burger and fries were good. The milkshake was really good but in a child cup. Not much there for the money! Also, it was only 3/4 full.
  • Waste of time 2/5

    By Colomberican
    I download the app so that I can order ahead of time and have it ready for pick up to avoid the long lines, but after setting up my order and payment info, I was told that there was a problem processing my order. Now that just messed up my mood and wasted my time.
  • "Phone number is invalid" 1/5

    By childofthekorn
    The app won't let me set up an account because it's telling me my phone number is invalid. It's definitely my phone number.
  • issue with logging in through Facebook 1/5

    By John Costable
    i’m having a problem with logging into the app through facebook. it won’t let me even though i have an account
  • Don’t expect a text 3/5

    By Keebler T Elf
    Yesterday I used the new updated version of the app. As instructed, I went to the Shake Shack and waited for the text they had said would appear to say that the order was ready. I waited 20 minutes. Finally went to the counter and my order had been sitting there, who knows how long. The worker explained that that aspect of the app doesn’t actually work. Otherwise the app worked pretty well.
  • Order early 2/5

    By Macthirsty
    In nyc, order for at least 15 minutes before the time you actually want to pick up. They seem to start putting your order in the queue at your order pickup time.
  • Just won’t process orders 1/5

    By RockaLilu
    Have tried on no fewer than 6 separate occasions to place an order (with two different iPhones, no less) and have never been able to place an order. I’ll get through to the payment page, and after entering my information, I can’t move past the page to actually pay for an order. Simply useless app, which is a bummer because the burgers are phenomenal.
  • Quick and easy 5/5

    By Asianburns
    Quick and easy
  • Ok but... 4/5

    By your pal Al
    Good app. Easy to use. But, pop up at check out pushing lemonade is annoying:( i’ll probably go to Bobby Flay’s Burger Palace next time instead…
  • Terrible! 1/5

    By Raymond3612
    Won’t even let me set up account. Keeps telling me the name is required yet I entered the name repeatedly. Can’t access the app to order because it won’t even set up correctly.
  • Why buzz when it’s not actually ready??? 2/5

    By luvs2laff
    The app does the same thing as each location. Why on earth do you get the notification that the order is ready when it is, in fact, not ready??? Also, why bother with a hiring process? Everyone working the window is rude and has no clue about work ethic. It happens consistently at each location with few exceptions, though they exist. I’ve read that hospitality book. Seems as though the book is a mere suggestion of how Danny Meyer wants his companies to function, because shake shack isn’t the only restaurant losing guests left and right. That Hospitality includes has turned his finer dining spots into just another shake shack with the same kind of attitude from its employees. It’s pretty apparent from who is being hired at their locations. And while some of their spots are better than others, the flagship location in Madison square park should be running top notch, not the lowest rate.
  • Apple Pay please 1/5

    By Cattie88
    A pain to enter payment info.
  • Never got an order to process 1/5

    By m0cleary
    Tried a number of times but every time it errored out.
  • Online payments won’t go through 1/5

    By Dan254
    Tried for 2 days with multiple cards
  • NYC - Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Andykoom
    App doesn’t work. Tried multiple locations. iPhone X, connection good. 1 star.
  • Time slots ordering very flawed 1/5

    By High reggie
    Does not have an option to have order ready for ASAP. Time slots are 15 minutes apart. Does not allow you to order for a time slot within 10 minutes regardless of traffic at store. So ordering online doesn’t really save you any time. If anything it costs you time. Very poor decisions by developers.
  • Trash, order never goes through 1/5

    By Gz178
    I downloaded this app and tried to place an order at the NYC 8th Ave location. The app always showed “there is a problem processing your order, “ but it didn’t say what problem. Basically this app is useless. And Shake Shack ad is misleading, the ad showed a giant burger, but the actual one is so small, sad!
  • Add to order doesn’t work 3/5

    By thuyties
    Cannot add to order just placed even though there is a button that says add to order.
  • Wouldn’t accept payment info, longer wait, ran out of my order before I got it. 1/5

    By Shawnie Boats
    Upon entering my CC info for this app it kept saying my billing zip code was wrong even when I checked it and tried 3 times and finally just used a different card with the same zip code and it worked first try. Unfortunately by then I’d lost my chance to pick up my order at the time slot chosen so I had to wait an extra 15 minutes. My order came up 20 minutes after putting it in but there was no shake at the counter. I asked an employee of my order came up since I got the alert and they said they just ran out of that flavor. They immediately gave me my second choice without hesitation but I can’t help but think this could’ve all been avoided if the app just worked the way it should’ve when I initially tried to place my order. Made for more inconvenience than convenience. Will just wait in line and order manually next time.
  • Great App...But... 4/5

    By Wordy10122345
    Should be able to modify the order once you make it. Wanted to make a small change, but could not.
  • Annoying 1/5

    By 2¢
    This is specifically about Astor Place New York City: Why send a text that food is ready if it is just sitting there waiting to be packed up by a single person dealing with dozens of orders? So badly designed. You stand there waiting and your food is cold.
  • Food 5/5

    By saifmurrell10
    Great 😊😊
  • Ruh Roh 1/5

    By Skippy!
    There seems to be an issue with the app because it’s not letting me complete transactions. This has been going on for over a week now, I’ve even created a new account to see if that fixed it. Nope. Tried with multiple credit cards as well since I have to enter a card every time because it doesn’t save my card info either.

Shake Shack app comments


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