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  • Current Version: 7.10.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sheetz
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sheetz® App

Whether you’re a Sheetz Fan, Friend or Freak we’ve improved the app to make your Sheetz Run better than ever! With a fresh new look, it’s like it came straight out of our Made-To-Order kitchen! Go ahead. Order the mozz sticks on your burger. Why the Sheetz Not? 1. Save time by ordering and paying ahead for your favorite MTO foods and specialty drinks. 2. Save money by receiving exclusive app only offers! 3. Reorder your favorites in seconds. 4. Customize your rewardz to get those Mozzarella Sticks you’ve been eyeing up! 5. Use SheetzPay to make purchases with your phone inside any of our stores. 6. Unlock special features only available in stores, like using SheetzGO! to scan and checkout on your phone! 7. Show some love by sending a digital gift card to a Sheetz Freak in your life!

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Sheetz® app reviews

  • Enable Touch ID??? 3/5

    By MidasMagoo
    Can anyone tell me what the toggle for “Enable Touch ID” in the Account Settings is actually used for? Every time I open the App, I have to log in. “Remember me” will store the username, but I still have to enter a password. Every time I go to pay, I have to enter a 4 digit pin. In neither of these interfaces do I see an option to use Touch ID.
  • Sheetz App 3/5

    By Susija1
    This App is pretty user friendly except figuring out how to get up your Sheetz number up. But after some time you do get it. However try to find a local Sheetz is a joke. The App says put in address, city and state or zip. No combination works. So we use Google maps. I agree with the review saying that you should be able to alter food orders. A few teaks and this could be a good APP
  • Needs customer support 3/5

    By moggle1738
    I’ve had multiple times when parts of my order is missing and there’s no way to help section or anything
  • Not accurate on ‘Offerz’/Lost funds/Downhill App 1/5

    By McSchezwan
    I’ve been a Sheetz Freak for 3+ years and have witnessed the app slowly go downhill to the point where it is now actively untrustworthy. Whether ’Offerz’ being downright wrong (a recent purchase fell under all guidelines, but did not give discount) OR the loss of funds on a gift card that the staff at the Sheetz were unable to recover (payment terminal froze after payment and had to be hard reset by a team member…. Then re-rung with my gift card balance now zero), this app is no longer trustworthy. I will not be storing funds on this app and will continue to reevaluate my use of both this app and reasons to go to Sheetz.
  • Digital rewards card 1/5

    By Avearable
    When I buy large drink it says with your reward card it should be $.99 but pay $1.48 The other problem will be $.02 off for gas was $.03 when I try to re-download the app before that with my original card even a sept it so I had to get a digital card because my old card was so badly worn out. So I lost all my rewards.
  • reporting problems 2/5

    By Jshager
    The app needs a function to report problems with orders.
  • No in app support 1/5

    By Meanduandthem
    I have been using Sheetz for a very long time and recently they have been screwing up every single order that I have made the only problem is there is no in app support. Meaning if an order is messed up I have to run circles and flip through hoops in order to get any sort of customer service for orders that are paid for yet never received or made correctly. Extremely frustrating and dissatisfied
  • Needs help 2/5

    By Nab908
    I can’t check in when using curbside service!!!!
  • Can’t do curb side. 3/5

    By BearCat459
    I do curb side when I got my dog so she doesn’t go wild waiting on me. But the app doesn’t do the receipt thing to allow check in. Fix that before my dog has the big one.
  • Tragically awful 1/5

    By fvkk this n!cknam3
    Type in the name of the road of the location we want, doesn’t come up. Doesn’t let me save a credit card. Always claims there’s an issue. There isn’t. Make a better app
  • great app but curbside order function is broken in my county 2/5

    By occultatus
    curbside bug detected update needed bug is after order is processed and the app borks the account logs it out but order is processed but curbside doesn't show up on the app and thus you have to go in for pickup
  • Features 3/5

    By Michelle Denae
    I use to love this app. But over last month the “pay & pump” is not there.
  • Decent App 4/5

    By jimi18032
    I like the app. It’s nice to order your food and prepay and have it ready for you when you arrive. Just a heads up — if you’re using a VPN you have to suspend it temporarily or you won’t be able to login! Not too crazy about that.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Super Hiker 1970
    If you just want to buy gas, it is really annoying. Difficult to use; sometimes you get a discount, sometimes you don’t. App seemingly tries to accomplish too much; making something that is really simple unnecessarily complicated.
  • Stopped adding money wallet 3/5

    By wwwlw
    I tried to update a card, and it only allows you the months of August through December to fill in your expiration date. made me concerned that their financial piece isn’t really very good and therefore security probably isn’t very good.
  • Was great, now unusable 2/5

    By Pearl Diver 07
    It worked great until somewhere in late Jul 22. Now I can’t log in and it won’t let me reset password as another way in. Oddly, my login and password work fine in a browser. I’ve gone as far as deleting it, restarting my phone, etc. but no luck. Please fix this.
  • Bad Experience 1/5

    By Bigrich12
    Rewards card took away the perks I got with my points without telling me and they did not give me my fuel perks discount with my card when I got gas. To make it better, their customer service does not get back to you when you reach out to them. Was going to get their credit card to get gas routinely from Sheetz, but I’ll go elsewhere for that now.
  • App Never works 1/5

    By playerLucy511
    Since we are unable to pull up our credit cards to pay I always reloaded my gift card but it never lets me reload it, it constantly says error. Then I tried just purchasing a new gift card and it continues to say error.
  • Help 4/5

    By piclez096
    I can not log in to my account because I forgot my password and I keep trying to get it to send the email but it say that it’s sent but no email ever comes through what should I do
  • Non-existent credit card information security??? 1/5

    By Bellatrix555
    I'm about to freeze my account and get a new credit card for the second time this month because of the seemingly extreme ease of scamming credit card information after using the pump-and-pay on this app. For the first instance, I got gas using pump-and-pay (this was not the first time I had used this feature; this hadn't happened the couple times I'd used it before) and I left for work. While at work, I get a fraud alert for a weird, $100.00 charge I got at a Sheetz in some middle of nowhere Pennsyl-tucky town. Couldn't handle it at that exact moment, but in the time I had to wait to handle it, I got another $55 (and some change) charge in a different PA town. Immediately froze my card, filed disputes for the charges, and got a new card. Mind you, this was literally the first time I had to replace my card and change my information since I opened the account in 2016, so I was a bit peeved, but I understood that people just randomly get a hold of your info sometimes and figured that was the end of it. And now fast forward to today, the second time this has happened (not even a week after my new card came) and phase one of these scammers seemed to have already commenced with an even $100.00 charge from, you guessed it, a Sheetz in some middle of nowhere town in PA, seemingly immediately after I used pump-and-pay today. Quite frankly, I'm just going to delete the app at this point and encourage others not to even download it, because two different credit cards getting their information stolen twice in a row seems a tad too indicative of a systematic problem in the app's cybersecurity, and I'm simply not going to participate in some weird dance of replacing my credit card every two weeks.

    By Bentley Allen
    I wish I could write a negative review. This app is such a rip off if you use to pay at the pump. I got $7.00 in gas using the app. Come to find out using that it charged me $100. When I called customer service she said they have no control over it and it could be $1 or $100s and then it takes sheetz 3-5 business days for sheetz to refund your money. It literally took at the entire amount in my bank account. I don’t understand how they are allowed to do this.
  • Logs out and can’t log back in 1/5

    By Samuraigrind
    Frequently the app will log me out and then the login button doesn’t work. Countless times I’ve been standing at the register frustrated because I can’t use an app, and many deals are only available with the app. Fix it.
  • Wasted time! 1/5

    By badpony2212
    I downloaded and used the app expecting to save myself some time. I went to the store expecting my order to be waiting for me. Nope. I watched multiple people order at the kiosk and get their orders in the 25mins I sat there waiting. In total, it took about an hour from the time I ordered to the time I actually got my food. Just use the kiosk. The app takes five times as long to get your order and the customers at the kiosk are priority.
  • Automatic brightness is rough 3/5

    By bsmsam
    I assume the app automatically increases screen brightness so the Sheetz card barcode can easily be scanned, but I’m sitting on a dark bus with other people and trying to place an order for when I get off, and my phone keeps becoming as bright as the sun. Not only is it just super annoying, but it’s preventing me from placing an order since I can’t do so without bothering other people.
  • Don’t Order MTO food 1/5

    By AlexRaynDeer1
    For starters, when ordering your food, the “cancel” button is hidden by their logo at the bottom of the screen. Then you have the issue of not being able to cancel your order. The only reason why I would have to cancel my order would be that the ASAP option for picking up food is 60 minutes! I ordered the food in their parking lot so it isn't based on your location. And I picked the ASAP option too. There is no wait in store and other people are ordering on terminals and getting their food before mine.
  • Useless 1/5

    By bjpkroshay
    Sheetz, I like. This app, I don’t. *Every* time I’ve tried to use it over the last six months it tells me my selection is “unavailable”. Really? Your stores all run out of Italian wrap fixings at the same time ALL the time? This is beyond disappointing. Wawa is looking better and better.
  • Need to be able to turn off 21+ offers 1/5

    By B.Koehler
    I recently enabled the 21+ offers hoping to save $$ on beer but it turns out it’s for cigarettes and chew 😒. I have zero interest in that stuff and don’t want to see the offers. There’s no way to disable in the app. Please update with the option for us non smokers….
  • awful 1/5

    By CBucc04
    Bar none the worst food ordering app for to go food. Customer service/password reset is terrible, but when you finally get logged in and finally get everything working it seems to run ok. Just go to the store and order, not worth this app.
  • Worst Ordering App 1/5

    By Hyedjksa
    It took me 3 tries to figure out how to add just a credit card. That’s not even an option under pay. I had to buy a gift card and long and behold it finally asked my for my card info. After purchasing the gift card and trying to place an order it keeps telling me an unknown error has occurred. So now I have a Sheetz gift card I cannot use. Sheetz you just lost my business this morning over a malfunctioning app, with bad user friendliness. I’ve got 4 kids in the car with me, all I wanted was to order a coffee for curbside on my way to the park. I am not taking 4 kids in to do that. I was already on the fence about Sheetz. Now my mind is made up.
  • They don’t honor their own offer 1/5

    By lock of the locks
    Offer for 15 cent off the gallon but when you scan your barcode it’s less
  • it wont let me order ahead 1/5

    By ethan rinkavage
    any time i go to check out and place my pickup order i press the submit order button and it does nothing. please fix this as its been an issue for MONTHS!!!
  • Doesn’t give money off gas 1/5

    By Wheaty23
    Literally lies about the money off. Code listed at pump for gas doesn’t work. App crashed 4 times when trying to use. Not worth the time.
  • What happened to pick up? 3/5

    By Barkey Von Schnauzer
    I like to order food at a location and pick it up on my way through. Now I seem to only have the option of delivery. Very frustrating especially when they are busy. The point of ordering ahead is to save time. Now that option is gone.
  • Messed up 4/5

    By Regan A Pierce
    I noticed today that when you click Find A Sheetz and it gives you a list, the bottom where it shows the gas prices are cut off. Of course with the prices being sky high, you probably don’t want people to see them.
  • Pretty good for the most part 3/5

    By FatherOfTwinGirls
    The only problem I have from time to time is when ordering I get an order received confirmation email, but the store says they never got the order. Sad part is there is only one store in my area. One improvement that could be made is give the option of ice, no ice and amounts of ice in fountain drinks. You're almost guaranteed a full cup of ice with a little sip of drink when ordering on app or online.
  • Phone call?? 1/5

    By Cbhighland
    If you only have the key tag to register in the app they force you to call customer service. How is that a thing in 2022? No one wants to have to call someone to register a key tag to an app. It’s just silly.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By trashgymshark
    Tried ordering food for 15 mins, declined my card for no reason everytime and then chose pay in store. Worked for 15 mins until I got there and it said order failed. Worthless app.
  • Can’t login 1/5

    By 919mikename
    I can’t login or reset my password. It says error when I try to have them send me an email to reset the password.
  • Failed app 1/5

    By Mithrin8
    Why would Sheetz charge a credit card $100 just to verify if you are the person using the card. Charge a dollar so it would actually go through. I got called by my Credit Card Company for fraud and canceled all the transactions and almost blocked my card. Worst app idea ever. Be smart and charge a dollar like USPS system does. I’m deleting all my info and deleting the app. It’s worthless due to that feature.
  • Consistent issues 3/5

    By Hoppyninja667
    I love Sheetz and this app (when it’s working) but I consistently get problems from it. Some of the aggravating ones are as follows. A few weeks ago it auto logged me out as soon as I hit “friend” then wouldn’t let me log in with the correct password for about a week. Now it’s declined my payment method 3 days in a row after re-entering my card information just in case. You’d think a business as big as Sheetz might have an app team capable of dealing with this sooner but apparently not.
  • Decent overall 3/5

    By x.DragonMaster.x
    Needs to have a lot more options for the food & drinks they carry. *Especially* the Fountain Drinks. They only list the soda, and we like to get LEMONADE! This means we have to go inside & wait in line, otherwise we always Order Ahead… Maybe on the fries (& other stuff?) have a “No Salt” option. Theyre often too-salty for our taste.
  • Password 1/5

    By Cooltaz54
    I had to reset it 4 times in a row and each time I make a new one and it’s confirmed I go to app and it doesn’t work. I am getting tired of making new passwords.
  • Customizing food 3/5

    By michelle42farm
    I hate that I can’t customize a salad without using the mto option. Why can’t I just remove the guacamole from the Cobb salad like I can in store ?
  • $100 charge on my account 1/5

    By lizmorin91
    I was trying to get gas and not sure which method took $100 from my account. Was it paying through the app or swiping at the pump?
  • Saving a dollar on coffee isn’t worth my identity 1/5

    By themanindbox
    When are these idiots going to learn
  • Broken 2/5

    By radams334
    Logs out unprompted half the time, then says my password is unrecognized when it’s the same as before. When I do manage to get in, I get as far as the payment page and nothing happens when I click “submit payment.” I’m literally trying to give you money and your app doesn’t allow it. How is this so broken? At it’s current state, this app is straight trash.
  • Great food!!!!! 1/5

    By xylophonesex
    And I cannot stress this enough phenomenal food. HOW do I become part of this team
  • Can’t complete an order 3/5

    By Silver Shamrocks
    I just tried to use the app today, and its the first time since the most recent update. The back button wasn’t working at all. I was able to put one item in the cart, but couldn’t use the back button to add anything else.
  • Requires account to use 1/5

    By Ajworkman
    I just want to look things up and do t want yet another username/password but the app requires that I set on up. Nope, deleting sine no simple guest option.

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