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Sheetz® App

Make your Sheetz Run more convenient than ever! 1. Save time and order your favorite MTO foods and specialty drinks. 2. Customize your rewardz and receive special offers! 3. Pay with the app! Use saved cards to make purchases at any of our locations with your phone. 4. NEW – Unlock the Ordering Kiosk to quickly re-order your favorite items/orders! 5. Find Sheetz stores along your route. 6. Send a gift card to the Sheetz Freak in your life!


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Sheetz® app reviews

  • No wallet support 1/5

    By Robbievengence
    Add this and everything is perfect.
  • Could not rate higher 1/5

    By Professor Sprankle
    This app needs to be overhauled. It is very limited it what it does. Cannot link my Sheetz debit/card card to this app. It also does not have the ability to add the sheetz in store debit card to apple pay. Additionally the contact us feature always returns an error that prevents me from asking questions.
  • Won’t let me create an account 1/5

    By Graciebeth
    This app is awful. I have tried multiple times to create an account and it won’t work. It just say to try again, I’ve tried multiple times over the past month and I can’t even create an account.
  • App used to be decent? 1/5

    By Andrea_Sal
    I’m a sheetz fan for over half my life and have spent a fair amount of money there over the past decade and a half. When I first started using the app, it was great! It synced with my MTO card and worked perfectly. Sure it could be a bit more user friendly (Apple Pay anyone??), but the convenience of ordering food from it was fantastic. With this last update, the app took a dump. It logged me out (so my points and rewards are all gone!!), won’t log me back in and will not let me register a new account. It will not even retrieve my password. It’s like I wasn’t even a customer for 15 years. Please do something about this.
  • No point if not ready for pickup 1/5

    By Mr. Jay2121
    What’s the point of ordering in the app if you can’t pick it up when you get there. Needs Apple pay support. This app is pointless.
  • Amazing but needs improvements 4/5

    By Chris911812
    When ordering online the entire list is not available. For instance Mac and cheese bites Wisconsin bites and so on are not under the app category or the side category. Just a few fixes but helps save a lot of time
  • Apple Wallet Integration When? 2/5

    By itsastepladder
    I use the Sheetz app often, mostly so I don’t have to carry around the rewards card, so it’s especially annoying that it’s not compatible with Apple Pay/Apple Wallet. I have to wonder whether the developers even read this feedback because I’ve seen people leaving this same comment since I downloaded the app. Please integrate this function.
  • Useless 1/5

    By jmOU812
    A useless non-functioning app. Repeatedly tried to set up an account but it would not work. Don’t waste your time with this one. Sorry App Store but you bombed on this one.
  • Apple Wallet!!! Please! 1/5

    By Gregcheersykes
    Apple Wallet app integration the 5 stars!! Good job on getting Apple Pay at your pumps/stores, but you need Apple Pay in the app too! Most IMPORTANT this is having my Sheetz card in the Apple Wallet app!! Get to it!!! Thanks, then 5 stars!
  • Please add my Sheetz card to Apple Wallet 4/5

    By Beef_Duet
    My only complaint is that at the point of purchase (at the pump or inside), I have to open the phone, open the app, get the card displayed, get it scanned, close the phone, open Apple Pay, then process the payment. It would be fewer steps to simply do what a lot of competitors do and add the card to the wallet.
  • App not working 1/5

    By Holiday Holly
    My app worked fine until the update yesterday. Please fix! I can’t even log in
  • Could be better 1/5

    By Lakotason
    Many times when placing a big order and I might edit one of the items and it ends up clearing my cart. Like if I ordered a sandwich with olives and add it to the cart but then I find out that they don’t want olives. It won’t let me edit the sandwich. Also can you please add a notes section like they have in subway. Like if I wanted to order a 12 inch sub but half with ranch dressing and the mayonnaise or if I wanted a little bit of lettuce. It doesn’t give you an option to leave a note about your orders to the people making them.
  • Makes ordering much more convenient 3/5

    By shawsome.brian
    This app makes ordering food at sheetz much more convenient, because you can order ahead and let them prepare your MTO food while you’re on your way. Bonus points for accepting cash at the checkout, even for a mobile order. This app should have an iPad version though. It makes me sad that I can’t browse their MTO items on a nice, big screen.
  • Not sure what all the fuss is about 4/5

    Looking at reviews I see a lot of people complaining and a lot of it boils down to customers being lazy. I've used the app time after time, granted some things could be done better such as card integration mobile pay etc they aren't really a necessity as people would most likely have their wallets on them anyways when they go to pick up the food. Overall I enjoy using the app :)
  • Gas prices 2/5

    By pmedicchris
    Gas prices lately have been several censer higher at Sheetz than what is listed on the app for that location. Doesn’t matter if I’m sitting at the gas pump and bring up the app, it’s still different. This is at multiple locations too.
  • Impossible now for me to use Contact Us 2/5

    By fraustypawz
    It’s worked before. Now it says invalid characters. I checked, corrected by viewing what is legit. Tried again. Still says invalid. I give up!!! Maybe it’s Sheetz way of not wanting to hear? Using my iPhone 6s Plus and most recent Sheetz update. Also, any chance that prospective Sheetz customers can just look at your menu without having to order online or driving to a Sheetz? That would be nice. Please list what you consider a sandwich and what constitutes a sub. If we added wrong item to Card, what happens?
  • Another out of touch retailer 1/5

    By firemadz
    Yet another ridiculously antiquated app by an out of touch merchant. Surely this app is brought to us by the same failed people that tried to push the CurrenC app. Barcodes are so outdated! What’s the point of a mobile ordering app that won’t let you pay for your order online. It’s a waste of time to have to pay when you arrive. It’s also ridiculous that you have to bring up two barcodes when paying: one for the payment, and another for the rewards card. Why wouldn’t they integrate the two??
  • What happened to favorite locations? 2/5

    By don5815
    You used to be able to use favorite locations for ordering and information. Who took it out? Put it back.
  • Need to add Apple Wallet support! 2/5

    By Tim Sterling
    Would be nice to be able to save my Sheetz Card to the rest of my cards in Apple Wallet. Please add this feature in the future. Also, even though my card is linked to my account and registered, I don’t receive my fuel discounts and card shows it’s not registered at checkout. Fix these bugs!
  • M-T-NO 1/5

    By Dissatisfied 867
    This app is an abomination. Please hire a UX expert. Attempting to make an order through the app was possible but barely. Choosing your items is like playing a game of Memory since there's no search function. Be careful when scheduling pickup since it shows the wrong dates i.e. "Today" shows yesterday's date, "Tomorrow" shows today's date etc. Also, don't be fooled by the "pay now" button once you've completed your order. You can't actually make a payment through the app. Just an unintuitive got mess.
  • Glitch 4/5

    By Nexxtech-91
    There a glitch on the app, with reward, if you have 250 point and use it in hot dog and keep pressing reward the give u reward every press u do and only for 250 they give me 8 reward for free two hot dog, point look like negative but then refresh app the point back to 0 but reward still said 8, i thinks that’s very bad for ur company, already call about this but lady who attend me said the already know.
  • Garage 1/5

    By tomofpittsburgh
    Why make up a mobile ordering process that adds steps to the ordering process? You can order, if you don’t interrupt the process or you’ll need to start over (it forgets a lot). But you can’t pay. You still need to go in and go through the line and then the numbering is completely different so they have to look it up manually and call you by name and your order gets lost. Save your yourself and skip the app.
  • Wallet Support + Apple Pay 1/5

    By Mathew71
    The sheetz app isn’t the worst app but it definitely could be improved! First the lack of support for the wallet app is an odd choice. I’d love to be able to have my sheetz card in the wallet app so I could bring it up easier at checkout. Also the fact that the app and in stores don’t accept Apple Pay on 2018 is just sad. GetGo has Apple Pay now why can’t sheetz?
  • Trash 1/5

    By Travislovespop
    This app is hot garbage. It, along with your website, and not even nearly fully functional and half of the time it doesn’t load fully. It will constantly tell you that you’re offline instead of loading the menu when you are definitely not. If it was possible to give zero stars, I would.
  • Like the app, but lacks features 3/5

    By kmyers621
    Love Sheetz and the app is good. Like that I can order food from my phone and pick it up. App lacks features like Apple Pay and ability to add Sheetz card to apple wallet. I highly recommend adding these features, might earn you another star or two.
  • Apple wallet 3/5

    By ejp194865
    The app is ok, but lacks the ability to add rewards card to apple wallet. It a pain to open the app just to get at the rewards card
  • Mostly Great 4/5

    By samantha780
    The app works well, but it is frustrating in-store when trying to pay with Apple Pay to go between apps. If Apple Pay was an option, I could pay in advance for M2O purchases and save everyone time. It would also be great if my Sheetz card could be added to my Apple Wallet.
  • No apple wallet 1/5

    By skymedik
    Lacks ability to add card to wallet
  • Need to add sheetz card to Apple wallet 1/5

    By Jake Flavin
    This app needs to be updated to add sheetz card to Apple wallet.
  • Lost customer 1/5

    By OneEye412
    As sheetz expands and attempts to move into other markets/services they are loosing touch with the values and services in which it was founded. Until recently I’ve supported the business fully. The last couple weeks of issues (at different locations) has caused me to take my business elsewhere. I encourage others feeling the same way to try speedway, getgo’s, and wawa’s as a better alternative. Food, points, and service is much more appealing elsewhere since I’ve looked for better travel accommodations. APP needs Apple Pay and better navigation through selections as well as what locations are truck locations. Should scrap this app altogether and start new, first by finding a new developer.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By ala007
    The rewards card used to track MTO orders purchased and after so many purchases you got one free MTO drink/food. The new rewards system does not offer any MTO rewards which is very disappointing considering that their espresso drinks are very good and I spend a lot of money on them. The rewards offered now are specific and there are not many options. It is almost not worth using the card.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By Hipster tom36690
    The app doesn’t always work. Occasionally it will sign me out and say I’m “offline” although all other apps work fine. I enjoy going to sheetz but this app has proven to be more more of an inconvenience than it is to just order in the store.

    By Slamslam68
    Totally garbage.
  • DONT DO IT. 1/5

    By mcl1478
    This app is so horribly confusing. Got charged for four app platers when I only wanted one. Got it to avoid long waits but, SURPRISE, still waited. Not worth it. I’d rather wait the same amount of time for 1/4 the price.
  • No Support for Wallet 3/5

    By alexperuso
    Not sure why you can’t add your Sheetz card as a pass to Wallet. Seems like a no brainer to me.
  • Fix the menu 2/5

    By LongTimeStan
    I’m not able to order a MTO salad through the app. Ios11 iPhone 7. The meat selection has no options and there is no way to continue
  • Still needs work 2/5

    By Blueknightgirl
    Reloading a gift card with a saved payment method has not worked for the last month or so. I have this app on my android device and it works fine
  • Wallet Card Needed!!! 3/5

    By Amalits
    Personally, I haven’t had the time to thoroughly explore the app, which is why I’ve given it a neutral 3.0 star rating but... One of the one things I have explored after activating “My Sheetz” account online was the inability after signing into app of adding my card, which it had in the app when I signed in, into the Wallet application on the IPhone.
  • Can't even register 1/5

    By Nope82612
    I can't even get my card registered with this app. I've been using this card for over a year, and for some reason when I go to associate it with my Apple account, it repeatedly says that the pin number is invalid. I reentered it 10 times. It simply will not except it. So now I guess I lose all of the points that I've earned. Absolute trash.
  • Gift card reload fail! 1/5

    By woodworking69
    Update- stored card won't reload. I have to delete the stored credit card and then add the funds by re-entering the same card. Nobody else is having this problem??? Still can't reload my electronic gift card. Had this problem for over a month now!
  • Can’t even log in 1/5

    By Sfreeman2010
    Can use their website no problem but I can’t even log in with the app. Keeps telling me I’m offline, tried with and without WiFi
  • Better than Speedy Rewards 5/5

    By 5m31k0
    I used to use Speedy Rewards but not anymore. The Sheetz app is sweet! So many more options and rewards. I also really like how the screen brightens when you open your card too. Slick! No bugs on my iPhone 6s. Get new phones and quit complaining people. Try another gas station app and you'll turn right back around to use this app. Sheetz is da bomb.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By ChaChaHeels83
    My card definitely isn't invalid. I'm holding it in my hand, and used it this morning. Pointless unless this is fixed.
  • Great update 5/5

    By DrewBDooCominToU
    Not sure why the bad reviews.... App works great. You can now order from the app, keep track of points, and now saves card info to phone- which is awesome Bc I rarely carry the card. 👍 good job. iPhone 7.
  • App Stinks 1/5

    By Booklady
    App will not allow me to add a new card. Extremely annoying. Also, the app is difficult to use.
  • Horrible. Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Joe The Great 1
    Why am I forced to give this one star? Not worth one. Updated app and won't even log in. Locks up every time. Garbage. Wish sheetz stuck with their old system.
  • Can't load a gift card. 1/5

    By Washburnhero
    What's the point of the app if I can't use it to pay.
  • Easy and Fast 5/5

    By TigerLily74
    The app makes the already fast and easy ordering even easier and faster!
  • Online order kiosk 5/5

    By ResDavid
    Perhaps you could set a "register" by the pick up counter so online customers could check themselves out. I order my lunch everyday and use my phone for scanning my order and payment. This could free up the other registers and staff for other customers that need them and in turn opening up the floor space for more customers. Great job on the app and food! -David Carr
  • Latest update not working 1/5

    By iamsandman7
    Cannot reload or buy gift card since 7/27/17 update.

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