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  • Current Version: 5.4.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sheetz
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sheetz® App

Make your Sheetz Run more convenient than ever! 1. Save time and order your favorite MTO foods and specialty drinks. 2. Customize your rewardz and receive special offers! 3. Pay with the app! Use saved cards to make purchases at any of our locations with your phone. 4. NEW – Unlock the Ordering Kiosk to quickly re-order your favorite items/orders! 5. Find Sheetz stores along your route. 6. Send a gift card to the Sheetz Freak in your life!

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Sheetz® app reviews

  • Apple Wallet 1/5

    By DylanMilbourne
    Please add Apple Wallet support
  • Wallet support 1/5

    By IdoReviews!
    Need to accept apple pay and also need to be about to add card to wallet
  • Horrible App 1/5

    By btimber
    All I want to be able to do is to order food. Can't even do that. Has errors in connecting constantly. Interface way too busy. Go look at the Chick-Fil-a app and model yours with the ease of use. Trash the app, Hire the Chick-Fil-a team, and redo it.
  • Still no function to add card to Apple wallet 1/5

    By In the elements
    👎🏻 the developers really ought to read these reviews since they won’t add the feature after numerous requests from numerous customers. If you want higher rating add the feature!!
  • Error on logging in 1/5

    By DarenB69
    I used to like this app. Now when I try to login it says, "bad request:mobile Token is null". There is nothing else I can do from this screen. There should be a control for help, common issues, or a dialog showing how to correct the issue. Part of your error tap should be to correct errors that can be corrected without user interaction or to give resolution steps to the user for ones that can't. Uninstall and reinstall is such a lazy solution.
  • App seems more geared towards selling than being functional 2/5

    By Radicldreamer
    The app seems like it’s geared to solely sell me more crap and not towards just letting me spend money on what I actually want. It’s also slow, so painfully slow. Why the hell cant I add my card to Apple wallet also, seems convoluted.
  • Do you guys test this thing? 1/5

    By CorruptedBuffer
    This app is totally unusable. Try to set up the account by entering all the email, name, password, etc. info. It does that and sends me to the card info screen. Enter that info, hit continue and it sends me back to account info screen with email address wiped out. Just a vicious cycle. How about some error messages or something?
  • Goes offline at the WORST TIMES 2/5

    By Rogven
    I never had issues with the Android version of the app. And that’s saying something.
  • Wallet support needed 1/5

    By Deejaypete215
    Please add Apple Wallet support i hate going tru my apps to the this app. Thanks
  • Website is 1/5

    By William J. Green
    Impossible to use. It has to be a joke. It has never worked. FIX IT!
  • Can’t even use 1/5

    By Hlm323
    Won’t let me log in!!! Tried resetting my password. Took me to the internet and it worked fine. Tried the app again and says it’s a bad login ?! Wth?!
  • Wallet Option? 2/5

    By _myownriptide
    I would use this app way more often if there was a way to add your Sheetz card to the wallet app on an iPhone. I rarely use this app because I keep forgetting to open it to get to my Sheetz card as I do not have a physical card due to signing up through the app. Will the option to be compatible with the Wallet app on iPhones ever be an option?
  • When it works it’s great... 1/5

    By greenlantern71
    The app will periodically sign you out. When that happens it takes an act of God to get back into it. Numerous login attempts do nothing (doesn’t even tell you if password is correct or not..I know my password is right because I signed into a kiosk in store). You get the “you’re offline” error constantly. Have to completely delete/re-install app to get it to work (and that doesn’t work every time.
  • Fix logout issue! 2/5

    By Jeushgftr
    Nothing like getting to the counter and pulling up the app, only to have it logged out. So instead of holding up the line, you just get to miss out on the points. What a shame, this could be decent.
  • Buggy and needs credit card integration 1/5

    By MoBHaViiCK
    It’s buggy and the sheetz credit card needs to be intregrated into the app so you can manage the Sheetz credit card to improve the customer experience. Fix some bugs and the speed and integrate the credit card into the app and it’s a 5 star app.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By punnieeee
    Awful app. Don’t use to order food. It takes forever.
  • Customer service 1/5

    By america10283
    I’ve gone to Sheetz my whole life and unfortunately I’m turning to GetGo🙄 customer service here is shot. Even right here you have thousands of people with complements and y’all can’t even reach out with advice, apologizing or anything smh
  • Wallet ?? 3/5

    By Ljcorby
    Ok so the app is pretty good. However is there some special reason why you wouldn’t allow the my sheetz card to be added to the iOS wallet? Would be more convenient that way.
  • No Apple Wallet Support 1/5

    By Jdjfirbdidjrnr138384959
    No Apple Wallet support; therefore, it will always be a 1 star in my eyes until that’s fixed. It’s ANNOYING and SLOW to have to open the app and open the Sheetz card.
  • Way too buggy 2/5

    By Fhalawndhrg
    I’m trying to give you my money, Sheetz. But your glitchy app won’t accept any of my valid cards, giving an error message every time I try to enter payment info. Everything else is perfect, but it’s worthless until that’s fixed.
  • App rarely works! 1/5

    By littlebitofall
    If you want to use this app, plan ahead. It constantly logs you out. It won’t open in a timely fashion and is very unreliable
  • Needs features and some work. 2/5

    By Honor_of_God
    I can’t access my account settings in the app. I endlessly enter my password only for the prompt to come back up over and over. Also why not give us the ability to add our card to Apple Wallet like most other apps.
  • Sheetz 1/5

    By Cibtrippin
    What is wrong with this app, I got points towards free food and can’t even use it because it keeps saying I’m offline. I’m connected to my WiFi and it still says it, it’s really inconvenient
  • Suddenly not working 1/5

    By Countrymomr325
    I’ve been using this app for quite some time and suddenly today I’ve been signed out and I cannot sign back in. To the developers, please correct this issue so us loyal sheetz customers can continue to use our app.
  • Would be nice if it worked 2/5

    By suellen113
    I get kicked off of it quite often and have to re-enter my information. I don’t log out but for some reason I have to login and it doesn’t recognize my information. This is really inconvenient when I’m at the sheetz trying to use my card to get the discounts.
  • Something wonky 2/5

    By Windlight
    Been using the app for several months. The order from the app is great. Just wish I could see a map of locations as I don’t always know the address. Today though, the app logged me out and I haven’t been able to log back in. It took several attempts to get the password reset email from Sheetz, but even after that, can’t login. Something it wrong on their backend
  • Sheets app 1/5

    By coaiehwbbw
    So unreliable it’s a joke
  • Sheetz & GetGo need WaWa to visit the midwest. 1/5

    By T.U. Lee
    Visited Allegheny County, your app hasn’t been updated from bugs in over a MONTH (April/May)? A major batch of developers have submitted their second updates for the month of June ‘19. Your App is so bug-filled and useless that it’s inoperable. It’s obvious you’re too comfortable.
  • This version is broken 1/5

    By texpatjake
    App thinks I’m offline.
  • Online payment??? 2/5

    By mertaylor777
    I thought the app was perfect, but recently there has been no option to prepay online vs going to the store and paying there. I have tried everything and although I have payment methods saved, they are pointless! I tried with a gift card, but that won’t work. There is an option to “Pay Now” after submitting your order, but it doesn’t work either. Very frustrating! Otherwise, the app has been great. I wish they would fix this issue already!
  • Why pay for this app? 1/5

    By Bunnysgal
    I dont understand why I must pay for a Sheetz ap, if I plan to spend money at Sheetz, much more expensive than the ap! There are so many other places to order & those ALL have free apps. Get smart SHEETZ!
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By terrier7
    Downloaded app and signed up quickly but when I tried to use the app to order food it would not recognize the 2 Sheetz locations in my vicinity. Don’t waste your time loading this ineffective app until they hopefully make improvements.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By StilletoPink
    You can’t even sign up. I been trying to sign up for 3 days now. The same day I made an account it didn’t even recognize me. I have tried to reset my password the email never comes to prompt you how to reset the password. Don’t bother getting it. If they going to keep trying to sell people to get the card the app should at least work
  • It’s ok 3/5

    By AyeItsLik
    I wish we were able to add our card to Apple Wallet!
  • WTH 1/5

    By StickHick
    When the app says complete the order the order should be completed and NO additional buttons need be tapped. Give me a break. Completed means completed.
  • Crappy update 3/5

    By sexymomma2306
    The latest update logged me out of my account and I haven’t been able to get back in since. It keeps telling me that my password is invalid. It’s so frustrating that I don’t want to use the app anymore. You guys need to make sure your updates don’t mess with the accounts. That’s stupid that the updates forces you to log out!!
  • Needs Apple Pay support 4/5

    By KonnectDavid
    The ability to pay in app is great. Would be a TON better to be able to use Apple Pay as the in app payment option so that my actual card isn’t out there waiting to get hacked. The in order process is somewhat difficult until you get use to it.
  • Needs A Lot Of Work. 2/5

    By WontShutUp
    The Sheetz associate who a signed off on this app must not use many apps. And Sheetz employees out there on the front line… [taking care of the line of people in the store] do not have time to stand there trying to explain to us why it’s not easy and proficient... or what the h*** happened to whatever it is you’re trying to do... that just disappeared. The app needs work. PS… I eventually found that thing that disappeared, after I got home. It never got paid for either. So your food cost went up! But the smoothies are great!
  • Can’t Get Past the Login Screen 1/5

    By volleybiscuit
    I love Sheetz and will still go there when needed for drinks and gasoline, but the app is not good. I tried to login, but it won’t let me get past the login screen.
  • Total waste 1/5

    By nashsjwjx
    Easy to order using the app but don’t try and pay. You can’t add a personal payment in the app only a Sheetz gift card. Added a credit card using the website tied to my account and went back into the app to pay for my order and still couldn’t unless it was a gift card even though my cc shows up in my payment methods.
  • No good! 1/5

    By MsJake
    I cannot create an account or register my My Sheetz card. Need to fix this because it’s useless the way it is now.
  • Add Apple Wallet for Sheetz Card 2/5

    By Brandon Stouter
    App is very glitchy and no support for Apple wallet, I have connection issues in sheetz that I need to use their WiFi and sometimes can't even sign into the sheetz app or mobile site.
  • Apple Wallet Support 2/5

    By aschultz813
    The app is fine, but I often find myself going to Wawa or other places instead of Sheetz because I can add my loyalty card to Apple Wallet, since I rarely carry around the physical cards.
  • Wallet support 4/5

    By Pretzel0153
    Overall this is a well rounded functional app. I just wish that there was a way to add your Sheetz card to your Apple wallet. It can be a pain having to open the app to scan your rewards card at checkout.
  • Junk 1/5

    By dadrascal
    App does not work. Won’t let you sign up or sign in.
  • The App developers are morons 1/5

    By Igotdatguwopboi
    They don’t fix bugs, instead they increase limitations on the customers.
  • Can’t scan card 1/5

    By Jake Tehaha
    Seems in the last couple updates they changed something and I’ve not been able to use my card. Not sure was the problem is. Please fix it.
  • Fuel of bugs 1/5

    By harmlessserpent
    I opened it up, and clicked the sign up button. Right off the keyboard was acting really weird, won’t go down right,and I filled out my information. I clicked submit. The password box, that I have filled out, lights up red. I click on it, and it’s acting all weird again, but sometimes it comes up with an option to use a phone-generated password. Acts all weird again, but finally I get the keyboard off the screen and punch submit. Congratulations, I am right back where I was before, a red line around the password box. So I try clicking on the i next to the box. The keyboard pops up. I hit it again, the microphone and the giphy symbols disappear from the keyboard. I try typing, but the keyboard seems like it’s unplugged. So I hit the i again, and the microphone symbols come back, but I still can’t type. For all the app advertises they do, they should at least get it working
  • “Oh sheetz, that didn’t work” 1/5

    By dtpfost725
    Tried multiple times for multiple days in a row to register my sheetz card, apparently the only way you can use the app, and it won’t work - telling me to “try again later” only for “later” to bring about the same response.

Sheetz® app comments

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