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  • Current Version: 5.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Sheetz® App

Make your Sheetz Run more convenient than ever! 1. Save time and order your favorite MTO foods and specialty drinks. 2. Customize your rewardz and receive special offers! 3. Pay with the app! Use saved cards to make purchases at any of our locations with your phone. 4. NEW – Unlock the Ordering Kiosk to quickly re-order your favorite items/orders! 5. Find Sheetz stores along your route. 6. Send a gift card to the Sheetz Freak in your life!

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Sheetz® app reviews

  • Needs Apple Pay support 4/5

    By KonnectDavid
    The ability to pay in app is great. Would be a TON better to be able to use Apple Pay as the in app payment option so that my actual card isn’t out there waiting to get hacked. The in order process is somewhat difficult until you get use to it.
  • Needs A Lot Of Work. 2/5

    By WontShutUp
    The Sheetz associate who a signed off on this app must not use many apps. And Sheetz employees out there on the front line… [taking care of the line of people in the store] do not have time to stand there trying to explain to us why it’s not easy and proficient... or what the h*** happened to whatever it is you’re trying to do... that just disappeared. The app needs work. PS… I eventually found that thing that disappeared, after I got home. It never got paid for either. So your food cost went up! But the smoothies are great!
  • Can’t Get Past the Login Screen 1/5

    By volleybiscuit
    I love Sheetz and will still go there when needed for drinks and gasoline, but the app is not good. I tried to login, but it won’t let me get past the login screen.
  • Total waste 1/5

    By nashsjwjx
    Easy to order using the app but don’t try and pay. You can’t add a personal payment in the app only a Sheetz gift card. Added a credit card using the website tied to my account and went back into the app to pay for my order and still couldn’t unless it was a gift card even though my cc shows up in my payment methods.
  • No good! 1/5

    By MsJake
    I cannot create an account or register my My Sheetz card. Need to fix this because it’s useless the way it is now.
  • Add Apple Wallet for Sheetz Card 2/5

    By Brandon Stouter
    App is very glitchy and no support for Apple wallet, I have connection issues in sheetz that I need to use their WiFi and sometimes can't even sign into the sheetz app or mobile site.
  • Apple Wallet Support 2/5

    By aschultz813
    The app is fine, but I often find myself going to Wawa or other places instead of Sheetz because I can add my loyalty card to Apple Wallet, since I rarely carry around the physical cards.
  • Wallet support 4/5

    By Pretzel0153
    Overall this is a well rounded functional app. I just wish that there was a way to add your Sheetz card to your Apple wallet. It can be a pain having to open the app to scan your rewards card at checkout.
  • Junk 1/5

    By dadrascal
    App does not work. Won’t let you sign up or sign in.
  • The App developers are morons 1/5

    By Igotdatguwopboi
    They don’t fix bugs, instead they increase limitations on the customers.
  • Siri Shortcuts could be integrated 4/5

    By MoBHaViiCK
    Don’t have a whole lot to say about it but I feel Siri shortcuts could be integrated into the app and also Apple Pay to pay for the order right through the app. It also could use where you can manage your credit card and pay it right through here as well. Just like you can on the Walmart app
  • Can’t scan card 1/5

    By Jake Tehaha
    Seems in the last couple updates they changed something and I’ve not been able to use my card. Not sure was the problem is. Please fix it.
  • False Gas Prices 1/5

    By IdoReviews!
    Seems you must be desperate for customers that you need to list false gas prices on your app. If you cant have the prices listed correctly maybe you shouldn't list them at all because we all know your not gonna honor your price at the pump thats listed on the app
  • Fuel of bugs 1/5

    By harmlessserpent
    I opened it up, and clicked the sign up button. Right off the keyboard was acting really weird, won’t go down right,and I filled out my information. I clicked submit. The password box, that I have filled out, lights up red. I click on it, and it’s acting all weird again, but sometimes it comes up with an option to use a phone-generated password. Acts all weird again, but finally I get the keyboard off the screen and punch submit. Congratulations, I am right back where I was before, a red line around the password box. So I try clicking on the i next to the box. The keyboard pops up. I hit it again, the microphone and the giphy symbols disappear from the keyboard. I try typing, but the keyboard seems like it’s unplugged. So I hit the i again, and the microphone symbols come back, but I still can’t type. For all the app advertises they do, they should at least get it working
  • “Oh sheetz, that didn’t work” 1/5

    By dtpfost725
    Tried multiple times for multiple days in a row to register my sheetz card, apparently the only way you can use the app, and it won’t work - telling me to “try again later” only for “later” to bring about the same response.
  • Apple Pay / Wallet Support 2/5

    By Bligh Guy
    This app could be so much more useful if it supported Apple Wallet. Myself and many others would appreciate the option to add our Sheetz cards into Apple Wallet for ease of access while visiting your locations. Please enable support for this!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Squiddia26
    This is a very good app and comes in handy when I can’t find my sheetz card. What would make it a lot better is if it was compatible with apple watches because a lot of people have them and prefer to pay with their watches.
  • Needs to be Updated 1/5

    By MaiKanu
    This app is really old, it does not support Apple Pay and Apple Pay wallet. I would like to be able to have my Sheetz reward card show up on my passes list when I drive up to a Sheetz gas station. When you guys modernize your app I'll change this review to five stars.
  • Sheetz app - recent update problem 1/5

    By Twin1948
    I updated my Sheetz app 2 days ago and it doesn’t open on my phone. All I’m seeing is the main pretty much empty screen. Help!
  • Where’s the support for Apple Wallet 1/5

    By Scient5000
    Need support for Apple wallet for the rewards membership... App is bloated and need a simplified UI
  • What happened? 1/5

    By ThisThingStinks
    I’ve been using this app for quite a while and never had any problems with it until recently. It just locks the page and I can’t get it to do anything. I have deleted it and reinstalled it twice. It works fine the first time and then locks up again. What’s the deal???
  • Needs updating 1/5

    By Kinetic233
    The app needs updating I see it’s been awhile since they have. App froze for so long that I had to uninstall and reinstall just to get it to work
  • App frozen 2/5

    By tjazzrak
    App has been frozen for days. Only see red Sheetz on screen. No access to app features. Pls fix.
  • App frozen 1/5

    By wolfpack1976
    Trying to open the app just stays on red Sheetz screen and nothing happens. It works sometimes depending on the day. This app needs an update
  • As bad as the store itself 1/5

    By terry1011P
    I used to love sheetz. Now, I won't even order toast there. They have cranked all the prices and charge ridiculous for every little thing. I remember when they baked their own bread and cookies, back when you could order hot dogs with everything on them and not pay $.40 per topping. Now this app has taken a dive too. Constantly freezes and won't open. Have to keep uninstalling and putting it back on just to be able to use it.

    By xX J Man Z Xx
    This is a great app and it’s easy to use but it would make my life 10 times easier if you could add your card to the wallet app. I really hope they can make this happen!
  • I expect more 1/5

    By Spineoga
    The requirements for a useable app are not that complicated. Sheetz misses virtually all of them. - No order history or Favorites for food orders. - No ability to prepay with a credit card. - Buggy - Slow - won’t boot half the time. Worst food app I have tried to use.
  • Love the app 4/5

    By Killer Queen11
    I love this app. It is easy to use, and very convenient. For those of you who are giving one star for poor business this isn't the place lol. A few suggestions: add a place the leave a rating for service. I'd love to be able to give feedback. Positive and negative.
  • Diesel price 3/5

    By jasbir89
    I downloaded this app but it does not show diesel price??? For trucker
  • Absolutely useless 1/5

    By Chitole
    Tried dozens of times to register on this app. Wouldn’t accept my card number, wouldn’t accept my pin, wouldn’t scan the card, wouldn’t accept the number I typed in...finally got fed up and deleted it. How about developing an app that actually works? I lost about 30 minutes of my life that I will never get back.
  • App is no good 2/5

    By tahoe94
    App does no good if you can’t order food on it. It never retrieved my location and actually said that the online service was down. I love sheets but hate the app deleting
  • Customer safety and security 2/5

    By Grizzly-SN
    I work near by and Sheetz is a convenient place to stop by. But I work the 11-7 at night when I go into the store its usually crowded and busy especially when Social Security is expected to deliver funds at the atm late at night. It’s difficult to navigate through the store and could pose a safety risk to customers while it’s very congested. I miss when Sheetz had security guards on duty during the overnight times to ensure both the safety of its employees and its customers.
  • Can’t login after last update 1/5

    By Dustin-iTunes
    The app is broke on my iPhone XS Max it will not let me login.
  • Some hybrid garbage ??? 2/5

    By SPHauck
    This app seems to be some kind of hybrid and not native app that does not retain basic functionality without being connected. In the year of our lord 2018 please get a clue and quit with the hybrid crap!
  • App is unreliable and no dark roast at night. 1/5

    By Calebb88
    I attempt to use it to order food on the way to work in the morning around 4-4:30am. I order online then by the time I get there it is ready and I don’t have to wait but lately the app keeps saying I’m offline or Sheetz app is unavailable at this time. I’ve tried asking people at the stores what is going on and they know nothing. They also recently quit brewing the dark roast coffees at night and I only drink dark roast so I’ve started just brewing mine at home anyway. I guess I’ll have to go elsewhere for breakfast🙄
  • IPhone wallet 4/5

    By KGB4178
    I use this app weekly. It would great if I could place my card in the iPhone wallet that my phone has. It would cut on the number of times I have to log in just to use my card.
  • Great....When It Works 3/5

    By KenzieKM
    Three times I have put an order in and it loads and loads and loads only to crash and when I go back in, it says my bag is empty. So I go to order history and....nothing. So then I redo it. The first time I did so, I didn’t double check (it was an order for 4 people) and went to the store to buy it and they said they didn’t have any online orders. So I redid the order in store at the kiosk, waited 15 minutes, and went home.
  • You are losing your base! 2/5

    By 111tink711
    I have loved Sheetz since I first discovered it in my area. I even worked for Sheetz part time nearly 20 years ago. Back then I became a loyal customer because of the value you placed on quality and the customer. Today I stopped at a nearby store for a cup of coffee. It used to be that Sheetz was to always have fresh coffee available no matter the time of day. Not this trip however. This trip there was not a drop available, fresh nor otherwise. I find myself wishing there were a few Wawa’s nearby. Very sad.
  • App is useless 1/5

    By Cheesballs 11
    When I downloaded the app I tried to create a new account. It is telling me that the password is wrong with my email which it isn’t. If I put a different password in it will go away but it will not let me select a birthdate. Which, when I can’t select one it won’t let me get into the app and that makes it completely useless! I’ll take my business elsewhere.
  • This could be good 1/5

    By jkcarp4769
    It suuuuux this stupid app kicks me out all the time and makes me sign in!! What’s the point of an app!! Then it says it sends e mails to reset my password and I never get it!! Please get your sh.. together!
  • Help 3/5

    By acwakeman
    I’m trying to reset my password and it never sends me.a reset email
  • Apple wallet support 2/5

    By benfl1
    I the app is ok, but I would really to be able to put the card in the wallet app.
  • Apple Watch 😭 2/5

    By Ehsochhakcucd
    I would love if you guys would allow apple watch’s to download the app and be able to scan my card because I always forget my phone and card in the car!! Please !👏🏼
  • App doesn’t make anything helpful 1/5

    By omcathy
    When you want to change your location of store after selecting your food. I won’t let you and will get rid of whole order when you go to change store. Even when selecting things it glitches out. It’s not worth the effort or time.
  • Broken in IOS12 1/5

    By Gregmusi
    Please fix. Can’t get past continue button on login screen
  • App crashing 2/5

    By Dc2beltz3
    Crashes on iPhone X when attempting to pull up account settings. Needs fixed.
  • Unhappy customer 1/5

    By DEF1961
    Didn’t get my 300 points for downloading the app. 😮☹️
  • Cluttered 2/5

    By Jonathan Whitehead (filipinowise)
    This app has potential. When ordering food from the app there should be a comment section on how you want your food I.e., Greek yogurt. I like all my ingredients mixed as one smoothie and not some marble cake looking smoothie. Also, the dev should consider testing the alpha and beta stages of the application with real people for real feedback.
  • Don’t Dare Mess-up 2/5

    By COL Blue31
    If you make a mistake, trying to remove an order results in losing all of it.

Sheetz® app comments

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