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  • Current Version: 6.13.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Sheetz
  • Compatibility: Android
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Sheetz® App

Whether you’re a Sheetz Fan, Friend or Freak we’ve improved the app to make your Sheetz Run better than ever! • The same mobile checkout that you LOVE with a new name: SheetzGO! • Various bug fixes and performance improvements

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Sheetz® app reviews

  • Overrides brightness settings 1/5

    By Neebick
    When picking up curbside, the app overrides your brightness settings by turning them to maximum. I’ve tried turning it down but every time the app is back in focus it reverts to max. This is extremely unpleasant after sunset and don’t think I will use the app again.
  • Not user-friendly 1/5

    By DeadVacum
    I wasn’t able to use scan n go or order from the app even while I was in the store. It’s not my cell connection bc i tried it on data and WiFi. Fix it now.
  • Curbside Pick up Check-in does NOT work 1/5

    By Jfhronesz1
    When I do curbside pick up the Check-In button does not work. The button simply does nothing. You can click on it & nothing happens. The whole app freezes up. I have uninstalled & reinstalled it many many times. My location services are enabled too. I have an iPhone 12; this also occurred on my iPhone XR.
  • Gas discount is buggy 1/5

    By Suhrdavid
    2 out of 3 times now when I scan my app code, the gas discount did not come off. Think it’s lame that I have to watch out and restart the purchase to get the lousy 3¢.
  • Good for ordering, but buggy 3/5

    By TheDrewbert
    The app is great for ordering, but if I try to set up Sheetz pay with a pin the app locks and I have to force close.
  • Reward items can’t be un-redeemed 4/5

    By SC9473013
    I like the app and I shop at Sheetz at least 3 times a week. Clean stores and good products. My complaint is that I cannot “un-redeem” an item once it is selected in Rewards. I accidentally selected a coffee mug which I will never use. I asked the clerk at the store and he confirmed the selected item could not be returned in the app. I threw away Sheetz points that I could have redeemed for something useful. Lesson learned.
  • I couldn’t use the app 2/5

    By zavier11
    I tried to order this morning by the app but it didn’t pick up my store location. I even tried to open the kiosk and it didn’t work.
  • Buggy 2/5

    By yung_bull_412
    The app has minor bugs, but some of them can be majorly infuriating. When trying to set up the sheetz pay pin, it Keeps freezing on me and not letting me continue. Little stuff like this continues to happen but as soon as it’s fixed it’s 100% a 5 star app.
  • Apple wallet 1/5

    By Gregcheersykes
    Apple wallet
  • Apple Pay...? 1/5

    By Stephsteph11
    Annoyed Apple Pay can’t be used with this app. I only really use the app to use my barcode to scan for gas... annoying I have to search for the app on my phone when anywhere else I go I can just double click my power button and all my loyalty cards are right there. Also won’t let me update my contact info on the app, and frequently crashes/freezes up.
  • Good app tho 5/5

    By cassie lint
    I mean it’s sheetz that’s all there is to it every sheetz is different but the same you get what you get good app tho
  • Really convenient 4/5

    By Me_Jh_1998
    Sheetz app is great, my only problem is that it doesn’t let you know of anything the store doesn’t have.
  • Pay 5/5

    By weather 420
    Every time I tried to set up a pin to pay in the app it freezes
  • This app blows 1/5

    By fucksheetZ
    This is the most inconsistent app on my phone. It hardly ever works
  • Can’t reload cards 1/5

    By DevonEileen93
    When I try to reload gift cards, it’s telling me “payment declined” on cards I use daily and that have money. I’m very frustrated because when I forget my wallet, this has saved my butt in the past. Now I can’t use it at all. Please fix this issue so I can continue using sheetz otherwise I’ll just have to use other gas stations in the future.
  • Terrible app! 1/5

    By cy434
    I have gift cards loaded on my account. Now I keep getting an error message and I can’t use my gift cards
  • I expected more... 2/5

    By Bkd13
    Terrible app. Takes forever to login, or change passwords, it won’t populated data fields, and is just a disappointment.
  • Scammed points 3/5

    By ZipRschniztel
    3rd time at register with purchase and to collect those points only to be forced to update before any more points can be collected. With a line behind me that’s not possible. As a Sheetz Freak this upsets me almost enough to stop using Sheetz.
  • Would be way more helpful with Apple Pay 1/5

    By Zachary.Kerns
    Does not allow Apple Pay to be used for reloading the payment statement.. I get it, you don’t want to pay interchange fees. You take Apple Pay in store, add it to the app fir goodness sake. I don’t want to share my debit card information and tap in that long number just to get my Sheetz fix in a contactless way... all the other store cards I use do this.
  • New update bugs 3/5

    By austinwifey15
    The new update installed on my app and now I can’t open my Sheetz Pay options
  • Login code 1/5

    By MarisaakaRis
    I tried signing into my account and it wanted me to change my password but it also told me I needed to copy the code they sent to my email. Every time I go out to my email and copy my code, it signs me back out of my Sheetz account and I have to login again and then they send another code and the current one I want to use doesn’t work then I have to go to my email again and it signs me out of my account again, so I end up having to do this multiple times and then it disabled my account! This is so irritating!
  • App 1/5

    By matthartsough
    The app says that I don’t exist. I have a lot of points. Went to the store and they didn’t seem interested in helping me. What is the point in having a Sheetz card.
  • Can't pay 3/5

    By BowmanDiesel
    This app does not work with Apple pay like all their competition does and it crashes every time I try to add a credit card.
  • Can’t pay with the app 1/5

    By Jesse9177
    The app freezes when I try to input a payment method. It goes to a screen to create a PIN at which point it is frozen. I’ve uninstalled, hard restarted, and reinstalled. Still won’t work.
  • Can’t add a gift card 1/5

    By cturnbull22
    Never been to a Sheetz, but I just got some gift cards. The app won’t let me add a gift card. It keeps freezing when trying to get me to create a pin. I can’t seem to find the option on the website either. Terrible.
  • Faulty App 1/5

    By SolacinMark
    After logging me out (despite remember me) won’t accept credentials. Reset password- won’t accept new credentials (login failed, try again) reset again, login on webpage, update app. (Login failed try again)
  • Update - Check in doesn’t work, locks down app 4/5

    By -__
    I was able to do a mobile order, but the check-in doesn’t work. The app is locked down while displaying the check in message and you can’t click check in. So much for curbside. After some fiddling with location settings I was able to get it to work
  • PSA: Customer service rep sent me to SCAMMERS!!!! 1/5

    By K. unhappy mom
    Called customer service today. I had issues with paying on the app and the website. The rep gave me another number to call. She read it to me several times, so I know for a fact I wrote the number down right. She also tells me that this is the only department that can take payment over the phone. I call the number and it’s an Indian lady. No automated system, no music. Just more Indian ppl in the background. The lady immediately asks for my debit card number to look up my account. I tell her my debit card isn’t linked to my account. She starts to say something else and the call ends. I call back and we have the same conversation as before. She tells me she cannot help me without the debit card number. I start questioning her and the call ends. I call Sheetz customer service back tell them what happened. They tell me that is not the right number and they can never take payment over the phone. So have scammers started working for big companies now? Are their employees getting paid by scammers to send customers to the scammers thinking they are talking to the same company? (Hope you could follow that, but I don’t know how else to say it.) This is crazy. I hope Sheetz actually looks into this and figures out who sent me to scammers. They said they would, but who knows if they really will. Just wanted to warn y’all. If you call and there is not music or automated system, it’s a scam!
  • Love the app! And the store too! 5/5

    By HUNTER.7830.
    Sheetz is the best. Plain and simple. I love using the app and its simplicity to order and customize food. Its ready to pick up when I get there. The stores are always stocked well and great selection to choose from. I drive truck and visit stores daily in VA, MD, and WV. I don’t normally ever leave reviews but I have to let others know how great Sheetz is.
  • Why have the app? 1/5

    By 041274jlw
    I am never able to use the app no matter how often I update password or refresh everything.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By jmo85*
    Doesn’t work most of the time. Bottom line.
  • Love it again 5/5

    By Mangospapi
    Had an issue paying. Emailed their customer service again and im a happy customer once again. Sheetz is always ontop of their customer service game.
  • Please add more options in convenience items 5/5

    By Hazel bum
    Awesome app use it very often, please please please add more drink options in convenience items, specifically Arizona Green Tea.
  • Issues for a while 5/5

    By Honey51bee
    Update 10/6/20: After my review, I was contacted by the e commerce team, who was able to fix the app for me and everything works perfectly now. Thank you!!!!! I have been unable to update my payments in my wallet. I have giftcards that have a zero balance but won’t update so I can’t delete them. I have no idea what some of them have on them. This has been going on for at least 8-9 months. I’ve deleted, reinstalled, everything and no luck, even with updates.
  • App turned to crapp 1/5

    By aBlaise777
    Used it daily now can’t use gift card I paid for or anything useful, crap app
  • Exceptional store and app! Suggestion tho 4/5

    By Kgeorgealtiser
    This is a wonderful app and store with a rewards program that works!!! I have a few suggestions for you guys that would make customer livez more awesome! *favorite store should have gas prices (inc 88 and e85) *In store dealz should have a place! Such as 2 cokes get 2 dogs etc *favorite store should display the current tobacco dealz !!! This would be awesome guyz!
  • Login failed 1/5

    By Britt Pepp
    Got a new phone and now I keep getting an error message when I try to login. I even changed my password. But I can login to the website with no problem. Hmmm
  • Can’t use Apple Pay 1/5

    By abbyscreativecastle
    I don’t want to put my credit card on here, and the fact that I can’t use Apple Pay is ridiculous 🙄🙄
  • No Longer Works 1/5

    By Justmelisap
    I loved this app and used it often. Recently EVERY time I’ve tried to submit an order I get the following error message: Order Failed: Too many orders submitted from your browser in the last minute. I’ve reported the issue through the website and they suggested I clear my cache/history, delete the app then reload it, done all of that and it still doesn’t work. I’m missing out on rewards and deals because of this issue. Hope this gets fixed or else I’ll just have to delete the app, which is sad because I did enjoy using it when it worked.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By logicalsmart
    Won’t let me login or ask for a new password
  • Great when it works! 2/5

    By Nerk7706
    Like every other review, it’s great when it works! If it worked consistently it’d be an easy 5 star rating. Fix this thing! Can’t select my store half the time. Just sits on the loading screen.
  • Not working 2/5

    By Clohler99
    I use the app very often and lately it hasn’t been adding my rewards when I pay for it. Even though I applied them to my card. This morning the app is not working at all. Tried to uninstall the app and I downloaded it again and now I can’t even log in
  • Never works anymore!! 1/5

    By Me2Trixie
    I used to use this app all the time and it worked great. Now, it won’t let me login. I’ve reset my password, deleted and reinstalled the app and everything (several times!). I’ve made sure that my phone has saved it, I’ve set it up with my own password I’ve tried everything. And it gives me a login failed error message. Every. Single. Time! Before it stopped working all together, it started getting wonky and, when I’d try to pay for my order through the app, it lost my credit card info. I don’t know if Apple Pay works through it or not, yet. I love me some Sheetz, but this app is for the birds. I’ve had a couple of times that I would have ordered through the app and planned on running in to pick up my order but didn’t because of the issues with it. I was on a tight time crunch so I ended up ordering from a chicken chain whose app still works for me. Bummer. Please fix the app, ASAP!
  • Needs alot of work!!! 1/5

    By Bebegogo
    First of all the scan and go doesn’t work! You can’t enter a card number because it all for 19 digits when a card has 16! You can buy a gift card purchase either!!!! It crashed on me. It’s a hot mess!!! You should have tested it first before a release
  • Unable to use sheetz pay 3/5

    By drp522
    Whenever I try to use the pay the app pops up with a notification and says “Unable to load payment methods, please try again” so it makes pay ahead for order. :( please fix
  • Something is wrong with this app. 1/5

    By unworthy advocate
    For the past month, the app is essentially non-functional: unable to order, access rewards or even login (occasionally). Even when it is working, the app will intermittently sign you out while using it to order. This is exceedingly frustrating when you are standing in line at a Sheetz store.
  • Trouble with App!! 1/5

    By PhantomLord12
    The app work great up until about a week ago. Now it won’t let me log in! I don’t know if it’s because of the latest iOS update on my iPhone or the app itself! It was a 5 star. Now with being unable to log on. Well, 0 stars.
  • Works most of the time 4/5

    By bob227456
    Excellent when it works, but sometimes it crashes as the order is placed. The scan & go feature is a great way to avoid the line. I would prefer if I was able to use Apple Pay when making purchases from within the app.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By 60000
    I haven’t been able to login for months! I thought maybe it was my service at first, but I’ve tried it multiple times on WiFi since. Then I thought maybe it was that I forgot my password and tried to reset it. Never got an email. I’ve tried to login on the browser or on the app and it either acts like it’s loading or says “Network Connection Error.” I even thought that the recent update might fix it and nothing.

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