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Shell US App

SHELL PAY & SAVE The Shell app provides you improved speed, convenience, value and security when you use your mobile device to pay for fuel and convenience store items at participating Shell stations in the United States. Shell Pay & Save eliminates the need to carry multiple cards, reduces the number of prompts you have to enter, and is integrated with the Fuel Rewards® program so you save automatically on every fill-up, every day! • Pay your way – You can now link to Shell branded credit cards (Shell Drive For Five® Card, the Shell Mastercard®, the Shell | Fuel Rewards Card®, and the Shell | Fuel Rewards® Mastercard®), your checking account (via Shell S Pay), as well as Chase Pay®, Masterpass®, or by manually adding other credit and debit cards. • Save on every fill up every day - Earn additional Fuel Rewards® program savings for downloading the app, making your first fill up, and for continuing to use Shell Pay & Save. See Terms & Conditions for complete details. • Ready. Pay. Go. - Simply enter the app 3-digit code at the pump or present the app QR code to the cashier and you are back on the road in no time. Everything you need is in the app including receipts. STATION LOCATOR Find your nearest Shell station and a list of services quickly and easily including which stations accept mobile payment. NEWS & PRODUCTS Be one of the first to know about our latest promotions, products and news on our racing sponsorships.

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Shell US app reviews

  • Great ideas, poor execution 2/5

    By Matman08
    I absolutely love the idea behind this app. Not having to swipe my credit card at the pump is a great feature. However this app really struggles: after authorizing payment, if the app is suspended or goes into the background then I get an error saying payment was not authorized. However, my card is charged and the pump continues to work. This has given me very little confidence in the app’s ability to handle payments effectively. It has also been unpredictable in its ability to find the station that I’m at. And it’s slow. I’m hopeful that these issues will get worked out over time, but for now my experience has been subpar. Also, add Apple Pay support ASAP!
  • Not ready for prime time 1/5

    By dmatich
    Until the time this app stops returning a “Transaction Limit Reached” error and lock me out at the mere mistyping of an authorization code, I will no longer be using it.
  • Very good and convenient 4/5

    By Grif0801
    This app is very good! The only thing I would change is when you log out, it doesn’t save your card information for the next time you log into the app to use it. I switched phones recently and when I logged into my account, it had everything but my card information which was annoying but otherwise, a great app!
  • Apple pay 1/5

    By xPW1nH43ej276
    Please add Apple pay for iOS and Google pay for Android... That is what makes the Exxon mobile app easy and secure
  • Does not support Apple Wallet 1/5

    By Blue dragon 92v2
    I downloaded this app based on purported support for Apple Wallet. I couldn’t link the app just I could with Speedpass. Contact with Shell customer support revealed that they “hope that this feature will be available soon”.
  • Accept button in terms&conditions grey out 1/5

    By ivan6209
    Cannot start to use this app since the “Accept” button is greyed out. Even after scrolling down the entire terms&conditions page.
  • App Not Working 1/5

    By happymity
    I cannot get passed the “Terms and Conditions” Screen during the sign-up process on my iPhone X. The “accept” button is not highlighted/working even after I hit read more.
  • secret to enrolling? 1/5

    By freakyjoon
    Is there some secret to Accepting the t&c? the button isn’t enabled. Failed before I even got started!
  • Time saver 5/5

    By iilokii
    This app saves me so much time when it’s time for me to fuel. Just love the ease of it.
  • Can’t accept T&Cs 1/5

    By Fix the badge count
    I’d like to try this app out but I can’t even sign up for an account because the Accept button on the terms and conditions page won’t become active for me to move on in the signup process.
  • Savings 5/5

    By bbabbsgdhebbss
    Great way to save a few bucks on gas
  • This generation... 5/5

    By junebug540
    Although this generations technology and its apps are making us lazy.. I do love not having to walk into the gas station in my pajamas. This app makes my life easier! I love it!
  • Payment info 1/5

    By ms.fillips
    The new one will not let me add my new debit card. I removed the old one and have tried for days to put in my new card info and it will not work.
  • Not ready for prime time. 1/5

    By scotthilt
    This app was clearly created to compete with the Exxon/Mobil app that makes paying at those station easy and secure, but the Shell app is missing a few key features that make the competing app so great. First, the Shell app DOES NOT accept Apple Pay as a payment option. So you are forced to store your payment data with Shell. NO THANKS! Second, the Shell app is not accepted at all Shell stations. In fact very few stations are equipped to use the Shell app at all. Not at all convenient.
  • Can’t even sign up! 1/5

    By Nahre47
    The app doesn’t get the “accept” button activated for terms and conditions. Hence I cannot tap on it and move forward with my sign up! And boy do they have a lot of screens to go through for the sign-up process...
  • No APPLE PAY 1/5

    By Je656565
    Would be a whole lot useful if Apple Pay was a preferred payment option. I don’t want my bank info stored with Shell.
  • Awesome!! 5/5

    By cheeto808
    This app has saved me in the worst of times it is really a great app and I love the fact that I save money as well as it being handy I definitely recommend this app
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Hi my cool name
    Absolutely love this app for its convenience and easy use. The discounts are an added bonus! Less time out of my car and no more card skimming on my credit card! Love it!!
  • Security/ Ease 5/5

    By Sammy_Bush
    With the uprising of your credit card information being stolen from the pump readers. The ease of the app and extra protection you can not beat this.
  • Disappointing app 1/5

    By AnnBest
    There needs to be one place on the initial screen to begin process. Too much “stuff” that doesn’t pertain to fillup.
  • Great, but could be even better. 4/5

    By TexFree
    This app is really convenient. I think there are some additional opportunities to make it even more customer friendly. 1) let me select my food grade and whether I want a car wash on the app. That way, after I key my code on the pump, I’m ready to go. 2) let me setup my vehicles in the app so I can select my which car I’m filling and my current odometer reading. You could get really fancy and let me track my maintenance in the app too. 3) make the options to increase my fuel discount, more visible. Where I’ve done something that earned more of a discount, make it clear what I did.
  • Used to be great 2/5

    By Mijuco
    But now is mostly non-functioning. Does not show accurate Fuel Rewards. Pay at the pump often does not work and will tie up your credit card with multiple failed attempts and holds.
  • Awesome fuel and reward app 5/5

    By Robert C3
    Works seamless and great to mange fuel for one or more people and receipts. Fun too. Now let’s integrate inside purchasing of food items
  • Does not work 1/5

    By fixit 1999
    The app works when it feels like it. How convenient.
  • Bad experience 1/5

    By Jessica Margo
    How many prompts do you have to go through to pump gas? This is no better than the pin pad. BP’s app is way more user friendly!
  • Simple fast real 4/5

    By DMJE04
    Most apps do nothing but notify you of worthless information. Offer no savings that benefit user just a way to unload junk. Not this app, the product they offer is one we are stuck having to use. If people would demand they wanted the available resource/technology to power our vehicles and replace oil. This app gives minimal true savings which is something no other big oil company has ever done. Any person who drives a vehicle or purchases gas for anything used at home is not using this should not complain or so wealthy saving money isn’t a concern to them. If you hear anyone complaining about price of fuel or the true fact few are benefiting and manipulating fuel prices anytime they chose. Sudden overnight increases along with the ridiculous 0.9 added in every gallon has very little to do with the instant increase. If price per barrel drops over night you don’t see stations immediately lowering pump price. That gas was bought at higher price. However over barrel increase you bet local stations quickly increase. Even though gas in hand inventory was purchased at lower price. So use this app and take the little benefit along with convenience of savings. It adds up to a lot over time.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Ms. Marvel 2008
    The app will not recognize my card for payment. Why do I need a separate email for rewards?
  • Needs Apple Pay Support 2/5

    By Rpbfh3
    Not sure why Apple Pay is left out of the supported payment methods. You’d think you’d want to make it as easy as possible to as many customers as possible.
  • Won’t link to my Shell card 1/5

    By BucksCountyMark
    Seriously? Don’t bother with the app.
  • Love the discount! 5/5

    By Lake in Texas
    I love my Shell app all over Texas! Please get Waco TX up to speed with more Shell stations!
  • Needs improvement now! 1/5

    By Hertz vomit
    you should have a default setting upon opening the app to allow for the instant purchase of gasoline. This is a fueling app! I’m using it to buy gasoline so open the app & let me authenticate with touch ID and give me a code and remove all the extraneous key depressions in order to get there. Additionally, I’m driving the same car every day refueling it with the same grade of gasoline. you should hold my preference for “regular” grade gasoline as a part of activating the pump, again reducing friction in another key depression on your bacteria and germs laden pumps. You should also allow me to add PayPal and Venmo as a payment option. Thank you for these considerations to incorporate into your next agile sprint to improve this app.
  • Fuel 1/5

    By Theshop62
    Some will only give you discount for 20 gallo s max my tank holds 30 gallons need it to go max not partial
  • Very good app, but 4/5

    By jlrp108
    The application is very good, but will be excellent is the prices are included.
  • All Dressed Up - No Place To Go! 1/5

    By Colonel Wardog #1
    Looks good, BUT it doesn’t accept the Shell credit card in set-up.
  • I love shell gas 5/5

    By ReignXCV
    92 v power nitro plus all day baby.
  • Does not support Apple Pay 1/5

    By bort300
    For those looking for an Apple Pay at pump option the only app I have found that supports this is the Exxon Mobile app. I was hoping this app had similar support in US, but it appears maybe it is specific to UK with Fill Up and Go option. I couldn’t find that in the US app. Very disappointed.
  • Training 4/5

    By Black550Benz
    I have used this app 2 times and had great experiences. Did not have to hand over my card to who knows who really. Neither attendant knew how the process worked so I had to show them. If this program is going to work out training needs to be given. Other than that I am now a solid shell customer.
  • Savings 5/5

    By Mycel, NY
    I love getting discount price for every fill up. The card has more ways to save si check it out!
  • Very nice 5/5

    By Highwaysalute
    Love how easy and convenient this app is.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By RazorRey2011
    I’m already impressed with the ease and convenience of the app.
  • App has been having issues with rewards 4/5

    By Luizathalia
    This app is great but has been having issue with the rewards. I had to download the rewards app whereas I could have access to my rewards with the shell app
  • Excellent app 5/5

    By eric_woody
    Perfect app and works great. I switched to shell from gasbuddy.
  • App wont accept my shell card 1/5

    By Snoopyjoecool7
    The app is wanting more numbers than my shell cc has :(
  • FuelRewards Error 2/5

    By Nith G
    I keep getting the “FuelRewards not available now. Please try again later “ Error. My current FuelRewards status is not visible in the Shell app. Please fix this.
  • Tedious 3/5

    By Matt is Cranky
    The app is great, saves time. I don’t want to navigate through the app to get to the purchasing screen. Should be a button dead in the center on the home page. You have to go through the home screen through the summary, I just want to purchase gas and have it ready quickly
  • Does not work- owner of Shell station did not even know about the app 1/5

    By jake123jjj1
    After going to two different shells that did not accept the app I luckily made it to one that did and when I went to use the scan code to pay connected to my credit card the code did not scan- so I had to wait for the owner of that particular station to come in and he said he had no idea about the app or how to use it. In an emergency situation when I did not have my wallet I entered my card info to this app thinking it would work but it does not. For such a large company I am extremely dissatisfied as a customer. Would not recommend to anyone.
  • Shell US app 5/5

    By Pepper F1
    The reason I wanted this app to work was due to crooks putting skimmers on the pumps at several different stations. At first I was disappointed that the app would not accept my Shell CC? A few months pasted and I received an email stating that the app would accept Shell CC. After many failed attempts to get the app to work I called tech support. Not just once but multiple times, they were all helpful and courteous and knowledgeable, but none to get the app to work. For example, I would put the pump number in, but it never would give me a code to enter at the pump, very frustrating. I had given up trying after several attempts at different Shell stations. One day I told myself just give it one more try, and Vola it worked!! I’ve been pleased ever since. BTW I am Electric Engineer with multiple computer/network certification and this app has tried my patience!!
  • Pay at pump 2/5

    By Chewwww7892
    Why does never locate any pay at the pumps? Location is turned on and no gas stations will show up
  • Great app. Easy savings and convenient 5/5

    By Tom Yargici
    I just applied and got approved for the credit card but haven’t received it yet. I wish I would get the 10 cents off during the wait period for the cards to arrive. Otherwise, pay at the pump feature is great. You don’t have to enter credit card info outside at the pump. Just click on the app which pump you are at.

Shell US app comments

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