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Shell US App

SHELL PAY & SAVE The Shell app provides you improved speed, convenience, value and security when you use your mobile device to pay for fuel and convenience store items at participating Shell stations in the United States. Shell Pay & Save eliminates the need to carry multiple cards, reduces the number of prompts you have to enter, and is integrated with the Fuel Rewards® program so you save automatically on every fill-up, every day! • Pay your way – You can now link to Shell branded credit cards (Shell Drive For Five® Card, the Shell Mastercard®, the Shell | Fuel Rewards Card®, and the Shell | Fuel Rewards® Mastercard®), your checking account (via Shell S Pay), as well as Chase Pay®, Masterpass®, or by manually adding other credit and debit cards. • Save on every fill up every day - Earn additional Fuel Rewards® program savings for downloading the app, making your first fill up, and for continuing to use Shell Pay & Save. See Terms & Conditions for complete details. • Ready. Pay. Go. - Simply enter the app 3-digit code at the pump or present the app QR code to the cashier and you are back on the road in no time. Everything you need is in the app including receipts. STATION LOCATOR Find your nearest Shell station and a list of services quickly and easily including which stations accept mobile payment. NEWS & PRODUCTS Be one of the first to know about our latest promotions, products and news on our racing sponsorships.

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Shell US app reviews

  • Works for me. 5/5

    By ijosito2
    This app is perfect. It is accepted at my local and nearest shell stations. I have forgotten my wallet a few times and needed gas. This thing came in handy. Also saves me from having to take a card out of my wallet when paying for gas increasing the potential for loss or misplacement. Allows me to keep track of my rewards savings. Only thing I would like it to do is that they recognize your a loyal customer by using the app and the rewards program and not make you pay credit card price for gas. That’s pretty stupid. My opinion of course but for someone that only gets Shell V - Nitro Premium, every penny saved helps. But I like over all.
  • eh 3/5

    By esozn
    better now, but few months ago it was terrific
  • Useful 5/5

    By Gashacker
    So easy to use and more savings!
  • Outstanding App UPDATE 4/5

    By Retired_Marine_30_4
    The Shell app works outstanding. Once you get your payment setup which will take about a week, anyway that’s what it was in my situation, because it kept giving me an error saying it will not take card please try again later and it did that for about a week. So now since the update the app works outstanding. The reason for the 4 stars is because it took so long to get setup and they still don’t take Apple Pay. When they start to accept APPLE PAY. I will update to 5 star App.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By R.Bujwid
    Super easy and convenient to use!
  • Needs Apple Pay. 1/5

    By FuccDiss
    Needs Apple Pay.
  • Crap 1/5

    By 9911940
    Won’t let me enter my CCV # from my Shell card! Wasting my time! Yet before filling up the info they have the nerve to ask if you are enjoying the app! I don’t think so!
  • Great App! 5/5

    By CJohnson8002
    The app works great! It allows me to pay for gas quickly and securely!
  • Loving It!! 5/5

    By Vape3
    The app is great. I love that we can connect to one card on multiple apps. Doing this makes fueling up for families with multiple cars SOOOO EASY!!!! So glad I discovered this app.
  • Do better 1/5

    By Luis F. Araujo
    the app currently displays .65 in rewards. Previously it displayed .25 but when I filled up no discount was applied but it said I had .40/gal on next purchase. Made another purchase and no discount applied bit no shows .65/gal available This is the second time I’ve used the app and the second time it did not apply my savings. I’ve also have had difficulty adding payment cards. It took over 1 week to add a second card as it would error out and say try again.
  • It worked👍 5/5

    By Mr. & Mrs. No Name
    Third try, worked as described. Thanks
  • Pay & Save not working 1/5

    By Komandor62
    I can’t link and use Shell Drive For Five card.
  • Doesn’t count points anymore 1/5

    By Jonme121
    She’ll has apologized several times for their “ inconvenience “ but continue to fail. They don’t count your fuel trips anymore like they used to. I use about 300$ of gas a month or more. I went over to 76 now. Please get your app together. The. Maybe some of your old shell customers will return.
  • Great 5/5

    By BensRSX
    Easy to track and save!!
  • Pleased! 5/5

    By umutbariskarsli
    High quality fuel oil also, best price! I’m so happy with you!
  • App works but gives inaccurate info 1/5

    By uptemposwing
    On a recent road trip I discovered that Shell doesn’t update gas station info as often as they should. Most stops didn’t have the Pay and Save with my smart phone option like this app said they would. One station wasn’t even a Shell station anymore like the app said. Another wouldn’t accept my FuelRewards alt ID. Very frustrating. I switched to using the Phillips 66 app for their stations and found it to provide much more accurate info.
  • More discounts 5/5

    By Ningun nick sirvea
    Give more discounts in the stations because put in more gas
  • Love the convenience 5/5

    By JDLaz
    This app is a great way to buy gas and get rewarded. I am able to pay for each fill up without dip, swipe or tap and I get fuel rewards that save me money at the pump!
  • Hands down the BEST gas app!! 5/5

    By Vc022612
    I LOVE this app!! It’s so easy to use, convenient and it gives a considerable savings each time I fill up. Last time it took $4.48 off of my total! I’m very impressed and so glad I downloaded it
  • Glee 5/5

    By love1804
  • Needs Apple Pay Support 3/5

    By Momma2sidekicks
    I will start using this app as soon as it supports Apple Pay.
  • Just try to add a card 2/5

    By Nelsonmnh
    Downloaded and tried to add a card. For three days. All I get is “you are unable to add anymore cards at this time.” Anymore? I cannot get one to add. Uninstalled. Waste of time and effort. Managed to add a card and while the application works it can be brutally slow. At times it takes three attempts to find the shell station you are at. Then the pumps favorite screen words are wait a minute. It has taken me at times in excess of two minutes to start pumping gas. Wow. It is not like I am using an old phone (Xs max), as well as living in Dallas you think the cellular network is ok. This apps issues have all the marks of an app that was rushed to meet a certain release date. May stop using until some of these issues are addressed.
  • Can’t add shell credit card 1/5

    By Ryan Halcomb
    When I try to add my shell credit card it says something went wrong and to contact Citi bank for assistance. When I call them they say there is not a shell app... and I need to contact fuel rewards.
  • Great way to save as long as you live near a Shell Station 5/5

    I’m lucky enough that I have a Shell Truck Stop a mile from home. I never have to take out my card. I just use my phone app, out in the pump number, input my 4 digit pin and I then get a 3 digit number and input that into the pump. It all goes very fast!!
  • Nice a charm 5/5

    By D619
    This app worked like a charm
  • Shell app 5/5

    By They call me Chuck Brown
    So far I am very satisfied. I purchased gas the other day at $1.95 a gallon saving $.30 a gallon. I should’ve Got this app long time ago when the cashier gave me the brochure.
  • Weekly Shell User 5/5

    By jsmith428
  • Great App 5/5

    By tufmnky
    Love this App it is so Awesome.
  • Inconvenient in NJ 3/5

    By TNewton01
    In NJ (and other states where you can’t pump your own gas). You’ve got to get the app pulled up (which you hopefully didn’t do while driving into the station) and enter your pump number by the time the attendant gets to your car. Otherwise, you’re sitting there fumbling with your phone while the attendant stares at you. That just creates stress for me. Not to mention that there have been a couple of instances where the app has logged me out and refused to let me log back in. At least half the time I just hand over my CC and Fuel Rewards card instead. If they added a 3D Touch shortcut, or a Siri Shortcut that took you straight to Pay at the pump, I think that might help.
  • More unnecessary personal info collection 1/5

    By Level-Headed
    I installed this app and started the process of registering. The registration process requested my phone number. Sorry, but Shell DOES NOT need my phone number, they have my email address if they need to contact me. I get enough spam email and fraudulent phone calls; I don’t need any more because Shell decides to “share” my information. I consider this as just more data collection BS and immediately deleted the app. Why do companies “require” info they DO NOT need.......
  • Doesn’t recognize any station I go to. 5/5

    By L. Jacara Cunningham
    I would love to use this app to avoid skimmers and also speed up my time at the station however it never recognizes a station that I visit. I do get the option to report the station as missing however until today it wouldn’t even provide the coordinates of my location. Made sure I have the updated version of the app and have been sending to Shell. Customer support first kept telling me the station wasn’t Mobile ready but would give me the exact same address that I was at stating that station was ready for app use. Tonight I was told that I needed to have version 1.1.1 and that’s not even avail from the App Store. I’ll rerate once I’m able to use the app and Shell gets better customer service to handle these issues.
  • Latest version’s pretty poor 2/5

    By SteveHC
    1. Relatively few Shell gas stations are currently equipped to make use of this app. 2. Many Shell stations are STILL incorrectly located on the in-app map, and this has NOTHING to do with app-related gps functionality.. do you can NOT rely on the in-app station-finding feature. 3. Current version has serious problems with linkage to one’s Fuel Rewards account data, making it unusable to all who experience this problem with it. Gets 2 stars because they FINALLY updated it to accommodate Shell’s own gas credit cards lol
  • Viben shyts 5/5

    By gleeeee1718
  • Need option to add gift card to the app 3/5

    By Nick$$$$&$$$
    I have a few gift cards. But I couldn’t add them in the app as the payment Please add this option
  • Can’t update email 1/5

    By Farmercv
    I’m in day 2 of a living hell of updating all my accounts to my new email address. I have 100% lost respect for companies that make this next to impossible. Your app is the latest of these. I have to log in with my email so I see the old one right in front of me, but NOTHING I click on let’s me change it. Will someone please get back to me with a solution for this. I’ve already gone through so much work to link accounts to pay at the pump I’d hate to lose all that.
  • App has issues 3/5

    By doeslayersr
    Would love to use the app as a Pay by mechanism to defeat the card skimmers. However it keeps failing with a vague error message of “technical issue occurred” and to call the 1-888-go-Shell number. Which I did to open a ticket. The app fails after I indicate which pump I am at. It then prompts me for my security pin and shortly after entering the pin, the app issues the technical issue message. Please resolve. Ended up using my chase pay app to activate the pump and to charge the purchase to a credit card. Never ever put a debit card in any app. You do not have any purchase protection at all with a debit card! As far as the other reviewer thinking the app was hacked due to the $1 dollar charge, the reviewer is mistaken. The $1 charge is the mechanism most credit card processors use to verify the card is valid and active. The charge is then reversed.
  • Thank You 5/5

    By M.Lucas12
    Works great and had no issues!
  • Wow. 5/5

    By Jlaney17
    This app is amazing and continues to get better and better. I had some bugs and issues and reported them. The team working on the app must be very attentive to our needs, because those bugs have been fixed and more wallets and features are being added!!!!!!!
  • Better tracking please 5/5

    By Teebre
    App should keep track of all fill ups even if the transaction isn’t paid via the app. I pay at the pump cause I don’t want to add my card to the app.
  • Still can’t link Shell card 1/5

    By arthur bee
    Even though the app says you can link your Shell card, that is no true. Called Shell , and reached the call center, which I believe is in the Philippines. The lady said she had no knowledge of being able to add your Shell credit card to the Shell app, but would call me back. She did and advised that as of Dec 12 2018 at 8 AM, you’ll be able to do so.
  • Shut My Debit Card Down...Twice. 1/5

    By Bob Noxious
    I would give zero starts if I could. I downloaded this app for the convenience of paying at the pump. The first time I used it, my bank shut my card down immediately because they thought it was a fraudulent transaction. I tried again about a month later (last night) at a different location. Same thing happened. My bank locked me out of my card and it was very inconvenient. Deleted.
  • Linking Shell MasterCard 3/5

    By mkscdr
    I cannot link my Shell MasterCard as a payment method in the app, as the new release states. Please advise.
  • Shell branded cards still not supported? 3/5

    By MassSteve
    According to the update notes, the app is now supposed to allow me to use the Shell Drive for Five card. However, when I try to add it, I receive an error message saying that it’s an invalid credit card number.
  • Still missing Shell Card 4/5

    By ColorStormWeb
    Great app! Only thing missing is the ability to add my shell fuel rewards MasterCard even though this ability was supposedly added in the most recent update?
  • My debt card info was stolen on this app 1/5

    By Chefmarkt69
    I have to say first off when I write a review in the app. The shell support employees are awesome! But the app still doesn’t work and a few weeks I entered my debit card information into the app. Somehow someone was able to obtain it and try and use it. The way I found out was my wife and kids went out to breakfast and when I went to pay my card was declined. So I looked on my bank app and sure enough there was a lock put on my card. I called my bank ASAP and they said there was four charges from shell so the put a hold on it. I explained that I just added my debt info into the shell app. They said delete it immediately and don’t put it back in there. These days who knows how it happens or when.
  • Need Apple Pay! 1/5

    By FFranksJr
    No Apple Pay?!?!? Who uses Chase Pay? lol!!!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By jamesvii
    I'm using my phone to activate my gas pump. This is great. Paying with my phone is my preferred method for security reasons. Thanks for having this technology, Shell.

    By jadi.el
    This app makes fueling soo much simpler & easier especially when you don’t have to be searching up the address manually for the gas stations.
  • Joining The Hi Tech Benifits 5/5

    By LeesburgMark
    I just enjoyed my first app purchase at Shell with comfort and ease. I am re-starting my life as I just went through a painful divorce and Shell app signals a new beginning for me. Thanks:) Mark

Shell US app comments

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