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  • Current Version: 2.2
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  • Developer: Shell Information Technology International B.V.
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Shell US App

SHELL PAY & SAVE The Shell app provides you improved speed, convenience, value and security when you use your mobile device to pay for fuel and convenience store items at participating Shell stations in the United States. Shell Pay & Save eliminates the need to carry multiple cards, reduces the number of prompts you have to enter, and is integrated with the Fuel Rewards® program so you save automatically on every fill-up, every day! • Pay your way – In addition to being able to link to Shell branded credit cards, Shell S Pay, and Chase Pay®, you can now link Apple Pay and Google Pay! • Save on every fill up every day - Earn additional Fuel Rewards® program savings for downloading the app, making your first fill up, and for continuing to use Shell Pay & Save. See Terms & Conditions for complete details. • Ready. Pay. Go. - Simply enter the app 3-digit code at the pump or present the app QR code to the cashier and you are back on the road in no time. Everything you need is in the app including receipts. STATION LOCATOR Find your nearest Shell station and a list of services quickly and easily including which stations accept mobile payment. NEWS & PRODUCTS Be one of the first to know about our latest promotions, products and news on our racing sponsorships.

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Shell US app reviews

  • This is a horrible app!!!! 1/5

    By truthfulbatman
    Continually times out then says your card has an issue can’t find shell stations even though you are standing at them. Then says your card is not linked. Fuel rewards are good but this app is horrible and waste more time than it’s worth. Updated 6/22/19 Garbage!!!!!!does not work at certain stations!!!! Supposed to be convenient, not at all!!!!!! Continually having to update card payment when my card has not changed.... also shell is over priced so not making this worth having. Fix it shell or lose another customer
  • Wow 1/5

    By dannybcccc
    Literally the worst app I have ever used. Never have found myself more frustrated than trying to get gas without my wallet and this app crashing repeatedly with error messages.
  • . 3/5

    By Catantrx
    It’d be better if I’d show the gas prices with and without wash
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By akrehddit
    When it works it is convenient. It often wants user login. It often doesn’t recognize a shell station when it worked there previously. Too many screens to troubleshoot issues. Complete waste of time for me.
  • Can’t add my card 1/5

    By tcschnett
    I have tried and tried and it will not let me add my Shell card. Have installed and uninstalled the app multiple times and can not add my card. Frustrating.
  • Shell App 5/5

    By Marvelous Marvene
    I am enjoying the features this app has from using my phone to pay to locating a shell station near me.
  • Can't locate gas station 1/5

    By juciwdjared
    While I'm at the Shell gas station, the app can't locate that, always shows error.
  • Filling Up 4/5

    By TxAdamFitz
    Great app. Just wish it would allow for more than 20 gallons. I get it. You don’t want $0.05 off of 100 gallons. How about allowing me to fill up and just discount the first 20 gallons? 🤷‍♂️
  • Never worked 1/5

    By id1107
    The app never work for me I wasn’t able to add any of my cards as form of payment. I was only able to add Chase pay. The three shell near me doesn’t accept Chase pay as a form of payment. If they there are shell pumps at the station why can’t I use Chase pay at them. Now the shell 2.5 miles up the road I can use Chase pay. The app could be useful if I could use it.
  • Review Shell ID-10058846 5/5

    By jmaldonado0129
    Very organized, clean and fast asístanse.
  • No car wash code 3/5

    By Nonniversace
    This app works great with savings and all but when I spend an extra $11 for car wash, I’d like for the code to show up. I tried it twice and still nothing. Receipt on the app shows the location, time, date, the car wash I added, and how much I spent/saved but no code. Not even on the car wash code section. Please have it fixed since I’m really trying to be paperless.
  • It will not let me put the information of my car 1/5

    By Cano7543
    No me deja poner la información de mi carro
  • Crash 2/5

    By Caleb Stallings
    Have attempted to use 3 times app has crashed and forced me to logout and redo the entire process
  • Transaction issues 2/5

    By Bnorwood
    There's a 2 transaction per day limit. If a transaction fails, that counts toward your daily limit. Which makes absolutely zero sense. Yet after contacting Shell support, they say it's "working as intended." It also seems like their servers are offline more than half the times I try to use it.
  • Terrible & Unreliable 1/5

    By WD409
    Never connects (even though I have full signal). Always crashes. Never signs in. 20 gallon limit on “fill up” - my truck takes 24 gal to fill up. Extraordinarily frustrating to have to do two transactions.
  • Sooo many technical errors 1/5

    By xgypsy
    This app always errors out and logs you out, then will not login properly(“technical error”) not worht the hassle. Ive been trying to get to work for past 1/2 hours. Keeps going to “server error” after waiting for it to load. Does not matter if wifi or cellular!!!! Waste of my time every time i try to use!!
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Jay XIV
    I utilize the Mobil Speedpass app and it works flawlessly. I tried to use the Shell app at several Shell stations near my house and it either searches and does not recognize where I am or says there is an error and to check back later. You can do better Shell.
  • Rarely works 1/5

    By SteelersRuleAllOfFootball
    On the rare occasion the app actually works, the Shell station I am using doesn’t accept payment through the app. Terrible experience setting up Shell credit card to work with it, also. Took weeks and numerous phone calls.
  • Horrible User Experience 1/5

    By mikemikeh2015
    I downloaded this because supposedly you can link your PayPal account and use it to pay at the pump. Every time I try to sign in, I see a loading spinner, and then it just returns to the login screen. I tap on Submit again, and then I just see an error every time. I can't do anything with the app. Don't bother downloading.
  • 😡 1/5

    By 000999997777333
    Worked for a couple months and now won’t recognize me or accept my sign in. Wants me to start over as new customer and that would be big gas discount which I already received. Sorry but that wouldn’t be fair or right
  • Good app to have 4/5

    By xurbinax
    Love the fact that you can just pay by the app, BUT sometimes it crashes when you try it so that’s why it’s getting 4 stars and just wish it was a bit faster but other than that it’s a good app to have.
  • Add car 4/5

    By JjVazquez21
    It doesn’t let me add the car
  • Add ApplePay PLEASE 1/5

    By add applepay
    Please allow users to use Apple pay within the app!!! This would be so helpful to so many users and would truly help us out. Thanks, Everyone
  • Can’t find stations anymore 1/5

    By HiTechSteve
    So I have been exclusively using Shell to fill up my car with gas for at least the last 7–10 years. I was quite delighted when I discovered I could pay from an app. I’ll admit some of the initial releases of this app showed promise. Now that I have version 2.1.1 installed the app can’t seem to find stations anymore which is why I have switched over to BP to fill up my car because their app can find stations. For now, Shell has lost a loyal customer because their app developers can’t seem to figure out how to make an app that works.
  • Fill button up is worthless 3/5

    By Piper522
    Why don’t you make it so I can actually “fill up” with the “fill up option” 20 gallons doesn’t really do me much good when I have a 34 gallon tank.
  • Buggy as hell 1/5

    By SaucyPeeps
    I cannot overstate how unreliable this app is. I think maybe out of 10 times I try to use it, it is successful twice. If it does work, it’s actually great, because savings.
  • Cannot fill up my truck over 20 gallons 3/5

    By M. Yass 281
    Please increase the limit
  • Need to update station locations. 4/5

    By SiLeNtDeAtH1020
    Love the app except for the fact that there is stations missing.
  • Used to be a good app 1/5

    By FSUBlazer
    This app was once good. Now it’s slow and now it doesn’t seem to find the gas station.
  • A waste of time 1/5

    By Dawg Walker
    This app is a complete waste of time. Takes way too long for it to figure out what gas station you are at, if it even recognizes the gas station... And earlier today, standing 2 feet in front of the pump, it said I was almost a half a mile away from the Shell station I was at and wouldn't work. And yes, my phone was in the clear. Faster just to use my Shell card.
  • Horrible! 1/5

    By JEY97AG
    90% of the time this app doesn’t work! And when it does it’s super slow. I can pay at the pump faster, even with the Shell inquisition, than the app. Majority of the it spins and spins and doesn’t work. If I can get it to work, it has “technical difficulties” when submitting for payment authorization. Horrible app...typical and terrible Shell IT.
  • Can’t link a Shell Card to the App 1/5

    By Blackrock310
    Tried to download and this app several times. However, I cannot link my Shell Card to the app. How is it possible that you can’t use a Shell branded card to the Shell App?
  • RoadRunner 3/5

    By SC Dave
    Could be MORE user friendly! However, once you navigate through the cumbersome menus, it saves you REAL MONEY! I wish that Shell would allow more than just one non-Shell or non-Chase credit card. The App ONLY allows you to store ONE non-shell payment method!!
  • MoneySaver 5/5

    By Bangon the Pilot
    Great app finds stations and offers 5c/gal discount with additional off after frequent use. At a station it identifies location and pump number, activates the pump, auto-pays with your credit card, and provides electronic receipt. Easy to use while saving you some money.
  • Customer care is inexistente 1/5

    By Barca
    The app can app works at time just fine. The problem is that if the app can’t get connected or has any type of issues and the purchase doesn’t go through then the app locks you out because of the “daily limit” and customer rep informed me is because of the high fraud issues they are having in other markets. Bollocks. Lazy, not helpful and absolutely ignorant. So, there. Use it but be warned, you’re on your own.
  • No savings? 1/5

    By clevelandrocks
    My price off next fill-up keeps going up but each fill-up I get no rewards available, so I always pay full price. No savings. What's the deal?
  • Seems like a good app, but... 3/5

    By beaucop
    This looks like a really good app. I downloaded it, set it up, ready to go! But what good is it if I have to go to the next city to use it? Until shell updates the stations near me, it doesn’t do me much good.
  • App Helps me save $$ 5/5

    By doeslayersr
    I had problems early on, but I figured out the app wanted to use the fingerprint verification method on my iPhone. Once again enabled it the app is working. I like being able to have multiple payment methods store in the app and being able to easily switch to the one I want to use.
  • Love this app, but just one thing...... 5/5

    By UppercaseJay
    Is it possible for the devs to integrate Face ID or a PIN into the app as well? It becomes a pain to log in every time there’s an update.
  • Does not work for most of the gas stations in San Antonio 2/5

    By vrocks8624
    Does not work for most of the gas stations in San Antonio. Do not download
  • Round and round 1/5

    By jme202020
    For some reason I couldn’t get the darn thing to work. Never got past the email verification. I don’t know if it was a glitch or what. Trying to several times and still nada. Won’t be using this app
  • Can’t re-enter credit card ino 2/5

    By Macboy2013
    Tech support was horrible, they made me re-download the app many times. It seems there is a glitch that will prevent you to delete you cresit card on record and renter a new one. Im keep getting an error that i cant add another card. Been stuck at the gas station because I forgot my wallet and i have no gas. Been here 2 hrs trying to solve this issue. Had to call a family member to bring me some money to put gas. Ridiculous right?
  • Great app 4/5

    By jenniferinacarfillinggas123456
    This is app is great. Love filling my tank here and getting the extra bonus
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Fredwojo
    As a person who tried to stay loyal to a brand and fills up every other day I have to say this is one of the worst rewards systems and apps I have ever seen. 10% of the time I get credit and able to use my rewards the rest of the time it’s broke. Fix it or my loyalty to Shell is done.
  • Unable to redeem fuel rewards 1/5

    By nzahn1
    Mobile pay works fine, but the SHELL app/program never redeems my Fuel Rewards balance. I contacted shell, they replied: “We are sad to hear about your experience about not getting your discount. To assist you further, we highly suggest to please contact our Fuel Rewards helpdesk through this hotline number 888-603-0473.” When I contacted FuelRewards, they said the shell app is frequently broken and I have to use my physical FR card to redeem my savings. Get your act together guys.
  • This app does not process credit cards properly! 1/5

    By Da Trufh
    On multiple occasions, I have used this app to process a payment at the pump without having to use my credit card in the gas machine and on multiple occasions this app indicates that I have insufficient funds on all of my cards. I am then forced to use my card in the gas machine thus making this app worthless.
  • Never loads 1/5

    By Powapow
    This app seems great, especially with the initial 25 cents off gas pump, but I can't use it to log in. Creating/logging into an account takes an excessive amount of time because it takes so long to load, then tried to log in to Fuel Rewards and never succeeded. Please fix
  • Frustrating Payment Decline 1/5

    By ChrisRyan525
    I like concept of the app and the security of not having to expose my card at the pump terminal because of all the credit card theft that goes on at these terminals. However, every time I try and use the app my purchase is declined because my bank thinks paying from the app is fraud. So then I call to approve the transaction and try again and I’m declined again. So I approve the transaction again but the app says I’ve exceeded the amount of purchase attempts. I wasted a total of 20 min fiddling with this app when I could have just paid at the pump or inside. You guys need to fix your payment authorization flow or increase the number of attempts to try and pay through the app.
  • CMS Pilot 4/5

    By BillwalkerFL
    The app itself seems to work well so far. Particularly the station finder. Getting signed up for the app was a bit challenging. Felt like I went through the process three times over.

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