Ship - Dating made fun again

Ship - Dating made fun again

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  • Current Version: 1.1.8
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Ship - Dating made fun again App

Ship is here to make dating fun again. With Ship, friends can set each other (or themselves) up -- because who knows you better than your friends? Single? 1. Sign up and invite friends to your Crew. 2. Let your Crew find you matches. You can sit back or join the search. 3. Discuss prospects with your Crew (because great dates are something to talk about). Not single, and feel weird downloading a dating app? Plot Twist - you can still use this app. Ship has a different look and functionality when you sign up to help your friends find matches. 1. Sign up and select “I’m not single.” 2. Join your single friends’ Crews. 3. Match your friends with people you deem worthy (because that’s what friends are for). WE'RE KIND OF A BIG DEAL “Dating is about to get a whole lot easier. More fun, too.” (Cosmo) “If you have ever sent your group chat of BFFs a screenshot of your latest match…or have had to poll your squad on what the perfect opening line is…then it's time for you to download Ship.” (AOL) “Ship is designed to bring more fun to the dating experience.” (Forbes) “The concept is genius. Just genius” (Bustle)

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Ship - Dating made fun again app reviews

  • Not compatible with older phones 1/5

    By ARigobon
    I have an iPhone SE and tried to download this, but they do not have a version that is friendly to those of us with smaller phones. I was excited to try this out with my friends but oh well! Guess you have to be able to afford a $900 phone to use this app :(
  • Fun app! 5/5

    By basicbetch93
    No one knows you better than your friends 😉
  • Cool Concept 4/5

    By 3Tiana
    I love the concept of the app. Having my friends helping is awesome. My only issue with the app is that I can’t see who my Android friends are approving or not approving.
  • Bologna 1/5

    By charger7178
    every Woman on here is beautiful & fit magazine covers look like celebrities so unrealistic & boring don’t waste your time people, I can’t even give it 1 star
  • Trouble getting started 3/5

    By Big chutes
    Love the concept and I’m trying to get in on the fun, but at first I couldn’t get a code and now it won’t recognize my phone number as valid. Anyone else having this issue?
  • Major personal security concern 1/5

    By joe27272728
    You need a safer way to protect privacy than full access to everyone’s contacts. With your phone number and access to someone’s full contacts, you can then build a truly personally identifiable web of who someone is an use it as you please. Don’t give ALL of your parents, friends, teachers, everyone away in your contacts! Doesn’t matter about your privacy policy. This is too invasive of a method. Find a more limited way of access.
  • Meh 2/5

    By Larc211
    So I know this is going to sound a little arrogant but I promise it’s not... I have been on other dating apps and I do pretty alright. I’m no 10 but I can usually get a quite a few likes and a couple good matches. I have been on this app for a few days and I have not had a single match. I’ve cleared through dozens of profiles and have no indication that anyone has seen much less swiped right on my profile. I almost feel as if my profile is hidden for some reason. Is that a thing? Otherwise, the layout is pretty good, it’s not glitchy, and the concept is cool. I just wish a match would come through... but that might not be a problem with the app. 😅
  • Trouble Getting started 2/5

    By Sup Obsessed
    The app locked me out when i put in my birth year as 1991 saying that I have to be 18 to use the app...
  • Like it so far 4/5

    By Louielouiza
    Yea, so I like it so far. However, I do wish it was more inclusive when it comes to gender. Having only m/f options seems outdated and insensitive. Really thought, because of the podcast, that it would be more progressive than this. I’ve invited friends to join but waiting for them to do so, enjoying the app solo but really looking forward to experiencing it with my crew!
  • Dope concept, incredible lack of diversity 2/5

    By YoungVicious42
    I live in a major city, in the busiest part of the city and have been swiping and have yet to come across a person of color. No latin, no black, Asian.... just Anglo. I’m not sure if that’s just bad promotion but after almost a week and not one was a bit unsettling. I don’t have any issues dating outside my race, but I like to know/see representation. Otherwise layout it ok, & concept is fun. Otherwise got a ways to go!
  • Bugggyyyy 3/5

    By TonyHicks89
    I’d use it a lot more but its way too buggy to swipe let alone message people. Good concept but they need to get it work without crashing
  • “Something went wrong, try your phone number again” 1/5

    By Jadensmama
    Can’t get past the first screen asking for my phone number. Is it because I’m on WiFi?
  • Finally no subscription 5/5

    By Misha Kvasnicka
    Most dating apps have subscription witch is not fair is teens can’t afford 30$ a month or whatever . Finally no subscription! Thank u
  • Wants all of your contacts 1/5

    By MegaJetski
    Deleted it immediately when it said access to my contacts was necessary to use the app. Sorry, it’s 2019, I don’t give blanket permission to apps to have the phone numbers of everyone I know.
  • It’s okay. 4/5

    By BlazeIsGod
    Makes it harder sense none of my friends use iPhones.
  • Amazing App! 5/5

    By Mikey24kobe
    Love everything about this app. Honestly, I used many of its competitors and didn’t really know of ship until my favorite comedy page PoolBoy’s posted a video. Will spread to my many single friends!
  • Came her because of poolboy.comedy 5/5

    By Neu Neu Pantz
    I’ll use anything those guys endorse. Couple of winners!
  • No real people no reply dead app 1/5

    By jk572
    I gave the app a try and gotten no responses it’s a dead app like okcupid. No real people
  • Great concept...poor execution? 2/5

    By Keane1jl
    In theory great concept, but true app is pretty difficult to master. Still having trouble looking through photos, checking out profiles etc. also literally a handful of folks in here. Bots?
  • Android please 3/5

    By stacebystace
    Please make it available for other phones.
  • So much for that 2/5

    By mfnope
    I’ve been using the app for about ten minutes and every time I try to answer one of the profile questions, it refuses to save. Religion? Blank. Drinking habits? Blank. Everything is blank except what I filled out to start the profile, age and gender and somehow, miraculously, my bio appears to be up there 🤷🏼‍♀️ Funniest part is every time I try to fill out the contact form? There’s an alleged “problem with one of the fields,” though the form doesn’t specify which field and they’re all filled out. So.
  • Need more diversity 3/5

    By cliche legend
    With my experience I found a lack of diversity on this app, all I seen was white women also I was not able to edit my info and every time I tried there would be no change to my profile
  • Good concept, no one answers messages 2/5

    By Ke27on
    For all the various apps out there, this one has the lowest response rate of any that I’ve used. You can get 20+ matches but be lucky if even one answers your message. Clearly people are either swiping with no intention of responding or they’re fake people (or maybe they’re never on the app?).
  • Fun but location is issue 2/5

    By alwyzblonde
    You should be able to enter in your zip like okcupid instead of using location services. Crew live all over so idk if I’m getting matched in CA, NY, Canada, etc.
  • Wanted to like this... 2/5

    By Blogger99
    But maybe I’m too old? I’m 36 and live in Los Angeles and only get about 1-3 match options per day (and no actual matches from those 1-3 choices). This would be great if they could get more men to sign up. I expected more options in a large city like LA!
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By TheTwerkingGamer
    This app is garbage. I have had it for probably a month now and I was swiping selectively and realized I’m not getting any matches so then I just started swiping on everyone and i still have not gotten 1 single match, meanwhile on tinder and bumble I’m getting matches everyday... either my account is glitched or the app is broken.
  • Every “match” just doesn’t respond like ever. 1/5

    By Xp 24
    Been attempting to use ship for the last two months with no success of getting a single response which leads me to believe that either the messages aren’t being sent or that the profiles are fake/bots. It seems like a cool idea for friends to help play matchmaker but kinda hard to say anything positive about this app when it’s just a picture rating piece of software that doesn’t do what it advertises. I’ll give it a couple more days but I’m not holding my breath that it’ll Improve.
  • I’m not giving full access to my contacts 1/5

    By AKC333
    Period. I don’t know what you’ll do with them. You need to figure out a way to sync without sharing that info!
  • Fake profiles + cant switch to single 1/5

    By Jfowkbeifkenbwd
    1. Every profile on here is fake/planted by the betches (the people who are “21” years old all look like they are in there mid 30s + all profiles only have 1 photo that look like stock photos) 2. I cant switch my settings from in a relationship to looking for myself for some reason? 3. The purple color is tacky
  • Nothing but fakes 1/5

    By jvbftw
    Tried this last week and I got 3 matches that never responded and 3 more that were looking for someone to spend money on their attention. Might get better later but for now not worth your time
  • Matches Are everything I eliminate in my profile and settings 1/5

    By 200107312
    Set the profile and settings for certain age and distance that work for me, instead I get matched for everything outside those parameters but not within :( 35-55 yo men, oh test please send me 19 or 20 yo. Not creepy at all.
  • Glitchy and no one on it 2/5

    By Ttonic2
    This app is missing a lot of basic features - time stamps for when messages were sent or received; consistent notifications; sorting; etc. Probably because it’s new, not many people are on it or respond after you match.
  • Lots of potential, still some major bugs 3/5

    By Miui Wei
    The biggest issue here is that your set parameters for matches do not carry over to when your friends are matching for you, so while people 88 miles from me don't show up in MY discover for myself, they still show up when my friends match FOR me.
  • Good app, fake profiles probably 2/5

    By Abhinavchdhry
    A lot of matches but hardly anyone ever responds. I'm starting to think delinquent or fake profiles
  • So cool and fun 4/5

    By Alexander Caruso
    I am writing this while just being on the app for like a good two mins or so and already felt like I needed to say something and it’s so good I wanted to say this and normally don’t write review but I couldn’t help myself. This app is so much fun omg it’s better than tinder although I have to see how my matches do but there are no troll accounts so far omg I think I’m gonna have a fun time with this and if I don’t I’ll write another one of these.
  • Sign Up 1/5

    By redkid.buu
    I can’t even sign up because they won’t except my phone number and it is a valid number.
  • Nope. 2/5

    By rmrdnl
    Nice UI but it’s just another crappy app that isn’t trying to actually match anyone. Either nobody is on the app and the profiles are fake or the profiles are real and nobody is actively using. If you are gonna enter the space... be disruptive. Matching for others is silly because few people are gonna use that.
  • Fake profiles galore!! 1/5

    By Toddles88
    95% of the profiles I am seeing have one picture and no information except height. I’ve had this for a over a week and not 1 match; meanwhile I’ve gotten 3 matches TODAY on the other that I use. Not to mention that most of my “prospects” don’t seem to be local 🙄
  • Question 1/5

    By ACCHI18
    If I’m Mexican I can’t have this App??
  • Great concept! Needs a little work. 4/5

    By AB47636
    I love the concept of letting my friends swipe for me. However, I wish you could create different “crews.” I have different friend groups that want to swipe for me, but I don’t want them in the same crew. There are definitely a few bugs that need to be ironed out and it needs more people to join, but overall, I think it has great potential!
  • Great idea 3/5

    By pearl leonard
    This is an awesome idea but there are no users near me for 200 miles
  • Sending verification code on the twelfth of never. 1/5

    By The Hamden Hammer
    Can’t even start an account, they ask for you phone number at the very start to send you a verification code and it doesn’t come. One star because you can’t give the rating without one but in reality zero stars.
  • Right idea, but 3/5

    By Robert_Ramirez
    Tell ppl to fill out their whole profiles. Also how are there literally no people of color?! Also I’m in Pittsburgh so there’s not much of a pool yet. Will update when there is/I find a partner
  • They’re literally all fake 1/5

    By Miiikee
    Every profile is fake
  • Doesn’t send me a code... 1/5

    By sanelao
    I put my number in and nothing is happening... it’s not sending me any code to my number, I checked 3 times that my number is correct and resented 3 times... nada...
  • Says I have a match, but match doesn’t show up 1/5

    By jpd67
    The last 2 times I’ve got a notification I’ve had a match, I go into the app and the match isn’t there. There’s no way the match goes away that quick. The app doesn’t provide any customer service contact, so maybe someone on their development team will get a clue.
  • More Filters Please 🙏🏼! 3/5

    By JKF NYC
    As a long time dating app user, I was excited for this new format, especially since I have some non- single friends who are going through swipe withdrawals. Unfortunately, as someone with pretty specific religious wants, I was disappointed that this wasn’t a filter option. It’s hard that you have to scroll through every single profile just to check if they match my needs first. Hoping you can add some more filters going forward!
  • Penguin 5/5

    The girls are hot
  • Feedback 4/5

    By AD10011001
    I want to love this app and I think I will as it gains in popularity and there is a larger pool to choose from. Specific piece of feedback...I would love if you could set your home location so you could still use the app when you are not in town. I’m a consultant (and as it stands, is a pretty typical career for millennials who is your target audience) and out of town Monday-Thursday. Not interested in dating outside of my hometown, so I’m limited to using the app less than half the week. Anyways, excited to see this app grow! Cool concept.

Ship - Dating made fun again app comments

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