Shipt: Same Day Delivery

Shipt: Same Day Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 2.176.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Shipt
  • Compatibility: Android
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Shipt: Same Day Delivery App

Shipt brings the store to your door with same-day delivery on grocery products, household essentials, beauty supplies, and more. Shop from neighborhood retailers and a professional shopper will handpick and deliver your order, exactly how you want it. And with delivery in as soon as an hour, Shipt saves you time – whether you’re planning a special lunch or dinner, or just need a fresh snack. Browse millions of fresh grocery products, household essentials, alcohol items,* and more from stores you trust like CVS, Harris Teeter, H-E-B, Meijer, Petco, Target, and more. Schedule same-day delivery, pay, and tip – all in the app. Leave special grocery instructions so your shopper gets exactly what you need, like a perfectly ripe avocado. Get access to member-exclusive savings and shop with rewards programs, including mPerks and Costco memberships to save even more. Save time and place orders easily with go-to grocery lists and favorite items – members save an average of 8 hours a month using Shipt. Enjoy free same-day delivery on orders over $35. Have a question? Our 24/7 hour support team is ready to help. The Shipt app makes shopping easy – it’s compatible with Apple Pay so you can pay with one touch, and can be used with any Apple device, like your iPhone or iPad. Get same-day delivery on grocery items and more – download the app to try today! *Alcohol availability varies by location. You must be 21+ with a valid ID to order or receive alcohol.

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Shipt: Same Day Delivery app reviews

  • Before the chat update, it was a 5 star app. 1/5

    By lmk6
    The new chat feature has caused nothing but issues for me since it came out. During one of my orders, the message wasn’t even showing in the app for the first 15-20 minutes of shopping so I couldn’t message my shopper, even though I had a notification AND a text saying she had messaged me. On my most recent order, the chat feature was too slow and because of that my shopper missed one of my items completely because he didn’t get my response before he had checked out. This wasn’t the first time the chat feature was slow either. I’ve literally had an issue with it on every single order since they switched from texting. I get that a new feature like this takes time to get the bug fixes out and whatnot, but until it does run smoothly, they should still have the option to text.
  • Terrible do not use 1/5

    By JWB12345678910
    shoppers steal or "loose" your items. I am not talking about 1-2 little things, I mean like 10-15 items worth over $ 60.00 plus all together. This was not a one off, it happended multiple times. They also sometimes pick their own replacements... that are not even close. Dont waste your time with SHIPT.
  • Does not honor background refresh settings 1/5

    By badkitty_
    The app does not honor background refresh Settings in iOS. This means if I am switching between my browser and this app, it does not correctly put this app in the background. Instead, every time I look away for even 30 seconds, and only going to one other app, it still requires me to completely reload the app from scratch. This is ridiculous and speaks to a lack of care by the developers of this app. Another thing this app does not honor is the BOGO sales from grocery stores. They are greedy and overcharge on every item, yet do not honor sales. Instead, they pocket the difference. Many of the shoppers are very good, but they want us to pay overpriced groceries plus a tip which is ridiculous.
  • Shipt 2/5

    By 12beel
    50% of the items you ordered are not there sometimes it’s up to 75%. I’ve never had an order where everything was in stock.
  • from Excellent to Bad and Inconvenient 1/5

    By Twang2
    The new system where shoppers message you inside the app is annoying and inconvenient. I order groceries for my mother. She has trouble using the app. She can and does respond to their texts about substitutions and other issues. Now she cannot.
  • Why did you change it? 4/5

    By Chorusteacher1
    Updated the app today and now the shopper is communicating via chat in the app instead of via text as it was before. That’s annoying. I’m not going to keep the app open while they’re shopping just so that they can send me messages and I’m not going to enable notifications either. I know they change us a good thing, but not this one.
  • Need more precise location of stores 2/5

    By Justforyou!!
    On more than one occasion I’ve looked up something at the Target near me to make sure it was in stock, however when I went to order it through Shipt, the shopper would text me that it was not in stock because they were at a different location so I had to cancel the order (a waste of time for me and the shopper). The app needs to allow users to pick a specific store location. Also do not like messaging through the app.
  • Great delivery experience. She did an awesomeJob. 5/5

    By nanaabla
  • Changed 3/5

    By NOW Dissatisfied 1273
    I do not like the new messaging system… lost communication and prices seem to be increasing
  • Please bring back texting 1/5

    By B J 09
    The shipt app experience is pretty good across the board except for the recent change to in app messaging. Due to smartphone quirks messages often fail to show up or notify me and I feel like I have to hover on the app. The text message version was so much easier to use. Please bring that back!
  • Don’t like the in app texting 2/5

    By Sissorsforhands
    I prefer the text to my phone and not in the app. I work while the person is shopping which means not the app has to be open to get the message. I can’t talk to text which I need to do most the time since my hands are busy. To me it’s a hassle I don’t particularly want
  • Disabled text messaging 1/5

    By dn01
    I’ve been using Shipt weekly for three years. You always used to get text messages from your shopper on status, questions, etc. they’ve just eliminated that functionality, with shopper messages coming in the app alone. So, if you don’t check the app constantly, or turn on notifications for the app (which then subjects you to all manner of “notifications”) you don’t get your messages from the shopper. Terrible, unhelpful upgrade. Plan to cancel. **EDIT: Today I discovered how well this works, real world. Oftentimes. I’ll order Shipt before I leave work so it arrives roughly when I do. Typically the shopper texts me on the way home, and I can reply to a text message, with the hands free setup in my car, easy-peasy. Now, I get a ding notification in the app. To see WHAT the notification is, I need to look in the app. And then type in the app. Neither of which I can do while I’m driving. Same deal if I don’t have my phone. With my Apple Watch, I could reply to the text, quickly and easily. Now, basically if I’m just not sitting, looking at my phone waiting for messages, I likely miss them. This saves me zero time.
  • I really wanted to try this 1/5

    By Xaigaa
    Doesn’t deliver in my city
  • Just no 2/5

    By 1-AD
    Shoppers have bad attitudes and don’t follow simple directions. Going to instacart
  • Preferred shopper not getting my order 2/5

    By Gilbegar
    I gave been using Shipt for almost 3 years now. I have a preferred shopper Liz who I absolutely adore. She is fabulous! But lately my orders have not been going to her if they are too small. They are getting bundled with other orders and sent to other shoppers. She isn't even being offered my orders when this happens! I am a single mom of one small child. My orders aren't always big! What is the point of having a preferred shopper if I can't use her???
  • Horrible service all around! 1/5

    By dixeyland11
    This delivery service has been banned from Direct express accounts! I posted this in hopes to keep people from finding out the hard way that you can’t use this service!
  • Horrible service 1/5

    By Ash777
    Shipt has horrible service . Horrible communication . Just horrible all over . This is my first time ordering and wont do it again : Instacart was way better . They take all day or the next day to complete your order . Customer service was rude and the shopper took all day to come . Also I tried to communicate because he said the fruit that I wanted wasn’t there and he ignored me and completed the shopping . Again will not be ordering from here again.
  • Horrible…auction based service 1/5

    By itsjustmat
    I cannot drive my vehicle on days that I do not work so I thought I’d give this company a try. I placed my order and then it just kept getting pushed, so 4 hours later I called cancelled my order of 3 items that apparently no one wanted to pick up about half a mile from me. I don’t know but that sounds like easy money to me but customer support was nice and cancelled and my order and I’ll have my refund in 24 hours sense no one actually picked the items off the shelf and completed the transaction. Seems like a great plan on paper but when I’m the real world, doesn’t work.
  • Not surprised 1/5

    By LynneinTN
    Not surprised to see someone praising the new in-app communication at the top. 😏 😏 BUT VERY SURPRISED to have it dumped on us without any warning. Total fail on communication here folks. NO IT IS NOT FASTER than texting. If this is going to replace sms texting then have the app play a distinct sound WE CAN HEAR from across the room when we get a communication. Otherwise if I’m going to have stare at my phone for who knows how long watching for communications I might as well go to the store myself. It will be faster and definitely save me money.
  • Stacy 5/5

    By gbeebe2008
    Stacy was the best shopper that I ever experienced attention to detail timeliness friendliness packing of the grocery items properly. Very good.
  • Cam’s review. 5/5

    By 3/3 windy day review
    He goes above and beyond!! A logical thinker which is so helpful. Love to have him shop for us again.
  • Groceries for mother 5/5

    By Moe Hype Hair
    Nancy was very nice and specific when it came to my mother. I love her 💕 can I request for future deliveries???
  • Finally, chat within the app! 5/5

    By nicole_141
    I have had Shipt for years and years and was always so frustrated that I got texts because I have bad service where I live. They will send me a picture and we both have to wait minutes before I ever got it. I love that communication is within the app now!
  • Shipt is awesome! 5/5

    By lifeisnursing
    I had the best shopper, james! Will request him again
  • online listings dont match store 1/5

    By Xorthrox
    i dont understand why it’s so hard for them. they’ll add an item and THEN REMOVE IT- not marked out of stock, just gone, so i have to add special notes. feels like deliberate manipulation of the food available
  • Wouldn’t recommend 1/5

    By Mustangsonly
    I wouldn’t recommend if your tryna save money $10 for the delivery fee is wild on top of $20 for 2 items both under $10

    By MeeKeeMee
    The app is buggy. It often just shuts down or freezes while using it. It completely freaks out if you need to change payment options to another card and won’t process your order. Not to mention the customer service is completely incompetent. No help with cancelled orders, orders that were marked delivered and are no where to be found and customer service will leave you on hold and then hang up. Use Instacart instead.
  • Room for Improvement 3/5

    By JenniferJanakauskas
    Been a shipt app user for 3 + years. Continue to use it because it’s handy and because more stores have been added for me. I do like several newer features like tip options, being able rate a shopper and choose him/her to shop again, and of course, more stores to choose from is super nice! However, there is room for improvement… There are certain stores, especially Publix, that are always out of items, but I’ve been told by shoppers and/or the store, that it’s mainly because Shipt doesn’t keep up with individual store inventory well. The stores have plenty of items on the shelves, but the app doesn’t reflect what they have accurately. Also, the shoppers should be allowed to shop whichever store is most convenient or shows that most items are in stock. I also prefer the old method of the shopper texting me instead of using the APP chat. Of course I understand this probably helps corporate. Speaking of corporate, I’d also to know right away if my order is being picked up or not. Too many times, I place the order at 9am for a 6pm delivery and find out at 6:30 that no one has picked up my order and I won’t be receiving my groceries. This has impacted my child’s school projects, items we were to cook for a group function, and of course, dinner! And last, Would like to only buy 1 of a BOGO item. The app automatically selects 2,4,6 when the item is BOGO. Thank you for reading my review!
  • Never again 2/5

    By ffhjjfsxg
    I went to use it the first time ever and the girl STOLE my groceries. The only reason it’s not getting just one star is because the person who helped me get a refund was very nice.
  • Do not use them for Best Buy. Shatoria never showed 1/5

    By Darkfromday
    Had some extra gift card money and decided to treat myself yesterday with a Best Buy order. Since Sundays are chaotic I decided to pay a little extra to have it shipped same-day Saturday. Shatoria received my package at 5:38 pm yesterday and even texted me that she was on her way… it is 11:20 AM on Sunday and I have not received a thing. Do not use Shipt. Help me pressure Best Buy to give Geek Squad an extra delivery van or something. It does not take 18 hours and counting to deliver one tiny box.
  • Outstanding attention to detail! 5/5

    By Wonder4-1
  • Not sure what to think 2/5

    By #1abeliever
    I have been trying to find out information about Shipt on the website and the app but I get a window / message that states I am banned from the website. I have VPN but other than that what is causing this to happen. I tried to set up an account and I get the same message no matter what I try.
  • Shoppers app glitches 1/5

    By dont want feedback?
    Charges more than store receipt plus tip
  • Bryan was Awesome 5/5

    By Auntie Grandy 60
    10 stars to Bryan he was Awesome April 18
  • terrible experience 1/5

    By deeeeeeeejaaaaa
    i needed last minute decorations and my delivery got so far pushed back it pushed all the way to the next day (i ordered around 6 pm) very inconvenient.
  • Bad customer service 1/5

    By TriciaMul
    I recently had a target order that was accidentally delivered to the wrong address by the driver. The driver was nice and said they made a mistake and tried to retrieve it. They reported it missing and said that the address they left it at, it was brought inside the house. They asked if I worked get refund and the only thing they got was scolding from Shipt that they shouldn’t of done it and no response about a refund. Then they told me that I had to call. The call took in total over 45 minutes to complete. They asked me to knock on the door of the person who received it at night to retrieve it. When I said that they were not a nice person they didn’t seem to care. Then they said they would submit a refund request for my order and I would possibly still need to contact Target. Not easy to deal with and super complicated to get help. No easy way to report anything lost without being on the phone for an extended period of time and still no real results. Completely do not recommend them. Not an easy platform to deal with.
  • Godsend 5/5

    By Cal Gal 1964
    Shipt has been a godsend for me. At first, I used it because I could not go out in public due to COVID. Now, I still use it because it saves me time and is super convenient. The service is always excellent, and in the process, I have made some new friends. Thank you, Shipt!
  • Best shopper ever 5/5

    By MJT1019
    Gabriele is an amazing shopper . I’d like her to be my designated shopper all the time.
  • Fees! 2/5

    By Traderjo's
    After spending a half hour shopping with this app I went to go pay and it wants to charge me $99 a year to use the app, or a ten dollar fee per order. I had to delete it and it was a total waste of time. It would be nice if they told you up front!
  • Bad review tbh 1/5

    By jayhoyyyzzzz
    Saying zip code is invalid although it’s not. Can’t even go shopping for what I wanted. Thanks
  • Awesome service 5/5

    By Sassy at 73
    SHIPT is an awesome service for someone who has trouble dealing with getting all the groceries from the car to the house, not to mention that it is a great time saver not to spend an hour or more in the grocery store. The yearly fee is reasonable and there is no delivery fee if your purchase is $35 or more. These days that will go in one bag! Some of my friends ask how I can let another person shop for me. It is easy. Just do your list and provide instructions. For example, get 3 green bananas and 1 ready to eat, get the latest date available on the milk, check that no eggs are broken, get the smallest salad cucumbers, get the asparagus with small stems and heads. You can specify to be notified if they are out of something and you want to provide a substitute. It takes a little while to do your first grocery list. After that you can take a previous list and edit it to buy again. Easy and I still have energy to put them away when they arrive.
  • Bundled orders are difficult for shoppers 5/5

    By Parisian35
    Bundling orders without regard to geographic location of the customers is making shopping very difficult and not a pleasant experience. Overall, the concept of Shipt is excellent and it is very necessary for people like myself who are handicapped and cannot get out to shop. Please make it easier on the shoppers. My favorites are very necessary to me.
  • Was Good But not Anymore 1/5

    By Luci29501
    New "featured" products are now promoted above what I'm actually searching for. I want garlic? Sorry, you have to scroll past 20 breakfast dinners before you see two actually related products. Then another 10 unrelated "featured" foods again. Never did find the fresh garlic 👎
  • H‑E‑B 1/5

    By EiffelElysee
    I used to love Shipt but no more. Their markup on every.single.item has gotten outrageous!!! It’s between 14-20% on EVERYTHING at H‑E‑B and Kroger!!!! The deals offered by Shipt don’t come close to making up for the markup. We’re already paying for a membership and tipping the shoppers. There is no need for such high prices. Now I order directly from the stores, Shipt does the shopping and delivery, I don’t have to pay Shipt’s greedy prices, and any refunds go back to my method of payment instead of a credit on Shipt that I don’t get until I place another order with them. Shopping directly with Target is a win-win. Shipt shops and I still get Target’s deals, and Red Card discounts and points. Never buying directly with Shipt again!! Latest issue today is with the worst shopper I’ve ever had! No communication, extremely poor substitutions. Half the order was wrong. Took forever to argue with customer service to issue a refund and they still shorted me on the amount. I’m out money and hours of my time dealing with it! Never use Shipt again!
  • Great app - little expensive 4/5

    By Fix Your App -
    The shoppers are awesome. The app is a little expensive, products are overpriced, missing some products, and no real deals available. Being in contact with shoppers to fulfill orders is awesome though. They have been very accommodating!
  • Shopper - not customer 5/5

    By jaja...9090
    I enjoyed shopping groceries and dry goods for customers. I need suns really nice people and most of my customers appreciated me. It hurts to be a shopper when you get a huge order, your feet hurt, back hurts, you’re tired, the customer is constantly adding many last minute add-ons, and then you deliver all 8 cases of water, 49 bags of groceries, and receive no tip. The word is extremely physically demanding. We climb stairs with waters. We work in the rain without carports. We work in the sun without shade and we toil tirelessly to bring you the freshest, best, produce, and fresh poultry. Please leave us a tip. Especially if we offered great customer service. The $10 pay that we receive is hardly crumbs and it doesn’t go far. No tips, scatterbrained customers, and weather conditions, is the only downside to this job. Other than that, it’s great!
  • A pain not worth waiting for 1/5

    By bzxhsjnsgaj
    I had to deal with them since Best Buy uses them PS don’t pick delivery for Best Buy. There is no tracking and the delivery window is close to 7 hours that if you may have to be home for in order to revive your item. They can’t put you in contact with the driver and I understand why but they also can’t get you a great time window. Also there are not good stories online about stolen packages.
  • Don’t pay 1/5

    By Кодол Артем
    they promise to pay for your work , for example 80-100, and when I do all the work they still pay at least 80. the Shipt does not pay extra for what it promises and comes up with many tricks so that you don’t
  • User disabled 1/5

    By all harris goo
    Almost every order left me good rarings plus tips. Shipt platform disabled my account. Was using the extra funds to help my aunt with cancer really a shame when you try to reach out they act like you dont exist!