Shipt: Same Day Delivery

Shipt: Same Day Delivery

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 2.78.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Shipt
  • Compatibility: Android
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Shipt: Same Day Delivery App

Shipt brings the store to your door with same-day delivery on grocery products, household essentials, beauty supplies, and more. Shop from neighborhood retailers and a professional shopper will handpick and deliver your order, exactly how you want it. And with delivery in as soon as an hour, Shipt saves you time – whether you’re planning a special lunch or dinner, or just need a fresh snack. Browse millions of fresh grocery products, household essentials, alcohol items,* and more from stores you trust like CVS, Harris Teeter, H-E-B, Meijer, Petco, Target, and more. Schedule same-day delivery, pay, and tip – all in the app. Leave special grocery instructions so your shopper gets exactly what you need, like a perfectly ripe avocado. Get access to member-exclusive savings and shop with rewards programs, including mPerks and Costco memberships to save even more. Save time and place orders easily with go-to grocery lists and favorite items – members save an average of 8 hours a month using Shipt. Enjoy free same-day delivery on orders over $35. Have a question? Our 24/7 hour support team is ready to help. The Shipt app makes shopping easy – it’s compatible with Apple Pay so you can pay with one touch, and can be used with any Apple device, like your iPhone or iPad. Get same-day delivery on grocery items and more – download the app to try today! *Alcohol availability varies by location. You must be 21+ with a valid ID to order or receive alcohol.

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Shipt: Same Day Delivery app reviews

  • Great Service 5/5

    By didio2
    I am very happy with the whole Shipt experience. Thank you for a valuable service!!
  • Single blind mother 5/5

    By blind single mom
    I was leery to join a membership that seemed so costly. I am so happy that I did join Shipt, because they are extremely professional and orders have always been delivered on time. The shoppers will contact you through texts to get suggestions for any substitutions for items that may be out of stock as well as to allow you to add items that you may have forgotten to put on the shopping list. I find their attention to detail to be exceptional! Also, anytime I have had a question that could not be answered on line, and have called the customer care line, I have found the customer care team to be kind, professional and very quick to resolve any issues. You absolutely cannot beat their customer service and their true devotion to excellence! I would definitely recommend shipped to anyone who needs their shopping taken care of by somebody else. It is extremely convenient and you have several choices of stores to choose from. Thank you shipped!!
  • Great communication 5/5

    By sarbasays
    When I order direct from the store vs shipt, there is no way to communicate changes or additions. I love shipt bc the shoppers communicate with you throughout the shop to make sure you get what you need and customer service is excellent! ❤️the only thing I don’t like is I can’t add my rewards card to Kroger and I love my points. The shoppers use their card instead and I guess that makes up for gas money but it should be optional if you want to give points and tip combo
  • Worst Customer Service EVER 1/5

    By mk4703
    I placed an order around 3pm, 5 hours later after being assigned multiple different shoppers, my order still hasn’t been even close to started. No one answers the phones or checked the LiVe ChAt. my car broke down and i’m beginning to think i would’ve been done shopping if i walked 8 miles to meijers and back by the time they will ever get me my food. i’m not sure how it’s ok for them to go past the scheduled time when there are people depending on their services.
  • Waaay too expensive 3/5

    By Eeniemineymoe
    I hate that you have to pay $10 for every delivery. Instacart and Walmart + are both much cheaper. I do like that the shopper communicates via text message and not the app. Communication is in real time.
  • Yvonne 5/5

    By horse race watcher
    Have great shopping. Good replacements. Pick good fresh fruits vegetables.
  • mark up too high 4/5

    By Perryswifeshar
    considering instacart
  • Shipt has been a life saver 5/5

    By fifi-D
    My partner and i have been home sick since before Christmas. Family has been helpful with some shopping.But they have enough on their plate. Then i remembered seeing Shipt Shoppers while in Fla. I signed up and am very happy with the service It provides. Even recovered i will still continue to use this service. The shoppers have been great!!
  • Mark ups to high 2/5

    By Kjajhsyshhxk
    So far my delivery people have been good. But their mark up prices are crazy. So will cancel as soon as I’m able. Glad I did not pay full price for the year subscription. Had to pay 2.00 mark up on one item- CRAZY!!!
  • Katherine R. 5/5

    By melissa in canton
    Katherine R. Went above and beyond. Great experience 👍🏻
  • Can’t use because of my address 1/5

    By Cookiejon
    Want to use this app for pickup only, but can’t even get started because my address is outside their service area. How are rural residents supposed to use this app if they restrict users by delivery area only? Pretty insulting, actually.
  • No more 1/5

    By Gaspatchosoup
    Wanted to update my order from yesterday. So after being pushed back from 5 to 6 to 9 to 10 I decided to call them as you can’t cancel your order or change the time in the app you need to call them. So I waited over 30 mins on hold and the agent that helped me was very nice and pushed back my time till this morning when I asked for 8 to 9. 6:45 in the morning I get a message from Shipt not the shopper that he has started shopping. 7:13 I hear a noise outside and go look and he dropped off all my stuff 45 mins early. What if I wasn’t home? I asked for that time for a reason. On top of that in the app I have it selected for them to contact me on subs and not once did he sent me a text till after I got back inside with my stuff he texted me that he dropped it off. One of the subs I don’t want and now am stuck with and what did Shipt do give me a credit so I have to use the service again to get my money as they didn’t refund me. I appreciate them doing something but refunds need to be the first step and I know why they won’t do it. So before I begin I want to say I completely understand that just cause I place an prefer doesn’t mean I am guaranteed that time. I also want to add I came to Shipt as I like target and after seeing the shopper fraud I have seen at my job for Instacart I wanted a better option. Unfortunately after tonight I will be reconsidering. So placed my order at 8:45 this morning for 5 to 6. It’s 6:09 now and my order has been pushed back twice. My issue is I was ordering stuff for dinner and let’s say I decided to cancel my order the pre authorization will still be on my account for a few days so now I’m out of that money and can’t just go to the store and pick up what I ordered. Another issue with the company is how much more items are than they are in the store. If your going to charge me more for the items then don’t charge me a delivery fee or do a higher delivery fee and charge me what the store does. On the website when you look at how they charge their prices it says you charge more for picking, packing and processing and last time I checked the store packs/ bags my groceries and they also process my order by ringing it up yet you charge more. Also at the bottom of that you mention something about a loaf of bread being 30 cents more your members are happy to pay that for the convenience and time saved. What you don’t mention is some items you charge 2 dollars extra. I get pistachios from smiths for about 8.69 and you charge in the app 10.69 and if my math is correct that’s more than 30 cents. In this day and age especially during a pandemic it never hearts to be truthful and transparent with your customers with all the options available to them.
  • Do not subscribe 1/5

    By gnsdkfjhcskdhgasif
    If you’re downloading the app then it’s probably too late for you. I signed up for the free trial through Target and it’s impossible to cancel your membership. Stay away!
  • Shipt has been a life saver 5/5

    By Missileman1960
    Shipt has been a life saver for our family throughout this pandemic, we are not young people and have to take city bus every where, so this service has been really nice, we are so grateful, shoppers are good too!
  • :) 5/5

    By curlyhead_domdom
    Amazing communicator.
  • Great concept but Expensive. 1/5

    By Tishona.
    $10 for delivery fees.? No thank you. And then they get you to pay for shipt pass with is technically delivery fees passes which is just a dollar less. Not many options in store choices as well. Unlike other apps. Like instacart which is better it’s more options and affordable with the same concept .
  • So helpful 5/5

    By teacher&mom10
    We’ve been using shipt for about 9 months now. It’s helped us so much as working parents, and while we’re trying to stay home. Of course, not all shoppers are equal, but my experiences have been very good about 9/10 times. They’ve been polite, timely, and good at communicating. I have noticed more lately that shoppers will be doing more than one job at once, which can slow them down quite a bit, and sometimes cause them to miss the window. I do wish the app allowed you to favorite a shopper, or request a shopper. The consistency would be helpful.
  • Shipt is awesome ❤️❤️ 5/5

    By Pamocita
    Shipt has made my life so easy . I don’t like going out to stores now to have someone do it for me is the best. Most of the shoppers have been a really awesome!They have a variety of stores too choose from!
  • Deborah 5/5

    By debpurplefish
  • I’d use it, but only in a real bind 2/5

    By Mid gilb
    I was going to place an order, but then decided to check the total if I were to place it through King Soopers directly. The cost of the actual items ended up being $20 more with the up charge through shipped, then there would have been a $30 tip and $10 delivery fee, so the full difference came out to $60. Granted one price is for delivery and one was curbside pick up, but for $60 I’ll drive 3 minutes.
  • Excellent except fir one thing 4/5

    By K8Mogo
    I need photos of ingredient labels. Allergies make this imperative. It is especially frustrating to not have them fir things like medicine, vitamins and supplements.
  • Rating 5/5

    By buying on groupon
    Nice and fast, ice cream too👍
  • Love it! It’s convenient and all staff have been great communicators! 5/5

    By Jones Fam!
    The ordering process is so simple. All of the Shipt delivery staff have been so nice. They go above and beyond to get me what I need. Love it!
  • Shipt review 1/5

    By 2231029
    The Shipt shoppers go to a very small, poorly stocked Harris Teer instead of a larger well stocked one that is less Than a half mile further: Glenwood Village compared to Cameron Village. Most of my shoppers have been great - today wasn’t such an experience and she was automatically tipped $17. I’m unsure of how much a shopper makes which could make a difference in my tipping habits for a good shopper. I think that unless you change to the HT at Cameron village, I won’t use Shipt much any more. I would Love a reply to this review.
  • Dear Sir or Dear Ma’am, 5/5

    By AltheaKay
    I want to commend our shopper, Rodney, for bringing us our groceries in the snow and ice. We don’t have that kind of weather here in Central Texas very often. He was polite and caring. Thank you to Rodney and to SHIPT for a wonderful service for us older people!! Kudos!!! Kay Kasting McGregor, Texas
  • Total waste of time and money 1/5

    By sabby323
    Shipt is a rip-off. You select a “drop off time” but I have never once received an order within the specified window. Shoppers will wait until the end of the window, then begin to shop and deliver your order up to 3 hours (worst case I’ve had but still) after your window had closed. Also have had showers wait until the store is closed so they can no longer shop your order and just be rescheduled. I have never had an order go according to plan and have not received my money back for membership. DONT DO IT.
  • Love this service 5/5

    By KingJen34
    Single, working mom, this service is the best! Even if I’m home cleaning on the weekends, I don’t need to stop to go to the store. Absolutely LOVE this service! Completely COVID safe too!
  • Service great but app just got really buggy 1/5

    By Footie10023
    Bug again list ... scroll down more than about 50 items and list either goes blank or repeats the same 5 items. Deleted and reloaded the app and does same.
  • Unprofessional 1/5

    By Missleeleee
    I was having issues checking out and it wouldn’t process my order about four times and I should’ve known. When I tried to contact the shipped customer service department I could hear people speaking in the background but I was ignored and then I was hung up on when I called back a second time I spoke to a gentleman who was a lot more nicer and professional and told me that my order was not processed because I put in the wrong ZIP Code and that it was on hold. When I contacted my bank they told me that the order was being processed and that it was excepted by the merchant so they took $227 from my account but I have no groceries I do not recommend this app stick to Instacart Instacart is amazing
  • Tipping 5/5

    By Jojokauf
    I tip the person who delivers my grocery’s when they deliver them so they really do get 100% of the money.. It looks on here like I do not tip...
  • Great service! 5/5

    By Wucksey
    We have been using Shipt for several years now and the shoppers are all great!
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By doofus!
    You can’t find a better service! I work second shift and getting to the grocery is difficult. This takes a ton of stress out of my week.
  • LOOOVE 5/5

    By Cmjab
    Shipt has been an absolute lifesaver during the Pandemic. My kids are online learning and having someone else shop for me, means I can be home more to help them! I’ve never had a bad shopper
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Maryk4rls
    I’m high risk for respiratory illness, work from home, and really don’t have time to shop. My husband is from the South and is very wary of driving in snow. We tried Shipt for the last few weeks because they offered a free 4 week trial. We have no complaints and nothing but praise. I’ve had 3 deliveries so far. Every shopper was courteous, let me know they were shopping my order, offered if I needed anything else, answered my texts, and was either on time or early!! They wore masks and met my husband at our garage door. We are so grateful for everything. This service is worth its weight in gold during these times. Most importantly, we are able to help people right here in our community have jobs. It’s costs a bit more than doing it ourselves but being safe is more important. If you have family that is home bound, get them a membership. And generously tip!! Shipt Shoppers are essential workers!! The app is amazing too. I can order through the Target app too, get my Cartwheel awards, use the offers, and use the Shipt app for other stores seemlessly. It even knows what I ordered through the Target app! 100% recommended by my family!!
  • Shipt 5/5

    By june rel
    I am so happy, To be able to get food and other things, everyone so far has been nice an helpful, Thank you everyone
  • WOW Service! 5/5

    By Avenger 06
    I can’t say enough about Jamie’s “on-time, on-target” service! She’s amazing! I have come to expect great efficiency and professionalism from her...and she has “delivered” every single time! Jamie. Always goes above and beyond to keep us informed about her process and any changes. Fantastic shopper!!!!!😃

    By YEEE! HAAA!
    Now I’m able to shop with TIMES MARKET MY GO TO SHOPPING! Thanks! To SHIPT.COM LANI was very helpful we communicated very well.
  • Love it 5/5

    By cookie the author
    Life saver ! I’m sick and I don’t have to worry about being out in the open .
  • Shipt is fantastic 5/5

    By NCKatieDid
    When I put in a Shipt order, it’s quick and easy to find what I’m virtually shopping for. I have several retail stores to choose from, I click submit and it’s DONE! The order is shipped at my desired time, the shopper communication is always amazing and I LOVE IT! Shipt has made my life so much easier. I’ve tried other services before finding Shipt and was always disappointed with them. Shipt is far better than any other shopping app or service. I’m a customer for life!
  • Use instacart instead. This app is trash. 1/5

    By Tyra Joi
    The app charged my account without placing any actual order. I contacted customer service and was hung up on. Second time I was told to just wait 3 days for the charge to process with no resolve to the fact that I was needing to order groceries. When I asked why they couldn’t place my order, I was again told to wait until the charge pended then try again once I have the money back. So now I have no money and no food. Trash. This app is complete trash.
  • Cannot login to account using Facebook 1/5

    By ScottMMcKinney
    I have not been able to use the app because you cannot login using Facebook anymore it just keeps taking you in a circle and never logs in
  • Superb Customer Service 5/5

    By TalulaBanks
    I was using a competitor until Shipt had Lund’s/Byerlys in their lineup. Their associates/shoppers go above and beyond and possess fine attention to detail when picking out produce. I’ve had to add items at the very last moment and have been pleasantly surprised as each and every time the shoppers have come through and have been able to help me. I highly recommend this company!
  • Do trust it anymore 1/5

    By Lisença
    I bought the year membership. At first it was great! But after a few months, I started noticing the shoppers were messing up the order, then missing items on my order. Besides, ordering directly from H‑E‑B or Target for example is cheaper the ordering through Shipt. Even though I paid their fees and tipped their shoppers!! I don’t recommend.
  • Don’t Bother 1/5

    By C.M.Q.
    Been using them for almost a full year now. I’ve had shoppers literally get entire orders wrong, hire their friends & family to shop and deliver on their behalf, threaten me, been placed on hold for over an hour, been attacked by racist employees, had my card double-charged, been repeatedly lied to by reps., and have been refunded & credited over $500 because of their overall lack of professionalism. The app is also super buggy and the shoppers never update their phones or apps and usually have cheap data plans, so calls never come through and texts can literally arrive 24 hours late.
  • Good service 5/5

    By mallikanicole
    I appreciate it that she brought me order inside as I cannot carry
  • Serious selection problems 1/5

    By MaineMomInOrlando
    Super common items that you know Publix is never out no longer appear in a search: cans of regular Coke, oatmeal, organic spinach are my latest examples. Support just hand-waves the problem. It’s maddening to have to put in boring items I’ve bought before as special requests all the time. I don’t know what is wrong with their systems, but this is a waste of time - it’s not like I’m trying to find a particular brand of organic mango chutney.
  • Ok 😎 5/5

    By levander walker
  • Blessing 5/5

    By Rcrobinson
    Shipt has blessed me during my first 5 months of motherhood so glad to have my groceries delivered by such nice workers
  • Customer service needs to improve 4/5

    By findmeharry
    Shipt has saved me numerous times the need to go to the store. However, their customer service has gone way down hill lately. They used to be in my opinion way better then most at it, but lately it feels like I’m bother for contacting them about an order issue.