Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay

Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay

  • Category: Business
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  • Current Version: 4.33.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Shipt
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay App

GET PAID TO SHOP AND DELIVER GROCERIES Shipt is on the lookout for friendly, reliable shoppers to earn money helping Shipt members get the things they need from stores they trust. Apply at to become a shopper and earn up to $22/hour (or more!), set your own schedule, shop and deliver from local stores, and join a thriving community of Shipt Shoppers. If you’re looking for a flexible gig job and want to earn on your own schedule, then apply today. EARN UP TO $22 PER HOUR AND GET PAID FAST Apply to be a Shipt Shopper to start earning on your own schedule. Each delivery takes about an hour and can pay as much as $22 or more including tips. You’ll receive a direct deposit every Friday for the deliveries you completed and any in-app tips you’ve earned that week – we make sure you always receive 100% of your tips! CREATE A SCHEDULE THAT WORKS FOR YOU Your schedule is based on when you want to shop and deliver, so you can choose to work and earn as little – or as much – as you like. So whether you’re looking to shop part time or shop full time, you can set your perfect schedule. APPLY, SHOP, AND EARN MORE MONEY With no cap on how many orders you can shop, earn what’s right for you! You can even increase the number of orders you’re offered – simply shop and deliver during your preferred times, and strive to deliver 5 star service! JOIN A COMMUNITY OF SHOPPERS AND CUSTOMERS More than just a gig economy job, you’ll join a community of shoppers. Share inside tips and stories with other shoppers, and take pride in providing a valuable service to the people in your community that need it most. JOIN THE TEAM We’re always on the lookout for hiring shoppers that can help us deliver happiness. Visit to learn more and apply!

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Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay app reviews


    By agagbbag
    Shipt customer service is the most unprofessional people i’ve ever dealt with, my account got deactivated out of nowhere i tried reaching out to customer service by phone & they told me they didn’t have any information to give for me that the details on why my account was deactivated were in the email I received which till this day i haven’t received any email!!! I tried emailing 2 different emails i was given & literally have not heard from any of them at alll, what kind of customer service is that? So unprofessional!
  • Love this! 5/5

    By cvick70
    My favorite! I get paid to shop! It’s so much fun and very enjoyable.
  • Preferred shopper 5/5

    By hidden suprises
    Ever since this long awaited program, I thought I’d be making more money since I mainly add those members because they’re great tippers and appreciate my shopping style!Turns out I’m not getting their orders! No notifications. Even a crappy bundle didn’t come to me. Many of my preferred members are not happy I’m NOT getting their orders. What gives here? This isn’t just a fluke and if it’s a glitch, fix it. Many of we shoppers are frustrated
  • Pay us more! 3/5

    By momo704
    The pay used to be great now the pay is not even half what it was!
  • RN 5/5

    By ecatwe
    Love Retail therapy to decompress, while still helping others, but not spending my money.
  • Absolutely Horrible 1/5

    By RedCrimsonBaron
    So I was working from August 2020 to March 2021, and I have several issues with how they do business. To start, they were way behind every other delivery app, they JUST recently made instant pay a thing. Second, they expect you to finish EVERY delivery in under ONE HOUR, as if that’s realistic but that’s only the start of that. Adding on top of that, they EXPECT you to keep a 4.7 star rating, because you know you can totally make everyone in a retail setting happy, oh but it gets worse, they EXPECT you to maintain a 90% on time rating for the deliveries!!! So you bust your behind, rush through traffic like a maniac and your payout is about $8 considering gas and toll etc🤣 I was just fired out of nowhere and I didn’t know this was the “standard”!!!! Do not waste your time, find work elsewhere from an employer that lives in reality and not some customer service utopia. Members are pretty rude and actentitled for that extra kick in the …
  • good luck earning 1/5

    By tylerbradelyarnette
    They discourage dedication and efficiency with algorithms that can’t account for incredibly different and nuanced situations that happen while you’re working. Tips come the first week then disappear forever. Your customers will call you asking you why they can’t tip. They refuse to acknowledge it. Run away, it’s more like an MLM.
  • Good experience whit customers and stores 5/5

    By shiptsamer
    Every time I Dow the best o me for the customers and the company and I like shopping to the company, thank you.
  • 404 Error on previews 3/5

    By lostproductivity
    Not helpful combining with other orders.
  • Unsatisfied Shopper 1/5

    By unsatisfied shopper.
    When the app freezes it throws your entire order schedule off. Today was my first ever bad day. I have never been late for any orders but today that first order dealing with the app issues made me late for every order after.
  • Notification alert 3/5

    By Zjahama
    This alert didn’t give more vibrate since it just quick peep short. It’s hard to watch any offer by look not hear.
  • Earnings/Tips 4/5

    By T_100,000
    I would’ve give Shipt five stars if it didn’t take so long to receive tips. It would be much better if customers had up to an hour to tip the customer. Giving them all day is not fair to the shopper that’s waiting to see what was given as a tip. Tips and someone one waiting so long to be eligible for instant cash are my only complaints with the app.
  • Not my fault 2/5

    By SmallFry_4
    I’ve been doing orders getting good tips people enjoying what I do for them because I guess I took on too much with you guys you took two orders from me that I was about to start I was at the store about to start them when you took them from me so it’s not my fault but yet you guys punish me for it
  • Problem with app 1/5

    By GoldenShopper77
    I’m writing this because the app is usually easy to navigate through but lately I’ve been experiencing error messages during my shopping and not been getting credit for my orders . Very disappointed with the app and service at the moment.
  • App malfunctions a lot 1/5

    By shiptshoppert
    App doesn’t notify when new orders so you have to hit refresh.
  • Good not Great 4/5

    Why do some items show up as special orders, when they are in stock and available. No pictures really throw you off
  • Shopper 1/5

    By SS124582&;
    For all of the work you doing. It’s not worth the little money
  • Shipt App 5/5

    By sheriseas1
    Super user friendly
  • Work works 5/5

    By bills yum
    Fun,Hard,Enjoyable Bills Yum
  • Thank you 5/5

    By louiszapata
    Thank you shipt for the opportunity to work👍
  • Wish there was more available orders 3/5

    By squeegiegirl
    Seems like there isn’t many orders and I always have to stock the available orders page and constantly refresh. When I do see an order I need to claim it immediately before I get a chance to look at it otherwise it’s gone
  • 5 Star App 5/5

    By #CurtY
    Shipt shopping is made really easy & enjoyable.
  • Orders 3/5

    By !?,.:()[email protected]::,?
    I really enjoy being a shipt shopper BUT i do not think it’s fair how high rated shoppers get all the orders. How are you supposed to get rankings if you don’t get any orders in a week. Fir example, I've been on the schedule this entire week and have only gotten 1 order. How fair is that when we are all trying to do orders......
  • Shopper 1/5

    By 1AngryQueen
    I applied to Shipt and was denied but that is not my issue. My issue is just like the other delivery apps. Not once did you explain why I was denied. The fact that you could not give me a legitimate reason is mind boggling.
  • Orders 3/5

    By shiptyrae
    It’s hard to get orders. But if you do get any it’s good money.
  • Shopping 2/5

    By Rickj007
    It clearly should stay in the app when you’re picking up me how many packages not just the pounds because sometimes people want to packages and it’s confusing with your app because it keeps on telling you to add more and the customer tells me no don’t do that
  • Ok 3/5

    By V091
    Good app, but it will unassign you without notice even if your outside the store and won’t be compensated
  • Low pay, a lotta miles 3/5

    By Deeiram
    I’m a little disappointed with the pay on this app.
  • Is… ok 3/5

    By mgms1996
    Their pay is great… you can average anything between $17-22 an hour in my area. However the way they rate is A MESS. They will deactivate you for little to nothing. Kinda annoying!
  • Fix the app 3/5

    The notifications are hit or miss and worse yet payments post but the funds are put in the balance later and later. We are drivers we need gas to deliver stop making this harder
  • Great app 5/5

    By AH64WYF
    It’s a very useful and user friendly app. Only problem I’ve seen with it, is it needs to be updated more regularly with certain items. Sometimes the pictures and descriptions match the app but the UPC on the app does not match the item. And vice versa. If packaging and weights on certain items have changed then the UPC changes too most times. It can get very time consuming to have to text the member and send pictures to find out if it’s the correct item they have in their order. 9 out of 10 times it’s correct and the UPC is outdated. Happens a lot with certain chips, paper towels, toilet paper etc. Some times the UPC differs from the app but the item still scans in correctly so that can get confusing as well and it makes one second guess themselves. Other than that I have had no issues with the app in general.
  • Can be fun or a night mare 3/5

    By s llano
    One things goes sideways and your screwed
  • Was good at first, not really anymore 1/5

    By sgaupp04
    Used to get a lot of orders and decent pay, has gone downhill. Haven‘t been paid minimum amount that was marked down for order sometimes and very rarely am offered orders anymore
  • Limited offers 2/5

    By robnaug
    Not many shops in my market
  • New features 5/5

    By Tony-shopper
    It’s amazing how the new features help the shoppers. Thanks Shipt to make and continuo to work with us. I really appreciate in name if many shoppers that I know. Antonio
  • Shipt app 2/5

    By alshipt
    Just not organized enough. At Publix it should have the aisle numbers to show you where the products are located. That should be something that would be very easy to do. Also the apps not organized very wellTo show store addresses or customer addresses.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Tadam1017
    Works great!
  • Used to be fantastic now is meh 1/5

    By csamelak28000
    Used to be a great user experience and no issues but recently app has crashed mid shopping and lost out on bonuses because of it and was told I should have buffered more time. Also now I miss out on lots of orders in my area and get notifications when they can be claimed but hey they keep sending notifications for orders an hour away.
  • Orders 4/5

    By tjglass910
    It’s terrible feeling us good shoppers have good ratings and been shipting for a long time, go without orders due to new hires. You’re gonna lose good people if it continues 😢
  • App works AGAINST you 3/5

    By BryanaVictoria
    I’ve been a shopper for a few months. I’ve noticed every time they offer a bonus, the app messes up & will not alert you when there’s an order available to shop AND “Promo” will be attached to the order AS SOON AS ITS PLACED which guarantees that the shoppers won’t receive the bonus. The amount of work & time that actually goes into this & what you receive in return, doesn’t add up. It’s not even close. Between shopping & driving, I don’t have time to constantly refresh the app to check for orders. Any other time, the app will notify me about orders, but when they offer bonuses, the app magically stops working properly.
  • Santessa j 1/5

    By tessawww
    In the beginning this was a great ad I had no problems getting offers but now I have to refresh the app every fiveSeconds and then I have to wait for an order to Pop Up even though I’m already scheduled and it comes in as a promo order this has been my full-time job for a while now now I can barely put gas in my car
  • Acceptance Ratings 5/5

    By ardnas1944
    So happy that AR’s have been removed!!! Less stressful for sure! Now if the app could recommend substitutions when an item isn’t in stock, instead of a Shopper having to add via the + sign, that would be awesome!!!
  • Disgruntlement 4/5

    By iTalian5talianz
    There are several disgruntled shoppers. The work is slow. I am enjoying the updates to The preferred shopper
  • Great job great customers. 5/5

    By Mayhem24
    I live being a Shipt shopper and nice customers like Trisha make it worthwhile Thanks for letting me write feedback
  • Glitches with IOS 15 5/5

    By Shannonnaker
    Since the new update I am unable to hear alerts for orders which is making it hard for me to work. It was working fine on IOS 14.8 and as soon as I updated my alert notifications for a new order have gone silent.
  • Echols83 5/5

    By Echols83
    As a suggestion extend the time frame for shopping and delivering the order and hour is not enough time due to high traffic in stores and transportation. Orders with deli orders for Meijer and Jewels during high peak times the wait can be 20 mins or more. These are some great things to keep in mind when shopping.
  • Help 3/5

    By MiszzMonnie
    My apps running odd. I haven’t been able to accept an order for almost a week now. I’m worried, this is my only source of income. It’s a fantastic app and great way to make money. If it works. I am really worried. I called and no one can seem to fix what’s wrong. Orders are showing on their end for me, but they’re not coming through to my phone. Can someone offer any suggestions? I’ve rebooted the phone. I’ve deleted the app and readded. Nothing seems to be working.
  • So many issues! 3/5

    By Jen1813
    I’m not hearing the notification chime (huge issue), no chime when a tip comes through (not a big issue) and I need to sign in and out throughout the day for the app to refresh any metro orders. The issues started before iOS 15 and has only gotten worse.
  • Needs Work on Shopper Flexibility 1/5

    By Bijapur
    You could bust you butt for hours to complete as many orders like I did where I delivered RX all day in the most dangerous cities to drive in my state. Or even shop up to five to six orders at a time, going above beyond other shoppers. However your completed jobs are valueless to this company and if you accept anything you cannot do, they will go out of their way to penalize you. Even if you take the time and give more than 8 hours to release it, so they could reschedule for another shopper. Or even when you try yo reach out to have someone reschedule an order that want to let go. This is an ok secondary source of income at most. If you rely on it as a primary source of income you will suffer. I have no regrets about what was said in this review. Lastly if you do not do everything they sign you up for, they will deactivate you and treat you like a number in a paystub. They KNOW you as a shopper are replaceable. Thus they can care less if you drive 300+ miles a day to complete their extensive order list and fulfill their customer demand. If I was treated better working here, I would be writing something good. However after driving 300 miles for many days to be deactivated for things I cannot control. I can confidently say that Doordash and Instacart are better companies to work for.