Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay

Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 4.59.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Shipt
  • Compatibility: Android
  • Links: Google Play Store
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Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay App

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Shipt Shopper: Shop for Pay app reviews

  • Great when things run smoothly 3/5

    By mandaBfitness
    Hello, I have been using the app for only a few days and it frequently will send me notifications of an offer when I’m not in app and then when I pull up the app it will not say I have any offers. Also, the scanner will frequently pop up as just a black screen. I have to keep on clicking it off. I love the feature to be able to scan because I’ve thought I grabbed the correct item but the smaller letters of the description are different. It would be nice that would be functioning the most out of all things
  • Great way to get by 5/5

    By akbnlmom
  • Worst job ever 1/5

    By Leandrachantysteens
    When I first started I couldn’t work a whole week they deactivated it for some reason unclear to me when I asked numerous times so when I filed an appeal and got my account back it was still lots of errors with me not getting paid on time as well as my phone not working in most stores so I could barely contact customers if I needed to. So a few days ago for another unnecessary reason I got deactivated again right after I did an order for shipt and got my ID stolen I told the HQ sooo many times but ain’t nobody giving me any answers for real so unfair now I have to struggle to get everything back off the strength of not even knowing what I did wrong just inappropriate behavior but no one tells me what I did inappropriate and I can vouch that I never did nothing wrong all I ever did was a great job but people like to take advantage of me and things for no reason
  • The app has a lot of bugs. 3/5

    By RobBtheshopper
    The app seems to be getting worse over time. I don’t get alerts for new orders not. Also when scanning items the camera doesn’t come up right.
  • Non tippers 2/5

    By Dd41303
    I’ve done 4 orders so far and not one person has given a tip
  • Organización 5/5

    By JuaBal
    Si algo llama poderosamente la atención es la calidad de cómo la logística de esta compañía trabaja, sigan así.
  • Glitch 1/5

    By -Honestly-
    I can’t move forward with starting my shopper account because of the screen where it asks me to “set my schedule” or “skip for now”. I’m not able to click either buttons to move forward with creating my account.
  • App Constantly Crashing 2/5

    By CJ-Cyber
    Please fix the app. After the latest update, the app keeps crashing in the middle of shopping. It’s time-consuming and very irritating! Please fix. Thanks.
  • AMAZING 5/5

    I love. It.. A former coworker introduced me to this shopping app as a way to make extra money 😍. I fell in love with the comfort ability to be able to work when I want . It has allowed me the ability to start planning and paying for our family trip .. Thank you for the opportunity and fir the ability to start my rainy day fund .
  • Hmmm 1/5

    By 123rdb
    Less pay for long drives that’s pretty much gas money for the distances of travel. What happened SHIPT?
  • Why did I wait so long? 5/5

    By Micker55
    I’m a New SHIPT Shopper and also do Delivery. I absolutely love doing this and wish I had started long ago. I can choose when to work and that is great!! I also am a very picky shopper so that is a bonus with making Customers happy. And the Customer Service Support Team is Incredible. I’m loving this and love learning more and more with each order. Thanks for welcoming me to this team😊👍
  • Good money if it isn’t busy 5/5

    By shipt shopper1
    I love Shipt over door dash and other apps. The Shipt app is SUPER EASY to navigate and the incentives are very nice. They have daily and weekly incentives and goals so that you can get a bonus pay and the rates are great especially in the evening. The only thing is it’s starting to become well known and starting to get over saturated with shoppers so if you’re in a certain area orders are a bit hard to come by. So if you have this app enjoy the good pay while you can!! Becoming wayyy to over saturated with shoppers
  • Complete trash 1/5

    By Dfefgds
    Never works right, every time it updated it make the job harder
  • My experience with the app 4/5

    By Akhick66
    Overall it’s pretty good and I really love how it uses existing maps that I’m already familiar with. Sometimes the app does glitch and I have to re-swipe an order as delivered, which has made me have a late a couple times. But overall it has been a very great experience being a shopper and I love interacting with the customer!
  • A lot of work little information to complete order 1/5

    By Ms Mean Green Transport
    I just started with ship I don’t like that my first day payment card wouldnt work I got a late score and had to call in to get assistance. Then some customers are allowed to make a two or 3 hundred dollar order get to an apartment unknowingly having to Carry these items by myself into a elevator that the cleaning lady helped me get on because there was no instructions from the customer on how to get to there apartment on the 8th floor which made me late starting my next order of another 250 neither tipped me. Then another order of 300 prepaid two carts of groceries I shopped for get to checkout they cancel.
  • Shopper 1/5

    By ZombieGirl66
    The app malfunctions often due to their updates (that only benefit Shipt and lower the pay) and the pay to be a shopper is super low. Plan to make about $7-12 an hour plus miles and gas. They don’t make the members tip but advertise this as the “average pay” which includes the tips. Tech help is outsourced to other countries and they have no clue of how Shipt functions, so it’s a long wait and they’ll drop you off an order rather than fix the issue.
  • Cell 3/5

    By cell 16
    Would like to have ability to look at past orders, ie by order number can see pickup and delivery addresses for record keeping of mileage and order info.
  • Won’t allow me to choose options 1/5

    By FancyPantzPrincess
    I have had to log out of the app and log back in for it to work… I have had to call customer support five times so that they could tell me to log out and log in to be able to access my orders. To have me uninstall and reinstall the app, even though I had the most recent app. And to complete the whole process, I have on my way to the store and delivered.
  • Great! 5/5

    By anderson045
    Very impressed with the app! Updates the list when you need it! Also great customer service so if you have a problem with checking out/list card or ect. They are they to help you out!
  • Not the same 2/5

    By Waterlily1827
    Ever since they stopped releasing all the orders at 6am, it hasn’t been the same. We as shoppers have a harder time planning our day. Change back!
  • New Shopper 2/5

    By Latia Collins
    I just activated my card this week and I have YET to be able to click “skip for now” or “done” on the schedule screen. I mean, it’s pathetic. I’m not impressed by this not one bit.
  • Bad 1/5

    By Karasze
    No orders at all
  • Better pay 3/5

    By dear shipt
    Pay during bad weather should be better. Sometimes customers order heavy items like five 24 pack cases of water, we have to deliver to the third or fifth floor of an apartment building. Pay for heavy items such as a 24 pack case of water should also have better pay.
  • Needs major work still 1/5

    By JMFP05
    I stopped doing this service during Covid because lack of app support. Wrong addresses, sending you to addresses in the wrong order for Best Buy deliveries. Pay is too low, customers not tipping. This is a waste of gas and time, stay home and enjoy your family
  • Disabled 3/5

    By JdBrat
    Company disabled me and won’t respond why I’ve emailed , called , and get no answers which is very extremely sad because I really loved working as a shopper, and had great reviews. So I don’t understand why they did this to me?
  • The app has gotten glitchy over time 1/5

    By JoeTornado
    The app has gotten super glitchy. Messages to customers not going through. Messages from customers not coming through. Customer orders not coming through in a timely manner. If product images not showing up. Delivery locations showing up in Africa. Notification sounds do not work well when on Bluetooth with an automobile and do not come through at all if using Apple CarPlay. Overall, the company seems intent to get more work out of the “Independent contractors” while reducing the pay per order, yet seems to be failing to invest the money, it is saving on pay into having a highly functional app.
  • Enjoyable but challenging 4/5

    By sickjagger
    Shipt is good at customer service for both customers and shoppers. Shipt would benefit from improved customer/shopper synergy, order matching/distribution, which would increase harmony, and benefit corporate, all at the same time.
  • So many glitches 1/5

    By Beacrwmr
    Now with the new update orders will sit forever with no pay amount and it just says calculate. Half the time the barcode won’t pop up to scan products. Order delivery distance is always wrong. Please fix!!
  • App is good 4/5

    By Foreal9
    The app runs smoothly and customer service is great when you need help with something. Only issue is I never get notifications when there’s an open offer. I have to randomly get on the app and refresh to see new offers.
  • My opinion 😎 5/5

    By 12jetta
    I like being a shipt shopper. Even though sometime it can be difficult or have many mistakes or phone mishaps. Some mistakes can be fixed or forgiven. Houston traffic is now delaying some orders for the delivery zone. I wish it was bonuses for pick up and drop off orders also. Especially party city orders., I think they would be noticed and picked up faster and better. 💕😊
  • Update killed the platform 1/5

    By christeenwier
    Why do we need a map of all the possible stores shipt services? Has nothing to do with available orders that you can get. Been with shipt for a few years, leaving for instacart
  • Horrific experience 2/5

    By cousin1
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By jjlm17
    I never get orders then today I finally get one for $8 pay but delivery is a 30 minute drive away…. No thank you! In a snow storm.
  • Urgent 5/5

    By Gab Andrade
    I tried to sign in but the app crashed, and now I can't log in. I don't get the mail to recover.
  • Obvious Shipt Doesn’t Care About Shoppers 1/5

    By Dah Truthh
    Don’t get me wrong, their in-store systems and app features are amazing… But it ends at that! Shipt cares more about profits than actual people. Very evident through their incentive programs. Incentives used to be decent when I first started, but now they’re just suicide missions because Shipt knows there’s less shopping demand due to risks. For example, all winter the only time there was some sort of incentive was during bad winters. Today as I write this in Minnesota, it is snowing all day again. Zero incentive in the morning. Only at 4:00pm when snow has already built up and it’s dark where crimes occur more often. Pay isn’t even all that either. Find a real job or try Spark if possible.
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By 1455777999900000
    I tried using the app for a month- barely made it through my second week. If one customer rates you less than 5-stars, you’re blacklisted from the app. They expect beyond perfection for only $11/order. Expect to run to and from your car to make it on time. Lateness due to traffic, waiting for a store rep to be available, or waiting for a customer to take 10min to respond to you are not valid reasons for being late. Don’t understand where you made a mistake? Too bad! Neither does the support team and now you can’t work or pay your bills- without being given any notice. Imagine if this became my full-time job to wake up one morning and find I’ve been deactivated? And why? Who knows!
  • App is Glitchy 2/5

    By Gatorguy17
    A majority of the time when scanning items, the screen is solid black making it impossible to see if the item barcode is within the field of the scanner. Several instances where a Preferred Member places an order and I receive no notification, later finding their order in the Open Metro. App frequently crashes and freezes my screen, resulting in having to close the Shopper app completely, causing delays while working or claiming orders.
  • Distance between orders 4/5

    By Goldenlady19
    I would love for the orders to be close together in distance to be no more than 15-20 to make sure we can be there on time. And for the app to show in the algorithm that we are on our way to the next location so that we don’t get a text saying we are late arriving.
  • E. Erwin, driver 3/5

    By ZeetS704
    I feel like they don’t pay enough for the distance they expect. Or the amount of groceries to deliver Bottom line, shipt low balls
  • Gets it done. 5/5

    By Phantom captain
    Basic, effective, few glitches or errors.
  • App needs work 2/5

    By ah-help us
    Frustrated as a shopper and customers upset because they’re not getting messages when I communicate with them. Also with the recent updates, the scanner pops up black most of the time so you have to guess when trying find the barcode to scan products to add to the cart. Additionally finding that the products in the list are super jumbled, and I have to make multiple trips backtracking because I’ll find a produce item somewhere in the bread section list/ or fruit snacks in freezer, etc. Seems progressively worse lately and not organized, and causing lower tips due to customers thinking I’m not communicating with them. Hoping these bugs get fixed soon.
  • no tip, no trip, this app is for suckers 1/5

    By julia gadfly
    so of course, the algorithm gave me some good ones my first week, but it was all downhill after that. The overwhelming majority of customers on this app do not tip. have a delivery driver for 13 years and I have very high ratings on all the apps so my service is exemplary but anytime I take a shipt order I regret it because it ends up taking forever for and I make no money. I can’t believe people think it’s fair for someone to only make $10 shopping and delivering for an hour. The Customers are terrible and the app is also terrible for facilitating this nonsense. you undervalue and cheapen our work and it’s disgusting
  • Not enough orders 5/5

    By new hires
    I noticed today that there are a lot of new shoppers and it’s confusing because most the time I’m not getting as many orders as I would like to. Why do y’all hire more people when there’s not enough orders to go around as it is?
  • It’s cool 3/5

    By MartySlice
    The app drains my battery a bit.
  • Decent 3/5

    By Mrwhyte13
    Pretty good slightly better then instacart but not as many orders but should pick up. There parameters with Best Buy and target for majority of your orders
  • Love shopping for Shipt except for one thing 3/5

    By Bosslady022
    Shipt is overall a great company to work with, however it falls a little short on how us shoppers can control the customers we want to shop for. We aren’t able to see ratings or even rate our customers (the ones that are mean shouldn’t be able to continue to shop after repeated use) But us shoppers get rated and have to keep up an average or risk being shut down even if we perform at a great level, 1-2 bad ratings will drop your average. If we can get more options to choose from when shopping I’d rate it a 5 star easy.
  • Can’t fix my problem 2/5

    By Emilyh423
    I used to be a shipt shopper, and stopped for a while…. Now when I try to log into the app it takes me to the sign up page where you submit your photo and background check etc. but it won’t let me past without imputing a shipt card number…. I don’t have a current one anymore so I requested a new one which was supposed to take 15 days to ship……. And it never came (it’s been like 30 days) to my new address… so I just requested a new one again and they said I have to wait another 15 days, if it even ever arrives?!?!
  • Best side hustle 5/5

    By dessi1977
    Best side hustle that’s legit and easy
  • Review 1/5

    By Moetoosmall
    I would like for more orders to be given to shoppers that put in their schedules. It’s ridiculous that even when we put in our scheduled times. No orders are sent or popping up. Really makes you not want to do Shipt sometimes.