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  • Current Version: 3.22.0
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Shipt Shopper App

GET PAID TO SHOP Shipt is on the lookout for friendly, reliable shoppers to help Shipt Members get the things they need from stores they trust. Earn up to $22/hr (or more!), set your own schedule, and join a thriving community of Shipt Shoppers. JOIN THE COMMUNITY Before you download the app, apply to shop at Shipt is on the lookout for friendly, reliable shoppers to help Shipt Members get things they need from stores they trust. So if you like shopping, you’ve come to the right place! EARN UP TO $22/HR OR MORE, GET PAID FAST Each delivery takes about an hour and can pay as much as $22 or more – plus tips. You’ll receive a direct deposit every Friday for the deliveries you completed, and any in-app tips you’ve earned that week. CREATE A SCHEDULE THAT WORKS FOR YOU Your schedule is based on the deliveries you accept, so whether you want to work a couple hours or 7 days a week, you get to make the choice. BRING THE MAGIC Shipt actively promotes a thriving community for Shipt Shoppers. Share inside tips and stories with other shoppers in the Shipt Shopper Lounge. Sign up for Shipt sponsored volunteer opportunities. And take pride in providing a valuable service to your community.

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Shipt Shopper app reviews

  • It’s ok 2/5

    By Jz003
    It works and does what it needs to do....sometimes. I’ve found that it is laggy and hard to keep it open with Waze or Maps, when they should be able to work at the same time. Also while shopping, the app has crashed, lagged, which results in a longer shop time for me. I usually have to close it down completely in order for it to work.
  • It's alright 3/5

    By TabbyStarr
    The app works...Though the fact that I can't cash out my earnings instantly, and I have to wait a week is quite annoying. Every other app I deliver on I get instant access to the money I've earned.
  • Many issues. For one - tips show up then disappear 1/5

    By Alittler4
    I have had a LOT of issues with this app. Tips show up and then disappear. I have the screenshots to prove it. Also, I was late 4 out of 50 times and it calculated my on time as 88% when if the math was correct on the app it would be 92%. Then when I had a few more on time shops completed it calculated those last 50 shops as a 92% still when it should’ve been a 96%. This, among so many other issues with this app. It’s terrible. #truth
  • Lousy App 1/5

    By more e
    This is the worst app I have on my phone, and I have at least 25 apps. I've lost jobs because this app wasn't working, and in order to fix I have to delete it and then re-download it. By the time I get the new app open, the job I was going to claim is gone. Once I had a basket full of the customer's order when the app quit working. Once I deleted and re-downloaded the app, I discovered that the app erased all of my purchases (which it's not supposed to do) so I had to grab a 2nd shopping cart and re-scan the entire order! Shipt's Shopper app is not reliable at all. Beware.
  • Great app, Great way to make $$! 4/5

    By Toshirou hitsugaya
    This app is great and has more available opportunities than competitors for example, InstaCart. You get compensated very well for your work. The only feature I wish they had available was instant withdrawal rather than waiting for a “pay day”
  • Connection issues 4/5

    By Mimigrdkids3
    Lately when trying to get HQ help I have had issues with connecting. Is there a problem that needs to be addressed
  • Eh 3/5

    By Desty1609
    Constantly miss out on shops cause of delayed notifications, app says offline for odd reasons and we get logged out in the middle of the shop. And Just like others I wish Shipt stop advertising we make 25 or more an hr. It’s the main reason a lot of members don’t tip. They don’t understand it’s UP TO and that’s it’s not EVERY hr we make this. On average we make 8 an hr. You can’t say the pay is configured on XYZ when what would really make the pay out 25 is if the member tips 15 and the member doesn’t tip much or not at all is cause 1. They THINK we make one thing when we don’t and 2. Shipt has it big as day it’s not required. And no one not even Shipt understands our gas money comes out of our pocket. And for some reason Shipt thinks it’s cool to send us to a member’s home that’s 10 miles 30 mins away from the store for 7.83. Still a good company to work for but y’all are trying to test uncool limits.
  • First Shop 2/5

    By 1Goodshopper
    The app was glitching the whole time causing at least a total of a 45 minute delay. I finally called customer service when the app got stuck again, this time while trying to process the order and get to the check out screen. I was told the app has been doing that a lot. They had to cancel the order. I had been in regular communication with the customer with substitution options because the store was also out of a lot or didn’t have items on the shelf but had stock in back (so more delays waiting). I hope the customer was understanding. The Shipt rep was going to call and update the customer. I had to put all the items from the order back on the shelves. When technology works then it’s nice but it did not make my first shop experience a good one.
  • Support Needs to Be Better an Pay Me What I Deserve 1/5

    By Rawr5050
    A customer entered the wrong delivery address. Once I noticed the issue, I addressed it to the customer and received the correct address. I still delivered it knowing that I wasn’t going to be paid what I deserve considering the miles driven. I thought I could have faith in the Shipt Support Team but I was wrong! The phone staff seems to be very limited and they aren’t able to do much of anything. I called twice and was given two different emails to email for my issue. Emailing is not efficient and is horrible customer service in my opinion. Responses are too long!
  • Fairly sophisticated app, works almost perfectly 4/5

    By Isearn
    As a Shipt shopper, I need fast and efficient usability. I don’t need to spend most of my time messing with my mobile device while pushing a shopping cart and looking for hard to find items. I love that I can show pictures of the products I need to store personnel, and that it’s easy to add custom items not in the database. My only complaint is the integration between the Shopper app and other apps. In particular, when I start a text message to my customer in the app, I need to be able to switch between an ongoing message and information in other parts of the app.
  • Easy 5/5

    By jazyyyyyjjjj
    Easy to use 😊 Good quick money.
  • Shopping at a near by store 5/5

    By shopping is my joy
    Good Evening I just wanted to say that I feel some orders are dispatched to stores that are far away from the delivery. Which makes the delivery late. And most times there is a closer store to shop, that is much closer to the delivery.
  • Shipt makes it easy 5/5

    By Frappyfun
    Lots and lots of real time tips! Easy to maneuver while you’re shopping once you get familiar. Keep easily up to date on progress
  • App glitches 3/5

    By blessedpapa8!
    Some issues I have found are that my camera does not work in the app. I have to switch to my text app to take and send pics. Speaking of texts, why do I get two notifications? One on the app and one in my text app? Seems I should be able to turn one of those off. Sometimes, when I need to write in a custom item, the app is either slow to respond or just non responsive.
  • Ehhh 3/5

    By AEaddy1
    The app definitely has some kinks. The chat is hard to navigate and isn’t available on every screen. Just more clarity in general, especially for new shoppers and also a way to unclaim orders in app would be helpful. I also got confused on several few orders when I didn’t know it was prepaid or not.
  • Low volume on alerts for orders. 4/5

    By Austinsdc
    PLEASE make a louder longer different tone for orders. Both available alert tones are too soft and it’s causing everyone to miss orders. Volume is all the way up. We cannot stare at our phones all day waiting to see if we have an order. Please help!
  • Shipt Shopper 5/5

    By Paigeshipt
    I’ve only done 3 orders so far , but I am loving it and looking forward to more !!! Love being able to help shop for our Customers , great experience!!! Having 9 years of Retail experience makes it super fun & easy for me to find all the items !
  • Lack of help in super markets 3/5

    By ship shopper 1
    People in a lot of the supermarkets aren’t really willing to help or are very hard to find if I’m spending more time looking for an item it risk the groceries being late . This app needs larger time windows for a lot of deliveries.
  • First day shopping 4/5

    By rlock12345
    Training could be better. Learned so much my first day the hard way.
  • Super easy to use 5/5

    By The Thin Place
    I appreciate how simple, direct, and easy to use this app is!
  • TipsFor beginners regarding accessing quick reference guides. 4/5

    By organdonor3x
    If would be helpful if somewhere there was a list whereas new folks like me could access with one select, covering descriptions of subjects for example. I could not recall what it means when I see Id scan. I thought i knew and wanted to quickly claim an order but ended up not due to the length of time it took me to research what that description meant. And yet I still wasn’t able to definitively verify what it means without going through the entire course descriptions, etc.
  • Great Company!!! 5/5

    By KippyH41
    Love this job!!
  • Great job 5/5

    By keke231
    Great part time job
  • Where did my info go?? 1/5

    By RReiter
    I applied to be a shopper and it had me do an Interview, sign a contract, fill out a w9 AND give my SSN for a background check...I have heard nothing about my application since and now they have A LOT of valuable information on me. This has left me feeling uncomfortable and I still don’t have a job now.
  • Compliment 5/5

    By MBL Shopper
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Shipt shopping. The app/process is GENIUS. SO organized, SO user friendly, SO easy to schedule. I’d procrastinated for a bit to start shopping and wish I hadn’t. I love meeting the families I deliver to. Thank you so much for putting a warm smile on my face. I love shopping for Shipt!! 🛒 😊
  • Glitchy 4/5

    By blahCblah
    The one thing I can’t stand is sometimes when you get a notification that there’s an available order and the app takes forever to load, all of a sudden it’s gone and/or the person prior to you, has claimed it, when it hasn’t even been 60 seconds. Also, several times when I’ve been processing the order, the app crashed several times, during the scanning of the receipt and I had to do everything all over again. I don’t know how often the app is updated, but something needs to be fixed.
  • Love it-wish everyone had to tip something 4/5

    By Kimani J
    I like this company a lot however, when some people don’t tip it really hinders you as a shopper. I wish they were required to tip 5-10% of the order, that would make all the driving much more worth your wile. Other than that I love shopping with them, and will continue for as long as I need to! (College Student)
  • Loving Shipt!! 5/5

    By edelaney1020
    What a wonderful company! Truly love working here❤️
  • Should include tips 3/5

    By jpalley05
    My only issue is that the customer isn’t prompted to tip the shopper. There should be a defaulted 10% tip added to the bill when they place their order. Shoppers do much more work than a server in a restaurant and most people tip 15-20% for them (or at least that’s the standard among my sphere of influence). Also the chat feature (help section) could use some updating. Have to keep moving the keyboard to view the chat. Other than that, I’ve been pleased with the app and shopping for Shipt in general! 😁
  • Shiptshopper 4/5

    By Bdaygirl2016
    The company is great. Easy to use app. Only issue I had was unable to mark delivered on 2 deliveries and it dropped my rating. Other then that, great side job or full time job.
  • Sara L 5/5

    By SoccerMonkey1234
    Excellent service!
  • Won’t open 1/5

    By Exhausted with a headache
    I can’t ever open the app. It starts with an opening screen (green with the logo) and never opens up into anything. I’m getting notifications that jobs are available, but I can’t see or accept them!
  • REAL Money !! 5/5

    By Addict2Freshnez
    At first I was highly skeptical about this app, with doing Postmates I was only getting about $3-4 per delivery, and would be in a hot spot for hours without any delivery request it was becoming so frustrating BUT with Shipt I’m able to make REAL money, yesterday was my first experience and I made $137 bucks in one day!! It’s so easy, and fun doing orders, delivering to people ...I NEVER write app reviews but I felt I had to for this app, being unemployed had me worried and in a frenzy trying to figure out how I can get some REAL cash, Shipt, figured it all out for me...unfortunately when starting it out you have to wait until the following Friday for payouts, which they had instant payouts but look beggars can’t be choosy lol I’m happy and excited I gave this app a try
  • Shopper 1/5

    By makingno$
    My stats are great! I do realize I don’t shop during peak hours however my offers are slim to none in my zone! I don’t work other zones as it is not cost-effective to do so. I received a direct mail piece hiring more shoppers in my ZIP Code which is extremely disappointing as I am not receiving offers!!!
  • So Easy to Use!! 5/5

    By Lisajack
    Today was my first day as a Shipt Shopper. I delivered one order. I gave myself way too much time to shop. I was afraid that the app would be hard to use or understand but it actually made shopping a breeze!!!! So user friendly. This is going to be a fun way to supplement our income. I’m looking forward to fulfilling my next order.
  • Low pay 2/5

    By CarllaDeAnn
    Very low pay for shopping and delivering.
  • Customers 4/5

    By offer up is a money saver!
    I really like shipt over all but I wish customers would tip. And the pay out of the orders is a very small amount of money!

    By SoftPink
    I have been trying to sign up BUT CAN’T because the stupid FAQs button is blocking the captcha 🤬
  • Working 3/5

    By nope92222
    Working for shipt is a challenge because they only give a 1 hour time window. Lots of peoples orders are getting pushed back because there is not enough people to fill them. I think the 1 hour window is unrealistic and they need to give customers a 3 hour window. That would save a lot of unhappy customers.
  • Racists!! 1/5

    By Heralyz
    I applied to be a Shipt shopper sometime ago and it took forever to get a response from the management, obviously it was a NO! Why? Idk.... my English is not perfect but it have been good enough to work as a Web Developer, Graphic Designer and establishing conversations. I have been working as a shopper with Instacart with any issue or any complains. My dad (that has a very basic English knowledge) applied too and his request was denied! He have also been working with Instacart with no issues. So it seems that you seriously need to have a perfect English pronunciation and knowledge to be able to work with this guys....
  • Easy to use 3/5

    By Mzjconceited
    The shipt app is very easy to use. Only suggestion i have is that we should be able to sort the items by grocery isle.
  • Easy App to use, very helpful. 5/5

    By Lilah1089
    Really like the shopper app. It’s easy to use and navigate between orders.
  • Love being a shopper but 4/5

    By WonderBreadd
    i wish the orders were always as easy as they are at target. the most convenient thing about shopping target is the barcode for the tax exemption. if all the stores had some kinda thing like that, it would be super easy. but the app is amazing overall. easy to navigate. also linking with the apps is the stores we shop could help finding items much easier.
  • Glitches Up 2/5

    By Bella34Larson
    I like the shipt shopper app and I like how easy it is to make money... however, the app keeps glitching up when I use it. I’ll be out on a big order and I’ll have to turn my phone on and off or delete the app and download it all over again!!! I have talked to about five other shipt shoppers in my area and they say it happens to them too and they have called tech support and they just tell them to delete the app or to turn off their phone. Again I like the app and how easy it is to make money, but it is a HUGE inconvenience when I’m out shopping then I have to delete the app then rescan all the items again especially when it’s a big order.
  • Great Part Time Job 4/5

    By gjufgbi
    I love doing Shipped as a college student. However, I feel like people should tip us because we do drive to the store and shop, unload groceries, and other tasks! Today I had to deliver a $250 order and didn't get tipped. I just wish tip was included :/
  • Makes pro shopping breezy! 5/5

    By EliciousATL
    The Shipt app is precise and easy to use to fulfill client shopping orders. The list in categories is great, plenty of options for substitutions, and the checkout takes you through the necessary steps. The automatic chat feature for communication and on the substitutions window is super helpful when you are on the run! It’s out of this world Shipt!
  • Claiming system 3/5

    By 1111dave
    Orders that are claimed by another shopper do not fall off of available orders in real time it appears How long does it take to come out if the system once it is claimed by another shopper
  • Useless app 1/5

    By Bara12322
    I have tried using this app, and found both the application to become a shopper as well as their approval process very nonsensical.
  • Shipt shopper 5/5

    By vicC93916
    This is awesome thank you so much for helping me and im going to continue shopping delivery 🤟🏽😎😄

Shipt Shopper app comments

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