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Shipt is a membership-based grocery marketplace that helps you get things you need, like fresh produce and household essentials. Scroll through the aisles, add your favorite groceries to your cart, and check out. A Shipt Shopper will handpick and deliver your order in as soon as 1 hour – it’s that easy! - Shop over 700,000 grocery items from local stores you trust. - Schedule same-day delivery, pay, and leave a tip – all in the app. - Get access to Shipt Exclusive Savings, and save even more. - Making guacamole tonight? Leave your shopper a note and get the ripest avocados available. - Members enjoy free delivery on orders over $35. - Sign up for a 2-week, risk-free trial today!

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  • Unreliable App 1/5

    By BB461
    The inconsistency in the functionality of this app drives me nuts. One week the app works fine, the next week I can’t add something that was on my list the week before because the search option doesn’t work. I end up having to do “special requests” for common things, which throws off your total because the app doesn’t know what cost to assign to a head of lettuce. I’ve noticed that newer items take a long time (weeks, months) to be added to the app so unless you SEE something new in the store you want, you don’t know about it. And the whole point of Shipt is to avoid the store, so, yeah....
  • Time and money saver 5/5

    By BusyNOLA
    The app is easy to use, it saves all your previous purchases, and it makes great suggestions. Communicating with your shopper is easy. I am saving money and time because I don’t have to bring my kids to the grocery store where I will buy wine and ice cream and other things I don’t need. I can clearly see the groceries I’m getting, how much they will cost, and choose the delivery window. I’ve been using Shipt for almost a year now and it’s been great.
  • LOVE SHIPT 5/5

    By doglover4ever1970
    I can’t tell you how much Shipt has helped make my life easier. I am visually impaired and cannot drive, and the convenience of having someone do my shopping for me saves hours of my time, because I can’t see everything on the shelves. Shipt, where have you been all my life? Haha. But seriously, customer service is amazing. If a shopper makes a mistake, Customer Service is ready and willing to fix the mistake. They have even worked with me so that I am able to keep my subscription when I couldn’t afford to renew at that moment. The app is so easy to use. Now I don’t have to pay Uber to go to the grocery store and have difficulty finding what I’m looking for either. More than likely, a forever customer here. Thank you Shipt employees for always being there for your customers. I can truly say it’s so nice to have people that really care.
  • App only works in Wifi. 1/5

    By TheBeatmix
    The app wont work over cellular connection. Tried on 3 different iPhones all give same No connection to internet error.
  • Quality & Convenience 5/5

    By Tdtbc5
    I highly recommend Shipt. It is so very convenient, they use high quality employees to come to ur home, they assist with bringing your groceries into your home (if desired) & they are competent enough to find what u need, without too much dialog.
  • Request shoppers shop at customers neighborhood store 4/5

    By Crazybunnylady
    It would make more sense to have Shipt shoppers shop at customers neighborhood store and not whatever store they want to. Publix has different inventory depending on location. My shoppers keep telling me the store they are at doesn’t have the stuff I order...but if I go myself to my closest store they have it. Come to find out they aren’t shopping at my neighborhood store.
  • Time saver 5/5

    By LEAF Advising
    Fast friendly and saves time! A must for anyone who has a family!

    By JTALexander1
  • Helpful 5/5

    By thisnicknameianottaken
    Great experience first time! Going to use again and I’m sure it will be great!
  • 4 hours late says it all. 1/5

    By 4 hours late says it all.
    4 hours late says it all.
  • Subscription 1/5

    By blackpplquestions
    This was a one time deal my first thought was wow this is good until i got at the end a subscription for what no thank you
  • Very accurate and friendly 4/5

    By bluemeanieface
    Your experiences may vary by location. We have found Shipt to be a notch above in certain respects and lacking in others. 2 out of 5 orders were 1-2 hours late (but how can you argue with same day grocery delivery?). Unlike some other services, your delivery person is the same one doing the shopping. All the couriers were polite to a fault and apologetic for any delays. There’s never been one missing, expired or damaged item. Groceries are well bagged. The pricing seems a little exclusionary. Some of the listed prices are a little or a lot higher than retail (they explain this in their TOS). To continue with the service, it’s $14/month or $99 for the year. For some, paying by the delivery with another service might be more reasonable. Give it a whirl with the free trial and remember to always tip unless you’re trash!
  • Not bad 4/5

    By Husker1895
    Wish I could set a specific local Target location for my shopper based on the Super Targets better inventory...and proximity to my house.
  • Difficult 1/5

    By allisonandrachel
    Had to place order when on vacation. Order came 1 hour late. Not at fault of the driver.
  • A Better Life 5/5

    By viklal
    I have been waiting for this service for years. I use it a couple of times a month. I have been very happy with my shoppers so far. I had only a few mistakes and that was my fault because I wasn’t specific. I have saved so much money using this service. I save because I am less likely to buy something I don’t need because it’s on sale. There are times I do my own shopping. I want the exercise. But, I end up spending a lot more money. Shipt is now a regular part of my life. I will be a lifelong member. It’s all about having choices. To shop or not to shop: that is the question.
  • Amazing Service 5/5

    By Territoones
    This is the 3rd time I’ve used Have had 2 Shoppers and both were/are wonderful ladies, friendly, top notch service. On a very recent order, my milk went bad way b4 the expiration date and Dee with Customer Support immediately assisted me by giving me credit for the bad milk & encouraged me to reorder plus waived the delivery fee since the new order would be under $35.00.
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By JasonKibby
    Keep getting “Metro ID” error. This app is awful. Avoid.
  • Great shoppers, poor website 5/5

    By JuneYouatt
    I’ve had multiple shoppers over the last 1.5 years and most have been outstanding. It helps to have individuals with actual shopping experience. I have occasionally had someone with clearly no cooking experience, and their “suggested substitutions” were comical. There is much work to be done on the Meijer website which makes the Shipt experience less satisfactory. The search function is cumbersome, inventory inaccurate and I could go on. The poor website is actually an impediment to expansion of sales. Fix that and sales go up for Meijer and the success of Shipt
  • Best thing ever for mom’s! 5/5

    By jamiefromiowa
    Today I have a couple of sick little ones and could not get to the store. I am so thankful for Shipt and Roxanne who delivered our necessities to get through the evening along with a few other goodies for the week.
  • Goof proof 5/5

    By Mameaux 2002
    Even the most techno-challenged (me!) can ease through this app.
  • Need alcohol!!! 5/5

    By Houston13girl
    Love this app, but it would be great to be able to get alcohol in TX!
  • Great Service 5/5

    By jhnski
    Shipt is great! Lisa G always goes the extra mile making sure everything is perfect! She is the best!!!!!
  • Web Site 4/5

    By Senor Wensez
    As a faithful, mobility challenged, senior, I believe the website needs to be updated, more user and senior friendly. Please.
  • Busy life 4/5

    By stevensvillemom
    I've used Shipt probably every week for over a year. I feel it saves me money from impulse buys, helps me eat healthier and saves me time. I've only had a few bad experiences (wrong/damaged items) which were take care of. The best thing so far has been being able to get things delivered when I'm sick!
  • Accommodations 5/5

    By DawnSerfini
    First I want to say that the representatives that are on the phone handling customer service do an outstanding job. There of been many times that they had to accommodate me when shopping went wrong. The shoppers are awesome, some of them didn’t do well but very little compared to how many of them do an outstanding job!
  • This job pays nothing and customers don’t tip! 1/5

    By Game crashes plz fix
    They’re awful if you work for them! They promote that you make $22 an hour but you average $5-7 a shop. I have yet to be tipped. Yesterday I had a $300 order in a snowstorm I did everything right, kept all cold items in insulated bags made sure I got the cold things as the last items I shopped for. When stores are out of things the customers is upset but that it out of your control. No tip on a $300 order. I spent $10 in gas and only made $7! They also trashed my approval rating! No way to rate the customers though! How can these people consistently not tip ANYTHING???
  • Good service 5/5

    By Calirvnvdx
    Their customer service is outstanding and very professional. Definitely worth doing business with them.
  • Great service 5/5

    By Rpg1yhtr
    I wonder how I did without this service for so long. The best thing ever.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By fuaple
    App is useless, it rarely works. Most of the time there are no images of anything, and it’s extremely slow to react. I’d give zero stars if I could. Apple shouldn’t even allow it on their devices, because of the bad quality. I’m cancelling my sub and going back to the old fashioned way of doing my own shopping. Prices have gotten a lot higher too.
  • Good service, but the app need a lot of work. 3/5

    By Clif M
    It’s literally impossible to browse, which I expected to be limited, but most catergories just say “nothing found”. Browse may as well not be an option, which makes it really hard to shop for certain items. Even when I finally found an item in the deli that I wanted, I couldn’t request a half pound of roast beef, I could only select 1 whole roast. So I have to add notes for a lot of things, which I know only makes it more difficult for the shopper. I think once they smooth out the app, it will be a really great service, but often times it seems frustrating and almost more time consuming than just going to the store. It seems it’s more useful for when you are sick or just need a few spare items that you can punch in real quick.
  • Experiencing technical issues 1/5

    By Serina S.
    The first time I went to use the app, it was great! The shopper came during the delivery window and had solid communication! Once I was charged the subscription fee, I noticed the app stopped working. It just sits on the loading screen. I’ve made sure the app is up to date, restarted my phone, etc. Not happy I spent $99 for the year to look at an app pretending to load...
  • Making life easier 5/5

    By Stacy from Michigan
    Thanks to Shipt I am able to check one more thing off my to do list. Every shopper is so kind and attentive to details. My family has a lot of food allergies and the shoppers have always been great about contacting me when I need to substitute an item. Overall, my family has been happy with the service.
  • Today’s order 5/5

    By Maceypacey
    Austin in NYC purchased all the correct items and delivered within the time frame! a pleasure to work with !
  • Rip off company!!! 1/5

    By CCGarza
    I was so excited to use this app, especially with the weather being as it is. I didn’t mind paying the $14.00 monthly fee, & my driver was really great! My groceries were complete, everything was perfect. Than I see I got charged for my groceries $98.00, but my grocery store receipt reads $75.32 after taxes. That’s a big difference of $22.68!!! I compared the prices on the app it says that my grocery store charges to my receipt. Obviously way off! If I could give it a negative star I would! First & last time i will ever use this app again! Not worth it! Monthly fee plus they rob you $22.68 in my case & I still tipped my driver through the app. Yeah next time I’ll just toughen up & go myself! This app should be taken off permanently for robbing people!!!!!
  • No issues at all 5/5

    By 53ufdcj2
    I apologize sir I didn’t have any issues at all
  • App is okay 3/5

    By Miss.Kittie
    App is pretty good, but there’s not a good system for when your shopper drops your order. I have it happen to me about once a month, and it throws the whole day out of whack (I’ve had to cancel a fun activity with my family today because my new shopper is over an hour late, and I’m STILL waiting). Also, I couldn’t edit my latest order because it said I couldn’t continue until I took something off the list that the store no longer offered, but wouldn’t tell me what that was. Edit: now the app is no longer loading at all.
  • You can’t change your plan in the app 1/5

    By kflagz
    You shouldn’t have to call to cancel your membership. The customer service rep was nice though.
  • Disappointing 2/5

    By jillH2005
    Our local store Meijer is very frequently out of the items I order. I end up having to go to multiple stores which defeats the purpose of having an online grocery shopping experience.
  • Details 4/5

    By blind in Iowa
    A description would be nice for people who can’t see the images.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Jedilynn88
    I’m a mom 2 both under 5. Grocery shopping can sometimes be a battle. Shipt saves my sanity, they communicate throughout the shopping experience and are always friendly. Thank you shipt for being wonderful.
  • My first delivery 5/5

    By Pandababe4
    Justin was wonderful and so pleasant. He texted me while shopping with other suggestions when the store didn’t have exactly what I ordered. I’m hooked, I have end stage copd and just having someone shop for me and deliver is God send. Thank you so much for the great service.
  • Love this service! 5/5

    By jfnanners
    The women who have shopped for me have been terrific! They keep in touch with me as they’re shopping and always suggest alternatives if the store is out of something on my list. I do seem to get the same couple of shoppers which is great because they get to know my likes and dislikes. Been using this service for quite awhile now and absolutely love it!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By rockinfitmama
    The best thing I have ever found! So convenient, and has made my life so much easier!
  • To whom it may concern 5/5

    By JmaCsl79
    I rely on this service for my huge family, all the shoppers are nice and try to go above and beyond. I have a lung disease that hinders me to do a lot of walking so they help me still provide healthy dinners and snacks for Fun Family Friday. Thank You❤️❤️❤️
  • Ashley my shopper 4/5

    By GrannyJSA
    Great experience this time after poor one last time. Wish Ashley could always pickup my orders
  • Melissa 5/5

    By 2Bleszed
    I was grateful for Melissa’s service this evening! Allowed me to stay in and catch up on much needed work without having to stop and grocery shop. She was pleasant from start to finish and made for a good experience first time using this service.
  • Don’t Download 1/5

    By lil sylv
    downloaded the app thinking a two week FREE trial only to be charged one week later and to have a full $99 taken out of my card when i would’ve signed up for the Month to Month payment plan.. i disputed with Apple only for them to say the transaction wasn’t there when the funds in fact left my account and i called my bank where they had to mail a new card bc at this point it was an unauthorized transaction.. so all in all. save your money and don’t download this app
  • So handy 5/5

    By Msunflower69
    I love this service. Use it quite often, easy to use, and, shoppers are always so friendly and helpful. I like that they text me while shopping with any questions they have. Don’t be shy, give it a try.
  • Best employees!!!! 5/5

    By maureenhoffmaster
    The Shipt shoppers are the BEST !! Especially love Lauren and Tameshia !! They are sweet and professional and quick and efficient!!!!! Meijer is lucky to have such great people working there!! So glad you provide this service!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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