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Shootout 3D

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  • Current Version: 1.2.5
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Kwalee Ltd
  • Compatibility: Android
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Shootout 3D App

Become a hero and eliminate the enemies and bosses whilst protecting innocent civilians. In Shootout 3D you will need to swipe left and right to control all characters, good and bad. Tap on the screen to fire, but make sure you don't hit a good guy otherwise it's game over. Reach the end of the level and face off against the tough bosses to win the game! Use objects like barrels, logs and mirrors to help you in tricky situations. Shootout 3D features: - Simple and addictive gameplay - Crazy ragdoll physics - Simple and colorful art style - Increasingly challenging levels

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  • Why Internet?! 1/5

    By Memper (Jack)
    I am really upset that this game forces you to play with internet... that just makes me delete the game! Screw this game and it's creator! You just want money! It's all you care about! I am NOT paying you for your stupid no ad scam! 😡
  • Do not buy this game. It’s a trick 1/5

    By Thesaltybanana
    This game is very simple and boring. You can pay 2.99 to “turn off ads” but they still make you watch ads for items. They also offer a VIP level that ads gore, offers no ads (again) but costs a monthly fee. These developers are just fishing for money and not trying to provide any entertainment. STAY AWAY
  • Make a randomizer Plees 1/5

    By Mr mlg cat
    Fun for 2 minutes but then the levels just repeated I really think its bad
  • Eh 3/5

    By odidjjrhrbehdir
    Its okay I guess
  • Predatory VIP mode 1/5

    By Plokjiko
    Free 3 days then $15 a month?! That’s robbery. Take this off the App Store!
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By LandoCar
    This game is only ads you can’t play without internet but there’s nothing except ads that need internet!!! So this game is just a dumb ad generator!
  • SUPER repetitive 1/5

    By Allie Connor
    It’s a good game but gets repetitive after literally 10 levels
  • Don’t listen to Ethan 5/5

    By tbone12515
    He’s lazy
  • Great game but one thing 4/5

    By T oz
    The game is great I play it every day but there is so many ads so it would be nice if there was less ads but overall it’s a good game
  • Too many Ads 1/5

    By 12345...12345
    Typical Kwalee app. Could be fun, but too many ads ruins the game. Plus the levels aren’t very challenging. I’m not sure if they will get more challenging as the game progresses because there are too many ads and I’m deleting the app. I’ll be avoiding any game from this developer as every app I’ve used from them seems like a cash grab.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Zach25628
    Absolutely terrible game that was fun for the first 5 minutes then the levels start repeating themselves and the bosses too. Don’t even waste your time.
  • Love this game 5/5

    By LoganJR1234554322
  • Awesome. 5/5

    By J0shua tu1n3r
    It’s so good but make them do something else besides just shoot and if u beat a lot of bosses they are the same from last time
  • good 3/5

    By FnafMan177
    this is fun but the game freezes all the time
  • Way to many ads 1/5

    By SnikrzBoi20
    On about the third level it starts to put ads after almost every level. To me, the game is fun but they overloaded it with ads.
  • Just a money grab. 1/5

    By iPxuse
    There’s literally an ad after every single level, all of the in-game purchases are extremely overpriced, and they make you watch an ad to unlock things. You have a good game concept but no one wants to watch 30 ads every time you want to play a game.
  • Very buggy 2/5

    By Cortree
    Lots of freezes and can’t continue
  • Needs new levels 1/5

    By Jordan With An A
    After level 20 the levels repeat and even the bosses.
  • Ads every 2 secs 1/5

    By Poppabear16
    Game blows bootay, ads pop up after every shoot out like what the cheeks yo
  • Don’t download 1/5

    By zeoart
    Only after one level 30sec of ads 3sec of play Good concept for a game ruined by ads ads ads Try put 1 ad for 10 to 15 levels of play You all are ruining game play with these ads
  • Why this game is fun 5/5

    By nfnfjndnfjfidjsn
    This game is fun I don’t get why people hate it so much has adds or self promoting ever killed anyone or been a bad idea and nobody ever said you had to pay to buy something really all you have to do is hit the x at the top and the repeating levels isn’t that bad some of them are still challenging to me and good job kwalee great game and that’s all I got to say
  • Enjoying shoot out 3-D 5/5

    By heirhts
    Super fun game
  • Too many ads. 1/5

    By Jekehu
    Title text
  • Money hungry 1/5

    By sorryfortheparagraph
    This game is really money hungry every level has a ad and it doesn’t let you play without WiFi would not recommend
  • I don’t know how to you I cannot was a little hard 5/5

    By the. best. game. ever.
    What you doing what are doing you cannot was the way I was going and you I don’t want you know I cannot I know I cannot is the way I want you know how I cannot was that you I want you
  • Seems like fun, but hangs.... 3/5

    By Scooby Carolan
    Played the first level, but then an ad came on & the screen was unresponsive. Flicked it up & had to restart, then it happened again. Please fix it so the ads end or we can X out of them....
  • Waaaay too many ads 2/5

    By rurb23
    It’s borderline unplayable
  • Game 2/5

    By RaginRebelRob97
    It’s ok, WAAAAY too many ads. 20 second ad in between every battle.
  • Money hungry creators 1/5

    By booster3742
    One round beat equals 30 second ad. Don’t get this game it just be a boring ad watch and maybe more games that have more ads in next time you buy a game look at the reviews and not give money to the creators.

    By Dawn fermin
    I love this game love I love this game I love this game I love this game😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
  • Would give zero stars if I could 1/5

    By Daddyhamman
    The ads are horrible and you can’t play offline, after 10 or so levels the game repeats
  • Very stupid 2/5

    By 1122223454738374937385;+8
    I think this is a very good game, but when you try to turn of WiFi for no adds, it doesn’t work and you can’t play, screw this crap
  • False advertising 1/5

    By captainnoah09
    The advertisement showed a spear
  • A review 2/5

    By i hate youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
    This game is fun if it had different levels
  • It’s not like the add 1/5

    By the next hokagae
    I don’t like it it’s da same thing everytine
  • Better with less ads 2/5

    By blue speed mouse
    The game itself is good. I mean yeah. It’s a shooter, with an ad in EVERY LEVEL!! It gets sooooo annoying. At first it’s ok but later it’s just as after ad after ad. Another thing is the levels. There are only like 30 and they start to repeat to where there is no challenge. Please make more levels and Ana’s every 5 levels would be nice(or every level/chapter). I hope this will help the game become better.
  • BAD GAME! 1/5

    This game keeps freezing when ever I try to shoot. I have to double tap out of it and try again. And it still does the same thing. I HAGE the game and think it should be taken down
  • Why do you need internet? 1/5

    By a angry old man
    You can’t play the game without internet and you get ads constantly Tip: don’t install the trashy app
  • A lot of ads 1/5

    By OMG ever nick is yaken
    This would be a good game but it’s hard to play when there are sooooo much ads!!! 😭
  • Ads ads ads ads 1/5

    By Hgghjighg
    After literally every single level. It repeats a bunch, it’s just attempting To force you to pay. Not worth it.
  • Good game but it freezes up after playing an ad sometimes 3/5

    By J41D3N
    Okay, first of all, let’s not get off on the wrong foot, I just love this game! It’s awesome and I can’t stop playing it. But it MAKES me stop playing it after watching an ad to progress to the next level. At first I didn’t think anything of it because this game is so fun, but then it happened a second time! Then I got confused. So after I restarted the app played a few levels almost got to the boss and then 🥶 freeze. At this point, I can’t stand it anymore so I went to the App Store, wrote a review about the problem, and here we are now. Now, like I said, this is a great game, but not a great glitch. So I would appreciate it if you could fix it. Thanks, an 11 year old boy.
  • too many ads 1/5

    By kayylllaa
    There’s literally an ad after every rounds and each takes at least 20-30 second. Imagine how tired we are!! Where can I find a game that does have a an ad every minute?
  • This game is the worst 1/5

    By TheKingPopper
    Too many ads and no multiplayer but need internet to play
  • ADS 1/5

    By gudjehusbsnsijhd
    This game is ok I guess but being it is fun at first but it gets way and I MEAN WAY to repetitive the bosses are not Evan challenging and ads YOU GIVE NE A CHOICE IF I WANT 2X AWARDS AND IT COSTS AN AD I SAY NO AND STILL GIVES ME AN AD people will like your game better if you lowered the ads
  • Bug 5/5

    By icecubex310
    On level five the shield level it kept crashing
  • Don’t install 2/5

    By dueike
    Terrible... I’ll give it some points because in the first minute it was fun but then multiple ads and the game crashing made me uninstall it. Also when ever it crashed it would make you restart the level and watch more ads only for it to crash on the same part
  • Constantly freezes 2/5

    By Mikeg95a
    Every couple of levels I get a complete app freeze and have to kill it to recover, losing progress and so far it isn’t fun enough to be worth the hassle.
  • G 5/5

    By Drogetta
  • Dumb game 1/5

    By mario244*(778888765
    It’s just very bad I am not joking you can not skip ads it needs WiFi to play the “game “i mean It is not even a good or fun game I Just bad super bad do not play I am not raging I not joking

Shootout 3D app comments

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