Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY

Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.2.8
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Digital Attic, LLC
  • Compatibility: Android
2,370 Ratings
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Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY App

Welcome to the updated Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY App. With the Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY app, participants may use the app to (1) register for the MONOPOLY online game; (2) enter and track their MONOPOLY online codes; (3) scan game ticket codes they receive; and (4) find Rules & Odds Charts, Winners, Frequently Asked Questions, Prize Submission Forms, Privacy Policies, Customer Service, etc. The Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY app may be used only in association with the MONOPOLY Collect & Win Game at participating Albertsons Companies, LLC banners (Acme, Albertsons, Albertsons Market, Amigos, CARRS, Jewel-Osco, Lucky – Southern CA only, Market Street, Pak ’n Save, Pavilions, Randalls, Safeway, Shaw’s, Star Market, Super Saver, Tom Thumb, United Express, United Supermarkets, VONS, Haggens).

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Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY app reviews

  • Needs software updates 1/5

    By Boxrunner
    Needs updating. Not current as of 2019. You can not log in even if you log in correctly.
  • FTC Should Investigate 1/5

    By JohnZ7
    App doesn’t work. Impossible to log in. That’s one way to avoid having customers earn prizes.

    By xxdgyred
    Can not log in!! I want to scan my tickets, but I can’t get into the app! Now I have a huge stack of them that I cannot play because every time I try to login, the app does not work! What a waste of time!
  • How much time do you really want to waste? 1/5

    By Staygold ponyboy
    You could spend 30 minutes attempting to log in, easy! You could indefinitely sit at the kitchen table and scan each game marker only to have the app have 0 recollection of you next time you log in. You could repeat this process over and over again. And the process of scanning a single game marker is very involved and awkward, menu, scan, press back, menu, scan repeat. And the app will then forget you and you can do it over again. If you can log in. Not that it matters because you need the actual physical piece and game board to win. Lastly, 5 wasted minutes to write a review given this app 1 star. Don’t be like me and waste your time. Screw you monopoly app.
  • Fooling Customers 1/5

    By Sabsleo
    My son collected tokens all throughout game till the last day listed in rules (May 17) by collecting and redeeming online codes and when I tried to redeem tokens for offers (fandango etc), the next day May 18, it did not let me. Apparently, the last day to collect and enter online codes was also the last day to redeem the collected tokens, i.e. May 17 and there is NO MENTION of this anywhere in the rules OR terms and conditions. Hope this store chain goes bankrupt sooner than later !
  • Not able to use app 3/5

    By paul3426
    I am off the mainland in Puerto Rico planned an interim contest with my remaining token points. Keep getting an error. My 200+ points are now wasted.
  • Can’t track your spaces 1/5

    By xannos
    The app does not track your spaces for prizes. Total waste of time.
  • My Grocery/gas win 4/5

    By Rnmmmm
    My Grocery/Gas win did not link to my just for you app, who do I ask about this?
  • Play and never win 1/5

    By dmmx11
    What fun! Spend years playing and never win anything. Next year I’ll watch paint dry which will get me more prizes than this waste of time
  • Scan -dicey 3/5

    By ArturoYee
    Scanner works on Game Markers (2-D barcode) - great help. Very poor on the 16 digit code - of the 37 tickets - only 4 scanned in. Rest was keyboard entered. The mobile device is an iPad - Did good on handling the Game Markers.
  • Horrible quality app 1/5

    By Parent SoCal
    Both the developer and Safeway should be ashamed of this app. Does not work consistently. It is a negative reflection on the Safeway brand
  • Stopped working after last update 1/5

    By $$$$$bill
    Worked ok until the last update. Now I cannot login
  • Customer support 1/5

    By Radioman Roddy 6977
    I downloaded the app, entering all my information... My Safeway card number and all information required, the last piece of information is local store, and it is required to activate the account, and doesn’t work.. I tried three times.
  • Server always down 1/5

    By Janeh5
    This app is a joke. Just for u is a racket and should be reported to BBB. Will shop elsewhere!
  • Don’t bother 1/5

    By Big Dave OC
    Crap - won’t log in.
  • The Worst! 1/5

    By chrisntin
    Logs you out every other time you open. Correct email and PW doesn’t work. Resetting your PW doesn’t work. This horrible app makes participating in the game impossible.
  • App not working 1/5

    By Cubmomma
    App now says I need to update it even though I have. So now I can’t access it 🙄
  • App update? 5/5

    By won$30k
    App says their is an updated version, but I see no option to get that new app.
  • Terrible!! 1/5

    By IT-geek&yogaqueen
    The App stopped working after 10 entries!! It said update but it never delivered an update!! It is was switching to the App Store and opening the same ERROR!!! NONSTOP TERRIBLE
  • Awh Come On 1/5

    By Wonky William
    The app keeps shutting down or cycles saying I have to update. Worked pretty good at first then it seems it’s overloaded or something. Now I can’t access the app at all to enter the 248 tickets I received on the second to last day of the contest. Been trying for a couple of days, and may have missed the deadline because the app is wonky. Boo.
  • Stuck in update required 1/5

    By Lord Null
    Restarted phone, deleted and reinstalled the app. A screen that will not go away states there is an update to install persists. This renders the app useless.
  • Not improved at all 1/5

    By BCMommaDFW
    Unable to scan anything since last update. Update before that took forever to scan and register anything at all. Not even able to update app, which is the error message I get when I open app - it shows updated and just says “open” in App Store. No ability to actually get support for this at all.
  • App not working 1/5

    By The Spesh 1
    App keeps saying that I need the update to use it ... but there’s no update in the App Store. Please help, this was working great before!!
  • Crash 1/5

    By lisa23500
    App logged me out won’t let me change my password now keeps saying I need to update it even after I deleted it and downloaded again I don’t see an update option
  • Update app! 3/5

    By waynewould12
    My downloaded version prompted for an update to continued use. An update in App Store was available except when I clicked on “UPDATE” it looped back to my iPhone were it indicated update required. Continued tries proved it was an endless loop with no results. You would think they could doo better with all the money they spend on this app!
  • Horrible update 1/5

    By Derek Force
    Tried to open app today, forces me to update. Did the update, still says I need to update. Can no longer get into the app. All my tokens now unavailable. What a complete waste of my time.
  • Can’t even use it. 1/5

    By XedUOut
    I can’t even use the app because it keeps saying to update it when it says it’s the most current version. Nice update...
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By cryaboutit
    It crashed last week and now it says there is a new version and it won’t update. I deleted the app and tried re downloading and still it says update to new version and it won’t update.
  • App Inaccessible 1/5

    By esse111
    I just got kicked out of the application with a notification that the app requires an update. When I select the update button, it takes me to the app download page but without an update available. I even deleted the app from my phone and re-downloaded it but I’m still getting the same message that the app requires an update, yet I cannot access it in the meantime.
  • Can’t Get Past Forced Update Screen 2/5

    By deltagee
    App today tells me there is a new version available and you can only press the update button which takes you to the App Store . But there is no new version on the App Store so the app is essentially disabled.

    By Derrick172328
  • I can not open the app 1/5

    By Uncledogass
    Was working fine but now it says I need an ⬆️ date. I press ⬆️ date and it goes back to the app to set ⬆️ I press open and it goes back to you must update.
  • It stopped working 1/5

    By Cat1234567890
    It just says update the app repeatedly after I updated it
  • Doesn’t work at all now 1/5

    By colorado springs utility user
    Even reinstalled it. Just get a big pop up that says “app needs an update”. Brings you to the App Store but the app has already been updated so you open it and it gives you the “app needs and update” warning... big circle of not working. Hope you guys figure it out. Worked fine couple days ago.
  • Update? Would love to 2/5

    By y-vonn-e
    Tried to update just now keeps going in the loop yes I’d love to update so I hit update takes you back to Need to update well yeah i’d like to update so I hit update takes you back to lead to update. See the pattern here?
  • Can't even play 1/5

    By Rechella
    I literally just downloaded this a couple minutes ago. When I open the app, I'm met with this pop up: "UPDATE REQUIRED. A new version of this app is available." So I check, and there's no updates and I cannot get passed that pop up. I try contacting support, and I put in my email and am given this prompt:We have reviewed the database, and this email is not in the system. Before you can enter your online game codes, you need to register for the game as a new player. Pleaseregister and begin playing. Thank you." I am completely unable to contact support unless I've played the game and made an account, which I'm also unable to do. Bad review it is then 😞
  • Says to “Update App” won’t let me 1/5

    By disgruntledAcmeCustomer
    I don’t know what I’m supposed to do because you can’t contact customer service and it won’t allow me into app anymore, it just says “update app” and brings me here and even redownloading didn't help. So now I have tokens I can’t even redeem. I’m annoyed.
  • Requests updating but won’t 1/5

    By Punatic
    This app now requires that an update be installed. When I go to the App Store and download it, the message that an update is required still appears. Worthless!
  • Update.. what update 1/5

    App said need update. Deleted the old app and downloaded the new version from App Store. Once it launch it keep saying update needed. Press the update button and it send me back to the one that I just downloaded.
  • Doesn’t work after update 1/5

    By manibabyyyy
    Opened app and was told that an update was required to continue using app. So, I updated the app and every time I open the app the “update required” notification still appears and there’s no way to close it to continue using the app. I tried closing app and reopening it. And even tried uninstalling and reinstalling app, and the “update required” notification still pops up. So, now there’s no way to use the app. Not much of an update apparently...
  • Last year app had no problems 1/5

    By mcmeagm
    App says update but shows there’s no update and can’t use app unless I update the app 🙄
  • Update required. 1/5

    By njrwrn
    As soon as I downloaded the app it said update required. Click on update and it’s the same app. What bull!! Can I rate it a Zero?!?
  • Oh now that I’ve won the 250 million the app crashes?! 1/5

    By aaahellnawcuz
    Are you serious??!! What a scam!
  • Just in time for the giveaways to end 1/5

    By Dmkmj
    Of course just in time for the giveaways to end the app is frozen and won’t open. It keeps telling me there’s an updated version but I’ve updated it! 😭😭😭😭
  • Tedious and unreliable 1/5

    By fjpoblam
    I got this app primarily for the barcode scanner, to save time entering all the codes on those game tickets. When signing up (establishing a new account) for the app, I had to supply a zip code and select a favorite “neighborhood grocery” based on that zip code. None of the (4) listed choices was in the same STATE as the specified zip code! I entered over 50 tickets. The app was slow to recognize each, and the history of tokens entered showed less than half ofthe number I’d scanned. Meh… Next time Monopoly rolls around at Albertson’s I’m not sure we’ll bother. Waste of paper, electricity, bandwidth, and effort.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Tjb20171
    Incredibly slow, poor functionality
  • App definitely needs work 2/5

    By pdcali38
    I was using the Monopoly paper game board to track my tickets. Thought I would try the app, but it didn’t help; the app takes just as long, if not longer when using the app. The major problem with the app is the scanner won’t scan the long code on the Shop, Play, Win tickets. Entering the 16 digit code is not going to happen either. Albertsons needs to improve their app or use a less digits on the code instead of 16 stupid frigging digits.
  • Incredibly used unfriendly 1/5

    By betternotbeawaste
    If I spent time scanning thousands of tickets and have collected thousands of tokens, I should by able to select the total amount of tokens I want to submit into a sweepstakes and not keep clicking for each entry. The process is inefficient and asinine.... it’s like a set up for failure.
  • Doesn’t work! 1/5

    Tried it several times over several days even reset the password and it doesn’t work!

Shop, Play, Win!® MONOPOLY app comments

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