Shop top brands at eBay

Shop top brands at eBay

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  • Current Version: 5.29.1
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: eBay Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Buy, sell, and save with eBay. Explore offers on your favorite brands and save money on your online shopping today. Love eBay? Then you’ll love the eBay app! Use your camera to search for items, scan barcodes for easy and fast listing, and manage your account on the go. Simple. Top 3 eBay Features: 1. Buy and sell with ease 2. Access savings and daily deals 3. Earn cash on new or pre-owned items Whether you’re selling your car, looking for a quick fashion fix, or simply browsing, the eBay app is a shopping must-have. Download now to get started! BEST-SELLING TECH • Upgrade your phone to the latest iPhone or Galaxy Samsung Note 9 • Get your hands on the hottest deals for computers, game consoles, TVs and more NEW-SEASON FASHION • Update your wardrobe with dresses, tops, shoes and accessories • Shop your favorite fashion brands at the best prices HOME & GARDEN • Access savings on furniture, home decor, and kitchen appliances • Shop DIY tools and gardening supplies AUTOMOTIVE • Sell your car in just a few steps • Shop vehicles, auto parts, accessories, and more Take eBay with you wherever you are. Just download now! KEEP IN TOUCH Thanks to all our loyal fans for your support and suggestions! Your feedback is important to us. Please contact us with any questions by tweeting @askebay or join the discussion at

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  • Great app 5/5

    By Corporal D
    The eBay app is great! Easy to use and navigate. My wallet isn’t a fan though lol.
  • I love eBay 5/5

    By qb20066
    I’ve been a member since 2006 and it’s my go to platform for selling and buying....I’m always able to find items that I can’t find anywhere else. Hope to use it for many years to come.
  • Mdenrn 5/5

    By Mdenrn
  • Errors when searching completed listings 2/5

    By CathyWoe
    I use the barcode to search for pricing info for books and dvds but when checking completed listings I get an error now. Started about one month ago, after the most recent update. Hope this is fixed.
  • I can always find what I want on eBay thanks 5/5

    By jojohilbish
    Thanks eBay for selling everything
  • eBay app is great and very user friendly 4/5

    By sak1968
    Great!!! Very well done
  • Works really well! 4/5

    By MidwinterLybs
    Out of all the apps in this category, I must say I enjoy the eBay app the most. I work with it the most also. Of course there are some improvements that need to be made to make the user experience easier and nicer. But overall it’s nice. I enjoy it.
  • good experience but very bad reputation 5/5

    By yx11996643
    EBAY allows you to find really good deals but the recent stupid online sale tax law makes eBay irrelevant also eBay has a really bad reputation things bought on eBay aren’t always recognized as legitimate
  • Disappointed pay method 1/5

    By Rkim2016
    Dont like the way ebay uses paypal is the preferred method of payment, been fighting with paypal for a week to buy something on ebay and they just cant figure out why it will not accept my payment, I tried to add a debit card and a credit card and it wont let me!
  • App mostly runs well 4/5

    By CherBear2626
    The app is really pretty good. The quality of the lightning charging cables for my iPhone & iPad is pathetic. I’ve had to return a large portion of them. It’s ridiculous
  • Get rid of mandatory “ good till’ cancelled “ listings 1/5

    By ThundernRebel
    Really?!! This is the way eBay acquires more fees from sellers? Soon, you will attempt another way to gain more money once your newly acquired increase in money plateaus. This most likely will be the straw that broke the camels back and you will lose your seller base. Too many selling platforms out there for you to attempt this. Unchecked theft...nice...thanks...
  • Love ebay. Hate the app 2/5

    By trekfan2112
    Total pain for listing items. Use your desktop or laptop.
  • Ehh 1/5

    By king Gogito
    The lamb is better
  • App doesn’t work 1/5

    By AJL8611
    New download, never been on my phone before and it just doesn’t work work. Searching doesn’t work, main screen never loads to pick categories and makes the app useless. On my phone for <3 minutes.
  • eBay is great 5/5

    By lucasarchery
    No weirdos, like you get on Craigslist
  • Spam app&Anti Seller policy= nothing good to sell 1/5

    By mostlyRight
    Without sellers there is no eBay(from individuals) only spiraling from support of good honest businesses and individuals offering special items that will end up sold somewhere else. As buyer there is just cheap junk and a few unreliable sellers. The search options make it harder to find good stuff from real people with a good rating. Next thing to a great Spam app.
  • Sellers have slow shipping 1/5

    By remys mom
    The shipping time on eBay has really become slow
  • Great 5/5

    By Djcutz23rd
    Ebay’s a great app for buying and selling.
  • Suggestions 4/5

    By Tyrone-knows-who-u-are!
    I will say that it’s great, but I’ve encountered too many scams in the past month, you should add something that makes seller put photos of actual product. And it would be better if the description was above the buying options.
  • can t choose more items (quantity ) 4/5

    By RasimVelic
    I had to cancel my order just cause I wasn t able to choose more than 1 piece here in apo
  • Excelente aplicación 5/5

    By Oklinoy
    Thank you
  • eBay makes it easy 5/5

    By 6789s
    You can buy that special part for your car or a vintage Record from long ago that you grew up on And you can sell anything from a android to a zombie! It’s great!
  • Not easy 2/5

    By bffchjtdcbmdcv
    EBay is not easy to use for a first timer. The first two items I sold are both scams the third item I sold customer couldn’t figure out how to pay me so now I spent a whole bunch of time posting stuff for no reason I know everybody else uses it and don’t have issues but I think I will stick to offer up
  • Be aware! eBay won’t refund you!!! 1/5

    By be aware of fraud
    I bought an item - xiaomi scooter m365 from Geriaki seller (case 5194849100) It was broken, the condition was like it had a car accident.. (of course it was not mention in description). I sent it back to the seller, spending 63 dollars on delivery. And what do you think? eBay closed the case without a refund! And it’s final decision!!! I have used eBay from 2012 and have 100 positive feedback... I’m very upset.. And, finally, I can’t leave my feedback to geriaki, they are not allowing to do it - I only receive a message (trading.55).. People must know about it!!!
  • Terrible Customer Service! 1/5

    By UgrK89
    I complained about one buyer.Its been long time and they didn't care with my complain! You won’t be like Amazon ! Amazon always care customer complain!
  • Not th place it used to 10 years ago 2/5

    By pile67
    eBay has increased fees and charges to the point that I rarely use it anymore. 10% to sell an item is highway robbery. By the time shipping is added and PayPal fees (more money for eBay) eBay makes as much on the sale as the seller. It used to be an amazing place to sell and buy. Facebook is free and very effective. If a fee of 2-3% was charged the number of items listed would go up twentyfold. Too bad
  • Perfection 5/5

    By Rowland7980
    eBay has been the lifeline to my shopping needs for years. Always convenient and well structured. Keep up the good work guys! 💯👍
  • Crashing constantly. Leading buyers to other sellers or entirely different companies. 1/5

    By Think About The Bigger Impact
    This app would be great if it didn't continuously crash unexpectedly when I'm in the middle of things and force me to start over from the beginning each time!!! It doesn't matter what I'm doing. Without fail, the app will crash within 3-5 minutes of using it every single time! If this could be fixed, I would rate the app much higher, however, since this has been going on for a while now and I've seen many comments about the same issue, I doubt it'll be fixed anytime soon! I think it's time for me to delete the app and just go back to using the website again instead. I had high hopes and for a while, they were met, but with the long-standing crashing issue, it's not worth my time to use the app and deters me from purchasing anything from eBay in general because every time the app crashes, I look elsewhere for the items in wanting to purchase. If this keeps happening as it has been, I wouldn't be surprised if eBay sees a decline in profits and purchases because a huge part of completing a sale before a potential buyer looks elsewhere is to keep them on your platform. So, when the app crashes, it pushes out the potential buyer and lets them go elsewhere and even encourages it due to the frustration of trying to deal with the app. You'd think that this would be common knowledge, but I guess that eBay doesn't care or has enough profit that they can't be bothered to fix a very clear and long term issue in order to save the sales that they are losing by basically forcing their buyers to look somewhere else for what they're wanting with every single time this app crashes! Call me crazy, but if it was me, I wouldn't want to push buyers away instead of simply fixing an issue like this! I'm sure that their sellers aren't very appreciative of this issue because it makes the people who are looking at their item to restart their search and ultimately brings up new results, which therefore lowers the chances of them getting back to the seller they were initially thinking of or going to purchase from! It's most upsetting that eBay wouldn't fix this to support their sellers and shows just how little they care about them. Not supporting the sellers that make the platform is certainly not a very good company image of you ask me! ***No, I'm not a seller, nor am I associated with any sellers. This is simply my personal opinion and thoughts on the inevitable impact the issues with the app will/are having on the sellers. It is something that has been rather bothersome to think about and it me and makes me think twice about spending my money with a company that doesn't value the exact people who have made it what it is today.***
  • Ebay / Buying and Selling 5/5

    By Tet 68
    eBay has and still is , a great source for products , merchandise and items of all kinds ........ the rewards for selling and buying are enjoyment and satisfaction all rolled into one ........ eBay , I thank you for the pleasure of being part of your family ......
  • eBay is trash 1/5

    By Supaumm
    It’s full of cheaply made Asian knock offs. They allow their sellers to get away with false advertising. Years back you could filter out businesses from personal sellers which I prefer.
  • Good then good now 5/5

    By American Icarus
    Always more than commercial ding dongs
  • It’s not the best 2/5

    By 101guzman
    Sorry but it’s not the best they sent me pliers instead of a phone case
  • Clunky 2/5

    By Diesel_wife
    I find the eBay app and website very clunky and glitchy. I listed two items and it changed the format for each one. Wish it could be more streamlined and easy to use.
  • Amazing Company E- Bay 5/5

    By Charlie1213
    Thanks For Your Updates- Tracking #s And Quick Respond With Confirmation On All My Buy Nows, And Bidding Process. You Guys are Absolutely Spot On Amazing. Keep Up The Good And Thanks Again. Chris
  • Tired of nagging coupon notifications 1/5

    By eschredder
    Recently the app started nagging me several times a week about coupons. I didn’t ask for marketing notifications and I find it unacceptable that I couldn’t find any way to opt out in-app, short of disabling all app notifications in iOS settings. So I’m deleting the app. I’ll stick to the website.
  • Yay eBay! 5/5

    By littledove
    They’ve been doing what they do for a good long time and they keep doing it well!
  • Kind of... 2/5

    By LacysLife
    The return process was absolutely awful, the company we ordered from lied, eBay was professional and did their part and handled for the third-party very well, however it still wasn’t even what they kind of posted the item as , and I find it’s really hard to get a hold of people for either questions returns or selling or buying, otherwise I’m trying to like app.
  • Llantas 5/5

    By criverita
    Muy buena app para vender
  • eBay es el mejor lugar para comprar 5/5

    By Elpuchy
    Aquí encuentro todo
  • Problemas en opciones de pago 4/5

    By jcbartolomei
    Excelente plataforma pero tengo muchos problemas y no e podido comprar algunos artículos porque los vendedores no aceptan PayPal credit y no puedo utilizar los beneficios de promociones de hacer compras a crédito sin interés por tipo limitado
  • Can’t resist unpaid item! 1/5

    By badUI-
    Says it can’t be relisted because it’s on auto re-list. It’s not! No way to get help. Can’t find Help and Contact. Stupid - something to sell and system is preventing me from posting.
  • Horrible horrible 1/5

    By hearts*couture
    Terrible. I spent 3 hours trying to “remove assignations” from my listings because FEEBAY changes my listings and auto renews, changes it to accepting offers, good til canceled (total BS) and they are so horrible with the suggested upgrades which means more money for their greed. For example, “turn on easy pricing” or promote this item and pay out of your a s s to do so. I have wasted MORE time undoing all of Ebays ridiculous ways to scam the seller than I actually have selling items. When I tried to remove the assignations it conveniently said that the page/server was down and that it couldn’t be performed because of too many redirects. UNBELIEVABLE.
  • I love everything about eBay. My special is the _witch_mark 5/5

    By diamond in my rose
    Keep it going eBay. What a wonderful way to shop. Diamond in a rose
  • Exelente 5/5

    By teto1989$
    Muy buena aplicasion para comprar.
  • GREAT 5/5

    By Ayzay
    I love it! I can always find great deals!
  • No good 2/5

    By jecoa15789
    Worked great until the last update. I sell on e bay every day. Now the app doesn’t communicate with my camera while listing - just goes to black screen and freezes. I have uninstalled it twice , I gave it permission to access camera twice and still crashed when I try to take a picture of the item. Need some help here ASAP
  • Greed 2/5

    By Jeffskier
    Seller fees too high. Winning bidders need to be more held accountable on paying for items. Also, there shouldn’t be ads in eBay!
  • Is EBAY still an online marketplace? 1/5

    By cryptopsych007
    Used eBay for many years and used to love the site. Recently bought something from an eBay store “supplyhut” that wasn’t delivered because my post office deemed them overweight and I owed $14.44. Told seller and eBay resolution center but no refund or product still. Ok fine so I want to appeal the case. I spent 30 minutes on the app/phone telling same story and finally gave up. Told eBay rep that eBay can do whatever it likes but I didn’t receive my package and will take business elsewhere. eBay if I want to spend my time talking to customer service reps, I would order from local suppliers. Geez make it where a future customer can appeal a case with an ONLINE form! Can’t express how disappointed I am with eBay.
  • Scammers 1/5

    By da hypebeast
    I bought a $100 and they would not let me redeem it. I am a kid who is 11 and wasted a lot of my money because i saw something i liked. And this dumb site will not let me redeem the card. The only reason why i had the gift card Is because I’m not allowed to have a credit card. Do not use this site! I wasted all of my money by doing chores for 3 months just to get scammed. EBAY pls fix this or give me my hard earned money back.

Shop top brands at eBay app comments

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