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  • Current Version: 5.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Shopify Inbox App

About Shopify Inbox Use Shopify Inbox to talk with customers and sell over chat. With Shopify Inbox, you can grow your business, build strong customer relationships, and spend less time on support all from a free business chat app. USE CHAT TO SELL MORE AND BUILD STRONG RELATIONSHIPS Shopify Inbox is so much more than support. In fact, 70% of Shopify Inbox conversations are with customers making a purchasing decision. Use Shopify Inbox to: • Save time managing customer conversations from online store chat and social media all within a single business chat app • Send products, discounts, and new orders from your Shopify store directly inside chats with just a few taps to turn more conversations into checkouts • Send automated messages and continue chats over email so you don’t need to respond in real time • Know when customers add or remove items from their shopping cart • Assign chats to your staff and team to scale customer conversations Shopify Inbox connects with popular messaging platforms so you can manage your customer and team conversations from the convenience of a single business communication app: APPLE BUSINESS CHAT Let customers contact you through Messages on their Apple device. MESSENGER Let customers contact you from your Facebook Page and Facebook Shop. INSTAGRAM (coming soon) Let customers contact you through your Instagram posts, stories, and Shop tab. --------- FEEDBACK & SUPPORT For 24/7 support visit the Shopify Help Center: Thank you for using Shopify Inbox on iOS. We love hearing your feedback. Please let us know what you think of Shopify Inbox by leaving a review.

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Shopify Inbox app reviews

  • App won’t turn off alert, ever 1/5

    By Benedict33
    We love the functionality and ease of chatting with customers, but the app constantly shows an alert bubble, even with no active chats! No matter what I click, it always says there is a chat, so I have to open the app a bunch of times a day to see if there is anything happening. Would love it a lot more if that worked right! Updated to add: the alert goes away if I click on the app review button, even though I have already reviewed it.
  • Needs Some Love 2/5

    By Edgerton
    Notifications are too soft, and I don’t always get the banners/badges when customers send a message.
  • Please fix notifications! 3/5

    By Raerae0319
    The update provided notification badges but still no active pop ups. A real headache when you’re trying to active answer your customers!
  • TERRIBLE 1/5

    By jamihotline
    I had no notifications that I was getting messages. I was using ping which was great but i didn’t know that i would no longer get notifications that my customers were asking questions. I had 350+ messages on there that were never answered and it has effected by business and has made my customers frustrated and angry. My sales have gone down by 70%.
  • Search feature would be useful 3/5

    By ASUCrystal
    This app is great considering that is free. But since I chat with quite a few customers, I'd love to see a search feature added in the future.
  • It’s ok. 3/5

    By Ai1092
    For some reason Facebook convos keeps getting disconnected when i send a reply however they’re fine when someone messages me.
  • Spam messages all the time 1/5

    By bubblegirl30
    I am very disappointed I can’t get any help
  • Delicious! 5/5

    By Satsuma Lover
    This was a lovely gift and the satsumas were wonderful!
  • Awesome Toupees! 5/5

    By Marlon Gaines
    Great sales!
  • App keeps sending me the same user response every hour. 1/5

    By Ludnix
    App keeps sending me the same user response every hour for over 24 hours, long after the customer has left the conversation.
  • Works well but missing some valued features 4/5

    By Lokah luv
    My review is based on what this app is supposed to be replacing ping and Kit. Since this is supposed to replace ping and kit (According to shopify support) many features are missing: This app is missing the ability to ask the app to send a message for me and the app would ask me what kind of message would I like to send and to who, and it would give me a few options, select and send. I could choose to email or text or both. I liked this virtual assistance of kit and the inspiring ideas kit gave me. Also, This app makes me have to research and look for everything and with kit, I just asked kit to set it up for me and send or kit would simply ask me if I would like to send a message today, it noticed I set up new products and should let people know. (I loved feature that so much). This app doesn’t have these features. Nor does the app let me set up facebook posts on the fly nor search reports with ease to send messages to people who have shopped in the last 30 days and message them how happy we are for their support with personal message. Nor use reports to find people who haven’t shopped in a while to Send them a special personalized (not automated) Message. I can’t look at any sales report at all from this app. I liked asking kit hey can you show me the sales for the last 14 days?( Instead of opening shopify admin, and looking at where the heck is located? Finances? I don’t know… and give up. ) Kit in just a few moments of time found what I was looking for and I could base all marketing on what I saw with those sales in an instant. If this app had these abilities I would give it five stars and I would stop crying over kit dying (sun setting as Shopify calls it).
  • Love this aop 5/5

    I love how responses popup to customers automatically
  • Okay, still needs work 3/5

    By Skyclad the Love Fool
    Customers use this quite a bit, so that’s both a plus and a challenge. However, notifications seem sporadic, so I often miss messages. Supposedly you can set a message to auto-respond to customers , but when I try to do that on iPhone, I get an error saying I must pick a time zone from the picker below. There is NO place in the app to do that, and clicking okay to close the error results on losing the entire message I had set up. It ought to pull a time zone right from our site….. And, since you can’t actually choose away hours (big issue) it really doesn’t need a time zone anyway.
  • Works great. But double the messages 4/5

    By SusieqL14
    Love the quick notifications for messages from my shoppers! But it is sending me the messages two different ways. But getting the messages is important.
  • Not receiving notifications for messages. 2/5

    By ccinw
    Missed multiple messages and sales due to lack of notification.
  • Love it but i want to know how to view pictures that customers sent 5/5

    By jaco98765432
    I want to how to view a image customer sent me. I only see customer upload an image and I'm unable to see it.. Please tell me how to fix this problem
  • Great concept 4/5

    By pamkinn
    I love the concept of this app but I don’t receive notifications. I’d love the ability to archive old messages in bulk. If you use live selling on Facebook, it picks up every message. I have over 2000 messages that need archived and the only way to do it right now is one by one. As a business owner, there is no time for that.
  • Doesn’t load! 1/5

    By Big Rubber Chicken
    I get the messages but when I try to open the app they won’t load. Just the pin wheel spinning and spinning
  • Great but needs away hours 4/5

    By Lauren1522
    The app works great especially for being free. I’m looking to switch from Intercom and save money however, you can’t set store chat hours which is a huge downside. Needing the chat to send a message after 5pm that says we will be back tomorrow as we get messages in the middle of the night. I would give 5 stars but the store chat availability is an issue that needs to be fixed. Sounds like a common issue amongst other reviewers so hopefully it’s added to an update soon.
  • New integration is losing my company money 4/5

    By california2244821
    I absolutely appreciate the app being free. But!!!! the whole point when it was Ping was for a customer to be able to reach you in real-time if they had a question by clicking the ‘Chat With Us Button’. The speed of being able to reply to a customer while they were in the store was invaluable and converted to sales. This new Shopify Inbox….absolutely no notification. I’ve had to add a Quick Reply message to compensate that says we are helping other customers and we will answer their question as soon as we can because we are not being notified. The Ping was amazing because even if I was sleep that distinctive sound would alert me a customer had a question and I could respond before they left the store with items still in their cart. Lastly when I tested the Inbox the delay from me acting as a customer and sending a question was an intensive amount of time. I know change and bugs need to be worked out. But I would literally PAY to have PING. The inbox leaves a lot to be desired. The premise was that this was to make it easier to manage customer conversations but if we are not receiving notification that a customer needs assistance in real time this is actually doing more harm.
  • No customization 3/5

    By Joseph Condon
    It’s drives me nuts that I can’t set my availability hours. I’m getting chat requests when I’m in bed at 1 am because my store shows I’m online and available to chat. I reach out to customer service and they confirmed there is no way to set hours. What? On top of that, I don’t always get a notification when someone chats. I opened the app today to see a message that was 4 hours old. It would be nice to set hours and let people submit their question for a later reply. Also, it would be nice to have a text sent to me when I have a chat request, and even that I could just reply to that request via text (using a masked number). This is all standard functionality that was included in most apps when I was using woocommerce. I will upgrade my review when some changes are made.
  • Falla en la actualización en tiempo real de la conversación 4/5

    By rojasbrosfood
    Deben mejorar la actualización en tiempo real de la conversación.
  • Quick response time. 5/5

    By Coach Lisa Jones
    I love the new integration with Ping and Shopify. I allows me to answer all of my customers questions in reel time. I love it❣️
  • Complete breakdown after switch from ping to inbox 1/5

    By christopher.gardea
    Back when it was Shopify ping, flawless experience. But now that they switched to inbox, none of my integrations work anymore. Not apple chat, Shopify chat (which is supposed to be native to the app so it should be seamless), as well as apple chat which used to be the main front runner utilized by my customers. After the switch, it’s gone to completely useless and support is so difficult to contact.
  • Notifications dont work - Account logs out by itself 2/5

    By Mario mendooza
    It is hard to keep trak of new threds of conversations because the Shopify account logs out (by itself) often. This way it is easy to miss customer questions because you never get the notification.
  • Horrible. Suddenly unable to change chat availability. 1/5

    By Nickie123456789$$$
    My store looks as if it’s open 24/7
  • Intrusive. I can’t find where to limit availability 2/5

    By Monique the Great
    I don’t want to be texted by customers outside of business hours and I don’t see a place to change this.
  • Good 5/5

    By Aaliyah Mendoza
  • Quick and efficient way to answer customers 5/5

    By MbuckNJ
    So far this app has been so convenient and has helped me complete sales. I wish there was a way for customers to send photos through the app though.
  • Functional 3/5

    By Someknight
    I like that the app is free and has some built in features like automated FAQs and integrations with Apple / FB / Shopify Chat. I don’t like that you’re only able to set an away message for your unavailable times and that the app doesn’t respect those times you set and notifies you “a customer needs a response or they may leave your store” when I’m trying to set some boundaries for work / life balance on my weekends. Ideally I wish there was a way that you could set those availability times to disable the chat option on your site. I understand the thought process that it’s a potentially lost lead, but having a chat feature display when the chat isn’t actually available is a worse customer experience. I sometimes go through the hassle of enabling and disabling the chat manually, but more often just finding myself leaving it disabled.
  • Shopify is all you need 5/5

    By Ian G. Kay
    Very happy with backend and user experience with Shopify :)
  • Brutal 1/5

    By Wears Woody
    Cannot access Ping anymore! And cannot deactivate the pop up on our website
  • Doesn’t work the way it should 1/5

    By anton denopolis
    Can view images uploaded by customers, not on the mobile or desktop version. Pretty stupid.
  • Making and sending a new order removed? 4/5

    By Levanter98
    I like to use making a new order feature, but after updating the app, I can’t find it any more. Is it removed from the app?
  • Fanny pack 5/5

    By kassies L
    Feels pretty durable, the webbing and pouch material are strong. The colors are vibrant and look just like the photo. Very comfortable to wear.
  • 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 5/5

    By ?!? confused
    You guys thought of everything
  • Where is kit 1/5

    By Ckckck626163
    Why can’t I use kit anymore, I really liked that feature
  • Love Shopify 5/5

    By keshkingk
    Helps me get do everything, my very best business friends is Shopify
  • Game changer 5/5

    By Mayele17
    I have been able to stay close to my customers now more than every bc of this app, I love how it has my products synced so I can recommend products just in case the one they where looking for is no longer available or anything that may come up
  • Stinks 1/5

    By Jenkiddtx
    I’ve struggled with this thing for YEARS... between Kit & Ping & alllll the other programs I’m having to juggle with Shopify, I’m about at my limit. Kit/Ping has NEVER been reliable or correct with the analytics or making progress. Just made me spend an ungodly amount over the last few years. It’s sickening to look at the reports. Probably why they’re retiring the thing, thank God. After swindling so much $$ out of us! Good riddance PING-PONG! You will not be missed!
  • KIT was removed 1/5

    By Tommy1997
    Very disappointed that they removed KIT from the PING.
  • Money 💰gang 5/5

    By HoodBillion
    Hey New New product in store help support the brand’s thanks
  • Glam fashion trends 5/5

    By One only fashion
    Love this online store
  • Too many spam messages 3/5

    By JGS ABO
    I am assuming they are from scammers. They are asking their order status when they have not placed any orders. I received two today from Jamaica and Turkey.
  • Very confusing 3/5

    By Bethster513
    Have you folks done any webinars to explain how this works? I do t understand the integration with Apple chat. Don’t understand the automated messages. I change them and then what I wrote is not what customer sees. Don’t understand the automated prompts either like why does it prompt “what’s my order status?” I need help. Trying to make this work but might have to go back to pure chat...
  • Apple Watch Support? 5/5

    By UserNamesSuuck
    Would like to see a Shopify Ping watch app. Otherwise, great app.
  • Needs improvement 2/5

    By T101xxx
    As the founder of the company and only Admin of the company Shopify store, Ping should allow the user of the company iPhone to chat with customers on it. Instead, it gives the message “You need permission to chat with customers” when a customer asks a question through Ping. There is no clear path for the Administrator to use to correct this. Not happy. This was not a problem prior to the recent Shopify Ping update. Fix this.
  • Export 5/5

    By Hipagator
    Chat works good but am unable to shut off chats from other countries. We do not export so a feature to screen these out would be very helpful.
  • Broken! 1/5

    By mtnBikerBrad
    Signed in as admin and no longer says I have permission to chat with customers. Works on website with same login so app is broken