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  • Current Version: 2.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Shopify Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Shopify Ping App

Shopify Ping lets you use the power of chat to grow your Shopify business. Manage your marketing activities and build customer relationships from a single app – for free. A BETTER BUYING EXPERIENCE Customers who chat with a brand are nearly three times more likely to complete a purchase and half as likely to return their order. Use Ping to: • Save time by managing customer conversations from different services within a single app • Send products, discounts, and new orders from your Shopify store directly inside conversations with just a few taps • Set hours of availability and manage automated messages while you're available or away • Support your customers effortlessly and turn conversations into sales Ping supports managing customer conversations from all your favorite services: SHOPIFY CHAT Shopify Chat is a free tool built by Shopify that lets visitors chat live with you while they’re browsing your online store. APPLE BUSINESS CHAT Let customers contact you with the Messages app on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac. With Apple Pay, they can even complete purchases without leaving the conversation. FACEBOOK MESSENGER Chat with Facebook users who message you through Facebook Messenger. BUILT-IN ASSISTANCE Using Ping also gives you access to Kit, your free virtual assistant. Kit helps you expand your reach. Kit can: • Make proactive recommendations on how to manage and market your store • Help you create and edit ads, posts, and emails with rich inline previews • Execute tasks through conversation, saving you time and effort Use Kit to help you with: • Social media posts • Facebook & Instagram ads • Retargeting campaigns • Email marketing • Inventory sourcing • Editing product photos • Search engine optimization • And more Shopify Ping is designed exclusively for use with your Shopify store. --------- FEEDBACK & SUPPORT Call us at 1-888-746-7439 for 24/7 support. You can also visit the Shopify Help Center.

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Shopify Ping app reviews

  • Need more support 1/5

    By luc.chan
    Shouldn’t need an iPhone to use Shopify ping customers are trying to contact me and I can’t contact them back it’s not right
  • It’s pretty great! 4/5

    By Christiana1993
    It’s pretty great. I love the automated messages that are available, etc. since it’s only me responding. The only thing I’m having trouble with is that I noticed that if the same person reaches out twice, the second time they aren’t sent my hours and I just had an issue with that today. The first time they reached out was a month ago and this time they reached out at 4am and and obviously I was asleep, but the message about my hours didn’t send to them and they yelled at me.
  • Messages don’t send at all 🥴 1/5

    By I go chop u mother LoL
    My reply messages don’t send so what the point of this app???? Useless right now
  • Wish you could tell which page they are on 4/5

    By bonusblog
    Most of the time people are asking questions about a product that they are looking at but don’t tell you because they assume you know. Would it be so hard to include that in the app?
  • Love it ❤️ 5/5

    By mbas_mb
    This app is the best Shopify is the best and only ❤️
  • Need multiple store option and android use 1/5

    By RyLord303
    I have been waiting for years to have this available for Android which hasn’t happened. I had to buy an iPhone so I could use this app and chat with my customers.
  • Hodari78 5/5

    By hodarri78
  • Top notch! 5/5

    By Suebdixn
    Great app, really does allow me to stay close to my customers and it’s free!
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By mommyandb
    My messages keep timing out and my customers are not receiving my replies.
  • Great 5/5

    By liluzipump
    I like it a lot
  • Please fix crashing 2/5

    By Skippy1124
    70% of the time I am typing a response to a customer the app crashes. I’m on an iPhone 11 please fix :) oh and make it so I can send images :)) thanks love you guys
  • Good when not crashing 3/5

    By haletree
    Ping is a great tool. But with the frequent crashing, especially during crazy holiday time, it can be very frustrating to use. While updates occur frequently, I’m hopeful that each one will address the crashing issues. So far, no luck.
  • Lost all Saved Replies and Can’t recreate them 1/5

    By Paws-A-Bunch
    Very disappointed in this version, we seem to have lost access to all our saved replies (without any notice) and have no way of re-creating them nor is the app allowing us to do so. The few that we have been able to recover, keep saying that keyword already exists, but they are not available in the latest version. Please fix ASAP! We rely on saved replies greatly to provide a lot of info without having to spend the time writing them again and again each time.
  • Limitado y con problemas en Facebook 3/5

    By paraque???
    Se borraron las respuestas automáticas y aparte no termina de conectarse a Facebook
  • Doesn’t notify you of an active chat 1/5

    By GlitterTees
    I’ve had the app 3 days and had 7 live chats that have went overlooked because I wasn’t notified. No ding, no beep, no ting - nothing. The idea of ‘live chat’ is actual live conversation. If I dong know someone is on there how can I chat with them?
  • Rb 5/5

    By mkonbxx
  • Nicely done 5/5

    By london303
    Nicely done app. Looks great and very easy to use
  • Not dynamic or user friendly 2/5

    By SamAz2012
    I don’t usually review apps but after having tried several apps for chat on my website I decided to use the Shopify built in app. I thought it would be better and instead it’s been worse than any other app I’ve used before. It’s a shame as it should’ve been a perfect solution. Now I have to try to find another one.
  • Love Shopify!! 5/5

    By Healthy Living w/ Shae
    I just recently made the switch to Spotify from another e-commerce platform. I love Spotify and all of the apps and products they offer. Launching my store was an absolute breeze and integrating all of the apps onto my phone was seamless! I can instantly reply to customers, easily update and add products on the go. Connecting sales channels like social media are just a click or two away. Everything has been thought of with Spotify. Spot on Spotify! Keep up the great work. Not much room for improvement at this rate.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ccsjoeccs
    The app has helped me out to offer live support to our customer
  • Love the app 5/5

    By china racks
    It’s great to have
  • Great app for live customer support 5/5

    By Qkadoo
    Totally happy with the app
  • Uninstalling 2/5

    By Jlawsoul
    The customer chat feature leaves much to be desired. There is a lag between when a customer sends a message and when you receive it. Often times, the customer seems to have closed out of the chat even when I reply instantly. It would be great to know whether the customer read and received the message or if I am just typing into an abyss. The Kit marketing feature is kind of lame. It doesn’t result in any sales for me and it is always suggesting to market products that “are popular this week” when they’re not actually popular products. It’s all counterproductive and I’ve spent a couple hundred dollars on advertising and have only lost money.
  • Need desktop app 3/5

    By fightn4food
    It’s too much for just using on the phone... please make a desktop app.
  • Needs support for more than one store 3/5

    By Andyusnnnn
    I run 15 Shopify stores and would love to be able to manage all chats from a user interface on my desktop or ipad
  • A good start.. 3/5

    By Siraj0110
    Like the app but it does have sort comings... The SEO manager integration doesn't let you pick/edit the link your fixing. It ask you if you want it fixed and if you say yes, Kit says ok done. kit is annoying, it's always asking for $30 budgets to Facebook.... I would like the customer to fill out who they are and possibly see if they've ordered before, if they have abondoned cart, etc so you know who you are talking to. Right now it's just a generic ID being assigned to each person and I find that most conversations because of this are very unnecessary. When I fill in my info on a chat box it's because I need something or help. I find because it's so easy to enter anything, useless time is spent responding to people who don't respond back.
  • Never once had a sale 1/5

    By boy
    I’ve never once had a sale using the advertising from Ping’s KIT recommended ads or products. To me, a marketing product is about results and nothing else. If they can’t prove results, than it’s a waste of time, energy and/or money on everyone’s part. It’s that simple. Results!
  • Multiple users 3/5

    By ACN412
    My employees can’t see the messages only comes in on one account.
  • Best app 5/5

    By cponna
  • It’s OK 2/5

    By AndyCasa
    Biggest disappointment is the ping notifications. Despite all settings correct on my iphone allowing all types of notifications, they do not come through. I opened the app again today as I hadn’t done so in a while and saw 10 missed conversions.
  • Easy but Limited 3/5

    By Cycle Zorro
    Good for entry level activities, easy to use. Once you need more power, it’s short to deliver. Kit make suggestions, like would you like to Market Priority Products, but if you type “Market Priority Products”, Kit doesn’t understand what you mean.
  • Chat 5/5

    By Willbest01
    Very good app to chat with customer. Thank you.
  • Update for dark mode 5/5

    By indaeyn
    Update for dark mode
  • Handy App , working perfectly , Thank you 5/5

    By Mani william
    Thanks for creating such a wonderful app, After using it for sometime regularly , i am feeling that i need to thanks developer & creators . I really appreciate about your effort & working. Wish you more success. Rise & Shine, Thank you Jaz Atlanta , GA
  • I never receive notifications. 1/5

    By Auntnenn
    I have uninstalled, turned everything on and off and I still can’t get a notification for messages. Bummed
  • Could use an Instagram Post button 4/5

    By _mkxy_
    I love this app. It helps run a lot of my boutique ads on Facebook. Wish I could make posts to Instagram like I can to Facebook without paying for an ad.
  • LIMITED 3/5

    By ShxuenzusbajIsowbx
    I love the integrated features with Shopify like being able to seamlessly share product links, invoices and discount links...but the limitations with capturing the customer's information before starting the chat is annoying and actually counterproductive. If i dont know who i am speaking to or how to reach them if I missed their chat request then I have no way of following up with that potential customer. Very bad, and because of that reason alone I'm switching to the "Pure Chat" app until Shopify fixes these annoying limitations.
  • My Replies Never Go Through 1/5

    By PC Jewels
    This app is worthless if when I receive a message from potential client my response never goes through. Makes me look unresponsive.
  • Excelente herramienta 5/5

    By Perfumes ilarret
    Nos facilita el contacto con nuestros clientes. Gracias!
  • No Sounds To Alert of Message! 3/5

    By Bridebeliever
    This app is great...if I’m currently looking at my phone. There’s no sound and the notification that someone has messaged me disappears quickly. You have to respond to the customer in the few minutes they are on your website. If you miss it, you lose the sale.
  • Ickvgfg 5/5

    By nickvgfgt
    Love it
  • App crashes often 3/5

    Although I like the idea of this app it does crash most of the time I use it. Usually right when I press send. I also wish I could upload pictures to respond to a customer with.
  • Great app 5/5

    By neine85
    This app is fantastic. I’m not skilled at advertising, so it is absolutely awesome to have a virtual assistant who can do it for me.
  • Needs MULTIPLE store login 5/5

    By jonahhillz
    The developers need to integrate this ASAP.
  • iPad integration 4/5

    By Tango user
    I love the app but my only gripe is that it’s not optimized for iPads. It appears as a very small display on the screen. Are there any plans to optimize this? I do 90% of my business from my tablet.
  • Garbage. 1/5

    By kbdssigns
    I’ve had so many issues with customers sending photos. They load once, then you go back and they say “unable to load”. I’ve had to ask multiple customers to resend photos, which is terrible. Then you have to use your phone to respond? There’s no way to handle messages on a desktop platform? We can’t send the customer pictures? This is what happens when someone poorly executed a great idea.
  • Awesomely helpful 5/5

    By Toughous
    Very helpful in everyway
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Gta god modder
    I have spent hours on my app trying to sign into my account. It’s super buggy and is telling me my store doesn’t exist. This is also true for 3 other people who are attempting or have attempted to use this app. Don’t waste your time, it’s useless if you can’t sign in...
  • Love this app for my store! 5/5

    By reVOLTe Lighting
    Absolutely amazing! This is exactly what I have been looking for.

Shopify Ping app comments

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