Shopify POS: Point of Sale

Shopify POS: Point of Sale

  • Category: Business
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 5.49.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Shopify Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Shopify POS: Point of Sale App

Easily sell your products and accept payments at markets, pop up shops, in-store, and anywhere else right from your iPhone or iPad. Use it with any Shopify plan. No matter where the sale takes place, your orders, inventory, and customers are automatically updated on your Shopify store. WHY CHOOSE SHOPIFY POS: • Start selling as soon as you download the app • Securely accept cash, credit, and debit • Attract more business by offering discounts • Email receipts directly to your customer • Sync products with your online store and other sales channels • Create new products and add product photos right from your camera or gallery • Set up sales taxes based on location automatically • Issue refunds on the spot • Accept customized purchases without affecting your existing inventory KEEP PAYMENTS SIMPLE • Accept cash, credit, and debit cards no matter where you are in the US. Our card reader can be used with Shopify Payments • Securely accept EMV chip cards with our Tap & Chip reader • Accept EMV chip cards, and Apple Pay with our tap, chip, or swipe card reader • Process all credit cards at the same rate, with no hidden fees, for as low as 2.4% + 0¢ with Shopify Payments STAY ORGANIZED • View your online and physical store inventory all in one place • Get a warning when products are out of stock so you can plan ahead • Track customer orders • Add customized notes and attach customer details to orders WANT MORE? UPGRADE TO THE RETAIL PACKAGE TO: Integrate with the best retail hardware (available from the Shopify Hardware Store). Access third-party payment gateways to accept credit cards anywhere in the world. YOU GET EVEN MORE WITH THE IPAD VERSION: • Sell and accept physical gift cards • Track your cash float and summarize daily totals by enabling register shifts • Increase the security of your store by setting permissions and individual staff PINs • Save carts in case your customer wants to complete their transaction at a later date LOG INTO SHOPIFY.COM TO: • Sell online, in person, and on your favorite social channels in minutes • Manage your orders, products, and customers in one place • View sales, reports, and analytics about your business • Choose from hundreds of apps to help with marketing, shipping, accounting, and more QUESTIONS? Call us at 1-888-678-9481 for 24/7 support. You can also contact us at Shopify Support, or visit the Shopify Help Center.

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Shopify POS: Point of Sale app reviews

  •!!raise downloads by 10 times 5/5

    By Tavarius Cotherill
    Good job. Thank you for making such a good app. #We can make the hot keywords ranking top,also can give good rating&review for app. Find what you want in
  • Scammers 1/5

    By ScrewdDude
    They closed my account after 2 months and said this is a high risk business. They have been holding almost $3000 OG my earned funds for over 3 months!!! Total bs. This company is a bunch of scammers.
  • Upset 1/5

    By Treasha13
    I got a new phone and I am using the same Apple ID login and everything, however, my app will not work. It says “importing your store” and then it says process failed and it WILL NOT work. I’m looking for any help as I have to have this working on my phone. Thank you!
  • Connectivity issues 2/5

    By NobleMarketTampa
    Card reader and printer constantly disconnect...and the only thing I have connected to the iPad is all the Shopify peripherals. Been contacting support for the last month regarding the issue, but they don’t seem to have an answer.
  • Can’t connect card reader on new iOS update 1/5

    By Hdenton
    I updated my phone and now my chip reader won’t connect.
  • Tap and chip card reader 1/5

    By Nephew SouledOut
    My tap and chip card reader won’t connect and I don’t have a option to connect
  • Card reader does not stay connected 5/5

    By robbieandsarah
    Our card reader disconnects all the time. It creates very slow transactions. :( Update: Shopify is constantly making updates and improving the app. They also have great customer service and receive feature requests!
  • Card reader not supported 1/5

    By Spurnich
    I just installed the update and now it says my card reader is not supported. I am at a show right now and can’t take credit cards. Not cool and certainly not professional!!!!!!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By BTYE07
    This app works well and has all of the features I need to run my business. I’m not sure why there are negative reviews since I’ve never had an issue with the app.
  • Does the Job 4/5

    By Claricelff
    I love it. It performs as I want. It’s a little confusing about if a sale has completed, but overall it does the job for which it was developed.
  • Woah... 1/5

    By jeckospole
    Get it together y’all. Losing a full day of retail sales isn’t fun because of a subpar app. Maybe focus on the UX that you were known for and stop trying to over complicate issues. We can’t update or even install the app due to the nature of the cloud apps. Help please...
  • Constant crashes, lost income 1/5

    By Peter Benck
    Lags, bad updates, incompetent customer service. Beyond reproach. There’s competitors out there with not as a comprehensive program and offerings, but at least their products work as intended.
  • Won’t even finish opening. 1/5

    It starts to sync product and crashes. Freshly updated iPhone, re-installed the app,.......tried everything. No go. Fix it fast, please!!!!!
  • Poor Stocktake features 2/5

    By Duce1ne
    Good luck running anything other than a one shop operation. No multi store / stocktake features. Shame really.
  • Reader won’t connect 1/5

    By DirtyManDan
    Waited 3 days for it to come and the reader is “not compatible” when I try to connect to it and support has nothing to say about it. Using the right version of IOS and everything, simply does not even work. I wouldn’t pay for the reader or Shopify in a million years, it’s all just for show it doesn’t do anything
  • Discount ability 1/5

    By SPC2011
    We can’t add a discount to a quick sale item any longer. Please fix this ASAP. This update is horrible, makes it very difficult to offer special sales to our customers.
  • I need this for a sale tomorrow!! 1/5

    By lvandewater
    And it's not working after I installed the update! Please fix this today and push another update immediately. It’s stuck on the switching location screen on iPad and iPhone.
  • Why 1/5

    By idlehands79
    What is wrong with the app? It stays on the switching locations screen and I can’t ring up a sale on my iPad or android phone! Fix this, please! It used to be so reliable!
  • Shop won’t load 1/5

    By Desirea ND
    Most recent update automatically tries to send me to my shop location, but nothing loads and it just sits pending.
  • Very displeased 1/5

    By Marty Greer
    Very unprofessional. Not clear on terms and conditions on what you can use the card reader for. Cooperate issue not a customer service issue.
  • A way to search by typing in sku? 2/5

    By With My Kids
    I keep thinking there has to be a way. Because it seems an easily searchable filter and needed by a lot of us.
  • Needs huge fix 2/5

    By Barrett H
    A huge problem we have at our store is that once an item is scanned the keyboard disappears. It’s really frustrating when ringing up a customer and you can’t even search for your product. Please fix this!
  • Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By Exotica1610
    I don’t know what is going on but this does not take credit cards. I have done all of the necessary steps and have followed instructions on setting it up and have it connected and no matter what, it declines all credit cards.
  • Price change when checking someone out. 1/5

    By Rami1124
    Add the ability to change a products price right in the cart or checkout page. Sometimes we need to change the price on the fly or we have items like a maintenance charge that changes for each customer.
  • Online Orders 2/5

    By FTOTF
    This app overall is good. But, it will not allow the option of making an online order/ship to customer. That’s something that is not on iPhone and it will be great. Being able to process the full transaction, process payments and have the merchandise shipped to the customer’s address. Please bring that option!!!
  • Flawed hardware and software 1/5

    By 13mwolson
    Bluetooth constantly disconnects and requires to manually enter the card. Had to move back to square..
  • “Something Went Wrong” 1/5

    By Nick00000000012311
    This app has not opened for me beyond freezing on the opening page of importing. A waste of time thus far
  • Great for some things 4/5

    By AKgirl2011
    This app needs another update. I haven’t been able to email customers because their email addresses don’t show up in the app. I thought one of the updates had deleted customer info and I was upset, but it’s there if I use the internet to login. I’m grateful I can email invoices and make some simple changes to things via the app, but I would like to go back to emailing invoices from the app.
  • Very happy 5/5

    By mtabf
    Been using this for years and I love it
  • Deletes orders.. beware 1/5

    By Jba346
    The app worked great for us at a trade show.. until we logged out while in offline mode. When we logged back in the app had deleted all of our orders. When we contacted Shopify for help they worked hard, but in the end they were not able to be recreated. Beware of offline mode. In today’s day and age I think it’s pretty crazy they don’t just save it to the background. Also images and customers have to reload every time you logon to the app. Why doesn’t it just store a cached copy on your device?
  • Theives 1/5

    By appreviews!!!22
    They will take 20 charged then say they have to hold it for 120 days!!! 120 days!! STAY AWAY!!!!
  • Love Shopify 4/5

    By PicsAndPrints
    Been using for years, no issues. One recommendation is to be allowed to adjust the grid of products in the Shopify app rather than just everything in alphabetical order. Maybe a best sellers tab or something that allows quick access to the most popular items
  • Needs more features and fix the ones it has 3/5

    By Blazreview
    There needs to be a setting in order to default point of sale to a specific collection when you open the app. This allows different departments to quickly browse to the products they care about when an employee logs in.
  • Shopify is going downhill 1/5

    By Mark Curr
    Too many card read errors and tax calculation issues. Just can’t trust it for my business.
  • Card reader won’t connect 1/5

    By qhi808
    I’ve had to input card numbers manually because my card reader won’t connect to my iPhone X. The card reader worked last year so I’m not sure what’s going on. Please fix it Shopify
  • Update is preventing me from running my business! 1/5

    By HAF business
    This update prevents me from making transactions at the final stage, which is preventing me from running my business. Fix it now!
  • The tax is not being added to the subtotal 1/5

    By 808bangah808x
    Needs fixing. You would need to manually add the tax as part of the item price to charge sales tax. ***Update No I'm telling you guys it doesn't work lol even if you have the automatic location set up, maybe if you at least try your app you'll find out. I think I'm sticking with square.
  • Wish it was faster 3/5

    By mamamiya22
    I really wish this could operate a bit faster. Especially when it comes to the final checkout process where you accept payment. The credit card part isn’t too bad, but cash sales are painfully slow!
  • Great if you don’t want your money 1/5

    By travels2
    So they have a nice interface but the bottom line is they withhold payments for no reason and no amount of contacting customer service has done me any good at all (trying by email and by phone). I told them I don’t think it makes sense that I’m paying monthly for this “service” while not receiving any money from my sales, with absolutely no explanation given. No apology, and no money. Not a great way to run a business, guys.
  • App not working 1/5

    By somadsmom
    Did a pop up shop and the chip reader would not accept AMEX or Discover. Actually, I had to key in all CC numbers because the card reader didn’t work.

    By adamsanerson
    Shopify customers have been asking for six years but still, do not have a usable store credit function in Shopify. Just search ‘store credit’ in the discussion forums and post after post, Shopify Guru’s says it’s ‘coming soon’ all the way back to 2012. I run a brick and mortar store where we sell electronics. I have 10 employees; our average order value is $578 and we have 800-1000 orders every month between eBay and Shopify. It is a total accounting nightmare when a customer wants to exchange an item in-store. The current store credit function in Shopify is extremely error prone but also brings a tremendous risk of fraud. We also explored the ‘refund to gift card’ option but that as well has no controls to prevent errors or fraud. To be honest; at this point is absolutely appalling what is supposed to be a premier retail sales platform does not have this incredibly vital and basic functionality. With the current system, this is what happens. Customer buys an item for $100 Customer returns the item and wants to buy a different item for $250. We refund the original order to ‘store credit’ and restock the item. We create a new order, add the customer and the item to the cart, select payment method store credit. ANY DOLLAR AMOUNT CAN BE ENTERED!?!?! There is absolutely ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY OR CONTROL when using store credit as a payment option. This simple fact is insane. Not only does this present the possibility that a customer service rep my accidentally enters an incorrect store credit amount but it also presents the opportunity for fraud if they knowingly enter more store credit that they should. There is NOTHING to prevent a mistake; there is no accountability that the correct store credit amount for that customer was applied. The same issue exists with the supposed ‘issue a gift card’ work around. You can refund an order to store credit and then sell a gift card using ‘store credit’ but again the amount of store credit available is completely made up. There is NOTHING tying it back to the customer, sale amount, etc. The sale rep can enter any amount they want. They can sell a gift card and use ‘store credit’ as a payment option without any accounting controls !?!? They can sit there and generate gift card after gift card using ‘store credit’ as the payment option without anything stopping them… Lastly, even if you did use the store credit features there is one more major flaw. Here is an example Customer buys an item for $100 Customer returns that item; uses store credit to buy an item that is $250. ($150 additional paid) Customer returns again; they want to return the item for a FULL REFUND but the Shopify does NOT allow you to do it. When you attempt to issue a refund; the refund page only allows you to refund the $150 additional they paid. The initial $100 paid on the first order can ONLY be refunded to ‘store credit’. The customer is expecting a full refund for $250. If you manually try to edit the refund amount to make store credit zero and cash refund $250 it prevents you from doing it. It keeps the MAX cash refund at $150. Seems crazy that the ONE PLACE there seems to be a restriction in place is the one place you don’t want it. The customer standing there and they are expecting a full refund. Now the accounting is totally off as we have to refund $250 in cash and have NO WAY to accurately record those funds coming out of the register. This is definitely not the experience I was expecting from Shopify. If you are a one or two person operation you might be able to operate like this but for any serious retailer that has multiple sales reps and a significant volume of transactions, this simply won’t work. I know this will require you redesign how customer accounts are handled but this needs to be resolved already. Please take the necessary steps to put this into development ASAP. Thank you for your time.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Curtis K.
    Between the app issues and the hardware interface, nothing short of entering credit card information manually is successful. Shopify has done a pathetic job with both their hardware and this app.
  • Doesn’t work. 1/5

    By orsce
    Can’t even open.
  • Too many bugs 1/5

    By NYCgurl4u
    Please fix the bugs
  • This version has lots of critical bugs. 1/5

    By ahehgwgehgdbhehehyq&$
    Order search function doesn’t work. Please release new version ASAP. This is seriously impacting our stores.
  • Zeb Books 1/5

    By Rhonzoni
    I cannot get messages from my website “contact us” to come to my e-mail. It goes to Spam and I lose the sale!
  • Great 3/5

    By Kasanaenae
    Works well! We have been overall impressed. However I would love for the camera on a tablet to act as a scanner because typing everything in takes forever!!!
  • Very glitchy, slow, works sometimes?? 1/5

    By ams7898
    I’ve used Shopify for the past 3 years, I have loved it up until January 2018. The card reader works the first time 1/10 tries, I ordered a new one thinking the first one was used too much. The new one doesn’t work, my check out process takes way too long. It often times loads forever to even get to the receipt page. Every single transaction I find myself saying “sorry my system is just being weird today”. The only reason I haven’t switched to something else because I really need my website inventory and in store inventory to link up. Really hoping something changes soon because this is too big of a hassle.
  • It’s was great until the recent updates 1/5

    By TheAlexx75
    Shut downs seconds after being opened. Version 4.5.3

Shopify POS: Point of Sale app comments

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