Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store

Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store

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  • Current Version: 9.104.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Shopify Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store App

Start your ecommerce business and manage it from anywhere, with no coding or design skills needed. Run your ecommerce business from your mobile device. Process orders, manage products, track sales, run marketing campaigns, and more. MANAGE YOUR PRODUCTS IN‑APP • Upload product photos • Set product and pricing details • Add products to collections • Scan barcodes to adjust inventory PROCESS YOUR ORDERS IN A FEW TAPS • Fulfill, refund, or archive orders • Buy and print shipping labels • See your conversion details RESPOND TO REAL-TIME INFORMATION • See live sales and visitor traffic • Get new order notifications • Communicate with staff SELL ON MORE SALES CHANNELS • Reach customers online, in-store, and more • Sell on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger • Sync inventory and orders across each channel • Manage multiple store locations RUN MARKETING CAMPAIGNS • Set up Google Smart Shopping campaigns • Create Facebook and Instagram ads on the go • Track results and optimize the next campaign FOLLOW UP WITH CUSTOMERS • View and manage your customer segments • Add and edit customer details • Contact your customers • Add timeline comments to customer orders POWER YOUR STORE WITH APPS AND THEMES • Access your Shopify apps for easy use • Browse our catalog of free themes • Change your online store’s appearance Whether you want to run a last-minute promotion, launch a new product, or create a special discount, you can do it all on our ecommerce platform. You have the power to make edits to your ecommerce store theme, like adding announcement banners, posting blog posts, and more, all from your smartphone. Review from eCommerce News HQ “Taking the top eCommerce platform and translating it into a mobile experience can be challenging, but it seems as if Shopify has nailed this attempt. The dynamic between the “normal” web-based version of Shopify, and the mobile app, is amazing, with little to no changes (Except the size being scaled down of course.)“ (Source: Review from David B via “Shopify [..] allows me to do important things for my store from anywhere. That is because it gives me advantages in managing the store from a mobile device.” (Source: ABOUT SHOPIFY Shopify’s ecommerce app can keep your business moving quickly. In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, that speed can be the difference between a sale for you or for your competitor. Shopify has everything you need to start selling online, for any ecommerce business. Start your business today on the one platform with the ecommerce and point of sale features to start, run, and grow your business.

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Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store app reviews

  • BEWARE‼️‼️‼️ 1/5

    By chris/carter
    After u delete this app it will take 1dollar out that why if u pay this app with your card plz LOCK your cards I experienced this,this why it’s important to lock your cards but this is your little warning ⚠️ but overall it’s a ok app to start your business🫤
  • App couldn't be loaded and the same to shopifyinbox 4/5

    By lettyswift
  • Inability to filter items 3/5

    By Hey8080
    The search results cannot be filtered based on “active,” or sorted by inventory
  • Order# and Receipt# systematically are mixed up and wrong. 1/5

    By Dobaddy
    Order# and Receipt# systematically are mixed up and wrong. Can someone fix it quick?
  • This app is stupid I’m deleting 1/5

    By Airomee Wind
    This app is stupid and there is a technologically problem with it where I can’t create an account. I’m deleting. Not worth all the stupid fees one has to pay anyway. By the time you get done you don’t even break even.
  • No la recomiendo 1/5

    By poster19
    Luego que escoges pagarla se te daña, no te quiere abrir, buscas por todos lados y no te deja abrir la página correctamente. No es clara . Y te roban el dinero
  • Scam 1/5

    By hdkeheyshsn
    They didn’t let me pay my plan when I needed to because of an “error” now I am paying for a plan I don’t want to Terrible app
  • Shopify payment 1/5

    By Machams
    I live in africa and i have no access to paypal or stripe, i spent(wasted) alot of money buying the website and paying for shopify plans, and ads, but i couldn’t get paid, and shopify can’t help me, why did they let me pay for the plans, since am in africa where there’s no stripe and paypal ? I am really disappointed
  • Great app 5/5

    By Greglesss
    Initially I had problems connecting to the app when I wasn’t connected to Wifi, and I left a review regarding this. Shopify pro-actively reached out to me and walked me through the process to fix this. A+ customer service!
  • Shopify stole my store- TWICE, 1/5

    By Google's Gadgets
    Then Shopify owns a business and has partners that help them by selling peoples ecommerace stores that they takeover. FRAUD!!!
  • Need to add cash app 3/5

    By JJJeeeeesssssseeeee
    I love the app but the only problem I have is I need to have a cash app for my business I’m not old enough to have paypal
  • They’re forgetting about micro businesses 1/5

    By JanitC
    They keep changing the backend all the time. Now I can’t see what’s sold out. Simple stuff gets overlooked. It wasn’t broke and didn’t need fixing.
  • Money 5/5

    I really need to learn about this business to win a lot of money!👍👌
  • Not quite 2/5

    By Phantomg007
    The app itself isn’t enough. It needs to be more intuitive. Shopify itself is annoying because when someone makes a purchase instead of using that money that they purchase the item with to pay for the product so you can ship it to them the money sits in limbo somewhere well, I have to pay out-of-pocket to ship the item out.
  • Great platform but the app has bugs 1/5

    By notadumbass
    I’ve been using Shopify for a long time. I started back in 2018/9 and as of the past 1-2 YEARS, I’ve been having issues with their app. When I upload photos from my camera roll into a product, it just puts the photos is a random order. Does not do them in the order that you clicked on each photo. Want to rearrange them? You must sit there and wait for every single photo to load in, which also takes forever (and yes I’m even on Wi-Fi). Once the photos are finally loaded in, you then get to rearrange them. However, the constant issue that I have is that once you arrange them and click save, they load for a moment. Then it wants you to click save again. You literally can press the button an infinite number of times and it never really “updates” until you click cancel. Which then leads it to ask you “are you sure you want to cancel?”, which is just another button I have to press. It’s frustrating as a small business owner because every single second of my day counts when you’re wearing multiple hats. Yes, sure, it may be one extra button, but can you imagine for 2 years having to do this when you upload anywhere between 3-10 new products a day? It makes me wonder how much time I’ve wasted daily on something so small.
  • Idk 5/5

    By rjrhrbe
    Very good never used it tho
  • No Refund Policy 1/5

    By Rew Goulet
    I wouldn’t invest any money into the app unless you know the ins and outs of it. The app is extremely complex to use and it’s tricky to even deactivate a store to stop them from billing you. I had 2 stores and I had stopped using them, THOUGHT I deactivated both of them because that’s what it seemed (like I said, the app is very complicated). Before you know it I got billed over $40.00 for confusion. I got to try to find help and saw that they have a no refund policy. They also have a “Powered by Shopify” water mark at the bottom of your websites which makes it seem less legit. (Even that is complicated to remove). L App
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By bsbsddddds
    Almost every thing I try to do doesn’t work or freezes. Couldn’t be less user friendly. Also it’s just an inactive platform unless you fork out a fortune to advertise. Very disappointed it’s not a viable alternative to Etsy
  • Terrible glitching 1/5

    By reelkelz
    I have a brand new iPhone and it works great downloaded this app and the first time I used it it glitched and open 10 stores of the same name and I tried to delete them and I can’t figure out how also it glitches and won’t load anything just a terrible functioning app
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By hahshdidudhdhrhshxhx
    Abunch of scammers, I got the free trial for $1 a month and now all the sudden I got charged for $30 a month?!?! Then I couldn’t even go in my account to deactivate it so I had to purchase another plan to do it! Don’t join!
  • Horrible !!! 1/5

    By Vdah
    Where do I start. Support is the worst ever as it’s non existent!!! I contacted support 20 times at least to fix the sessions reports that is Null. Sessions , reporting showing since I changed themes and non stops glitches on mobile. I had it with shopify. Fix the bugs and issues. Why in the name on god I need to contact support 20 times and still not fixed !!!!!
  • Customer service agents awesome 1/5

    By Durrck
    Shopify itself is meh …most of the companies focus is farming it’s lower tiers of service for producers . Now our store made 500,000 last year first year we chose Shopify because we needed something that would allow us to be free to do what we need to do to make the business run awesome . And you know , our website looks awesome the end user for us on our end is something we can work with and we have an operation , so why one star ? Well, it’s Shopify itself. It’s whole business model is strategic. It places itself in a position for you to embed yourself in its services so that your sort of just stuck with them and they have a lot of artificial hurdles in place for some simple functions we want and some simple improvements we need but all of those functions are over in the plus section . Now I am scheduled to talk to their sales person who I am assuming is going to try and talk time into spending 2grand a month on the plus program but quite honestly , I don’t respect the fact that we can run so much money through the platform and the hurdles that would free me up from having to work hours on the store a week instead of on the parts of our business that improve our sales . Example : had a customer , purchased a big ticket item, shot me an email : hey Derrick , can you change the billing , I did need the billing address changed and info different than the shipping address . Now keep in mind we are not developers , we came to shopify under the impression it would be a complete option for us . Well, I can’t change the billing address and while extremely friendly and understanding , neither can customer service . So , why? Well it’s not a problem for 2 grand a month. That's the plus option. There is a vetting process for that option and a bill for it. Never mind we have a shop loan with them. That doesn't matter. A large loan. Not impossible for us to pay off but big enough to really wonder why are we putting up with this excuse for a service. To constantly have issues like this. Another example, we need options on our products. Have to purchase a separate app. Get said app and then it doesn't work as described because oh we need version 2 of the $300 dollar theme...can you help Shopify friendly agent? No sorry, you'll need to talk to the developer...its all compartmentlized and divided up so Shopifys biggest contribution is this amazing customer service team who's main purpose is to gently let you down. If these people were my customer service team and Shopify offered them as a inventive to join them and they covered your online communications to your customers, is say it's a great business model because they are well trained and awesome in customer interactions. Really great experience...they make me like them while telling me sorry, can't do that. Alot. The main function they serve is redirecting you to self service options like a forum you can spend your precious time wandering around lo ok ok ing for the solution. The solution most of the time : spend more money on something that will probably lead to another solution with very much the same result. In one year we've spent we'll over 15,000 dollars in development and customization in our site...still all the good stuff is the Shopify plus option . I’m starting a different business on the side , dropshipping not with Shopify , just to research my option honestly . We made $500,000 our first year which I thought would be impressive but the questions for the shopify plus discovery meeting you have to schedule asks if we make a million …nope , spending to much time having to do simple task in Shopify to work on my sales . Seems like the platform has potential , some basic business decisions would probably make the platform the place to go for any and all e-commerce but they just have to me stalwarts between you and the function you need to get you off the computer to really justify it suggestion if you where to rewind the clock . Research a option that isn’t going to nickel and dime you. If they can’t provide you with solutions for managing your store and free you up , well they are not valuing your time . They will take plenty of it and leave you working late. Things like changing an address for a customer have long wait times for solutions that cost more out of your pocket . I say this as a new e-commerce brand , but , for your money , I’d say hirer a competent developer , work with them to get the front and back end setup with the invoicing , ordering , inventory and other basic functions you need and then work on the front end make sure it’s all tested and working and go with your own domain and website , word press . Shopify is easy to dive into but they try and get you with the Shopify loans for your business and then have a bit of a gotcha setup at a certain level that seems purposeful . Hard to really respect a platform who’s business model is holding your time and business hostage . So I don’t see my single business really fixing any of those gross gaps in decision making with the Shopify powers that be so I think I’ll be spending more money and time researching our way to independence . The problem with the model is …if you can afford to make the jump to a $2000 dollar a month ShopPlus account …do you really want to partner with someone who purposely devalues your time until they make that sales pitch? I don’t , I’d not hire a human that does that , and I’d not continue a working relationship with someone that does that . It stinks because it is a nice platform . But , it’s a distraction from what you got into a business for . This is for kids drop shipping tshirt and boutiques and whatnot . Not a solution for a smart business person. There is other options that won’t disrespect your time in my opinion. I’ll be looking into Wix and WordPress . I’m not spending 2 grand to find out what the next stalwart is for our business . Rather be given the tools I need and have some transparency upfront . Might be right for you ,idk
  • Zendrop 5/5

    By 2030Roping09
    I can’t wait to start working thanks for the opportunity it is so easy to use
  • I canceled why are you STILL CHARGING ME! 1/5

    By lee JV
    I canceled my subscription with Shopify and within minutes my account was activated again on its own. I received an email about my cancellation then minutes later I received an email thanking me for returning I don’t understand that. So I did it again. I canceled in December even went and got a new bank card and account number AND SOME HOW SOME WAY I’m still getting charged 3 different transactions 2 of them for $5 and some change and one for $30 and some change! No I’m having to put a claim and dispute the charges. I will never again use Shopify nor recommend Shopify. Their thieves. Shopify os simply STEALING FROM ME. I’m tired of it. I don’t use it and I deleted the account plus the app. And still how are the taking money.
  • Account hold management 1/5

    By totelofi
    My account for my small business keeps getting out on hold and I’m losing costumers because of it even if I make new accounts and they last weeks on hold. I already reached out to support and got no answer and I’ve had to refund every single person that has bought and close the store 2 times please have better management for the holds.
  • Question for the developer 5/5

    By lindseylou20
    Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay someone to create your website instead of continuously paying for a subscription?
  • Great site 5/5

    I've been using Shopify for my online store for several months now, and I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the platform. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for someone like me who is not a tech expert. The ability to customize my store to fit my brand has been a huge advantage, and the selection of apps and themes available has allowed me to create a professional-looking site that customers love. One of the things I appreciate most about Shopify is the level of support provided. Whenever I've had a question or concern, their customer service team has been incredibly responsive and helpful, even going above and beyond to help me troubleshoot issues. In terms of functionality, Shopify has everything I need to run my online store, from order management and shipping to payment processing and analytics. The ability to sync with other apps and services has also been a game-changer, allowing me to streamline my operations and save time. Overall, I highly recommend Shopify to anyone looking to start or grow their online business. It's a reliable, feature-rich platform that delivers on its promises and has helped me achieve success in a competitive marketplace.
  • Shopify 1/5

    By cheistian tracy
    Good place to start a business but if you start one and wanna quit, good luck! There customer service is the worst. I’ve contacted 3 times about deleting the store n my subscription but no one has done anything
  • Nice app 5/5

    By I esayi
    Support the Arabic language
  • Get out Shopify No !!!!! 1/5

    By Rickbrusa
    I have an shopify account and spend some money to make the store etc. last week change my phone for new one, and forget the email password, so Apple ask for 1 week to recover, okay, so I lose the access to Shopify account and when I try to do simple recover with the Shopify support and have 6 days already and nobody could retrieve my access to the account, be careful because the support of Shopify is very weak, if you lose the email for any problem they don’t know how to verify an account owner, I ask to the support Las time if we born with email or what ? They have 1.000 of ways to verify, driver’s license, passport, phone number, address verification, and many ways, but they only know how if you have email !!!!!!! So in the same way if somebody have your email access the Shopify support will give all information about you. Security is not the strong of Shopify, definitely will creat my stores on Wordpress. Get out of Shopify before you Hacked !!
  • Getting Started 1/5

    By candle &soaps
    I’m wanting to open up a business on line and everything I have read said your Company is #1 to go with. I started with the free 3 days but found my computer skills were not what I thought they would be. I tried contacting the company by email and never got a response and I have tried to reach customer service by phone and can’t fine any kind of number to use. Would it be possible for me to talk with a representative on how to set up my store?? Candles&Soaps
  • Canceling 4/5

    By Narutoharold
    I tried to cancel but didn’t get a code to my phone number. It didn’t allow me to sign in when I attempted to cancel. I contacted them through chat support and the issue was resolved immediately.
  • I really Like nd love This app But 1/5

    By Shopify Bangladesh
    We Had a Problem Shopify Payment Getway Not Enabled For Bangladesh India Pakistan and etc countries We Faced A Lot Of Problems We Request Shopify Team Very Soon Enable It THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS WIN OUR HEARTS
  • Impossible to get a hold of customer service 1/5

    By Chrisstl
    As a small business time is money. It is really hard to get a customer service person on the phone. They push you to a chat box but rarely resolve the issue with no Follow up to make sure.
  • Issues with creating listings using app 2/5

    By Jointhehunt108
    I love Shopify but it’s been months and I’m still not able to select a custom product type when making a listing on the app
  • The best 1/5

    By hdisiksbe
    Hands down the best service and support I have received from any company Edit one year update: customer phone support has now been ended, and all support is out the window. We have had a pending billing issue, our only method of contact is “chat” every time we go through there process and end the chat, its as if the support member deletes the entire conversation and ticket. I used to brag about shopify’s customer support and care being unmatched, unfortunately it is now quite the opposite. Save yourself the headache and use a different platform.
  • Latest Update Ruined App 2/5

    By MommyBrown575
    This is typically a pretty great app, but ever since the latest update, it doesn’t work worth crap. Won’t even load the most important and basic information.
  • Inventory camera 3/5

    By dalidarling
    Inventory camera on the iPad is so zoomed in, can’t fix! Been speaking to Shopify support which they can not fix. Very frustrating!!!
  • Bricked. 1/5

    By Tired Ofapple
    Shopify's recent update logged out all accounts, despite us having been using this app for five years trouble-free, and its new login UI is through a website, which seems dubious. The recaptcha will not load, preventing us from logging in, effectively bricking the app. Shopify support, who is on a good day mostly useless, throws up their hands with a "we can't troubleshoot your phone!" Of all the myriad vendors our company deals we, our executive team universally agrees Shopify provides the worst customer service and QA for their product. This update is a piece of unusable garbage.
  • Don’t buy this app 1/5

    By jaybango6272
    When u cancel your subscription and everything they will keep taking your money
  • This is a bad platform 1/5

    By A P/o customer
    I have been using Shopify for a little over two years now for my small business, I do not support this platform for your small business. And this is why they do not do any advertising for you it’s not like Etsy. This platform charges the highest amount for a website, the support is seriously lacking, sometimes it will take a whole week for somebody to get back to you. The app constantly crashes, customers constantly have a hard time getting the websites to load. I have recently just switched over to a new website and I am blown away with how much better it is compared to this one Shopify just wants your money they don’t care if you have issues because they won’t try and fix them for you also if you’re getting this out because you heard it’s really easy to send marketing campaigns out by email, it’s actually a pain in the butt because you will spend all this time making the correct email that you want to send and then it will actually never sent the email to your customers who have signed up via email!!!
  • Awful 1/5

    By Kaythat'swerid
    Dear Shopify, I’ve recently deleted my store not once but many times. They’ve sent me and “email” saying that “your account was deleted”. But not even a day later it says my “account has been recovered!!” I don’t understand why this keeps happening. I need the account to be deleted. This is becoming annoying and such a hassle.
  • Not easy to manage your business on app 2/5

    By Lexiexyourface
    It’s a nightmare trying to do simple things on this app, like fixing products and managing what’s in stock for different variants… makes it more difficult to do time consuming things on the go.
  • so hard to cancel subscription 1/5

    By Cheese484829193747
    i literally got a subscription just to check it out and see if it was good or not and then i deleted my account completely and still got charged?!! so then i couldn’t delete my subscription without a password but it kept saying it was wrong. messaged support and got a link to get a new password and cancel my account. and now every single page on the website is loading except for the “plans” section. coincidence? why is it so hard to cancel it??! seems scammy
  • A MESS 1/5

    By jm.oreno
  • Thank you Zendrop 5/5

    By V3ryRare
    I would like to thank zendrop through Shopify for helping me become excited again to succeed in droppshipping!
  • Customer Support. None 1/5

    By Wallsma
    They have no customer support.
  • It’s so Complicated to get a refund 1/5

    By John silver72
    I don’t know why they moka it so hard to fix your own billing address
  • App doesn’t download 5/5

    By SerafimaDi
    Hello, everyone! I was using this app for a long time. And suddenly, it disappeared on my phone. And now I can’t download it back. Why? Can you help me to install it back.