Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store

Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store

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  • Current Version: 9.84.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Shopify Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store App

Start your ecommerce business and manage it from anywhere, with no coding or design skills needed. Run your ecommerce business from your mobile device. Process orders, manage products, track sales, run marketing campaigns, and more. MANAGE YOUR PRODUCTS IN‑APP • Upload product photos • Set product and pricing details • Add products to collections • Scan barcodes to adjust inventory PROCESS YOUR ORDERS IN A FEW TAPS • Fulfill, refund, or archive orders • Buy and print shipping labels • See your conversion details RESPOND TO REAL-TIME INFORMATION • See live sales and visitor traffic • Get new order notifications • Communicate with staff SELL ON MORE SALES CHANNELS • Reach customers online, in-store, and more • Sell on Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger • Sync inventory and orders across each channel • Manage multiple store locations RUN MARKETING CAMPAIGNS • Set up Google Smart Shopping campaigns • Create Facebook and Instagram ads on the go • Track results and optimize the next campaign FOLLOW UP WITH CUSTOMERS • View and manage your customer segments • Add and edit customer details • Contact your customers • Add timeline comments to customer orders POWER YOUR STORE WITH APPS AND THEMES • Access your Shopify apps for easy use • Browse our catalog of free themes • Change your online store’s appearance Whether you want to run a last-minute promotion, launch a new product, or create a special discount, you can do it all on our ecommerce platform. You have the power to make edits to your ecommerce store theme, like adding announcement banners, posting blog posts, and more, all from your smartphone. Review from eCommerce News HQ “Taking the top eCommerce platform and translating it into a mobile experience can be challenging, but it seems as if Shopify has nailed this attempt. The dynamic between the “normal” web-based version of Shopify, and the mobile app, is amazing, with little to no changes (Except the size being scaled down of course.)“ (Source: Review from David B via “Shopify [..] allows me to do important things for my store from anywhere. That is because it gives me advantages in managing the store from a mobile device.” (Source: ABOUT SHOPIFY Shopify’s ecommerce app can keep your business moving quickly. In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, that speed can be the difference between a sale for you or for your competitor. Shopify has everything you need to start selling online, for any ecommerce business. Start your business today on the one platform with the ecommerce and point of sale features to start, run, and grow your business.

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Shopify - Your Ecommerce Store app reviews

  • Do not use 1/5

    By elitefenrir
    I tried to cancel my subscription but had no way to do it. I canceled it through my bank finally because I had no other options. I still owe them, so they say, for access I didn’t have. If you don’t want to be ripped off do not use. Terrible customer service because they don’t have customer service. DO NOT USE
  • Dark mode? 4/5

    By VEw3yPhnKE
    Why no dark mode support in the app?
  • Don’t use their services. 1/5

    By manoloba1111
    Worst app ever, my store got shut down like 3 times and every time I ask why that’s happening they never have a reason.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By JoloAlexis
    Me cambié de una plataforma que tenía anteriormente pensando que Shopify sería una mejor opción para mi tienda y la verdad esta aplicación es horrible. Intento cargar imágenes de productos desde dos dispositivos diferentes y no logro conseguir que las imágenes carguen. Definitivamente me daré de baja de la suscripción.
  • Great customer support 5/5

    By henry gara
    Chris was amazing. Chris helped me till I got everything figured out and was very patient and understanding about me being a beginner seller and not understanding how things work. Thank so much Chris
  • Bad app 1/5

    By Alex0303099
    Bad recommendation they took my money I cancel everything I had business with them and I try to contact customer service and they didn’t help me at all if anyone knows how to solve this problem let me know thank you.
  • Beware! 1/5

    By joebundy321
    I have been using Shopify for a few years and out of nowhere they locked my account and would not give me access unless I signed a legal form saying I have the right to resell branded products. The thing is I don’t sell branded products. I recommend products and forward people to other websites where they can purchase the products if they choose to. It’s called affiliate marketing. Good luck trying to explain that to someone at Shopify. You can understand my frustration in putting in years of work and they lock my account for 1 or 2 so called branded products? Ok maybe they don’t want me to use their platform. But can I at least have access to my account so I can move my data onto another e-commerce site? Nope! It’s the equivalent of paying rent for a store and the landlord locks you out of the store and doesn’t let you get your products out! Beware!
  • Constant inventory issues 1/5

    By PudgyPenis
    I have caught Shopify messing up inventory time and time again and now I have to triple check to make sure it’s correct. I would save a new products inventory with size variants and when I go back later to add the UPC’s the inventory will be different than what I added. I have a large store that is not only in-store and online so this is constantly costing us online sales. Having to refund items that we don’t have anymore, and checking people out at the register to notice it says we have 0 in stock so it was out of stock on the website the whole time. I get there are human errors, stealing, etc., but I caught it in the act and Shopify is costing us business. It’s unbelievable how many different glitches I’m running into but this is by far the worst one.
  • Newbie in TN 1/5

    By Lady of Sway
    After checking out Shopify from ‘afar’ as an outsider, I needed basic methods & costs info by wading through the website. As a longtime small business owner I was looking for even loose comparison figures to other sites. That’s called ‘Due Diligence’ or ‘Look Before You Leap’. I wanted usual basic pre-commitment info but was led off to many different trails & 0 answers. I figured it must be just me. I am not primarily a tech type but have learned (by doing) how to successfully use complex computer services & related equipment. I got to wondering if there is a book called “Shopify for Dummies” in that popular series. (Nope.) I had heard Shopify was another ‘easy’ way to start up online. Fifteen years after registering my brick & mortar retail (simply & debt-free) Covid ‘debuted’ in 2020. I had established a solid clientele, who returned for more commissioned work & referred me to others. I carried on until Covid showed it was not just a hoax that would just disappear like the flu. As it got more serious, I finally realized with no end in sight, I needed to look into online sales though my clients had appreciated my personal contact sales approach. So here I am spending scads of time researching Shopify but finding no answers. If thousands of others managed it, they must have more time, money or brains than I do, so I could only humbly conclude that I must be a real dummy. I don’t give up easily. Why not just to go ahead with the free 2 week trial & see for myself? Free! …so what did I have to lose? I found the app & THEN the reviews. I diligently read many, many reviews, not skipping any. Those favorable (3*&up) were often critical of exact issues I had sought to avoid. Under 3* reviews (a lot!) were more ‘descriptive’. At the end of each winding trail, was the question “Did this help? Yes or No?” To each I had had to say NO but I did explain clearly & sensibly ‘why’. I do try to help. What DID I have to lose? Apparently 2 more frustrating weeks. It seems I probably can’t afford the mysterious fee structure, or hiring experts nor can I lose any more time in the labyrinth known as Shopify. It seems this site is just not for me. I don’t consider any pursuit of knowledge to be wasted. I learned I should ask more direct questions of those ‘simpler’ sites. Onward!
  • Great app but 4/5

    By Homero Romero
    The app is great but it could use some tuning when It comes to website edit. When I try to add a catalog it just spams and scrolls all the way to top of the page, I feel like it could be easier to add products like shirts and hoodies or whatever it is, that’s all this really needs. It’s just really tedious.
  • Shopify is the BEST 5/5

    By Justina Hez
    I love everything about Shopify, including this app!
  • Grow my business 5/5

    By lionel jack
    Helps me grow an sales product my I 1 time thank everyone for helping
  • Beware- Shopify a No show for extremely urgent situation 1/5

    By abountifulkitchen
    I launched a book sale using Shopify yesterday. After 2k sales in 24 hours, I can say I’m overjoyed with the first day of sales. Unfortunately I have received dozens of messages, emails, dm’s from potential customers saying they are unable to access the website to purchase books. These of course, are only the customers who have taken the time to reach out. This started at the beginning of sales yesterday and has continued today. My developer was on the phone with Shopify yesterday, I sent emails, and also was on the phone beginning again early this morning. After all of these calls we were given directives to ask our customers to take their phones off of Wi-Fi to place orders, or try putting items in the cart and then choosing the payment method. Or use another device to access the site or change browsers when they were told the site was unsafe. We purchased a separate domain through Shopify as they suggested to funnel all of our transactions, and the website is being flagged as unsafe. Shopify will not resolve the problem or put anyone on their technical team to immediately take care of this issue. I was told the tech team does not do phone calls, only emails. Also, they are backed up today. I have stopped sharing about the book launch because we are experiencing so many customer problems regarding accessing the site and checking out. Very disappointed that a brand with so many resources is unwilling to step up and resolve this for a small business owner.
  • Very bad 1/5

    By Ahmedkahlan
    Suddenly stop my store with no previous emails, just we stop your store and 5 days for admin sign in Very bad
  • Great service 5/5

    By tajsaaa
    Villanelle helped so much with setting up my dropshipping , thank you so much
  • Just trash ngl 🙌🏼 1/5

    By father cuh lives u cuh
    Just trash don’t download it 🙌🏼🙌🏼
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By fix it plear
    Shopify your app keeps crashing on the home screen every time I open the app. This is very frustrating especially since I am a stock shareholder and the product I’ve invested in has major issues.
  • Customer Behavior not working 2/5

    By Oneandonly12321
    Ever since the update the customer behavior on live view isn’t working.
  • owner read 4/5

    By umm hi om bge
    I like it but hate it I can’t cancel my plan or deactivate my account without paying the plan and I’ll not be doing that , my card is being charged … I need to talk with the owner
  • Beware of horrible customer support 1/5

    By LJ Munoz M
    I ran into the worst customer neglect case I’ve ever seen. The slow response and resolution is costing thousands of dollars in losses and they just don’t care. They seem completely careless about the criticality of the issue and would take 4 days to respond a simple email and claim they will at some point helm my problem, but I’m still sitting here waiting
  • Does not have access to support 3/5

    By new renditions
    This platform is good for setting up an online store and making it easy. However, many problems occur once you are up and running. I have a number of grievances like not being able to transfer money, and being able to access customer service. It’s very disappointing to have a problem and can’t even get in touch with someone, in the company, to fix the problem. This is a platform to make money. Not to waste it.
  • Login Issues 1/5

    By Mafergu16
    I’m unable to login. I keep receiving errors. 12 Aug 2022: I’m still unable to login. Still receiving errors.
  • Issues with creating listings using app 2/5

    By Jointhehunt108
    It no longer lets me use one of my saved custom types when creating a listing.
  • not what i wanted 1/5

    By the river nail
    plus when i removed it sends me stuff still like its still active
  • Its great!!! 5/5

    By ghassan_balajaja
    I’ve made over $112,000 on my business. Dont give up!
  • No support can’t contact anyone scamming my bank 1/5

    By 312kidd
    My account was closed but they kept charging my credit card. I never closed my account why can’t I sign in? There’s no phone number to call and no support if you can’t sign into your account. This has become a dishonest business. You’ll do better elsewhere.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Gemsin.i
    Its a trash application
  • use at your own risk 1/5

    By kagsgs
    shopify customer service is terrible. they don’t have a number to call. and when you want to reach someone you have to wait for at least 30 minutes to get to talk to anyone. i have gotten so many random emails from them. they don’t help at all and most of the people you talk to on the phone barely speak any english. i don’t recommend this app. i had problems with my bank account and they put my account on hold. but now that it is fixed they won’t take it off hold. they owe me money and now they won’t respond to my emails and claim they don’t know what im talking about.
  • Would like to TRY the app but... 1/5

    By MorningRose666
    They made me sign up for the trial without really checking it out. And that would’ve been fine if I could set the shop up but the app won’t open the page to linking my shop to a Facebook account. Tried to hit the support button but just like most buttons it wasn’t helpful or did anything really. Would love to use the app but it’s been nothing but a struggle to even use it 😣
  • Hey 5/5

    By Kelly kelis
    I love it so much

    By rihannagian
    I just wanted to test out Shopify so I put in my info but cancel it after 3 days mind you they give you a FREE TRIAL but then I check my bank account they stole $36 from me. Please give me back my money Shopify and don’t always trust big companies they could be a SCAMS
  • Love Shopify, Can’t Use the App 1/5

    By WayfarerAM
    Unable to log in my my email, keeps asking me to register.
  • Logging in 1/5

    By MKBreviews
    I could not even log in because the website kept saying my password was wrong even after I had just created the account. It would not allow me to change it and just left me unable to use the app. Do not download.
  • Most of the 5 star reviews in the last year are clearly fake 1/5

    By carl wheezy
    Can’t search products then open them to edit. No option to view product page if you searched for it. Searching for an order then opening it takes some weird hold and click. Shopify as a whole has just been making it more and more expensive to use in the 4 years I’ve used it. Little by little the fees have increased. It’s setup to restrict back end design to force you to buy recurring charging apps or hire a Shopify consultant. Shipping options are also very restrictive to keep you on their plan. There’s a lot of ways it’s set up to keep you reliant on paying for everything through them. If I started over I would have paid a developer to help set up Wordpress
  • Collections Organization not showing 2/5

    By 09daph
    “Collections” is not shown under more details when editing product in app. This make it harder to add previously added products to new collections without having to go directly to the collection itself to add the products manually
  • Fix Please 3/5

    By shopcb
    When editing items on app under “more details”, after update, you can no longer organize products into collections :(
  • Horrible!! Ruuun from these guys!! 1/5

    By Shannahdaboss
    They charge me over and over again for a store that I can’t even open!! You can’t call them to get them from charging you!! Another American scam y’all!! BEWARE!!!
  • Images greyed out. PLEASE FIX 1/5

    By ERICA8314
    When uploading new items to my store they won’t save. It’s just a greyed out box on the app and my desktop. This is so problematic and nobody replies to any messages for help. Annoying. Shopify is awful.
  • Product page 4/5

    By Nicknameyea
    I know the product page has had issues but is very annoying when you’re just trying to add a simple photo to an already listed item and you have to do it 4-5 times to get the photo to stay.

    By akandyyy
    Out of the Blue they locked my shop with no notice claiming they need all my tax info to use their payment processing . I find that odd as nooo other domain has completely locked out my store for a w-9. I used big cartel prior to this and had zero issues for 5 years!!! I give Shopify a little over a year and boom! Yes they have cool networking events but it’s all for show. Getting actual real help is HARD. And they have TOOOOO MUCH ACCESS TO YOUR FUNDS. Locking anyone out from a store they pay $35/month (not including all the plug in apps) is INSANE! I am canceling and switching back to wix! I sell many things i just wanted one site for eve thing ! I’d encourage you all to use different platforms at once to avoid a company like Shopify to completely over step boundaries !
  • Error when logging in 1/5

    By Grey Lux
    I can not log in to the app at all. receive an error when I try
  • I DESPISE that they REMOVED HUMAN Cust. Serv. 1/5

    By BrianKann16
    QUITE a while ago I was beautifully in the smooth progress of developing a FEW Shopify stores all simultaneously. I have owned thousands of premium Domain Names since around 1995 and I used to develop sites using an early Microsoft program, then MacroMedia, and so on as they evolved. I spent about two years (medically) away from full activity and so when I returned I learned that Shopify was “king” is you wanted to sell. So Shopify HAD (HAD HAD!) wonderful one-on-one Human Interaction Customer Service. Y’know, a person talking with another person…? They were great and I launched TWO. But then they had massive glitches. And as I was making contact again to speak with them to correct those and complete the other couple sites (I wouldn’t by now had more than 20 business sites built and sold - no exaggeration) as that was my broader plan. But SUDDENLY, ABRUPTLY LIKE A MASSIVE HUGE MIDDLE FINGER, Shopify COLD STOPPED their HUMAN Customer Service/Tech Support services. And everything in an instant was thrown all into these STUPID chat rooms, discussion rooms/boards, whatever they are, where I typically know as much as the people in that worthless format. I also WAS a stock shareholder of Shopify, and I get that they’re a business ALL 100% about making a profit! Not about taking care of me OR MY CLIENTS, who are indirectly Shopify’s clients. It’s all a TON of HORSE S__t! If Shopify wants to not pull a “Biden” and create their own internal Shopify Recession they should care and they should go back to Human-to-Human. Even Amazon, Google, and Apple all have PEOPLE to take and handle your calls and make sure you don’t hang up until you’re satisfied. And THEN even follow up with Satisfaction Surveys. Wow! Shopify, PLEEEEEAASE get back to HUMAN SUPPORT!!
  • Hopeful 5/5

    By cassinthecloudz
    Hopeful that this most recent update fixes all the bugs once and for all
  • Terrible 1/5

    By angelicspirit27
    I would not recommend. Once they feel a transaction is risk they hold all your money. Customer service is terrible , they rarely respond back . When they do respond it’s not helping or resolving any issues. Use another program save the headache
  • Crashes after update 1/5

    By amnesia-kei
    The latest update makes it crash after opening.
  • Useless update 1/5

    By urpapayanshdeysmell
    You can’t edit your theme and save on mobile This is kind of pointless to remove

    By 691618067555
    They took my domain locked me out and I spent 5 hours trying to get it back and the customer service was zero help.
  • Loathe Shopify as a small business owner 1/5

    By lettherebeanonymity
    This platform BLOWS. yes, there are templates if you can’t code, the east ends there. To look up info you have to create a separate community forum account from your logged in actual Shopify website. They freeze payments without any warning for nonsensical flags that cannot be clarified easily. Any single app you add- which is essential to add numerous to have a functioning w commerce site and not pay their added exorbitant fees- slows your website down drastically. They don’t tell you this out the gate and in order to fix it you have to pay for a “Shopify expert” 🤮 I am so sick of being nickle and dimed. This entire company is a coattail rider in that it is profiting off of small businesses stating out- people working on weekends and free time after work deciding between home purchases and this. Go to Wordpress, hire someone, it is worth it.
  • CHOPIFY: goes out of business 🤞🏼🙏🏼🤞🏼🙏🏼 1/5

    By bubbagodoy
    It has been 10 days since Chopify has denied me access to my store without a single word from the company as to why. Do not start your store with Shopify. They are censoring products of free speech. It’s a Canadian company, not an American so their “freedoms” are no longer equal to that of Americas. I haven’t even opened my store and they’re shutting it down already. Customer service is non existent. No live chat, no phone number to call. Issues can only be resolved by email and then you have to wait to hear back from anyone, if they respond at all. They should rebrand themselves s as Chop-ify cuz they’ll cut out your business without any consideration for a reason why. Shameful. Disgusting.