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Shopkick - Shopping Rewards

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Shopkick - Shopping Rewards App

Shopkick is the shopping app that rewards you with FREE gift cards for the shopping you already do! Join the millions of Shopkickers who have earned over $63.8 million in free gift cards to Walmart, Target, Amazon, Starbucks and more. Open Shopkick when you're at home, the grocery store, or the mall and start earning points (we call them "kicks"). Redeem those kicks for gift cards and cool products -- we have over 20 to choose from. You can even donate your kicks to charity! It's easy to earn kicks and get rewarded for your everyday online and in-store shopping. Here's how it works: Open the Shopkick app when you're out and about on your normal shopping runs. Discover daily challenges to earn points (called kicks) just for walking into nearby stores or scanning products in a fun scavenger hunt. You can even earn bonus kicks if you purchase products and submit your receipt! Cash in those kicks for free gift cards to Starbucks, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Sephora and more! Whether you’re at the mall or your local grocery store, there are so many ways you can get rewards from Shopkick for the shopping you already do. Download and start earning your first free gift card now! The buzz about Shopkick: “This app is addictive.” – “The number 1 most frequently used shopping app.” – Nielsen “One of the best apps for holiday shopping.” – Huffington Post “Best Shopping App.” – Reader’s Choice Award Follow us for the latest: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest:


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Shopkick - Shopping Rewards app reviews

  • Loosing interest at every turn 1/5

    By Lirpa87
    This app would be great and fun if it worked all the time. Every other time I go into a store it never picks up that I am there. My Bluetooth is on and my app it always updated, but almost every other time, if not all the time, I have to submit that I am having trouble with my walk ins. Now I am having issues with purchases. Saying that my receipts aren’t valid because the item was not purchased, when it is clearly visible on the receipt. Then, when I send it back in for review via email, I get no response. I don’t even get any kind of message saying that my inquiry was received. The more issues I have, the more I want I cash out and delete it... and seems like bad reviews might be the only way to get a response
  • 🤷🏻‍♂️ 1/5

    By badreviwerforapurpuse
    Dont download dis its fake
  • Fails to give you points accurately 1/5

    By ♥♠♠♥
    Didn’t give me points for a referral, didn’t give me points for 2 purchases. Sent email to claim and it was useless... 😠
  • Very few complaints 4/5

    By BB1687
    I’ve racked up well over $200 in gift cards in less than a year of using it. It can be time consuming. When I do not have other plans I’ll go out and get kicks after work to get in some extra steps. I’ve had a few issues with not getting credit for receipts, or only getting credit for one item when I bought two, most of the times customer service is responsive. Its not like you’re going to get rich off of it but if you follow the rules and remember to check the app you can get some perks which is nice.
  • Cash back 4/5

    By dimepiece817
    I’m a cashier and I Hurd this the best cash back app use my invite code and u get points WIN145602
  • New items plz 2/5

    By new items should be placed
    I think 2 stars because I wish there was new items now plus when you get kicks what if the items are not there than no kicks they should have new items I thought they would have cough drops on there
  • Good fun 5/5

    By erikulloa
    Love it
  • Horrible app. Spammed and then suspended 1/5

    By MereCC
    Was suspended without cause, but not before being spammed constantly after signing up. Read the newest reviews, not the most helpful. I think the developers intentionally hide the fact that everyone who has been using it for years are being terminated before they receive their gift cards.
  • Use code “YAY619703” for 250 kicks 5/5

    By Alohabxbxnsj
    Use code “YAY619703” for 250 kicks
  • Terrible just terrible 1/5

    By Zzzzaaaccckkkk
    So I got this app thinking I could go buy my own items from the store and get points toward a coupon for latter use but it’s not like that at all you have to buy selected items to get points.
  • Well was going to use UNTIL 1/5

    By ugh2928
    Was going to do this until I see all the people talking about their 50$ gift card they got ripped out of.
  • Servers Down 1/5

    By Boodee330
    The servers have been down for days and when I contacted customer care, they gave me a one time credit for 300, but I have missed out on 900 credits now for missing receipts items that are no longer available.
  • Asked to Leave Stores HAVE BOND MONEY AVAILABLE 1/5

    By Magicmanmbsc
    My Son used this app with his phone & was asked by two different store managers to leave and was given trespass notice. Apparently they considered it competitive shopping and managers had been told they are to trespass and remove the person under threat of arrest. I’m going into the sane stores today see if I get the same treatment. But as of now 1 star stands. Just returned from Walmart, Home Depot and Food Lion was told I could not scan items in the store Food Lion actually refused to give me receipt for purchased items. Will be contacting Food Lions home office. I am now prohibited from entering any WalMart or Sams or being on there property for a year. If the developer has contracts with the companies, they need to tell store employees.
  • So Easy, look 5/5

    By Capt Warren
    Very Easy and I know a friend who’s doing it for over 4 years, he never has to pay for his StarBuck’s treats.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Gabi Johnson
    I love this app you can get so many cool gift cards from great stores
  • Anyone able to talk to customer service?! 3/5

    By Megs7132
    So far the app is great until I had a problem verifying my phone number (which apparently you have to do to receive the gift cards). Turns out I downloaded the app with an email I deleted years ago! Now I can’t receive the gift card till customer service helps me. I have emailed them MULTIPLE times (there is no phone number to contact them) within a couple of weeks time, and no response in return. If they would help customers when requests are made i would love this app. But as of right now I’m sitting waiting to redeem my hard earned gift card all because no one will answer any of the emails I sent asking for help.
  • This is not really a great shopping app 2/5

    By wimp123456
    It’s hard to scan the item and they don’t have much stuff to scan also the advertisements are really annoying
  • New 1/5

    By Lori Tard
    I heard about this app on 1 of the youtube videos I watch for couponing but after reading 1 bad review after another I am not even going to bother. I can't believe how many awful reviews this app has, very disappointing because the "idea" of this app sounds good but I'll pass for now!
  • App is a scam 1/5

    By Carlos1900
    I’ll make sure a lot more f people see this By posting this up on my instagram
  • Good app 4/5

    By ray8598
    Not as many kicks as there use to be but still has gotten me a couple good gift cards
  • Don’t waste ur time 1/5

    By MeDo M.FiRe
    One star so much but there is nothing less
  • How do you sleep at night, developers? 1/5

    By CreateNicknameReview
    I have kept this app for a few months now and had no idea how horrible it really is. I knew it was too good to be true to begin with, but a blantant scam seems like it should be automatically removed from the App Store. What they are doing is completely illegal. I feel so sorry for the people who spent over a year on this and suddenly got “suspended” for literally nothing and got th same automated messaged as a reply in the reviews. I took the countless advice. I deleted the app right away. I’m glad I didn’t even make an account with these clowns, they are probably stealing and selling your information to get money to begin with. Thank you to each and every truthful, not bought-out reviews that warned people like me into signing up and starting misery. Absolute bs. Take care everyone; AWAY from this God forsaken app “:)”.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By 26monique
    Several times I have purchased items I normally probably wouldn’t have if not for the kicks it promised. I submitted copy of receipt and still did not get the kicks. I will no longer recommend to my friends this app. I feel cheated.
  • Not worth the hassle 1/5

    By Da Walk
    I was excited to start using this app. But it's just not worth your time. I bought something as simple as a pack of mints, but after twice scanning my receipt, I was told both times "no awards found." This was the first purchase I've tried redeeming. It was a frustrating start and didn't give me any incentive to continue using the app. The first time was annoying. The second time led to my deleting the app. You shouldn't waste your time or spend money on these products if the app can't read the receipts correctly.
  • Needs work in the Accessibility department 2/5

    By Lauren.Childress
    Concept, but needs work in the accessibility department. Specifically, with voiceover, which is the screen reading program that is built in to Apple‘s products for the visually impaired. Why should people be the only ones who can have the opportunity to earn gift cards by simply walking into a store or scanning items? That is why should say people be the only ones who have the ability to earn gift cards by walking into a store, or simply scanning a product?
  • Miss out on points 2/5

    By Jester8212
    Sometimes even though I'm in the entrance of a store to collect my kicks. It won't register that I'm in the store therefore I miss out on points. Sometimes the store notifications don’t work to collect your points.
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Mmicky91
    First time using this app. I thought it would be fun hunting for scans and it was. I decided to buy one of the products I scanned cause I had been wanting to try it anyway. I went to scan my receipt and when the result came back it said the item wasn’t on there. It said creamer. Not sure how much more specific it needed to be plus the upc matched. I tried resending and same response. I tried customer service and had no response. I’m guessing this app is a scam.
  • Meh 2/5

    By ILoveMyCorgi
    As of right now? This app is not very good. It has a great idea and a nice interface but there are a LOT of changes that need to be made. 1. Why are only a few items available? There are very few items you can scan and then when it comes to receipts, you think oh it’s fine now. But once again you’re limited to the few items it has. 2. Fix the Receipts Just fix them, as much of the store should be available as possible. I downloaded the all today and stared this today. These are easy to identify problems and I’m sure they will be attended to soon. It’s a great idea but it needs a lot of work before it gets a 5-star review.
  • Sound Change, really? 3/5

    By zkjs32
    A little disappointed we have been given a poll about a sound change coming, and all of the new sounds sound generic, and we are not given the option to keep the same sound it’s been. Knowing a “new” sound is coming out annoys me as they all sound basic, I lowered my star rating for this as it is a huge disappointment.
  • Why no iPhone X Optimized App? 4/5

    By Shane5500
    So far it’s been decent. I haven’t accumulated enough points for my first gift card redemption. What I can say so far is that I do enjoy the flexibility of going into stores and shopping at my own pace while stumbling upon things to scan. I just hope this App Developer steps into the 21st Century soon enough and comes out with an iPhone X update version of their app, hopefully sometime in the next decade or two.. 😒 Ps: (I will come back in a few weeks to report my findings with respect to the whole gift card redemption process. — Hopefully it’s not a “scam” as many users have purportedly claimed this to be so). I am giving them the benefit of the doubt thus far but we shall see! Thank you. :)
  • It is not 12 and up 5/5

    By Screw this company
    When I put my birthday and I’m old enough, it said I am too young.
  • They stole my kicks 1/5

    I almost had enough kicks for a $25 gift card, got a new phone, logged into my account from phone, and all my kicks were gone. Very disappointed with Shop kick and have told my friend to stay away! All that hard work for nothing.
  • Age 1/5

    By unicorn4life2023
    So it says on the page 12+ could use the app but I have to be older
  • Review 5/5

    By Rocking in the USA
  • Best app for free gift cards by far! 5/5

    I have been using this app for only a couple of weeks, and I have already seen great earnings. Every once in a while when I'm out shopping I'll open it up to scans or walk-in's, and with very little effort, I've already accumulated $12 in Amazon gift cards. This app is quick, simple, easy, and very user friendly. This app is a must have, and I strongly encourage anyone who could use some free gift cards to check it out.
  • Just let you know you violate rules and nothing else 1/5

    By Brokl LIU
    My husband and I have used this app more than one year with the same way to earn the kicks. Go shopping then scan the barcode. It's not so easy because you have to spend much time to find the products. In fact, I have redeem kicks two times successfully last year. This time, I did not redeem the kicks in order to gather more to earn better $50 rewards. Everything was good until both of us received a message suddenly. " We have detected suspicious actions for walk-in, scanning ......... you violated the rules. We have suspended your account. " Are you kidding me ?! I have enough kicks to redeem but now it is nothing ! NOTHING CHANGED. NO VIOLATIONS. Why did you give a message then suspend the account just because of suspicion and no reason ? I can't believe it happened on us. It is truth like as what others say. If you don't want us to redeem kicks to get rewards, just speak like a man. Yes. I know I won't be the last one. By the way, it happened after last upgrade of App on March, 2018.
  • Great app 5/5

    By SylvannaOrling
    I love it already
  • bad 1/5

    By arin83
    really really really bad. dont get this app, its a waste of time.
  • Login from hell 1/5

    By DrAzulene
    I tried to use this app. I heard good things so why not? It is impossible to log in with an email address. I've changed passwords three or 4 times. Not logging in with FB. Even Google login doesn't work. App is a good idea but functionally idiotic.
  • Why the change to the app ? 3/5

    By XZAQMario
    Like the old way to get points with And the old app This new app is not as friendly.. Not a big fan of the “new” revised Why the change ??? Not good
  • Account suspended 1/5

    By PrincessAdriane
    On yesterday me and a few friends went to Best Buy to collect scans. I was trying to reach my goal as well as my friends. Well my friend notified me his account was suspended so I looked at mine and I was suspended as well. We was in Best Buy I don’t like going there because half the tings don’t scan and it always says walk back to the front we can’t locate you and not the right product on half the stuff even though the picture and name matches. It has 1K scans so we was going to try to get as many as possible. The scans plus walk ins we got 190 kicks. Where we live Walmart Sams Target Marshall’s Carter’s osh kosh and Best Buy and a mall is all together. So we left Best Buy went to osh kosh Carter’s and Target to get the walk-in. If you look at my history those are all the places I go and collect scans the other places we go to sometimes. I’m not sure what I did to cause my account to be suspended.
  • Very bad app pls don’t waste time 1/5

    By sai50
    I collected many kicks without violating rules and at the end it says account terminated when we try to redeem for a gift card. Please don’t waste your time by going to scan for kicks.Its a scam!!!!!!
  • Best app 5/5

    By LouieD.
    Best app free money
  • Don’t honor purchases made 1/5

    By Eshanesse
    I’ve brought from Groupon American Eagle& Amazon haven’t gotten my kicks!! It’s fine cause since last issue I’ve deleted!! You make excuses so I’m just going to continue using Ebates no issues EVER
  • Why do you offer kicks for wine in stores that cannot sell it? 3/5

    By Magzilla01
    It’s a little frustrating to be offered kicks for wine scans & purchases in stores that are prohibited by state law from selling said wine. Maybe you could omit those kicks in states that don’t allow those stores to sell them?
  • Use to love it now not so much 2/5

    By Lovepokadots
    All of my stuff just disappeared and I was soo very close to a gift card and not a $5 or $10 gift card the value was pretty good. Also when you try to scan something or right after you scan something the app shuts off and you don’t get your points. Use to love this app but it needs serious work done to it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By itzteresita
    Awesome app it’s totally amazing and you earn money and discover new products too
  • I have a few questions 3/5

    By Drakonslayer29
    My first question is why do you only show a few products and not all that can be in stores because what I saw when I got on was only makeup house and alcohol and I was wanting to look at other stuff. Second is why are kicks so low on scans, but not on receipts oh wait I answered that myself in my head. Lastly why 12+ if most I found on certain stores that a lot of people go were makeup and alcohol and not game, food/groceries, or cloths because target and Walmart don’t show those. Maybe when I’m actually in store. Oh well I’ll see tomorrow, but please respond to this creators of this app.
  • Hate new layout 2/5

    By Zanzone5
    Bring back the older app layout. It doesn’t show you which “discover” items you already went and looked at. And not sure why it’s called a “surprise” bc it’s always 1 kick lol.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By ABender
    Easy to earn gift cards and fun to use. Just wish chain stores in my remote county participated Not just there counterparts an hour away. Not the apps fault though. 5 years later and I still love this app! Have redeemed for gift cards with zero issues and will be redeeming for more soon.

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