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ShopRite App

Grocery shopping made easy! Imagine everything you need for savings, recipes, and coupons for both in-store and online shopping, in one single app. Search, scan, save lists and notes, get deals, and order pick up or delivery - just like that. Our redesigned app makes it easier to plan and shop while saving you time with these benefits: * Easily purchase off of one unified shopping cart - order for pickup or home delivery or use as an in-store checklist * Create & save your shopping lists for future use * Scan products to quickly add to your list / cart * Add notes to your list that can be shopped for later * Load digital coupons to your Price Plus club Card * See and manage all of your digital coupons * Browse and shop from our weekly circular* * View recipes & add ingredients to your list/cart * View personalized offers and recommended items on sale each week * Directly access your Price Plus Card * Search for products, recipes and coupons * Order Cold Cuts and more from our Deli (where available) * Manage your prescriptions linked to our Pharmacy App Learn more about the features of the new ShopRite app - Shop Easy. Just Like That.

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ShopRite app reviews

  • App 1/5

    By nicolie22
    The app is horribly slow!
  • Thank you, ShopRite employees!! 5/5

    By Mary Lentils
    I ordered online for pick up on 3/29/2020, in the middle of the coronavirus crisis. In the room in the back of the store, all the staff was so upbeat, even though these are tense times! Thank you for YOUR service!
  • App runs slow... 1/5

    By Onescififan
    Doesn’t load and crashes. Maybe too many people trying to use the site. That’s possible, but it’s frustrating.
  • 🍎🛒 Easy to use, reliable and convenient! 5/5

    By Bossydame
    👩🏼‍💻I work in tech/app development, so I first want to commend the Dev, Design and QA Teams working on this app. Bugs are resolved pretty quickly and there have been good feature improvements (esp. the search functionality). The UX/UI design has come a long way since this first became available to users - bravo! I know it’s not easy making it clean with so much content and branding. 📝From a shopper perspective I love this app. I can build my cart as time goes by or add things via mobile as they pop into my head. Scheduling and checkout are a breeze too! I also really like the item notes functionality, super helpful. 📌One suggestion: filter functionality. This way users can filter for sale items, pricing, brand, seasonal fare/products, organic, local, etc. That’s one thing that’s missing that I personally would get giddy over! 🙏 Lastly THANK YOU for keeping the app running smoothly during the COVID-19 crisis. I’ve only noticed periodic load issues (not one crash!) and I can tell you’re trying to do maintenance during low traffic timeframes. Truly impressed by the app’s performance during this time! Kudos 🙌
  • Extremely Disappointed 1/5

    By Glassboro Home Shopper
    I have to say , your online shopping experience tonight was horrific. I have photo and video evidence of how bad it was. Not only that I called the store and no one could help me. I have been trying to place my order online since 8:17 tonight when I first signed in online and reserved my 10am-1030am time slot. Not only did the website crash on me me multiple times (any other website I went to was absolutely fine during this time period) but it kept adding extra items to my cart when I didn’t order them. It finally stopped working at 9:03 pm which then I had to download the app to try to put my order in then in my hour time window which by the time I got the app and did the order again I was already passed and missed my time slot which made me have to get a later time slot. If you’re going to have online shopping, especially at a time like this, please make sure it works. I know I’m not a large customer, but I’m extremely loyal, And have been shopping at your location for the last 4 years since my wife and I moved here from philly. We’re a lot closer to the Glassboro location but have always enjoyed the experience at your location which is why we prefer to shop here. Even though the butcher department has gone in the complete opposite direction ever since you made the changes and were continually out of stock on the CAB product over the last few months, we have still stayed loyal and continue to shop here every week. I know times are pressing and you guys are getting slammed but we are looking to you for help and to be our light in our time of need right now and when little things like this don’t work and causes added frustration to the situation it just makes it worse. On top of all that I know because being later in the day now a lot of the product I ordered is going to be even more less available. I’ve been checking the site all day today to make sure I got my order in on time for this day and then to have it not work when I did everything right and then getting pushed back in my time slot when it wasn’t anything I could have done differently or controlled is just extremely frustrating and makes me want to look elsewhere to get what I need in the future. Sorry for writing this review I really don’t do this ever, I just thought you needed to know from someone who really praised your store to family and friends. Thanks
  • The Worst Most Frustrating Process Ever🤬 1/5

    By bunksleaf
    We have tried to register for online shopping from home several times. I forgot my password and was never sent a way to reset my password. I’ve tried re registering. Doesn’t work. Sends me back to original page where entering a new password doesn’t work! I do have the shop rite Price Plus Club card. Entering my first 11 digits does not work! My husband and I are Seniors and would like to have groceries delivered to our home in zip code 12203.
  • store pickup 1/5

    By jbh205
    3/31/20 I am 73 and I am fearful of shopping in the store. I decided to have my order picked up in store. I can’t pick of my order until after 4/8/20. Are your customers now “hoarding” time slots too? If so, I am disappointed with the people in the area I am forced to live.
  • Shopping at Shop Rite on line. 5/5

    By Big kraut D.
    Great selection and good service.Thank you.Especially at this bad time.
  • App error 1/5

    By jer0504
    The app keeps on sayong error and reload the app but still not working.
  • Can’t add to Apple Wallet 1/5

    By Yvonne
    It worked fine and then suddenly I couldn’t add the card to my Apple Wallet anymore. I used to be able to update my wallet card regularly but then suddenly I couldn’t. I deleted the card and when I tried to add it back to Apple Wallet, I couldn’t. I press the “add to Apple Wallet” button and nothing happens.
  • Payment 3/5

    By aamoore50
    After placing my order I had a hard time paying for my order.
  • Not user friendly 1/5

    By Ashvicmurr
    I find it frustrating that when I want to change the quantity of something that a whole new window pops up. It also crashes a lot and the search feature needs to not autocorrect (example... pop’em corrects to Popeyes ...)
  • Disappointed...change/update order function not available? 2/5

    By CVImatters
    This app had greater functionality when it permitted me to make changes to an order within 48 hours of pickup. It seems that function is not available at present. As a result, I need to cancel an order and take another one six days from now, which is disappointing to say the least.
  • App not user friendly but delivery is great 4/5

    By Whoohoo2012
    Adding to your order before cutoff time is confusing . You have to add everything back and it doubles the amounts . Please do something to fix that. Delivery was fantastic and customer service is amazing. ShopRite prices are always great & items were superb!
  • Terrible but necessary in these times. 2/5

    By !!wdddrsetvddr
    Unfortunately the software failed after I secured a time slot and lost the order and time slot. The software locks up after you change qtys on an item. It randomly displays a pop up confirming your item and hangs. If you get a slot,s which I did it will take hours to add or change items. The software design was strongly influenced by what the programmers are capable of doing, rather that what is intuitive and user friendly. I have spent hours on getting my cart doubled up then getting locked out on qty changes. Only having to restart all over again. The presentation of the products sorting and methodology is the core of unfriendliness. Perhaps if designers actually used the apps to shop, they may realize how much work they cause their users.
  • On line shopping 5/5

    By triedto1
    Thank you for making this a easy process especially during such bad times. Thank you for helping the people you are all heroes. Thank you does not seem to be enough but we sure do appreciate each and everyone of you. Be well be safe
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Jello4269
    Amazing app, amazing store
  • App kept timing out 2/5

    By Gtown1479
    The app kept timing out I have to reload it several time to add items to my cart and to check out.
  • Terrible App!! 1/5

    By Sara2000!
    Tried to use the app twice today to put in an order. Due to high order volume, it is incredibly difficult to get a slot at my local store. I checked every hour all day until they updated pickup times and finally reserved a spot. However, after waiting ALL day, the app took so long to load I never got a spot and just got rebooted to the main page. Happened to me twice until I realized this app is terrible and it’s much better just to use a computer!!! My computer was able to load right away and I finally got a spot. Don’t waste your time with the app, just got on the website!
  • Too few delivery times 1/5

    By grandmother 9
    It is impossible to get a delivery time. There is a desperate need to increase delivery times during this crisis!
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By deemr20
    Ordering is a very time consuming process as the app is very slow to load products from a specific search. Also, the checkout process took several attempts as it kept showing an “error” when trying to move through to the payment.
  • Shopping online 5/5

    By Yomie8553
    I love it is very easy!
  • Nothing works! 1/5

    By Fergyfriend
    If I could rate this a zero star I would. So I download the app, fill out the form to register, get an error message over and over, husband tries on his computer with equal non success. Hours later get a notification to confirm account and receive an error message as does my husband. Try to text contact twice but not delivered. Try to call contact number several times and busy. Try to fill a cart but no way to check out. My husband tries and can check out but not able to load a cart. Give up!
  • Garden State Pavilion Store 5/5

    By marieb717
    I went to pick up an order for a friend who cannot get to the store. She ordered online and picked today for pickup (earliest she could get). I had no idea what to do and I went into the store and asked. I went to where they told me to go and it was such a pleasure the people were nice very, polite etc. they advise me how many were ahead and I had to wait my turn. Before I knew it my car was packed my bills paid and I was on my way. Just was very fast convenient and I will do it again. Thank you to the people at Garden State pavilion store for your help.
  • Terrible 2/5

    By MomMom26
    Shopping with this app is slow and confusing.
  • Latest update is terrible 1/5

    By AvathenumberoneFAN whoo
    This latest update to advise customers regarding coronavirus has slowed the whole app to a crawl. Links don’t work or take forever to load. Please fix.
  • App is very slow 3/5

    By Yankee514
    Tha app is very slow and the scan feature does not work.
  • Frustrating App 1/5

    By Dendisney
    I love Shoprite so recently downloaded the app and registered for digital coupons. So far the app gives me so many errors I can’t do anything on it unlike the Acme app that has not given me one problem. Please work out the bugs.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Charizardman
    App is slow and keeps malfunctioning
  • Update now nothing loads 1/5

    By MFGgggghh
    I’m quarantined from home just went to place a delivery order and I can no longer login or shop. Thanks guys. (I have deleted and reinstalled, no luck).
  • Absolute trash 1/5

    By 1133682984936172
    App is absolutely useless. It can’t find the location in my town that has been there for over 10 yrs. I used a New Brunswick, NJ zipcode and the app told me the nearest location was in Philly, AND that the philly location was only 3 miles away. PHILLY IS OVER 30 MILES AWAY. Didn’t even show me locations in NJ.
  • Shoprite from home 4/5

    By pamdemic shopping
    When I picked up my order during the pandemic that is happening, Justin was extremely nice and helpful and went back into the store to get something I forgot. He was the nicest person I’ve ever come into contact with at Rio Grande shoprite ( besides dairy manager)
  • Ridiculously slow 1/5

    By Chloretti
    It just took me nearly two hours to place my order and I lost my original pickup time because of the slow speed on your site. I realize that these are unprecedented times but Please do better.
  • Need Ability to Add additional items after submit. 4/5

    By Pogartnengeli 5s
    I would like see the ability to add items to my order especially if not being to pick up until a week out. Walmart lets you add items to your order after submitting it.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By ken1837
    Probably one of the worst in-app experiences out there. App does not work half the time when I try to search, takes a long time to load, error messages every few minutes. Just registering my account in the app took 20 minutes. Hopefully coronavirus outbreak ends soon because this is painful trying to order online.
  • App is “Trash” 1/5

    By Koeeeeyy
    Your app could be so much better; it’s been slow; better intuitive and search options; I have friYour bds who complain- saw it for myself today - u need to spend more time on making this better you would get so many more orders- lilosing customers bec of poor app quality
  • Horrible App 2/5

    By horrible credit card
    I could not get on this app at all. It just did not work!!!
  • Too Slow 1/5

    By sld000sld000
    Not usable - Terrible !
  • App will not allow me to log in 1/5

    By ShopriteCustomerTrinaB
    I used to love the app, but lately it doesn’t work. It will not allow me to log in on any device be it android or iPhone. Says email and password are wrong and I know they are not. Even reset my password, still says login failed. Used it 1 time for an online order last week and now it won’t let me use it at all. ☹️
  • Payment 3/5

    By donkey rock star
    Any thought to having a payment process associated with the app
  • Easy and convenient 5/5

    By Luvlyn7908
    Love it.
  • 👍🏻 up 5/5

    By Babybear527
    I’ve always thought this store was people friendly. Managers are always helpful. They are great when it comes to returns or mistakes on your receipt. They have great deals in their flyer.
  • Not able to handle high traffic 2/5

    By Andy98989
    I’m grateful this service exists at this difficult time. Many people use it right at midnight to reserve the next available delivery slots that open up (8 days ahead). The app crashed and I lost my order while my payment was being processed. In turn, I lost my delivery slot, and had to start all over again.
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Puddz24
    This app is awful. It got stuck while I was trying to update my order. Tried everything before logging into my account on their website. Then I was informed that I had placed two orders. I thought they were identical orders but they were similar. I got items that I had removed from one order so my order cost me about $20 more than it was supposed to. On top of this, I was charged for items that I did not receive. And if you are expecting your order to be brought out to you, don’t. My store (not sure about others) makes you come into the store to pick your order up and wait in a small area with too many other people, which exactly what I was trying to avoid.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By jjfhfigggjhgf jkg
    Spent a half an hour putting things in my court but there were no pick up or delivery times available
  • Never received order 1/5

    By Migdonna
    Never received my order
  • Times out a lot 3/5

    By Mikeyman19711
    It’s great to be able to shop online and pick up but many times items don’t add to the cart the first time, or the screen just spins. I’m sure there is a lot of traffic now with so many people shopping online but it’s very annoying. I lost my pickup time slot multiple times.
  • Ugh 1/5

    By Poopoookzxjsjsjjsjs
    Awful!! Can’t even make a shopping list without the app being slow and constantly loading. And it won’t log me in without telling me my password is incorrect. Ridiculous!
  • No time slots available 1/5

    By frannyde
    I am a senior citizen and there are no slots available for pick up or delivery for 1 week. Senior citizens who are high risk are unable to get their groceries because young, healthy people are taking up all the slots.

ShopRite app comments

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